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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. as laura mentioned, a stormy start to your wednesday. >> let's check in with meteorologist fahey. >> you head to the north across parts of northern california, talking extreme northern california, up towards eureka, that's where we're following the rain. towards 7:00 we'll see light showers. really that's the key word, light. we're in the going to see anything heavy for the north bay. as we head through tomorrow, we could be talking about pontding on the roadways, even debris flows especially around the burn areas. temperatures today back into the 50s. again, light showers for the north bay throughout the day. let's talk to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> we'll feature one of the shots you also showed. this is from emeryville and the bay bridge. you see the towers on the san
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francisco side. this is where the fog is still touching you. that will be an issue for visibility. patches for the north pay, orange highlighting especially along the coast, i-80, fairfield heading to or from sacramento. those are the areas distributed. the same areas in general are the concern. anywhere south of there, an easy, light drive. visibility is fine and traffic flows through the tri-valley. a frightening home invasion in the east bay. a nanny pistol whipped right in front of a 6-year-old girl. >> this happened in typically one of the safest neighborhoods in the bay area. you can still see the footprint right there where the home invasion began at 2:30. the footprint because the man kicked the door down. a nanny and 5-year-old girl inside the house at the time. a man with a handgun burst right in. >> i'm still trying to wrap my
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head around everything that's happened. obviously startled and scared and a lot of emotions right now. >> they walked through the house going through drawers, upstairs and down stairs looking for money. at one point the suspect actually pistol whipped the nanny in the head causing a laceration. >> they treated that cut, and the nanny was helped at a local hospital. she's okay. the girl wasn't hurt. the family says the gunman took off with ipads, cash and a 2012 black porsche cayenne similar to the one in that video. they may also be facing charges of kidnapping and carjacking. it is 5:02. hates been one week since the terror attack shook the southern california community of sbreern. every day new details emerge about the massacre. now investigators are tracing a money trail including thousands of dollars that showed up in the suspect's bank account. the shooters reportedly took out an online loan for $28,000 just
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weeks before the attack. the money may have been for syed farook and tashfeen malik's daughter and her grandmother. we're told farook discussed staging an attack in california back in 2012. authorities are still investigating that claim. as investigators continue to sift through evidence for clues, we're getting our first look at the conference room where the couple killed 14 people last week, a day first responders say they will never forget. >> it's nothing short of what any other person in law enforcement would do. i don't feel like a hero whatsoever. anyone behind me or any one of the 300 people who were there would say the same thing. that's our job, to put ourselves in the line of danger to protect the community. >> the inland regional center is still shut down a week later. police and federal agents continue to investigate. the situation meantime
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changing mind sets locally. back in the bay area, the attack in san bernardino as contra costa county health officials rethinking safety measures for employees. an active shooter situation was the main focus during a board of supervisor's meeting that took place in martinez. many question whether contra costa health and social services facilities have enough safeguards in place. expanding i.d. checks and limiting the entryways in and out of facilities were among ideas explored at the meeting. the sheriff cited quick response time and pointed to recent active shooter warnings. garage rates are going up 27% in the unincorporated areas of alhambra valley, bay point, clayton canyon as well as concord, pleasant hill, martinez and antioch. some could see their fees go up by as much as nine bucks a month. that rate increase will be
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phased in over two years to lessen its initial impact. >> it's 5:04. preparing for the wet cold winter ahead, from mudslides to floods. cities across california and the bay area preparing for a number of scenarios that could spell disaster. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live where preparation also be unveiled today. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco mayor ed lee set to join other city leaders in talking about just how san francisco is preparing for el nino. we've heard about this for quite a little bit of time. we'll hear the details today at city hall. that includes how to create additional winter shelter systems for those who live on the street. the worry has been that the predicted wetter weather could cause mudslides and other problems. the city held two sandbag saturdays, hoping to help prevent flooding from the suspected storms. work like construction to shore
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up drainage canals in san jose as an example of el nino preps have been under way across the bay area. the federal emergency management agency or fema has even created an el nino task force. statewide today, federal disaster relief workers are conducting a drill that also involves government weather forecasters. it's part of the on going work to prepare for the storms expected this winter. they expect to go over any number of scenarios that could spell disasters. >> as for this local announcement from mayor ed lee, that's supposed to happen at 10:30 at city hall. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." the timing here very good. these preparations coming as heavy rain and vicious winds expected to hit the bay area with a storm system this morning. you're looking at a live shot of the bay bridge near where stephanie was standing. it's all dry now. that will change very soon. let's turn to meteorologist anthony slaughter for a look at
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when the storm will hit. >> the timing, as soon as this morning across the north bay. we're starting the see lots of clouds drift into the bay area. you'll see shower activity approaching ukiah. you'll notice by 7:00, more light stuff does push into santa rosa. that's where it will fade away. we're expecting a little drizzle around noon. after that we're not talking about much for the rest of today. again, all of this is going to fall through the north bay today. tonight things start to get going for the rest of us around midnight. around 4:00 in the morning, a heavy band of rain pushes through, that will work its way down into the south bay and tri-valley by tomorrow morning around 7:30. we continue with the threat for thunderstorms as we head through the afternoon hours. tomorrow, even tomorrow night into friday morning. your micro climate forecast keeps most of us in the 60s. the north bay will see showers today. let's talk things over to mike and see how the roads are shaping up. we'll look over towards san
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rafael. this is the glow. this moisture, as anthony says, this is san rafael, top of the hill. that's where you see the glow. visibility is all right as we look at the fog north of there. over here toward fairfield, interstate 80 might be traveling through, same thing for oakley coming across the bridge. a smooth drive for our speed sensors. no drama here. all green. pretty much at the speed limit. a look at fremont over here. a live camera shows southbound would be your commute. right now both directions looking just about even. >> thank you very much, mike. up neck, "time" magazine crowning a new person of the year. here is a hint, a major international figure. >> i already know. plus we'll check on what's going on with yahoo!. big developments could affect a lot of south bay families. that's ahead in business. >> are we surprised?
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more fallout for donald trump this morning. what critics here and abroad are saying about his latest controversial ploy. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit. call 1-888-966-tips or e-mail despite-- harsh criticism donald
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trump is sticking with his idea
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to ban muslims from entering the u-s. one republican is even asking he's not backing down despite harsh criticism. donald trump is sticking with his idea to ban muslims from entering the u.s. one republican asking trump to drop out of the race. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington tracking this political firestorm. >> reporter: a tough one for the party because they want to condemn the message but not the man. he has so many reporters and they don't want to alienate those republican voters. >> it's time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> reporter: and he's a republican. party leaders condemn trump's muslim travel ban, but they're careful not to completely abandon the front-runner. >> i'm certainly goir to support the republican nominee for president. >> whoever gets the nomination, the party is going to support.
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>> ted cruz condemned the plan but steered clear of backing trump. >> a lot of friends have encouraged me to criticize or attack donald trump. i'm not interested in doing so. >> reporter: the party is already taking a hit. hillary clinton is tieing in other candidates. >> their language may be more veiled than trump's, but their ideas are not so different. >> any republican who is too fearful of the republican base to admit it has no business serve as president. >> no shortage of critics. >> that kind of crap won't work in united states of mayor. >> a shocking new low for him. >> i never thought loud, obnoxio obnoxious, not the kind of qualities we want as president. listen to some of the international headlines, dangerous demagogue, idiot, unacceptable, betraying america. in the uk there is a push to ban
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donald trump from their borders as he tries to ban muslims coming here. >> now we find out what impact this will have on the actual polls. will it take him down a peg or will resurge? >> always fascinating to watch. it's 5:14 now. took a day longer than scott mcgrew expected, but footbally got it right. >> we talked about that yahoo! is not going to spin off alibaba. >> you know the phrase, six of one, half dozen of the other. we're right in the middle of the think of this. the new plan may be to spin off yaho yahoo!. either way you end up with two separate companies. slightly different than other rumors that yahoo! would sell its internet services like mail and flicker to some company like verizon. yahoo! made an invest in alibaba years ago. it's worth billions. but the big question is how do
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you unlock that value. it's like owning a big nugget of gold. unless you sell it, you're not really rich. the obvious think is -- they're left with all kinds of crazy ideas like sell yahoo! or what appears to be this weird solomon, split-the-baby thing. why do you care? yahoo! selling its core business would mean people losing jobs. yahoo! is one of those old silicon valley standbys we care. maks max leave chin resigned. yahoo! insists this is not because of some kind of disagreement but because he wants to concentrate on other issues. i say the timing says otherwise. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc
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world headquarters. >> good morning to you as well. the markets could be in for more red arrows today as falling oil prices continue to weigh. oil higher this morning after hitting its lowest level in nearly seven years. there could be pressure today when the government releases its weekly report on u.s. oil supplies. the dow jumping 162 points to 17568, the nasdaq down three to 5098. >> the government is thinking about changing the way it crashes cars. the national traffic highway safety administration, this is what private testers like the insurance institute for highway safety uses. these are much more harder to survive and they're more likely in real life. right mao the feds don't test cars this way. the five-star rating you brag about when you buy your car doesn't take this kind of crash into account. the government also, sam and
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laura, thinking about testing technology that allows you to avoid crashes like automatic breaki braking. >> computers making thinks safer, definitely. thank you, scott. >> within the past 30 minutes, "time" magazine named its person of the year. it may be a bit of a surprise. on the "today" show this morning time named german chancellor angela merkel, cited for standing up to vladimir putin in the ukraine as well as managing the debt crisis and opening borders to thousands of refugees. she's the first woman to receive the person of the year honor. until 1999 "time" called it man of the year. >> obviously the biggest refugee crisis since world war ii. >> we found out this morning a san jose sandwich shop sold a $1.5 million lotto ticket. >> why didn't i eat a sandwich.
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>> hong la sandwiches sold the ticket several weeks ago. the winner didn't cash it in until now. the owners of the shop, they get almost $8,000 as a bonus for selling that ticket. >> i would like to think it was your lotto ticket, you would buy lunch for everybody. >> i would. >> i like corned beef. >> i love it. whatever. if it's free, i will eat it. >> even rye? >> i love rye. >> a little mustard on there. >> sauerkraut. >> a lot of rain on the way. >> this could be the biggest storm system of the season. if you haven't heard, we're talking heavy rain, at least tonight into thursday. this morning we'll see showers across the north bay, maybe light. tonight into tomorrow morning, that's when we're really going to start to see our rainfall accumulations add up. it's going to get windy as well.
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hopefully you have the storm gutters cleaned out. once that wind kicks up, those leaves come falling down and clog those rains. that leads to road flooding and even flooding around the house. be prepared for the storm system as it moves in. it's been raining for the past several weeks, seattle, portland, oregon dealing with that. here is the storm system starting to move across the pacific. this is a fast moving one. that's where we're expecting decent amounts of rain along with strong winds. it's going to come down quickly. you'll notice the fog is beginning to move around. emeryville, even san francisco. we will see a few peeks of sunshine, peninsula 65. san francisco up to 65 as well but generally cloudy there. the rain moves into the north bay around 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. we're not talking anything heavy for today. even 10:00 we'll continue to hang on to rain across parts of the north bay. it fizzles out across parts of san francisco.
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you may get drizzle around lunchtime. otherwise generally cloudy. today the rain moves in. this is about what we're expecting. the peninsula, san francisco, one inch and one to three inches across parts of the north bay and more than three inches for the coastal mountains. the winds will be a problem as well as we head towards tomorrow morning. gusts of 30, even 40, potentially 50 miles an hour in santa rosa through the day tomorrow, and they begin to relax into the evening hours. we'll talk about snow headed our way and even snow in the bay area. mike, how are the roads looking? >> really good right now, anthony. as we've seen the last week, these are lighter through the month of december. seeing 580. this is a very nice, easy drive for dublin out of livermore. the speed indicators will give you, the altamont pass not slowing out of livermore. a nice easy drive towards the
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dublin interchange. as we move north, we see on our road weather index, the orange highlighting here along the coast for the north bay, other here fairfield toward the central valley, we have fog. similar areas as we did yesterday. same patches for i-80 through the area. over here, this is the incident we're watching. as we take our emeryville area, i did see this, a little bit more clearing. so there's still low clouds around the treasure island area. up next, not in our school. the new gang prevention program not sitting well with parents in san leandro. a homeless man is lucky to be
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alive this morning. after surviving not one -- but two rounds of trash compaction in the east bay. =take half slab= reveal the man was sleeping in a garbage bin behind dino's family restaurant at thornton avenue and fremont a man was sleeping in a garbage bin behind dino's family restaurant in thornton avenue in fremont when it was emptied into a truck with a compact tore. he survived two full cycles before crawling out. he amazingly suffered no serious injuries. >> amazing. 5:24. a local school district targeted. someone destroyed nine vance belonging the the benicia unified school district leaving thousands of dollars worth of damage. school leaders say vandals broke into the high school over the weekend. the vehicles are used for
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transporting kids to field trips and sporting events. estimated damage, roughly $5,000. officers are still looking for any suspects. parents, teachers and students protested outside city hall. they wanted the school board to vote no on a federally funded gang prevention program taught by police. parents say the course wastes valuable teaching time and gives officers too much power. >> they can approach children at all times of the day including recess, lunch, what have you. >> we're here to learn math, science, stuff like that, not how to stay out of gangs. >> we don't have a gang problem because of the fact we're proactive. we get out of the community and integrate programs like this for our youth. >> the vote boarded unanimously to test the program at two schools in san leandro.
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students will have the option to opt out. the forecast this week, here it comes, a drench storm expected to soak the bay area. we're tracking the radar this morning. when and where that storm is expected to hit. >> a scary encounter at an east bay home leaving a family and now a neighborhood on edge. why police say this home invasion was planned. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garc good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. that rain is coming. want to check in with anthony
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slaughter with a look at the forecast for us. >> good morning to you all. we're looking at this next storm system, set to arrive as soon as this morning across the bay area. we'll see it across the north bay. that's where it will stay today. it moves in tonight through tomorrow morning. there's a look at our storms, starting to make its way across the pacific. it's been raining across the pacific northwest. the other one that's moving in will bring rain as soon as later on this evening. at least for the north bay we'll see showers. everywhere else, san jose is spry dry today. san francisco, cloud cover, mid 60s. north bay will see showers. dry in the east bay and tri-valley. mike, how are the roads looking right now? >> rain in the pacific northwest is not news, but we know what you're saying. in the north bay traffic solanos nicely. the glow indicating moisture in the air. the road weather ending says in the san rafael area, patches of fog extending across highway 37.
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and meanwhile the rest of the bay shows green indicators like i showed you there. green on the roadways means you're at speed. violent home invasion leaves a nanny and young girl very shaken after they faced down a man with a gun. it happened in orinda in one of the bay area's safest neighborhoods. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us. what are police saying about an attack that seems to have been long played? >> reporter: even though orinda is considered to be safe area, police tell us there have been three burglaries over the past few days in his town. of course, yesterday afternoon's was the first one where people were at home. you can see the footprints on the front door of the home where the suspect kicked in, around 2:30 yesterday afternoon.
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once inside began terrorizing a manny and 5-year-old girl. the man was screaming at the nanny. because of her limited english, she couldn't understand what he was saying which made the situation worse as the suspect began scouring the home for valuables. >> they walked through the house going through drawers, upstairs and down stairs looking for money. at one point the suspect pistol whipped the nanny in the head. >> still trying to wrap my head around everything that's happened. obviously startled and scared. a lot of emotions right now. >> reporter: that was the mother of the 5-year-old girl. she tells us her daughter was unharmed and the nanny was treated at the hospital and is going to be okay. the suspect had initially approached the nanny outside the home, said something to her she didn't understand. he left, returned about ten minutes later and broke in. he took ipads, money and the
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family's 2012 black cayenne porsche, license plate 6mk320. police are still looking for that vehicle. they hope they can find it, hoping it may lead them to the suspect. bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much. happening today, san francisco residents trying to hold a rally ahead of the next police commission meeting. last week san francisco officers shot and killed 26-year-old mario woods. police say she just stabbed someone and reportedly ignored orders to drop his wife. chief greg sir will talk about the recent use of fours by officers clup. the police officer's union is showing support for comrades involved in last week's incident. the union says there was an
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imminent threat to life. at the meeting the chief will reopen the idea of equipping officers with tasers. proponents argue tasers could have prevented what became the fatal outcome involving woods last week. not guilty. that is the plea from the three south bay correctional deputies accused of beating an inmate to death. the three all charged with murder for the death of 31-year-old michael tyree, mentally ill inmate found beaten to death inside a santa clara county main jail cell in august. all three defendants are out on $1.5 million bail each. a preliminary hearing is scheduled to start in february cloops. in a bay area exclusive, the jail has been under heavy scrutiny since the beating death of tyree. you're looking at deadly weapons inside maximum security. crossbows, knives, even mace
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handmade behind bars. we requested to see some of the items confiscated from inmates. >> these are particularly concerning to us because we've had over 198 murder or suspected murder suspects in custody. they've got nothing to lose. >> officials say they also have more than 700 suspected or validated gang members in custody. >> helping the homeless. last night the sana debate, not about housing the homeless but where to put them. here is where the four emergency shelters are expected to be, washington united youth center location drew the most criticism. many were not happy about how close it was to the school. the city says the sites were selected because of all the nearby services including public transportation. churches can shelter homeless for up to 35 days. the city is awaiting word from
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the county before moving forward with a plan for tent cities. >> more change on the way for what is left of san jose's medical marijuana industry. in this case it's all about increasing access. strict new rules have put the clampdown on cannabis clubs. only 20 of more than 100 survived the restrictions implemented by city hall last year. last night city council members agreed to ease some of the rules, one allows collectives to get their pot from anywhere in the state as opposed to what had been very strict local boundaries. another rule allows clubs to transfer pot among themselves to increase overall supply. the wins keep coming for the warriors, not just on the basketball court, but the political arena. the team is one step closer to building waterfront arena in san francisco. last night the board of supervisors rejected a challenge to the arena's environmental impact report. a unanimous vote allows the 18,000-seat facility to move
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forward. in the meantime, the warriors president calls it a relief. >> we're ex-at that time tick. it's the culmination of so much work. >> any other development on that site consistent with the existing land use entitlements would wrgenerate a lot more revenue to the city. >> the city has 30 days to take legal action against the project. the warriors hope to be playing in san francisco in less than three years. >> by the way, they won again last night. happening today, a san francisco hearing over the costly closing of a controversial southern california nuclear plant. two years ago southern california edison closed the san of free nuclear power plant following a generator failure. ratepayers still on the hook for a $3 billion tab. critics are asking for more transparency on how it went down. ratepayers are demanding cpuc release documents that might
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shed light on governor brown's role. toxic algae polluting lake del valle near livermore. it's closed off to swimmers. even dogs represented allowed in the water. the toxic algae blooms have hit several places in the east bay. it causes anything from itchy skin, diarrhea, vomiting and headache. happening today, in preparing for the wet, cold winter ahead, from mudslides to floods, cities across california and the bay area are preparing for a number of scenarios that could spell disaster. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in san francisco where the citywide preparations for el nino will be unveiled today. good morning, steph. >> reporter: that's right. at city hall at 10:30 is when san francisco mayor ed lee is slated to talk details about how the city is preparing for el nino, that includes creating more shelters for those on the
5:38 am
streets. the worry has been that the predicted winter weather could cause flooding, mudslides, other programs. the city already held two sandbag saturdays to give away sandbags. construction to shore up drainage canals down south in san jose. there's been so much concern that fema has even created an el nino task force that's charged with responsibilities like identifying key at-risk populati populations, critical facilities and natural or cultural resources. statewide, workers are conducting a drill. they expect to go over any number of scenarios that could spell disaster, and the exercise and drill is slated to start at 9:00 this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." thank you very much. 5:38 right now.
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preparations coming just in time, heavy rain and vicious winds expected to sweep through the bay area. looking at a live shot of the bay bridge, not far from where stephanie chuang is reporting from. >> let's check in with meteorologist anthony slaughter for a look at when the storm is expected to hit. >> the rest of us will see it tonight and through tomorrow. be prepared, we are getting ready for very strong active weather across the bay area. right now it's cloudy. we've got lots of fog. temperatures mild, back into the mid 50s. today, where the rain will be, san francisco north. in the north bay you'll see the showers. not going to see a whole lot of wind today. that will arrive tomorrow morning. let's time the storm system out. as we show you what's happening, there's the big storm showing the heavy rain for the pacific northwest. here is the storm system, that will eventually move in tonight and into tomorrow. eventually the heavy stuff. still seeing showers around the
5:40 am
north bay. as we move towards thursday morning, this is 2:00 in the morning. you'll notice the heavy rain starts to fall across the north bay. 4:00, 5:00, that's where it will be. we'll see showers for most of the bay area, and this could be heavy rain moving through. by lunchtime we'll clear out. by tomorrow night, another round of heavy rain pulls back into the bay area. that's snow on top of mt. hamilton. not only will we get heavy rain, we'll get snow heading into friday morning. we'll continue to track this through friday morning. mike is tracking the roads. >> crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were turned on around your usual time. we have an easy build right now. actually you see the fast track lanes moving well. the eastshore freeway right around the bend, we have a camera there, a crash that was reported just past powell
5:41 am
street. that's a little distracting and slowing a bit out of emeryville and towards the bay bridge toll plaza. those folks heading to an earlier shot. as we look at your map, you see fog north of the bay bridge. south of there no problems. back to you. coming up next, jumping into action. a quick decision from a local firefighter when his wife said "the baby is coming" and they were nowhere near the hospital. >> you have to jump when your wife calls. >> yes, you do. we'll take a look at yahoo! big moves by the company in the south bay. wheel break it down coming up in business and tech. the unique hotel in peru with a frightening view. [barks]
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? were nowhere near the hospital.
5:43 am
i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! were nowhere near the hospital.
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moody air force base in georgia. the members of the afghan national flight team had been training on plan l two afghans are missing from moody air force base in georgia. the members of the national flight team have been on training plans like these on the base. security experts do not expect them to be any kind of threat. various federal agencies are working on finding them. on a related note, many afghans have decided to leave their country after increasing concerns about safety since the u.s. and nato allies have drawn down the number of forces there. sad news for a well known bay area company that is also
5:45 am
nationally iconic. co-founder of the north bay's company. the company's facebook page posted this tribute that reads douglas tompkins helped north face's mantras to never stop exploring since 1966 when he opened as a small skiing and backpacking operation. the company is now headquarters in al media. 5:45. electric vehicle owners will have more options when it comes to getting a charge in the south bay. city of cupertino unveiled several new charging stations. the chargers are going online thanks to the bay area charge ahead project. crews are installing more than 150 charge ports throughout the bay area and high priority areas
5:46 am
where electric vehicles are coming. major development in the south bay over the future of yoo hoo. >> scott mcgrew is going to break it down. >> yahoo! has an investment in the chinese trading company called alibaba, worth a lot of money. they have to figure out some way of separating it out of yahoo in order to catch it in. the decision facing yahoo! ceo marissa meyer is how do you do that? the original idea was to spin alibaba off. then the irs said they couldn't guarantee yahoo! wouldn't have to pay billions in taxes, so they went back to the drawing board to try to come up with a new plan. one idea was, well, you sell yahoo! flicker, mail and news. this morning a third and more mysterious option has arrived, spin both companies into separate companies. as a share old holder you'd still own both. the big question is does
5:47 am
somebody come in and swoop up and grab yahoo! shares in the takeover, a verizon, comcast or whatever or does the new yahoo! keep on going. we care because jobs are on the line. that's going to be important to a lot of families. >> also, guys, yahoo! is a landmark company by silicon valley standards, so it's part of the family. there's this latest development. just a few moments ago yahoo! board member max lecvchin resigned. yahoo! insists it's because he wants to concentrate on other issues. i say the timing suggests otherwise. that's a heck of a coincidence. a cool gift for the adventurous type. these are sleeping quarters if you really don't have an aversion to heights. they hang from a cliff that's 1300 feet in the air above cusco
5:48 am
in peru. each contains four beds and a private bathroom. lighting powered by solar panels. to get there you zip line a couple of crevices and hike up a mountain. 5:48. a lot of green on the radar. rain is making its way here. >> it will arrive in the north bay about 7:00 and will be here through tonight. that's when the rest of the bay area will start to see it. thursday morning the commute is sloppy, rainy and we could be talking about ponding on the roadways, especially since we have so many leaves that have fallen. i do want to show you our satellite as we get going this morning. we do have rainfall across parts of eureka. that's where the heavier rain is falling right now. this is the line that will move through as we head toward the morning hours for the north bay. the rest of us will see a dry
5:49 am
day, 66 for san jose, 67 for morgan hill. more cloud cover for san francisco. you may see drizzle throughout the day because we're holding on to the clouds. 60 for ocean beach, napa, santa showers, 60 degrees. 59 for santa rosa. meanwhile you get sunshine near oakland, even the tri-valley. temperatures warmer there back into the mid 60s. here is the timing on this storm. as we move towards 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, you'll notice showers across the north bay. they fizzle out approaching san francisco. this is not the main storm for today. light showers will continue across the north bay and fizzle out as we head toward the evening hours. by tonight, that's when we start to get going. we'll be tracking heavy rain and ponding on the roads, very strong gusty winds as well. tomorrow afternoon we'll turn over to a partly cloudy sky with a potential for thunderstorms as we head towards thursday night into friday. here is how much rain you can expect. south bay, tri-valley, half inch
5:50 am
to inch and a half. peninsula up to an inch. heading to the north bay, this is the time of year when we start talking about winter weather. we hear about advisories and watches. well, we have a winter storm warning posted which means dangerous travel is imminent in less than 24 hours across parts of the sierra. expecting snow by this time tomorrow morning and it could amount by up to two feet of snow even at lake levels. as we get into the weekend, another storm system set to move in by sunday. we're starting to enter into that wet pattern. weekend plans, shoot for saturday. mike, how are the roads looking? >> that's a good note. bring the chains if you're heading to tahoe. looking over here towards the berkeley curve. that crash blocking your right lane. as you're making your way across the bend, that's right as you make the turn. as we look at your map, there is
5:51 am
slowing because of a build in traffic. that crash because of a lighter overall commute hasn't presented as much of a problem as it might january through november. we're looking at a smooth drive there and we're zooming out to see, there are maybe chances of fog for patches in the north bay, i-80, as you head toward fairfield and sacramento. similar to yesterday we'll have an issue. we're giving you the note. the south bay, the only thing going on is the build from north 101 threw san jose. we have a camera right here. it was slow, at about ten minutes. mike, thank you. they are trained to think and askt on the fly. it's not unusual to hear stories of firefighters or police officers who have to help deliver a baby in an emergency situation. >> but how about taking it even a step further. a local firefighter dealing with his own baby delivery in a parking lot. meet lucas. he came into this world a lot faster than his mom and dad expected. michelle had gone into labor and her husband charles began
5:52 am
driving the the hospital when she yelled "it's time." charles is the deputy fire marshal at the presidio station in san francisco. he immediately pulled into a parking lot and the rest is history. >> she got out of the car and leaned over the seat and i got into position and delivered the baby. i believe she pushed two times and the baby was born. >> i don't think he'll ever live it down. i think we'll hear about it for the rest of his life. >> one of those stories, as you can see. mom, dad and baby all doing well. >> words that will stop any dad in his tracks, the baby is coming. up next, more backlash for donald trump. the latest his controversial impacts are having on the republican party as his colleagues are trying to force him out of the race.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
you might think the republican party is finally getting used to the firestorms being set off by donald trump. but this latest one even has some leaders within the party calling for trump to exit the race for president. as today in the bay's tracie potts reports - trump is hary some leaders even within the republican party are calling for trump to exit the race for president. as "today in the bay's" tracie potts reports, trump is not
5:56 am
backing down from his idea to ban muslims from entering the united states. >> it's time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> and he's a republican. party leaders condemn trump's muslim travel ban, but careful not to completely abandon the front-runner. >> i'll support whoever the republican nominee. >> i'm certainly going to support the republican nominee for president. >> you can't turn your back on the nominee. whoever gets the nomination will get the support. >> ted cruz steered clear of badmouthing trump. >> a lot of our friends here have encouraged me to criticize and attack donald trump. i'm not interested in doing so. >> but the party is already taking a hit. hillary clinton is tieing in other candidates. >> their language may be more veiled than trul, but their ideas are not so different. >> any republican who is too fearful of the republican base to admit it has no business
5:57 am
serving as president. >> there's no shortage of critics. >> that kind of crap is not going to work in the united states of america. >> condemning all muslims is a shocking new low for him. >> i never thought loud, obnoxious and simple minded solutions are the kind of qualities we want in a president. >> but trump is not backing down. >> listen to some of the headlines splashed across newspapers in europe today and israel. idiot, dangerous demagogue, unacceptable, betraying america. in uk there's a push to ban donald trump from that country, although it doesn't seem to be affecting him and his supporters much. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> republican party trying to do some brand management right now. 5:57. legislation tightening controls on travel to the u.s. right now heading to the senate, the house just approved a measure that requires veet stas for anyone who has been in iraq or syria in the past five years. that legislation takes aim at the visa waiver program.
5:58 am
it allows citizens of 38 countries, most in western europe to travel to the u.s. visa-free. belgium and france are among those participating countries. the president is expected to sign the legislation. happening today, the supreme court takes up affirmative action. a woman denied admission to the university of texas sued. she claims discrimination, but the university successfully argued that students learn better when there's diversity on campus. the lawsuit claims that's too vague a standard. some analysts say because the current supreme court takes up every case on the matter, it's sceptical of race-based admission standards. a homeless mansur vooifd not one but two rounds of trash compact shun in the east bay. that man was sleeping inside a garbin bin in fremont when he was tempitied into a truck with
5:59 am
a compactor. he then survived two full cycles before crawling out through an opening in the roof. he was taken to the hospital, amaa amazingly no serious injuries. a home invasion and pistol whip that took place in front of a 5-year-old girl. what could be the strongest storm of the season making a beeline right now towards the bay area. today's wet weather is just the beginning. >> danger in the water. the reason a popular bay area lake is off limits this morning. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. no rain yet but a storm system is on the way. it could be the strongest storm of the season, at least so far? >> it looks like it is going to be the strongest storm of the season. here it is 24 hours out. we're watching the satellite and radar very closely because you
6:00 am
can see that storm across the pacific making its way in. that will couple with another storm to our north. that will bring rain as soon as this morning. everywhere else will stay dry. temperatures mild, back to the 50s this morning. headed to the mid 60s pour the inland valleys. san francisco you'll see a few peeks of sunshine, 65 degrees there. the north bay, that's where you'll see the rain today, 60 degrees and the rain arrives for the rest of us through the day tomorrow. in the meantime, let's time out the commute. >> have to be like the football referee. upon further review, we look toward the berkeley curve, the left lane blocked. but we also have something going on at the split between the 580 and berkeley curve area. that means people are tapping their brakes with distractions on both sides of the freeway. you see your general build slowing toward ashley and clearing as we get toward the scene you saw right there. that's about it for


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