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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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surveillance cameras for pictures of the gunman. happening now, this holiday about being grateful and helping those in need. >> well, "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in san francisco with salvation army volunteers and what they're doing to make sure thousands of people have a happy thanksgiving. stephanie? >> yeah, scott and laura. this is a filling a great need here in san francisco. these are people who are shut ins or seniors and people who don't leave their homes. this kitchen is smelling very nice and stuffing and gravy in here. that's really what is smelling up the kitchen right now. i want to bring this over to lieutenant colonel cindy foley. happy thanksgiving. talk to us about what's going on here this morning. >> today we're busy preparing meals to deliver to about 3,400 people today in san francisco. >> and i remember i was talking to you earlier and it was that earlier you guys had breakfast here or a meal here and then you started to deliver because there was some void here, right?
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people who were out there that can't leave their homes. >> many wonderful organizations that provide a hot, warm, sit down meal today, but many people who don't feel comfortable or are unable to leave their homes. so, today with the help of 500 volunteers, we'll show up at 3,400 different doors with a friendly smile and a warm meal for thanksgiving and a little extra for tonight and tomorrow, as well. >> that is wonderful. cindy, this goes beyond just the meal. the meal is huge, especially on thanksgiving. but this is about some human contact, right? >> correct. thanksgiving is all about giving thanksgivings and when you're home and can't get out, having somebody take the effort by bringing food to you and saying hello, sometimes people visit for a little bit, but even if it's 5 or 10 or 20 minutes a warm, friendly face on thanksgiving makes all the difference. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. we were here last year,'s amazi. 500 volunteers all throughout
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the morning that will give a hand. we'll be here all morning long and speak to some of those folks and send it back to you guys, laura and scott. >> thank you. it's thanksgiving, but the big question is, are you ready? many folks happy to be reunited for the holiday are scrambling to prepare that big meal. a busy scene last night in the bay area. there were some vjoyful moments as family members welcomed each other home. grocery stores had last-minute kitchen emergencies. >> i came here for baguettes to have with spinach dip and they're all out. so, i'm going to go to another safeway. >> i got this stuff that we never made before and it has all these ingredients. the one thing that we thought we had, but we didn't have. the second trip to the store in the last hour. >> we showed you salvation army. let's take you to glide church. dozens of people getting ready to feed families there at san
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francisco glooid memorial church. >> just a good time of year to give back and remember how grateful we need to be about how many good things we have in our lives. >> glooid will open later at lat this morning. thanksgiving dinner from 9:00 to 1:30 this afternoon. >> i love all the giving. some people are ready to take up some of those great holiday deals. bargain hunters lining up already. so-called black friday almost upon us. this is the best buy in union city. folks sleeping in those tents. people decided to give up their thanksgiving for some good deals. the man in the front of the line, he got there monday night. tvs and laptops are said to be the hot items. >> first time ever. so, it's not about the sales, it's experience. it's actually pretty fun out here. >> crazy good times. despite his enthusiasms. stores aren't expected to be quite as busy this black friday. you can get a lot of the hot deals they say online. a bump in the road for
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today's turkey trot in san francisco won't put a stop to the race, but somebody stole a u-haul truck filled with all the supplies, including equipment and refreshments and the t-shirts. it was parked at the same location on 26th avenue in the richmond district as it's been parked for the past 15, 13 years. the u-haul disappeared some time between 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. yesterday. organizers still have the race bibs, so that race will go on. a lot of excitement this morning as millions of people are filling the streets of manhattan for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> jay gray live in new york with a grand event set to kick off less than an hour, jay. >> hey, scott and laura, happy thanksgiving to you. everyone at home. the excitement here is building. floats are lined up, the balloons aired up. take a look behind me. everybody getting ready for the start of this parade. you can see pretty big head when you're part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. push past that and you can see
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the balloons and the pumpkins and you have jake and finn the adventurers right behind them and just a long line of the giant balloons that are here and rel ready to roll. 27 floats. we've got 12 marching, bands, 1,100 cheerleaders and dancers that are a part of this parade and over 1,000 clowns and, laura and scott, i don't think they include me in that number. we'll have a lot of fun here this morning. it is a beautiful day. i'm bundled up but i'm a wimp. we'll see a high of 60 before it's all said and done. that means a record crowd according to organizers. they believe as many as 3 mill qu ian or more should line the parade route. if you can't be here, make sure to watch it at home. happy thanksgiving, again, i'm jay gray live in new york. laura and scott, back to you. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving, jay. >> he's a great part of the team. again, you can watch the entire parade right here on nbc bay
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area it starts at 9:00 this morning. all right, turning to news now this morning. two suspected thieves took their clothes off in an attempt to hide from police. san leandro police say two men stole iphones and ipads and ended in a chase at the boys and girls club in east oakland. when officers ran inside the two suspects stripped down to their boxers and jumped in the pool acting like they were there all along. >> a first of its kind when i heard of somebody stripping down into their boxer shorts trying to blend in with the crowd in a swimming pool. they were the only two adult males in that pool. the rest were teenagers. >> police believe the suspects are connected to many other property crimes around the bay area. if you haven't gotten outside yet, it is chilly out there. chilly thanksgiving and will people show up on time? let's check in with anthony. >> the good news is we don't have any airport delays, at least right now across the country. but finding rain across parts of
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the midsection of the country, down towards the missouri valley. over near kansas seeing rain and snow there and mix of some ice there, as well. down towards texas and otherwise the middle part of the country is our trouble spot today. if you're doing any traveling, we'll continue to check back throughout the morning. you'll notice by 7:00, san jose 35 degrees and same for livermore. and 37 in napa. once the sun comes up, we'll all warm back into the 40s and 50s and a slow crawl today. we're talking even at lunchtime 48 degrees in san francisco and same for san mateo and concord, livermore, you'll be at 48. 52 for san jose by lunchtime and by this afternoon, we'll get close to 60 in the north bay and chilly as the sun goes down. falling back into the 40s very quickly even by 3:00 this afternoon. san francisco back to 49 degrees. so, it's going to be a chilly thanksgiving here across the bay area. you may have heard jay say it will be 60 there today. warmer than us and usually not the way it goes. usually here in the bay area we're the warm ones. we'll see temperatures warm by
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70s and back to the 60s by the south bay. this warming spell at least back into the 60s. not going to last long because that cold air does linger and that trough stays right across parts of the west coast and then another system approaches as we head towards saturday. that's going to dive to our south, but going to reinforce that cold air by sunday and then by monday another chance of rain and decent rainfall amounts because not only on monday are we talking about rain, but another system behind this on wednesday. two storm systems in the next seven days and we'll talk about how much we can see coming up. coming up, a kiss that can. the growing concern over the concern kissing bug. then bags tossed on the tarmac right in front of passengers. major airline tells us what they say happened. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. new details this morning:
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==laura/cu== ...on the kissing bug we told you about yesterday. the small but deadly insect has gotten n new details this morning on the kissing bug we told you about yesterday. the small, but deadly insect has gotten around nationwide. according to the centers for disease control, there are cases of this bug in warmer parts of the u.s., including california. experts say the insect kills about 10,000 people a year globally. here in the u.s., no where near those numbers. in fact, mosquitos kill more people here. the kissing bug you saw there
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briefly is a size of a penny and it it carries a deadly parasite that causes a disease that can cause sudden death. it often bites victims around their lips and faces while they're sleeping. >> they get their name because they were noticed because they crawl on people's faces at night, which looks like they're kissing them to suck their blood. >> kissing bug is more likely to be found in wooded areas than in your bedroom. only a few bugs carrying the disease have been found in california. alaska airlines is apologizing after seeing cell phone video we obtained. the vidtraveler took this video san fran international. they did this for 30 minutes. alaska airlines say the bags did not belong to a passenger. the workers were just playing a game. but the video didn't sit well with some travelers at sjc. >>ed i'd complain. >> look at that. oh, my gosh. yeah.
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that's terrible. >> that doesn't make me feel too good. >> again, the bag was actually owned by alaska airlines. alaska airlines skez the employees shouldn't have done this out in the open. construction project and love story. two phrases you rarely hear, if ever, in the same story. but not this one. >> that's because the construction of san jose's newest playground is a 17-year love story. our bay area proud. >> that new playground dedicated in may was a gift to the city from the rotary club of san jose. they raised more than $6 million to get it built. it will undoubtedly be a special place for many south bay families. it already is for one. the rotary club of san jose has met 5,025 different times in its 100-year history. the agenda, though, is always the same. service to the community. this story, though, is about how
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the club's grandest effort ever has, at its root, a very personal moment. the birth 17 years ago of julie's first grandchildren. twin girls. >> came out and showed us her and she was, you know, screaming. like newborns do. and then the nurse came out with amy and ran right across the hall into the neonatal unit. >> reporter: the doctor told julie that amy had brain damage so severe his life span would likely be measured in days. >> it was just devastating. that's all i could say. we were crushed. >> reporter: until that is, julie held amy for the very first time and sensed the little girl a brighter future in mind. >> i just felt like she wanted to live. she wanted to be part of the world. and be part of life. >> reporter: it was a moment that would change both their lives. julie becoming amy's champion,
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traveling around the world with her seeking out the best therapies available for her cerebral palsy. and amy opening julie's eyes to the world of disabled children. showing, for example, that even so-called accessible playground weren't really. >> if it weren't for amy, i would have no clue. because when you go to the park, you don't see children there in wheelchairs or walkers because they don't go because there's nothing for them to do. >> reporter: it was an insight that julie shared so many times over the years, she was sure people were sick about hearing about it, but apparently, her friends were listening. for when it came time to choose a project to celebrate the club's 100th anniversary, they chose to build north california's most accessible playground they say inspired by julie and amy. >> i see amy over here veried. hi, amy. >> reporter: and you can bet
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when that opened, julie and her granddaughter were there. and if there was ever such a thing as a $6 million smile, it was the one amy wore on the park's carousel that day. >> oh, just brought tears to my eyes. it was just wonderful to see her just having fun. and not dependent on somebody else to do it for her. what did you think? >> can i try again? >> can i try again? >> reporter: but the joy julie feels at seeing her granddaughter be among the first to enjoy the is nothing, she says. compared to the joy that comes from knowing that amy is just the first of many. >> you know, we never know what path we're going to take in life, but i feel like amy and i have a purpose. she's taken me on her journey. i would never have traveled
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without her being part of my life. >> the rotary play garden is turning out to be a phenomenal success. since opening in may, more than 100,000 children have come to play there. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know somebody doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search for bay area proud. >> that was really cool. that dream realized for so many. >> fantastic. >> took the kids there, too. it's really nice playground. >> it looks like it, too. blessings abound and thankfulness for today. >> about to say, yeah, you need to bundle up. it's chilly wherever you're going, make sure you have an extra layer on and maybe need some gloves or maybe a hat and scarf because it's that cold. take a look from emery ville looking over towards the city. just a few cars on the road this
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morning. we gave mike the day off. you notice the seven-day forecast popping up at the bottom of your screen and more rain in the foreas we head towards next week. 31 degrees in the north bay and 37 in the east bay and same for peninsula and the south bay. now, today is the second day of those king tides. so, actually the third day of the king tides and actually go aways after today. if you're doing any traveling especially across the low-lying areas, ocean beach, for instance, high tide around 11 feet this morning and even around the embarcadero and north bay coming into the city. of course, if you are doing any traveling, that's when we're expecting high tide right around 10:00, 11:00 this morning. let's talk about the microclimate forecast for today. 50s across the entire bay. 55 for san mateo and mission district at 55, as well. up towards the north bay, santa rosa a little bit warmer and 56 for antioch and oakland at 57 and pleasanton cool today 53 degrees. as we move towards the next
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couple days, we'll see a slight warming trend. we're talking low 60s by saturday for the south bay and san francisco staying in the 50s and we're expecting a dry weekend. that is some good new physical you want to get out and enjoy outdoor activities. here's a heads up by monday another chance of rain moves into the picture. comflights slide to our front. that will move saturday night into sunday and reinforce that cold shot of air and another system moves in for monday and after that another one for wednesday. it does look like we'll stay on the wet trend the next couple of days and at least the weekend will be dry and next week plan ahead for more rain, especially to start the workweek. laura, scott, back to you guys. >> certainly need it. coming up -- >> well, we're coping with it. nothing we can do about it other than for it to be clear. >> a an up close look at what it will take to get them back out on the water. five victims of last friday's
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attack on a luxury hotel in mali's capital were buried -- on the the third and last day of the five victims of last friday's attack on a luxury hotem in mali's capital was buried. the victims' family members and foreign dignitaries and including molly's president and prime minister attended that service. the hotel's owner gave a short speech during the ceremony. earlier this week radisson blu management announced they would work hard to reopen the hotel as
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soon as possible. the president and ceo of the hotel group said he would be taken care of, as well. an al qaeda linked jihadist group claimed responsibility for that attack. it is 5:23. from cuba to the united states, that's the goal and struggle for hundreds of cuban migrants. about 900 cubans have arrived in panama and trying to get a plane ride out to the u.s. however, there are not enough planes to fly everyone. thousands of cubans remain stranded in central america after nicaragua shut its borders to the migrants and denied them passage through the country. according to u.s. customs and border patrol data published by the pew research center more than,000 cubans entered the u.s. in the first nine months of the 2015 fiscal year. that's up 78% from last year. a celebration overseas tens of thousands of people gathered for pope francis public mass at the university of nairobi today.
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in his speech, the pope urged kenyans to work for peace and reject discrimination and this comes during a time when africa is dealing with extremist attacks and also appealed for family values calling for men to respect women. the pope arrived in kenya yesterday. his first trip to africa part of a three-nation tour. it's 5:24. coming up an nbc bay area investigation. >> oh, we can't win. we either have to turn it over or, you know, a case can be dismissed against a potential child pornography. >> the conflict and two laws that create problems for law enforcement and prosecutors trying to stop child pornography. we investigate how that conflict could allow some defendants to walk free. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. =scott/2shot= and i'm happy thanksgiving to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura gary sucanon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. let's get your thanksgiving off right with a check of the weather with anthony. >> looking at clearer skies this morning. it is chilly out there. we're talking 30s across our inland valleys and 30 in the north bay and 37 for the east bay and the peninsula and the south bay, as well. san francisco still in the 40s, but it's chilly wherever you go. later on this afternoon under full sunshine, we'll see sunshines and 55 for san francisco and 55 for the south bay. taking a look across the country this morning. rain falling across the chicago area over near st. louis down towards kansas, a little mix of rain and snow and otherwise we're not looking at any airport
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delays right now and we'll continue to check back if you're doing last-minute traveling. >> thanks so much, anthony. a crime that continues to make headlines fueled by the growth of internet and social media. our investigative unit discovered a loophole in a law that is creating big problems for law enforcement trying to fight against child pornography. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock with what his investigation uncovered. >> well, good morning, guys. we discovered that federal and state law that governs how child pornography is handled actually conflicts right now. and that can create a dilemma for prosecutors and for law enforcement. federal law currently prohibits the copying of seized child pornography for any reason, even for defense teams in preparation of criminal cases. california state law, on the other hand, directly contradicts that. in fact, a state appellate court out of san diego ruled that kurts must give copies of that very same material to defense teams. law enforcement says they can't win. they either make copies or they
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federal law or if they refuse and risk contempt of court, that could lead to a judge either throwing them in jail or dismissing a case altogether and a defendant walking. it's become an issue, particularly here in san francisco courts after a judge ordered a prosecutor to make copies available to defense teams in criminal cases. experts tell us the only way to fix this is to change either state federal law. to make the two statutes compatible. now, you can see the entire story on this issue on our website, just go to i'm stephen stock, now back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 1-888-996 tips or send us an e-mail to a gunman is on the loose after shooting someone at a parking garage at fifth and mission. happened about 6:30 yesterday evening across from the westfield mall and bloomingdale's. police say the victim suffered
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gunshot wounds to the leg, but is expected to be okay. they say the shooting was not random. people who were parked inside couldn't get to their cars for two hours during the officer search. >> i just walked up and i was like, why are there so many people out? tape and police. so i was kind of surprised. >> officers are now checking surveillance video for pictures of the shooter. happening right now many salvation army workers and volunteers in san francisco are bringing joy to thousands of those in the bay area who cannot leave their homes. >> they're preparing thanksgiving meals to be delivered later this morning. stephanie chuang live in san francisco. how much food are we talking here? such a nice effort. >> we're talking about 3,400 meals or 2,200 pounds of turkey if you can kind of process that. a lot of food we're talking about. a lot of staff in the kitchen all morning long and busy preparing and a lot taking the food out. joining me now tom gravin. good morning. happy thanksgiving.
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>> thank you. same to you. >> talk to me. what is the hardest part about preparing this meal. you guys have been doing this for four or five days now. getting up and cooking off all those turkeys and doing that in conjunction with our regular daily activities. >> you guys serve how many meals already? >> 1,500 meals a week. >> 3,400 additional meals in addition to the 1,500 already. i know this is more personal for you. you have a story of how you were in need and the salvation army helped you out. >> i came through the doors of harbor lights seven years ago really in need of their services and it was through the harbor light program that seven years later i've become the supervising chef of our central kitchen. so, yeah, i was pretty bad and it started all off with just the greatest of them offering me a ten-a week job and something i don't normally do. i have been in the industry for
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about 30 years now and i didn't know if i was going to return. so i'm very much graced by this program, thank you. >> tom, wrapping this up. i mean, to be on this end of things and waking up early, roasting those turkeys, but knowing that it's going to help thousands of people especially this thanksgiving and holiday season. can you talk to us about how much more personal it is for you and how that feels? >> well, it's deeply personal. i've been able to do this for, like i said, the past seven years now. but, you know, it's needed every day of the year. and it's beautiful because the individuals we might be the only face that they get to see today and the only hot meal that they'll have today. so, you know, it's just a wonderful feeling. and, frankly, you, we get up and we get it done so early that we're still all able to get home and enjoy our phone family thanksgiving. so, it's a wonderful thing. i'm truly grateful. >>, thank you so much for
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sharing your story. happy thanksgiving to you. so, you hear the work that's being done in this kitchen and other kitchens around the bay area. an amazing story and salvationy also stressing that the help and donations that it receives during the holidays actually goes a long way. goes for many, many months to help those who are in need. so, laura and scott, i don't know how much more you can ask, but a lot of good will here in this kitchen this morning. >> stephanie chuang, wonderful. happy thanksgiving to you, as well. many folks happy to be reunited for the holidays. many are also scrambling to prepare the big meal from airport grocery stores, a busy scene last night in the bay area. there were joyful moments as family members welcomed each other home and some frantic moments as local shoppers had last-minute kitchen emergencies. >> i came here for baguettes to have with spinach dip and they're all out. so, i'm going to go to another safeway. >> we got this stuffing that i never made before and it has all
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these ingredients. the one thing that we thought we had that we didn't have. this is my second trip to the store in the last hour. >> like a project when you have to go to the hardware store. dozens of people getting ready to feed not just their families but the hungry. >> it's just a good time of year to give back and remember how grateful we need to be about how many good things we have in our lives. >> they'll open later at 7:00 this morning. breakfast served from 7:30 to 8:30 and thanksgiving dinner right behind it from 9:00 until 1:30 in the afternoon. >> being grateful for the good things you have in your life. some people need more. so, you know what, those bargain hunters are already lining up. so-called black friday almost upon us. the best buy in union city. more like tent city. you see people giving up their thanksgiving for good deals. the man at the front of the line, he got there on monday night. tvs and laptops are the hot items. >> first time ever. it's not about the sales.
5:35 am
it's the experience. actually pretty fun out here. >> it's about the good times. now, despite his enthusiasm, stores aren't expected to be quite as busy this friday because you can get a lot of the deals online. a bump in the road for today's turkey trot in san francisco won't put a stop to the race. someone stole the u-haul truck filled with supplies, including equipment, refreshments and t-shirts. it was parked at the same location on 26th avenue in the richmond district as it has been for the past 13 years. the u-haul disappeared some time between 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. yesterday. organizers still have the bibs so the race will go on. and most likely once those runners get moving, they'll warm up. >> but it would take a lot of running. let's check in with anthony. >> are going to run really hard and really fast. want to show you this shot in san jose as folks start getting ready for that turkey trot. christmas in the park, actually, set to start off this weekend. so, you can head down there and join some of the festivities.
5:36 am
it's going to be cold today. we're talking 30s to start the day. by 7:00, san jose, 35 degrees. palo alto 37 along with morgan hill. 37 for san francisco and momentarily you'll dip into the 30z, as well. as we head through the day, take you hour by hour and still chilly. 48 for san francisco and 50 for san jose and 48 for livermore. as we wound out the day, we'll climb into the low 50s momentarily. once we get into the afternoon hours. falling back into the 40s and fremont by 3:00, back to 48 degrees. a chilly day and definitely want to make sure you keep the little one ones bundled up. a few low 60s by the time we get into saturday and another reinforcing cold blast moves in for sunday along with some rain by monday. we'll take a closer look at that rain in the next report. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is about to kick off. less than an hour. you get to watch the whole thing here on the west coast later. mills of people bundling up
5:37 am
outside to watch that grand event in person. >> "today in the bay" jay gray is live in new york with all the excitement. there's a colorful clown behind you, jay. >> laura, scott, good morning. just clowning around with some of my friends here. all over the country some of the clowns for the parade more than 1,000 here i think with this group and me, it's hard to tell which one is the clown. you excited? you ready? beautiful morning here. be a lot of fun. thank you, guys. look, happy thanksgiving. look, it is going to be a great day here in new york. the weather is beautiful and take a look across the street as we get through some of this mess and you can see the giant balloons that are stars of the show. 17 this year that will be a part of everything going on here. 27 floats that will be part of the parade, as well. 1,100 dancers or cheerleaders that will be here. 12 marching bands and more than 1,000 of my friends dressed up as clowns here. should be a lot of fun, laura
5:38 am
and scott. could be the biggest parade every. they expect more than 3 million people to line the parade route here because we could see a high of 60 degrees today in new york. yeah, i'm bundled up, i'm a wimp, i get it. i know. it's warming up nicely this morning, though. i can tell you, i got here at 3:00 this morning and already people lined up along the railings hoping to get a good spot on the parade route. stepped up security, 1,300 additional officers. the biggest force they've seen here. everything going smoothly. should be a great start to the holiday. hope you can watch and everyone at home a wonderful thanksgiving. you too, laura and scott. >> it's such a fun event. it's warmer here than it is here on the west coast, jay. so, again, you can watch the entire parade right here in the bay area. growing movement to help crab fishermen. right now the season on hold because of toxins found off the california coast. state representatives sent a
5:39 am
letter to the governor asking to officially declare a disaster for the fishing communities if this delay continues. that would free up federal money that could be used to help fishermen. in the meantime it, bay area crab lovers will have to go without local dungeness crab. >> shows us the emotions and science behind the strange marine occurrence. >> what you're seeing around here is basically idling. every boat that you can see up and down this dock here is a crab boat. >> some places where people live to fish. but in the tiny sonoma county coastal town of badaga bay, people here fish to live. >> it's a big hit because we're come off a real poor salmon season. >> reporter: unexpected delay of this year's dungeness crab season has left fishermen riding a instead of the tide. >> going to be in the street, basically. ing up homeless. >> reporter: the state delayed after tests on the crab turned up positive for a poisons toxin
5:40 am
in shell fish caused by algae. this week the state said new tests on the crab appear to be cleaned of it, but for now the season remains closed on what is normally a booming thanksgiving week. >> we don't really want to jump the gun. we want to make sure we have it all clears. >> reporter: just up the road -- oceanography professor is closely following the crab issue from the bodaga bay marine laborato laboratory. >> eating other things and getting eaten by the crab. >> reporter: it is thriving in unusually warm water off of california. >> what is warmer. >> reporter: scientists believe the warm water could be the result of el nino, as well as the strange, lingering patch of warm water nicknamed the warm blob. blooms have been blamed sickening sea lions and starfish and those warm temperatures have also attracted marine life normally seen further south like
5:41 am
red crab, sunfish and dolphins. >> these are all signs of warm water. >> reporter: all of it comes on top of the state's prolonged drought. >> typically in the northern pacific ocean we'll cool down in the wintertime. the last few years that we know in california, we haven't had such big storms. >> reporter: but even if fishermen get to crab, it won't come in time for the thanksgiving rush. >> the impact is drastic. >> reporter: at the fish shed on san francisco's fishermen's wharf, crabs from out of state. >> crabs out of alaska and certified, clean water. they're safe to eat. >> reporter: these imported crabs cost two to three times as much as the local version. >> this hurts. it hurts everyone. >> reporter: angel has faced the crab season will eventually open. >> when you make your living off of mother nature, you know that mother nature does her thing. >> she's in control, you're not.
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coming up, some tips on the turkey meal, not only delicious, but safe, as well. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. ♪ starting tonight, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [quickly] the news is good! [quickly] sports win! [quickly] let's go shopping!
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stress? it can be tough to avoid this time of year. at 5:44. are you already feeling that holiday stress? it's going to be toughoid
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this time of carrierrin time. you start with the things that are most important to you and then maybe end with the things that are not as important. it's okay not to get certain things done recognizing that you're only one person. >> reporter: remember, it's okay
5:46 am
to say no sometimes. >> prioritize it. you don't have to go to every christmas party or every christmas banquet or dinner. >> reporter: it's also important to enjoy the process of getting things done. for example, involve your kids in the cooking and baking and put on holiday music and let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect. >> the mistakes are what help create memories for the holidays. >> reporter: to ease financial stress, set a holiday budget and stick to it. russell recommends shifting your focus to spending time instead of money. especially when it comes to your children. >> and i think more importantly than any gift we could purchase for them is spending the time with them. having a game night. watching movies. my children love to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies and eat popcorn. bundle up and go out and build a snowman. run around with them. they remember those moments more than a gift that thyou can buy them and they'll put down in a month. >> reporter: don't feel guilty to take a little time for yourself. >> read a book, meditate quietly. have a cup of coffee and look at
5:47 am
the snow. anything that brings you comfort and joy. take the time to do that. >> what you can do to relax. >> if you're up early with us, many of you are getting ready to put the turkey in the oven and questions will come up about the proper way to get the bird ready for the table. >> who are you going to call? butterball turkey hotline. been answering questions for about 35 years. >> thank you for calling butterball turkey hotline. >> turkey related, thanksgiving related. >> she just saw the baked the cake and she saw how the cake rose and she thought the turkey would expand in her oven. >> wanted to know where the thigh was. >> there's no meat on this turkey. and i realized they roasted it upside down. >> some of the funnest ones are when people are basically being confessional. >> i'm in the hallway closet. what are you doing in the hallway closet? >> we want to be there to set
5:48 am
them at ease. >> my in-laws are here and i've never cooked a turkey. i don't know if it's done, how to carve it. >> they're just calling to tell, this is what i did and i just feel like i need to share it with someone. >> she says, i put my turkey in a snow bank last night because, you know, actually would be a great place to thaw it. it snowed 12 inches that night. she called us up the next day and says, i can't find my turkey. >> we lived in hawaii and put it in the lagoon and when he went back for it, it was gone. >> butterball turkey hotline, can i help you? >> wonderful how we get involved with the lives of people. >> we hear kitds laughing in th background and what kind of phone call is this? >> she asked me to thaw the turkey and he decided he would multi-task. >> absolute passion. >> we love our job. >> when people hang up they're so grateful.
5:49 am
>> they're like therapists. >> better than jake at state farm. let me point out, if you have not started to defrost your turkey yet, it's over. you're not going to have a turkey today. >> there you go. the butterball turkey hotline number right here on your screen. 1-800-288-8372. they take about 10,000 calls every thanksgiving. >> that's absolutely amazing. make sure to give them a call. >> staffed until -- until 4:00 tonight. >> fair enough. as you begin to cook that meal. health experts have good tips and reminders to make sure it's safe, as well. do keep everything clean and it's important to wash all the fruits and vegetables, of course, but don't rinse the raw meat or poultry before cooking. that helps keep bacteria from spreading. also keep raw eggs, meat, seafood away from food that won't be cooked. now, to make sure the turkey is totally cooked, use a meat thermometer, of course, the thickest part of the turkey. the number you're trying to shoot for is 165 degrees. lastly, nobody likes to clean up
5:50 am
after that big meal, but you really should do so after eating. harmful bacteria will grow quickly at room temperature. if you have leftovers, get them in the fridge as quickly as possible. no less than two hours after serving. >> don't interrupt. you are hereby pardoned. >> the sound of relief from a very lucky california bird. abe was pardoned along with his friend, honest. the ceremony was held in the white house rose garden. both are safe from ending up on thanksgiving day table. according to the white house, both birds like country music. honest and abe will now live out the rest of their days on the virginia farm. >> ever wonder what happens to the third turkey? not in the mood to cook a thanksgiving feast, you're in luck, we found 150 restaurants in the bay area that are open today for those of you who would like to dine out. and morton's steakhouse. only some of the options.
5:51 am
it's really cool interactive map we have on our website. so, for a full list of restaurants open today, visit our website, and search for restaurant guide. >> in case you burned the bird or didn't defrost or you just don't want to cook. >> i'm not sure we're going to defrost. >> it's cold out there this morning. >> maybe by 8:00 or 9:00. even in the north bay, below freezing right now. if you are headed out, bundle up. it is chilly out there. the coldest air we've seen since yesterday and before that, the coldest air we've seen since january. 'tis the season. let's start you out with this shot. beautiful shot in san jose. christmas in the park is going this weekend. get out there and enjoin in the festi fest festivities and the hot chocolate is to die for. let's talk about what is happening. temperatures as i was mentioning, 43 in san francisco and that's the mild spot. but later on this afternoon, 50s is going to do it for high temperatures. 55 for the south bay and 54 for
5:52 am
the peninsula and 56 for the north bay. we do have some showers falling across the middle part of the country and even some snow and some ice, as well. kansas, nebraska, iowa, we are starting to see some delays and if you're traveling to denver in the next hour or so, looking at delays an hour and a half right now. else where across the country, no delays. if you're doing any traveling here at home, keep in mind, the third day of king tides. your king tides forecast does bring in high tide around 11:00 this morning. so, if you are doing any traveling around noon, you could run into some of those high tides, the king tides across the bay area. 50s will do it across the bay area today. 57 for palo alto and embarcadero will be there, as well. 56 for petaluma and 54 for hayward and livermore topping out at 54 degrees. we do have a slight warming trend for the weekend and more rain in the forecast next week. we'll show you that coming up in a little bit. coming up -- >> going as fast as we can and the only thing i could do is put
5:53 am
my hand on her head and i'll take good care of you. you're safe. brought this veteran first responder to tears. part of our bay area proud series.
5:54 am
5:55 am
story about a rescue with a twist involving a surprise reunion between a first responder and a patient that brought a veteran fire captain to tears.
5:56 am
part of our bay area proud series. >> reporter: santa clara county captain says medical privacy laws being what they are, he rarely knows what becomes of people once he rescues them and drops them off at the hospital. he's often left to wonder what becomes of them. often, but not always. you'd think after 20 years on the job, santa clara county fire captain would know a little bit about what to expect from a day's work. not so. no two calls, he says, are ever the same. some, though, are better. and more memorable than others. >> you know, i have some great calls that i've been part of and this clearly makes the top of my list. >> reporter: brent is talking about a call to a campbell home last september. working as the engine's paramedic that day, brent was rushed to a pregnant woman passed out.
5:57 am
>> she was gray. she was so pale i couldn't believe it. i looked at her and i said. >> reporter: brent correctly recognized it as a ruptured epitopic pregnancy, the baby, he knew was lost, but the mom could still be saved if his team got her to the hospital, fast. >> at one point we're going to the hospital, going as fast as we can and the only thing i can do is put my hand on her head and say, i'll take good care of you, you're safe. i'm not going to tell her it's going to be okay because i don't know if it will be okay. >> reporter: brent handed herve to surgeons at good samaritans and never knew what became of her until a year later when brent decided to treat his crew to starbucks after a hard day of training. >> i look up and this woman is sitting and looking at me and she had tears in her eyes. >> because i wouldn't have been alive without him. he saved my life. >> reporter: seeing sadie alive was a pleasant surprise for
5:58 am
brent. but not his only one that day. and she said, i want you to meet my son and it was a baby in the carriage. what i didn't know, she had twins. i thought she was just pregnant with one and lost the baby and here's this beautiful baby boy. it was there. >> hi, partner. >> reporter: not sure if they had saved one life, brent now knows he and his crew saved two. sadie brought the whole family by brent's station recently to say thanks one more time. brent says becoming a father himself almost a decade ago has made him a better firefighter. better at understanding what is at stake on each call. it's why, perhaps, brent broke down in tears after the middle of that starbucks. knowing he not only made the right choices that work day, but, frankly, all of his work days. >> it's the greatest job in the
5:59 am
world. i love it. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that's great. how do you not love firefighters. you know, if you know someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. head to our website and search bay area proud. well, right now at 6:00, a thanksgiving freeze and we're not talking bout the turkey, some parts of the bay area hovering near the freezing mark. your full holiday forecast in one minute. plus, celebrating a tradition. millions of people lining the streets of new york right now for this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll take you there live, coming up. and i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco at the salvation army kitchen where hundreds of volunteers are getting ready to come in and deliver meals. these machines getting ready to seal some of these meals. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us on this thanksgiving day. i'm laura garia canon.
6:00 am
>> i'm scott mcgrew, sam brock has the day off. it's really cold out there this morning, anthony. >> freezing across parts of the north bay and for a moment the north bay dipped down to 31 degrees. it is chilly out there across the bay area this morning. clear skies and once the sun does come up, we'll see a bright, sunny day. but it is going to be chilly. deceptive sunshine because even though it will be sunny, it will stay in the 50s today from the north bay down to the south bay. now, as we move towards the next couple of days, we have a slight warming trend and get back into the 60s and more rain in the forecast to start off your workweek on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next report. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. the day's news a gunman on the loose after shooting someone right next to one of the busiest malls in the bay area. happened about 6:30 yesterday evening in the san francisco just across from the westfield mall. search the seven-story garage for the suspect. the victim suffered gunshot wounds to the leg, but is expected to survive. they say the


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