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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it's thursday december 10th, coming up on "early today," donald trump's support grows after controversy of his muslim ban proposal draws controversy. and new fbi details on the couple's online courtship discussing jihad. >> online as early as of the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad before they became engaged and married and lived together in the united states. >> a dramatic tanker explosion in alabama causes residents to evacuate. >> and the hottest holiday decorations is causing trouble and the first ever test tube
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puppies. early today starts right now. good morning, today members of congress are relieving high level classified prebriefings o the san bernardino shooting. signals coming to light now instead of during a government background check next year. tracie potts is live in washington. what are we expecting to learn today? >> well, classified details are what lawmakers are going to learn and we'll get some sort of update from them afterwards to characterize whether or not they're satisfied with what they're learning from this investigation. we are earning publicly new details including last night when the fbi director talked about what he still thinks is the biggest threat. >> i think the most urgent threat that we face here in the homeland is an externally inspired or potentially directed threat from terrorist groups. >> the truth, the whole truth
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and nothing but the truth. >> today the fbi will tell lawmakers what it's director could not say in public when he dropped this bombshell. >> they were actually radicalized before they started dating or courting each other online and online as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged. >> that's before the rise of isis and before the u. s. approved tashfeen malik to travel here on a fiancee visa. >> it's too early to make any grand pronouncements about what could have been done differently. >> a year earlier the fbi says sayed farook was talking to his neighbor about an attack. >> my fear is more attacks and more dead americans. >> as they looked at the couple's phones and hard drives we're learning there could have been other targets. this california high school inspected for work or another building and public gathering.
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lawmakers are expected to hearn more today from the fbi homeland security and the national counter terrorism center. >> and we are learning more about the state department now saying they will support this visa waiver program change. legislation moving through congress that would require visas for people that have been to iraq, iran, sudan, or syria in the last five years. even if they're coming from one of the 38 visa waver countries. >> sounds like a big day ahead. thank you so much. donald trump is again threatening a third party bid. he has been under attack by the establishment for his proposed muslim ban. last night he left the door open. >> if i'm treated fairly i would never do it. if i'm not treated fairly i might very well do it. >> if you do it -- >> i have to be treated fairly. >> trump's political rivals have already condemned his proposal and now we're hearing from other big names. after sunday's oval office address trump tweeted obama said
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in his speech that muslims are our sports heros. what sport is he talking about and who is obama profiling. many were quick to point out one of if not the greatest of all time, mohammed ali. he released an antiisis statement that served as a not so vailed jab at trump. the statement ended speaking as someone that's never been accused of political correctness i believe our political leaders should use their position to bring understanding about the religion of islam and clarify that these misguided murders perverted the views on what islam is. >> kareem abdul jabar, his latest piece, what isis and donald trump have in common. trump is way out in front in south carolina at 35%. his support jumped 8 points after his statement from 30% during the first two nights to
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38% during the second two. for more on that, we go to nbc. >> donald trump isn't quiting down on his muslim ban. >> these are people outside of the country. so we're not talking about the constitution. it's not about religion. it's about safety. >> forcing president obama to weigh in. >> our freedom is bond up with the free doll of others. regardless of what they look like or where they come from or what faith they practice. >> the country remain divided but according to a one day instant poll bloomberg found 2-thirds of likely republican primary voters agreed with trump's ban. >> who's cutting off people's heads? who bombing buildings? it's the muslims. >> echoing around the globe. parliament will consider a 300,000 plus signature petition to ban the candidate from entering the country which already banned 84 of what they
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call hate preachers. >> will the government lead by example in considering making mr. donald trump number 85. >> trump now planning an end of the month trip to israel to meet with benjamin netanyahu who rejecting trump's idea. he is now accused of being an international symbol of hate. >> i am the least racist person you have ever met. i am the least racist person. >> are you bigoted in anyway. >> i don't think. >> so islamaphobic? >> no, not at all. >> dramatic footage overnight from birmingham, alabama where an 18 wheeler exploded shutting down interstate 20/59. it was carrying nydrogen per x
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peroxide. they took to the streets of chicago to demand mayor rom emanuel's resignation. it chose an officer shooting a teenager 16 times. nbc has the latest. >> an emotional meeting of the chicago police board. >> they brought a bunch of liars and thieves and destroyed a community that i put my life in. >> the meeting came hours after angry demonstrators shutdown streets in one of the country's most famous shopping areas calling on the mayor to step down. earlier an emotional major stood before the city council and expected responsibility for his handling of a fatal police shooting and apologized. >> if we're also going to begin the healing process, the first step in that journey is my step and i'm sorry. >> the anger was ignited last
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month with release of a dash cam video that showed a chicago police officer shooting a 17-year-old 16 times. last week chicago's police superintendent was fired. the mayor admitted police and city leaders need to earn the public's trust. >> it is a painful process and it is a long journey because of the issues we need to confront. >> earlier this week, the justice department launched a civil rights investigation in the chicago police department. >> little doubt seems to remain this morning as to the motive of the november 27th shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. the man accused of killing three people including a police officer and wounding nine others appeared in court yesterday. among his nearly 16 outbursts he railed against planned parenthood.
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>> kill the babies. that's what planned parenthood does. >> he is charged with 179 felony counts with due mri cat charges reflecting different theory of the case. a hearing is scheduled for december 23rd. the pacific northwest is taking a pounding from rain and that's triggering widespread flooding and landslide. joe friar is in the flood zone. >> a parade of storms is flooding roads and neighbors so quickly those caught off guard need to be rescued. >> it just came really fast. >> heavy downpours are sending rivers of mud under roads and homes. one mud slide in southwest washington briefly trapped a man inside his house. in oregon a massive sinkhole took out two lane of a road. in a 48 hour stretch portland saw more than four inches of rain. nervous neighbors are building barriers to fend off rising waters. >> when the water reaches the road we have two hours. blow the second whistle, two hours, people have to get out of here.
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>> no one is taking chances as the storm parade marches on. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with the latest. >> impressive pictures here. at least two fatalities. one was overnight. someone got washed away in a car and another person a tree fell on a house there in the portland area. there's been fatalities and damage done. parade of storms continue with the latest one off the coast. this is the heaviest rain in oregon and washington last night. some of it is starting to let up a hill bit and now we'll focus further south. unlike the last couple of storms this one will get into central and northern california so the storm moves near the coast today. snow from the cascades is here. still levels are high. it will be up there and you'll probably require chains in a few of those spots. so check ahead today and even until friday the storm will be lingering here. it won't be the heavy rains we have today but we'll still get the snow at the higher electrical rations. 1 to 2 feet is possible.
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this area of yellow in here in northern california, 5 to 7 inches of rain. the reddish color and shading in much of oregon and northern california is upwards of 3 inches of rain. as far as the snow goes it's only the mountain areas getting the snow. we'll get some benefits all the way down here about one to two feet is possible. so this is good beneficial stuff for storms. there's lightning pobolts there. a couple of lightning strikes just off the coast so far. >> now we get a little bit of a break and then possibly another storm at the end of the weekend. >> thank you for that, bill. well, another hover board goes up in flames. why isn't the government cracking down? plus why are scientists creating
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petry dish puppies. next. test test test test test test test test test
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. porter testified in in his own defense yesterday. he also said he did not secure gray's seat belt because it is typically the driver's responsibility. the prosecution argued that porter contributed by not calling for medical help and not buckling him in. this holiday season seems the hover board is wurn of the hottest gift items. the biggest fire danger? the lithium batteries which have a history of overheating and catching fire. and also because hover boards are not toys and not vehicling they are not regulated. the consumer product commission is investigating the fires. now check out the world's first
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puppies to ever be born through in vitro fertilization. scientists have been trying for forty years. and this technology now allow doctors to prevent genetic diseases like cancer. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. good morning. the dow swinging more than 350 points from its highs to its lows as falling oil prices once again weigh on stocks. >> the friendly skies will be even more crowded over the holidays. industry groups for america expects u.s. carriers to fly 38.1 million passengers between december 18th and january 3rd. up from last year and attributes that to the economy and affordable airfares. airplanes may use larger planes to meet demand. and this 1956 ferrari goes up
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for sale today at sothebys and could fetch as much as $32 million. that would make it the second most expensive ever at auction behind a graer gto for 38 million last year. ferrari gto. >> the rematch of the century is set and no it's not mayweather, pacquiao. and more. sports is up next.
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this morning on today, the new holiday display fad that is creating danger in the sky. find out why the faa is weighing in on those laser light christmas decorations. now to sports and looks like the next big pay per view is set. a rematch will take place on july 9th in las vegas. rousey is still recovering from the second round knockout kick from their bout just a month ago. and in the nba. los angeles wins 109-95 easily. and memphis down 2 as the clock ticks down and matt barns lets it fly from half court hitting the desperation three pointer with 1.1 left on the clock. just ahead the president and first lady reveal what is on
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their list of favorite things. plus you won't believe what scares amy polar the most. that's coming up next.
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noo now for some entertainment news. luke sky walker himself is hosting a documentary about light sabers. exploring the real life inspiration for the futuristic
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weapons. and carrie fisher's dog gear is now on instagram. >> great name. >> and you can follow him at gary fisher. >> of course we can. >> he's so cute. >> youtube took a look at the years best videos but this one is special since it also celebrates the website's tenth year. and we finally know who bought wutang's only copy of once upon a time. martin shkreli. and he reportedly paid $2 million for it. kelly clarkson posted posted this on instagram. winter is coming. >> that is fun. >> it is fun. >> and amy polar revealed her
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biggest fear last night. >> easy. being mistaken for j. lo. and then being asked to dance. and dancing better than j. lo. and j. lo being angry. i don't want j. lo to be angry at me. that is my biggest fear. >> i think she set the stage for a danceoff. >> how much of that was just spontaneous? was it scripted? it was really well done if it wasn't. >> it's good stuff. but j. lo should be scared. i'm dara brown, and this is "early today."
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leading the news in the washington post, saudi women are voeding and running for office for the first time ever. more than 900 female candidates are on the ballot for positions across the country. elections will take place this saturday. and for mashable, toronto cab driver bangs on uber car is dragged 70 feet in antiuber protest. the man confronted the driver for allegedly having no insurance. luckily no one was hurt during the incident. very dangerous there. and indiana. tempers flared at a town meeting
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tuesday night. the board voted to hire a new town martial. state police are investigating the incident. looks like a crazy scene out there. >> and president and mrs. obama shared some of their favorite things of 2015 with people magazine. the interview covered everything from most cherished moments to favorite books. and president revealed his favorite song is kendrick lamar's "how much a dollar cost" while the first plate is "uptown funk" and bruno mars. and their favorite movie. >> she probably watched it with her daughters. it is a good moment with the family. >> and now to oregon, one lucky player won the $6.4 million lottery jackpot from iraq. first time in state's history a
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person bought a ticket online and won. the person's name will not be released. and santa is not just making deliveries on land this christmas. a diver in seoul south korea put on an underwater performance, visitors watched as he swam with more than 20 thousand sardines and a white spotted eagle ray. now time for a look ahead. president obama is expected to sign into law an over haul of the no child left behind policy. the new legislation gives states authority to decide how to use federally amandaed math and test results in evaluating teachers in schools.mandated math and tet results in evaluating teachers in schools. . raven simone turns three. bobby flay, happy birthday. and keep it right here for more
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news weather and 'round one' of steady rain,
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kicks off this morning. we have reporters all over the bay area watchin round one of steady rain kicking off this morning. we have reporters across the bay area watching conditions as the wet weather washes right through your morning commute. how to prosecute a woman for stealing coffee at a muslim man praying in a public park. "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. powerful mix of rain and we're monitoring the dop doppler radar. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge on your right. expect slippery conditions for that morning commute. we do have team coverage on what is to come from road conditions to how long this will last.


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