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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good saturday morning to you, it's 7:00 and this is a live look outside in san jose at the beautiful christmas tree and decorations. it's a chilly morning out there h. we're glad you're with us. thanks for joining us i'm kira klapper, kari hall joins us can a look at our forecast. >> you have to bundle up heading out this morning. it's cool and we starting out in
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the mid30s in the north bay. san francisco is at 47 but a clear start. what will be rainy afternoon for the north bay. and parts of san francisco, you may see some of those showers moving through. we're getting ready for a bigger storm system that will be passing early tomorrow. i'll detail to you, give you updates on that and what to expect heading into next week. >> the rain continues, all right, we'll stay tuned, thanks. this morning a desperate search is on for a predator in the south bay. police are looking for man who has been targeting women and young girls in campbell. his most recent attempt at abduction was on tuesday. we do have a sketch. he's described as hispanic with a medium build in his 40s. police say he recently threatened three separate victims and tried to lure them into his car. he also approached and followed middle school girls. last month a woman reported she saw him exposing himself.
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people in campbell say they're more aware since hearing about this predator. >> be careful. when you walk around make sure you're alert. because a lot of girls do get immersed in texting when they're walking that makes you a target because you're not paying attention. >> anyone with information is asked to call campbell police. new this morning, all northbound lanes on interstate 880 are open after a deadly crash on the freeway that happened around 2:00 this morning in fremont. three cars were involved. one man died, no one else was hurt hurt. now to an incredible story of survival and luck. take a look at this. a huge piece of metal crashed through a man's windshield on 280 in san jose. this beam, slid off a truck, reportedly bounced off the freeway and right into his bmw windshield, narrowly missing the
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driver. he was able to safely pull over on the shoulder. his only injury, a minor scratch on his arm. a warning this morning about a health care at one of the bay area's most notable hospitals. more than a thousand people, including hundreds of infants, may have been exposed to tuberculosis at santa clara valley medical center. this stems from a nurse that has tested positive for tb. employees are calling all people who could be at risk of the disease. that means anyone that went to vmc between august and november especially those that went to the infant care center. officials say all the new borns during that three month period are undergoing a daily oral antibiotic for six to nine months as a precaution. >> babies have an mature immune system. the bacteria can get into their bloodstream. from the bloodstream it can go from anywhere in the body.
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>> the nurse who has not been identified is on paid leave. the fbi is now trying to piece together what the san bernardino shooters were doing between the time they carried out their attack and when they were gunned down by police. it was in the span of four and a half hours. here's the time line. $10. 10:59 they fired shots, at 3:30 p.m. they were killed. the fbi searched a small lake a few miles from the crime scene. they're looking for a missing hard drive. they're also hoping to find answers in a damaged iphone that was found at the suspects' home. we've learned that yesterday's fire at this southern california mosque was intentionally set. members of the mosque say they heard a boom like a fire bomb and then they saw flames. no one was hurt, the mosque is
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in coachella near palm springs. it's one of several attacks against a muslim community this week. the fbi is now investigating. new this morning, one step closer to curbing global warming. french leaders presented the final draft of a potentially historic global climate agreement at the un climate summit at paris. dell gnegates will review the 3 page draft. the un secretary general called on them to accept the deal. >> the end is in sight. let us now finish the job, the whole world is watching. the time has come to acknowledge that national interests are better served by acting in the global interest and solidarity. >> this, of course, comes after years of negotiations. >
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the golden state warriors perfect season lives on. >> yes, it does. the record winning streak almost came to an end in boston t. was a double overtime thriller. but the warriors survived. they have captured the attention of the entire bay area. cheryl herd has their story. >> reporter: the crowd in martinez was on the edge of their seats. >> very exciting. i'm not a big basketball fan, but you can't not get excited. >> reporter: the warriors are on a winning streak. >> nobody expects 24 wins, that's incredible. >> reporter: incredible and possible. the nba champs are on the road up against the celtics without clay thompson and harrison barnes. it was curry to the rescue in double overtime. when it was all said and done,
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relief. and another win for the golden state warriors. >> so stressful. i can't take this kind of stress. >> it's a big win, 24-0. bay area. we representing right now. >> reporter: cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. the doves have now won 28 regular season games in a row. that's dating back to last year. they're closing in on the 1971-72 record. they could set another record if they win in milwaukee. they would be the first team in history to go undefeated on a road trip. coming up, we'll hear from steph curry. we have much more, it's not what authorities was looking for. dozens of dangerous and illegal weapons uncovered in an east bay
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home. crooks are swiping more  packages from people's front porches this holiday season. now it's the police pulling fast one. we'll tell you what's leading them to the thieves.
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welcome back at 7:10 on your saturday morning. we're taking a live look at beautiful pink, blue purple skies over downtown san francisco. clear this morning, but very chilly as you step outside. police busted a boot legging operation in the east bay and uncovered much more than just illegal booze. police found a stock pile of illegal weapons. in total more than 40 illegal firearms were found. the home owner is a well-known
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winemaker. officials were tipped off because he was accused of illegally stealing booze. they got a search warrant for his home and that's where they found the firearms. >> my question is the same question as yours. why so many and what was there and that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of today. >> agents say the alcohol that albert was making poses a threat as well. illegal stills can be explosive and are not safe to consume. albert remains in jail. robert farmer is accused of killi killing cats and investigators are hoping to find the owner of one of the cats he's killed. police say these collars was found when he was arrested in october. he'll appear in court on charges of animal cruelty. if you know the owner of the collars you're asked to call the police. we have much more ahead. coming up the holiday gift that
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the faa is worried about and what could happy to you if you try to bring one on a plane. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting ready for rain in the north bay. the rest of the bay area seeing the showers tomorrow, along with some sierra snow. i'll detail all of that coming up.
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welcome back at 7:14 on your saturday morning. we're taking a live look outside in san jose at santana row. it's chilly out there ahead of a saturday. and meteorologist kari hall will be along in a while to tell us more rain is on the way. it's a case of real life grinches trying to steal christmas. a record number of packages are being stolen from front porches. 23 million packages have been taken so far this year and that number is only expected to rise. more than one billion packages will be delivered this holiday season. police near sacramento may have
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it figured out. get this, they're placing decoy packages with tracking devices on porches. best advice? schedule a delivery time. a hot holiday item is quickly losing its flair. airlines are banning over boards in both check in and carry on luggage. the ban comes after at least ten fires were linked to the devices. the problem seems to be the lithium ion batteries inside. tests have shown that the batteries can self-ignite. nine airlines are banning hover boards. san francisco international airport is offering a warning about another popular holiday gift. make sure you know the rules if you're giving or getting a drone for christmas. "today in the bay's" chuck coppola shows how the airport is getting this critical message to the public. >> reporter: in the terminals of san francisco international and online, this public service announcement will remind travellers that drones given or
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received as gifts, should not be flown above 400 feet or within five miles of an airport. citing potentially dangerous consequences. >> we look at it as a bird strike situation it could cause damage to the structural airplane. >> reporter: a helicopter pilot narrowly missed hitting a drone 800 feet over martinez. >> don't fly within five miles of the airport. the common question where can i fly it? i say go to a public parbk thats okay. your back yard is fine. >> reporter: so far sfo reports no incidents of drones interfering with traffic. shoppers we spoke to say the
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precautions make sense. >> i'm wondering what training is involved. >> reporter: chuck coppola nbc bay area news. a sign of the holiday giving season now. students in hayworth collected 50 baskets to be given to children at the east bay regional center. the center helps children are developmentally disabled. it's in the same branch where shooters opened fire in san bernardino last week. leaders say yesterday's gift giving was a big positive after what happened to their colleagues in san bernardino. >> this is really a huge boost for us. for our morale. our social workers, we've got a group of social workers that are caravans here today. and it's amazing that we can have something really positive in the community about the regional center. >> the school has been donating
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gifts to needy children in the bay area for four years now. good news there. meteorologist kari hall is here with good news. we needed the rain got it, and you say we'll keep getting it. >> we have more on the way. we do have a little bit of a break. if you want to get some shopping done or decorating -- >> or your tree, wink wink, nudge nudge. >> let's take a live look at this amazing shot of the golden gate bridge. all of the pink hews and blue as we start out the day. beautiful picturesque sky. the current temperature is chilly, especially in the north bay. 37 in napa and santa rose a. oakland, 41 and san francisco at 47. i'm watching this rain moving in to the far northern parts of california and that will start to work its way into the north bay as we go into the early afternoon hours.
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starting out with some rain there. looks like the rest of the bay area will be dry. mostly sunny skies, highs today reaching 55 in pacifica. cool in saratoga as well. the sunshine will make it feel better. 50s in the san francisco. also for the north bay a couple of spots may hit the lower 60s like oakland as well as some parts of the tri valley. the winds start out light and we'll see the winds pick up as we head into tonight and tomorrow as the storm system moves in. it will be a gusty start to do day. we see the winds at about 30 miles per hour, at times higher especially along the coast. that will create choppy wave conditions. we still have the coastal flood advisory and the wind surf warning that will continue into tomorrow. future cast shows that we will start to see that rain moving in by this morning for the north bay once again. then it kind of fizzles out. we still may have a light shower
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passing by the east bay. maybe san francisco as we go into this afternoon. the squall line moving through will start out tomorrow morning. the time line at 10:00. it's over san francisco and approaching the south bay as well. and then it rolls on off to the east and continues into the sierra producing some snow as we start to dry out late tomorrow night. the rainfall estimates shows the potential of .3 for san jose. san francisco, .5 inch. higher amounts for the north bay. anywhere from .5 to over an inch of rain. we'll be watching out for that possibility of flooding and a live look at heavenly this morning. beautiful as we take a look at some of the spots in the sierra getting ready for more snow after having two feet of snow at north star from that previous storm system. and look at what else the computer models are showing. an additional 17 inches of snow.
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heavenly, 10 inches of snow. two feet of snow for kirkwood. there is more rain in the forecast. after the system passes tomorrow we'll have a few days to dry out and then heading into the end of the week there will be more rain, possibly heavy down pours as you make those early plans for next weekend. kira. >> good christmas weather, th k thanks. we have much more on "today in the bay" coming up. >> they're going to remember that their community solved their problem and their community had their back. >> making wishes come true in the south bay. in today's bay area proud. the school program in san jose that's changing lives.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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[ d[ bark ] ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] their classmates com welcome back. students in the south bay are gathering to make the wishes of their class mates come true. this is getting to be a
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tradition at san jose's brandham high school. garvin thomas has this morning's bay proud. >> homecoming time at school has a tendency to bring out petty jealousies among the students. what happens after that, not only brings them together. it can bring them to tears. the leadership clash at san jose's branham high school understands there are so many words one can legibly fit on a six inch blue paper star. the magic, though they will end up creating out of them, well that seems just about limitless. >> i feel like i'm doing something great that needs to be done. >> raquel and antoine are heading up this year's fifth annual make a wish rally. they began months ago by passing out 1,500 stars to every student
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and teacher saying make a wish for yourself or someone else. many wishes antoine said was small. the big ones were an eye opener. in such a wealthy region so many class mates were struggling. >> they had to skip meals because they didn't have enough money or they were in thousands of dollars in debt because of medical bills. >> so for months, while fulfilling hundreds of the small wishes, they've been working on the big ones. one they feel deserves a big stage and the whole school watching. it's a non-stop 45 minutes assembly of awesomeness and emotion. of students wishing their coach be recognized for all her hard work. a boy wishing financial help for his girlfriend's family over the
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holidays. >> she mentioned that she had no computer at home. >> a teacher wishing a home computer for her colleague so there aren't as many late nights as school. >> we've come through everything together. >> and a girl, just wishing something nice for her mom after two strokes and years in the hospital. >> i'm glad that she's finally home. >> as all teenager know it can be tough to stand out in high school for the wrong reasons. in this high school at least, they know they don't have to stand alone. >> they're going to remember this for the rest of their lives. they're going to remember that their community saw their problem and their community had their back. >> in order to make all those wishes come true, the leadership class says they hold a lot of bake sales and do a lot of fund raising. this year, they raised more than
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$10,000 to help make all those wishes come true. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. we have much more ahead. coming up, why a building boom in one bay area city has residents fighting with city leaders. pl plus, four armed men storm a jewelry store but a daughter's quick actions scare them away. an exclusive look at surveillance video showing how it went down.
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it's shy of 7:30 on your saturday morning. thanks for joining us, this is a
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live look at san jose on a chilly saturday morning. kari hall joins us this morning, meteorologist with our very chilly forecast this weekend. >> cold this morning. stepping out and looking at the back windshield and looking at is that ice? that's what i said this morning. yes, we had frost in spots. north bay temperatures, 36 degrees. 47 in san francisco and 41 in the east bay. looking at highs in the upper 50s today. feeling a little bit nicer, get ready for rain in the north bay, possibly san francisco later on this afternoon. i'll give you a better idea of what to expect and when our next storm system moving in by tomorrow morning. we'll need to stay tuned and listen to you, thanks. this morning, a desperate search for a predator is underway in the south bay, police are looking for a man who has been targeting women and young girls in campbell. his recent attempted abduction
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was on tuesday. this is a sketch, he's described as being hispanic in his 40s. he's believed to be armed and dangerous. police say he recently threatened three separate victims, and tried to lure them into his car. he also approached and followed middle school girls. last month a woman reported that she saw him exposing himself. police in campbell say they're more aware -- people in campbell say they're more aware ever since they heard about this predator. >> be careful. when you walk around, make sure you're alert. a lot of girls do get immersed in texting when they're walking and that makes you target. you're not paying attention to everyone else around you. >> anyone with information is asked to call campbell police. new this morning, all northbound lanes on interstate 880 are open after a deadly crash on the freeway that happened around 2:00 this morning near the automall parkway. one man died, no one else was
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hurt. investigators are working to determine if alcohol was a factor in the collision. a warning this morning about a health scare at one of the bay area's most notable hospitals. more than a thousand people including hundreds of infants may have been exposed to tuberculosis. this happened at santa clara valley medical center. this stems from a nurse there who tested positive for tb. hospital workers are working to call everyone who could be at risk of the potentially deadly disease. that means anyone that went to the hospital from midaugust to midnovember, especially those who went to the infant care center. health officials say all of the newborns during that three month period are undergoing a daily antibiotic for six to nine months as a precaution. the nurse has not been identified and is on paid leave of absence. only on nbc bay area, we showed you this daring robbery at a san jose jewelry shop a. woman who works there grabbed a
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gun and chased away the thieves. she tells us about her bold move in the face of four masked men. >> reporter: they came into the martinez jewelry store with hoods over their heads, four men armed with guns, giving everyone orders. this man was in the bathroom during the attempted heist. he didn't want to show his face. >> i was fearing for my life. the only thing i could do was just get on the ground. >> reporter: the owner was led to the safe in the back. >> they had my mom hostage. >> reporter: they led her back at gunpoint and that's where lusia's other daughter was listening to the commotion. she came out with her own gun. what were you thinking? >> i was thinking, this is my mom, this is my mom's store. >> reporter: the robbers ran. this is video of them racing away. then family member and customers chased after them in the parking lot. >> yeah. how dare they come in the store, you know, like that. they didn't know that i was in the back so that's why i got a
7:34 am
chance to grab my gun. >> reporter: santana says she fired one round at the get away car. >> we don't know what level of training this store owner has using a firearm. that's our biggest concern. >> reporter: police say business owners have the legal right to protect their stores and families but they have to use good judgment. santana says if the robbers are smart they won't return for more. san jose police want to own business owners if you want to own a gun you need to be properly train in the use of that weapon. high profile civil rights attorney john burress is filing a lawsuit on behalf of the family of mario woods who was shot and killed by san francisco police last week. his law office released a video he said shows more light on the shooting. police have said woods, a suspect in an earlier stabbing, lifted a knife as officers moved
7:35 am
in. but he says his findings contradict that. >> look at the videotape and see it now, you will see that whatever was happening he did not raise his hands in any kind of threatening manner before the barrage of shots were used against him. >> he was the best of me. and he redeemed himself. >> yesterday, dozens of high school students held a demonstration at san francisco city hall and marched along market to union square demanding justice. too much construction too soon. it's a common complaint in several bay area cities including gill roy, there's a petition to stop a development of at least 4,000 homes. here is tod"today in the bay's" ryan vargas. >> reporter: these women started a petition because they're concerned too much land is being lost. >> i was born and raised in this community my family has been
7:36 am
farming since the 50s. farming is something that's dying out. so much prime farmland has been taken for housing. >> reporter: the area for the housing development straddles the road on the north and south side. the total area is 721 acres. >> everybody that's living here ends up getting on 101 clogging the freeway and driving north. >> reporter: a council member says the housing project will add to the city's congestion. hundreds of other homes are expected to be built soon. >> currently, the city of gillroy has 3,150 houses under construction right now or in the pipeline to be constructed over the next few years. let's see how that housing impacts our general fund. >> reporter: other city leaders say more housing brings more jobs. >> they're a necessary evil. you can't expect companies to come down here and build in
7:37 am
gillroy and not have any places for their employees to live. >> if we lose this land we'll never get it back. >> reporter: these residents say they want the place they've liver lived for years to stay the same. nbc bay area news. and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, in case you missed it, the warriors had to work overtime to keep their historic streak alive. we'll show you the highlights and hear from steph curry nx.
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welcome back, with the injuries piling up and wear and tear from a long road trip, the unbeaten streak to start the season faced its toughest test. they took on a celtics team in
7:40 am
boston. this one would need two overtimes to decides. let's head straight to the first overtime. game tied with a minute left. the celtics wouldn't go easy. next possession, the game ties and we go to a double ot. golden state led by one with a minute to play green. a huge basket and the warriors escape with a win. they improve to 24-0. >> this is a special factor. this is about who wants it more. nothing was pretty about this game. >> that was a stressful game. still ahead on "today in the bay," world leaders are on the verge of a land mark climate agreement in paris. coming up why some experts still have doubts about the pact. the latest installment of our reality check series is next. as we take a live look at ocean beach, we are seeing high waves, high surf warning continues as one storm system
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moves out and another moves in. i'll let you know what to expect coming up.
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good saturday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're taking a live look at mount tam where you had three inches of rain with the last storm system that moved through. taking a break now, but there could be more falling as we go into the afternoon today. a look at the current temperatures. a cool start in the upper 30s for the north bay as well as parts of the east bay, livermore 38 and san jose 43. the next storm system moving in really isn't all that impressive looking at the radar showing light returns and also wide spread rain moving in. we can expect a chance of showers for the north bay. it starts out as light rain. by tomorrow morning, the more potent part of that storm system moves in and the rain returns with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. and then in the sierra, more snow expected.
7:44 am
and the chains will be required if you're heading that way. a look at the microclimates today. getting sunshine, gillroy up to 61. palo alto, 59. 55 in santa rosa. 61 in oakland. dublin, 57. once again, we start out with some sunshine, a calm win and mostly clear skies. we'll start to see the clouds moving in and the winds will increase, too. this is a look at the wind forecast throughout the day. not a whole lot going on. then the wind shifts from the south rushing up towards the system to the north. the sustained winds increase to 30 miles per hour early tomorrow morning and continue to go up through the day. we may have winds up to 40 miles per hour. we can see that in the forecast. the timeline of the rain move s into the north bay. today before noon for santa rosa, napa, and light spotty showers that could move into san
7:45 am
francisco as well. and the rest of the bay area for the east bay peninsula south bay not looking at a lot of showers, at least initially. then a squall line develops. it looks like heavier down pours, possibly lightning, we'll be watching out for that tomorrow morning as that moves from nort to south. then it clears out by tomorrow evening. snow expected for the sierra once again. looking at how much rain we could see. after getting over an inch of rain with the last storm system we're looking at an additional .3 of an inch. we could have an inch and a half of rain in middleton. that was affected by the valley fire, that's where we could have runoff and possibility of flooding. a live look at heavenly after getting two feet of snow, well there is nor additional snow on the way. anywhere from ten to 18 inches
7:46 am
above 7,000 feet. those gusty winds may top 120 miles per hour. computer models verifying we could have over 20 inches of rain. there is more of that in the forecast as we see our weather getting a little bit more active into next week. we will have a dry start to the week. then by the end of the week there could be more rain moving in. a look at all the microclimates in the next three days. mostly dry today. and then some showers moving in tomorrow. but it stays cool. we will only see the highs in the mid 50s for the next few days. thanks. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up. >> i'm sam brock. the paris climate talks almost over and world leaders seem to be on the brink of a deal. why are some calling it -- good morning, there's lots to do.
7:47 am
we'll start in the south bay for something that rings of the city. cable cars. in willow glen that's where the festive spirit has spread. they light the night for such a spread you can catch a cableless cable car to cruise the glen. celebrate downtown, too, where they've even updated the picture posing, special selfies with santa. selfies. that's not selfish. selfish would not be a santa thing. what is a santa thing there will be 24 holidays. there's hula dancing. strol strolling carollers. horse drawn hay rides. we'll end with the ending, the big finale of the giant mitt nora in san francisco's union square. it will cap off its 40's anniversary as well.
7:48 am
i am sure that every store in the area can appreciate the tradition of giving many gifts which may have been purchased nearby as well. sunday is the last night of hanukkah, monday is the last day. i'll be kicking that off here at 4:30 on "today in the bay." that's the picture in parisas
7:49 am
7:50 am
leaders from across the a world united. that's the picture in paris as leaders from across the globe work on a critical climate plan. the participation is historic but will the results be? sam brock has this morning's
7:51 am
reality check. >> reporter: new drone footage of the arctic showing melting ice is chilling, but not nearly as chilling as what might happen if we don't cut our carbon emissions. climatetologists predict deeper droughts, food shortages, rising oceans. even widespread disease. >> many of the largest disease problems we face are highly sensitive to climate conditions. >> reporter: on to the world's stage steps president obama and governor jerry brown and a host of world leaders trying to prevent disaster. climate policy expert adele morris says the meeting is unprecedented. >> what's unique about this meeting is it's the first time all countries, all major players have pledged to take action. >> reporter: will the action be anywhere close to enough? criticism of shoddy standards
7:52 am
splashes headlines these dies. the author says talks are rigged regardless of what action countries plan on taking. is it voluntary? >> almost every country is coming forward with a pledge for what emissions objectives they're going to bring to the table. >> reporter: in other words, countries are making up their own bench marks. the good news, 150 nations are pledging. you can look at their proposals on the un website. the bad news, we're falling far short of what we need. for the better part of a decade, scientists have said a two degree rise in global temperatures is the magic number. the bare minimum we can't break to avoid catastrophic climate change. should all countries at the
7:53 am
paris conference keep their pledges, the world would warm on average 2.7 degrees celsius, better but no where close to the bern mark. >> this is a hopeful step. the problem is a big problem. it's not going to be easy to solve, particularly in the context of u.s. politics. >> yes. the politics. stanford environmental law expert points out 28 states have taken the obama administration to court. the justices could unravel u.s. efforts to lead on climate change. so could a future president. >> were the supreme court to strike down the regulations, were a republican administration in 2017 say to walk back from these commitments, you know, the perception that the u.s. has gotten its act together could change very quickly. >> even if the obama administration wins in court, even if the next president supports the paris plan, there is the small matter of congress.
7:54 am
it demands contributions from rich and poor countries. lawmakers say that money may be dead on arrival. paris offers hope of getting more countries involved in fighting climate change. the world that still behind and the world leader, u.s. is only going to be kicking and screaming. for reality check, i'm sam brock j we have much more ahead. our friends from pets in need are here. > we have much more ah. our friends from pets in need are here. > we have much more ah. our friends from pets in need are here. this morning -- some special
7:55 am
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guests from pets in need. welcome back this morning. our special guest from pets in need is here with cinnamon. she's ready for a new home. you have a history with cinna n cinnamon. she's two years old. you got her a year ago and she was pregnant. >> she had her babies at our shelter. and then didn't take long, a
7:57 am
couple months after she had her babies we were able to get those guys adopted. now we're waiting to find a forever home for cinnamon. >> it's so weird to me in the two minutes i've been sitting here how she hasn't been adopted yet. she's the sweetest thing. she's a chihuahua mix and very calm. >> very calm for a chihuahua. you can see -- i was saying before she'll sit in your lap for an hour. she loves the attention and once she finds a lap she's good. >> she's really sweet. any home could take her. she's not super rambunctious chihuahua. >> she gets along well with other dogs, and kids and she's our perfect little girl. >> we hope someone will give her a forever home. you have a home for the holidays promotion where you're trying to
7:58 am
get pets like cinnamon adopted. the ones you've had at your shelter for a year or more is. >> we're trying to promote the ones that have been with us for a while. we feel like they are even more deserving of a forever home this holiday. >> absolutely. what great gift to give a family member this holiday season. as always, thank you. if you'd like to find out more about scinnamon go to the pets n need website. thanks to you for making us a part of your morning. we really appreciate it. we'll have local news at 4:30, 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. and all day on we hope you have a great morning.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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- ruff-ruff. - tweet. - and dave! - song: ruff-ruff tweet and dave - what a wonderful way to spend your day with - ruff-ruff tweet and dave - what a fun day here we go - yay ruff-ruff tweet and dave - the spin-again will take us on another great adventure say their names - what a great game - so play along at home - we're off on the spin-again who knows what we might find with hatty the hamster taking us there we know we'll have - a magical time - a magical time - play along at home say their names here we go! it's ruff-ruff! - ruff-ruff! - tweet! - tweet! - and dave! - dave! - ruff-ruff, tweet and dave! yeah! - hello! it's me, hatty the hamster, with my hat full of questions,


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