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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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two breaking stories. police open fire and kill a man -- right now at 11:00, we're following two breaking stories. police open fire and kill a man who was fight, his wife. but we start with the teenager shot in the neck when she confronted the man who stole her car. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> that shooting has left some san jose residents stunned and frightened. 911 calls came from this area near coleman avenue and winfield boulevard around 7:00 this evening.
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police say a man shot the teen in the neck when she was hanging out with her friends. nbc bay's cheryl hurd is live in that area. did they grab the shooter? >> no, in fact, they're looking for him right now. and police say they have very little to go on. >> it's frightening. oh, it's very quiet here. it's very nice, very -- it's just a beautiful area. >> for those who live in this area, that's what makes this crime so disturbing. police say a 17-year-old girl bumped into friends this evening. she parked her car on winfield near the lake to talk to friends. she left her car unlocked and running. >> someone in a hood came up, i guess tried to hijack the car. >> when the 17-year-old realized her cass was being ripped off, she and her friends gave chase in another car. she confronted the suspect at this intersection. that's when police say the thief pulled out a gun and shot her. a short time later, police
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spotted the stolen toyota about half a mile away. the driver's side's window shattered. the suspect gone. >> it's crazy. to be out -- yeah, it's really crazy. and to happen here in this neighborhood because it's really quiet and i usually walk my dog at this hour, too. so now i'm, like, going to stay inside. >> now, police have a vague description of the suspect, a young man wearing dark clothing. the 17-year-old suffers from nonlife threatening injuries. reporting live in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a man shot and killed by gillroy police. it happened at an apartment complex right behind gilroy high school. nbc bay area's ian coal is at the scene. this started as a domestic dispute, at least that's what we're told. how did it escalate? >> police still aren't sure about that right now, but i can tell you they're still here four
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hours later investigating what they say was first called into 911 from neighbors who were reporting a violent fight between a couple inside that apartment when officers arrived at the complex, they say the man and woman had moved into the parking lot. what happened next between the couple and police are unclear. one of the officers felt either his life or the woman's life was in dangerer and fired at the suspect who died at the scene. >> for something he felt was life threatening and had to make a decision there, unfortunately, particularly this time of year. something our community tonight is dead as a result of their actions. >> we're told the woman is physically okay and no one else was home at the time. two officers responded to that call for help, but only one that shot the man. he will be placed on paid administrative leave. neighbors say they heard three to four shots. police say it's unclear if the suspect was armed because it's still early on in the
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investigation. either the suspect or officer are being identified. once gilroy police finishes their investigation, they will hand it over to the district attorney's office. we'll being told by gilroy police late tonight this is forefirst officer-involved shooting in nearly six years. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. the chill is in the air. you can feel it from san francisco to san jose. some places will be hovering near that freezing mark. jeff ranieri joins us now. what are we in store for tonight and tomorrow? >> we're in for those temperatures in the 30s but also the 40s. check out how much cold air is sdiping in here across the west as we zoom in and get a closer look. you can see down here towards sunnyville, 47 degrees. 45, livermore, dropping to 39 degrees. then right up towards napa, we're dropping down to 38. i want to take you to these microclimates, but you can see it's not only napa dropping into the 30s, but santa rosa, 38.
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yontville, 39. alameda counties coming in with some of this chill, as well. dublin, 41. arenda 30. berkeley, 47 and livermore at a very chilly 36. you factor in a wind, 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's giving us a windchill up into napa at 33 degrees. we'll let you know officially how it will go for the morning. that's in about 15 minutes. >> at this hour, u.s. postal centers are buzzing, it's the busiest day for the post office and package thieves are well aware of it. those presents might get shipped to your doorstep, but many of them will be swiped from your doorstep. terry mcsweeney is in oakland. a lot of us have those home security systems, but is it enough? >> it's not enough. 11 million parcels are being processed at the open distribution center alone tonight and today.
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and these so-called porch pirates are well aware of that this time of year. >> bls millions of parcels heading out of oakland tonight addressed to bay area residents. but a growing number will be stoling right off the doorstep. >> the packages are mainly occurring during the daytime when people are at work or not home, when it's an easy target. >> the south bay's monica wong is a victim. >> my package was stolen and i didn't know. police called me and say he had my package. >> when police found the package, the contents were long gone. >> most of the time, people don't actually know their packages were stolen unless you have surveillance videotapes he. a lot of them go unreported or they're cold reported which means they're several days after the fact. >> surveillance cameras can provide good pictures of the criminals, but police say good cameras alone are not enough to deter the crime. >> just because we have a video of the person stealing the package doesn't mean we're going to be able to identify them every single time. >> the number of reported thefts would be higher.
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but some victims don't call police. >> u.p.s. say they delivered to my door and it never showed up and i did nothing about it. >> police say if you're ripped off, please report it. try to oh be home when that delivery occurs. maybe require a signature. a lot of people i talked to tonight say they don't bother having their packages delivered at home. they have them delivered at work. >> terry, thank you. a disturbing story in san francisco. someone tried to light a senior couple on fire. it happened yet yesterday. police say the suspect tried but failed at setting that couple on fire. the suspect then pushed the two breaking the elbow of one of the seniors. >> tis the season to give to the needtidy as business owners in san francisco's union square are giving extra hep help to the homeless this year launching union square cares. it starts tomorrow. nbc bay area has more on how they're hoping it will connect people in need with badly needed services.
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>> the holiday spirit is in the air at union square. sidewalks are crowded with shoppers and visitors. many visitors are stunned by the number of people living on the street. >> it's sad to feel like you can't connect with another human that might be suffering. >> the general manager of the chancellor hotel on powell says he hears from frustrated guests. >> why isn't the city doing something? international people, it's such a rich cup. why aren't they helping? >> the union square business improvement district is offering some help. watching union square cares. the gold is to connect people with services. >> we hired a team member that's on the outreach team, dedicated to this area to help put people in touch with services. >> while a professional works each case, union square bassadors and businesses will focus on education, handing out cars with information about where to donate and who to call when someone needs help. >> i used one of the drop ins around here.
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>> 22-year-old noel whittier says she will appreciate some help. >> trying to figure out the resources. i know there's lots of them here in this city. >> the $100,000 program funded by union square businesses isn't expected to house everyone overnight, but supporters say it's a good place to start. nbc bay area news. >> decision 2016 for the first time since the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino, republican presidential hopefuls will be center stage and the final debate of the year is tomorrow night in las vegas. the front runners, donald trump, ted cruz and ben carson are among those in the prime time debate. new jersey governor chris christie hassle excavated his status. >> and you can bet president obama and the fight against isis is down to dominate that debate. in spite of recent terror attacks, today the president said the administration is making progress in the war on
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terror. the president did not unveil any new strategies for eradicating the terror group. >> the fight isn't over until we find justice for his death. >> a widow who won the fight to change 911 rules at the postal service now fighting for something else. why the government is denying her benefits after her husband suffered a grave injury at work. and is it discrimination or were people just reporting something suspicious? see why police say they paid her a visit because of her skin color. and after her first live performance in year, adelle says hello to the bay area. details on her concert tour, still ahead. was she singled out for asking
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about ammo? an east bay woman believes a sporting goods store ... so was she singled out for asking about ammunition? an east bay woman dlooifrs believes a sporting goods store
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prashlly profiled her. it's a sorry you'll see own on nbc area. she asked about buying eight box of ammunition at a big sporting goods store. two days later, police say she showed up at her door. >> i'm not muslim. >> she's a firearms instructor. >> even if i was, i don't think that's grounds for them to call the police on me instantly been. >> the officers apologized and said in the heightened times, they're taking every precaution. a store manager for dick's referred our questions to its corporate office and we have yet to hear back. voters beware. there are still ten shipping containers floating off our coast tonight. they're among the dozen containers that flipped off a freighter during rough seas on friday. two landed ashore. one of them here in baker beach in san francisco as crews spent the entire day cleaning up this mess. another container washed up at maury point in pacifica.
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the biggest art heist in the city of richmond has been solved and the suspect is behind bars. only on nbc bay area. 17 delicate value blown glass sculptures turned up in a dirt pile in a richmond neighborhood and each piece is worth up to $18,000. 46 yooerldz mario silva stoeld stole a trailer containing the pieces four months ago. when it was parked on the street. the artist, not surprisingly, is thrilled to have the pieces recovered. >> $50,000 and counting, that's how much an east bay widow is still fighting for in death benefits after a husband died ad at work. we first told you about the postal worker whose tragic death and delayed 911 calls sparked a policy change. vicki is back with how the government is responding. >> first she endured the loss of her husband. now she's fighting the government after workers' comp
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denied her claim twice. and it led had us to ask what is the burden of proof on the family when a loved one died on the job. >> more than a year after losing her husband, the widow stef grieves. pain made worse by battling a bureaucracy for workers' compensation to support her family. >> we have to survive on our own and it's been a struggle. every day we miss him so much. >> the government denied larney's petition for death benefits twice, even theory her husband, sam, was severely injured at the postal processing center in oakland. in august 2014, coworkers found sam lying on the ground next to a machine. no one witnessed w457d, but sam was barely conscious, bleeding from his mouth and ear. the investigative unit uncovered a policy that advised managers to call security instead of 911.
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they didn't call an ambulance for at least 20 minutes. sam later died of his injuries. >> it seems like a wall at every turn. >> attorneys represent larney. >> i think it's a question. >> they say sam was hurt at work and there is a need to prove the injuries were work related. but there is no evidence showing how sam ended up on the floor writing it's possible he decided to lie down. >> he sustained a fracture caused by a very high intensity head trauma, which could have only come from a significant fall. >> larnny appealed. but a year later, the government, again, found no evidence to prove sam's injuries arose from his work activity. >> we think that the judge is wrong in that. >> we obtained this report from the alameda county coroner's investigator, saying a fall, along with landing on concrete
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could have caused the injury. larnny and her attorney say sam's job often involved climbing machinery to clear paper jams. they speculate sam was on top on his letter sorting machine before he fell a distance of more than eight feet. >> is it true that earlier in the evening he was also found on his hands and knees from clearing oots jam? right, he was, and he may have suffered a fall earlier while doing that. >> did the postal service confirmed to you that as part of sam's job, he was supposed to climb to these heights and clear this machine? >> they confirmed that. that's part of his job is to do that. it's just that they say that we didn't see it happen. >> the workers' comp denial argues no one knows what happens to sam, but larnny's attorneys say the postal service is to blame for that. a manager would not allow him into the work area and became belligerent saying he didn't have to explain. it was postal police policy. custodians cleaned up the scene
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right away, even the postal service admitted in an internal report, quote, there are no pictures until the next morning. we had the -- which we believe was obstructed by the postal service, not allowing the coroner or the police into the scene, which is unheard of. >> allegations the agency interfered with the investigation are completely false according to the agency. they would not comment on the workers' comp denial. in the last ten years, the postal service received more worker's come cases and paid more claims than nearly any other federal agency. nearly $11 billion in the last decade. that's $8.6 billion more than the next agency. in the same time period, the office of workers' comp denied 13% of all federal employee compensation claims. larnny's attorney are baffled that sam's death is not among the majority of cases approved. >> in some ways, the judge is looking for a means to database the case, rather than
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considering the common sense facts of what happened. larnny won the fight to change the 911 policy after her husband died, not expecting this new battle over benefits. >> the fight isn't over until we find justice for his death. >> and larnny's attorneys say they will appeal again. the department of labor declined our request for an interview, but says its goal is to ensure people get the compensation they deserve to minimize any improper payments. it's tough on this family, though, going through this process losing their father and husband and now fighting with the government. >> it's a long process. >> thank you, vicki. let's turn things over to ur chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. all this rain over the weekend, and now there's more. >> it is a cold start as we head throughout tomorrow. with our recent rainfall, we want to alert drivers tomorrow morning that you may encounter some dense ground fog. you want to be on the lookout for that. it will go down as low as 33 for the north bay, 44 for the
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peninsula 40 degrees and down across the south bay 39. where will our coldest cities be it seems to me want hee lighted a few of those. santa rosa, 33. walnut creek, 34. and make sure to wear those layers tomorrow morning. trap some heat next to your body. it does keep you warmer. tomorrow morning, high pressure builds offshore. it's something we have not seen a lot of lately. that's basically going to give us sunny skies for tuesday, but the air is still going to be cold. how cold? let's take a look at that microclimate forecast. sunny sky necessary san jose, but just a high of 56 degrees. below-average temperatures there, morgan hill. you can see it is a duplicate copy for the peninsula and san francisco. expect these widespread 50s all around and that's just because this cold air aloft is so dominant that it's hard for microclimates to really zone out their own temperature. for napa, we'll top out at 55
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degrees for tomorrow. sunny skies across the east bay and oakland at 58. for the tri valley, we'll come in at 56. now, the next largest changes including our next storm system look to arrive once we hit saturday. it's another sweeping cold front. looks like this one, maybe a little low to move across to the bay area. the timeline could last from 8:00 in the morning on saturday through 4:00 in the afternoon. rain, wind and thunderstorms could all be part of this potential storm system by this weekend. so, again, here is how it plays out. dry weather through the days here as we head throughout friday's forecast. by friday evening, we may get a shower beginning to develop across the north bay. then again, rainfall expected on saturday with our storm system. the rainfall chance we have on sunday, that's going to come from another weathermaker. and this is where it could get extremely interesting for us. so let's go ahead and take a look. again, that storm system on saturday, we hit sunday through tuesday, this particular time
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window we're going to get this upper level system moving across the west and it actually may bring a decent amount of moisture, not only for sunday, but also for monday and tuesday. both of these systems, we could be looking at four-day rain totals anywhere from 1 1/2 to maybe 2.75 inches. that means the higher elevations over that four-day period from saturday through next tuesday could see 3 to 4 inches of rainfall. boy, that is true. thank you, jeff. up next, how certain prescription drugs impacts pregnant women and may cause autism in their children. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. tina faye is my guest. tenny hunt and kenny rogers. it's a great show. do not change the channel. new concerns - about what causes
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autism. =vo= a new study -- says children are more likely to be diagnosed with autism if their mothers took anti-depressants during there are new concerns about what causes autism. a new study says children are more likely to be diagnosed with autism if their mothers took antidepressants during their second and third trimester. the increase in risk is extremely small. there was one half of 1% increase in having an autistic children for women taking antidepressants. the 016 tour for adelle includes three stops here in the bay area. ♪ adelle will be performing at the s.a.p. center in san jose on july 30th and 31st and at the oracle arena in oakland on august 2nd. you saw her tonight here in nbc
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bay area. >> the whole news room was transfixed on the screen. >> and raj kept saying, i know that song. i know that song, too. [barks]
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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good evening. here in the comcast sports studioses, since 2010, solid pitching has been the giants' winning happened. they agreed to terms with johnny quedo to complete their starting rotation. the right hander did win a world series, but does have question marks concerning consistency. now the deal is for six years at $130 million. with cueto having an opt out after his second season with the g-men. the 29-year-old went 11-13 last season with his numbers taking a dip after his trade from cincinnati to kansas city. but what's also dominant in a game two world series win over the new york mets. now that the dust has settled after the warrior's first loss of the season on saturday night, you have to look back at 24-1 to start the year and just say, simply amazing. a perfect seven-game roady had never been accomplished in the history of the nba. and today steph curry reflected on coming up short in milwaukee.
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>> a huge fight. anytime you do that, obviously, it's a successful trip. but a little disappointed we dent get the job done at the end, but you can't be mad about that. >> all right. is raiders still basking in the glory of arguably the biggest upset of the season in denver. the defense kept the broncos out of the sen end zone all day long. consistently. the star of the defensive effort had 45 sacks keeping the playoff hopes alive. yeah. for us, we take the good and the bad and we move forward to the next opponent. so, obviously, you know, packers are coming in. and we'll turn our full attention to the packers as soon as we're done here. >> it was an exciting run. timely, if you're looking for that christmas gift for the giants fan that has it all, this is it. it is the mad bum nut cracker traded by our partners at the san francisco giants.
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if it's a must-have for you, simply pick it up by buying a giants ticket six-pack. on sale now through christmas e eve. he's smiling here and it doesn't small a lot. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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los angeles... stars of the latest "star wars" movie walked the red carpet tonight fo okay. stars of the latest star wars movie walked the red carpet tonight for the latest premier. the chinese theater in hollywood. some waiting 12 days in line. movie opens friday and is expected to break all sorts of records. and its was chilly out there. people were saying maybe -- >> i had tickets to that, but i had to stay and track our upcoming rain. i said no way, i'm staying here. >> there's a new star wars movie? >> yeah. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tina fey, dane dehaan, musical guest kenny ro


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