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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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update at about 7:25. >> bye-bye. >> see ya. good morning. .holiday havoc. a potent ice storm today from texas to kansas. officials urging drivers to stay off the roads. farther east, heavy rain expected to trigger dangerous flooding as millions brace for travel delays and disruptions. fence failure. a man has no trouble climbing the newly spiked barrier at the white house while the first family celebrated thanksgiving inside. that jumper behind bars. his stunt raising serious new security concerns this morning. donald's denial. republican front-runner donald trump defending himself after being accused of mocking a reporter's disability. >> i don't know what i said, i
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don't remember. >> what trump says he was trying to show and how the reporter is responding. dash for deals. . tens of millions of black friday shoppers already hitting the stores this morning. before you join them, we'll tell you where to find biggest bargains, today, friday, november 27th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this friday morning after thanksgiving. i'm willie geist. >> and i'm erica hill, matt and savannah enjoying a well-deserved morning off after the parade yesterday. >> how did you make out last night? >> all right. it was low key, my mom was there. everybody ate, enjoyed. we survived. >> we had 25 people, many of whom are still at the house right now. so hi, guys.
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>> lots of left jersey. >> top stories, holiday season, brutal storms lashing parts of the country with snow, ice and heavy rain. the weather channel's mike seidel is in oklahoma city as people travel across the country today. mike, good morning. >> good morning, willie. it's a cold, raw and wintry day in oklahoma statistic, much of same in through kansas and nebraska. much have had a quarter inch of ice. here at 33 we've had rain an sleet, freezing rain could cause problems on rodways through tomorrow. this morning a huge storm system is bringing a cold winter blast to a big part of the country, like a belt wrapped around the midwest from the great lakes all the way down to the southern plains. if you're anywhere in its path, there's likely to be some kind of nasty weather in your forecast. in oklahoma as a front blew through temperatures plummeted from a balmy 64 degrees down to a chilly 49 in just one hour.
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>> ice storm warnings are in red, and travel advisories in oranges, and flash flood watch continues south central, central into eastern oklahoma. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> reporter: in kansas city, they are dreaming of a white christmas, but rain nearly drowned out a holiday plaza lighting ceremony. >> look at the crowd. the rain is coming down. >> reporter: more rain than kansas city has seen on thanksgiving day on record. >> everybody is dealing with the rain right now. everybody at this point. >> reporter: holiday travel, never easy. >> holiday travel is nerve-racking and they make it more nerve-racking with the young kids. >> reporter: warnings for parts of texas, oklahoma and arkansas. if you are going by car or plane, get ready for delays. but at least skiers had something to be thankful for. up to 20 inches of new snow in california, nearly a foot in oregon and up to 10 inches in parts of colorado. >> snow coming down, ice on the lens, happy thanksgiving.
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>> reporter: drenching downpours on thanksgiving overnight in the, in fact a sheriff's deputy was swept downstride and later rescued they're still looking for the if driver still. in dallas, so far over 4 inches of rain. that makes it their wettest year on record. >> willie. >> mike seidel in the middle of some ugly weather there in oklahoma city, mike, thanks. dylan is in for al today. what can we expect, dylan. >> today, tomorrow, sun, big travel weekend. we are looking at a lot of troubles, especially where the ice is falling right now. we already have reports of up to half an inch of ice near amarillo, texas. this is your 32 degree line. north of it south and south rain, but right along it is where we have the freezing rain that's accumulating and making conditions very dangerous on the roads. ice storm warnings, including parts of texas into oklahoma and up into parts of kansas, too. that's where we're going to see our biggest concerns for travelers on the roads. here you see along 40 and 25, you're looking at snow eventually turning over to those
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icy conditions, and especially the bridges and the overpasses, they freeze first, so just really slow down as you go over those overpasses because it freezes on the top and the bottom underneath as well. now, if you're heading through chicago or detroit or st. louis today, look for rain showers that could cause some delays and where the ice is a little farther to the west. again, slippery conditions still an issue. on saturday it's not just the rain but also some fog. again, that causes delays at airports. major hubs like new york city, cincinnati could see some of those rain showers and foggy conditions causing some delays, and then you go back still through texas and oklahoma. that's where we're looking for ice to still be an issue. now on sunday the ice and the snow fizzed owl a bit, and we'll see mainly rain and reduced visibility because of the rain and the fog and this rain is going to stretch all the way through parts of kentucky and virginia, stretching over into virginia, too, where soggy travel is going tonight biggest thing on the roads and that could slow down travels. it's not really the best weekend for traveling. willie. >> dylan, thank you very much.
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despite all the bad weather in some spots, the black friday shopping rush is well under way. this morning people already streaming into stores across the country, while others got a jump on the frenzy already last night. nbc's olivia sterns is in the middle of the madness here in new york's times square. olivia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. we keep talking about how it's no longer about deals just on a single day. in fact, it feels more like black know. black november. as it turns out according to shopper track, today is actually forecast to beat out the saturday before christmas, making this black friday the busiest shopping day of the year. another year, another black friday frenzy. this morning stores across the country just survived the most chaotic hours of the year for consumers that now even carve into thanksgiving. doors opening at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. thursday evening and lines forming long before that. >> tonight, we're going to have some fun. >> reporter: ceo of target giving a pep talk to workers
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ahead of the opening blitz. this year retailers say the deepest discounts and hottest items are coming in the form of tvs, teddy bears. >> check it out, guys. >> reporter: and toys. with plenty of stores getting a boost from a certain force awakening within "star wars" fans across the country for this year's most anticipated film. with nearly 136 million americans expected to shop this weekend the black friday buying power goes well beyond brick and mortar with an estimated $1.7 billion being spent online, up 22% over last year. how about online shopping? doing any of your online shopping? >> yes, that's my favorite. >> reporter: why is it your favorite? >> because there's no lines, and i think you get better deals. >> reporter: and more than a quarter of those sales coming on mobile devices. tablets and smartphones now a key part of shopping savvy. >> we want them to shop in our stores but we know most of their shopping experiences starts online with that mobile device, so that's a critical important
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way for us to connect with that guest. >> reporter: keeping black friday a holiday tradition, no matter where you check out. >> black friday is actually still a very significant event, and honestly it's grown i think in popularity. >> reporter: and experts say if you do decide to brave the crowds and the brick and mortar stores, don't forget your smartphone and don't forget to download that store's app. this year many retailers are trying out new technology that will actually push you special discount or offers when you walk through their doors. erica, williey? >> olivia stern on much of the action. more on the shopping rush in just a bit including where you can score the best deals. in chicago, demonstrators want to disrupt black friday. activists furious over n new details in the fatal police shooting of a black teenager are calling on people to march down the city's famed magnificent mile. that's where we find nbc's john yang this morning. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this stretch of michigan avenue has seen its share of eventful
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black fridays, but nothing like what is expected today. clergy, political leaders, union leaders, all want to shut down chicago's busiest shopping district on the bus jest shopping day of the year. they think that's the most effective way to push for a special prosecutor in this case and to push for the dismissal of the police superintendent and the prosecutor for the way they handled this case. the police say they will be out in force and have canceled all days off. >> john yang for us in chicago, thank you. this morning new concerns over security at white house af reinforced fence there. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you, and the suspect is expected to face criminal charges today. he is the first person to scale the white house fence since those new security measures were put in place over the summer, and the most disconcerting part
7:10 am
may be the entire first family was home at the time. the secret service is investigating this morning after this man identified as joseph caputo jumped over the white house fence draped in an american flag, clenching a binder in his mouth. he was apprehended after taking only a few steps, but it all unfolded while the first family enjoyed thanksgiving inside. some witnesses told the "washington post" they heard caputo say, all right, let's do this, before scaling the nearly eight-foot fence. >> freeze now! >> reporter: this footage posted on instagram captures the moment when the crowd was told to scatter and the white house placed into lockdown mode for more than three hours and the surrounding streets blocked off. for witnesses it was unnerving. >> just a move, move, move. crazy, i know it. >> reporter: this marks the first time someone has jumped over the fence since new spikes were put in place nearly five months ago,
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and it comes as secret service is trying to rebound after a series of embarrassing security breaches, including a number of frightening fence-jumping incidents. last fall was a breaking point when a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it all the way inside the executive mansion. the president wasn't home then, but still it prompted a change at top and veteran joseph clancy was brought in to help the agency rebuild. this latest jumper a reminder there are still gaps. >> anytime someone successfully jumps the fence no question there's a level of danger to the first family no, question about it. >> reporter: caputo is from connecticut, and one of his family members tells our affiliate that he's, quote, a good kid. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is requesting a meeting with secret service leadership early next week saying she is astonished that someone would be able to jump the fence despite the spikes, which were put in place to prevent that exact thing that happening. willie, erica, back to you. >> on the up side it's good that
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they apprehended this guy so quickly this time. >> reporter: indeed. >> kristin welker at the white house, thank you. turning now to the presidential race, republican ben carson is traveling to the middle east amid st. ongoing scrutiny over his knowledge of foreign policy. meantime here at home, donald trump is dealing with yet another controversy on the campaign trail. here's nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: this morning republican presidential candidate ben carson will visit with syrian refugees in jordan. the surprise trip overnight coming after controversy when the retired neurosurgeon made a comparison between refugees and dogs. >> we have to have in place screening mechanisms that allow us to determine who the mad dogs are, quite frankly. who are the people who want to come in here and hurt us? >> reporter: in iowa carson has dropped to third place as foreign policy takes center stage in the gop primary, but carson isn't the only candidate coming under fire for controversial comments.
7:13 am
donald trump's latest twitter tirade aimed at the "new york times," demanding an apology, trump denies he mocked the reporter's congenital nerve condition. >> you ought to see this guy, i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> reporter: widely debunked the claim that thousands of muslims cheered 9/11, citing a littled celebration for the attack, but cobbleski is now in trump's cross hairs. >> he's going to say, i don't remember. i don't remember what i said. this is 14 years ago. reporter: "new york times" outrage the trump would ridicule the physical appearance of a reporter. trump is now saying he didn't know he had a disability saying he should stop using it to grandstand and get back to a paper that's rapidly going down the tubes. >> i don't think with donald trump there are really any limits to what you can say.
7:14 am
i think all the old rules are broken with him. >> reporter: and while most candidates took a break for turkey day, ted cruz will be back in iowa tomorrow for the first time since a new poll showed him surging there, closing in on trump. with just two months to go under until the iowa caucuses no holiday from the campaign trail. hallie jackson, nbc news, washington. >> this is continuing. it was pointed out in an interview when he was with a different paper he met with donald trump a dozen times and on a first-name basis. >> and had interviews with him and ran into press conferences and he said donald trump knows who i am. new developments tied to the terror attacks in paris two weeks ago. officials in belgium lowering the alert level in the capital city of brussels saying the threat of an attack is no longer imminent. nbc's keir simmons is there. keir, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: willie, this morning that reports that two people have been detained here in the belgium have not been confirmed,
7:15 am
while in paris, around 1,000 people gathered for a service including president francois hollande, victims' families and survivors of the attack. ♪ in france this morning the french lowered the flag at half-staff, the country united behind the flag and the relatives of those who were killed 14 days ago, and for the french president, a moment to reflect or traveling from d.c. to moscow rallying the world against isis and stilt hunt to find salah abdeslam suspected of involvement in the paris terror cell, perhaps planning to take part in the suicide bombings before backing out. the latest raids in belgium yesterday, police found several mattresses on the floor of one rented house and another suspect seen with salah is also on the run. two of europe's most wanted men, two weeks after a night in paris that left 130 dead. gunmen opening fire in restaurants, bars and a concert hall. many questions remain. could the attack have been
7:16 am
prevented? some of the killers were extremists known to belgium authorities. was another attack being planned? belgium's prime minister this week tried to calm fears while facing criticism. >> the impression the world is getting is that you have lost control of security. >> yeah. i can confirm that the threats for an attack is imminent and serious, and we want to ask our population to stay calm. >> reporter: his defense minister on the defensive. >> i couldn't care less what the world things about what -- we are doing what it takes. >> reporter: finally today the threat level in brussels was lowered suggested a breakthrough in the investigation. but separately two men were arrested in a mosque in germany accused of planning still more terror. europe still on edge after two weeks of tension and an attack that changed lives. and the president of france saying this morning his country
7:17 am
will do all it can to destroy what he calls his army of fanatics, and will operate relentlessly to protect its children. willie and erica, europe has been scarred by this but is equally determined. tense days. keir simmons, thank you very much. pope francis got a rock star welcome at a huge youth rally at a stadium in nairobi, cheering and waving as he arrived. he urged those in attendance to resist the temptation of corruption. >> earlier today the pope visit the one of nairobi's slums denouncing conditions many residents have been forced to live in and delivered a warning ahead of a key climate change conference in paris, saying there will be catastrophic consequences if world leaders don't reduce the use of fossil fuels. >> and a lot of talk of the day after thanksgiving and a lot wouldn't be complete without a generous serving of nfl football in green bay last night,
7:18 am
legendary quarterback brett favre was welcome back to lambeau field to thousands of fans. >> green bay retired favre's number 1 in the ring of honor. bart starr and several of favre's former teammates were there for the ceremony and as for the game itself home team didn't do so well. the bears held off the packers winning 17-13. >> and under miserable weather conditions, really felt for all of them. and speaking of that, dylan is back with more on today's weather. >> we had a miserable thanksgiving here last year. >> right. >> but this year it was pretty nice. >> perfect. >> hard to top and today even nicer. temperatures in the lower 60s. up and down the east coast it's a beautiful day but we're watching this big complex storm system that's bringing up to half an inch to three-quarters of an inch of ice from oklahoma back down to texas. not on the back side of it. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds.
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can help keep our town growing. tomorrow is small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. shop small tomorrow. hey, good friday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter here waking up to cold temperatures across the south bay. los altos at 33 degrees and los gatos and across parts of the east bay, dealing with freezing temperatures in dublin and 31 there and livermore at 34 along with danville. this is the coldest part of the morning. once you get past 9:00, the freeze warning expires and later on this afternoon under full sunshine we'll all be back into the mid-50s and another round of freezing temperatures on the way for tonight.
7:20 am
>> and that's your late forecast. >> dylan, thanks very much. coming up, a modern day gold rush. >> plus, what it's like to be a muslim in america today. we'll speak with a group who wants to clear up some misconceptions are especially now in the wake of the paris attacks and the heated rhetoric on the campaign trail. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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breaking news in a very good friday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garia canon. breaking news in berkeley. massive flames tore through a chinese restaurant. stephanie chuan good with the very latest for us. >> just off the cal campus where 5:20 this morning is when crews first came out here and the flames were roaring at the time of the two alarm blaze. right now it's knocked down, but not under completely control and that is the latest update from the deputy fire chief that we spoke with. so you can see the flames were many feet tall. entire berkeley fire department on staff came out here. two ladder hoses and it was a defensive fire fight for quite some time now. they're in there checking for hot spots and making sure
7:27 am
they've got everything all under control. as for this restaurant it has been here for more than 30 years and there was a family that just walked up here and a woman said it it is her family that owns it but devastating, as you see the wreckage here behind me. live here in downtown berkeley, stephanie chuang. >> some history lost there. the sun is up behind me here, but stistill pretty cold. >> see temperatures warm but still very cold. still 35 degree in the south bay and same deal for the east bay. oakland see the sun coming up and clear skies in san francisco and the temperatures kind of mild this morning because we have a wind that is creating friction and warm things up. once we get into the afternoon, temperatures nice and comfortable. very fall-like like we saw yesterday. 56 for the north bay and 54 for the east bay. 55 for the south bay, as well, laura. another round of freezing temperatures on the way for tonight. bundle up. >> toasty 55.
7:28 am
i'll be back with another local news update in 25 minutes.
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7:30 am
. of folks out there on rockefeller plaza. love a good thanksgiving crowd. >> that's a good thanksgiving crowd. hope you had a good thanksgiving at home. some of the stories making news. donald trump insists he was not mocking a reporter's physical disability when he waved his arms and stammered his words during a speech in south carolina this week. trump was referencing an article citing alleged celebrations by muslims on 9/11. he was showing someone groveling and searching for an answer and did not know the author was disabled. it's being billed as a major
7:31 am
demonstration later this morning. they plan to march on the city's busiest shopping district, in the words of one organizer to interrupt the economic engine of black friday. and a man is in custody after jumping over a white house fence while wearing an american flag. the first family was inside celebrating thanksgiving at the time. the white house was placed on lockdown for several hours as a precaution. another major story we are following this morning. a powerful storm stretching from texas to michigan, leading to accidents on the roads, plenty of delays at airports. the weather channel's mike seidel is in oklahoma city. mike, good morning again. >> good morning, erica. big issues for travelers and shoppers alike in the middle of the country. we've got a risk of flash flooding, a risk of freezing rain and sleet. let's start you off with the wintry side of the storm in the
7:32 am
far west where they have pre-thanksgiving snowfall. this is what we need to get in california. some of those ski recertificates picked up as much as 20 inches of snow. then the moisture comes east, runs into the cold air in the surface, too warm aloft for snow, and so we gills ice. this morning we've had an much as a quarter inch of ice in ardmore, oklahoma. and flash floods from little rock back to dallas, even here in oklahoma city. in dallas overnight, they picked up a lot more rain. now over 4 inch, nearly 55 inches of rain for the year, now the wettest year on record in dallas. erica? >> mike, thanks. let's head over to north carolina, where the hunt is on for a rare plant.
7:33 am
it's worth a lot of money, and nbc's kerry sanders explains, it's leading to a big problem for police. >> reporter: high in the mountains in the beauty of western north carolina prospectors are digging for treasure, but it's not for gold or precious metals. they are hunting for ginseng, a plant root used in popular energy drinks. turns out ginseng is worth big money, selling for as much as $1,250 a pound. as much as some mortgage payments. >> did i find something worst money? >> that's all the good money. >> reporter: jeff jones is a third-generation ginseng hunter. this is a good crop that's like a bank account. do you eat it? >> i don't but you can. >> reporter: it's disgusting. >> yeah, it don't taste good. >> reporter: no, it's like bitter dirt. >> in china where 90% of appalachian wild ginseng ends up this root is mystical. believers claim it enhances male performance. >> aphrodisiacs are always going to be, you know, something that
7:34 am
we care about. >> here we go. here's a little ginseng. >> reporter: while hunting on private property is legal, much of the ginseng grows on federal land where it's protected but that doesn't stop the poachers. forest service botanist gary kauffman finds ginseng that only grows two to three inches a decade and permanently stains it with an original dust so wholesalers know the orange roots were illegally poached. >> a real cat and mouse game. >> sure. >> the game is afoot here, so to speak. >> reporter: a game that recently turned ugly. north carolina wildlife officer eric stronik stopped two suspected ginseng poachers and they got violent and allegedly tried to kill him. both deny the charges. how much money can people make poaching? >> a guy that made $40,000 to $50,000 in one year. >> reporter: and with that kind
7:35 am
of money, experts fear ginseng could go extinct in the wild. for today, kerry sanders, nbc news. >> $1200 a pound? who knew? >> and it takes so long to grow. grows two or three inches in decades. >> explains the price. >> next time you're pounding one of the energy drinks, think about that. >> and you thought they were so expensive. it's a bargain. >> check of the weather with dylan. what's happening? >> we're going to break down the storm system that's developing and really causing issues back through the plains, especially areas like kansas and oklahoma and texas. the freezing rain has been falling heavily. here we go through that morning, the 32-degree line. north of it is snow and south rain and right here is where we're seeing our most dangerous icing. already reports of up to a quarter inch that coats trees and power lines and makes the roads extremely dangerous. as we go into late this evening, you see theite remains in the same place but on the eastern side of it still seeing heavy rain with the potential of flooding, and
7:36 am
then as we go into saturday mornings icing still in northern texas and oklahoma and saturday afternoon we'll finally start to lose the ice, and then it's more of the rain issue that could cause delays and additional snowfall. we're looking at a couple more inches west of denver and the highest elevations we could see another foot of snow. ice is going to be the major concern. wichita could end up with three-quarters of an inch of ice and as for rain dallas already the wettest year on record. looking for an additional 5 to 7 good morning to you meteorologist anthony slaughter. happy friday to you. temperatures are cold this morning. we're talking mid-30s across the south bay and near 39 degrees in the peninsula and 35 for the east bay and 48 in san francisco and averaging 47 for the north bay. temperatures later on will move just a little bit. san francisco up to 55 degrees and 55, as well, for the south bay and 56 for the north bay. as we move through the next few days, temperatures do warm just a little bit. by sunday back into the low 60s with another chance of rain.
7:37 am
>> and sunday night is a big night. it, of course, is football night in america. big game with the patriots 10-0, just saying and the broncos 89-2. it should be an interesting game. light snow, 25 degrees. one of the colder games that we'll see. that's sunday night "football night in america," but first this message. >> did i ever say i was a patriots fan. >> we haven't caught that. >> watch out for the panthers. they are coming for you. >> that's true. >> the panthers look good. >> coming up, as if you weren't excited enough already on "pop start." the new "star wars" trail their takes you to the dark side. >> plus a compelling conversation in the wake of paris and the reaction here at home. we'll sit down with a group of muslim americans plaque psoriasis...
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we're back at 7:41. the largest muslim civil liberties group says the level of anti-muslim backlash in america has been unprecedented in the wake of the paris attacks and you recently sat down with a group of muslim-americans who wanted to clear up some misconceptions about their religion. >> absolutely. everyone we met with was born in the u.s. or raised here since childhood and are as american as can be and yet they aren't always embraced in that way. our conversation covered a number of topics including their attacks in paris two weeks ago. >> i think our first thought always has tonight victims. any time we start thinking about the attackers we give them a victory so it's the people in istanbul, it's the people in beruit and paris. >> what's the biggest miss conception when you say to someone i'm a muslim? what do you think they don't understand? >> a lot of people seem to have
7:43 am
troubling that american muslims are american. of course, the most common misconception is we're terrorists or sympathetic to terrorists or our religion itself is terrorism. >> why do you think that has endured, the misconception. >> the image of islam portrayed publicly, the fact that there's not a lot of muslims in the united states and all people know about islam is what they receive in the news and foreign policy and honestly a lot of muslims haven't done a very good job representing themselves or their religion in the public. mostly we kind of punted on that one until very recently when we realized oh, my god, maybe we should be telling our stories instead of letting other people tell our stories. some of the fact is we haven't invested in explaining what would we are and what we believe and what we don't believe. >> people question our poilt loyalty and that's perplexing in the sense that my father is a veter veteran. there's people in the united states army right now who are willing to lay their lives down for this kun cri. >> we talked a little bit about the ways in which muslims are portrayed negatively in the media, but i think there are
7:44 am
really important muslims in the public eye whom people would recognize if we said their names and don't realize that they are muslim. i think of kareem abdul-jabbar, muhammad ali, lit torch at the '96 olympic games and the owner of the jacksonville jaguars, muslims in the public eye and represent our t-shirt. >> your t-shirt says don't panic, i'm islamic. >> do you find that any of you feel you're discriminated against simply by the way you look? >> when you're a hijaby girl, so, yes, we've had reported incidents of a woman being spat at, woman being cursed at, woman being tripped to the ground, go back home threats. i mean, it's been a pretty crazy two weeks. >> i want to come back to your shirt. do you wear that out in public, and the if so what kind of a reaction you get? >> the last time i wore this one was in the new york city climate march about a year ago, and at
7:45 am
that time that one got me a lot of love. don't often wear this out on the streets unless i'm in an environment that's supportive. >> i don't want to close mosques, i want to sfal mosques, i want mosques surveilled. >> when you hear that a presidential candidate wants to monitor your place of worship. what do you think about that? >> my first thought as a muslim is let's invite him over. i think donald trump just needs exposure to some good old-fashioned muslim hospitality. it would do him good to see that we're not so different from anyone that -- his political base. >> when john f. kennedy was running for catholic he was attacked for accatholic and they were afraid they would a statue of the pope over the white house and we have to look deep within our own culture and find out why this cycle of racism and fear of the unknown and lack of education on our parts as a america keeps repeating it self. >> the biggest threat to america
7:46 am
is the way he has been demonizing people because it completely clashes and collides with what america is. i keep going back to this optimism that i have of everyone, of every faith. we're going to vote and we're going to utilize that power from the people, what this country is supposed to have been found pedestrian on, the voice of the people. >> it was a great conversation. they talk a lot, too, about you have to -- their religion in many ways has been sort of stolen by isis, taking the name and doing all these names in the name of islam and that's not islam that any of them, you know, believe in or adhere to so it was a great, great conversation and appreciate all of of them sitting down and talking to us. >> interesting to hear the one gentleman say, you know, it's our time to tell our story because maybe you don't know much about it, but we're going to tell it our way. >> which is a great, great point. they are all -- all five of them are really committed to doing that. >> relieved to be able to talk and speak to you. >> nice job, erica. coming up, the deals that
7:47 am
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dillian is a busy woman pulling some double duty and has made her way to original room. >> reporter: original cards means original room and now we'll talk holiday shopping and with black friday in full swing we asked on a twitter poll how do you spend black friday, shopping in stores, online hornot shopping? i was kind of surprised by the results because not shopping came up by 65% of people. shopping in stores, only 21% and shopping online about 14%. now, if you don't want to shop and you want to just sit and let all the calories just sit in your stomach you can go and start tweeting hashtag flackfried in three words. 55,000 tweets. here's one, run, forrest run and luke tweeting credit card declined. i'm sure lots of people can agree with that. bill nye parody account says where's my kid and guide guide
7:52 am
of all people netflix and chill and pretty funny and butch walker writing am-a-zon. what's a zon. >> oh, it's amazon. >> i'm going netflix and chill. >> like it, good call. coming up, before you hit the stores we're taking the hassle out of ♪ i'm ginger breadington with your 10 day deal forecast. every day for ten days, expect new deals with historic low prices across target and
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7:56 am
... we're tracking breaking news in berkeley. massive flames tore through a 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. tracking breaking news in berkeley. massive flames tearing through a chinese restaurant. stephanie chuan is in berkeley. >> yeah, that's right, scott. coming out of the back alley there of the mandarin garden rest. confirmed by the acting deputy fire chief that fire crews were here just after midnight for a kitchen fire. the crews left around 3:00 in the morning and unclear if that same fire reignited because crews came back at 5:20 this morning for the second fire with the massive flames. family of the owners were living inside the building at the time and they were after the first fire. conflicting information on whether they actually left in between these two fires. but the good news is, no injuries and building the restaurant completely, the restaurant has been in the area for more than 30 years. but, again, no injuries.
7:57 am
the buildings were saved there, too. leave here in downtown berkeley, stephanie chuang. let's check your weather with anthony. >> this morning it is cold, scott. here's the shot from woodside. they are at 29 degrees right now. one of our coldest spots in the bay area along the peninsula. you can see even stanford at 30 degrees and across the south bay, dealing with freezing temperatures and los altos at 32 degrees and across the east bay, dublin right now at 32 degrees and across the inner bay, not too bad. 44 degrees in meada. everywhere you go it's cold. by this all back into the 50s from the north bay down to the south bay and even warmer conditions on the way by sunday reaching back into the 60s and some rain in the forecast by monday, scott. we'll talk more about that in half an hour. another local news update. we have a hockey game no midday today. see you tomorrow.
7:58 am
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♪ plus, what's in a name? we've got a list of the kids' names most likely to be on naughty or nice list this holiday season. and leftovers to love. we'll show you how to transform all the food you didn't scarf down on thanksgiving into a delicious new meal, today, friday, november 27, 2015. .
8:01 am
♪ >> here in new york for the today show. >> we're expecting twins! >> we traveled 7,600 miles from okinawa, japan, to be on the "today" show. . >> celebrating my birthday with my husband and the "today" show. >> i'm celebrating my 12th show on "today"! >> the today is my 13th birthday! pinches my baby's 60th birthday! and welcome back to "today" on this friday morning after thanksgiving. we have a big holiday crowd. >> yes, we do. >> and i thought bieber was here >> thinking the same thing. >> amazing. >> no, it's just willie geist. you draw the crowd. >> that's it, exactly. >> coming up, if you're speaking
8:02 am
of a crowd not into crowds at mal today, fear not. we have a special edition of steals and deals for items for everyone in the family at get this up to 90% off, and best part. you don't have to leave the couch. >> sounds good to me. we'll see jill in just a minute. first a check of the top stories with sheinelle jones in for natalie. hi, sheinelle. >> good morning, a huge storm system is causing hazardous travel conditions for millions of americans and the weather channel's mike seidel is in oklahoma city. mike, good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle. it's a cold, raw and windy day in oklahoma city, the temperature hovering at 33 degrees. ice storm warnings covering territory from kansas all the way to the texas/oklahoma panhandle. in ardmore, oklahoma, more than a quarter inch of ice. on the warm side, we've flash floored watches, dallas up to 1515 inches of rain. this is now their wettest year
8:03 am
on record in dallas. >> that is a mess. mining, thank you. the secret service will be reviewing security procedures after a man jumped over the white house fence on thursday. the president and his family were home at the time. video posted on instagram showed the terrifying moments when the crowd was told to scatter and the white house was placed into lockdown for three hours. the intruder was taken into custody. fence had been recently shored up with 7-inch steel spikes to prevent such incidents. french president francois hollande declared france will destroy what he called the army of fanatics responsible for the paris terror attacks. on thursday he met in moscow with vladimir putin. the russian leader promised more cooperation with france and the rest of the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis. however, putin warned he won't tolerate any more incidents like this week's shooting down of a russian warplane by turkey. breaking overnight, detectives in chicago say an arrest has been made in
8:04 am
connection with the murder of 9-year-old ty-sean lee. the boy was lured into an alley and shot earlier this month. cory morgan has arrested. they believe the shooting was gang related. and an advertising blimp went bust before it could fly over traffic heading to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the pilot said he was having trouble navigating because of high winds. he started getting worried that he would run out of fuel so he made an emergency landing on a school athletic field. neighbors who had gathered for their annual holiday football game jumped in to help grabbing the dangling tow ropes and guiding it safely to the ground. and how about this role reversal at a safari park? a goat was sent into a tiger enclosure to become dinner for the siberian tiger and the goat refused to be part of the food chain. look at this. he turned the tables and chased the timid target around his own
8:05 am
backyard. the goat took over the prime sleeping spot forcing the tiger to sleep on the roof. how about that, willie? >> well, i hope they can keep up that relationship. we'll see how today goes. sheinelle, thanks very much. if you're eager to hit the stores, don't head for the door just yet. this morning your complete guide for tackling black friday with a financial expert with great to see you. >> good morning, willie. people are getting excited and the car gassed up to go to the mall and you say some of the trends are about online shopping. >> don't walk out of house too soon because you may fin exact deals in stores online. the national retail federation expects 46% of shopping online and browsing so that's huge and stores like walmart and target boasting that most if not all of their deals will be online as well. >> how long do the deals last? >> listen, i've been getting deal announcements on monday, tuesday, black friday is not a one or two-day event. lasting the whole week if not entire weekend and expect deals throughout the month of december and we're shopping more this year which is good for retailers
8:06 am
and the economy is doing better and jobs are in a better place and oil and gas prices are down so we're feeling more confident. >> some of the best stuff at your laptop. let's move this way and talk about some of the home deals that we'll good with. >> so for small appliances head to walmart. we found things like blenders and crock pots for under $10, large appliances for refrigerators and stoves up to 40% off at lowe's and home depot. kohl's talking about up to 70%, 75% off bedding? so lots and lots of deals online and in stores for home apparel. >> a lot of people will be excited about this one. some apple product. this is not where you're going to the apple store. going to the third-party retailers like best buy and target and walmart and we found i macs and mac books at best buy for $150 off. get a $100 gift card when you buy the iwatch if you're in the market for that and at apple phone, iphone 6, will be really cheap.
8:07 am
at wal-mart you get $100 bill credit, and a $100 walmart gift card when you get it with the verizon or at&t contract. >> tvs are big this time of year. >> buyer beware. we've done that story. the quality on black friday is questionable, but we did find some good deals. on the bigger screens. 55-inch westinghouse at target is knocked down to 250 bucks, more than 50% off and a 65-inch from best buy from samsung for about total price of $1600. >> that's a pretty big savings. let's talk a little bit about clothes. >> typically we don't see clothes go really low on black friday because this year weather has been really warm so retailers are having a hard time unloading the -- the coats, the boots, so definitely check out some 50% off storewide sales at ann taylor, gap and old navy. j.y. penney, 50% off sweaters. where else? yeah, just check online. there's tons and tons -- jackets at ems, 50% off. >> winter coats. >> another way people are doing their shopping is just on their phone.
8:08 am
and these stores that would have the app that make it very easy. >> exactly. >> going to be a lot of traffic on the mobile app so amazon, 150 exclusive deals just on their app. so definitely check that out. we've got target, for example, giving off 10% if you use their target app and retail me not and j.c. penney's well having exclusive deals for app buyers. >> all sounds amazing, and you have a lot of information in your head. thank you for getting us all prepared. >> you're welcome. >> find more of her picks for the best black friday deals at coming up, jill martin standing by with her steals and deals that are just a mouse click away. plus, we'll take a plunge with a dog that loves to go deep sea diving. we'll explain this one. and why "star wars" fans are so excited about the newest trailer just out. we'll show you just after this.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
back now, just seconds away from 8:12 with what's trending today. and we are starting with one of erica's biggest pet peeves and one of ours. when you're on an escalator, where do you stand? >> stand on the right and walk on the left. everybody knows this. that helps keep order in the world, and allows people in a hurry to get moving and commuters in london are fuming about a big change to that rule at one busy station. signs there read stand on both sides. >> what? >> meaning nobody moves. everyone stands still the whole time. >> why? >> and get this. officials say the change will actually increase the flow of passengers so you're not all lined up to stand on the right side and coming off the left side. not quite sure why. some commuters have just been ignoring the new rules. >> #shocking. temples sometimes you have to get somewhere. you can't just stand there. >> can you imagine your stress level at rush hour? >> stressed just thinking about it. >> i can't move. >> excuse me, excuse me, trying to get through.
8:13 am
>> telling all the cars on a highway to stay in the two lanes at a uniform speed. left lane is for passing. >> left lane is always for passing. >> we'll see how that little experiment works out for them. meantime, we know santa claus is coming to town. which children's names are most likely to be on the naughty or nice list? a sticker company over in the uk took a look that got the most rewards, 80,000 students, the names on the nice list, harry, ryan and ethan and for the girls anna courtney and millie. on the naughty names list, joseph, james and joshua for the boys. leah, eleanor and jasmine for the girls. ouch, sheinelle and willie, our children not on either list. >> surprise. >> right in the middle somewhere. >> neutral. >> dylan bosco was not on that. >> my list was never on a list. you'll never see it. >> mine was always in the blue
8:14 am
and boy decorations. >> far be it for me to question a study from a uk sticker company. >> however. >> but if you're joey at home or abby, you'll have a great christmas. don't worry about seeing your name on the list. maybe you've trained your dogs some new tricks. >> bosco can sit. >> but you can't meet this. meal lylea, the lobster-catching labrador. that hers own. >> all he does is points and lylea dives into the water and snags a lobster from the ocean floor. ales says he wanted lylea see training can be fun and maybe even a little delicious, too. >> no snaps from the claws? >> is that consider poaching? >> i don't know. >> i don't know if lylea has a fishing license. >> good point. we'll have to look into that.
8:15 am
>> turning now to the "star wars" villains who are now taking center stage and jimmy fallon's must see musical mash-up. dylan has "pop start." >> the new "star wars" trailer, unlike the previous ones, this trailers doesn't focus on the heros. it looks at the dark side. >> there's been an awakening. >> have you felt it? >> yes. >> the villain is the star of this trailer called all the way. "star wars the force awakens" hits theaters december 18. i just started watching "star wars" to see what all the buzz was about. i'm kind of obsessed. >> never saw them -- >> something my brothers watched, you know. >> you never sought "star wars" movies. >> no. >> people are on to the "star wars" thing. >> some of us discovered them in 1977.
8:16 am
i'm glad you came along. >> i wasn't born yet, in my defense. >> there we go. >> moving on to jimmy fallon. he brought out actress rasheida jones and they sang holiday themed parodies of some of your favorite songs. ♪ and watch me whip the mashed potatoes ♪ ♪ watch me whip ♪ eat the turkey leg, gonna make it into a sandwich ♪ ♪ the leftovers in the refrigerator ♪ ♪ the leftovers in the refrigerator ♪ ♪ saturday night and i'm really strong and the grinch is on let's watch ♪ ♪ i've got deals on black friday ♪ ♪ so i'm going to trample you ♪ get out of the way ♪ i can't celebrate because i'm a jew ♪ ♪ i got candles and menorahs ♪ north pole ♪ got the whole crew with it ♪ putting down your trivet >> that's so funny.
8:17 am
>> the just so good. queen latifah joining in to the remix of "downtown." >> they make it look so easy. >> that is not easy to do. >> i wonder how long they practicesed for? >> right. >> so good. jimmy does it again. >> dylan, thank you very much. now to your other news if you can step to the weather monitor. >> let's head over and talk temperatures where it is going to be a very warm one today up and down the east coast, out ahead of the front, the same front that's causing heavy rain out ahead of it, but the cold air behind it causing ice and even some snow. look at our temperatures. kansas city 31 and amarillo, texas, 24, but on the eastern side of this front temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. 63 in new york city, and tallahassee up to 60 degrees, ten degrees above average tomorrow the cooler air settles into chicago. memphis still doing all right and atlanta 71 and raleigh about 71 as well. that's 12 degrees above average. then sunday it sort of balances out. the warmer air pushes into the
8:18 am
southeast and dallas gets back up to 49 which is still colder than normal for this time of year and new york city hovering around 50 degrees which is one degree above average. here's the front and this is the area of concern, northern texas and central oklahoma where we're looking at chance of perhaps a half of inch of additional ice accumulation because of the freezing rain. denver and some of the higher elevations in the rockies could look for up to a foot of snow and rain possible from texas stretching through the midwest and up to the great lakes and that will slowly move east good friday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter here. temperatures cold across the south bay and peninsula. near freezing in some spots. san francisco at 47. 48 in the north bay. later this afternoon, we will be into the 50s with full sunshine. 55 degrees will do it for a hugh temperature across the bay area. south bay, san francisco and the north bay. temperatures warming the next couple of days. we have a chance of rain monday and for thursday.
8:19 am
>> and that's your latest >> this morning on today's hassle-free holiday, more toying around. working with parents and children reviewed 36 of the hottest gifts on everything from how easy it is to take the toy out of the box, the clarity of the directions, to whether the age range is actually appropriate, and, of course, whether or not the toy is fun and engaging. each toy received an overall score based on a 100-point scale. stephanie oppenheim is the co-founder of and joins thus morning. nice to have you here. >> good morning. this is the best way to figure out how good a toy is to put it to the true test. >> absolutely. testers had a lot to say especially in this category where they are leaving toyland to find things that are engaging to them. we'll start with this bb8. this is not your father's droid.
8:20 am
this will be featured in the new movie, and got a lot of buzz when it first came out. the testers loved the way it moved around and one made liked that if you make it go real fast its head would fall off. >> that got an overall rating of 88. >> about $150. >> this is one of my favorites. this is a race being set for the 21st century. jason, what did guys any? >> we liked how easy it is to put together and the flexibility of the tracks, and can you do lots of different configurations and he really enjoyce controlling it with the app. >> can you neighboring go really fast with the app? >> yes. >> betsy and jake, you also reviewed this one. >> we did, and we loved, it our only frustration was that it -- the app won't load on our older devices. >> so the folks said players
8:21 am
don't need late mobile devices so kids don't have to borrow mom's new phones. they have a list of tested devices. >> great advice if you're buying any app-enabled device. check the specs on the company website to make sure you're not bringing home something that won't work. this is another app-enabled toy, minecraft, popular with both boys and girls. zach is making a stop motion movie creator so you have pieced from minecraft, the characters, and then he can move them around and change the background that he wants. our testers loved, it and i real like it because it's engaging kids to use technology in a creative way rather than just by -- >> by making your own movie. got an overall rating ever 80. >> that did very well. >> about $30, 33. >> not a big investment. this the is ruminate amusement park, i love the concept of the whole company and the women who
8:22 am
founded it. >> i did a story on it. >> loved them both. >> this, bufl, got the lowest rating. >> because the ferris wheel didn't stay together even with the stabilizers and the motor that comes with the kid isn't designed to make the ferris wheel move which was a disappoint sglnt a little rough on the testers. roominate said the ferris wheel is meant to be a challenge for the concern so it can be a process and provided an image of the way to make the base more sturdy. >> they have other great kits to do. leaving high-tech land and going to games. in this age they love strategy games. the girls are playing leaps and alleges from mine ware. you want tonight first to get to the top of the tower with your pieces and you want to make your other family members go down. >> there are, of course, video games so big with kids of all ages. >> bringing it home, our suggestion at toy portfolio is set ground rules before you bring the video consoles home.
8:23 am
>> good advice. >> this is the any skylander superchargers. our testers thought it was the best skylanders ever. >> also brand new. >> lego dimensions. totally new. our testers loved that they were including lego characters with people like batman and gandolf so you can put gandolf and bart simpson in the batmobile. >> legends come to life. >> and this is the "star wars" game. >> part of the edition 3.1 are the "star wars" packs which family really love. got lower marks because some of the light sabers broke off. our moms loved it because they are looking forward to playing it with their kids so if you're going to play these games do it with the holidays. >> always a great idea. stephanie, great to have you here. thank you again. willie, over to you. >> erica, thank you very much. let's get to today's special birthday wishes from our good friend mr. willard scott. >> hey, willard. >> always fun to go back up to new york to see what they are up to because they are always up to good stuff.
8:24 am
route duncan clearwater in kansas, she is 100 years old today and she likes to walk a couple miles a day. keeps her in shape. how about that. >> sweet georgia austin from st. louis, missouri. she is 100 years old today. loves to spend time with her family. they love her, too. arvie hart from sebastian, florida, loves to take walk in the park and see the birds and all that. carmen and theresa paliseno from brockton, mass, big red sox fans. watch every game. happy anniversary. everything this morning, birthday, salutes, anniversaries. now back to new york and a happy crew, here you are. >> all right, will or, thank you very much. coming up, the special steals and deals. jill's got me on the new head phones, looking for bargains, a little stevie i'm ... crews have put out a
8:25 am
8:26 am
fire at a a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. crews have put out a fire at a chinese restaurant in berkeley. we have video when crews were attacking it from the air and the ground. it broke out about 5:15 this morning. crews evacuated a nearby apartment complex. no one was hurt. the fire tore through the restaurant. it's pretty much gutted now. no word on a cause. look at this day behind me. but cold out there. >> yes. temperatures right now, in woodside, 29 degrees. 31 in stanford. across the south bay, still dealing with freezing.
8:27 am
all of us are dealing with sunshine and we will deal with that all day long. in fact, it's going to be a nice day. temperatures across the bay area right around 55 degrees. as we head toward the weekend, temperatures will moderate a little bit into the 60s. we have rain in the forecast as soon as wednesday night into thursday and more sierra snow on the way. here we go. >> that's good news. we will try to deal with the sunshine as much as we can. we will tough it. another local news update in half an hour. see you then. in the meantime, enjoy your friday. e a bow and arrow ♪
8:28 am
♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on what is shaping up to be a beautiful friday morning, november 27, 2015. thanksgiving now officially in the rear view mirror so let's move on to the next holiday, shall we. there it is, right. there's rockefeller center christmas tree. you may have unlessed the scaffolding, of course, is off. the lights on but not lit. red for the big reveal.
8:31 am
matt, savannah and natalie will help do the honors on a special here on nbc. >> that's always a fun night. a special edition of steals and deals on this black friday that you can't afford to miss. not to spoil things, but jill has a bargain at 93% off. >> sign me up. >> very specific. >> like most of us, your fridge is packed with leftovers from yesterday's big meat. coming up forget the turkey sandwiches. we have creative new ways to enjoy them all weekend long. and the "today" food team is on the hunt for the country's best cookie to showcase in the holiday cookie spot. we want you to cast your vote for the state's most delectable cookie and might just taste them here on the show. i hope we do. >> dylan, now you've got a little more weather duty for us. >> yes. it's fantastic up and down the east coast. that's going to stick around through most weekend though the southeast will have a better
8:32 am
saturday than the northeast where some of the spotty showers will move in, but the big concern still on saturday that ice spreading through northern texas and into western oklahoma where it will accumulate and cause very dangerous road conditions. to the north that have it's going to be a little bit chilly. temperatures only in the 30s and 40s, and then on sunday we're back in the 40s and 50s and in the northeast we'll lieutenants 60s we've been enjoying lately and the rain will be heavy at times from texas right up through the midwest and into parts of kentucky and west virginia where we could see some flooding rain though it doesn't good friday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter here. looking at freezing temperatures across parts of the bay area. closer to the water, dealing with 40s. we're all looking at sunshine this morning. it's nice this afternoon. back into the mid 50s. it is going to be at least sunny the next couple of days with rain in the forecast. we are tracking showers thursday. in the meantime, temperatures a
8:33 am
little warmer for sunday. back into the low 60s with 50s through monday. >> that's the latest forecast. willie? dylan, thanks a lot. let's keep your hassle-free holiday rolling along with a special steals and deals filled with bargains that are just as good. dare we say better than the black friday door busters. "today's" contributor jill martin is here with gifts for everybody on the list. jill, all ready for the holiday. >> like a walking on. put your feet up, eat leftovers and shop with us rather than waiting in line all night. >> dive right in. >> something for everyone, the theme today. the first is for him. we have two models, sean is one of our interns, tv debut. do a little model embarrassing walk. >> very good. >> and this is is darod, one of our researchers. the shirts retail at 67.50 to
8:34 am
$90. the zipup, button downs, machine washable and carried at nordstrom, macy's and other fine stores nationwide do. one more pose while i do the deal. >> the retail 67.50 to 90 and the deal $21, up to 77% off. >> wow. >> you like the shirt? >> feels good, fits good, like it. >> officially mortified? >> yes. >> thank you for modeling. >> officially. >> well done, gentlemen. >> thanks, guys. >> big savings, now we're moving on here to her. what are we getting her? >> the onna ehrlich handbag and -- >> can i reveal. >> it is chelsea in the original room's birthday, a perfect gift for her and the holidays, available in six color is celebrity fans include sierra leone and selena gomez. >> 80% off. >> great new colors and see them
8:35 am
all on >> let's move on here. going to him. >> this is for teens. you'll like this too, actually. you can reveal this. >> there's some him teens. >> and you'll really like this, really for everybody. koss head phones, retail at 79.99. real choices and see all the features at the pro deejay 100 which you were listening before and the porta pro head phones, noise isolating and one has stereo and the ktc has remote and microphone technology. >> okay. >> these are real, again, a great gift. the retail is 79.99. the deal is $1 for either/or, 70% off. >> and those are good head phones. >> listening to stevie with those on. >> went the other night to madison square garden, a good consigalert oh, jill. >> three-hour consigalert what's the next one, let me tell you who it is for, first, for the kiddies. the penguin randomhouse little golden book set, retail $39.90. nine iconic book sets to choose
8:36 am
from, you have your little -- >> these are the classic. >> all the classic. split these up into stocking stuffers, a great gift for little ones or new moms. the retail 39.90 and the deal $12.70. >> you get the set for 12. >> incredible. different amount in each set. check online to see how many in that one. >> all right. let's move on to the next one. >> this says for the baby but really the new births. this is the bert's bee baby bund. the retail is $84.95, and this is everything you need and moribundle. it's a 13-piece set, so you get everything here we're just showing the other two colors, the white and baby blue, but the white obviously if you don't know what the mommy is having and then baby blue and pink, but you get 13 pieces, comes in three colors, three to six months. julia roberts is a huge fan. this is her go-to baby gift. retail $84.95 and the deal $24.95, 70% off, super popular. >> outstanding. >> what do we have here, calling
8:37 am
this a gift for someone special, but i call this a gift for your friend who is always late. >> okay. >> so this -- >> wow. >> you're like what could that be? >> the invicta watch is 399 up to 999. some watch res unisex. tons online. high grade stainless steel and all come in the signature yellow box so you really just have to add a bow. retail 395 to 995 and the deal is $69 up to 93% off. >> 69 bucks for one of these watches. good watches, too. recap the products. men's shirts from cuttera buck, handbags from onna ehrlich, koss head phones, little golden book sets from peng rin random house. the burt's bees baby bundle and invicta watches for up to 93 boston off. head to the steals and deals page at jill, nicely done. >> thanks. >> kicking off the holidays with jill martin.
8:38 am
coming up, how to turn the thanksgiving leftovers into a ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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8:40 am
back now at 8:40 with our ongoing series of the nfl "together we make football." stories about the game changing lives on and off the field. >> and in this one when things get tough for the broncos omar bolden he adopted new words to live by. now he's rewarding fans who do the same. on any given day you can find omar boldin wearing a smile, but that wasn't always the case. >> in college i was facing some adversity, just tore my acl. obviously a tough time for me. >> as a way to get him through the hard times omar adopted the slogan positive living. >> i started hashtagging it and tweeting it and it's continued to grow on from there. >> this year omar created the
8:41 am
positive living award which recognizes community standouts. >> it's easy toe take situations in life and look at them the wrong way, and i think a lot of, you know, outcomes have to do with the way you react to situations. >> and omar bolden down the broncos sideline with his teammates cheering him on. >> the award's first recipient 15-year-old daniel dornan understands the importance of facing adversity with a smile. >> when i was 12, my mom was diagnosed with cancer a week after my dad left for afghanistan. i mean, we were broke and it's just you either threat roll you over or you have to stand up to it. i saw what all she had to go through and what all it takes to help somebody get through it. >> his mother's battle inspired daniel to create the organization comfort for kids. >> we donate comfort bags with toys it and blanket and age-appropriate items to the oncology floor at different
8:42 am
children's hospitals around the u.s. >> he wanted to do something to help other kids, and i -- i couldn't be prouder. >> i wanted to try to put a smile on a kid's face every day. >> i think it's a unique act and special for a kid to want to make other kids feel special. >> that's why owe war rewarded daniel with a once in a lifetime game day opportunity. >> i'm looking for that punt and taking it to the house. >> kickoff return, bro. we're about to kit, it man. >> this season omar plans to continue honoring more recipients for every home game. >> i'm happy it's growing and i'm happy that it's touching people. >> no matter what your situation is, you can always find the good. >> i have to thank omar bolden. >> i want people to continue to live positive and continue to do good things and love life and do it. >> daniel is only a sophomore in high school and plans to continue comfort for kids well
8:43 am
past his college graduation. currently working on getting more sponsors and donors so they can expand to more hospitals nationwide. all season long we asked you for the way football has affected you. next week the five finalists and who will have a chance of winning a trip to super bowl 50. i have a sneak peek at the five finalists. incredible stories. >> i don't know how you pick. >> we'll start that next week and meanwhile watch the broncos take on the undefeated patriots. did dylan mention they are undefeated? that's sunday night, of course, right here on nbc. up next on "today," new and different ways to enjoy your thanksgiving leftovers. forget the turkey sandwich, burks affirmative action this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
my name is 127 willow lane. and i've had some work done. in '62 they put in a conversation pit. brilliant. in '74 they got shag carpet. that poor dog. rico?! then they expanded my backside. ugh. so when the nest learning thermostat showed up, i thought "hmmm." but nest is different. keeps 'em comfy. and saves energy automatically. like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest. welcome to the magic of home.
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8:46 am
back now at 8:45 with "today food" as we put the finishing touches on our ultimate thanksgiving series. time for the best part of thanksgiving, the leftovers. justin smiley is author of "slow fires" and a chef at upland here in new york and is here to turn your turkey and stuffing into delicious new meals. great to have you with us. >> freight to be here. >> very excited about this segment all morning long. >> especially since you're mixing it up a little bey. not just a turkey sandwich. >> we do what we can. growing up, that's typical of what we got to eat. so i've got salad and pasta. >> two options. the first one is a salad. >> it's a kale and bruce el sprout sal aid, anchovy, dejohn vinaigrette. >> and you're going to use the turkey leg and in my family a lot of white male eaters so there's brown meat leftovers. >> actly. >> you sort of cut it up a little bit. >> shred it up and we'll do a quick little toasting in the
8:47 am
man. >> to make it kind crispy, right? >> super crispy. >> give it a nice crunch, good sizzle there. >> and how long do these cook for, until they are kind of brown? >> cooks for three to four minutes, until lightly golden brown. >> and we're cook being the turkey and also cooking up some almonds. >> absolutely. >> we toast these lightly. take about eight to ten minutes and when they are done we dress them with a little bit of olive oil and a little bit of sea salt. >> roast them in a dry pan for that. >> one of the major reasons for that is you don't want to denature the olive oil and keeps it fresher and fruitier and brighter on top. >> love these little tips. >> all right. >> so this is chris pick up. we've got our almonds, a little bit of salt and now for the greens. >> we have a little bit of kale and the tip with this, it's a sturdier green so i like to rough it up a little bit. >> the whole massaging kale thing i've heard so much about. >> exactly. a little roll and julienne.
8:48 am
>> and when you roll it up like that makes it easier to handle. >> and there's your kale. >> and same thing with the brussel sprouts. >> exactly. >> and i like to cut them top to bottom to kind of show off the natural architecture of the vegetable. >> leave that intact. don't cut it anymore. >> a little breaking up and mix in all in here. >> shave and chopped and you make your own dressing. >> i do. >> i'm a big fan of that, i do the same, i have to admit. >> the what do you put it in, olive oil, sweet and sour and we'll take the crisp you had turkey leg and break into bigger pieces and smaller pieces which helps bring the salad together. >> you need the almonds. >> the green, it makes me feel healthier the day after thanksgiving. >> absolutely. >> excellent. >> so that's all tossed and beautiful and then you put a little shaved parm right on top. >> shaved parm right on top.
8:49 am
>> and put this right into the bowl. >> perfect. >> and, we've got our salad. i'll have you shave that and move back to the one we've really been waiting on all morning, i have to be honest. your new take on stuffing. >> okay. so we move back here. >> we've got dish number two. this is the -- we've got our separate board right here, what to do with the leftover stuffing, making hash. >> making a little hash. so basically whatever stuffing is left over at end of your thanksgiving meal, i like to press it a little bit. >> okay. >> so we kind of cut out a little cardboard insert and overnight put a little number 10 can on top of it. >> so we can get it in the pan. >> when you're frying it it might ever come apart. get the little crispy bits and make a bed for the hash. >> put it on the plate like so. >> yeah. >> this is great. >> if people are watching and
8:50 am
maybe didn't press their stuffing overnight. can you still use the stuffing. >> sizzle and roll it around and have the crispy naturally bit. who doesn't love a fried egg the morning after thanksgiving. >> i think now we need to do a little bit of sampling. >> a little arugula. >> a little a ruling la. >> willie and sheinelle are downstairs with their plates. >> the salad is real good. >> we're finished. >> and you've all been very quiet. that's usually a good sign. >> so good. >> did you cook yesterday? i always wonder if the chef cooks on thanksgiving. >> i let my mother do the work. >> does she ask you for tips. >> i ask her for tips. >> and who came up with the hash, something your mom would do. >> this is something i kind worked out, you know, after doing many years in the restaurant. >> oh, my gosh, delicious. i love it. >> so good. thanks for coming in. happy thanksgiving, a day late. >> happy thanksgiving. >> good luck with your shopping
8:51 am
today. >> perfect. >> more ideas for you at up
8:52 am
we are wrapping up our annual thanks and giving highlighting the work of st. jude children's research hospital. >> national outreach director marlo thomas is back with a
8:53 am
fewst jude families some busy right now handing out gratitude journals that you can fill with words of inspiration and return to the hospital. marlo, kids, good to see everybody. >> thank you. good morning. >> it's been another amazing week. this is our favorite of the year doing these stories with you. >> thank you. >> and every year you're telling us about some new remarkable research or something you're doing at st. jude. >> it's very exciting the genome project has changed the game for the entire world because of the work we're doing. we're figuring out how we can build on what we've been doing all these years saving children's lives and using the genome to more investigate and cure these cancers. this week is so fabulous for us because, as you know, st. jude is a national resource and children come from communities all across the country at no cost to their families and we give away our research and discostsry as no cost and it costs us $2.2 million a day to run st. jude and we're nonprofit
8:54 am
so we're america's hospital so today we ask america to help us to pay and save all these children's lives do and all our great research by going shopping. it's that time of year. we're going to shop still we drop and wherever you go you'll see this logo. and this is where the good guys are. kmart and best buy and ann taylor, domino's beats yeah, jay culers, williams sonoma, great, great partners and they will be asking to you give $1 or whatever you want. but every dollar counts and just add it to your purchase and you can help to pay for this tremendous gift that we give to america. we really are america's hospital, so, america, pitch in and help us pay at this time of the year. most hospitals only have to get 15 of the money from the public pause we have in paying customers and we're nonprofit so this is a great day for us, the
8:55 am
beginning of our thanks and giving campaign. >> a great way to do it and great way to help out. you have some friends with you who we met earlier in the week as well. >> wearing the fabulous hats that kmart made especially for st. jude and this is andrew, i think you met andrew at beginning of the week. >> nice to see you here. >> and you've all got your gratitude journals there, too. >> great to have all of you with us. as willie pointed out, one of our favorite weeks of the year. >> gratitude journals were made by the children of st. jude's so that we could pass them on to everybody else. i wrote in one >> did you write in one? >> absolutely, and for you and for st. jude, thank you,
8:56 am
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i'm ... workers at an east bay family- owned business are picking up the pieces after a 8:56. good morning, everyone. workers picking up the pieces after an intense fire that broke out at sam car office furniture around 7:00 last night. the fire spread through 20,000 square feet and it took crews about an hour to put out the fire. no word on the cause. they believe it was accidental. in the south bay, flames forced a family from its home. it happened last night in san jose.
8:57 am
investigators say a heater in the garage ignited this fire. family got out safely. two dogs and four rabbits did, too. more local news coming for you in half an hour. see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month,
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or purchase with 0% apr financing. inspiring kits with her fight song and then caught on cameras, how a viewer became this hgtv host's biggest fan, and we kick off the holiday season right with food and a christmas classic. all that and more coming up next. coming up next. >> from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie moralisa and tam rtamer hall. >> welcome to today. inside i'm willie along with phil and al, natalie and
9:01 am
tameron. savannah and matt have the day off. >> i could listen to this all day long. >> it's for the time being, and water under the bridge. her new album 25 crossing 3 million sales. >> yeah, that's what everybody was predicting. >> all time record for opening week. let's talk a little thanksgiving. >> yeah, did you have a good one? >> i did. we had about 25 people at that time house. what did you guys get into? >> my whole family, my husband's family from boston comes down. i live in a very small apartment in new york city. notice my husband is not in the picture. everybody shows up and he's like i'm out and goes to work. i'm hanging out with the family. >> he's gone? >> yeah, he's not in the pe picture. we then went out to a restaurant. that's everybody. my husband showed back up for
9:02 am
dinner. we ate at 1:00 in the afternoon. by the time it was 7:00 at night i was so stuffed. i have this pair of pants i like to put on. i call them my wine pants. they're decorated in wine bottles, way over size, super stret stretchy and super comfortable. >> that's almost a pajamas. >> yes. i open up the cabinet and i'm like it's time for those. >> runner's world magazine tells us how many miles you should run to offset what you ate on thanksgiving. roast turkey, dark meat going to need you to run 1.7 miles today. >> right now. >> right after the show. if you have the white meat you're okay only a mile and a half. one cup of mashed potatoes, 2.4 miles. so i had the turkey and mashed
9:03 am
potatoes, i'm at 4 miles. a cup of sweet potato casserole 2.5 miles. one slice of pumpkin pie is going to cost you 3.2 miles. >> i have to run mary -- marathon. we had thanksgiving here yesterday morning and we ate all that and that was one, we had thanksgiving meal number two. seconds on top of that. >> you're going to have to run home from work. is that the bottom line? >> do you like all your food mixed together? >> no. i like to mix it up and i want the potatoes with the stuffing and turkey. i feel like casserole style. i dump it all on one plate. some people didn't do as well. >> no, there were a lot of thanksgiving fails which you would expect. of course, the hashta hashtag #thanksgivingfails. we showed some yesterday morning and now we have more.
9:04 am
>> oh, that's too bad. >> i don't think you can pull the skin off that turkey. >> i like what he says. nothing like forgetting your turkey is in the smoker. >> there's one thing to remember on thanksgiving and that's the turkey. when the oven stops working and all you have left is chicken. >> that's not a fail. that's fantastic. >> they had back up chicken. that's another bird one. i can't even. i like that. or i pecan even. >> i like the filling anyway. so the holiday travel season is upon us. the gift that keeps on giving are the viral videos of mishandled bags and packages. the first one is appearing to play a game of bean bag toss. the guy who filmed it said it
9:05 am
went on for about 30 minutes. come on. really? >> what are they trying to get it to? >> alaska airlines said the bags were filled with magazines that did not belong to a passenger. that doesn't look fun. >> no. i feel like that's going to hurt your back. >> clearly. all things aside that was a good call. >> there was a new commercial for old navy yesterday. we haven't seen this side of her. it's a new one of snoop dog. she plays a burglar trying to steal $1 million from him not knowing old navy is giving it away. take a look. >> let me ask you a question. have you known about this the whole time? >> i've known for a while.
9:06 am
>> will y'all wrap things up and get the hell outs of my house? >> okay. >> do you have my purse? >> i never have your purse. that's not my job. >> very elaborate plot. i like it. >> it's hilarious. i love that there's nothing to do with it. >> nothing. it's commending johnny. >> it's perfect timing. >> i love it. >> here's the deal. we're kicking off a new series. do you know about this? >> i know about this. i don't know how it all
9:07 am
happened. >> in the past we've sent natalie out to do this horrendous thing. apparently you've now taken the torch from natalie. dylan is a daredevil. she walked a high wire. not that high. but she went ghost hunting and got herself caught in a simulated hurricane. she'll do anything. >> i'm not a daredevil by any means. >> too late now. we just announced it. go. we're asking our viewers to tweet in their dares to dylan. this is going to go horribly wrong for you. hashtag #dare dylan. it includes your full name, town and state and we're going to pick dares out of the fish bowl. >> i guess i have to do it. i say these things are far out of the box.
9:08 am
scuba diving in hawaii is daring. >> yeah. >> there are probably cool things to do in australia, right. >> i say we really think, you know, let's get away from bungy jumping and all that stuff. >> you're showing weaknesses and all you're going to get is bungy jumping. >> i've sky dived twice. i don't like that dropping feeling in my stomach. >> it sounds like bungy jumping is number one on your list. >> yes. but skydiving i was surprised you're okay with. >> what about hang gliding? >> that sounds fun. >> i'm going to put something inappropriate on this card. hashtag #daredylantoday. >> i've never done anything mean to anyone. >> right now, i hear you're
9:09 am
going to get a check on the weather. let's see how you do that. >> all right. we have got a big storm system through the country getting its act together yesterday but today it's starting to produce significant amounts of ice. watch out for the bridges a andovand over passes. it's going to be slippery across texas and oklahoma. heavy rain on the eastern side of the storm system. ice storm warnings in texas, oklahoma and south central kansas where we could see the icing conditions. downed trees and power lines heavy. if you're traveling today along 40 and 25 is where we're looking at trouble spots because of the snow and ice. if you're up across the midwest, we have started off the day with dense fog. that could create delays in the morning. saturday still looking at icy conditions back through the southern plains. showers and spots with low visibility is possible. right through amarillo and oklahoma city we could end up with isolated
9:10 am
happy friday morning to you. i'm anthony slautd ghter. sunshine expected across the entire bay hear. these are our highs later on. mid-50s will do. after waking up to frigid conditions this morning, another round of freezing temperatures expected tonight and again for sunday morning. sunday afternoon back into the 60s across the south bay with a few showers expected as soon as wednesday night. i'm breaking paper clips now. i'm nervous. >> oh, #daredylantoday. up ahead, a fight song helping kids across the country. after this.
9:11 am
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the holidays are a time for giving and in the spirit of the season "fight the holiday s are a time fo forgiving. racheal teamed up with musicians on call to give some kids at a hospital the show of a lifetime. >> racheal has been doing this for a year now proving music can be powerful medicine. singing sensation racheal platton has a lot to be thankful for this season. she even got to opportunity to be part of macy's thanksgiving day parade. this year has been a whirlwind for platton. this week racheal is bringing that inspiring spirit to the children's hospital in new york city. >> let's have some fun, okay.
9:15 am
>> with a special performance helping kids fight back with music as medicine. >> music especially is so universal and it breaks these barriers. music can get you there and hearing a song that you know and love reminds you that you're okay. >> this is all part of the organization called mu sessions situati -- musicians on call. >> all these kids are in a fight of their life and using every bit of energy and resource they can find to get through this critical time in their life. to hear a song like that and feel someone's giving you a
9:16 am
message that helps you feel you can fight anything is really important. >> racheal joins other volunteers like darius rucker. a moment to forget their illnesses and share this experience with a chart topping musician. >> thank you. >> this day is a dream come true, especially for one special patient. 18-year-old essence white who was diagnosed in january with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. >> i remember looking out the window and thinking this is a beautiful world and i'm not going to be in it for long. >> just like the message of fight song, essence persevered through the hard times refusing to give up. >> i learned that you can't sit in bed and just cry and be unhappy. you know, you have to be
9:17 am
positive and seek things into existence. i am a survivor. >> and after nearly six months in the hospital, essence is finally healthy enough to go home. >> it's been a long time isolated in april. i am cancer free. being here today and leaving here today being cancer free, that's a big accomplishment. >> a day made even more special because racheal was there to share this accomplishment with her. >> i feel really lucky to be part of moments like that. that's why i do this. i see in her eyes that song was giving her strength and helping her feel powerful again. it's a really, really amazing
9:18 am
experience. >> racheal doing a great job there and she was on the show a few weeks ago. she's so cool and so happy to see her having all the success she's having now. for more information on the program, you can go to >> tis the holiday party season. with that comes a lot of awkward hoe moments. first, these messages. ble it ca. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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9:22 am
holiday party season is under way and how you stand and even how you hold your drink can tell people a lot about you. >> really. so we brought in janine driver, president of the body language institute to show us the best ways to look approachable and confident before you hit those festivities. janine, always good to see you, my friend from nice to see you guys. >> welcome back. >> nice to be here you? say holding your drink is critical. >> this is a pig mistake right here. holding your drink in front of your body. when you do that, you're saying i'm closed off. i'm not open for conversation. >> is it really that heavy? >> do you need two hands. >> this is me? hold it off to your side. >> i'm going to spill this. >> our neck nipple and belly button and our naughty bits down here and be careful if you're holding a cold drink. your brain will begin to think what's in it for me. if you are going to hold a cold drink hold the stem of the glass and might become more warm hearted and engage in
9:23 am
conversation more. engages our body and brain. you hold a warm drink, how can i i -- >> dylan usually has a drink in both hands. >> i saw that before the show this morning at 4:00 a.m. >> it's all about open. >> awkward moment when you've got to break into the circle. >> people have a challenge breaking into the circle. >> i can't do it. >> i stand off on the side. >> lead it your left so when you start with your heart you're always off to a good start. >> excuse me, i have only a quick second, i'm janine, i just wanted to say hi. i don't know if you just heard the rockettes were outside, hi, i'm janine, can only stay for a second, hi, hi >> the rockettes were just doing a cool teaser out there, really excited to see, i wanted to say hello so when you lead with your heart and you're off to that great start. if you see what happened. they bladed their body so that meant all their bodies -- their one uniform body, they bladed their bodies which allowed me in. if earlier i did a teaser, they
9:24 am
didn't let me in, your feet don't move, they are giving you the cold shoulder so that's why you only come in with a line so if they are disrespectful you can still leave with dignity and pride, does that make sense? so if they are not nice, who cares, move on to your next group. does that make sense. >> what about getting out of group in. >> that's why you start with i only have a second, got to go my husband is out in the characters wanted to say hello and introduce my level. >> and you don't even have a husband or a car. just a line to get out. >> yeah, yeah. >> our last scene over here. >> so focused on keeping my drink over here. >> if you look at this group here, if you were outsiders looking at their body language, crossed arms is a big myth, we think it means person is board, disinterested and doesn't want to be here. i come from law enforcement, willie, so what happens is the scene of a crime, people cross their arms. you're solving a puzzle so feel free to go up to the crossed arms and these guys covering your naughty bits, put your hand in your pocket, open your coat,
9:25 am
open your coat, i want to see this, create a little arrow, george cleany? an arrow to what. >> naughty bits. >> relax, it a little too excited on that thumb. this is a morning show right here your thumb point pentagonous james dean. >> keep the i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? the but if you know where can beto look for inspiration,, you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list
9:26 am
and share wonder every day. walmart fire at a a very good friday morning to you. 9:26. screws that put out a fire at a chinese restaurant in berkeley, this is vidindividual from earl this morning, it broke out about 5:15 at the mandarin garden restaurant. crews evacuated a nearby apartment complex. the fire tore through the restaurant. no word yet on the cause. the south santa clara cold "weather center" is open early as we are in a freeze warning. usually it doesn't open for another few days, but because of the dangerously cold weather, they opened early to get to some of the county's nearly 7,000 homeless people. people are starting to migrate to lake tahoe amid
9:27 am
freshly fallen snow. squall valley says it has 17 inches of new powder. squaw, alpine and all the resorts certainly loving it as well as the snowboarders and skiers and restaurants. finally getting some business up there. a look at weather right after this. traffic toss to anchor
9:28 am
an happy friday to you. i'm anthony slaughter. temperatures with rarmi iwarmin slowly. south bay, 44. 47 in san francisco. 51 in the north bay. temperatures will only tap out in the 50s. 56 north bay, 55 for san francisco and for the south bay, as well. temperatures do warm just a little bit by the time we get in to sunday across parts of the bay area. we say see some 60s. by the time we get in to wednesday and thursday, we'll track the next chance of rain and more sierra snow on the way. >> another update in about half an hour.
9:29 am
9:30 am
t ak taking a look at the headlines millions of shoppers woke up early today and headed out to local malls looking for the best bargains on this black friday. a record number of consumers used their mobile devices to do early shopping on thanksgiving friday. still ahead 55% of consumers will be out shopping today. new research reveals a new mosquito virus poses a higher infection and death than west nile virus. they followed 2,000 people infected with the virus in 2005. the rate of brain infection was higher than west nile between 1999 and 2007. seniors were at greater risk for
9:31 am
infection and death. experts recommend people traveling to africa, asia to protect themselves from mosquito bites. people with heart disease should get up and move every half hour. they found that those who sit uninterrupted for many hours can't offset the normal threats. children living with a dog are less likely to suffer some childhood anxiety. among 68% of children with a dog in the home -- researchers say companionship can help anxiety. how about this role reversal at a russian safari park? sent into a tiger enclosure. the goat refused to be part of
9:32 am
it. he turned the tables and chased the tiger around his own backyard and the goat took over the enclosure. dylan. >> the goat got away. >> that's an understatement. >> good for the goat. let's take a look at the eweathr for the weekend. we are going to see some of the rain start to move into the northeast. it will be shower ri at first and rain stretching into texas where we could see potential flooding. also, icing remains an issue saturday into northern texas. on sunday, the ice and snowy part of the whole system starts to sizzle out and the rain will continue through texas up through missouri and arkansas. we are looking for pockets of heavier rain. that leads to some delays at the airports. in the northeast it looks nice
9:33 am
good friday morning to you. temperatures back into the 40s now after dealing with some 20s. 49 in san mateo and south bay. a few 30s still. 44 downtown san jose. and off in the east bay, freezing temperatures here this morning. dublin was at 31, you're at 43 now. so we're warming nicely. a nice bright day. temperatures back near 55 today. a little bit warmer for the weekend, with rain by wednesday. >> that's your late forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. "hgtv's "flip or >> one fan's keen eye may have saved the hosts life after she spotted something suspicious on his growth.
9:34 am
>> she looks forward to that. it's called mickey time. it wasn't always like this. real-estate is a time of buying. ten years later they've turned their passion into flip or flop. a house flipping show on hgtv. they had a new family and in 2013 they got an e-mail from one of their viewers. >> i noticed at certain times the angle caught my eye, that lump on his throat. i thought it was something that needed to be brought to his
9:35 am
attention. >> his doctors didn't expect anything beyond a fatty mass. >> it's not something might be wrong. it's something is wrong. >> turns out his smoker's cough was a symptom of stage two thyroid cancer. >> i told her we're going to beat this thing and be fine and work through it like we have with everything else. >> just feeling totally overwhelmed. our daughter. within a month he had his thyroid and limp nodes removed and began iodine radiation dream. >> that major migraine that no energy is feeling sick. >> they approach treatment like everything else in their livers, relentlessly and together. >> we made a decision we're not going to slow down or stop. we're going to run the business and fight through this cancer. the second we slow down is the
9:36 am
second it gets scary. we made the decision to keep moving forward. >> throughout the treatment he continued to work and knowing they wanted to expand their family they planned for an invetro pregnancy. after two failed attempts they now have their son brayden. >> it was a turning point in our life. now priorities are different. >> i use to work 14 hour days and i don't. >> after he found out he had cancer him and my daughter got closer than they've ever been. >> they continue to host flip or flop and the new season premiers december 3rd. he has been in complete remission for about a year and a half. >> that's good news. here's how to spot the symptoms of thyroid cancer. good to see you. how serious is this? if the viewer hadn't noticed it, how bad could it have been? >> i think in his case it would
9:37 am
have been discovered eventually, the great news about thyroid cancer is it's incredibly treatable depending on the stage. most thyroid cancer have amazing five year survival. it's one of the most treatable cancers we have. >> not everyone is in the public eye to have someone else spot this for them. what are some of the symptoms speem should look for? >> unfortunately, some of the symptoms you're not aware of is it's a nodule. some of them, most of them are found incident tally meaning people are getting scanned in the next for other reasons. they find it incidentally. some of the symptoms you would notice would be a lump in the throat, any difficulty swallowing, a horse voice and a cough. this is where the thyroid is. any swelling you should go to the doctor. he had the limp node removed and
9:38 am
treatment. >> that's normal. they have a radio active iodine and it destroys it. that's how they do surveillance to make sure no cancer has are you cured. he's going to do quiet well. >> thank you so much for your input. >> thanks. >> as always, if you have concerns about your health it's best to check with your doctor. up next, prepare to feast your eyes on ways to reboot your thanksgiving left overs. first these messages. isn't it funny that the people you're closest to are also the hardest to shop for. but if you know where to look for inspiration, you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. low prices on everything you need to share wonder every day. walmart
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9:42 am
the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it is the meal that keeps on giving. many of you probably waking up to a fridge full of leftovers. >> food and lifestyle expert alejandra ramos is here transforming all the turkey and the trimmings. good morning. >> good morning. >> this looks amazing. starting us with empanadas, right? >> empanadas, doing leftover turkey and mashed potatoes empanadas. >> some of the ingredients. >> leftover turkey and leftover mashed potatoes and leftover cranberry sauce and leftover
9:43 am
gravy, making use of all of the leftovers, some parsley, pie crust, homemade or star bought, whatever you prefer, eggs, olive oil, onions and salt and pepper and this is our dip. >> can't go wrongs with those ingredients. >> that's when you have so much leftovers. >> start off putting little bit of life back into the turkey, onions sauteing here and then we'll add the turkey. and -- >> whatever you like. >> white, dark, put it all in there and a little bit of chicken broth, turkey broth. >> especially if you had a dry turkey. >> no badly how you messed it up yesterday, this will fix it. >> that's right. >> then we get the mashed potatoes in there. >> right in. >> and if you've got like roasty potatoes, that works, too. whatever you work. >> even vegetables. >> i like a recipe where it's like just dump everything in the pan. >> did i at lot of work yesterday and today is like you can chill.
9:44 am
>> now weave got that stuff going. >> over here we have the pie crust and cut out little four-inch rounds. use a cookie cutter because who has that. use like a bowl or big cup, whatever works and here we've got filling that you already did, do a tablespoon right in the center and then we've got a little egg wash, egg with a little bit of watch. >> sews it sticks together. >> brush around the edges. >> and serves as your glue a little bit. >> exactly, yeah. >> and what's the track to folding it over. >> and you real want to mold it over like that, just in half, super simple and we're use the fork, little decoration. >> another one-pot meal, the pot pie. >> i'll let you go through. >> and obviously using turkey, again, we've got some onions in here, turkey and leftover veggies. so, again, whatever you have, using peas and carrots but
9:45 am
anything you have. totally works. just get it all in there. >> okay. >> and then we've got a little bit of gravy and some heavy cream because it's not a light meal. >> well, it's pot pie. >> woman after my heart, heavy cream, boom. >> you do light next month or in next month. then you just kind of stir that all in and get nice and bubbly, a little bit of parsley in there. >> a little pop of color. >> and that goes in these ramekins. >> threat thicken up a little bit. do a ramekin. >> i learned the word ramekin yesterday. it's a bowl. >> it's like a bowl but more fancy. >> and this is puff pastry. can go right on to. fill it up to about -- right up to the top there. >> cool. >> and then the puff paste try, so buttery and delicious and a little bit of egg wash on the top. >> this is the one i'm diving
9:46 am
into. alejandra, thank you so much. up next, a christmas classic from the country duo give underwear to this holiday.
9:47 am
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9:48 am
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for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
9:50 am
i can tell by how stuffed i am without a doubt the holiday season is here and husband and wife country duo haley shannon and michaels are here with "have yourself a little little christmas ♪ ♪ have yourself a mer i little christmas ♪ ♪ let your heart delight ♪ from now on our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ make the yuletide gay
9:51 am
♪ from now on our troubles will be miles away ♪ ♪ here we are as in olden days ♪ happy golden days of yore ♪ faithful friends who are dear to us ♪ ♪ gather near to us once more ♪ through the years we all will be together ♪ ♪ should the fates allow ♪ hang a shining star upon the
9:52 am
highest bough ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ a merry, merry, merry, merry little christmas now ♪ >> nicely done. haley & michaels, thank you very much. they have got one more song coming up with kathy lee and hoda. we're back in a moment with horrifying dares for dylan. >> but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
9:54 am
unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. dylan's got a look at what's coming up this weekend.
9:55 am
what are we looking at, dylan in. >> celebrating 50 years of alvin ailey american dance theater. >> the best. >> incredible. also going to catch up on taylor swift, not that taylor swift, a photographer who shares the same name. that's got to be rough. >> that's tough. >> our viewers have sent in three dares for dylan to perform. >> okay. >> these are proposals. >> do i have veto power. >> #daredylantoday. eat the three grossest things in a college student's fridge. i did it and i barely survived. >> this is kill dylan today, awesome. >> here's another one. i dare dylan to sing the national anthem or a pro or high school sporting event. >> no one's heard me sing. >> that makes me nervous. >> last one. >> the weather. >> can you do the weather. >> easily. >> here we i'm ... it's black friday. and
9:56 am
people have already been out for more than 12 hours -- looking good morning. it is of course black friday. some stores have been open for 12 hours thousand. th now. is this the scene in livermore. millions are heading to the store, but online shopping is also off to a great start.
9:57 am
adobe retail index found u.s. shoppers spent more than a billion dollars between midnight and 5:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. $200 million more than last year. not everyone will join the black friday chaos. we think this is such a good idea, people taking advantage of free passes offered by state parks. now, most of them are gone, but if you still don't have a pass, just go to the park anyway. you will have to pay the normal entrance fee, but enjoy nature with your family and shop another day. >> and you can always do it online when you're at work. not that i know anything about that. let's talk about temperatures. we're in the 40s and finally 50s across parts of the bay area. 52 finally in cupertino. 49 in livermore and 46 in dublin after waking up to temperatures they're freezing. we'll be in the 50s later on this afternoon. slightly warmer day on the way for tomorrow and same for sunday and then we'll be tracking some
9:58 am
rain next week. a reminder there is no midday news today. we'll have a hockey match instead. and then veeof course we'll be k to regular schedule come monday. have a great holiday weekend.
9:59 am
10:00 am
nbc sports. home of the rio olympics, nhl. the playoffs and prime time's number one show, sunday night football. only on nbc. >> the uss constitution o old in sign since 1977 and still commissioned and from the home of the boston bruins and their holiday guests from new york. thanksgiving weekend in new england. a time for togetherness, turkey, and a black friday tradition. >> score! cam neely. >> founded in


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