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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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weapons. live in san jose, robert handa. >> thank you. each day, we're getting new answers about the shootings in san bernadino. here's the latest. the couple was recently given a $28,000 loan from an online lender. the fbi is now following the money trail of syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik. they practiced at a gun range down south for the past year, including just days before the attack. the fed s continue to question the former neighbor who bought two rifles for farook and they're still talking to farook's mother. >> i'm not sure if we're done questioning her yet. we want to find out everyone who participated in the preplanning, if there was anyone else. >> and the fbi briefings continue each day. neighbors tell us a number of people entered farook's garage in the months prior to last week's attack. there was another moment of silence for the 14 people who were killed. santa clara county employees paused this morning around 9:15
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to remember the victims and their families. this happened at the board of supervisors chambers in san jose. a surprising trip planned for donald trump. we have just learned the republican presidential front runner is planning to visit the majority muslim kingdom of jordan at the end of this month. the news comes one day after he called for ban on all muslims from entering the u.s. jeh johnson called trump's plan irresponsible, saying it propels the u.s. backwards when it comes to getting their help in the war on terror. republican house speaker paul ryan agreed. >> some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of whom are peaceful. >> despite trump's provocative comments, he's still leading in most of the polls. as for his trip to jordan, no other details have been released. coming up on nightly news, the harsh lessons learned from
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marginalizing specific groups. tom brokaw offers a poignant reminder of the moments in history now being compared to trump's call to ban muslims. that's coming up at 5:30. not just any van. thee vans belong to a school district and vandal did serious damage. nearly every van owned by the bunesia school district was hit by vandals. who did it and why? nbc bay area's elise kurshner is in benesia. what do we know so far? >> authorities don't know why these vans were vandalized. they took out this entire back window. while these vans are out of service, district officials are having to come up with other ways to transport students. the damage is extensive. >> they dented the door, they broke the windshield out. this one, they broke the back windows out. >> nathen clemens says repairing the damage done to these school
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vans won't be cheap. >> probably going to be $5,000, $6,000. yeah. a lot of work. >> they went to town, yeah. >> some time over the weekend, vice principal says vandals broke into the high school. >> a barrage of 30 to 40 stones all over the ground. they were pelting, throwing, even grabbed some pieces of metal and parts from a car that was taken apart and threw those at it. whatever they could find that was -- that could damage the vans, they threw them. >> 9 of the 10 school district vans were vandalized and are now out of commission. >> those vans are used widely for field trips that are put on by the school. schools, and also sporting events. so away games. >> and so while the vans are being repaired, the district will simply do without. school officials tell me that they are now updating their surveillance cameras on campus to hopefully prevent another incident. in the meebt, if you have any
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information, you're asking to contact the police department. live tonight, nbc bay area news. >> that is a blow for that school district. >> part of a well known oakland park was closed earlier today. our chopper was overhead. an active murder investigation. this happened after someone spotting a man's body at martin lu luther king regional shoreline. the victim apparently was shot to death. the body was found near the parking lot next to the damon slew. that's right across the freeway from the oakland coliseum. >> now, to the rainstorms that are expected to drench the bay area. a live look at san bruno. overcast skies now. soon, lots of rain and strong winds. meteorologist kari hall joins us with a preview of the storm on the way. >> hello. we're expecting a big storm that will be moving in. the same system that's bringing the heavy rain across washington state, and the historic rainfall we have been talking about, a
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closer look there. you can see that the rain is just streaming in. and this system will be rolling to the south, making it into the north bay as early as tomorrow morning. let me give you an idea of what to expect. as it arrives, we see the rain in the north bay. pretty much all day, but it starts out as a light rain. then as we go into the evening, the rain starts to move to the south. by thursday morning, we're pretty much all covered with storms and the possibility of damaging winds. it continues to move to the south, and then rolls to the east, and dumps heavy snow on the sierra. i'll let you know how much snow to expect there, the wind and the rain, it's all coming up in the microclimate forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. a lot coming our way. well, a big night for the warriors. it has nothing to do with their record setting winning streak. instead, it's all about the proposed waterfront arena. the board of supervisors is expected to give the green light to this project. mark matthews is at city hall. the warriors could be playing
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back in san francisco in just a couple years. >> there was a big crowd filling the steps here at city hall earlier today, hoping it would pass. they were largely union members who believe the warriors arena will create 2,000 construction and permanent jobs in san francisco. it sounded a bit like a pep rally this afternoon. supporters cheering the privately financed project. the final plan, as you know, calls for $60 million to improve transportation and to mitigate traffic congestion. it also creates a fund to pay for ongoing city services and capital improvements that are related to the arena. inside the supervisors chambers this afternoon, more than 90 people signed up to speak. the first group being those opposed to the warriors project, and as expected, traffic conc n concerns topped the list of obje objects. >> the traffic is going to be congested down there. i used to work at mission bay. i can't imagine a mother and their sick child stuck in their
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car watching their child deteriorate while you're trying to access to emergency room. >> traffic congestion is a major complaint, but the supervisor tells me he expects the board to improve the environmental impact report. >> on the arena or 10-1 on the arena, it's going to be pretty overwhelmingly supportive, i believe. >> we won't know the final vote until probably after 7:00, as i said, there's 90 paem signed up to speak at two minutes apiece. that's going to push the vote past 7:00. gene ellie, my cohort from the nbc bay area is inside. she'll report on it tonight at 11:00. we'll have an update at 6:00. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> pivotal night for the warriors. up next, driving versus public transportation. what do uuse? the new proof that getting behind the wheel isn't the same time saveter used to be. >> plus -- >> they're going to remember this for the rest of their lives. they're going to remember their
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community saw their problems and their community had their back. >> making wishes come true. in the south bay. in tonight's bay area proud, the school program in san jose that is changing lives. a follow-up now on the
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suspicious death in newark... police say they found a woman dead inside her home. ==vo== officers went to this ho a follow-up on the suspicious death in newark. police found a woman dead inside her home.
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officers went to this house around 8:00 last night for a welfare check. that's when they discovered the body. no word on how the woman died. neighbors tell us a couple lived there in their home with their two young daughters. >> it's a shock. like i say, nice people. you wouldn't think anything like that would happen. >> that neighbor goes on to say the couple lived there just about a year. as you hear, says they're friendly and quiet. if the woman was murdered, it would be newark's first homicide this year. >> a new report shows what commuters already no, it's painfully slow. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in san francisco with a look at what's being done to tackle the gridlock. >> it may be rush hour in san francisco, but there's not a lot of rushing going on out here. it is more like a crawl. patience is definitely a must.
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a new report shows just how slow things have gotten. very difficult to drive in the city now. however, the economy is great. everybody is working. >> not worth it. it's not worth the money, the time, the stress. >> that's how commuters describe what it's like navigating through the streets of san francisco during peak drive times. a new study issued by the san francisco county transportation authority confirms, commuting in the city has turned into an absolute crawl. >> what this means for drivers in layman's terms is it takes longer to get where you're going. >> the study found that speeds during the morning commute have slowed to 14.6 miles an hour. and the evening commute is even worse. the average speed for commuters heading homeerse just 12.7 miles an hour. that's 21% slower than two years ago. >> that is a consequence of this being a booming economy, a popular city, more people want to live here. and there are a lot of opportunities here. >> with more people from across
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the bay area traveling to the city to work, keeping up with the congestion has been tough. but transportation officials say they're working hard to ease the gridlock. things like red carpet lanes dedicated lanes for buses, and more bus lines are helping. in fact, bus travel times are holding relatively steady compared to cars. many folks say public transit is the way to go. >> simple. less stress. >> we're back here. live transportation officials say though it still takes longer to take the bus, when you factor in the cost of gas and parking and the added stress, they say it is well worth it. if you want to check out the full report, you can find it on our website, reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. dozenoffs children in san luresso missed a second day of school as they and their parents staged another protest.
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they're siding with teachers who want a raise of more than 6%, but the superintendent said he can't offer more than 1.5%. one mom said if teacher s walk out, her kids will stay home. >> allow them to go in classrooms with substitutes who really aren't familiar with their learning. >> i cannot make -- support sgigzs that will bankrupt the district. >> contract talks are stalled. mediation did not work. now a fact-finding hearing is set for january. >> students in the south bay are gathering for a different reason. to make the wishes of their classmates come true. >> this is getting to be a tradition at san jose's high school. garvin thomas joins us with tonight's bay area proud. >> students and teachers admitted that homecoming time at school has a tendency to bring out petty jealousies among the students. but what happens after that, not only brings them together, it can bring them to tears. the leadership class at san
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jose's brandm high school understands there are only so many words one can fit on a six-inch blue paper star. the magic, though, they will end up creating out of them, well, that seems just about limitless. >> i feel like i'm doing something great that needs to be done. >> rachelle and antoine are heading up this year's fifth annual brandm make a wish rally. they began month ago by passing out 1500 of those blue stars to every student and teacher with one simple request. make a wish. for yourself or someone else. >> did you see -- >> many wishes, antoine says, were small. but the big ones, he admits, were an eye opener. that in such a wealthy region, so many classmates were struggling. >> they had to skip meals because they didn't have enough money or they were in thousands of dollars in debt because of
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medical bills. >> so for months, while fulfilling hundreds of the small wishes, they have been working on the big ones. ones they feel deserve a big stage and the whole school watching. it is a nonstop 45-minute assembly of awesomeness and emotion. of students wishing their coach be recognized for all her hard work. a boy wishing financial help for his girlfriend's family over the holidays. >> she mentioned that she had no computer at home. >> a teacher wishing a home computer for her colleague so there aren't as many late nights at school. and a girl just wishing something nice for her mom after two strokes and years in the hospital. >> i'm glad that she's finally home.
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that's all i wanted. >> as all teenagers know, it can be tough to stand out in high school for the wrong reasons. but in this high school, at least, they know they don't have to stand alone. >> they're going to remember this for the rest of their lives. they're going to remember that their community saw their problems and their community had their back. >> incredible. >> i don't think i have ever cried so much when shooting a story. i had trouble seeing the view finder because it was just -- the wish after wish, more emotional and more emotional. i'm going to go out on a limb. every high school should do this. the benefits for the kids who receive the wishes, but what it does for the ones who grant the wishes, the connection it makes to their classmates, the greater understanding of the needs in their community and helping others. everybody should do that. >> five years already? >> it's spreading in their district. >> beautiful story. thanks. let's bring in kari hall. we're getting ready -- you
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describe it, because i know it's coming our way. >> big storm system. it's going to bring a lot of rain to the bay area. it starts with light rain tomorrow just for the north bay. now, we're still seeing those clouds hovering overhead. it's been hard to get some sunshine. just a peek out of the clouds for a few minutes, so that's what we're dealing with now. heading into tomorrow, it will still be a warm day. we're talking mid-60s here, and with the light wind, we're still going to have the cloudy skies and then the rain begins in the north bay and starts to move into stran later in the day. let's detail that now. we're seeing this large storm system, and it's been bringing a crazy amount of rain for parts of portland and up towards seattle. it's been raining there for quite a while. so this system will slowly start to make its way to the south. and we will see that moving into the bay area. so the futurecast gives us an idea of the timing of this. and it starts out with spotty light rain. here we are, 6:00 in the morning
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tomorrow. and we have to pop out the umbrellas in the north bay. then there will be rounds of this light rain moving through. and then the rest of the bay area just sees some clouds, maybe even a little bit of sun here and there. then as we take it to 11:45 in the evening, we start to see some showers moving to the south. and then a heavier round of some storms starts to develop early thursday morning. and covers the entire bay area. but we'll have that rain going on in the north bay for several hours, from wednesday into thursday, possibly into early friday. and that's where we're expecting the heaviest rainfall. in some of the storms, we're also looking at the possibility of strong winds, small hail, and a lot of problems there with lightning, too. and then as the storms move over to the sierra, starts to dump a lot of snow. and also creates some strong winds. we'll talk about that, but even friday morning, we'll still have some rain still lingering from san francisco over toward the east bay, and to the south bay, we're looking at anywhere from a
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half of an inch to an inch and a half. we talked about the rain going on longer in the north bay. that's we could have anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. and then in some of the coastal mountains, up to 3 to 5 inches of rain. so this could really cause a lot of problems there. and we're also watching those burn areas that may have some flooding in the run-off as the heavy rain begins to fall. the wind also an issue. sustained winds from the southwest picking up between late wednesday night into early thursday, and the winds will really be strong in the north bay. over to the sierra. winter storm warning in effect. 1 to 2 feet of snow at crest level, and the ridge gust may top 125 miles an hour. so you can tell this is a very potent storm. there will be a series of storms moving through. so we'll have that one on thursday and friday. another round of rain moving in late saturday night into sunday. and then another round of rain monday evening, and then again
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on wednesday into thursday. so things are really starting to get a lot more active now. looks like el nino is really starting to kick in. >> okay, we like to hear that. thank you. up next, making a splash. the warriors splash brothers have a big request for all of california. se two
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women? they're accused of stealing several thousand take a look. see if you recognize these two women. they're accused of stealing several thousand dollars worth of merchandise at the houtlet mall in pet alima. they first hit the coach outlet store and then the sunglasses hut. if you know who the women are, you're urged to call petaluma police. >> caught on camera, but what's next? all the video oakland police officers have been capturing from their body cameras. they have been working with stanford university since last year, which has been analyzing the data collected from all the footage. today, oakland police, researchers invited guests gathered on campus to learn ways the police and community can improve relations. >> really the infancy of what the technology can do. i think in if future we'll see a lot of opportunities. >> the oakland police department says it has seen a 70% reduction in use of force incidents in the
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past four years. >> okay, two of the most famous teammates in the bay area have a message. here are the splash brothers. >> they call us the splash brothers because we make it rain on the court. but even we can't make it rain enough in california. >> playing as we speak. warriors stars steph curry and klay thompson, yes, the splash brothers, reminding us to conserve water. even with this el nino winter coming in, we're still in a drought. >> we have to conserve. still ahead, got talent? the auditions going on in the south bay are getting a national spot on tv.
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problem in san jose. the drastic move san jose tonight at 6:00, another solution to the homeless problem in san jose. the drastic move the san jose city leaders are considering to help the city's most vulnerable at 6:00. >> right now, the san jose convention center, hundreds of people are singing, dancing, performing their hearts out, hoping to get a spot on the show "america's got talent." ♪ they try to make me go to rehab i said no no no ♪ ♪ paper be rocking rock be scissoring ♪ ♪ would you be my baby
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>> wow. entertaining, but i'm not sure if that last one will make the cut. by the way, simon cowell is judging the judge's panel for the show's 11th season. so only the thick skinned need a app apply. san jose is stop number six on a coast to coast audition tour. wow, look at those kicks. like bruce lee. >> you can sing, do karate, wear cowboy hats. everything is included. >> juggle, everything is game on "america's got talent." that's what makes it so entertaining. >> you're a piano player, right? >> i would be voted off. i would not make the first round. >> i have to look for other talents. >> our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is under the weather. we have happily borrowed kari hall from our morning show. are you still awake? >> for now. check in with me at 11:00. we're watching the storm system moving in from the north. we have been talking about the headlines with the heavy historic rain that's been happening around washington state, and that will start to move in.
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but weakening, so that's great news, but it's still going to be a potent storm system. it starts to bring in light rain for the north bay. we'll see all that rain going on all day long. by wednesday night, the light rain starts to move to the south. now, the heavier stuff moves in to the entire bay area on thursday. starting in the morning, and then it just continues all day long and lingering into early friday. this bringing some storms, some damaging winds, and also some heavy snow in the sierra. we've been talking about the possibility of a couple of feet of snow for the sierra and strong winds and of course we'll keep you up to date on all of that right here. >> looks like the north bay is going to be hit for a few days, a couple at least. >> absolute re. of course, that's not going to be the only storm system we see. it's going to start to get more active over the next few days. >> ten days out, a lot coming our way. >> yes, we do. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00.
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tonight, donald trump's muslim ban backlash. the republican front-runner doubling down amid widespread condemnation, defiant as rivals label his plan racist and unconstitutional. is he feeding into exactly what isis wants while rallying his supporters who say he is right? tonight, tom brokaw on the politics of fear and the harsh lessons of history. plus, the money trail mystery before the massacre in san bernardino. thousands of dollars suddenly deposited in the killer's account. also tonight, the alarming rise in distracted drivers beyond texting. what so many say they are doing behind the wheel. the consequences proving to be deadly.


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