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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 6, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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>> al: volkswagen postgame report following the game, with the stars of the game. quite a few to choose from. amigos no se pierdan el analisis bob, tony and mike breaking it down and we'll take a preview look at next sunday night's game between the patriots and the texans. colts love playing in their division, the afc south. you go back to week 17 of 2012, 16-0. you get them out of the division and they're 13-15. going on 13-16 after tonight's game. huge difference. the good news for the colts is that three of their remaining four games will be in the division. at jacksonville, houston at home and wrap up the season with tennessee at home. one road game at miami in week 16. >> cris: it's hard to envision a scenario where that game against
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houston doesn't basically decide it, right? >> al: the way it looks right now, because at the moment -- >> cris: hat trick. >> al: harrison, wow. 13th year in the league. the two sacks coming into the game. trio tonight. >> cris: joe reitz flipping over from the right tackle to left tackle and really no match. to be expected really. if you've got to drop back and throw it every down against the pittsburgh steelers, they are going to get you, and that guy in particular. >> al: second and goal. whitehurst taken to the ground by shazier. third and goal. so we talked about the colts and what they have and then the steelers at cincinnati next week. denver comes here. and then the two road games to
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end it to go to baltimore and to go to cleveland. >> cris: boy, that first cincinnati game was just a slugfest. it was really a classic. and now pittsburgh who's had so much success over the years in cincinnati, including in the playoffs, comes back for the rematch. >> al: and one more sack. this time it's arthur moats. so harrison has three sacks tonight. that's five sacks for the pittsburgh steelers. >> cris: well, let's take a look at the coverage. antwon blake under a little heat last week, has been -- a lot of passes thrown at him this year. shazier on coverage with fleener on the outside. there's brandon boykin, who's done a good job coming in and taking some snaps off these guys. >> al: and our fourth and goal.
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that will all but wrap it up as they turn it over on downs and pittsburgh can run the clock out. >> cris: exactly what the steelers needed, a big-time performance in a game they had to have and they got it done. >> al: big nights for a lot of guys. ben for 364 and four touchdowns. deangelo williams, a 5.2 average. came in averaging 4.9. great game and a great year for him. and antonio brown, just another one of those nights and days he does it so often. >> cris: pick out a few guys on the defense too. james harrison, of course, with a big night tonight as well. jarvis jones, that early interception will set the tone. brandon boykin was one. >> al: landry jones will finish it out with a kneeldown, and that will take us all the way to
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the end. >> thank you, man. all the best to you, you know it. >> al: so 7-5 are the pittsburgh steelers and the indianapolis colts are at .500 now. their three-game streak is over. and i'm just waiting for the clock to go to zero and it's all official. the final score will be 45-10. steelers win it. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report after these messages from your local station.
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welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here now, bob costas. >> well, at one point in the second quarter, the colts led this game 10-6. safe to say that did not hold up. 39 unanswered points later, pittsburgh wins it 45-10. they have won three of their last four and even counting the loss against seattle, they have averaged 35 points in those four games. three game balls will be given out. naturally ben roethlisberger will get one of them. 24 for 39, four touchdowns, did not throw an interception. deangelo williams didn't find the end zone, but he carried 26 times for 134 yards. and what an epic night for antonio brown, one of the most exciting players in the league. he caught eight passes, two of
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them for touchdowns, then tacked on a 71-yard punt return for a score late in the game and attempted a nearly impossible and inadvisable celebration move, but somehow survived it and all three of them, roethlisberger, williams and brown are with michele. >> michele: well, ben, it seems the theme all week has been everything you guys want is right there in front of you for the taking. what was the mindset tonight? >> have fun. that's what we said in the locker room. we wanted to get done with this game and we wanted the world to see that the pittsburgh steelers have fun when they play ball. >> michele: you had fun obviously because you have a number of targets, a number of weapons. how has that developed when you've been in and out all season? >> credit to them. they put a lot of hard work in. we work harding to. you know, whether we're in on offense when the defense is in, we're talking on the sideline. i give them a lot of credit because they work their butts off. >> michele: antonio brown had three touchdowns tonight but everyone will be talking about the punt return for the touchdown and the goal post afterwards.
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we saw you react. what were you thinking when he did that? >> a.b. is silly. i didn't want him to get hurt. he said he was trying to stick it and he didn't do a very good job. i just didn't want him to get hurt. >> michele: we've got to ask you about that. the punt return for the touchdown and you ran straight into the goal post. what were you doing? >> i was full of excitement, trying to stick it at the goal post but it didn't work out. >> michele: what do you mean, you wanted to stick right to it? >> stick right to it. >> michele: did it bother you that you got the penalty? >> no, i've got to be smarter. it's a part of the game, you've got to have fun with it and be in the moment. >> michele: you've had a lot of help with guys like markus wheaton and martavis bryant. how much did that free them up? >> that frees me up all the time. i tell them all the time we're all the best as a unit. the more they get better, i get better, the more we'll win more games. >> michele: congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> michele: let's go to deangelo williams. people keep talking about your
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age. they say you're 32. are you really 32? because you look like you're 22 out there. >> well, i've got to give credit to the team that i played with before because we had a dual backfield set and i don't have many carries on me. i think it preserved me and allowed me to do the things that i'm doing right now. >> michele: you told me earlier in the week all you guys need to do is get hot at the right time. you came here because you wanted to go to the super bowl with this team. how do you build on this one? >> it's a great win. we started out a little slow at the beginning with the turnovers and things but then we got it going with ben in the passing game and the running game started going along and everything started clicking. this is a great film to build from and we've got to get ready for cincinnati next week. >> michele: congratulations. >> i got a game ball! >> yes, you did. thank you, michele and thanks for the happy trio of steelers. here's a look now at the afc playoff picture. the colts remain the number four
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seed despite tonight's defeat, since houston also lost today. the steelers are tied with the chiefs and jets at 7-5 but currently they would be on the outside looking in ahead of their trip to cincinnati next week. most notably, the patriots have dropped from the top spot to third after their loss to the eagles, but it should be noted that denver hosts cincinnati in week 16. so if the patriots can win out from here, they would still be assured of a bye, since the bengals and the broncos have to lose at least once more. let's bring in tony dungy. tony, what do you make of new england's situation right now? >> well, new england is not the same team they were week one when we saw them up in foxborough opening night, bob. and it's simply because of injuries. and the most notable is rob gronkowski. they need him back to get back in sync on offense. we had kind of conceded maybe two weeks ago that they would be the number one seed, but that's not the case anymore. now, this pittsburgh team that
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we saw tonight, they're going to have a lot to say about that number one seed too, because they play cincinnati next week and denver the following week. pittsburgh is as hot as anyone. so new england needs to get healthy, but it's going to be a great race down to the wire for that seeding in the afc. >> okay, tony, don't go anywhere because over in the nfc, the unbeaten panthers can clinch a bye with a win next week. green bay has the edge over minnesota in the north and, yes, washington at 5-6 sits atop the east heading into their game against dallas tomorrow night. tony, it's the seahawks in that number six spot that we're really keeping our eyes on, right? >> you absolutely have to. they have been to the last two super bowls in the nfc and they're playing good football this last couple of weeks. i was a little critical of their defense last week but they came through this week and shut down teddy bridgewater. if some way, bob, they could now with the tie-breaker against minnesota, if they could get into that five spot, they would
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play the winner of the nfc east and you'd have to think the seahawks would be favored in that first round game and might be ready to get on a roll in the playoffs. >> yeah, they could be positioning themselves for another late run, which has kind of been one of the hall marks of the seahawks in recent years. we'll turn now to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, already two head coaching spots to be filled this off-season in miami and tennessee. how many more guys are coaching for their jobs over the final portion of this season? >> well, bob, i see up to eight different teams where there could be a coaching change after the season. let's focus on two in particular. in new york with the giants, the fourth time this year a fourth quarter lead blown by coach tom coughlin with some questionable decisions by coughlin down the stretch. and this one came against the team that they share a stadium with, a jets team that had not beaten the giants in the regular season since 1993. earlier this week co-owner steve tisch put coughlin on notice if this team doesn't make it to the playoffs, there could be a change in new york.
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in cleveland, the browns are 2-10. coach mike pettine was asked if he's received an assurance he'll even finish the season. he said that he hasn't had that conversation with owner jimmy haslam and that could mean that a very different kind of conversation is coming soon for mike pettine in cleveland. >> all right, mike, thanks. yeah, speaking of the giants, they're 5-7. they could with a little luck and change a thing here or two benign-3. meanwhile, steelers 45, colts 10. meanwhile al and cris will wrap things up after this. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit,
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sideline. malcolm jenkins is going 99 yards for a touchdown! >> al: stunner in foxborough. last week we're doing the game in denver, it's a 14-point new england lead, they're 10-0, clearly the road to the super bowl is going to go through foxborough. here we are eight days later and the road to the super bowl in the afc is going through anywhere, we don't know. we have houston against new england next week. big game for both teams. >> cris: and we know what's happened to new england's offensive line, a lot of injuries up there. and probably the most watchable player that plays on the defensive side in this league, j.j. watt, is going to be coming hard after tom brady. he is literally tried to carry that football team on the defensive side. great matchup. can't wait to be there. >> al: december, always fun. >> cris: absolutely. >> al: on to texas, partner. we'll see you next sunday night. it's new england against houston on sunday night football. tonight 39 unanswered points for the pittsburgh steelers who win
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the game by a score of 45-10 over the indianapolis colts. until next week, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafo tafoya, saying good night from pittsburgh. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. every morning these men ate a tired breakfast and had a tired day. they weren't lumberjacks, they were slumberjacks.
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isil does not speak for islam. they are thugs and killers. part of a cult of death. >> tonight, president obama with a message for america, denouncing terrorism and calling muslim americans our biggest allies. >> we can stand together to denounce the taking of innocent lives. >> hundreds of people coming together in our community to take a stand against the violence. good evening. thank you for joining us. we are on at a special time because of nfl football. >> sunday night football. just a few hours ago, president obama speaking to the nation from the white house. for just the third time in his presidency, using the oval office. brian mooar reporting from
8:53 pm
washington. >> reporter: president obama declared last week's shooting in san bernardino an act of terrorism, part of a greater fight that began on 9/11. >> i know that after so much war, many americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure. well, here's what i want you to know. the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. >> reporter: he offered no new policies but defended his strategy to fight isis as part of an international coalition. >> we should not be drawn once more into a long and costly ground war in iraq or syria. >> reporter: he called on congress to authorize military force against isis and tighten gun laws. while cautioning the american people against an anti-muslim backlash. >> isil does not speak for islam. they are thugs. >> reporter: but he also urged muslims to fight extremism. >> there's a real problem that muslims must confront without excuse. >> reporter: ultimately, he said
8:54 pm
americans must stand together. >> let's make sure we never forget what makes us exceptional. let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. >> reporter: still, it's a fear that last week became a terrible reality. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. as the president spoke, more than 200 people came together in fremont to show support for the victims of the san bernardino attack. >> community leaders say that getting to know your neighbors can combat terrorism. >> reporter: that's exactly what they said. a very moving vigil here tonight as people came together from all over the bay area to pay tribute to those victims who were killed in san bernardino's attacks. but they also were told not to live in fear. >> in a series of -- >> reporter: this is the glow of a community coming together to reflect on the terrorist attacks
8:55 pm
in san bernardino and ask what each person can do to prevent similar tragedies. organizers say tonight is not about religion or revenge. >> a few of us getting together and taking a stand and calling for action, because if we don't do this, we've given in it to the terrorists and we have fallen into a sense of hopelessness. so we wanted to make sure there was a sense of hope. >> there have been far too many lives. >> reporter: leaders from several communities and religious groups spoke, and encouraged the more than 200 attendees to reach out, get to know their neighbors, and stand together against violence. >> we can stand together to denounce the taking of innocent lives. >> we will prevail by being strong -- >> reporter: the vigil began just moments after president obama gave a response from the oval office. >> one of the things of concern is he had said that muslims need to come out in full force and condemn these acts. muslims have continuously been condemning these acts.
8:56 pm
>> reporter: strangers and friends coming together to imagine how forming bonds and fighting against fear can help stop terrorists. at the end of the vigil, everyone was encouraged to meet three new people to further the progress of community. also new tonight, a drone in the wrong place at the wrong time. a chp helicopter forced to abort a search after an east bay drone gets in the way. this happened yesterday as the helicopter was flying over martinez. police were able to track this drone to its owner on raoul court. christie smith is live in that area now where neighbors say they watched the drone and helicopter land. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. they say it landed in this area right behind me. this was certainly a close call for that pilot and crew. they had to make a sudden move to get out of the way of an
8:57 pm
oncoming drone. one chp officer said tonight this really had the potential to be catastrophic. we did speak with the pilot and the first officer who say they weren't exactly sure what they were seeing last night around 9:00 when they spotted a red light coming at them. and they say that it got closer. they had to make a sudden move. they were about 700 to 800 feet up in the air. we do have a picture of a drone similar to the one that was spotted. they were able to track it and follow it to a martinez neighborhood. >> i didn't know what it was. and from our perspective, we thought it was, you know, substantial distance away. but we shortly realized it wasn't. so we made an evasive turn to the right. as it went by, too close for our comfort, we both realized it was a drone. >> reporter: police responded, and officers were able to contact the owner. now the chp says there is a gray
8:58 pm
area here, but you certainly can't be careless or reckless or fly them near aircraft or ain a airport environment. that they say that a report will be filed and there will be a possible prosecution. the reason they want to get the word out is that the faa is expecting that about a million drone or drone-like toys will be given out during the holiday season, and they want people to be careful. live in martinez, christie smith, nbc bay area news. coming up, going green with your christmas tree. >> a clever event in san jose that says you can keep your tree long past the holiday. and we're tracking some fog and mist setting up for your morning commute. plus, the potential for some dangerous high surf over the next couple of days and some higher rainfall totals than we've seen in quite some time headed our
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