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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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gets ready to talk about inmate abuse complaints -- as a new report is released. scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. kris/vo things are going to change at the santa clara county main jail, which in recent months has been plagued by allegations of of abuse and misconduct. in one hour, sheriff laurie smith will address a cluster of 'use of force complaints' at the facility. she's expected to elaborate on a newly-released report which revealed that 43-percent of those complaints at the jail ... were lodged against the same group of workers. they're members of the 'd-shift'; it's one of four shifts at the jail. ahead of that, nbc bay area's robert handa found that one of the changes the sheriff plans
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to make is to keep more experienced officers at the main jail longer. tonight at 5 and 6 -- find out the actions the sheriff plans to keeping plr experienced officers at the main jail longer instead of letting them transfer to minimum security after about ten years. tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 find out the actions the sheriff plans to take. robert handa will be there. he'll be updating between now and the time of the press at 5:00 as well. he'll have his full report later tonight ncht meanwhile, san francisco leaders are getting ready to decide whether to build a jail there. the price tag roughly $244 million. the mayor wants the jail, but the top law enforcement official in the city, the d.a., doesn't. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live inside city hall where a finance and budget committee is going on right now. stephanie, at stake here also $80 million in state funding as well you say. >> reporter: that's right, kris and scott. it's an opportunity people like the mayor say shouldn't go to waste.
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now, this has drawn a lot of interest and opposition. i spoke earlier with the sheriff's sergeant who says the word is there might be roughly 50, 75 people here to disrupt the actual hearing that's going on. and there is, he says, extra security maybe triple the usual about 12 officers or so. the meeting is going on right now in the chambers. it started an hour ago, but we're not quite there at the new jail funding issue yet. now, the new jail would replace both jails three and four inside the hall of justice, the maximum security jails which have been deemed seismically deficient. the mayor says spending about $244 million is necessary because the current building isn't safe. and he also doesn't want to waste the $80 million in state funding that would help build this new jail. the district attorney though says the current jail population in the city is at 50%, adding the city's money should be spent on alternatives to incarceration, namely mental health services. we spoke with supervisor mark farrell today, he's the chair of today's committee. he expressed support for the new
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jail funding saying it's not an attractive topic but it's critical for a city as big as san francisco. >> i understand the perspective of the opponents don't want to see a new jail being built, want to see more rehabilitation facilities, i also want to see that as well. i also think it's naive in terms of population, a city where a crime rate that's grown as well that we're not going to need a jail at all moving forward. to me that's ignorance and really political bantering. but i don't think it's thinking about the future of san francisco. and it's not the responsible thing to do as a city. >> reporter: now, d.a.gascon also saying he believe -- kind of a political play, needs to clear funding before district three seat is taken over. that could happen soon and would likely shift the votes against the jail funding. the mayor says that's not the case and supervisor farrell says the deadline at the end of the year for this $80 million of state funding that's the re real timeline here.
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i spoke with one of the three supervisors on this committee and says he's more aligned with the community groups here. it's pretty split it seems. i've not been able to speak with supervisor tang. if it passes the committee, it will go to the board of supervisors regular meeting next week for the first reading. it will go for a second reading you can see there's still a couple steps before this can become a reality. for now live in city hall, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> steph, thanks. a landmark vote in san francisco, today the police commission will decide on rules for how officers use their body worn cameras. a working group made up of representatives from the police union, the public defender's office, aclu and citizen committee came up with multiple recommendations. a major point of contention though is whether or not officers should be allowed to view the video that they take with those bodyameras following an officer-involved shooting or in custody death before writing their reports. >> setting these officers up for
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the gotcha moment on the stand, and that's not doing the officers any good. it's not serving the public in the best interest. >> officers are often witnesses. and they may consciously or unconsciously alter what's in their reports to fit the video. >> the police officers union says if the final vote goes through barring officers from watching body camera videos, it will advise officers to stop giving voluntary statements during investigations. a wild chase through the streets of san jose ended in gunfire and a suspect attempting to hideout and blend in at a toys r us. it began around 1:00 yesterday afternoon when police say the suspect stole a car and sped off. that chase ended about ten miles away near blossom hill road. police say the suspect rammed his stolen chevy suburban into at least two cars and a patrol car. at that point police opened fire at the suv, four bullet marks on
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the suv on the driver's side door. the suspect didn't stop there, began racing through the toys r us parking lot and then jumped out, ran into the toy store. >> the police were actually swarming the whole parking lot. they were coming in out of every angle you could think of. they were everywhere. >> he had a black bag around him. and we didn't know he could have been armed. you know, a lot of things could have happened. he could have, you know, took us for hostage. >> the man changed into a blue toys r us t-shirt. police quickly spotted him though and arrested him inside. he was taken to the hospital. police aren't saying if he was hit by the bullets. and we haven't gotten a name yet either. happening today, a man accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death is scheduled to be in court. anthony arrested monday night after police tracked him to his parents home in redwood city. investigators say he killed 34-year-old colleen straw in her home on saturday in san mateo. he was released from jail just days before he allegedly killed
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her. and he pled no contest to a domestic violence charge for attacking her. he was sentenced to 120 days but only served the 60. and he had a restraining order preventing him from being near her. the so-called hot cop in the castro has been charged with two counts of felony hit-and-run. he'll be in court today just after noon. christopher kohrs is accused of hitting two men with his car very early sunday morning in north beach. san francisco police say kohrs had two people with him in the car. they say kohrs but his passengers stayed at the scene. kohrs eventually turned himself in about ten hours later. the police chief points out that's long after a sobriety test would have been able to tell if kohrs were drunk. both men who were hit remain in the hospital. the man accused of killing seven in a shooting rampage at oakland's university heads to court today. 47-year-old juan go will be in court for a hearing to determine whether he's mentally competent
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to stand trial. he's charged with seven counts of murder as well as other charges with special circumstances. and that could make him eligible for the death penalty. doctors at napa state hospital say they think goh is competent to stand trial, but a judge already once ruled that he's not. a divided berkeley city council late last night approved a set of laws clamping down on the homeless. in a chaotic meeting the council voted 6-3 to limit where the homeless can sleep, how long they can stand in front of a business or home and how much space they can take up. that's a law that would in effect restrict how many things a homeless can carry with them. the new laws also clarify an existing ordinance of urination and defecation in public. those ordinances will not go into effect until lockers can be installed for the homeless. >> the storage units are going to take a while. we have to locate a place, we have to have hearings about that because we just can't -- we have to have a public process.
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but we have started. we've started something that we just were really struggling with how we were going to deal with the encampments and we've been able to get started. >> police were asked to protect council members as they left the meeting. it was really that contentious. in san jose the city council there voted 9-1 to okay tent cities against the mayor's wishes. as early as next month the city could provide approved locations across san jose for homeless people to gather and sleep. council member kara told us last night it's not a perfect solution but does give many thousands of homeless people in san jose a safe place to stay, especially the el nino winter. also last night san jose approved a second motel to be used as a temporary shelter for the homeless. the santa clara inn on the alameda will be transformed into a homeless shelter. back in september san jose made the plaza hotel into temporary apartments for the homeless for five years. a warning this morning for a neighborhood in the south bay
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where dozens of people are being told to boil their water amid fears of contamination. the boil water advisory impacts people living in the yellow portion of this map, that is on fallen leaf lane between morton avenue, holt avenue and homes on penny way and lantis lane also being told to boil their water for the time being. about 40 families effected there. a contractor hit a water main line and a waste water line yesterday. and the concern is that the water line may have been exposed to fe kal chloroform and e. coli bacteria, crews are working to fix the problem. they anticipate it will be done by tomorrow. up next at 11:00, could we be seeing the end of yahoo being yahoo? an identity crisis for a major silicon valley company. >> reporter: and i'm bob redell. we're going to take you live inside san francisco's city hall where there he is the jolly old elf santa himself making an early visit, special early visit for young boys and girls here in the city. we'll tell you what it's all
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about coming up in a live report. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of clouds across the bay area, but the sun will start to peek out. and it will be a milder day. but get ready for some rain, it's coming up in the microclimate forecast. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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just about a quarter after 11:00 right now. we are headed to the scene of breaking news. the smoke there that you see in the distance is in palo alto on brian street near jls middle school where there is a two-alarm fire. at this point it appears that it is a house fire and has nothing to do with the school. we just give you that for reference so you know where it is. you can see there chopper is headed there and the smoke is still billowing so crews are
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still working it. we will give you updates on this fire, this breaking news in palo alto, as we get it. scott. to the markets, kris, where everything's moving a bit lower. oil prices are way down. the market does not like low oil prices. lots to talk about tomorrow morning about the fed and possible interest rate hikes, but we'll leave it there for now. some of yahoo's shareholders are pushing the company to split off its internet properties like flikr and mail and tumblr and keep alibaba. yah yahoo's board gets together this week in a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss that idea. yahoo will in fact discuss basically not being yahoo. it's kind of a weird plan. this will be like a car dealer noticing that it makes a lot more money repairing cars than selling them and gave up being a car dealer. the very thing that described their identity for years. now, yahoo insiders do tell our sister blog that board members still have faith in yahoo's ceo
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marissa mayer. despite several news reports speculating about her future, she will stay. mark zuckerberg and his wife announced the birth of their daughter tuesday. and that's not all. zuckerberg says he and his wife will give away most of their fortune to charity over their lifetimes. it's so much money they had to set up a new charity and file papers with the securities and exchange commission. zuckerberg says in the end they will have given away 99% of their facebook holdings to fight disease and improve education. zuckerberg's already given away hundreds of millions. but this is an entirely new scale of giving. back in the envelope math if he gave it all away now it would be about $45 billion and that's bigger than the gates foundation. remember bill gates had help from warren buffett. also, that's if zuckerberg gave it all away right now. which he's not going to do. if we assume facebook stock increases over the years, and it should, then the $45 billion number is actually a really low
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end number. it's going to be much bigger. well, do you remember goldie blocks? created by a young engineer from stanford for girls to try out engineering concepts. the company was the darling of the media when it launches, got into a little trouble with of all people the beasty boys and then kind of dropped off the radar. it's back with a new commercial showing young women in very recognizable roles. >> hillary's in the house. notorio notorious, abby womback. coach jen, i see you, nicki, i see you beyonce. >> i also wanted to point out the engineer in san francisco who started the i look like an engineer movement, it's cool she got a shoutout there. >> indeed.
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and we are still talking about it, but i bet a lot of the girls are not anymore. i mean, we ask them about things that are big social changes for us and often they go i don't know what you're talking about. >> oh, yeah. i mean, you can be anything you want to be, and they're like, i know, right, of course. >> yeah. duh. >> which is great. including the pilot. >> exactly. you can be a pilot. no flying experience. no problem. jetblue wants you. the airline wants to recruit two dozen people with no prior flying experience then train them to become pilots. jetblue says it wants to navigate candidates from the moment they show interest in flying. the airline says applicants still have to meet minimum requirements including 1,500 hours in the cockpit before operating one of its planes. jetblue's request is now in the hands of federal officials. and if you look around those holiday lights they're starting to pop up, probably on your neighbor's house, maybe on yours. here's a note from the grinch, holiday lights might interfere with your wi-fi network, according to british government officials.
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they say the wiring in the lights can add to the radiofrequency interference in your home. and many internet providers say they see complaints spiking around the holidays. so what's the solution? move the lights as far away from your router as possible. but it looks so nice when you decorate the router. >> boy, that is a sure sign of christmas when the router's been sparkling with lights. did you hear santa claus is in town? he's at san francisco city hall. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is there also hopefully being nice and not naughty, teaming up with the mayor and firefighters to hand out presents to children. how are you doing, bob? >> reporter: kris and scott, i'm obviously upstairs in the city hall trying to avoid santa so he doesn't remember how naughty i've been. and maybe i'll do well christmas morning. anyway, you can see santa and his elves on a bit of a break right now waiting for a next wave of kids to come in. they've been handing out gifts
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to young boys and girls who otherwise might not receive much. >> a necklace, bracelets. >> oh, wow. >> friendship bracelet. >> yeah! >> reporter: that was a young girl who is here in the city finding out what she just received this morning. the san francisco firefighters toy program is the group that's handing out these toys to at least 1,200 children this morning. each child receives one toy whether it's a board game or leapfrog pad or something else. and then they get to have their picture taken with santa. >> these are kids from some of the roughest and toughest neighborhoods in san francisco. we get them from the projects, we get them from bay view, hunters point, kids in the manipulation, all over where, you know, the economy really hasn't lifted all boats. and these kids need a toy for christmas. and the firefighters and the san francis cans are there for them. >> it's amazing. because for the unfortunate family that's not able to go out and buy the stuff for the kids, this way they at least have something. it's good for the kids to see
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them smile and happy. >> reporter: firefighters collect these toys from citizens here in the city throughout the year. they're in red barrels at the different fire houses. that's where the collection points are. year round they hand out toys to over 200,000 kids, not just at christmas. whenever there's a disaster like the valley fire this summer in the north bay. the program, this is interesting, started back in 1949. so it's been going on, let me do the math, 66 years. back in '49 when san francisco firefighters repaired and gave out bicycles to kids in need. so even though the christmas season is upon us, if you live here in the city, you know where your local fire house is, you can look for one of those red barrels they are still looking for toys like those toys right there that they have on the steps of the city hall rotunda. reporting live here in san francisco city hall, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> do be careful because right over your shoulder is the grinch. >> there's no grinch. that was a lovely wonderful
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story. is he really there? >> yeah. he's right behind. >> be careful, bob. >> that's so nice to see. let's talk about some breaking news this morning in palo alto. we brought this to you as our helicopter was flying in. this is a house fire on bryant street. as kris pointed out it's near jls middle school. the school is not involved but gives you a way of understanding where it is. they're saying that house is just going to be a total loss. they had to call for backup once as you can see they're spraying it down still. the two houses on either side had to be evacuated. the person inside the house you're seeing made it out safely. >> yeah, but it does look like they were able to spare those two homes, which is very good. especially during the holidays. you hate to see that. it's 11:21. you might be heading outside for your lunch break. do we just pick something up and bring it back, kari? >> i think you can enjoy it outside, even though it's still cool out there. and we've had these clouds all throughout the morning. but we've started to see some breaks in those clouds. and we will see that as we go into the rest of the day.
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a few light showers over the north bay have kind of since fizzled out. and we're not looking at much more as we go into the rest of the afternoon. temperatures now in the lower 50s. and it's getting a little bit better. we're heading into the upper 50s to lower 60s today. saratoga 61. palo alto will see a high of 60 degrees. and 58 in the outer sunset. napa 61. and 62 in oakland while san ramon sees a high of 63 degrees. so 60s today and then the cold front moves through. and out ahead of that we're looking at some showers. it starts as we go into today, a slight chance of some rain. i think this is really picking up on all those clouds rolling through. the real rain gets here tomorrow. and it starts at about 10:00 in the morning in the north bay and approaches san francisco by lunchtime. so tomorrow will be the day to get the lunch and head back in. in the south bay the rain moves in early afternoon. and then we still see those lingering light showers for the afternoon just kind of very hit or miss. and then the rain moves over to
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the sierra and produces some snow. and it looks like they could have a pretty significant snow there once again. the amount of rain we're looking at here anywhere from about a quarter of an inch for parts of the south bay, maybe half an inch for walnut creek, and then you head to the north bay and that's where the highest amount of rain will be. and then over to the sierra winter storm warning is in effect for all of these areas you're seeing here shaded in that bright pink. and a winter storm warning is issued less than 24 hours ahead of a heavy snow and travel may be dangerous if you have to go through there, so keep that in mind. look at what the models show as far as how much snow we could see in the sierra. anywhere from 11 inches in squaw to possibly 15 inches. and we've seen these significant snowstorms moving through repeatedly. and it looks like there could be more in the forecast. so looking good there. as we go into the weekend we'll see things drying out here. it stays cool with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. we're at 60 degrees on friday in
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the tri-valley. and then this weekend we're keeping more of the same temperature in the peninsula 59 degrees on friday. you can make plans to get outside. it will be pretty much like it is today, but i think we'll get a lot more sunshine. today is just a little bit of some sun here and there, scott and kris. >> all right. thanks, kari. >> we'll be right back.
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scott/2shot a new study suggests false
11:27 am
positive results from mammograms could be an early indicator a new study suggests false positive results for mammograms could actually be an indicator of future cancer. >> a 15-year study found women with a history of false positive results might be at increased risk of developing breast cancer for up to a decade. more than 1 million women were monitored, however doctors want to make this clear that this does not mean that false positives will also mean cancer down the road. >> the vast majority of these are quickly shown to be not of conce concern. and that whatever increased risk might be down the road is very small change in overall risk and not something they need to be especially alarmed about. >> experts recommend women speak with their own physicians to get a better understanding of their own personal risk. more than half of women who had annual mammograms over the course of a decade will have a false positive. up next at 11:00, making millions for the wealthiest. the tips to keep the money in
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the family this holiday season. one-percent of americans own
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well, you've heard these numbers before. 1% of americans own 35% of the wealth in the united states. and the top 20% of wealthy americans own 90% of the wealth. >> but there is something that is robbing the wealthiest of their money, their own families. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang shows us how easy it is for the rich to lose it all. >> reporter: steven works a regular 9:00 to 5:00 job in his walnut creek office, but pictures bring back a very different time, his childhood. >> everywhere we went everyone knew who we were. >> reporter: the family summer cottage, and the maine estate where his family hosted parties. >> my uncles and aunts and my mother with her drinks playing the piano and dancing. and it was just magic. >> reporter: his grandfather built a clothing manufacturing
11:31 am
business in canada attracting celebrity clients from bob hope to mlb pitcher cecil page. >> this is my uncle probably scratching his head saying i can't believe this picture is here. >> reporter: his grandfather passed on his fortune of what would be roughly $120 million today to his five children, but bad decisions and alcoholism led to disaster. >> they had maids. they had everything taken care of, but i don't think any of them had a good work discipline. >> reporter: and in a matter of just years by the time he was 19 all the family money was gone. >> that's my grandfather. >> reporter: it's nothing new. 07% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation. that goes up to 90% by the third generation. this is according to a study of 3,250 rich families conducted by wealth transfer expert roy williams. michael is president of a division of u.s. bank. here in the san francisco office on the 21st floor overlooking the bay with walls full of art to help create the feeling of a private club.
11:32 am
financial advisers dedicate countless hours to helping families worth $50 million to billions of dollars avoid losing all their money. how do they lose it? poor investment performance, tax planning, legal structure, advice from advisers. actually only make up less than 5% of the failure rate. >> the biggest cause for failure in what long-term wealth management is lack of trust and communication among family members. >> reporter: that's where family history may help. >> i fill out the family tree. >> reporter: a simple goal, learn about the family, its past and its legacy, and use it as glue to fix those broken family bonds. >> as a party where 18 family members ranging in age 15 to 80 came and siblings who hadn't seen each other been in the same room for 15 years were there. and they had had a rift. so the family history brought them together. >> reporter: psychologist kristen armstrong works specifically with wealthy families to help them avoid a common scenario, family members
11:33 am
suing each other, children getting disowned. she takes them to a multimeeting at resorts teaching even the kids how to make life decisions. these lessons don't justin collude the kids, they focus on them. using custom made board games like this one, the lemonade stand. but instead of passing go for $200, this game has entrepreneur bucks, promissory notes and values cards presented with scenarios meant to teach them how to navigate business and relationships. >> a friend approaches you with the idea to improve your next product or service, it could put your business on the map. pay a $2,000 setup fee. >> reporter: estimates just one of 3,000 single family officers in the world doing the same thing. half of them set up in just the last 15 or so years. armstrong says the trend of a growing number of these firms is likely the result of the internet and social media. with senior generations unable to hide their wealth anymore.
11:34 am
>> all a kid needs to do is get online and see what a certain company was sold for, find out what their parents are worth. you know, cat's out of the bag. >> reporter: steven knew his family was rich. he says his grandfather created the wealth and wore it as a badge of honor. but his mother inherited the wealth and wore it as a burden. >> she had let them down. >> reporter: and that led him into choosing how he makes his money. he's now a financial adviser. >> preserve their family values and the family wealth. >> reporter: to help save other families the money his own family failed to keep. in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. we want to take you down to southern california where we are getting reports of an active shooter in san bernardino county. this is the knbc chopper down in southern california making its way over to what is a commercial facility of some sort, building there in san bernardino county where we're getting reports that several people may have been shot by an active shooter who is
11:35 am
still there in san bernardino county. wanted to let you know that we're watching this. we'll bring you more details as we are able to confirm them. an east bay city tackling blight in an innovative way, the city of richmond teaming wup a community nonprofit to buy and renovate dozens of abandoned houses and sell them to families in need. >> jodi hernandez has a look at this first of a kind program. >> reporter: richmond has a serious problem with abandoned houses. there are so many here they've become an eyesore and a huge drain on the city. but richmond has a unique solution that could be a win-win for everyone. >> this is our typical zombie property. >> reporter: you're looking at one of richmond's 100 or so abandoned houses, properties that have become a magnet for squatters and an eyesore for neighbors. >> it's a health and safety hazard. it's a nuisance. it's a neighborhood nuisance. >> reporter: called zombie homes, many of the houses have
11:36 am
sat empty for years after owners who couldn't afford them walked away, and banks never fully foreclosed. >> they're huge problems. they attract squatters, they attract drug dealers, they attract rats and other vermin. they just look ugly and bring property values down. >> reporter: but now the city has come up with a solution, richmond has teamed up with a community nonprofit and mechanics bank to use social impact bonds to buy the properties, fix them up and sell them to families in need. >> i'm excited. i'm just waiting. hurry up and rehab a house for us. >> reporter: carmalita hopes to be among the first buyers. they've gotten back on their feet thanks to spark point a center that helps families learn to be financially secure. clients will get first dibs on the homes. >> that way will allow people such as myself, working people
11:37 am
with families to afford to buy. >> reporter: the houses are expected to sell for about $250 to $350,000, the first ones should be done by next spring. richmond hopes to refurbish about 200 houses in the next five years. in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we're going to take you now back to san bernardino and this breaking news. if you have children in the room, we are getting some raw video coming in. we're going to do our best to show you decent video. we have heard and there are reports of 20 people shot. that's what the san bernardino police department says it is responding to. this is video from our helicopter. but again, we do have live pictures from the scene as well that we are going to carefully keep attention to as they are live. but again, a mass shooting reported in san bernardino. this is just west of l.a., if you're not familiar with
11:38 am
southern california. >> and you saw some of those emergency responders tending to people, victims who were wounded in that active shooter situation. but no word on whether or not that active shooter is still at large, whether that person has been taken into custody. but certainly a very serious situation. the sheriff's department for sa san bernardino county does confirm several people were wounded. we looked at the google map for this area and it houses a place called the inland regional center. it appears to be some sort of facility for the department of services that serve folks with developmental disabilities. don't know if that's a link specifically there, but we are getting information in drips and drabs. several reporters from our knbc station down there are at the location there in san bernardino county. but again, it is still considered an active shooter situation. you can see the emergency personnel there on the scene. we're going to continue to
11:39 am
follow this one for you. and we will try to get more details in this break.
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11:41 am
and good news out of san bernardino county where this active shooter situation seems to be getting more serious. we are getting confirmation from the san bernardino county sheriff's department that there may be more than one shooter, potentially as many as three people with guns firing on people there in san bernardino county. we know that several people were
11:42 am
injured as we saw them being treated and triaged right in the middle of the intersection near a building that houses facilities that serve folks with special needs. we're going to a special report right now on this active shooter situation right now. this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good day. we're on the air with a mass shooting situation in southern california right now. undetermined number of people hit. perhaps multiple suspects on the loose right now. this is the tape we're just getting in from the scene in san bernardino county. that's about an hour and a half, two hours east of los angeles. we've seen a number of walking wounded, people being brought in on stretchers. there is clearly a mass casualty situation here. there was a triage area being set up. we have seen pictures, police acknowledge that they're looking for as many as three people in this shooting incident. we don't have an exact location of where it happened, whether it was inside or outside. but we've seen a number of
11:43 am
people in this intersection we're looking at here being brought laid down in clearly a triage situation there you have a shot of it. and being treated on the scene. number of casualties unknown exactly how all this played out unknown. we're going to ask you to just stay with us here as we learn more about this. our blake mccoy is standing by in our los angeles newsroom. blake, what are you hearing from there? >> well, we are working to get confirmation as you are. we're hearing the same thing. and we're seeing those images from the street in san bernardino with multiple people wounded. they've set up a triage in the street there and working to help those injured people. we're hearing reports shots were fired one person in a building nearby. someone came in and told them to take cover, so they went into a bathroom and were hiding. that person didn't actually hear any shots.
11:44 am
we're working to confirm whether this is an active shooter situation, how many people they're looking for. graphic dramatic scenes coming from there right now. >> we can tell you police have put a lookout for a vehicle that may be related to this. this is largely unedited video you're seeing here as ambulances and fire trucks now responding to this intersection which is clearly the triage area for the wounded. we've seen some people brought in on stretchers. others have been literally hobbling from ambulances to an area where they can get looked at. we don't have any information on any deaths right now, but we have seen clearly a number of people who have been wounded in this incident. again, police say they're looking for as many as three individuals in relation to this shooting. and we haven't quite pinpointed exactly where this took place. we're seeing these pictures as reports begin coming in within the last 15 minutes or so. and, again, these pictures for the most part unedited at this
11:45 am
triage scene. this of course on the heels of that shooting last week in colorado springs. blake, do you have more information? >> well, i was just going to tell you, you know, we've been looking at what buildings are in this area, and there's nothing that would indicate an obvious target. we have not seen any government buildings, planned parenthood for example, we looked up the planned parenthood in that area, it's about a mile away from this site. so no obvious targets that we can discern right now. >> obviously this is being heavily covered on our nbc station knbc in los angeles. let's dip into their coverage now. >> in terms of victims here we see multiple people here being treated, being assisted from trucks, different cars there, again, at the intersection of orange show road. >> and we're getting some information now from the wires. a.p. is reporting that police in
11:46 am
san bernardino are responding to an active shooter at the social services facility. again, that's the inland regional center which is right across the street from the public golf course in san bernardino. it's a facility that helped set up services for the developmentally disabled. so that's our first indication that this perhaps is the location of the shooting situation. but you can see people are being treated here in the intersection. and this intersection obviously shut down because of that. >> okay. on the phone with us right now we have lieutenant richard lawhead with the san bernardino police department. are you there, lieutenant? >> yes. >> again, we are trying to sift through multitude of information. what can you tell us? >> the only thing i can really tell you is that, you know, we got the call about 11:00 this morning. we got a call of shots fired. we had then reports of multiple victims down. we are not only using our
11:47 am
s.w.a.t. team but s.w.a.t. teams from other jurisdictions in an effort to clear the facility and make sure everything is safe. obviously we're trying to treat the people as quickly as we can and determine if there is still an active emergency or active shooter in any way, shape or form in or around the area. >> lieutenant, can you confirm that the shooting originated in the inland regional center? is that accurate? >> that is what's being reported. i don't know exactly where it started. i know it's inside that facility some place, but i'm not sure what the exact circumstances are surrounding that. >> okay. and it's also been confirmed by your department that one to three possible suspects, is that true? >> i can't confirm how many suspects or whether this was all a single incident. covering the scene and on scene. >> are we hearing reports of shots still being fired? are you aware of whether this
11:48 am
has been resolved at this point? >> i'm not sure that there's -- i'm not sure that there's any active shooting going on right now. >> and again, the victims here are they coming out from the inland regional center or from surrounding areas? >> right now as far as we know it's confined to the inland regional center right now. >> and any word on how many casualties we're talking about? we are getting our first video from the scene and we're seeing a number of people being treated and triaged. do you have any numbers for us? >> no, i do not have any of those. i'm sure it will be a little bit of time before that. i know, like i said, it's still a very active scene. >> sure. >> we train for these type of situations all the time. the idea is to get in quickly, secure the scene as quickly as possible while still preserving evidence and everything else. but our highest priority is to deal with the victims and make sure they get the medical attention as quickly as possible. we want to make sure there's not an injured victim hiding some
11:49 am
place. may think it's not safe to come out. we need to check every nook and cranny to make sure everybody is safe before we call the a all-clear. >> lieutenant, for folks watching this right now they know they have loved ones in the area, what are you telling those people to do? >> telling them to remain calm. obviously it's a very tense situation. easy for me to say that, but our officers are working diligently and as quickly as possible to locate our victims and then put those family members that may have people in that area at ease as quickly as possible. we know it's stressful for them. we'll do what we can to resolve it as quickly as possible. >> and i would imagine your advice for people in that area who might be hearing this report is to shelter where they are. >> yeah. i would shelter where you are. i would not come to the scene. i would not try to get a firsthand look. obviously we don't know everything that we're looking for yet. and, you know, it's best to stay out of the area and let emergency personnel handle the issue. >> yeah. we're looking at pictures here first on the scene here.
11:50 am
again, do we know the extent of the injuries? we see -- >> we do not. >> okay. >> i do not have any hard numbers or anything else. i got a real quick briefing from watch commander and started to make some calls to try and help aleave some of the pressure. >> certainly we want to get some information to viewers. >> sure. >> you were telling us the way this was handled multiple s.w.a.t. -- >> you're watching coverage from our los angeles station knbc. if you are just joining us, we'll catch you up with what we know. there has been a mass shooting at what we believe is a developmental services building in san bernardino, california. there have been a great number of casualties. we have seen people being brought in on stretchers. some literally in the back of pickup trucks as they were apparently removed from the scene to this triage area where paramedics now are taking the most seriously wounded in order to the hospital.
11:51 am
we believe this occurred according to that interview we heard a moment ago at the inland regional center. it's a california state facility run by the california department of developmental services. they have asked some people in the area to remain sheltered in place if they are in a safe place right now as others who were in the line of fire or wounded have been brought out any way they can to a safe area for treatment. you see the long line of people now crossing the street here. many with their hands up. now, this is typical of people who have been in a situation in which they may have been held hostage. police in these situations will have to assume anyone coming out is potentially a bad guy until they can prove otherwise. you'll note that their hands are up. we have sadly seen this in so many situations like this going back to columbine. people being led out of buildings where there have been shooters, their hands held high. in terms of suspects according to the police lieutenant we
11:52 am
heard a few minutes ago there could be as many as three involved in the shooting incident. we don't know what the targets -- what the motive was or exactly who was involved or whether this is still truly an active shooter situation. police assuming that it is. they have to assume the worst as they continue to search the buildings that are part of this complex. again, it apparently took place at this department of developmental services building in san bernardino. wasn't clear if that's where it started or it involved that area. there are no firm numbers coming in right now in terms of casualties. clearly they're still getting a handle on it as they bring people out. many of them we've seen literally the walking wounded, others as we said put in civilian vehicles. still others in ambulances as we see more people come out of this area now where the shooting apparently took place. note the sheriff deputies there,
11:53 am
their guns are drawn as they watch these people come out who were either inside where the shooting took place or perhaps held hostage. we haven't heard confirmation on that. but any way they are being freed now from a dangerous situation under the watchful eye of sheriff deputies now with their guns trained on the apparent source of this shooting. again, this happened about 11:00 pacific time. the report of shots fired came into the sheriff's department. they dispatched their teams there. they were told there were multiple s.w.a.t. teams on location now. and here again we're looking at people who have been removed from this facility. their hands up as police will check each one to make sure that a shooter or bad guy is not hidden among them. this is standard procedure. and it's for everyone's safety, but clearly people who have been horribly traumatized this continues to be a horrific situation that they are
11:54 am
witnessing. let's go back and listen a little bit to our station in los angeles, knbc, and their coverage. >> tending to the injured there on scene we see folks being filed out. what is protocol? what are the steps being taken right now? >> well, right now obviously like i just said we don't -- we want to make sure we don't let a suspect out. we're not all sure the situation is. we don't know who our suspects are. i'm not going to go into detail as to what our protocol is. i don't want everybody to know what our protocol is obviously. protocol is to get in as quick as we possibly can, deal with any medical emergencies we can while still making sure that we can get our victims out of there safely, everything else. >> we are watching people leaving the building right now. this is view from news chopper 4, their arms raised in the air and heading away from the center in the parking lot here walking toward the different police cars, s.w.a.t. units and all
11:55 am
that we see here. >> we're going to keep everybody together so we know everybody that's there and who isn't there and that kind of stuff. so we keep everybody together. we're not going to just let them leave and not know who was there and make sure everybody's accounted for at the end of the day. >> i can only imagine there's going to be an extensive interview process with the folks being let out of building. >> no doubt. no doubt it's going to be a long lengthy process and a very serious investigation. won't be over any time soon. >> do we have any idea how many people were inside this facility? did you ever hear that kind of number? >> no, i didn't get those kind of details. i got very minimum details. >> we can see it's a very large facility. and we do know that it is a center for the developmentally disabled. but as you mentioned it's also a training facility. michael mentioned there's a holiday boutique that was scheduled there for tomorrow, so perhaps people there setting up today. we're just speculating at this point. we do see a large number of people being escorted from the building by officers.
11:56 am
their hands are in the air as they come out as this building is secured. >> all right. again, lieutenant lawhead, thank you so much. we have meghan reyes live over the scene. >> i am with you and we're trying to get a good bearing of the scene. you can understand as we've been telling you it's still an active scene. we're in communication with the san bernardino police helicopter and they're asking us not to show the building in detail. so right now we need to basically comply with their demands considering this is an active scene. we don't want to compromise their position. but you can see this is waterman avenue right there, very chaotic scene. we have literally dozens and dozens of police officers on scene, we're also looking for the paramedics. on my way here i was monitoring san bernardino county. and i kept hearing them call for additional paramedics and additional resources coming from
11:57 am
cities surrounding cities. still an active scene. protocol, individuals were coming out of the building with their hands up. one thing i noticed is perhaps a supervisor was taking away their security badge so they cannot get back into a building. that's one thing that i did notice. so that's obviously all for security reasons. now, these people were being taken out of this building here. i don't want to show the details while we're on the air, but they were being escorted into this vicinity, this park here. so they are probably being screened here. some more people coming. in fact those are officers. you can see how many officers. and a lot of them are in plain clothes, those are s.w.a.t. officers. some were not even working. they got the call and went straight to the scene. a lot of them in the private vehicles, so just shows you the situation right now, the dire situation, how quickly and urgently officers responded to this active shooter call. >> report coming from the member of the knbc staff aboard the
11:58 am
helicopter. if you are just joining us, we have interrupted programming here for coverage of what appears to be a mass shooting in san bernardino, california. the location is the inland regional center. it's a facility that deals with development developmental disabilities in riverside and san bernardino, california, a state agency. there's not a number on the number of casualties here. we have seen a great deal of people being treated at a triage center. some being brought in civilian vehicles apparently taken from the line of fire out to the safe area for triage and further medical follow-up. the police are confirming at least one, possibly as many as three suspects. and on that news let me bring in clint van sant right now. former fbi profiler. clint, we have sadly become
11:59 am
accustom to lone gunmen shooters. i know we're getting into the area of speculation, so we have to be careful, but this breaks the norm, does it not? >> it really does. as u suggest the lone white male, crazy male, profile that we've heard recently, but we have seen, you know, multiple shooter incidents in the past. three is a large number to come together. and we're getting descriptis of three white males in military garb. some suggesting if in fact there is two or three that they may be wearing body armor. this is highly suggestive of should there be more than one. this was, again, unfortunately a planned incident with weapons, uniforms, clothing, body armor assembled. we know of course san bernardino's about 60 miles east of l.a.
12:00 pm
one more time as you suggested continues to show these situations can happen anywhere. and just like this last week we're trying to figure out the motive of this lone shooter we had last week. and the abortion clinic. one more time not only are we trying to figure out identity and deal with the wounded, but we'll be back with the -- trying to understand what may have motivated up to three individuals to strike out in this. >> right now a lot of what we're telling you may change. we ask you to stay with us and bear with us as we cover this unfolding situation. police still acting on the asumgts it's an active shooter situation. they are clearing buildings. we have seen people brought out of these buildings with their hands up, people who were apparently in the line of fire, may be held hostage, we don't know. but certainly in a situation that they needed to be checked over as they were brought out of the area. as


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