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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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of a news conference in progress by officials in san bernardino, california. some of you will return to regular programming now. asked about earlier. the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet know the motive. we cannot rule anything out at this point. we're hoping that some of the digital media exploitation will help and assist in obtaining some of that. it would be irresponsible of me and way too early for us to speculate on motive of why this occurred. any questions for the fbi? >> why is the --
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>> [ talking at the same time ] >> have you found any information that said he did this in the name of religion or that -- with all the ammunition part of a larger group and larger plot? maybe he was planning a different attack, got kicked off and decided i'm just going to turn on this guy. >> if you look at the amount of preplanning, the amount of armaments and weapons and ammunition, there was obviously a mission here. we know that. we do not know why. we don't know if this was a -- this was the intended target or if there was somhing that triggered him to do this immediately. we don't know. that's going to take time for us to get to that answer. >> was he in touch with subjects, international subjects, from the fbi, overseas, either by phone or social media? >> international subjects we are still working through that. we know there was some international travel.
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they came into the u.s., both he and his -- she was not his wife at the time but is now, they both came into the u.s. in july of 2014. they is since had a baby together. he is a u.s. person. she is still here on a k1 visa. >> do you believe the international travel is connected in any way? >> we do not know. it's certainly something we're going to look into very, very carefully [ talking at the same time ] >> information he has with investigative subjects, the fbi had under investigation. >> i did not hear you. >> what can you tell us about communication with terrorism subjects that the fbi has been investigating? >> we're still working through that and again that goes towards the flow and the pace of the information. i want to make sure we're absolutely correct before we put that out. >> the fbi was investigating -- >> we're still working through that. [ talking at the same time ] >> traveling to and how long had he been -- >> pardon me? >> how long had he been out of the country, what countries?
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>> it appears he came back into the u.s. in july of 2014 as i said earlier. i do not know all the countries he visited. we know he did go to pakistan at one point. we know she is here on a k1 visa under a pakistani passport. >> saudi arabia? >> don't have all the facts yet. >> is there any evidence -- >> what about her was explained why she got involved in this? >> we don't know enough. we do not know enough. >> i'm going to take two more questions. >> any evidence that the ieds were -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> how close are you to making that determination? >> again, it would be irresponsible and premature to call this terrorism. the fbi defines terrorism specifically and we are still -- that is the big question for us, what is the motivation for this? first and foremost the integrity of this investigation, again is paramount, secondly ultimately determine the motive and the inspiration for this attack. >> where was the --
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>> how would you describe [ inaudible ] profession or amateurish, high grade, military explosives used there -- >> well i'm not an expert either. as the chief mentioned earlier. i will say there is some level of sophistication certainly when you're tying them together and you have seemingly remote controlled car that is attached to the device. i'm going to take one more question and then turn it back to the chief. >> based off any kind of designs, inspired magazines. >> i didn't hear you. >> any type of evidence that shows a linkage between the designs of the ieds and inspire magazine. >> we knew that question would up and we're looking into it as we speak. >> was he ever on anybody's radar screen at all? did you ever have any prior knowledge of him or fbi anywhere? >> he was not on the radar screen of our agency prior to yesterday. let me go over a couple details. our plan today is, as i said early on, we're going to do this press conference now. throughout the course of the day we will do what we can to
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release the names of the victims, focus on those folks, we'll probably try to get you some photos and as i said move the media a little closer. we will come back with another press conference at the end of the business day, 4:00 or 5:00. hopefully we'll have significantly more information for you by then and then we'll kind of play it by ear. with that i'll take a couple more questions and then cut it off. >> did you determine the suspect and how did you determine he was the suspect? >> so as i said yesterday, when we did our early press conferences, there was -- we got a couple tips and we were following up on a couple different leads. this was one of the tips that we followed up on very early on. where that came from, was another person that was in the building that knew him that identified him by name who expressed some concern over his behavior prior to the event and the way that he left. following up on that information, we discovered that he had rented a vehicle that was similar to the suspect description that we had received and we also followed up on
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addresses that we had more than just that address in redlands. the address in redlands is the one we followed up on and the rest is obviously we know how that played out. >> were there any [ inaudible ]. [ talking at the same time ] >> there were -- there were things as our officers approached gave them concern that i don't know if the word booby-trapped is appropriate but there was concern that they did not want to go in immediately. they wanted to approach it very, very carefully and tactically and for that reason we used the fbi tactical team for that. we were stretched so thin here. so the fbi came with their bomb folks. i think the sheriff's department may have helped with that as well. we used their team to do it. the initial officers that were there and secured the house were not the ones that made entry. we did wait until tactically they did it appropriately. >> did you remove all [ inaudible ]. >> any time of information distribution distribution.
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>> there is nothing definitively that points to a motive. i have not been made aware of any notes. >> have all bodies been removed and identified? >> we are still working on that. it's been a slow process. so when this happened, the sprinklers, the fire sprinklers in the room had gone off. we believe what happened is maybe one of the rounds that were fired hit the fire sprinklers set them off, flooded the room, it took a lot of time to get that process turned off and then we discovered the explosive devices in the room. it took a lot of time to do that. we ask not get to the portion where we were dealing with the victims and the bodies and trying to make the positive identification through fingerprints until the middle of the night. we've been working throughout the night on that and we have been making notification since then. what the sheriff plans to do is that slowly throughout the day we will release the names hopefully of all 14 people today as we are able to make notifications. >> is anyone still in there? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure to be honest with you. >> the victims right away --
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>> as of several hours ago there were a few bodies left. we may have been able to remove those victims by now. i'm sorry, brian, go ahead. >> were you able to talk about the delay in getting to the bodies from the sprinklers, were you able to go in right away -- >> absolutely. so the initial response, the officers went through the water and all that, identifying bodies, searching for suspects. we had confirmed those folks had lost their life as they were dead and then we discovered the ieds which caused the safety personnel to back out deal with those in an effective way. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the holiday party, the suspect have any conversation with the holiday goers. >> not that i've been told. >> did he say anything during the shooting. >> not that i've been told. >> have you been able to find out through the local news or the fbi all the local people here in san bernadino, that these [ inaudible ] a week, two weeks prior? are you still reaching out to try to find that? >> that is part of the broader,
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more complex investigation to see if there are other coconspiriters or people aware of something. i'm not prepared to give details. >> an update on the -- >> so as the officer-involved shooting we did indicate there was a person detained out of that. that person was seen running away from the scene. what we have learned since then is that several of -- there were several police cars and undercover cars that pulled up that were engaged in that officer-involved shooting with the suspects. we found out later on that there were people that were in cars that abandoned their cars and ran the other direction when the gunfire started. i don't know if that person was one of those. we did ultimately determine he was not involved in the incident, not a suspect, not a person of interest. he did happen to have misdemeanor warrant and booked on that warrant. >> come on. >> [ inaudible ]. >> sorry? >> where did you find the ied? >> it was in the middle of the room on a table in a bag.
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>> were you able to ascertain the suspect fired first and the suspect had intent to die there? >> i don't know if i can speak to their intent on that. it's my understanding they opened fire first. rounds came out of the back of the car from the female that was in the back firing through the back of the suv at the police vehicles. and thens the male suspect who was the driver got out and fired at officers from the street as well. i don't know who fired the first round. >> what do we know about [ inaudible ]. >> i'm going to let the fbi -- that's a part of the investigation that they're working on and so they're doing history on that and i don't have enough info about her. >> on its own accord or disabled? >> i believe they -- it stopped on its own accord to engage the officers. >> what does this mean going forward, you can't talk about county buildings, but city buildings, i know, you know, probably a -- what about security at city buildings? >> we stepped up security all
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across the city and all across the county yesterday at all of our city and county facilities. schools went into lockdown today. it's my understanding as of today based on the information we have no credible threats ta a lot of those facilities are returning back to business as usual. yesterday everybody went into a lockdown. >> people with rifles in city hall ongoing? >> i don't anticipate you will. we've also -- >> [ inaudible ] going to be back to -- >> what's that? >> the environmental health where -- >> i don't know. we'll try to get those answers later on. i'll let the sheriff address that from the county. >> last night the county board of supervisors held a special meeting and decided to make the decision to shut down the nonessential county departments for today and tomorrow. not only to make sure that there weren't any threats that were still potentially developing yesterday, but as out of a respect for the family members
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and fellow employees that were either victims or friends of the victims and that's the decision the board of soup her vicars made. -- supervisors made. the nonessential county operations have been shut down today and tomorrow. >> just to clarify there's no suspect in connection [ inaudible ]. >> correct. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it's my understanding we've contacted a number of them and they have been cooperative. one or two we may still be looking for. >> the suspects were they wearing -- >> they were not wearing -- i've heard that rumor about the gopros and asked our staff about it. nobody has located gopros or any evidence that they were wearing cameras of any sort. >> chief, do you know how many people were at the heart parpar? >> i don't know. we will try to get that later this afternoon. >> [ inaudible ]. >> several of the family members have already been contacted, have been interviewed and are cooperating.
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we're still looking for a couple others. >> i'm sorry. >> were they [ inaudible ]? >> i don't know anything about that. >> the coroner's office now having to handle 14 bodies at once, what impact is this having on the coroner's operations? >> as you know -- as you know, i'm responsible for the coroner's office as well. and our staff is on 12-hour shifts and we've called folks in from their days off to assist with processing the scene and helping to identify the victims of the tragic event. we're in the process of making those identifications, the majority of them have been done and a number of the notifications have been made and we'll continue to update you as we get information and can provide the names once the notification has been made. >> will that be on the website. >> through our public affairs division as we get that information. >> two more questions and we'll
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wrap it up. >> [ inaudible ]. >> not that i've been told. pakistan. thank you very much, folks. we'll be in touch today. >> all right. kate snow at nbc headquarters in new york, you've been listening to a press conference in san bernadino, california, talking about yesterday's events, the mass shooting there. big headlines, one being that suspect husband of the couple we've been talking about did visit pakistan at one point recently, re-entered the united states in july of 2014, along with the woman who we believe is now his wife, another headline just how much ammunition the couple had at their home and on their bodies and the fact that they had 12 pipe bomb devices in their house or garage. our national correspondent miguel almaguer is in san bernadino. a lot of information there, miguel. >> yeah, kate. we know that the suspects exchanged a series of gunfire
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with the police during the high-speed pursuit that wrapped through this area. they fired 76 shots at officers whiles officers fired back some 1400 rounds at them. as you mentioned police were able to then get into the vehicle where they found thousands of rounds of ammunition. later going to their home where they found thousands of more rounds of ammunition. 12 pipe bombs and bomb making tools in that home. certainly, kate, they say this pointed to a clear path they we prepared, that this attack seems to have been planned. we also got an update on the number of injured. we know 14 people are dead, but we now know 21 have been injured, kate. back to you. >> miguel almaguer on the ground in san bernadino, pete williams covers the justice department in our washington bureau. we heard that the suspects say yesterday farook and say yesterday farook and fash feign mall lec, we don't know the
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motive but have new clues here. >> she's pakistani and he apparently met her overseas so that may be part of the travel. that's an important thing that they're trying to pursue. what i was trying to say or starting to say before the news conference began, is this whole idea of the remote controlled device, which is a piece of forensic evidence that's at this point quite interesting to the fbi, they had a remote control device, it was a little hard to tell what the sheriff meant by it, but what we've been told is they have the three pipe bombs that were tied together, placed in a bag, put on the table, and the receiver for the device was a remote controlled receiver from a model car and the -- on the person of one of the two that were found in the suv they found the remote control or the thing that you would press the button to cause the device to go off. that also came from a remote controlled model car. now, that way to build a remote
10:17 am
controller for a bomb was published in an al qaeda magazine called "inspire" a couple times. as a matter of fact, it is that design that the boston marathon bombers used. so that leads to the obvious question as well, did syed farook and his wife get that idea from an al qaeda da publication. they don't know the answer. one thing they're looking at whether that same recipe for building a bomb remote control could be found elsewhere which could say -- as i was starting to say, this thing keeps pointing in two different directions, kate. >> quickly, pete, are they looking for any more people? >> they want to know, they don't know that there are other people involved. they want to know whether other people helped them get their weapons or their explosives. >> all right. pete williams in washington, thanks so much. we will, of course, have all the latest developments throughout the day on complete coverage tonight on "nbc nightly news" as well as on msnbc. lester holt will be reporting
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it has been nearly 24 hours since three shooters or two, actually, opened fire in san bernardino, killing 14 people, injuring 17 others. this is still an active scene this morning. the two suspects are dead. we learned they were a married couple, of course. no word yet on what motivated that massacre. we have all kinds of resources working on this. we'll have lots more detail on our next newscast at 11:00. local weather and traffic coming up after the break. if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you.
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rain continues to move into the north bay and san francisco. and approaching the east bay now. as this moves closer, we'll see gusty winds picking up. san jose, clear skies, starting to see clouds moving in. expect some brief heavy downpours, gusty winds for about 30 to 40 minutes and then take a break, possibly another round of light rain moving in early this afternoon. we'll keep you up to date on that. how is it looking on the roads now? >> the rain just took out our camera in san rafael. up in this area where the rain had traveled over. now the radar is showing the east bay. that's what's on the radar. green, wet roads across the lynchman side. slower across the bay bridge as the result of wind, perhaps. and san mateo bridge, light traffic flow, keep things moving well. lower the speeds, even though traffic looks clear on the roadways. we have slippery roads and you don't want hydroplaning and loss of traction and spinouts.
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lots in our 11:00 news cast next. kris and i will see you then. it's thirsty thursday. a good day to be in the kitchen with one of the most popular food network stars in the nation, ina garten. >> you say it's good to be in the kitchen with ina. >> her friends call her the barefoot contessa. our "today" food team called on ina to show us some easy drinks and appetizers. >> what time is it? >> is it day drinking? >> this is a serious segment, ina, no judgment. >> first, cranberry martinis. >> ooh. >> perfect for the holidays. bobby flay taught me how to do this. >> give somebody else credit, that is lovely. >> he's great. the first thing i did was i cooked together sugar, cranberries, orange zest and some water. cook it for about five minutes. it infuses it with a cranberry
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flavor. it's fantastic. this is a bottle of vote ka. >> we know what a bottle of vodka looks like, trust me. >> pour that in there. >> the whole bottle? >> the whole bottle. >> i don't think that's vodka. >> i'm tasting it. >> it's vodka. >> the nice thing about this, you can make it in advance which is wonderful. >> should the vodka be cold or does it matter? >> it's going to go in the fridge so it doesn't matter. this entire thing is going to go right in this bottle. it's going to sit in the fridge for up to a week. >> really? >> up to a week. >> it's going to marinate, baby. >> this is what it ends up being like. >> why that long, just to get the -- >> the fruit flavor. it can be a day, two days, but it can be a week too. then strain it. i'm going to actually use the cranberries for the drink. you'll see. little garnish. so now what we have is this drink, we're going to add two things. hoda, do you want to add cranberry juice and triple sec. the triple sec is an orange
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liquor so it gives good flavor to it. >> you're just enhancing the two flavors that are already -- >> exactly, exactly. then i'll take some cranberries and put it right into the drink like that. >> ah. >> to garnish it. because they're delicious. they've been infused. take a little orange zest and run it around the rim to really taste that. and this goes in here. >> this is fun. >> you never have any fun, right? >> never. she's the most dour -- >> i know, it's really unbelievable. >> are you shaking? >> i have a -- it should be okay. >> the key to this, you shake it for 30 seconds. >> you shake it, ina. >> shake it, shake it, shake it. >> pour it in? >> pour it right in and we have cranberry martinis. >> that looks delicious. >> i'll take a sip. >> and the other drink i made here actually is jalapeno margaritas. fresh lime juice, fresh lemon
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juice. this is jalapeno margarita, marinated. we have a long day ahead, right. >> we do. >> whoa, jalapeno. >> it's got a little heat in it, right, but it's really good. >> i know when i see it. >> adorable or what? >> cute. >> with it because you want to eat something with it, i've made marinated feta. just slice feta. thyme, red pepper flakes, combine them. just goes over the top. >> easy. >> just like that. little drizzle. little thyme. drizzle it with olive oil. >> this looks really good. >> people either love feta or don't like it at all. >> oh, i love feta. >> i do too, it's amazing. >> salt, pepper. you end up with -- >> how do you serve it? >> just like that. already done with pita chips.
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and i also made kale chips. you can either do it with or without parmesan cheese. this is kale chips. >> like potato chips. >> this is double fisted. >> isn't that good? >> what do i eat next? >> and you've got a cocktail party. >> it's like eating a potato chip. >> delicious. thank you. >> she's the best for a reason. we love you so much. the recipes are all from ina's cookbook. it's called "make it ahead." you can also find them on >> they've scoured the shelves to find all kinds of products and put them to the test. we'll bring you the best with jill right after this. you know, meeting the residents and i had a gentleman stop me and ask me if i made his dinner. he had lost his wife recently, but i didn't know that. he made a remark to me about not sure he wanted to be there anymore, but he said something to me that has stuck with me to this day.
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are. >> these are like two pounds. >> here is contributor jill martin. >> and "people" style and beauty director adrian lavinthal. >> from feta cheese to working out, the best beauty products. first, the best deodorant. drum roll, please. nothing over $13.99 today. everything from drugstores. ready? >> i'm going to love it. >> dove. >> i love dove. >> so good. >> so one for each of you. >> that would be a good thing for a commercial. i love dove. >> i love dove. >> it's great. it's great stuff. >> after a spin class or even working out, our tester said it dries instantly, it lasts more than 24 hours. >> how does it smell? >> it smells. >> it's a dry spray. it goes on instantly dry, not like the old antiperspirant. >> they're each different,
10:40 am
different flavors. >> different scents. >> that's what i meant. >> don't eat it. >> they know what i mean. >> what is it? >> so we're going to start with hand cream. here's the thing, it's hard to get really excited about hand cream. >> no it isn't, especially this time of year. >> this one is worth getting a little excited over because even when you wash your hands, they still feel hydrated. >> squirt some on her. >> let's dry that out. >> let's see. >> you're going to be moisturized for days. >> really, that much? >> everyone lov this. we didn't expect a hand cream to get so much feedback. skin fix. >> not too thick. >> we're in the beach theme for a reason, the music and -- >> we have the self-tanner. >> some people are a little scared of self-tanner. >> because of the orange streaks. >> or smelling like fritos.
10:41 am
>> she got such beautiful natural results. i mean, it smells good. >> she did the left leg last night. you know what though, if you do it, it will be blotchy. just remember to wash your hands after. she did one leg and one arm last night. that was the assignment. >> look how dark it is. >> how often do you have to do it? >> every day. >> you can do it a few times a week to build up to the color you want. >> isn't it pretty? >> isn't. >> okay. let's take that home too. >> okay. ready for our next? >> uh-huh. >> i love the drum roll. >> best exfoliator, best razor. >> what's the best razor? >> we'll start with the exfoliator. >> exactly. >> that's because of the order of the graphics. hoda moves right to the razor. it's sort of dry, like if you feel this. >> but melts. >> melts right in. our tester said this was the best. and speaking of, before you do the spray tan, it's best to
10:42 am
exfoliate first. >> did you do that? good girl. >> so she looks guilty. so that'sbotanic. >> now the razor. the other side is an electronic trimmer that everybody said -- >> for what? >> think about it. >> so anyway, that's -- >> for intimate areas. so that was voted the best. >> or use it on your guy. >> sure. >> that's exactly the way out of that. and then this was my personal favorite. this is the jergens wet skin moisturizer. think of it like conditioner for your body. you're in the shower. you rinse off. then you put this on. you do not rinse this off. you towel dry. >> just towel dry? >> and you're hydrated. >> jackie. >> yeah. >> jackie's everywhere.
10:43 am
>> do you like the razor, jackie? >> i love it. >> what's that? >> this is our award-winning shave cream. >> who makes it, sweetheart? >> completely bare. >> thanks, guys. >> we'll be back again for the last one tomorrow. for all the full list of award winners including the no bump shave gel, visit >> tomorrow, all the winners in skin care. >> we're back with ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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10:48 am
are you sitting down, because you're about to witness some amazing shape shifting from the international acclaimed modern dance company called pilolobus. >> if that name sounds familiar it might be baubs they performed at the 2007 academy awards where dancer bodies became tributes to films like happy feet and little miss sunshine. >> they're amazing. now pilolobus is performing a
10:49 am
new show called shadowland. those are shadows. the show is running at the nyu -- okay, center for the performing arts. we get to see one right now. >> all right, here they are, lady, pilolobus. ♪
10:50 am
♪ all of us are on the street and new york city is the place to be ♪ ♪ going uptown ♪ to be a part of it ♪ going downtown ♪ to the heart of it ♪ holiday you say good-bye ♪ to the year we left behind ♪ cheers to the ones who are here today ♪ ♪ cheers to the ones who have gone away ♪ everybody needs someone ♪ underground in the morning sun ♪ ♪ doesn't matter where you're from ♪ ♪ new york city is the place to be ♪ ♪ going uptown ♪ to be a part of it
10:51 am
♪ going downtown ♪ to the heart of it ♪ ♪ holiday you say hello ♪ to the folks you barely know ♪ love to the child discovering snow ♪ ♪ love to the people without a home ♪ ♪ love to those we won't forget ♪ ♪ love to those less fortunate ♪ because all of us are on the street ♪ ♪ new york city is the place to be ♪ ♪ going uptown ♪ to be a part of it
10:52 am
♪ going downtown to the heart of it ♪ ♪ ♪ >> where am i sitting, right here? >> right here. perfect. >> you guys ready? >> yes, we're ready! oh, my god. that's unbelievable. pilolobus. >> you guys are brilliant. >> what jt happened? >> we're back with more. >> honestly. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that was unbelievable!
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
it's that time of the show
10:56 am
when we spread some cheer and meet one of the generous supporters of our 22nd annual toy drive. >> one of the biggest challenges is getting gifts for boys. every year, is here to help us with that. >> he brought along some friends from a local boys and girls club. >> who you going away? >> toys from the good dinosaur. the movie just opened last week and everybody's excited about these great dinosaurs. >> you guys like them? >> it is important you guys are always so great about giving each year, right? >> it's very important for our company. our mission is to make the world smile. you spend time with these wonderful kids. make sure everybody has the opportunity. >> how was being on tv? >> good. >> you guys did great. >> thank you for everything you do. and if you'd like to donate, you can come to our plaza, come to our pop-up store, donate online
10:57 am
through amazon. you have until december 22nd. we want to give a shoutout to one of the facebook friends who spotted regis. >> regis was the elf on the shelf. >> keep looking for the elf on the shelf popping up. >> now, listen, earlier we mentioned a story we heard about a neighbor who reportedly saw suspicious activity at the home of the suspect in yesterday's mass shooting. in the days before the tragedy. >> we want to point out, nbc news has not verified that account. >> exactly. >> tomorrow, adam pally stops by. >> plus, ideas for the people who help you out all year long. >> and holiday fashions we promise kids will want to wear. >> have a great thursday.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. -- puts together na kind of an elaborate scheme or plan to come back and do that, so there was some planning that went into this. >> breaking news, new details just revealed about the husband and the wife who carried out that mass shooting in san bernardino. the new evidence showing they were planning this for quite some time. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kansas. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the situation in san bernardino still very active 24 hours later. authorities gathering evidence this morning at the spot where officers got into a shootout with those suspects killing both of them. you can see the suv they were driving bullet ridden with evidence markers strewn across the road in


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