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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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night, on this saturday night, trail of terror. isis sends a message calling the shooters martyrs and tonight an emerging portrait of the female suspect. plus, what we now know about where the killers got their arsenal of weapons. police cover up? the new chicago police documents that contradict what was seen in the dash cam video of a police officer fatally shooting a teenager. warning signs in the diagnosis of breast cancer. a new risk factor doctors say should not be ignored. and for the aging. when these students moved into a retirement community and joined the elderly, it was music to their ears. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new
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york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, kristen welker. >> good evening, tonight we begin with a nation increasingly on edge as details slowly emerge about the san bernardino shooters and the weapons had he used to carry out their vicious attack. in an online radio broadcast today isis praises the two shooters. and this comes as the president is ramping up his language, saying the attack was an act of terror, and it's possible the shooters were radicalized. we've got it all covered. and we begin with nbc's miguel almigar in redlands, california. >> reporter: in this community outside los angeles neighbors tell nbc news syed farook and tashfeen malik appeared to lead an ordinary life. but inside their redlands home, there were signs they were plotting and planning a terrorist attack. >> we have several down in a conference room. several down. >> reporter: today the militant group isis praised the attack, calling the couple mar terse and followers. but u.s. government sources say there is
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no evidence the attack was directed by a militant group. malik was born in pakistan, pledged allegiance to isis on facebook shortly before the massacre, reuter's news reporting she spent time in the poon john province in her early years and later went to university there, a hot bed for extremist recruiting. malik had would two brothers and two sisters and spent time in saudi arabia, but her family say there were no signs she was involved with laumic radical groups. but officials say some are right to ask if tashfeen malik radicalized her husband. >> often times withdy duos we have a primary actor. >> reporter: coming to the u.s. last year on a so-called fiancee visa malik married farook after meeting in saudi arabia. he was born in chicago, a college graduate with a good-paying job as a restaurant inspector in san bernardino.
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friends say there was no way he was the master moind. >> this is something political. because this brother, he couldn't have done that. >> reporter: the shooters home, where he raised a 6mond old daughter was a bomb making factory, packed with bombshells, ammunition, and tools to build ieds. killed by police in a shootout, their. >> this is something i'll never forget. i'll never be able to fully conveev how the families were affected. >> reporter: the 14 dead are mothers and daughters, sons and daughters. shannon johnson died a hero. when gunfire rang out, he gave his life to save denise. she said johnson shielded her saying three words, i got you. tonight her life, a tribute to his. syed farook's family sent time here at the
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family home saying they knew very little about his wife. the stay at home mom, they say talked very little possibly and rarely left this hom. >> and president obama met with his national security team today for a briefing on the shooting investigation. officials say there is no solid evidence tieing this attack to any specific terror group. our justice correspondent pete williams is following this angle. pete, good evening. >> kristen, good evening, the white house says the president was told today they found no indication the killers in san bernardino were part of any organized group or terror cell. officials say fbi director james comey told the president that several factors suggest syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized. among them, their extensive preparations, the way they built their bombs, and that facebook pledge of support for isis that she posted just before the shooting. but tonight officials say so far there is nothing else to tie this attack to isis. no sign at this point that the couple was in
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direct contact with anyone from any terror group. officials hope to discover the motives and contacts from cell phones and computers but the couple damaged those devices and while they are working to recover the data the work is slow going. >> pete williams, thank you. we are learning more tonight about the four guns used in the massacre and where they came from. it turns out that two of those guns, the assault rifles, were purchased by a friend of syed farook. we get more on this tonight from nbc's stephanie goss. >> reporter: police say the attack on the holiday party didn't take long. roughly 75 rounds in just a matter of minutes. overnight, law enforcement searched a house belonging to a friend of syed farook, who they believe originally purchased the two assault rifles used in the rampage. one bought in 2011. the other in 2012. authorities say they do not consider him a suspect in the mass shooting but they want to know when the guns
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were transferred to the couple. >> it is a urban tactical weapon that these individuals used in a capacity for terrorist acts. >> reporter: the semiautomatic rifles known as ar-15s have been used in some of the deadliest shootings in recent history. 2012 in aurora cole james holmes used the smith and wesson mlp to kill 12 at a late night movie. months later 20 children and six adults were filed by a bush masser at sapped audio hook elementary. >> could i potentially learn how to use this gun in an afternoon. >> in two minutes. >> reporter: law enforcement say the couple tried to alter one rifle to make it fully automatic but their attempts thailand failed. they also used illegal high velocity magazine
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clips. they had mag deans that could hold 30. so when one magazine finished all they needed to does do was flip and it use the next one. the l.a. times reports that fbi investigators took security video and records from this gun lange. but with rifles as easy to use as these are, the couple might not have needed much practice. law enforcement officials tell nbc news the man who originally bought the gun has not been able to tell them how or when they ended up in the couple's hands. they say he has been too emotionally distraught to give them that level of detail. >> a fascinating look at assault rifles. a program note. chuck todd will have much more on the san bernardino shootings tom on meet the press including an exclusive interview with attorney general loretta lynch. as we told you earlier, president obama spoke out again today about this week's shooting. so did some of the presidential candidates. the massacre is having a pronounced impact on the rhetoric of the campaign with new
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warnings by the candidates about the terror threat. among those weighing in today was donald trump. nblz's katie tur was with him today in iowa. >> reporter: addressing the tragedy in san bernardino today president obama came as close as he has ever come to using the words radical islamic terror. >> it is entirely possible these two were radicalized to commit this act of terror. >> reporter: the president cautioning we need to know all the facts before laying the blame on international networks. >> he should call it what it is, right? radical. islamic terrorists. it is what it is. this is a war. we're in a war. >> his poll numbers rising, donald trump is leading the way, positioning himself as the toughest on terror. >> that [ bleep ] is not going to happen anymore. >> reporter: the billionaire arguing for racial profiling, restoring the patriot act, and bringing back water boarding a
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tactic the red cross calls torture. trump even taking it a step forth to target the families of terrorists. >> you want to target the families of isis terrorist potentially innocent families. >> we are seeing the evil of radical islamic terrorism here at home, murdering innocent americans. >> this is the world we now live in. where someone -- and the guy, the man, was born in the united states. he was a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: republican voters say they are afraid. and as of now, the man most say they want protecting them is donald trump. >> you are not going to be scared anymore. they are going to be scared. you're not going to be scared. >> reporter: in the most recent cnn orc poll republican leaders say regardless who they are going to vote for they do believe donald trump is the most qualified candidate when it comes to foreign policy and isis
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despite his inexperience. kristen. >> thank you. one more note on all of this. for the first time since 1920 the new york times ran an editorial on its front page today. in it the paper calls for greater regulation of guns in this country following the string of recent mass shootings. >> reporter: police in miami beach killed a man after he allegedly tried to rob a bank ran into a barber shop is and confronted police with a razor. we want to warn you the video is graphic. our report from carry sanders. >> reporter: shirtless and wielding a straight razor a man suspected in an attempted bank robbery faces down three armed miami police officers all on a busy south florida intersection. >> this guy about to get killed right now. >> reporter: the suspect raises his hand with the weapon. one officer firs a tazer and a split second later gunshots. >> it looks crazy.
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>> reporter: tonight a pick of that straz straight as ior released. the officers on paid administrative leave. >> i know there is videos out there in america. if you slow the videos down, you will see the weapon is raised at the moment at which the shot takes place. while the fbi is investigating the bank robbery, the shooting in miami beach is being investigated by a separate police agency of it's a new policy here, an outgrowth of the controversial 2011 shooting of an unarmed black man by officers. >> once the independent investigation is complete it will be sent to the miami-dade state attorney who will make the final decision if this shooting followed pressure police procedure. nbc news miami beach. a new chapter in the controversial police shooting of a teenager in chicago more than a year ago. you will recall police released dash cam video of the shooting last week. then they released surveillance tape from a burger king with an
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80 minute gap that includes the time of the shooting. and now they have released seemingly contradictory police reports from the speakers who watched the shooting. >> reporter: in hundreds of pages of official and handwritten police states a starkly different picture of the shooting that took the life of 17-year-old la quon mcdonnell. in police reports released late friday officer jason vandyke now charged with first-degree murder and at least five other officers seemed to directly contradict the dash cam video released last week. one officer writes, he swung the knife toward the officers in an aggressive manner. in the video the teen is seen walking away. throughout the reports the officers are called the victims. the 17-year-old, the offender. and while the video shows the teen lying on the ground, shot 16 times, officers reported mcdonald continued moving on to ground, teaming to get up, while still armed with the knife. the report also
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introduce as possible defense for vandyke, who has pleaded not guilty. a previously issued chicago police department bulletin warning of a weapon which was a knife but which actually was capable of firing a bullet. today there were new calls for protests and resignations following the ousting of the police chief. >> the police chief cannot be the fall guy. we want the police culture cleaned up. >> reporter: the mayor continues to face chris tichl n. an on ed in the chicago tribune writes he accepts responsibility. supervision and leadership at every level of the pooept and the oversight agencies should have come into play. they didn't, and that has to change. chicago p.d. says the justice department is now investigating the officers who made those statements n. a tale of two stories that has left the city divided. kristen dahl again, nbc news.
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when nightly news continues on this saturday women's health and what has he merged as a new risk factor for breast cancer. later a most unusual living arrangement. students and seniors under one roof. entertainment included. ♪
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we're back now with an important health story that came out just this week. a new warning sign for breast cancer that doctors say you this now be added to the list of risk factors
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for the disease. it involves a preliminary finding on some mammograms. >> reporter: trainer claudia schroeder won't overrule concerned when a mammogram a few years back detected something success conspiracies. it turned out the to be a false positive. an additional screening found she was cancer free. three years later there was nothing false about it. her yearly test revealed the mom had stage two breast cancer. >> what's it like when you get that diagnosis? >> it is very scary. itch a little boy and i want to see him grow up and get married and all those wonderful things. >> reporter: new research find those false positives may be cause for concern afterall. women receiving them had higher chances of eventually contracting breast cancer than those who didn't. the study followed a million women between the ages of 40 and 74 for over a decade. women with false positives had a 37% greater chance of breast cancer later on
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than those who didn't. those who had a biopsy eventually had a 76% greater risk. however, doctors say it adds up to one additional cancer in every 100 women. >> the chances of developing breast cancer are small each if she has a false positive. >> reporter: the doctor says false positives should be a risk factor and women with them should continue to get regular screenings. >> i was diagnosed two years ago. >> reporter: after diagnosis, claudia was treated at md anderson cancer center. >> this is mommy. >> reporter: these she is healthy, plenty of energy for son nicholas now. >> i'm very lucky that it wasn't as bad and that they discovered it, you know, at an earlier stage. >> reporter: false alarm mammograms, a potential clue for early detection in the fight against breast cancer. nbc newsing houston. and when we come back, could this be
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the dormitory of the future? why these college students chose to live in a retirement community of the we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll explain. . we'll explain. we'll explain.
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they say there is no place like home. we have a unique test on that concept for a group of college students in cleveland. home has become a local retirement community. nbc's john yang stopped by for a visit. ♪ >> reporter: 25-year-old daniel par vin has a lot on his mine these days as he finishes up his ph.d. at the cheefld institute of music. but one thing he doesn't worry about -- >> i've got the best student housing arrangement in cleveland, i think. >> reporter: it's not just the apartment in a vintage one-time
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luxury hotel. or the gran piano in the lounge. it's his house mates. >> i hin herit 100 surrogate grandparents here and they are really dear friends of mine. >> reporter: johnson manor is home to both students and seniors a novel arrangement combining college students and retirees that started five years ago. >> oh, perfect. >> reporter: 79-year-old laura barrack has four sons and six biological grand zmirn she is as much of my family. i see more of her than i do some of my adult grandkids. >> reporter: what could they possibly have in common? turns out a lot. >> we found a lot of things. cooking, sharing a meal, talking about art. talking about music. >> reporter: the students get free housing in exchange for performing once a month. residents say these young neighbors keep them young. >> you see a young person coming forward with you and you want to look alive.
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you want to look as though you are still part of it. >> i see them wearing or carrying something and i say what the hell is that. >> no worries about loud parties and late at night. >> oh, no. >> we actually can have those, too. you know, just because of our age, we go loud. >> reporter: there is, however, one area of disagreement between the ages. who do you think gets more out of it, the residents or you? >> i do. i like older people better than people my age. >> reporter: so far, a dozen students from area colleges have come together to create this family like atmosphere. >> it is a win for us because we have delightful people here. >> reporter: two different generations living in harmony. john yang, nbc news, cleveland. >> that is a win all around. up next, how a city shaken decided on this day to march on.
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when words can't capture a moment, you let the story speak for itself. >> they all say is same thing. paris is alive. >> they are calling it sb strong despite this week's horrific events in san bernardino. the city was also showing its resilience today. while many are in mourning and many more are feeling the sorrow of the city, the holiday spirit was also on display as we hear from nbc's joe
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fryar. >> reporter: it would have been easy for san bernardino to call off this year's ymca christmas parade to silence the bands and pack away the costumes, to tell kids who practiced for months to stay home. yes, that would have been easy. but this town needed something else. >> i think this city needs a parade more than ever. a good blue collar town like san bernardino is going to stand up and fight. >> reporter: about 1500 people, mostly kids r marching in the parade. organizers questioned whether to cancel it but decided last night to go forward. as a precaution they doubled the police presence. peace of mine for many, like patty cruz. >> it's really sad where our city is at right now. it's very sad. >> reporter: her granddaughter works at the inland regional center the scene of wednesday's mast shooting. >> it was scary, emotional for all of
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us. she made it out okay. >> reporter: still what happened paralyzed this community. just ask mike pastor who says fear kept many away from his barber shop this week. >> what do you think it will take. >> >> time. no matter what, life goes on. and you cannot be afraid to live your life. >> reporter: san bernardino is slowing starting to heal. and for patty's family, today's parade is part of that process. this is for them. we need to bring them out and let thome know that we are going to be okay. >> reporter: a wounded yet resilient town fighting fear with joy. >> i want to wish you a merry christmas. >> reporter: joe fryar, nbc news, san bernardino, california. >> incredible resilience. and that is "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm kristen walker propertying from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, thank for watching. and good night. a live look at the 242 in
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concord. . right now at 6:00, a traffic nightmare in the east bay. a live look at 242 in concord. an entire freeway shut down as police investigate a possible shooting. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney.
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i'm peggy bunker. this because of police activity. let's take a live look from our chopper in concord. >> confirming the heavy police presence you see. we have a map to show you where this is happening. the shutdown is southbound 242. northbound still open. this is near the grant avenue exit in concord. >> we're still getting information and also waiting for confirmation about exactly what is causing the shutdown. if you wonder why cars are moving, these are cars exiting the freeway, getting off the exit ramps because they can't go any farther down the freeway. we're hearing different reports. one report of a shooting. we're working to get that confirmed. police say the situation is under investigation. it all began just before 5:00. >> cars are getting by, exiting the freeway at the top of your screen. where you see the police


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