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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 2, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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and lester holt will have the latest coming up next on nightly news.
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we have extensive coverage of this breaking news. let's great right to miguel almaguer at the scene.
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>> reporter: good evening. police were engaged in the gun battle where two suspects were taken down and a third made its way on foot in a residential neighborhood. police are scouring that neighborhood bringing in helicopters, police dogs, scouring going door-to-doog looking for any potential suspect. when they came into this business a few blocks behind me, they suddenly began to open fire. >> a massive emergency response after 11:00 a.m. chaos and carnage. >> we have at least 20 victims. >> reporter: the first early call an active shooter or shooters moving through the inland regional center, a government building. >> we do have preliminary numbers. upwards of 14 people that are dead. >> male in black clothing he's still firing rounds. >> reporter: as police moved in to clear the
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building, victims poured out, school buses used to evacuate hundreds. an intersection turned into a triage center. >> stretcher after stretcher, ruling out the most criticals. some victims loaded to a back of a pick-up truck. anxious family members arrived on scene waiting to hear about loved ones. >> she said there was a shooting. she is scared, hiding in a closet with two other people. >> they locked the doors. that's all i know. that's all she told me. then we stopped talking. i didn't want her to talk any more. >> reporter: police heard from witnesses there were three gunmen said to be heavily armed wearing masks and body armor. >> saw a guy with a big gun. >> they fled in a dark suv, a suspicious device may have been left behind.
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>> i need everybody down over there. >> reporter: the inland regional center 60 miles north of los angeles provides social sieve ses to individuals with development disabilities. a sprawling three-story building with a staff of more than 670 servicing thousands. just yesterday, the scene of a holiday party. tonight the manhunt for the gunmen moved two miles away when police engaged the suspects in a black suv. >> we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. >> reporter: as all of southern california is on high alert. to recap the numbers, 14 are dead, at least 17 injured. the situation still very fluid and growing more dramatic. police involved in that shootout with the black suv. officers telling us two suspects are down. not giving any information on their condition as a third
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suspect escaped from that suv on foot. went into a residential neighborhood apparently unharmed. police are swarming into the air why. it is dark here in los angeles. police are heavily armed, moving through the area with armored vehicles, continuing to search for that third suspect who they say is extremely dangerous. >> miguel almaguer along with the heavy loss of life, we were all struck by the fact police were looking for three suspects that set a lot of our minds searching in many directions for something beyond just domestic terrorism. nbc's pete williams, our justice correspondent has been following developments. he's got late word on a possible motive here. what do you know, pete? >> reporter: good evening. at this point, officials in washington don't see any indication this was any foreign-inspired or jihadist inspired act of terrorism. >> we are going to go right now to this news conference starting in
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san bernadino. >> all the details we went through the first press conference. i will say this, since that time, we are still working on the building hire at the inland regional center. as officers were searching the building, we mentioned there were suspicious devices. one of those devices is believed to be potentially an explosive device. they are taking a cautious, slow approach to processing that building and rendering that safe. i would imagine we are going to be here for several hours as the bomb squad continues to work that part. on the investigative side, we have followed up on some tips that took us to a residence in the city of redland. when officer were setting up to watch it, there was a vehicle seen leaving. that was suspected possibly being involved. there ended up being a pursuit of that vehicle. and efrventually that came back between
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mountain view and richardson here in san bernadino where the suspect vehicle stopped and there was an officer-involved shooting. we have mulleter officers involved in the shooting. we have two suspects that are dead at the scene. one male, one is a female. we had one police officer that was wounded. he has injuries that are not considered to be life threatening and he is at a local hospital and is expected to be okay. of the suspects that were, that are dead at the scene, one is a male, one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault-style clothing. i think that's probably the best way to term it. they were both armed with assault rifles and armed with hand guns, and there's also sensitive stuff around the vehicle. we are not real sure. they are taking a cautious approach dealing with the vehicle in case there are more explosives there. with that, i'm going to turn it over to the fbi to talk about some
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parts of the investigation. >> thank you, chief. first off, my name is david bowdich, assistant director in charge of the fbi in the los angeles field office. we want to extend our true sadness to the families of the victims. there are many, many victims who were involved here. some are obviously deceased, others wounded as we speak. this is truly a tragedy in our country. we will continue to apply all the resources necessary to assure that both us, the sheriff's department, the san bernadino police department, as well as the atf work this thing together to assure we have chased down every lead to solve this case. secondly, we are bringing in fbi
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resources. we have agents on a house in redlands california right now. that house as we know, we do not know the contents of what's in that house. previous active shooter incidents have shown us that there are times when devices are left behind. we do not have any indications there are devices, to my knowledge. we are going to proceed very cautiously into that house to preserve life and lymph our employees. we're bringing evidence response teams in to work hand in hand with our state local partners on the officer-involved shooting scene as well as the scene here where we have multiple victims as well as the house. we will continue to go down this road. this is a marathon, not a sprint. i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly, is this terrorism? i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements
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that it is a possibility. we are making some adjustments to our investigation, it is a possibility, but we don't know that yet. we are not willing to go down that road yet. [ question inaudible ] >> unknown at this point. >> how old are they approximately? >> i do not know that. >> how about the third suspect? >> there is a third suspect. i don't know the disposition of that suspect. i would defer that question to the chief. what i will tell you on any indications of terrorism or this investigation, i told a few of you already, we will go where the evidence takes us. it's possible it goes down that road. it's also possible it does not. we're just not sure yet. when we are fairly sure, we will let you know. >> do you have a motive for this? >> there are a number of potential -- a few potential things. we just don't know. i'm not willing to go
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down that road. this is a fluid active investigation. we are still gathering facts. all the heads of agencies we have here. we are still gathering some of these facts. it seems strewn throughout the city into other cities. it's incredibly fluid. that's just the way these things. we'll get there when we get there. >> do you have information about the identity of the third suspect? description? anything? >> i should have included that when i talked a me ed ed a moment ago. we had an officer shooting. there were two people in the vehicle, both those people are desed decreas decreased. we have a third person seen running away. we do not have information and do not know if they were involved. it's possible they were not. the reason we put things out on social media we asked people to shelter in place because there were folks that called in and reported they heard somebody jumping
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fences and they reported some of that activity in the neighborhood. we don't know if that was possibly responding officers, but we talk a cautious approach. we locked down the neighborhood and asked people to shelter in place. we searched that neighborhood extensively. as of a couple of minutes ago we got word that search wrapped up. no additional folks have been contacted or seen there. we feel that area is safe and we can lift that shelter in place order there. >> we do not have a motive. >> possible age of the suspect? >> keep in mind i said there were some things that were causing the officers to take a very, very cautious approach in approaching those suspects. we are just not that far into the investigation yet. >> i'm sorry? [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. i have not heard suicide. >> do you believe this whole situation is all clear, that people are
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safe? >> we feel confident about the neighborhood that we have secured that and there is nobody outstanding there. we are reasonably confident on that. on the broader scale of the investigation, as i said early on, we had information there were potential l i three shooters. we are at a point where we are tracking down that information. we are going to try to continue to identify if there was a third person involved or potentially even more people that might have been involved in the planning. we are still early on that part of the investigation. >> can't listen to all them. >> somebody left angrily, went out, came back with two other people, guns and started firing. any truth to that? >> i have heard that they were in a meeting or holiday party type event. somebody did leave, but we have no idea if that is the person that came back. >> so that's a possibility? >> somebody did leave. there was some type of dispute or something
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when somebody left that party. we have no idea if those are the people that came back. [ inaudible ] >> they were assault-style weapons. >> automatic rifles? >> that type of weapon, yes. [ inaudible ] >> there was a report they potentially threw what was identified as a pipe bomb. we rendered that device safe. it was not an explosive. we are still working on the vehicle and making sure that is safe. >> can you give us anything on description of these suspects, their parents, anything, age? >> just the way waits described to me, i said in the first press conference, they came dressed and equipped. the people we have at the scene that are deseesed are dressed in that way, dressed in dark tactical gear.
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>> i didn't say serve a search warrant. [ inaudible ] >> there was information on the early part of the investigation as we started to develop information there was one particular focus area we went to. there were a couple. one particular area we went to. it was one of those follow-ups that led us to the house that led to the ultimate pursuit that led to the officer-involved shooting. >> they were carrying assault-style weapons. there were two people in the suv. both of them are are deceased.
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one male, one female. they were engaged in the gun battle with the police officers. several officers shot at them into the vehicle. we have a third person that was seen leaving the area. he is detained. we do not know the extent of his involvement, if any. possibility he was not. >> the person was detained close to where the officer-involved shooting was. there was an arrest and somebody detained. we have not identified them yet. >> i don't have that information. >> any words exchanged during this gun fire? >> i don't know. okay. we are going to try to do another press conference some time around 8:30, 9:00.
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hopefully we'll have more information for you at that time. thank you. we've been watching a news conference by the police chief in san bernadino, california, answering a number of questions about what took place today. we know the two suspects in the suv were both shot and killed in an exchange of gun fire with police. a man and a woman. a third person seen running away has been detained. not clear what their connection is to all this. it began -- it sounds more and more like it began as a domestic work place shooting. let's go to pete williams who has been following in washington. what did we learn? >> reporter: there are still questions here. unless i misunderstood what the police chief is saying. he is saying there were two people they believe were involved in the shooting. both of whom were killed in the suv, but the third person that was seen leaving the area, he said, has
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been detained may or may not have been involved in the shooting. if that person wasn't involved in the shooting, and if three people were involved in the shooting this morning at the center, that leaves the question, what about that third person that was involved in the shooting? i am not sure i got the answer from the news conference about that. that's an important point. secondly, we've been hearing for the last several hours about from witnesses who say there was an argument among these county officials meeting in that center today, that one of them left and came back. the police chief has given us some clarity by saying he doesn't know whether the person who left and came back was one of the shooters. and whether or not that takes them away from the idea that this was work place violence or not, i don't know. the other puzzling thing is what the fbi
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official said is which he can't rule out terrorism, but there were some things that concern them that may point in that direction. now i don't know where we stand in terms of the possible motive here. we certainly think the search for the gunman is apparently over. this whole idea that they are now actively searching a location 70 miles away in redlands, california, is a very interesting development. it does confirm one thing we thought earlier tonight, which was that the apprehension of this suv which you're looking at riddled with bullets, which is the vehicle in which the man and woman were both found shot to death, that they didn't just come on to that scene. they were going to an address. they saw people leave, followed that suv and then the shootout
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followed. it wasn't a chance encounter based on an all-points bulletin. there are serious questions left unanswered here. i think it's fair to say officials don't know the answer. the fbi has not taken over that investigation. the justice department official tells me. there have been concern or indication that was happening. police are very much involved. it's obvious the fbi is very much a partner now in this investigation. >> what about this issue of devices? ever since earlier today there were concerns there might be explosives left behind at the scene of the shooting or perhaps in that suv. were we offered clarity there? >> they don't confirm that they found any explosive devices. my understanding of what the police chief said at the inland regional center is the gunmen brought things in they thought might be explosives, but they didn't confirm they were, in fact, explosives there.
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they said there was a device, apparently thrown from the suv. it turned out to be a nerd. it was perhaps a piece of pipe but not a bomb. officials looking inside the vehicle thought there were things suspicious. i have yet to hear confirmation explosives were found. >> we are looking at a scene over redlands, california. we heard police were serving a search warrant on a home there. miguel almaguer, there appears to be a vehicle moving in here. >> reporter: as police said, still a fluid situation. the information here shifting a bit. they did say they responded to a home in redlands area. police seem to be at that area. it appears from our
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vantage point they are moving into that home with an armored vehicle. there is concern there may be some explosive devices inside that home. that is typically what you see when police enter a home with an armored vehicle like this. officers are going to use a lot of caution as they approach this home. suspects were said to be heavily armed wearing body armor. there is concern they may have left some explosive device at the original crime scene. police telling us they are sweeping the building for explosive devices. they are concerned the threat is not over. police probe not only this home here outside the crime scene but back here at the original shooting. bomb squad teams moving through this area. they are very concerned. a very active investigation. >> this is something else to watch. they have this articulated arm there that seems to be breaking into the home.
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there wasn't clarity on whether another suspect may be out there. they had seen one other suspect running away who may or may not be related. we don't know that we are yet at the end of this horrible and dramatic day there in southern california. we watch this heavily fortified vehicle begin to poke away at what appears to be a 2 1/2 story house there in redlands, california. this an outgrowth of the horrible tragedy in san bernadino today. the deaths of 14 people and 17 wounded in what has been described as a work place shooting. that may be related to a gathering that had taken place in the
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late morning there. we do know the two individuals shot and killed in the shootout are a man and woman. we don't know the relationship or identities. we'll continue our coverage in a moment.
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the scene continues to shift in a dramatic turn of events in southern california from san bernadino to redlands, california, where police announced they were serving a search warrant at a residence there. you see them probing the front of that house with a spotlight. a few moments ago we saw an armored vehicle poking an arm-like device into the house itself. it does have some connection to the shooting as a facility of developmentally disabled facility in san bernadino that left 14 dead and 17 wounded. then later this afternoon, a gun battle with some of the suspects, two of them shot and killed by police. a man and a woman. a third person seen running away has been detained. clint van sandt has
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been helping with our performance. clint, when you heard it was a man and woman, did that change your thoughts about what may have transpired here? >> i think it confirmed what we talked about earlier today. there had to be some type of emotional glue. these weren't just random friends, whatever the case may be. there was a likely possibility there was a strong emotional connection between the two. we know that since the house they were seen leaving was only two hours or only two miles from the shooting scene, it's likely the shooting took place, went to the house, hunkered down and left again. what's puzzling is we've got more answers or more questions than we do answers.
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if for example the question posed to the chief of police, did somebody get angry and get up and leave a meeting and come back and commit this? how would you have all the tactical gear, the guns, accomplices, everybody sitting in a vehicle in full anticipation would you get in some type of argument? you notice the reluctant on the part of the fbi to say whether it's terrorism as well as the chief of police to comment on the ethnicity of the individuals, two dead, one in custody. obviously you know what that ethnicity is. we have things to learn. we are still on the fence as far as motive right now. >> and the tendency to want to fill in some of the blanks here.
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we are watching this operation going out of this house in redlands, california. that is apparently related to the events in san bernadino. we know some of our stations to leave us. we'll continue in other markets with another half hour of this special edition of nbc "nightly news." notice there is continuing coverage on i'm lester holt in new york. =short open= =jess/2-shot= thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. =raj/2-shot= and i'm raj mathai. just shooting like crazy. >> terror as heavily armed gunmen storm a holiday party and open fire. >> they came prepared to do what they did. >> at least 14 people killed and
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some 17 injure. >> people running all over the place. >> there ended u eed up being a pursuit. there was an officer involved shooting. good evening. >> chaotic day has turn into a fearful night. two suspects are dead. one of them a woman and there might be a third suspect still on the run. the l.a. times reporting the shooting may have been sparked by a dispute at a holiday gathering. at this hour the search continues for the possible third suspect. a lot developing as well in san bernardino and in redlands, california which is right next door to san bernardino. these are live pictures from our nbc chopper over the scene of a home in redlands about two miles from the shooting. it's an active search.


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