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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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see. travel safely. we're back at 7:25. >> yes, we are, more hechtive weather, and updates every 25 minutes. good morning.
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the brewing storm that could disrupt the plans of millions of americans, today, tuesday, november 24, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. >> you were talking about the weather but there are other head lines that could um pact people traveling over the holiday season. >> it's the top story again this morning, revealing more about
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the terror that went into the terror attacks. and there's a warning of the police officer in the country to be aware of copy cat attacks. >> there are new details of the pair tis attacks to help prevent a copy cat attack here. the state department is alerting the u.s. travellers to be especially careful oversees. a new bulletin issued by the national counterterrorism center warning u.s. law enforcement to review active shooter scenarios, warning that extremists could seek to replicate the attacks in paris, although on a smaller scale. sent to more than 18,000 agencies across the country, the document asks them to be on the lookout for people conducting surveillance on soft targets.
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the bulletin acknowledges that the terrorists used a cell phone with maps 06 the venue and rented three cars in belgium before moving to a safe house. despite warnings, authorities add that plots like paris are more like toy to occur overseas. just as some travelers are leaving for europe and other foreign destinations, a bulletin says they should exercise vigilance, be awe ware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds and crowded places. exercise particular caution this holiday season and holiday festivals or events. it says there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorists organizations.
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in other words copy cats and lone wolves. homeland security says there's no evidence of an attack here in the u.s. but officials offer no assurances for what could happen oversea. isis has shown it can attack in the heart of europe. >> thank you very much. shane, good morning to you. >> morning, matt. are these official versions of what americans are thinking anyway? >> i think that's right. to hear about the fbi bulletin that went out to local law enforcement yesterday, it doesn't say much more than what we've been talking about over the last week. but it's very formal, it's the fbi making sure they're clearly communicating to local law enforcement that we're looking at people that are doing reconnaissance, we're looking at people tactically train and they better be training now for active shooters. we want to be able to ensure
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that they can respond quickly should there be and issue domestically. >> and lest there be any doubt, shawn, they are telling local officials to look out for soft targets, not even military installations and tourists attractions. in paris it was a cafe on a friday night. >> that's exactly right. what we saw in paris really changes the dynamic of what we've seen historically for the terrorists organizations in years gone by. i think what's critically important here for local law enforcement to know and trying to get out information that there are millions and millions of people who have to be eyes and ears. local law enforcement can't cover every cafe, every restaurant and every sporting event. people need to step up and be aware. and by putting this report out it really helps to focus the american public. they have been watching the media, and they see what's happened in paris, but this going out officially like this really says to americans be aware, be alert. don't be afraid, but make sure you're advising law enforcement if you see anything that could be unusual so that they can be responsive. >> all right.
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shawn henry, thank you very much. another major story breaking overnight, turkey shot down a russian fighter jet after warning the pilots multiple times that they were violating the turkish air space. ring ard engel is on the story this morning. >> reporter: russian president called this incident a crime carried out by associates of terrorists. that's how he's describing turkey. turkey saying it was just defending its air space. >> russia's defense ministry says its jet was inside syrian air space, its location confirmed by the radar. the pilots ejected before the plane impacted. helicopters could be seen searching for the pilot. but turkey said two of its u.s.
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made f-16s shot down a jet after illegally entered the air space. they claim that the jet was warned ten times over five minutes. turkish media shows a map of the flight path. russia's president vladimir putin responded angry, calling it a stab in the back saying the russian plane was down less than a mile from the urkish border and posed no threat to turkey. russia has dramatically increased its forces in syria. isis is now in the cross hairs of russia, the u.s. and france, all three air forces targeting the group in syria but with little coordination. a syrian rebel group told nbc news that its fighters shot and killed one of the russian pilots as it was parachuting to the ground. the fate of the second pilot is unconfirmed.
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president obama is facing increased pressure to ramp up the u.s. campaign against isis and that will be a topic of discussion at the white house this morning where the president is about to meet with the french president. peter alexander is there. >> reporter: good morning, today president hollande is expected to push for a stronger u.s. military commitment. that could mean for special forces on the ground, more intelligence sharing. but the french want the u.s. to back efforts to bring russia into a broader coalition against russia. the u.s. is skeptical about russia's performance. hollande is heading to moscow
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for a similar meeting with vladimir putin. the same data hollande announced that france is at war, obama called the attacks a terrible setback. president obama has largely resisted the growing calls to change or ramp up his strategy against isis. even his former advisers and domestic advisers are forcing him to be aggressive. despite the pressure. the u.s. is more than pulling its own wait. >> let's turn to mark halprin. good morning. we see the french president doing some version of shuttle diplomacy and then going on to meet with president putin. is he likely to be successful? >> he wants more intelligence sharing, he want the russians to stop focusing on fighting the rebels and fighting isis. he wants there to be a greater sense of coalition. there's not that much difference between the u.s. and france.
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the u.s. would like russia involved on good terms. that's why the president is trying to be low key. he wants diplomacy to work to get assad out of president. >> but if hollande asks the president for a more robust ground presence and the president says no, here comes hollande with the attacks in paris fresh in everyone's mind. what are the optics going to look like if he walks away without that? >> it would look horrible. but i don't think the united states thinks the french will ask for that. they want to focus on special operations but not large ground troops. unless the u.s. is willing to lead a coalition like that, france knows it cannot happen. iraq is always in his mind about how america shouldn't operate in that region. >> the president's remarks after paris were widely panned even by some of his allies because of the tone, because people felt he
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came across as defensive and more passion about his political critics than what had happened in flans. now he has this press conference today with the french president by his side. is it a chance for a rhetorical doover and do the white house feel that's even necessary? >> the president feels he cannot set a bad example. he's not a guy that wants to pound the table saying we're going to get these guys. he thinks it's counter productive. he wants things to be low key. doesn't want the united states to become the enemy of the region. he wants quiet diplomacy. the president feels -- there's an expression that bill clinton uses, it uses. the president doesn't mind coming across as weak if he feels he's doing the right thing. >> what are the people at the white house saying at the criticism coming not from the republicans running for president but from democrats
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like dianne feinstein and hillary clinton? >> they go back to saying forget what we say, watch what we do. they believe the da pla mosey is more important than style criticism of what the president does. the president believes that if he says things that are loud and violent and aggressive it's counter productive and he doesn't want the presidential campaign to be dominated by this and hurt america around the world. >> thank you so much. republican presidential front runner donald trump is standing by a controversial claim that he saw muslims in new jersey cheering the world trade center attacks. hallie, what do you have? >> this morning donald trump is now doubling down on the comments, some of the most controversial ones yet, even if the face of fact checks. if you thought he would back down, think again.
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donald trump delivering a tirade overnight in his own defense. >> i saw people getting together in fairly large numbers celebrating as the world trade center was coming down. i saw them on television and i read about it on the internet. >> his claim that thousands of muslims in new jersey cheered 9/11 has been denounced and widely discredited by multiple fact checkers. trump standing by it. >> i start getting phone calls in my office by the hundreds that they were there and saw that take place. >> but republican front runner is not apologizing. ben carson is, backtracking after first saying he also saw american muslims celebrating 9/11. >> i think that was an inappropriate response. >> did you see that happening on 9/11? >> i saw the film of it, yes. >> in new jersey? >> yes.
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>> now car son son's campaign says he does not stand by those statements and was thinking instead of celebrate in the middle east, not new jersey. >> i did see the film. i don't know where they were, but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. >> list distancing himself from trump marco rubio. at what the point do you feel like you and the rest of your competitors have to call him out on that? >> it's not true and plenty of fact checks. if all i did was respond to everything donald trump said that isn't true i wouldn't be able to run my campaign. >> rubio, meanwhile, will begin airing his first broadcast ad in key early states. here's an exclusive first look. it focuses on his father and his family story, a way to introduce himself to voters in iowa and new hampshire as rubio hopes to take the top spot in the polls from trump. and this morning, matt and savannah, shows trump still leading in iowa, though ted cruz is coming on strong. guys. >> hally jackson, thank you. meantime, the thanksgiving travel rush heating up today. millions. what do you need to know. >> the number of people
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traveling more than 0 50 miles have grown and this year no exception. we've got a lot of us traveling. it's going to be crowded. 46.9 million travelers across to aaa. when you break it down, it's about 89% are driving, 7.7% are flying. gas prices at under $2 per gallon by thursday. our travel trouble spot, chicago, dallas, denver. let's start in chicago. show you the airport there. earlier today it was packed. a little bit of a lull. but we expect it to start to increase as we get into the afternoon hours. thanksgiving day is going to be the big problem. and a lot of people still traveling on thanksgiving. we look right now at denver. denver was going to be looking at snow, light snow, freezing drizzle. so in the air delays due to visibility. on the roads, dangerous driving conditions.
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dallas only needs 3 more inches of rain to have their rainiest year ever. we're looking at rain with thunderstorms. delays in the air by storms and then on the road gusty winds and we're talking about heavy rain. so high profile vehicles will be very susceptible. chicago has got a rain and flood threat. a lot of snow on the grown. warmer temperatures and rain going to lead to some minor to moderate flooding. in the air, delays due to visibility because of fog. on the roads it's going to be slick with flooding. we're going to continue to track this. but again thursday the worst day, friday not great
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are tracking rain moving into parts of the north bay. spotty light showers and rain will begin to move into the rest of the bay area. looking at highs today starting out in the 50s but will stay in the 50s throughout the afternoon. rain moving in as we head through the 9:00 or 10:00 hour. strong winds and chilly temperatures. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right al. thank you. there's some new reaction this morning over the concussion suffered by st. louis rams quarterback case keenum that happened in the nfl game on sunday and natalie has been
7:18 am
following that this week. what's going on? >> rams head coach jeff fisher addresss the issue on monday. the nfl says their concussion protocol wasn't followed on sunday and they want to know why. the league is now investigating why both team trainers and independent injury spotters called atcs allowed rams quarterback case keenum to continue playing after this brutal hit. >> oh, boy. you can see him go down and hit the back of the head on the turf. >> he was only diagnosed with a concussion after the game. i didn't see it from my vantage point. >> rams coach jeff fisher monday promised to investigate how the system broke down but would not blame the spotters or his trainers. >> our head trainer did go on the field and he got out there and he spoke to case and he questioned case and case said he felt okay. >> sports pundits on espn were
7:19 am
nowhere near as kind. >> this failed on every single level. it was actually disgraceful. i watched it live. it was horrifying to watch. it really was. >> the nfl has had a concussion protocol in place since late 2011, even expanding the role of those independent spotters beginning this season, giving them the power to stop the game if there is clear visual evidence of the player displaying obvious signs of disorientation or is clearly unstable and is attempting to remain in the game and not be attended to by the club's medical staff. the 27-year-old struggled to get up, even flopping back down after a teammate tried to pull him up immediately. >> to see a hit like that and to see him get up and be so obviously in distress, how anybody could have left him in the game was just, you know, it's just awful. >> fisher said keenum feels much better and will play this weekend if the quarterback passes the remaining steps in the league's concussion protocol. the players' union says they are
7:20 am
reviewing the concussion protocol in the keenum hit. as for the league they say they will reinforce the need to ensure that the injuries are properly identified and addressed. a lot of people pointing out the fact there was a minute left in regulation, tied at the time and perhaps that went into the decision of the reason he stayed out on the field. >> they're supposed to get a player out of a bad situation. >> very true. coming up, the alleged gunman who opened fire on a good samaritan in maryland, caught and behind bars this morning. why did the police also arrest his girlfriend friend. then on rosen reports, staying safe on the road as you head out tore the holiday. the mistake a lot of people make when carryin
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our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. ♪ two men are in custody .. after a car crashed into a hydrant during aha good tuesday morning. 7:26. i'm sam brock. a woman and two men in custody after a car crashed into a hydrant during a chase and the suspects took off on foot. this happened early this morning in campbell just blocks away from an elementary school. it started about three miles away when deputies say they spotted a stolen car. that car struck the hydrant not far from san jose's city limits. the suspects ran from the car. deputies say they were able to catch one right away. the other two people were found in neighbors' back yards hiding out. the suspects were apparently unarmed but the female driver was in custody. all three are facing felony charges. a busy day on your
7:27 am
weatherfront. we are seeing rain come into the north bay and coming through the bay. >> it will be moving into the bay into the next couple of hours. starting out with spotty light showers moving through santa rosa moving to the south and getting ready for a big change in the temperatures, as well. highs today only in the mid to upper 50s. rain through the late morning hours. taking a break this afternoon, another round tonight and also some very cool weather just like this for the next several days. >> we are looking towards the camera. we give folks notice. what is coming, be advised. not so bad as far as speeds. that will be the same on the map. a lighter volume around the bay. the upper east short with metering lights. look at the map. much lighter than you expect on a tuesday. slowing a bit and bridges to the peninsula where the build is on. south bay about it for northbound 101. 280 slower towards 17.
7:28 am
we will see if the weather has impact on travelers. we will have updates coming uppen 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
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♪ 7:30 on a tuesday morning right now. 24th day of november, 2015. big pre-thanksgiving crowd out on the plaza. we always pack the plaza at this time of the year. we'll go out and say hi to these people in just a couple of minutes. by the way, 25 hours from now if those people stick around they will get to see a glimpse of the hottest singer on the planet, adele. she will be performing live on "today." i think i'm going to mention in the studio. in the studio. >> yeah. >> her new album is shattering records, and we can't wait to welcome her to studio 1a. >> the hottest singers on the planet aren't going us hello, it's me, during every commercial. >> can't take it anymore. >> here's what's happening in
7:31 am
the headlines. counterterrorism officials issuing a new bulletin this morning in the wake of the paris attacks asking local law enforcement agencies to review their responses to an active shooter and to be on the lookout for suspicious people who could be conducting surveillance on potential soft targets. four crew members were killed on monday when their military helicopter went down at ft. hood in texas. they were on a routine training mission at the time. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. and the faa says eight planes approaching dallas' main airport were hit with laser pointers sunday night. seven of the jets were southwest airlines flights, the other a private plane. all of them did land safely. let's turn to new orleans now where the suspect in a brazen shooting of a medical student that we showed you on tape on monday is now in custody, and there's been a second arrest tied to that investigation. nbc's kerry sanders has this story. hi, kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. the alleged gunman is in the jail behind me here. his arrest affidavit is expected
7:32 am
to be finalized later this morning, the charges expected to be robbery, kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder, and if he's convicted on that attempted murder charge here in louisiana, he faces life in prison. >> this morning the man police say shot a helpless unarmed good samaritan in this chilling video is in jail. 21-year-old euric cain, allegedly the cold blooded gunman who fired at tulane medical student peter gold was taken into custody when new orleans police and federal marshals raided the house where he was hiding. >> i couldn't be more proud of the fact that we not only caught him quickly, but it was done without incident and no one got hurt. >> reporter: not a shot fired. >> not a shot fired. >> reporter: also under arrest alleged gunman's 17-year-old girlfriend nictoria washington, the two found in the house together. police say even though she wasn't at scene of the shooting, she's being charged as an accessory. according to authorities, cain made a full confession,
7:33 am
admitting he was the one seen dragging a woman down the street and police say he told them he was the one who turns his gun on peter gold, shooting him once in the stomach and trying to shoot him a second, even a third time but the gun jams, likely sparing gold's life. >> it was a chilling video even for those of us hardened from seeing a lot of this stuff. >> reporter: looks like he was going to kill him. >> no question. the guy who did this is a cold-blooded killer and i would call it domestic terrorism. >> reporter: tulane university issued a statement thanking the new orleans police and the u.s. marshals service for their swift action here, and they went on to say that peter gold to them is worth marveling at because of his courage and his character. matt? >> kerry sanders on this story, kerry, thank you very much. >> let's take a turn and get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay
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jewelers. the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. >> and we look at what's happening right now in the west. heavy rain moving into northern california. snow making its way through the cascades and the inner mountain regions. we already have winter watches, advisories and warnings stretching all the way into the rockies and the the central and western plains. look at this snow. it comes in today into the west, mountain west snow. good news, we'll be looking at a decent amount of snow for the cascades and the sierras. wednesday it moves into the rockies and look for delays around salt lake city tomorrow. then as we get into thursday the storm reaches the central u.s. from san antonio up into dallas, minneapolis looking at snow and chicago heavier rain and on friday more heavy thunderstorms down through southern texas, icing conditions through oklahoma on into kansas and more wet weather into chicago so there's probably going to be airport delays and travel problems, even as we get into friday. that's what's going on around the country.
7:35 am
we're starting to see this rain moving into the north bay around santa rosa. right now spotty light rain. we see this becoming more widespread as it approaches the san francisco area as we go through the day. temperatures in the lower 50s. a beautiful sunrise, breaks in the clouds and rain will be here by lunch time and then moving out by the early afternoon. >> get your weather any time. go to weather channel on cable and online. matt? >> thanks, al. just ahead, is it worth it? what some drug stores will give you if you share your private health information. and a warning before you hit the road this thanksgiving. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up. we've all driven behind something like this hauling mattress or something else on their roof and then it comes flying off in the middle of the highway. hundreds of people killed and injured every single year.
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you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. 7 h. 40. we're back with "rossen reports" and this morning a hidden danger facing ow on the roads. >> this morning national investigative correspondent jeff resen is here with a warning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is timely, of course, as we all hits the roads for thanksgiving this week. busiest travel week of the year, and we've all been there, right. you're driving on the highway and see a car or truck in front of you with a mattress tied to the roof or wooden planks. i always think, i don't know about about you. will this come loose and it happens a lot because people aren't tying it down correctly. this morning dangerous moments caught on tape and how to
7:41 am
protect your family. >> just weeks ago chaos on a new jersey highway. this mattress flying off a car sending drivers swerving this. truck tips over and explodes, and it happens all the time. wood planks, broken glass, degree coming loose and flying through the air. >> there it goes. >> reporter: crashing into your car at highway speeds. >> it happened within a split second. i didn't have any time to react. >> reporter: abby mathias could have been killed this summer when a large piece of plywood fell out of the truck in front of her on the highway. >> i saw it fly up, and next thing i knew i was feeling the shower of glass and my ears were ringing because it had gone through my windshield. >> reporter: an these accidents can be deadly. according to the latest government report the numbers are growing. nearly 500 people killed every
7:42 am
year. 11,000 more injured when debris barrels through the air. why does this keep happening? >> welsh let me show you what people do. take a mattress, you load it up on your suv, okay. the big box stores give out free twine for strapping it down. >> twine, just like this. >> this is not strong enough to hold a mattress on an suv at high speeds. >> reporter: when the stores give this to you, you're thinking it's the store, must be safe. >> to show us, these highway troopers tie down the mattress with that twine. i think we're good into right now i'm standing on an away donned runway at a regional airport working with the washington state patrol. this is my producer linds who will get into the suv with the mattress and get up to highway speeds at 50, 60 miles per hour and see if it stays on or flies off with the twine and i'll be behind the chase case with the trooper to see what it looks like and how scary it is if it
7:43 am
does fly off. okay. here we go. i'm stepping on at all. common situation. >> somebody transporting a mattress on their car. >> 20, 30, 40, and going 45, there it goes. >> comes right off. >> it flew off that car, like a missile flying through the air. watch that again. the twine literally snaps. the air catches the mattress flipping it up and sending it airborne in seconds. >> the object flying off the car, you either hit that or hit the other vietnam in the other lane. >> reporter: what should we use? >> ratchet snaps. for less than 20 bucks pig this up in a big box star. >> reporter: how does it work? >> partially strapped down, feed the hook underneath the luggage rack and tighten it up. >> reporter: good to go. >> good to go. >> reporter: lindsey is behind
7:44 am
the wheel again even hitting 70 miles per hour. >> secure properly this will not come off. >> reporter: this will save lives. >> absolutely. >> reporter: an abcy tool that could prevent this from slamming right into you. so there's the simple takeaway, twine. bad. use the ratchet straps and if you see a car hauling something and doesn't look secure. stay back, switch lanes or pass them. once you're at safe distance call 911 and report that vehicle. the troopers say they don't mind getting those calls and responding to those emergencies could ultimately save lives. important information as we all get on the road this week. guys. >> absolutely, jeff. thank you very much. coming up, "pop start" is the all adel. we'll get you ready for her life performance including the big honor she just received. and coming up, the dress taking social media by storm and
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all right. tamron is in for carson in the original room this morning and social media buzzing over a dress this morning. what is it this time in. >> it is so funny, guys, how things go viral. so it is all about the dress. no, savannah, not that dress. i know you wanted to discuss this. >> still gold and white. >> the gold and white and blue and black. >> it's this dress that everyone is talking about. here's the back story. weather anchor spotted this look, 22.99 on amazon and share her great find in a facebook back for meteorologists, and then this happened. all across the country meteorologists showed up wearing
7:50 am
this dress. this is actually a collage of many of the women who wore this on air. >> i have it. >> well, that's the word on the street, and more pictures continue to pour in via facebook. you see it here. fox carolina's nicole pepe writes this is hilarious and, yes, i have two colors. wral amy willment says i'm not afraid to say i'm a bargain hunter. by the way, the dress still available on amazon for the low price, but it may not arrive until january which is okay, guys, because these colors are seasonal, and if you're wondering, here's moy theory why everyone loves it, the darts here, savannah and natalie. >> slimming. >> very flattering on pretty much every body type, so also with the black panels on the side it gives you a nice little hour glass figure. so, does this dress look good on everyone is the question. >> that's comedy. >> especially with the slenderizing darts. >> your waist is so thin.
7:51 am
>> i love that he's got a little decollete showing there. >> needed the original room to get to that. >> that was a long way to go, and it paid off big. >> that was requested. >> okay, tamron. thank you very much. >> all makes sense now. >> coming up, creative diys. savannah loves it. >> from two of our favorite, the property brothers are here. >> these are my dogs dusty and cooper.
7:52 am
i work for the dogs twenty-four seven. i am the butler. these dogs shed like crazy. it's like being inside of a snow globe. it takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean. i don't know what to do. (doorbell) what's this? swiffer sweeper and dusters.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
♪ take back my life song are mopping up from a fire that damaged an east good morning on your tuesday. 7:56. i'm sam brock. firefighters mopping up from a fire that damaged an east bay apartment complex. this happened early this morning on santa barbara road. firefighters say it all started in a down stairs parking area and spread to the unit above. several people are now displaced. luckily nobody was hurt and still no word on a cause. oracle arena is packed and rocking to the rafters tonight when the warriors take a shot at something that has never been accomplished before in the nba. they are looking to start their season with an unprecedented 16th straight victory. the dubs will have to beat one of their fierce rivals. the l.a. lakers have won just two times the entire year. tonight's game is a hot ticket withstanding room prices on stub hub starting at close to 300
7:57 am
bucks and rising. but the temperatures are falling as the rain comes in. kari hall is here with more on that. >> that cold air is rolling in and cutting off a lot of energy for this rain moving into the bay area. so we are not seeing the rain as intense as earlier but still widespread showers. it will be moving in heading into the next couple of hours. temperatures only in the 50s. we take a break from the rain early this afternoon and will see another round this evening. let's see how the roads are impacted. >> with holiday traffic flow we are looking at a lighter flow of traffic. the tol plaza got a big concern. the clouds combine with a morning commute. we have no real slowing down the east shore freeway. that rain coming in from the north will cause complications. we are looking everywhere. the worst we see are speeds towards the 30 miles per hour range and a little slowing south 101 towards university where we
7:58 am
lose that lane. >> that's going to do it for us right now. we will be back in just 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, dough for your data. why some drug stores are offering deep discount for your personal information, but is that a good idea? plus, the property brothers. hgtv stars drew and jonathan scott join us with a preview of their latest renovation project and show us some easy diy ideas to spruce up your space. and girls night out. the inside scoop on adele's big evening with fellow stars jennifer lawrence and emma stone today, tuesday, november 24, 2015. ♪ >> shout-out to all the girls
8:01 am
pack at hotel. this is your wake-up girl. we're on today! >> good morning, kentucky. >> all the way from north louisiana to be on the "today" show. >> debby and denny just married from buoy, maryland! ♪ 8:00 now on this tuesday morning. it's the 24th of november, 2015. and now it's starting to feel like the holidays. we have a huge crowd on our plaza this morning. people getting ready for thanksgiving. we got the parade this week. we got the tree lighting next week and got the crowd out here so good morning. >> man, we've got lots of people who are going to be in the parade, lots of people from all over the country. we love this time of year, you know what it is? >> what? >> day two of our big tie
8:02 am
preview for 2015. >> wow. >> this morning we're getting into toys for elementary school kids, and as you can see we've got some experts on hand. >> a few testers there. first to natalie with a check of the top stories this morning. good morning again. >> good morning. u.s. counterterrorism officials have issued a new bull to local police agencies urging them to review their training for active shooter incidents coming on the heels of a worldwide travel alert from americans from the state department t.cites the increase attacks overseas, and it says attacks by major terrorist groups and lone wolves are likely to continue. travelers are urged to be vigilant in public places and to avoid large crowds. nato is holding an emergency meeting today to discuss the russian warplane that was shot down overnight. nato member turkey said its fighter jets downed the plane which was unidentified at the time because it had violated
8:03 am
turkish airspace. it says the aircraft ignored repeated warnings. however, russia denied that the plane violated turkish airspace while carrying out military operations in neighboring syria. it called the incident very serious. the new england patriots paid tribute monday night before their games against the bills to massachusetts native and lifelong fan ezra schwartz. the 18-year-old had been studying in israel. he was volunteering in the west bank thursday, delivering food to israeli soldiers when he was killed in what israel called a palestinian terror shooting. >> at this time we would like to hon honor ezra schwartz and the hundreds of victims like him with a moment of silence. ezra's family says even while he was u
8:04 am
u. >> it could be a couple heres from now. a great thing is we get to fly it autonomously. it flies itself. it's a flying robot without pilots on board. so we can test it and test it without putting humans at risk. then we are going to bring you and other passengers up into space. >> the test flights have been unmanned. the reusable rocket would be able to carry six people, just beyond the earth's atmosphere. a family's day at the beach in florida turned flightening when dozens of sharks ripped up the water in a feeding frenzy. four kids were on a raft when they spotted 50 or 60 sharks heading toward them. they got to the shore safely. they managed to record the
8:05 am
encounter which was better than seeing sharks in a movie. that's a brave kid. when you are at shore looking at the sharks, it's a safe distance. >> thank you very much. here is a question, how much is your private health to you. >> one says you will trade it for extra savings. >> reporter: from the grocery store to the department store, our buying habits are being tracked. now the nation's largest pharmacy wants to take it further. walgreens is launching connect. connecting your health data to their servers. you download the app and you get points based on how much health information you share. take your blood pressure, for example. if you manually enter it, you get 20 points. if you link it to a monitor, like a smart wch that sends that info to walgreens every day, you get 250 points.
8:06 am
the points get you discounts. does this like something you would use? >> definitely. i'm already going there, why wouldn't i? >> reporter: they market the service as a way to set health goals and track progress, but didn't respond to the interview progress. the company can store the data to build a profile and combine it with data from other companies to target you with custom ads and deals. >> do you worry about what happens to that information? >> now that you said that, actually. >> reporter: you didn't? >> i dnlt. >> if you think about a drugstore, they have your purchase history, drug history. when you have drug history, you know a lot about their medical diagnosis. >> it can be a target for cyber criminals. medical records are ten times more valuable on the black market than credit cards. walgreens biggest rival, cvs asks you to sign a hipaa.
8:07 am
they only track the number of prescriptions you fill, not the types of medication. when deciding what health information you should share, consumer advocates say it's important to answer three key questions from a company's privacy policy. how is your data shared? who has access to it? what kind of security measures are in place to protect your da data? questions to help you decide whether sharing your info for discounts is worth the price. for "today," blake, nbc news, los angeles. >> kind of a slippery slope there. >> it is. >> absolutely. coming up a survey that deals with the most important things you can teach your children. >> might be surprises in there. plus adele as she prepares for a performance here on "today." and we are helping you find that perfect present for the kids on your holiday list.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
this saturday is small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. shop small this saturday. we're back. it's 8:11 and time for "trending." >> there's a sign over here that's been fascinating us, a little girl that has a sign that says hey nasty. we are trying to figure out who nasty is. >> we thought it was you. >> if the shoe fits. >> she's so cute. >> adorable. >> we'll get to the bottom of that. >> i guess so. >> all right. we're in the thick of the holiday season, right? i think we'll get five guilty verdicts on this desk. you're supposed to go to the store and supposed to buy gifts for other people. >> sure. >> but americans are coming clean in a new survey. 85% admit to gifting themselves. >> guilty. >> absolutely. >> another 67% spent more on themselves. >> guilty, guilt.
8:12 am
>> than on other people. or they kept a gift they originally intended to give someone else. >> i've done all of those. >> i'm so guilty. >> i haven't done that one. >> it's the sales. they are everywhere, so it's two for me, one for you. >> exactly. >> it's also you tend to go shop for other people in stores that you like. >> yes. >> for things that you like so you say, wait a second, i might have that for the holidays as well. >> it happened yesterday and a 30% sale, the only thing i could do is buy something for myself. >> vale needs louboutin shoes. >> they don't go on sale, okay? the next story really shows people can be selfless as well and think of others. this is being shared widely across web this morning. it's all based on a sign that a restaurant in detroit posted in its window. check it out. this will make us all feel better. the sign says george's thanksgiving day dinner, if anyone is home alone, come eat with us for free all day. if you're homeless or poor
8:13 am
george says he'll welcome you into his restaurant on thanksgiving, no questions asked. he's been doing it for years? that's spectacular. >> why thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, people do things like that all the time. really cool. all right. let me show you a list. it shows some character traits. which of these do you think is most important to teach your kids? honesty, kindness, strong work ethic, courage, leadership and toughness. which of these is most important. >> kindness. >> i think honesty because it breeds after everything else. i think once you're honest. >> honesty begets kindness. >> that's what i think. >> i would say kindness but the survey results were a little bit surprising. >> according to survey monkey, we did this, all right. it says that most people say honesty. 43%. 29% said kindness, a strong work ethic finished third followed by courage, leadership and toughness. by the way, 7% said something else. >> what? >> can we pick all of the above? >> yeah, i mean. it's not like if you teach honesty you can't teach the other. >> but kindness is super important.
8:14 am
>> absolutely. lets us turn to tamron. she has an all adele edition of "pop start." >> in the spirit of kindness i have something for you, adele. it's an all-adele "pop start." >> i like that. >> you seem surprised. "pop fix the "is the other one i do but i'm all popped out. counting down to adele's big performance here on "today." just 24 hours left. got the countdown clock. last night on "the tonight show" adele debuted another new song this one called "water under the bridge" and here you go. ♪ don't pretend that you don't want me ♪ ♪ i love you water under the bridge ♪ if you're going to let me down, let me down gently ♪ ♪ don't pretend that you don't want me ♪ ♪ it's all water under the bridge ♪ >> now everyone is dancing at
8:15 am
home with us this morning. that song's amazing, and talking to jimmy adele showed a different side revealing a story behind a moment you may have missed at the end of per performance on "snl." did you see it? made a little funny face at the end. here's the explanation. >> i had no idea i was still being filmed. i got home and my friends from england sent me a vine of me going. >> that's so good. it's fantastic. >> i've got to say, the album is great, obviously getting crazy good reviews. congrats on this. >> indeed congrats. adele thought the show had cut away when she made that infamous meme her friend and after fallon hit town with some friends, you want to know who, jennifer lawrence and emma stone, a picture of the ladies going out for some mexican fold, i'm told, here in new york, and by the way, speaking of jennifer lawrence, "entertainment weekly" has just named her its entertainer of the year.
8:16 am
the magazine says the 25-year-old actress is discovering her own power and done playing games. some other stars on the list, haraji wenson. nicki minaj and amy schumer. there you have it. that's your adele "top start." i'll make a crazy face. >> they went out for mexican food but didn't call? >> they called us, but unfortunately it went straight to voice mail. >> must have called a thousand times. >> i'll play you my voice mail one time. mr. roker, how about the weather. >> all right. again, it's all about thanksgiving. let's take a look. watching three areas that are probably going to be the trouble spots on thanksgiving. let's start off right now. denver international airport, this is one of our possible hub delays, morning freezing drizzle on thursday, heavy snow at times and limited visibilities. let's move to dallas. chance of thunderstorms, heavy rain, possible ground stops and,
8:17 am
of course, i-35 is going to be a mess as well. and then we move up to chicago, and you're going to be looking for trouble along i-39. chicago international, afternoon heavy thunderstorms, low visibility and some localized flooding and i-80 may have problems as well. that's what's going on around the countr good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing rain move into the north bay. light rain and it's approaching san francisco and will be there within the next several minutes. we are looking at some wet roads as we go through the late morning hours. and also for the early aftermnon for the south bay. highs in the mid to upper 50s. a few thunderstorms. the chance is very slight. it will be windy and turni inin colder as we head into the evening. that's your latest weather. savannah. >> we've been working with toy
8:18 am
parents and kids have been reviewing 36 of the season's hottest toy passenger. h how easy was it to get out of the box, the clarity of directions, the ease of assembly. she brought along some little reviewers who are adorable. this is the inflatable remote control minion. >> can we agree that minions are inherently cool? >> mine's chasing -- i think this is pretty saw some. >> these are really cute, very novelty item of the year. the reason they lost so many points is they didn't come with an air pump or a patch kit. parents really felt for the money if you didn't have your own air pump you were out of luck. >> we reached out to the company. and most consumers told them they didn't need a pump so they lowered the price and that was the reason. >> we've got zoomer kitty.
8:19 am
>> there are people who love pets and people who don't like pets so much. it's true also with robotic pets. we flew in lisa and her daughter ella from oklahoma. they really love zoomer kitty. >> you guys liked this, why? >> it was such an interactive toy. it responded to her touches and actions. >> but brad and matt have a different story, why? >> zoomer kitty purrs constantly. it's extremely irritating. on the other hand, i think we're not a cat family. >> they said as kids grow and mature we understand they need different toys. what do we have here. >> "star wars." "star wars" legos number one request from this age right here. >> huge score. this got a 90. >> a very high score. parents love it because the instructions are clear. they feel their kid are having
8:20 am
an instructional experience while they're building. also this generation of lego builders love the minifigs. this is a little bb 8. >> does it come with good directions? >> the directions are wonderful. with this type of set you want to start smaller with a younger builder which is a great point. >> tell me about this doll. this is the project mc squared doll. it got an 81. >> these are the people who brought us the bratz dolls. they've toned down their look considerably. each doll comes with an easy to do science kit. you can do a volcano eruption or a lava lamp.
8:21 am
>> it's kind of a combo fashion but science and function. >> right. but they didn't love the fact it's very hard to get the dolls out of the packaging. >> i'm telling you packaging is my waterloo all the time. >> this is the giant floor puzzle. >> this got a 94. >> this is so lo tew tech but y it got the highest score. >> why? >> it's a wonderful project for them to do on their own. it builds confidence. cell phones go down, you're working on a puzzle. this one's also under $20. it's one of the less expensive toy this is season. we also recommend bringing a game home for the holidays. it's about building family memories. >> it's cute. >> finally, classic toy hot wheels. if you have a child who's in the
8:22 am
hot wheels zone, this is the ultimate present, the ultimate garage. >> it got a 78. >> it got a 78 because it's kind of hard to put together. if you're not handy you have to leave some time. putting toys together is no easy tasks. sometimes you need a power drill. you have to leave certain time a lotted for putting toys together so you're not super cranky. our kid testers, we had two perfect scores on this toy. they just love it. it has a place to display all the toys they collect and ramps. >> it's awesome. >> exactly. >> kids, good job. we're going to have another round of toys to review tomorrow. what age group? >> tweens. >> the today parenting team is place for people to come together and have conversations about everyday celebrations and the challenges of being a
8:23 am
parent. parenting team members have been sharing tips on how to raise kind kids who give back to the community. take a look at some of what we heard. lisa says parents should lead by example. js is suggesting taking educational trips, ekxposing yor children to different life scho style. show kids the positive impact they can have. you can add your voice to the mix go to click the join now button to become part of the amazing community. we'll be highlighting some of the best ideas online and of course on our show. we send it other to matt. >> i'm here with the property brothers. they've got a great new project they're taking on. and they've got a fan here. >> he's the third brother. >> really? part of a country music sing
8:24 am
trio? >> maybe. >> what's your favorite song? >> wagon wheel. >> george jones, he stopped loving her today. play it. first your local news. i'm ... ==topvo== a woman and
8:25 am
8:26 am
two men are in custody .. after a car crashed good tuesday morning. it's 8:26. a woman and two men in custody right now, this after they crashed a car into a fire hydrant during an early morning chase. those suspects then took off on foot. it happened early this morning in campbell. started about three miles away when deputies say they spotted a stolen car. it hit a hydrant not far from san jose city limits. the three suspects ran from the car. they caught one right away. the other two suspects were hiding out in neighbors' yards. the female driver was in custody recently. all three are in police custody. they are, obviously, going to find out what the legal ramifications are there. we have a check of your traffic
8:27 am
with mike. gridlock on the roads? >> yeah. the issue is not the volume of traffic. it looks packed. it's because of system has come in and shown results on the roadway. i see windshield wipers, rain, mist, drizzle from the noerth by to the city. a full report in a few minutes. that's the effect it will have on the roadways. the green is where you will have wet roadways. light traffic back to you. >> that will do did for us. see you in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
my nand i've... seen things. like the sock rampage of 2010. the sleep eating of 2012. and the babysitter makeout of 2014. gross. but now with nest cam, these guys can check in 24/7. so they can see the crazy things i see. hey ya little thief! did he have thumbs? okay, now i've seen it all. nest. welcome to the magic of home.
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's 249dth day of november, 2015, and you would think it's a holiday right now because we've got a massive crowd, including the property brothers out on the plaza and just in case you didn't know it, tomorrow morning a big star will stop by to entertain our holiday crowd though inside the studio we're talking about the amazingly
8:31 am
talented adele. >> i plan to do some stalking. i'm a huge fan. >> by the way, can we do one thing. had some fun with the young lady who has the sign right here. what's your name? >> hally. >> who is nasty? >> it's my aunt. >> what's your name? >> her real name is have that'sa and we call her nasty. >> nice lady. >> you said hi to nasty and it's good to have her here. >> so it's not al. >> no. >> he's our nasty. >> it was very revealing who thought the sign was for them. >> we all did. >> by the way, we've got the property brothers out on our plaza this morning, and coming up they are telling us that they are country stars but first al is doing a little shopping out on the plaza. >> yes, he is.
8:32 am
>> so this weekend is small business saturday. it's a reminder to shop at local stores that make our communities great, so we invited some small business owners to set up shops like steve's urban lumber. you make cutting boards. >> i do. what are these made from? >> they are from repurposed trees. i collect trees from people's yards and i just -- i mill them and turn them into cutting boards. >> these are beautiful. >> fantastic. >> and you've got andrew's honey. this is great. this guy actually makes honey -- he's got hives on roofs all across new york city. >> yes, sir, even queens where you're from. >> i've got some queen's honey. nothing, honey, thank you very much. >> andrew, appreciate that. >> coming down here to nirvana designs. what's your name? >> shirley. >> where are you located? >> long island city new york. >> kind of left shark. >> everything is hand knit in
8:33 am
nepal. >> it's beautiful. >> by the local crafts women. >> and this is naturally susan. you must be susan. >> i'm susan in new york city. >> what are you makeing? >> all natural skin care products. >> lavender, that smells nice. i'll spray my camera man jimmy, he smells much better now. >> all refreshed now. >> so fresh, all right. let's comb over here to dick, you're located in brooklyn. >> what's your name? >> chuck. >> these are beautiful. >> have a small shop in brooklyn where a lot of small shops are and great place to come and shop small. >> is the garden gnome for salele? >> he is. >> fantastic. >> and i like the name of this place, cafe grumpy. hi, how are you? what's your name? >> carolyn. >> have a cup of coffee for you. >> located in brooklyn. >> yes. >> don't forget, shop small and it's small business saturday this saturday, okay. right after thanksgiving. guys, thank you so much. thank you, guys, for coming down. that's what's going on around the
8:34 am
we are getting a lot of people on the road for the holiday. we're starting some rain. starting to see the rain moving into the north bay as well as san francisco. this will spread across the bay area as we go into the next couple of hours. looking at this heading into the east bay within the next hour as well as union city by 9:21. expect showers throughout the morning but not expecting any severe weather. cold and blustery through the day. >> hold on. let me spray dave auerbach, too. he smells lovely. guys. >> all right. a thank you so much. now to our ongoing series thanks and giving t.focuses on the life saving work atst jude's children's research hospital. >> and this morning a teenager giving us all inspiration. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: ally allen can't
8:35 am
believe this is all really happening. >> this one is actually one of my favorites that i love? a rack of designer gowns to choose from. >> that is beautiful. >> reporter: gorgeous accessories to go with the perfect dress. >> i think this one is perfect. >> yeah. >> reporter: and an invitation to wear them on country music's biggest night from one of its brightest new stars, kelsey bellerini. >> i wanted to ask you since you've had to miss out on stuff maybe if you would be my date to the cmas. >> reporter: killsy is nominated for two awards and wants ally by her side. >> i was not expecting that at all so i started crying just of happiness. i love you. >> so glad you're coming. >> reporter: friendship was born at st. jude's children's hospital where kelsey was appearing alongside other country starts and mistook ally who had hair at the time for another musician. >> kind of prior to figure out what she sings and all of a sudden she's like, yeah, i'm almost done with radiation for
8:36 am
my brain tumor, and i was like oh, you're a patient. i had no idea. >> reporter: something clicked. they both felt it. >> we were like best friends immediately. sorry. i don't know why i'm crying right now. >> reporter: it's been a tough road for the 17-year-old. a dancer, she was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago after forgetting her routine moments before a performance. >> ally's type of cancer is a humor called an epindimoma and they are quite rare, tended to have headaches, moments of forgetfulness which turned out in hindsight to likely be seizures. after treatment at st. jude it appeared she had beaten her disease until july. a devastating diagnosis of a second more aggressive brain cancer, but doctors at st. jude are not giving up. they are getting ally ready for a tough round of chemo. days like this are a good form
8:37 am
of medicine. what's your game plan for today? >> kelsea and i are going to walk out there, just happy, excited to be there. >> reporter: ally won't just be attending the show, with makeup and styling by kelsea's team. >> oh, my gosh. those look so good. >> reporter: they will walk the red carpet side by side. >> i'm just so excited to just see her on the red carpet feeling like a superstar. >> reporter: finally the big event, photographed and interviewed, a night neither young woman will forget. >> this is amazing. it's nothing i've ever experienced before. i feel super girly and glammed. i'm so happy ♪ going to love me boy, help me like you mean it ♪ >> reporter: a rising star and the new friend she says inspires her. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, nashville. >> ally allen is with us here along with marlo thom, the national outreach director for
8:38 am
st. jude children's research hospital. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you doing al? >> i'm doing great. >> red carpet was fun? >> yes, it was the best night of my life. >> what was this thing with just justin timberlake. >> the last day of my radiation at st. jude justin timberlake was taking a tour at st. jude and i just happened to be there. >> we see a little duet going on there. >> reunited at the cmas so we sang "reunited." >> that's fantastic. marlo, obviously the work that st. jude has done means everything for something like ally. >> what's exciting about this. we changed the paradigm at st. jude. several years ago we took a very brave and bold step. we dared to take children who had a recurrent disease like she has and give it a second round of radiation. that's never been done before so what that has really done now is given her a chance she never would have had before.
8:39 am
>> i think what's important to note not only are you doing this ground breaking work at st. jude but other hospitals then take these advances and use them as well. >> absolutely. >> we share this worldwide just the way we share all of our breakthroughs. >> ally, you look great. >> thank you so much. >> look like you're having the time your life. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. by the way, catch marlo starring in the off broadway play "clever little lies" because marlo is the busiest woman ever. >> doing double duty every day. coming up, the property brothers are making themselves at home in our studio and they have brought along some quick and easy diy projects. >> and up next works needs to download the latest hits. kmt back of the record store. i'll tell you about that, but first this is "today" on nbc. come on in pop pop.
8:40 am
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welcome back. we've stepped outside to our small business saturday shops as we help promote local businesses and "today's" erica hill is here to introduce us to a shop in california which is hitting off the right motors. >> that's exactly what you could say. good morning to you. turns out the music stores and vinyl heading the way of the eight track are exactly exaggerated and that's very good news for the city of long beach. there's more than just nostalgia in these stacks of vinyl. >> there is a ritual to cleaning the record and putting it on and hearing the needle drop and being an active participant. it's a much better experience. >> thousands of albums, new and old, keeping this small business turning for more than two decades. >> what's allowed you to survive and even thrive as we've seen some of those big box retailers go under? >> we've always tried to be engaging more than just a place to buy stuff. >> fingerprint, a staple in long beach, california, is one of 28
8:43 am
million mom and pop shops across the country. businesses that employ more than half of all working americans and help drive local economies. >> there really wasn't much in this neighborhood. we've seen, you know, a lot of other people coming around us. i think it has had a ripple effect that's been kind of cool. >> small business owners come in and believe in a community and hire people and people in turn support them back. >> owner rand foster credits his success with putting the community first. >> it's not the chain coffee house or the big box or, you know, retail store, but the funky store that you go in and you never really know what you're going to find. >> at fingerprints those surprises include in-store performances from big names. >> lou read did one of his final public appearances here. we've had jack johnson, john lee hooker, foo fighters. >> and up-and-coming artists like cory dane whose dreams of making music started here. >> i think fingerprint afforded
8:44 am
me a platform to get music to people before anyone else did. >> while business hasn't always been easy over the past 23 years foster says it's all worth it. is this your dream come true? >> i think 15-year-old me would be kind of blown away by what 50-year-old me gets to do. i think it's pretty much a dream come true. >> so rand foster's fingerprints is a huge part of the community in long beach but also a family affair so he and his wife run it. they started the shop together and his son works there as well and met his son on the day they were there. >> i lost record shop. so glad to see it doing well. >> a great vibe to go into that store and that's the way he designed it, where people can just kind of sit and relax. >> part of a community, cool. erica, thank you. let's bring in this conversation maria who is director of the small business association. meet every year this time. >> i love it. >> small business is the engine of america. >> never been more important than today to support main street small businesses.
8:45 am
the mom and pops are driving our economy creating majority of jobs and when you shop there you get something unique and special and you have 68 sent on the dollar that stays in the community. so i urge everybody to join the movement and support small. look at enthusiasm we have. >> we love it. small businesses add such character and texture to a community. let's also talk about restaurants because people might think of the little shops or boutiques, but supporting local restaurants also a huge part of this. >> that's right. >> when you shop small you'll get business owner that knows a lot about their product and in the evening they went that day and supported the local restaurants, the locally owned restaurants that attract people, that are conveners and you create a sense of community and you have a special unique experience in this place, special recipes so i enjoyed shop small saturday here in new york and this year i'm going out to california as well so i'm delighted you featured our long beach business. >> always good to have you here. >> thank you so much. we'll remind you small business saturday is this coming saturday. >> the go to to learn
8:46 am
more how to grow and scale their business. >> thank you so much. coming up next, what's got the property brothers singing for joy? but, first, this is "today" on nbc. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
8:47 am
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we're back now. 8:48 with two of our favorites, drew and john than scott star of hgtv's "the property brothers" and tackling a new project renovating a sprawling ranch for their new show "property brothers at home on the ranch." good morning. >> good morning. >> you hear this song? >> that sounds like a hit. that's adele's new song. >> who is singing that? >> that's actually both of us. we wrote and recorded two songs for this series because we grew up on a ranch and every weekend we were around the camp fire. >> country music stars now. >> we're trying. >> country pop. >> a little edgy. >> equal talent or normal where one of you covers for the other.
8:49 am
>> i like to think that i'm the front man. >> yes. >> and he's bigger than me. >> bigger ego and bigger hair. >> talk about the project. this one takes some real doing. >> this was crazy. this is an old family friend's ranch, a ranch my dad worked on up in the rocky mountains back in the '50s and so we went back to the old family friends and decided to come and give it a complete makeover. >> how big is this place? >> 2,400 acres and a real working ranch and this is where they filmed "legend of the fall" and "lonesome dove" and "broke bark mountain." sgt guest house was a part of this. >> my dad's friend scotty passed awaive cancer and was there every family holiday and doing a renovation that has those kind of memories mean something even more. >> and transforming the guest house, an old rundown place that the cowboy that worked the ranch lived and we transformed it and it looks like a suite. >> let's move over here and talk about some things that people can do at home. this is what, a tree stump side
8:50 am
table. >> people watch a show like this and ranch, even if you live in the city you can have a little bit of country in your home so what i -- we actually went out to the back property and just took down some of the trees lying on the ground and chopped them. as's as cleaning up a larger log and taking smaller ones and attaching them to make a stump. >> if you live in the city and like this look, where would you suggest people go to get that stump. >> westchester. >> ask your neighbors in westchester. >> lots of places can you get fallen trees or what not. the main thing with this just sand it down. you have to actually let it sit and dry out for about a month and sand it down, sand it and seal it. >> don't want to introduce any bugs in your house so make sure it dries up properly. >> seal the top and bottom and lay it on its side. >> and it's a side table and one of those things and can you pull it over and it's an extra seat if you're entertaining. >> pull up a stump. >> talk about the wagon wheel here.
8:51 am
>> wagon wheel, a little bit big of a project, but i love the idea of just mixing and matching things and maybe making a piece of wall decker. get them at vint damage shops. >> somebody that wants a style that's a little more rustic. >> throw something like this. we have a plywood backing on it, you can stain that as well. did that with some of the belt buckles, rodeo champions, family friends that we worked, took all of their belts and wall mount it had. >> mix it up with leather in behind. >> and if you're more advanced, where do you get the clock kit. >> any craft store. by the perfectly. popped out all the gear from the middle and stuck the clock in. >> jonathan has moved on from taking old crates into something, moved on to wagon wheel. >> somewhere there's a wagon not operating just white. >> put this up on blocks out west. >> how long is this going to take? >> not this, the whole ranch.
8:52 am
>> we just finished the ranch reno and it premiers tomorrow so the big excitement, of course, is our song is released today on itunes. people can get those tomorrow is the premiere of the show. >> have everyone at hgtv is all excited because now they think they have inhouse country stars, excited, november 25th, going to be a good show, all about family and friends. >> do you play the ukulele. >> no, but i play a mean harmonica. >> if it all goes well you'll be out on the plaza? >> thanks very much. back with kathie lee and head ark. "property brothers at home on the ranch" tomorrow night hgtv. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:54. let's get some special birthday wishes from willard scott. hey, willard. >> new york, new york, you can't beat it. greatest town in the world. fun, good times. great hotels. bernice feagin of grove hill, alabama, is 100 years old today. she eats four pieces of bacon every day. how's that? >> hester ford, charlotte, north carolina, queen city of the south and 109 years old and loves to share her meals with people. i don't know anybody from broken arrow but i do now. roy enterline is 100 years old today, and he loves john wayne
8:55 am
movies. he collects and watches them. russell stevens from conway, south carolina. loves sausage biscuits, jimmy dean would like him. happy birthday. 100 years old today. that's it for here. we love you and now back to new york. >> love you, too, willard. thank you. coming up next hour. >> mary lu henner. >> love to talk to you. >> and desserts. >> tuesday trends, last-minute desserts that will blow away your family and friends. >> i thought that was fashion? >> no, everything. >> we had beef jerky once. >> and we'll ==topvo== are driverless cars
8:56 am
headed for good tuesday morning. it's 8:56. we are awaiting an nbc news special report on formulating a strategy against isis. president obama in washington today meeting with the french president to discuss what level of military involvement the u.s. might have. as soon as that is ready, we will send you to that report. first, local news. are driverless cars headed for the fast track? the u.s. department of transportation is rethinking its
8:57 am
policies due to recent progress made by industry leaders including google. transportation leaders are now looking into updating federal rules to get driverless technology into consumers' hands sooner rather than later. we are awaiting that special report right now from d.c. have that for you shortly. we will see you in 25 minutes. this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good morning. from new york we're coming on
8:58 am
the air because president obama is about to hold a news conference with french president francois hollande at the white house. their first meeting since the terror attacks in paris as hollande tries to get the international community, including russia, to step up the campaign against isis in syria. complicating matters this morning the shootdown of a russian warplane near the syria-turkey border by the turkish military. richard engel is in turkey for us monitoring developments. richard, vladimir putin is already lashing out against turkey calling the shootdown a stab in the back. nato has called an emergency meeting. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, you have to also ask why the plane was shot down. according to u.s. officials the russian fighter jet did violate turkish airspace. turkey says that is why it fired on the jets, but u.s. officials say that the russian planes only violateled turkish airspace for a matter of seconds. russia says that in no way did they ever threaten turkey, so the question is why did then
8:59 am
turkey fire, and it goes back to the complete lack of a cohesive strategy for syria. those planes were on their way to attack a rebel group inside syria that is backed by turkey, and after they violated turkish airspace, it seems that turkey took the opportunity and attacked the russian plane. it goes down to the strategy in syria, the strategy to counter isis, and this is to strategy right now internationally. >> richard, as we wait for the president, let's go to peter alexander in the east room at white house. peter, does president hollande have a wish list that he brought to the white house? >> reporter: yeah, i think that's right. in the words of a national security expert, lester, the french want right now to have a very clear taking of the gloves off, not just by the u.s. but by others as well. we can see the vice president just arriving right now. among desire for the french right now is that there's more intelligence sharing. there may be more special forces on the ground to help identify isis targets there as well, and
9:00 am
also sort of a lessening of the rules of engagement that may mean more civilian casualties as well. here comes the president of the united states, lester. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you. >> please be seated. president hollande, it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this, but as americans we stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people i want to once again express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the heinous attacks that took place in paris. we're here today to declare that
9:01 am
the united states and france stand united, in total solidarity, to deliver justice to these terrorists and those who sent them and to defend our nations. in that spirit with heavy but strong hearts i welcome you here today. francois, with your understanding, my statement today will be a little longer than usual. i've been traveling, and this is an important moment for our nations and for the world. this barbaric terrorist group, isil or daesh and its murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. it cannot be tolerated. it must be destroyed, and we must do it together. this is the unity of purpose that brings us here today.
9:02 am
sometimes we americans are are too shy to say say. we dedicate ourselves to the same ideals. but all people deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. france is our oldest ally. you helped us win our independence. we helped liberate france from fascism. we are freedom to each other. wii love france for your spirit and culture. since the attacks, americans have recalled their own business to paris visiting the eiffel tower or walking along. we know these places. they are part of our memories woven into the fabric of our lives and our culture.
9:03 am
i am very thankful for the french people who have shown hospitality to me and when they welcomed michelle and our daughters to the city of lights. by my bed in the residence is a picture of me and michelle in luxembourg gardens kissing. those are the americans we have of paris. so when tragedy struck that evening our hearts broke too. in that stadium and concert hall and those residents and cafes we see our own. in the face of the french people, we see ourselves. that's why so many americans have embraced the blue, white, and red. that's why americans have candlelight vigils have joined
9:04 am
together to sing marseilles. today we stand with you. [speaking foreign language] it has been noted that the terrorist did not direct their attacks against the french government or military, rather focused their violence on the very spirit of france. by extension on all liberal democracies, this was an attack on our free and open societies. where people come together to celebrate and sing and compete. in targeting venues where people come together from around the world, killing citizens of nearly 20 countries, including america. this was an attack on the very idea that people of different races, religions and backgrounds can live together in peace. in short, this was not only a strike against one of the world's great cities, it was an
9:05 am
attack against the world itself. it's the same madness that slaughtered the innocent from nigeria, the sinai, lebanon, to iraq. it skour g e that threatens all of us. that is why for a year, the united states, france, and our coalition of 65 nations have been united in one mission, to destroy these isil terrorists and defeat their vial ideology. today president hollande and i reviewed our coalition's progress. more than 8,000 air strikes, combined with local partners on the ground, have pushed isil back from territory in both iraq and syria. today president hollande and i agreed that our nations must do even more together.
9:06 am
u.s. assistance has supported recent threat strikes in sorry w syria. and we're going to keep stepping up that coordination. as we saw with the attack in mali, the terror threat goes beyond isil. this week legislation was signed to sustain our support, including airlift and intelligence to allies like france as we work together to root out terrorist networks in africa. we will do even more to prevent attacks at home. building on our recent intelligence agreement, the united states will quickly share threat information with france. and in the wake of paris and the threats in belgium, there is a growing recognition that they need to ramp up against the flow of terrorist fighters. as part of that, i'm calling on the european union to finally implement requiring airlines to share passenger information so we can do more to stop foreign
9:07 am
terrorist fighters from entering our countries undetected. i am prepared to send teams of our experts to work on this with our european partners to make sure we are redoubling our efforts together. regarding the broader crisis in syria, president hollande and i agreed that russia's strikes against the moderate opposition only bolster the assad regime, fueling the rise of isil. we agree that russia could play a more constructive role if it were to shift the focus of its strike to defeating isil. and likewise, president hollande and i agree the best way to bring peace in syria, requiring active russian support for a cease-fire and political transition away from assad to a dramly-elected government that can unite the syrian people
9:08 am
against terrorism. finally, francois and i understand one of our greatest weapons in the fight against isil, the strength and resilience of our people. and here i want to speak directly to the american people. what happened in paris is truly horrific. i understand the people worry something similar can happen here. i want you to know that we will continue to do everything in our power to defend our nation. since 9/11, we have taken extraordinary measures to strengthen our homeland security. our counterterrorism, homeland security, and law enforcement professionals, federal, state, local, they are tireless. they have prevented attacks and they have saved lives. they are working every hour, every day for our security. they did so before paris, they do so now, and they will not
9:09 am
stop. they're the best in the world. but it's not just our security professionals who will defeat isil and other terrorist groups. as americans, we all have a role to play in how we respond to threats. groups like isil cannot defeat us on the battle field. they try to terrorize us at home. against soft targets, against civilians, against innocent people. even as we're vigilant, we cannot and we will not succumb to fear. neuer can we allow fear to divide us. because that's how terrorists win. we cannot give them the victory of changing how we go about living our lives. the good news is americans are
9:10 am
resilient. we mourned the lives lost at ft. hood, the boston marathon, chattanoo chattanooga. but we did not waiver. our communities have come together. we have gone to ball games, concerts, shopping. and men and women who want to serve our cup continue to go to military recruiting offices. we're vigilant. we take precautions. but we go about our business. for those who want to harm us, our actions have shown too much resolve and too much character. americans will not be terrorized. i say all of this because another part of being vigilant, another part of defeating terrorists like isil, is upholding the rights and freedoms that define our two
9:11 am
great republics. that includes freedom of religion. that includes equality before the law. there have been times in our history in moments of fear when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals. and it has been to our lasting regret. we must uphold our ideals now. each of us, all of us, must show that america is strengthened by people of every faith and background. related to this, i want to notice that the president of france hollande plans to welcome 30,000 additional refugees from syria in the next two years. here in the united states, refugees coming to america go through up to two years of intense security checks, including biometric screening. nobody who sets foot in america
9:12 am
goes through more screening than refugees. and we're prepared to share these tools with france and our european partners. as francois as said, our hue man tear duty to help desperate refugees and our duty to security, those duties go hand in hand. on the statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france, there are words we know so well. give me your tired, your poor, yearning to be free. that's the spirit that makes us american. that's the spirit that binds us to france. that's the spirit we need today. in closing, i want to salute the people of paris for showing the world how to stay strong in the face of terrorism.
9:13 am
even as they grieve, as they return to their cafes, riding the metro, going to stadiums to cheer for their teams, crowds gathered in the plaza dele republic, included a mother who brought her children who said we shall let them see we will not be afraid. as one parisian said, paris will always be paris. and next week i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and show we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. so president hollande, my fellow americans, let's remember we
9:14 am
faced greater threats to our way of life before. fascism, communism, first world w war, a second, a cold war. each and every time we prevailed. we prevailed because our way of life is stronger. because we stay united. because even as we were relentless in the face of evil, we draw on what's best in ourselves. and in the character of our countries. it will be no different this time. make no mistake, we will win and groups like isil will lose. and standing with allies like france, we will continue to show the world the best of american leadership. viva la france and god bless the united states of america.
9:15 am
mr. president. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, please allow me first of all, to thank the president of the united states president obama. for solidarity he has shown during the terror attacks. he was the first one to call me. it was very late in france. 2:00 a.m. when barack called. the president of the united states. he suppressed his solidarity towards france, his emotion and his passion. and on that night he managed to tell me that the united states stood by france that the help that could be provided to france
9:16 am
would have no limit and that we had a duty to put our forces together and fight terrorism. i did not forget either all of the messages that the american people sent to the french people in the past few days. the french colors, the french flag, many gatherings, candles in places that represent france here in the united states, the marseil marseille, the official ceremony. it is thaerd that in 9/11 we with all felt american. but on the 13th of november, americans felt france. two nations merged together as
9:17 am
one sharing the same emotion and fighting for freedom to fight for our values. we each have our own history. we have our own cultures, our own backgrounds. we share the same trust. the same face in freedom. it is france that came under attack on the 13th of november. france, for what it is, the country which we consider unique in the world because france came under attack for what it represents, for what it stands for. our way of living as well as our values, our principles.
9:18 am
but by targeting france the terrorists, the murderers were targeting the world. in these restaurants, these cafes, as well as the bataclan certified venue they were men and women, most of them young, who came from 20 countries at least. and they shared the same passion for life. and that's the reason they were murdered. my thoughts are with the friends and family of the young american student nohemi gonzalez who came to share in joy. this american band was playing at the bataclan. our culture on that occasion were together to bring the same enthusiasm and they were hit by
9:19 am
terrorists. we are facing the terror group which organized itself on the territo territory. they are smuggling, drugs, human beings. and since the beginning of the year they hit many countries, asia, lebanon, kuwait, turkey, egypt, as well as russia by taking down a russian plane. so together with president obama, today we wanted on the occasion of that meeting first of all, to share, share our determination, relentless
9:20 am
determination to fight terrorism everywhere and anywhere. we also meant to tell the world that we will not allow those who want to destroy what we built. we will not allow them to do it. to destroy what we have built generation after generation. we will not be able to damage the world. and we need a joint response. france and the united states band together to bring that joint response. it is about no matter where they are it is about taking out their financing, hedging down their leaders, dismantling their networks and taking back the land they currently control. we decided, president obama and
9:21 am
myself, to take up both syria and iraq to broaden their scope, to strengthen our intelligent sharing regarding the targets we must a mass. the priority is to take back two locations in syria. it is also a matter of urgency to close the borders between turkey and syria and prevent terrorists from crossing the border and coming to europe or other places and take touch attacks. and the decision to work together with our partners of the coalition in iraq and support all of those who are fighting da'esh on the ground. the aim is to make sure these forces can be supported, helped by all the countries that are willing to act military to
9:22 am
destroy da'esh. the solicitation of the security council that was voted unanimously friday after being introduced by france and assisted by the united states, this coalition provided the basis to act. this is what france is currently doing. aircraft carrier on the east of mediterranean and others to enjoy more accountability. after the terror attacks with france in raqqah. we have provided some assistance into iraqi fighters inmadi and mosul. we have strengthened our cooperation as early as the night of the attack.
9:23 am
and i would like to commend everything that has been done so that intelligence and information available can be used to tackle terrorists and to follow their movement so that we prevent from doing what they wanted. beyond sorry kra and iraq, what they want is somehow to spread fear everywhere so that we doubt, so that we make decisions which are exactly contrary to what we want in terms of freedom and rights. but we will not give n. that being said, we have to defend ourselves and use intelligence. diplomatically, we're working on credible political transitions in syria and i commend the work done bibi senator kerry to agree
9:24 am
a timeline that will enable a cease-fire as quick as possible and to open up and what will lead to president bashar assad's departu departure. we cannot imagine getting together, gathering the leader who is responsible for some of the most 300,000 dead in a few years. that must lead to assad's departure. the syrian crisis is directly relevant to europe. first of all, given the tract. but also because there are millions of refugees fleeing the regime's bombs and atrocities.
9:25 am
if we were to abandon them we would betray what we are. this is the reason why i reject identifying migration and terrorism. we must control the borders. today people are risking their lives to flee. when they travel between turkey and greece. turkey, therefore, plays an important role. it is together with turkey that without refugees can stay close to their country of origin. and we need to make sure that the required controls and checks are implemented at the borders. on thursday i will be traveling to moscow to meet with vladimir putin. i will tell him france can-can
9:26 am
work with russia if russia concentrates its military action on da'esh, against isil, and if russia fully commits to the condition in syria. this is what we want to do. we want to gather all countries, all those who are willing to find a political decision in syria. we do not want to exclude anyone, but we want to make sure this political solution can eradicate terrorism. lastly, next week, that is on monday, we will be hosting in paris a climate conference. i certainly could not imagine that this conference would be taking place against such a background. at the same time, i think they
9:27 am
cannot be any better symbol or response but to hold the conference in paris where the attacks took place, where we took the right measures in terms of security, protections and defending our values. there is no greater symbol than holding this conference on climate change in paris with some 150 heads of state and government. never before did france close so many leaders of the international community. they are coming to hold up the climate challenge and to work and to find the right agreement so we can limit greenhouse gas emissions and make sure our children and grandchildren live better or simply can live.
9:28 am
but they are also coming to express their support to freedom, to the fight against extremism. that radical islam which is becoming dangerous. yes, all of them are coming no matter their background, no matter religion for the same principles, same values, same work, life. yes, simply life. and this is the reason why i'm very pleased that president obama will allow us to succeed. i commend his recent statements the past few weeks and month and commend that the commitment he has made in the united states as well as in the name of the
9:29 am
world. it was very important that one of the most powerful countries in the world, if not the most powerful and therefore with the highest level of admission, could also be there. to face the future like we faced in history. what we will be doing early next week in paris means we can continue to protect our lives and prepare that of all children. france and the united states, given their history, and the values, family valuation of both our nation, we both have that duty to act as matter of urgency against terrorism and against
9:30 am
da'esh and at the same time to prepare for the future. against that background, even though it is very dire, i am pleased to be with barack obama to send that message to the entire world. thank you. >> we have time for a few questions. i'm going to start with roberta rantum with reuters. >> this is a question for both of first. what is your reaction to russia shooting down a turkey plane today? how do you keep this from spiraling on it of control? what does this incident mean for future prospects of military coordination, more military coordination with russia, president obama? president hollande, ahead what are the prospects for closer military coordination with russia given what happened today?
9:31 am
>> well first of all, we're still getting the details of what happened. and i expect to be in communications potentially directly with erdoan the next several days. they have the right to defend turkey and its airspace. it is important to make sure the russians and turks are talk to go each other, find out exactly what happened, and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. i do think that this points to an ongoing problem with the russian operations in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by
9:32 am
not only turk where turkey but a wide range of countries. if they are directing understand towards da'esh and isil, some of those conflicts, or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. i also think this underscores the importance of us making sure that we move this political tract forward as quickly as possible. like president hollande, our view from the start has been that russia is welcomed to be part of this broad based coalition we set up. there has never been a point in time in which we said we don't want russia or other countries that man differences with us and a whole host of other things to avoid working with us against isil. the challenge has been russia's
9:33 am
focus on propping up assad rather than focusing on isil. i had a conversation with president putin in turkey, and i indicated to him at the time that to the extent they make that strategic shift, focus on the vienna process where they had been constructed to try to bring all the parties together, try to execute a political transition that all parties would agree to and refocus attention on going after isil. then there's enormous capacity for us to cooperate. until that happens, it's very difficult. it's difficult because if their priority is attacking a moderate opposition that might be future members of an inclusive syrian government, russia is not going
9:34 am
to get the support of us or a range of other members of the coalition. but i do think that there is the possibility of cooperation. the sooner we agree to this political process the less likely that you have the kinds of events that took place apparently today. >> translator: the event that took place is a serious one. and we can only regret it. turkey is currently providing all the information to nato so that we can find out what really happened and whether turkey's airspace, indeed, was entered into. but we must prevent an
9:35 am
escalation that would be extremely damageable. the only purpose is to fight against terrorism and da'esh. which is what we must do, all of us. we, turkey, russia, and what took place, like barack said, means that we must find a solution to the syrian crisis. a because we can see what the rates are, the rates of escalation. it will be troub i will be traveling to russia because we have this resolution of the security council and it does show we must take action against da'esh, against terrorism. that resolution has been voted unanimously in a way with a broader responsible coalition.
9:36 am
then i will ask president putin, as i have done before a number of times already, that the strikes must be against da'esh, against terrorism. and those who are threatening us, they are threatening russia, like ourselves in europe. like france that were targeted the past few takes. we must therefore coordinate ourselves, cooperate. but on that basis and make sure we are all acting against da'esh. and that is part of the political process. we all know what the leaders of the coalition are or are not. we know that there is a deadlock today.
9:37 am
lastly, i mentioned the aircra carrier in the mediterranean now. as a matter of fact, there are also some russian forces. and therefore with president putin that we must share our intelligence so that we can act in coordination. we must not control it ourselves. this is already the case and we will continue to do so. >> translator: mr. president, the americans have special forces in syria. beyond the words and beyond what is happening, are you going to send special forces as well to syria? are you considering some ground intervention there? mr. president, beyond the emotion that we can feel here, beyond these beautiful statements, for more than a year we heard all of you say that a political concession is
9:38 am
necessary in syria. mr. president, can you today here in front of us, tell us a specific date, a deadline for us to go? >> you said president. we have two presidents here. i don't need a translation. >> translator: i will not provide you with a date because it might be as soon as possible. that is one of the requirements of the solution to be found. but at the same time, allow me to underline something. there is a new mind-set now. the crisis has been ongoing for
9:39 am
four years, four years. there are probably more than 300,000 deaths. and this is not just relevant to the countries of the region which are the refugees. it is relevant to europe and the entire world now with that issue of refugees. and those who believe that we can wait some more and that in any case it was far away, they now realize that we have an influx of refugees. but the terrorists, the risk is everywhere due to da'esh. we therefore must act. you also asked me what we were going to do, what more. we will in turn have strikes. we will have more specific
9:40 am
targets to make sure that da'esh resources, their means, are cut off. including their command centers, the trucks carrying oil, the training centers where they prepare terror attacks. we will continue and we will continue our air strikes in the heart of the cities which are currently in the hands of da'esh. france will not intervene militarily on the ground. the local forces will do so. we have been supporting them for a number of months. we will continue to do so. and they will do the job on the ground after we have strikes that will enable them to do so. it will take its responsibilities regarding that support which is absolutely necessary. >> let me just make a couple of broader comments about the
9:41 am
operations against isil. as was already indicated, we have taken thousands of strikes, taken thousands of isil fighters, including top commanders and leaders, off the battle field. we have squeezed their supply lines. we have empowered and armed local groups that are pushing against them, including most recently in accept jar. the iraqi government prepare to retake place like ramadi, which has been overrun. we have seen some success. but the question now is how can we accelerate it? in fact, even before the tragedy in paris, i gathered together my national security forces. it had been a year.
9:42 am
to review where we had made progress, what worked, what did and had put together a plan to accelerate and advance the pressure that we can place on isil. and we intend to execute on those plans, but we also think, as francois said, there may be new openness on the part of other coalition members to help resource and provide additional entrance to the coalition as a whole and the local forces on the ground. with respect to mr. assad i think we've got to let the vienna process play itself out. it is our best opportunity. and so, you know, the notion that there would be an immediate date in advance of us getting a broad agreement on that political process and the
9:43 am
details, i think it doesn't make sense. as soon as we have a framework for political transition, potentially a new constitution, elections, it's in that context we can start looking at mr. assad choosing not to run and potentially seeing a new syria emerge. but it is going to be hard. and we should not be under any illusions. syria has broken down. it began to break down the moment that mr. assad started killing indiscriminately his own people. isil was able to behalf into raqqah in part of a thorough rejection on the part of many syrians in the outside regime. and a power vacuum emerged. and it is going to be a
9:44 am
difficult, long, methodical process to bring back together various factions within syria to maintain a syrian state and institutions and to create the kind of stability that allows people to start coming back in and rebuilding their lives. but it's possible. and the urgency that we have seen even before paris out of countries like russia indicate they recognize they can't be there too long and ultimately win a military battle successfully. >> thank you, mr. president. [speaking foreign language] . can you tell us whether the russian plane reached airspace and how concerned are you there
9:45 am
might be a military component epbt in turkey and inside syria. >> translator: mr. president, regarding the measures we announced today when it comes to military intelligence, you will think they will enable us to prevent further terror attacks? >> we don't have all the information yet, so i don't want to comment on all the specifics. we expect the turks to provide information. i'm sure the russians will have information. and we'll be able to confirm what happened in part through our own intelligence and our own tracking that border area. as francois indicated, my top priority is going to be to ensure this does not escalate. and hopefully this is a moment
9:46 am
in which all parties can step back and make a determination how their interests are best served. the russians had several hundred people of their own killed by isil. and the flow of foreign fighters out of russian areas into syria poses an enormous long-threat to russian territory. so there is a potential convergence of interests between the various parties. it requires us working with them to make the kind of strategic shift that is necessary. frankly, talked to putin about for five years now. it requires a recognition that the existing structure cannot gain the legitimacy to stop the war.
9:47 am
and until you stop the war, you're going to have a vacuum in which these kind of terrorist organizations can operate more effectively. let me say one last thing, because i tracked the question that you posed to president hollande about what could or could not have been prevented. all of our intelligence personnel here in the united states, across the atlantic, work tirelessly, as i said earlier, to disrupt plots and prevent terrorist attacks. the vast majority of their successes in disrupting plots are not advertised. you never hear about them. but were not for the dedication of those intelligence and law enforcement and military professionals this would be a much more dangerous world.
9:48 am
so you have to be careful about speculating about what if and could have and would have in a situation like this. because it's hard. you have eight individuals with light weapons. that's a hard thing to track. what is true, though, is that we can do a better job i think coordinating between countries. and i've been talking to our european partners for quite some time now about the need for better intelligence sharing, passenger name records, working to ensure that when people enter into europe, particularly now, that the information across various borders is shared on a timely basis. and you have biometric information and other technologies that can make it more accurate.
9:49 am
it doesn't mean it's always going to be 100% foolproof, but we can do better on those fronts. and one of the challenges has been, frankly, in the past several years, you had different legal positions, concerns about privacy, all of which are entirely legitimate. i don't think those can be ignored now. they are part of the values that make us who we are and that we have to adhere to. but i do think this is a remind er that this is a dangerous world. working on out small bands of terrorists groups who maintain good operational security and are using modern technologies in
9:50 am
ways that are hard to track, that is a tough job. we will have to pull our resours much more effectively together than we have in the past. and i think when francois goes back to europe, his leadership, the leadership of other presidents and prime ministers around this issue will be as important as anything that we do. >> translator: and i will go back to what it is truly is. it is somehow an organization, a terrorist group occupying a territory in iraq and syria, killing. and they want to enforce rules.
9:51 am
but dishonor humanity. this is what da'esh is doing there. and this is what they are trying to do of other countries everywhere. and we have to deal with the number of networks, more or less organized in other countries being used to lead terror attacks like was the case in paris. we know that they had dreadful plans in syria and then organized in a number of countries. and given some of theirs are french.
9:52 am
those who committed the acts of war. so we want to tackle terrorism. we must act not only to destroy da'esh where they are in syria, in iraq, but we must also dismantle and destroy their networks. how can we proceed? well, first of all, militarily by intensifying our strikes by taking back these territories thanks to the local forces on the ground which we can support by finding political position in syria by making sure that the integrity of iraq. this is what we can do. when it comes to protection measures, to protect our territory and our people, this is what i announce in france. this is what we have to do to
9:53 am
aoe rad indicate these networks. and all of these phreusz and those who were present. some of them just arrived. others have been there for a long time. and they are not necessarily identified as a threat. it is therefore necessary that we strengthen further our cooperation in terms of intelligence. the paris attacks generated a lot of emotion. but that's not enough. compassion, solidarity, i take note of it. but we must act. and for a number of days now i have been trying to convince -- convincing all the countries that can act to do so. i met with david cameron yesterday. he announced that he would take a number of measures to his parliament. that is important.
9:54 am
today i'm here with barack so is that we can act with greater intensity and coherence as well. tomorrow will be german chancellor angela merkel, so countries, including germany, can face up to their responsibility in terms of intelligence and police cooperation and maybe more. and we will also travel to moscow so that russia can take action against da'esh. and then we will receive renzi the italian government, given that european council, together with turkey, will be held on
9:55 am
sunday. so it is all of us that get-together and enable us to act on da'esh and the networks that we can use. it is that that will enable us to succeed. both of you today have talked about coordination, corporation against da'esh. does it mean a single coalition which you mentioned last week, president hollande, that it is in conceivable to have the russians and americans to work under a single command. and assad, you said you cannot put a date on his departure. is that not a prerequisite for the future of syria?
9:56 am
>> translator: regarding the coalition of international community, i believe that the coalition is approved by all the security council enabled us to say that now the entire world is committed to fighting against da'esh. then, and this is what i will check when i travel to moscow. one single goal that is to tackle terrorism and fight against da'esh, militarily, and i believe that we can have some cooperation and coordination militarily to do more, at the same time we have to be the one that will enable us to find syria and like we have said and we can repeat it, bashar al assad cannot be the future in syria.
9:57 am
in vienna we are already working with all the countries, even though not necessarily they do not have the same, turkey, the united states, france, and of course all of those who are meant to find a solution that we must work on that transition. the transition where bashar al assad plays no role. he has been the problem, so he cannot be the solution. >> just so comment very quickly. we've got a coalition of 65 countries. who have been active in pushing back against isil for quite some time. france has been a central part of that coalition, as have the
9:58 am
european countries, arab countries, countries as far flung as australia and countries in southeast asia are part of that coalition. russia right now is a coalition of two. iran and russia supporting assad. given russia's military capabilities and given the influence they have on the assad regime, them cooperating would be enormously helpful in bringing about a resolution of the civil war in syria and allow us all to refocus our attention on isil. but i think it's important to remember that you've got a global coalition organized. russia is the outlier.
9:59 am
we hope that they refocus their attention on what is the most substantial threat and that they serve as a constructive partner. and if and when they do, it will make it easier for us to go after isil and da'esh. although i think it's also important to recognize that the kinds of air strikes that they are carrying out, just like the kinds we are carrying out in and of themselves are not sufficient. and the work that we do to bolster local fighting forces, the cutting off of supply lines, financing, oil, reducing the flow of foreign fighters, the intelligence work that needs to be done all that is something that we are doing now and that they can supplement.
10:00 am
but that's going to be a process that involves hard, methodical work. it's not going to be something that happens just because suddenly we take a few more air strikes. and that's the kind of hard work i know france is prepared to do, the united states is prepared to do. and perhaps in the future russia will be as well. okay. thank you very much, everybody. no major pronouncements there other than the u.s. saying it will be providing more support for france's stepped-up bombing campaign. before we go to andrea mitchell, we're hearing a third term to describe islamic state.


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