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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 30, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. and right now at 11:00 the so-called hot cop of the castro in legal hot water. the hit-and-run crash that could land this well-known officer behind bars. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. san francisco police officer very popular on his beat now on the wrong side of the law. he is accused of hitting two people with his car and then driving off. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is in san francisco with an update on one of those victims. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: that's right, scott and kris. and i can give you good news. yesterday the close family friend had said one of the victims was in critical condition. this morning i've confirmed with the hospital he is now in fair condition. that means his vital signs are
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stable and he is conscious. so, again, very good news. the other man rk the other victim also expected to recover. now, this is the man, take a look, police arrested for the hit-and-run. 38-year-old christopher chorus, an sfpd officer off duty at the time of this crash. he became a local sensation after so-called fans started a facebook page back in june of last year. it now has more than 52,000 likes calling him the so-called hot cop of castro. investigators say he hit the two men with his dodge charger around 2:20 yesterday morning before ditching the car and running from the scene at broadway and montgomery. that is in the north beach neighborhood here in the city. we spoke with one of the victim's family friends who said the two men had just finished watching a musical performance when they were hit. >> he had just celebrated my mother's birthday this past friday with us. we had just seen him. it's never a call you expect. >> reporter: he says the crash
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put his friend, again, in critical condition with a broken leg, broken jaw and head injuries so bad they required stitches. police booked him into the san francisco county jail on two counts of felony hit-and-run -- two charges. but he is out on bail. we tried checking nearby businesses for security camera footage, but they are not open yet. that is no doubt part of what investigators will be looking at in addition to talking to witnesses in trying to piece together what led up to this crash. live here in front of san francisco general, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. also new at 11:00, a precarious position for a yacht in the east bay. this was a few hours ago the view from our chopper. whoops, looking at that 45-foot vessel. ran aground within the oakland alameda estuary. you can see the boat called "gotcha" teetering on a break wall. crews safely rescued two people who were onboard. authorities say it is possible the boat was just too close to that break wall and then the
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tide changed. they're hoping to remove that yacht this afternoon. a man accused of shooting and killing in oakland was supposed to face a judge today but his arraignment was delayed because of medical reasons. accused of killing antonio ramos in oakland back in september. holway created quite a stir at his arraignment last week. there he is. he started screaming profanities while a judge was reading him the charges against him. authorities say the gun used in the shooting was stolen from an immigration and customs enforcement agent back in san francisco. no word on when he'll be back in court. the search continues this morning for a man accused of stabbing and killing his girlfriend. family members tell us 34-year-old colleen straw was stabbed to death saturday. her boyfriend anthony kirincic is seen here wanted in connection with her death. police say on saturday afternoon they received a call from a
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woman believed to be colleen straw saying her boyfriend had stabbed her. it happened at her home in south b street in san mateo. police found the suspect's car in a parking garage on industrial road in san carlos. the suspect not in the car, so police conducted an all-out search for him over the weekend shutting down nearby center health urgent care center for four hours thinking perhaps he could be inside. officers also boarded b.a.r.t. trains looking for the suspect, but he has yet to be found. police do say he's armed and dangerous. 19-year-old livermore woman is dead after leading officers on a car chase through the east bay. hannah meacham was trying to get away from officers they say when she lost control of the car, slammed into a tree. it happened just after 1:00 yesterday morning at crow canyon road in san ramon. police say though that the pursuit actually started in danville on interstate 680. they say meacham reached speeds of 90 miles an hour. and police say they may know why
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she wanted to get away. >> part of this investigation has determined that the vehicle that ms. meacham was driving had been reported stolen in dublin recently. >> there were two other passengers in the car. and they are now in the hospital with serious injuries. stunning new video this morning from a drone flying above the melting ice sheets and glaciers in the arctic. experts say the ice is retreating faster and further than ever before with temperatures there rising faster than anywhere else on the planet. now, this comes as nearly 200 world leaders are meeting right now in paris. >> the goal is to keep the earth's temperature from rising any farther any faster. nbc's kelly o'donnell reports from paris. >> reporter: the climate conference is underway, but there is much more going on here than a discussion of just the big issue of global climate change. that's what brought 150 world leaders here to paris, but for president obama there are other subjects demanding his attention
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too. we've learned that vladimir putin and barack obama met on the sidelines so to speak and talked about some very difficult issues relating to isis, bashar al assad in syria and their differing agendas on what should come of the syrian leader. more broadly here at the conference president obama addressed the group and talked about paris' resolve in the wake of the isis attacks here. >> and we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. >> reporter: with so many leaders and so many interested parties from around the world talking about how they could find ways for countries to come together in a deal to slow the growth of carbon emissions to try to get control over the changing temperatures of the earth. so that part of the conversation goes on for days to come, but for the world leaders today meeting together getting their traditional class photo, those sorts of things give them an opportunity to talk about these big issues. they include innovation in how to change some of the dimensions
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of climate change, but the idea that the crisis over what to do with the terrorist networks that has very much cast a shadow on this conference for the obvious reasons that it's happening in paris, but because of the conflicting demands that these world leaders are facing. is there enough being done? are they on the same page when it comes to battling isis? i'm kelly o'donnell in paris. now back to you. >> thank you, kelly. the university of california is also putting big money behind the fight against climate change. the uc pledging $1 billion over the next five years. it will go towards research in the development of clean energy technology. in doing so it joins a coalition led by microsoft founder bill gates. in addition to that billion dollars the uc is committed to funding another quarter billion in clean energy projects that come out of that research. stanford university just released a new study saying self-driving cars are so good that the humans inside get bored enough to fall asleep. >> in the study drivers who read or watched a movie as their
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simulated car drove down a simulated road were able to stay awake and aware and less able to take over when the computers ran into problems. bored riders with nothing to do tend to fall asleep and couldn't take over the controls when necessary. the study says in the future it might be best for robot car riders to bring a book with them for the ride. >> or install a karaoke machine, right? up next at 11:00, a whole lot of protesters at a popular bay area grocery store despite thanksgiving being over these demonstrators still wanted to talk turkey. plus, we're standing in line to shopping online. we'll take you inside amazon as they get ready to ship out everything you've been snatching up this holiday season. >> and temperatures are finally warmed up from the freezing lows of this morning. now we're seeing clouds and a few light rain showers crossing through the bay area attracting these changes in a forecast and stronger storm due in later this week. i'll have that in the forecast when we come right back. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit?
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call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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and welcome back to you on this monday morning. this is blue nile trying to remind you to buy some jewelry for christmas. markets not moving much at all this monday morning. cyber monday madness officially underway. so many shoppers target's website went down for a time this morning. amazon's running just fine. nbc bay area's bob redell takes us inside amazon's hub in tracy where they're getting millions of shipments out the door. >> reporter: when it comes to online retail, this has got to be the grand central train station. we're inside one of amazon's 50 fulfillment centers located nationwide. this one here in tracey.
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look around notice how ginormous it is. it's the size of 28 football fields. this morning the online retailer is telling us they expect this cyber monday to be their best ever, but to beat last year they would have to be selling more than 500 items per second. amazon won't tell us if they're on track yet. it's too early in the day, but as you can see they are definitely busy. now, there are 2,500 people who work in this fulfillment center filling customer orders. you'll notice they're receiving help from a bunch of robots. so instead of the workers racing down aisles looking for items on a shelf, the so-called robots bring them to them. >> cyber monday is the biggest day of the season. last year our customers worldwide ordered 43 million units on cyber monday. staggering 500 units a second. the team is ready to deliver that customer promise. >> reporter: this is video just released this past weekend by amazon. it's their newest delivery system that could soon be headed to a home near you.
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you're looking at their latest drone photo type. they plan to use it for its so called amazon air service. can deliver packages up to five pounds. they would be flying at over 400 feet altitude and using a sense and deploy technology to deploy obstacles as they make their way to the destination. the online retailer says they'll launch that delivery drone service if and when they get federal safety approval. here in tracy, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> i know a lot of people were buzzing about that video amazon published over the weekend with the drones. let's take another look at them. showing off those latest models. much bigger than the first ones we saw in "60 minutes" two years ago. a lot of people do have some doubts as to how real this is whether amazon's going to be able to deliver things via drone. you recognize this fella making the announcement? that's jeremy clarkson, the former host of "top gear," the most popular tv show in the
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world. now, that show or something like it is definitely coming to amazon. that we're sure of. as for the drones, amazon says each drone will have a range of 15 miles for delivery. so i asked our graphics people to show me what 15 miles would look like if the amazon launch pad were in se downtown palo alto. so we're talking about a really big swath of the bay area. you would not need many drone airports to make this work. though lots of people think it won't work. lots of smart people. the tech writer if "the wall street journal" says amazon's doing a great job getting a lot of free press. i'm kind of of the same mind. it's a fun idea but i doubt it will ever happen. but then again who ever would have thought google would have robot cars? the day that was announced everyone in the newsroom did a collective what what? robot cars on the road? so technology does have a way of surprising you. other news, if you get a gift card this holiday season and you don't want it, walmart says they'll take it. walmart has set up a website with a company called card cash where you can exchange them. so i tried it out. say you get a $50 gift card to
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build-a-bear, i'm not really a big build-a-bear fan, kris. >> what? >> i could trade that in. get $30 at walmart for my build-a-bear, but i could find something at walmart i want. >> many people give you the gift that they think you need. >> so i should give it back to them? >> no, you just need a little cuddle. >> oh, i'll take that. grocery store full of protesters was the scene at the market street whole foods in san francisco yesterday all because of an investigation into the chain's turkey supplier. >> what do we want? >> animal -- >> activists with direct action everywhere wore blue and held pictures of turkeys. they marched around the store yesterday afternoon. they say their protest follows an investigation the results of which were released last week. the group showed pictures showing turkeys in crowded barns and trapped in areas where feces covered the floor. they say the pictures show the
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conditions at a farm in so nora which is in the central valley. whole foods is firing back sent this statement, it is important to understand the mission of animal activist groups like this one isn't farm animal welfare but rather a total end to animal agriculture and meat consumption. it goes onto say that whole foods sent a team to the farm within hours of seeing those images and found that the conditions were not exactly how the group portrayed them. the spokesperson also sent us this picture saying it's from the same farm. staying warm has been difficult for hundreds of people this thanksgiving holiday, both homeless people and folks who are not all sheltered left out in the cold. today, 13 daytime warming centers opened at public libraries and community and senior centers around santa clara county. these are meant to provide a warm place when overnight shelters are not open. particularly helpful for families.
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santa clara county opened two overnight cold weather shelters last week because of this cold snap. another is set to open in sunnyvale in december. well, every parent loves to share pictures of their kids, right? especially when your kid is cute. prince william and duchess kate may be royalty, they're just like us. sort of. they released two new photos of princess charlotte yesterday. they were taken in early november when she turned 6 months old. charlotte by the way is fourth in line to the british throne. she looks quite a bit like her brother. >> yes, she does. >> but also quite a bit like herself. >> she is just a fantastically beautiful baby. here's a sign of the holiday season in the south bay. the annual festival of lights lighting up downtown los altos last night. this year's theme was a child's holiday fantasy. the parade featured illuminated floats and twinkling walking storybook characters and of course santa. >> child fantasy, you would think there would be like, you know, gadgets in there. no, it was good old fashioned
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fun. let's check your weather with rob. >> glad to see it didn't rain. right now we have a little bit of light rain into san jose. 48 degrees cool temperatures that will kind of be sticking around for a while. temperatures mid-40s around livermore. 580 there, light rain moving through. san francisco mostly cloudy skies, 48 degrees. and right now the satellite radar view shows you the showers that are kind of passing on by moving out of the north bay now into the east bay and tri-valley. just a few sprinkles, enough just to get the windshield wipers going briefly. and some cases enough to wet the ground around dublin and over toward livermore. these rain showers falling through some very chilly dry air at the surface. so a lot of this is evaporating before it reaches the ground, but in a few spots around the bay area you will encounter these passing rain showers off and on throughout the day. the clouds during the day are great reflectors of sunlight. fortunately as the sun comes down, the sun reflects back up and see temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but at night the moisture and cloud cover will
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act like a blanket. not expecting temperatures in the 20s and 30s over the next couple mornings, mostly upper 30s to mid-40s tomorrow morning. but through the day today still a chance of a few scattered showers. if the clouds are around not warming much at all. upper 40s to low 50s for highs today. close to 54 in san jose. low to mid-50s around san francisco. for the north bay close to 50 in santa rosa. and you can see the tri-valley low 50s for temperatures. just a couple degrees warmer than the numbers you saw outside right now. now, the trend as we get towards tuesday and wednesday notice finally back to near average temperatures. we'll be back in the 60s on wednesday, but keep an eye on that thursday forecast. you can see the rain becoming widespread at times. north bay, east shore and tri-valley numbers in the 60s for wednesday, but thursday stay tuned. very interesting weather looking system. first it's going to be bringing some winds as we get through thursday morning about 25, maybe 30-mile-per-hour winds. and then the rain's going to come through during the day thursday. pretty fast moving system, but one that should bring us we think close to about a half inch of rain.
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especially towards the north bay could see higher totals north. and you'll see as we go through the period for this thursday storm, about half inch of rain towards santa rosa, lesser amounts to the south. but it does look windy throughout the day there on thursday. skies clear for friday. and just in case you have plans for the first weekend of december, we'll see temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. next chance of showers after that fairly strong thursday system comes to the north bay next sunday. we'll see temperatures there in the upper 50s. at least the morning temperatures trending more mild as we head towards the middle part of the week. back to you. all right. thank you very much, rob. >> we'll be back in a moment. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. kris/2shot after a brief break
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for thanksgiving -- the candidates are back out on the campaign trail today. scott/2shot they reacted to the shooting in after a brief break for thanksgiving the candidates are back on the campaign trail today. >> they reacted to the shooting in colorado. and donald trump faced tough questions about his behavior. nbc's kirs ten welker reports. >> reporter: gop candidates finally responding to the shootings of the planned parenthood facility in colorado springs. >> it's obviously a tragedy. nothing justifies this. >> reporter: condemning the attacks but stopping short with agreeing with critics including the executives at planned parenthood who say fiery antiabortion rhetoric contributed to the shooting. >> this is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messeng because they don't agree with the message. >> there is a tremendous group of people that think it's
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terrible all of the videos they've seen with some of these people from planned parenthood talking about it like you're selling parts to a car. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump is also not backing down after repeatedly insisting he saw muslims celebrating in new jersey after 9/11. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of reports. and you're -- >> chuck, it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. by the way -- >> but they want to agree with you. >> reporter: trump also under fire for seeming to mock "new york times" reporter serge kovaleski who has a genital joint condition after kovaleski challenged trump's claims about 9/11. over the weekend trump again said he wasn't mocking the reporter. >> he's using what he's got to such a horrible degree. i think it's disgraceful. and i think the "new york times" frankly should give me an apology. >> reporter: the "new york times" isn't apologizing. and trump's rivals aren't buying it. >> he's insulted other
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reporters, this one he absolutely mocked who was disabled. >> reporter: and some candidates are showing new strength. ted cruz is now just two points behind trump in iowa. and chris christie picked up a key endorsement from the influential new hampshire union leader. meanwhile, ben carson visited jordan this weekend aiming to boost his foreign policy credentials after a series of blunders including referring to some syrian refugees as rabid dogs. on sunday carson said the refugees he met weren't offended. >> they understand here that we're talking about the jihadists, the islamic terrorists. >> and that was kristen welker reporting. up next at 11:00, we investigate. >> we can't win. we can't. we either have to turn it over, or, you know, a case can be dismissed against a potential child pornographer. >> a conflict between two laws that creates a problem between law enforcement and prosecutors trying to stop child pornography. we investigate how that conflict could allow some defendants to
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welcome back. with the explosion of the internet and social media, child pornography has circulated more widely than ever before. >> and we discovered a loophole in a law that's creating problems in the fight against child important. senior investigative reporter steven stock explains what it means and why it is that some people might walk free. stephen. >> it's hard to believe, kris, but it's simple. federal law and state law here in california don't always agree when it comes to the prosecution of child pornography. and that leaves some law enforcement officers breaking federal law. they work for months building their case, tracking down suspects, specialized teams of vice crews made up of local and federal agents cracking down on the ever-growing trade of child
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pornography. as team members san francisco police sergeants chris servat and brian rodriguez say they've seen videos that they can't forget. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: now because of a twist in legal wording, they find themselves breaking federal child pornography laws. >> i am put in an impossible legal situation because i'm in essence reproducing child important. >> the fbi is caught between a rock and hard place. >> reporter: fbi supervisor ri and chief council brenda atkinson says the problem is a conflict between current federal and california state law when it comes to reproduction of child pornography. >> we're put in a position to create and duplicate child important evidence that we don't want to do. >> reporter: the federal adam walsh act strictly forbids the copying of any child important for any reason including to give to defense attorneys in the preparation of a criminal case. but california's state law
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allows for court-ordered reproduction of child important evidence to give to defense teams. in fact, in the appellate court decision westerfield versus san diego, the judges ruled that prosecutors must provide copies of child pornography evidence to the defense team. >> every time that we release a hard drive with these just horrific images, you're re-victimizing each of those children. >> reporter: by copying this evidence atkinson and others fear losing control of what they call contraband. atkinson says that means law enforcement has to make a very difficult choice. >> oh, we can't win. i mean, we can't. we either have to turn it over, or, you know, a case can be dismissed against a potential child pornographer. >> reporter: atkinson says other states and some other counties in california get around this conflict by allowing defense teams to have their experts view the material inside a private room without interference or monitoring by prosecutors. in the bay area atkinson says
11:31 am
that involves making available a special private room at the silicon valley regional computer forensic lab in menlo park. >> just like in drug cases we don't say, you know, to a man who's been charged with possessing a key of cocaine, here's half the key, go ahead and do what you like with it, right? >> we're trusted as officers ot court to handle that evidence. >> reporter: as an assistant public defender in san francisco, sandy finelin has investigating some of these cases. viewing in the office of law enforcement is not acceptable. >> there's absolutely no reason not to trust that i would be careful with this evidence and not distribute it to anyone beyond the limits of the protective order. >> reporter: he says state law is clear, it provides defense teams with what the constitution requires, full disclosure of the evidence being used against the person on trial. >> i think that a vigorous defense which everyone's got the constitutional right to, requires that defense counsel in
11:32 am
any type of case have control of the evidence and can review it confidentially and meaningfully with their experts and with their clients. >> reporter: we took this conflict between federal law and state law to legal experts, district attorneys and law enforcement officials around the bay area. some say the conflict creates problems. others say there are workarounds. all of them agree it is a kwander. and it's an issue we discovered has recently played out in court in san francisco. most recently in the case against this man, adrik david -- awaiting trial on one count of pornography. >> the state is ordering us to produce the hard drive happening with more frequency. >> reporter: after his defense cited the westerfield case and asked for full copies of video evidence against him, the judge followed state law and ordered it. court records show the assistant district attorney in the case balked at making full copies. after she did the judge
11:33 am
threatened her with sanctions. ultimately the prosecutor and feds did back down and made full copies for the defense. none of the parties in the case would comment on the record for this story. >> if we continue to withhold the hard drives with the actual images, we risk the adas being held in criminal contempt or civil contempt. and we risk a state court judge throwing out a case and dismissing the indictment. >> that's an argument that i really don't understand. >> reporter: professor franklin zimerring teaches law at uc berkeley specializing in federal and state criminal law. he calls this nothing more than an academic exercise because there's no way a federal prosecutor would ever threaten a state prosecutor with jail. >> this is one of those clever legal arguments which is a hypothetical problem. but not a real one. >> reporter: but this conflict is more than just academic exercise to these people. they hope for a legislative fix either in sacramento or in washington. and they say the status quo for
11:34 am
them is unacceptable. >> we're weighing two really horrible outcomes. revictimizing children, or potentially letting a child pornographer or sex offender walk out of a courtroom. >> now, all of the experts agree and we talked to more than a dozen of them, some off camera. the only way to really fix this would be a change in either federal or state law. so we reached out to several lawmakers in sacramento and washington, d.c., even the state attorney general's office here in california. all of them seemed lukewarm to the idea of a legislative fix. they say there's already a clear process to navigate these conflicts between federal and state law and that the status quo is okay. >> i can see lawmaker be eager -- >> right. >> stephen, what happened? child pornography's been around for a long time i would imagine. so at some point there were films that you couldn't copy. >> well, at that time it all depended on the jurisdiction. but at that time essentially
11:35 am
they would allow you to come to the room, say the fbi office or the -- >> that's how they're doing it in many other districts. here the defense bar is saying it's not okay to make us come to you. you've got to copy it and let our experts look at it. and our experts analyze it and prepare a full vigorous defense. which is a constitutional right. in fact, some of this stuff is shipped across state lines to experts. and that really has many federal officials very, very bothered. because they worry despite court orders and there are court orders you can't copy this, despite that, you don't know. because there's no guarantees, you see what i'm saying? >> and some perpetrators represent themselves. >> that's one of the arguments. absolutely. the pro se defense. a defendant represents himself or herself, they have the constitutional right to a copy of this. under the same rules. >> stephen stock, thanks. >> you bet. >> if you have a tip for stephen or the rest of our investigative
11:36 am
unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to a farmer in wisconsin created this for his late wife. >> but if anybody thought that tribute would stop with the end of growing season, they would be wrong. nbc's boyd hooper has the story. >> reporter: these are not the sunflowers anyone puts on postcards. sad and broken. their best days behind them. at times this past year don could relate. which leads us to the reason don planted these flowers in the spring. >> she's always loved flowers. but sunflowers were her favorite. >> reporter: don lost his wife to cancer last year just before thanksgiving. >> what we had was as good as it gets. >> reporter: don's ribbon of sunflowers four and a half miles long caught the attention of his
11:37 am
highway 85 neighbors. then everyone else. >> japan, china, south korea. >> we've gotten e-mails from all over the world. it went beyond anything we ever dreamed. >> then i thought to myself, oh, my gosh, they're going to die. >> reporter: the circle of life can be cruel sometimes. those dried up flowers, empty seat in the combine next to don. how nice it would be if flowers could provide a permanent ray of sunshine. >> good job. >> reporter: the seeds from the sunflowers that honored her are being bagged and sold for a cancer fund aimed at finding a cure. >> i'm thankful for today. >> reporter: kept awake by the chemo, babbette passed the hours writing notes to her family. this is her thanksgiving prayer. >> pray that you get to spend
11:38 am
one more day with your family and friends. there's no guarantee they will get to see the sunrise tomorrow. >> it's a love story. don loved my mom. my mom loved her family. and who doesn't love a love story? >> reporter: seeds planted with love. and harvested with healing. boyd hooper, nbc news, eu claire, wisconsin. >> that was nice. >> yes, it is. to return or not return to work, that is the question for california's latest lottery winner. >> how much are we talking? lottery officials say sergei ospien won $5 million on a max million scratcher ticket. he picked up the $5 winning ticket at the safeway store in san francisco. the odds of winning that prize was 1 in 3 million. the store's owners there received $25,000 as well for
11:39 am
selling that winning ticket. >> tick tock. we'll see if he goes back to work or not. up next at 11:00, fewer choices when looking for a christmas tree this year. and you can blame the drought. just how much pain it's causing farmers this year, plus we'll show you some alternatives if you can't find the perfect tree. and the forecast has made the turn from tracking freezing temperatures now to watching a few showers crossing through the bay area. we're tracking these changes plus a stronger storm due in later this week. a look at that in your forecast when we come right back. come and gone -- the annual rush
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for that perfect christmas tree is well underway. now that thanksgiving has come and gone, the annual rush for the christmas tree is well underway. >> this year shoppers have few options on the lot. nbc bay area's joe risato jr. shows us why the drought is probably to blame. >> the big green one is a monterey cypress. >> reporter: the hills of the santa cruz mountains in los gatos are covered in trees. they're the kind you can admire. >> imagine the old ten nen balm tradition. >> reporter: and in some places the kind you take home. >> give them a saw, they go out and find the perfect tree and cut it down. >> reporter: for 46 years jim beck has run the pageant christmas tree farm. >> trees we grow here are almost exclusively indigenous to this area. >> reporter: the farm has all the makings of holiday tradition from the trees to the cider to
11:43 am
the trimmings. >> so we make wreaths here. living in the city with fireplace and asphalt everywhere wasn't very comfortable for me. >> reporter: but like any california farmer, beck's crop has been hit hard by the drought. >> these needles should be about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half long. as you can see they're barely three quarters of an inch long. that's the primary effect of the drought. >> reporter: while the majority of beck's variety of trees are well adapted to little rain, some are struggling. >> see how it's sunburned here? some of the needles just gave up. it just succumb to the drought. couldn't draw enough moisture through the roots to keep the foliage alive. >> reporter: consider it takes a six foot tree years to mature. >> there's a serious financial impact from the drought. >> reporter: even attempts to plant new trees came up dry this year. >> i think 99% of everything we planted last year died, because we just can't get water to it. it's painful to see these trees
11:44 am
suffering. >> reporter: trees that don't pass beck's inspection. >> that one will get cut out for sure. >> reporter: won't end up in anyone's living room. >> if it has signs of sunburn or drought stressed at all, we'll put a big sign on it that says just that. it's really not for sale this year. >> reporter: tree seller thomas harmon isn't that stressed out about the lack of rain. >> you can order trees online. we deliver them to you, or you can take one of these trees home. >> reporter: because the sun never shines on his farm. >> the reason that our tree lot here in burlingame is inside is because these are artificial trees. this is our frosted frazier fir. >> reporter: his bay area based balsam hill company creates realistic christmas trees all across the country. >> looks real, doesn't shed needle, doesn't need watered. >> reporter: may lack the smell of genuine nature. >> where's the remote? >> reporter: they come with other useful features. >> i like to put on just the multilights when you're watching
11:45 am
a christmas movie or fun. >> reporter: the drought is driving more consumers into his artificial forest. >> 31% of californians are planning to change their christmas tree habits this year because of the drought. >> reporter: beck says his farm will have plenty of trees ready for the traditional holiday rush though there is one recent tradition he'd like to see end. >> we're all anxious and hoping we get lots more rain this year. >> reporter: joe risato jr., nbc bay area news. >> once you're done with the tree, real or fake, you can work on the house. there's a new trend focusing on safely and expertly putting up christmas decorations. details from chris clackum. >> reporter: national lampoon's christmas vacation, clark griswold clearly demonstrating the hazards and dangers of stringing your own outdoor christmas lights. well, catching on for christmas 2015 are those who will do the decorating for you, reducing the risk and making homeowners happier for the holidays.
11:46 am
>> it's so beautiful when it's all done it's so nice and perfect. >> reporter: hiring someone to hang the lights, garland, wreaths or whatever has turned into a lucrative venture. >> wrapping the trunk or just the tree? >> just the tree. >> reporter: jennifer has just such a company in charlotte designing, installing and maintaining throughout the season holiday decorations. >> there is nothing more convenient than having somebody else put up your lighting and decor. >> reporter: it's also spawned a whole new industry for those used to working at great heights, builders, painters, roofers, even firemen like jennifer's husband john, or offering their services to hang outside decorations. obviously it's not only a safer way to put up your decorations, you also stand a better chance of getting that pinterest perfect look. after all social media is where the idea was launched. >> social media has created a broader audience for perfection. >> reporter: perfection that's evidence when the lights and
11:47 am
decor are turned on after being hung safely by someone else. chris clackum, nbc news. >> big houses out there, don't they? >> no kidding. i know someone who got a commendation from the city for the lighting. >> what? >> well, that would be my husband. he does all the work. i go that way a little, that way a little. well, it's very important. >> absolutely. speaking of holiday themes we're going to talk about the snow pack from a year ago to today. near record lows last year at this time. only 12% of the sierra was covered. fast forward to what we have for you this year so far 56.1% covered. average snow depth better than a half inch of snow, almost five inches right now. that's a much better picture than last year. but the context of this though is still that we're sitting at 56% of average to date. so we were bone dry last year, this year things have improved especially the central and southern sierra. but things are starting to fall behind there in the northern
11:48 am
sierra. and our rainfall to date as well especially for areas north of san jose 20% to 30% of average now as you wrap up november. so things are falling behind in the rainfall department. livermore and san jose little bit closer to average. and we do have a little light rain out there today. it's not going to make a big dent on temperatures we had earlier this morning, but a system coming in for thursday we think have a better bet of getting us maybe half inch to inch of rainfall. outside right now 48 degrees in san jose. earlier we had 37. so the clouds coming in tossing a few light rain showers around the south bay, livermore earlier about 30 degrees. you're seeing some light rain and mostly cloudy skies. into san francisco right now 48 degrees. and temperatures starting to climb on up as the clouds move in, showers pass on by through the bay area. those same clouds are going to prevent our afternoon temperatures from warming up a whole lot. you can see a few showers here right across the marin head lands, few more passing through the delta, sunol a few more showers. and a few more moving away from
11:49 am
palo alto and mountain view moving into hayward. this will be the story of the day, mostly cloudy skies and a few passing mainly light rain showers for today. the next system due in a bit of a different story. it will have some wind and rain to deal with. so for today mostly cloudy skies, mostly chilly temperatures. for the afternoon we're looking at highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. about 54 in san jose. about the same for san francisco. north bay location seeing highs in the upper 40s to low 50s and tri-valley temperatures today only low 50s. so based on the temperatures we have outside right now which are in the upper 40s, not a lot of warming for you today. but notice tuesday and wednesday we're going to see winds turning more onshore, southerly flow ahead of that thursday storm system. temperatures back in the mid-60s. and we'll see more clouds coming in at night which will help to act a bit more like a blanket. so the freeze warnings will be done after today. and our temperatures starting to climb for the middle part of the week. but that thursday system packing a punch. you can see here rainfall totals likely highest on the coastal
11:50 am
mountains and the north bay we'll see at least a half inch or more. but the wind going to be a bit of an issue for that storm winds picking up out of the south close to 30 miles per hour. big impact perhaps in the thursday evening commute. after that if you have plans for next weekend looks pretty good for saturday. a few high clouds. not as cold as this last weekend. and the next chance of showers mainly for the north bay come sunday. so this time of year every two to three days should have a pretty good rain producing storm at this point that thursday system the only one that's really going to bring a big punch in terms of wind, rain and sierra snow. back to you. rob, thanks. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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now and then we all appreciate a little help.
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through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas... but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st. a very direct message a group of disgruntled fans sent the owner of the 49ers a very direct message above levi's stadium. this was the scene before the
11:53 am
9ers game. that's a plane pulling a banner that reads, jed and the 49ers should mutually part ways, a reference used when describing the team and harbaugh parted ways last season. several fans say york should take responsibility for the team's struggles. >> i agree with him 1,000 percent. i feel management and coaching staff, i respect them but they're not up to par. >> the 49ers lost to the cardinals. their record fell to 3-8 on the season. we're told the banner was funded by several fans using a gofundme account. they collected more than $1,000 over the last month. >> wow. that will get people talking. so about 20 years in the nba super star kobe bryant now announcing he's hanging up his jersey for good at the end of this season. that announcement came yesterday in the form of a poem titled "dear basketball" posted on the
11:54 am
player's tribune. in it briyant wrote about the passion for the game he fell in love with when he was just 6 years old. and he went onto write, quote, my mind can handle the grind but my body knows it's time to say good-bye. but that's okay. i'm ready to let you go. after handing out a letter to all fans at last night's game, bryant says he's looking forward to life after basketball. >> i feel good about it. i really do. i feel at peace with it. you know, excited for what's to come. >> the future hall of famer won five championships with the lakers and was a 17-time all-star. he is the only nba player to spend 20 straight seasons with the same team. >> i did not realize it'd been that long. that's phenomenal. >> well, if he's gotten older, we've gotten older. >> that's not the case. we'll be back.
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you know the song "all you need is love," well, you need that and nearly 300 die hard beatles fans. >> mexico set a world record over the weekend for the gathering of the largest number of people dressed as members of the iconic rock band. 294 people filled a park in mexico city dressed in costumes including various styles over the various decades. broke the record of 250 people. they've got to send paperwork in to guinness for the official verification. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00.
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thanksgiving. >> cyber monday and she has a new sitcom. >> choice words for the donald. >> the note she wrote. i can't wait to get into that. she will talk about her super girl. she will be super woman. >> if it goes as it's supposed to. she was at sofia and joe's wedding. >> if you can dress like that, you have to break it out. >> "access hollywood" live starts right now.


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