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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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does he have a story to tell. >> reporter: he certainly does. don lee said before the beam hit his car, he felt surprisingly calm. he believed at that moment that's when god took over. >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: don lee still can't believe he survived this. last friday as he was driving south on highway 280 in san jose, a huge beam flew off a truck ahead of him and headed straight for lee's car. he says that's when he felt a surprising sense of calm. >> i saw clearly everything coming through the window. that moment, maybe one millisecond. i saw entire picture of coming of it. like a missile hitting me. >> reporter: it missed him by a hair. only leaving a few scratches on his arm. >> i keep looking at the picture and i can hardly believe it right now.
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yeah. just one moment. life and death right there. >> reporter: don used to build and drive race cars and credits his experience with keeping calm behind the wheel. he says he never closed his eyes, even when the beam hit his bmw so hard it cut the engine. >> i think i have a second life. >> reporter: he's convinced last friday god was his co-pilot. he lives in san jose, has a wife and two children. he's home after this close call. he's going to cherish this christmas like never before. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> very nice. thank you, marianne. new at 6:00, the housing fight five years in the making. should wul nut creek allow new homes to replace an old jewish community center. the neighbors say no way. but supporters say the city needs more homes. nbc bay area's elise kir much ner is there. this is a heated battle.
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what's the next step. >> reporter: raj, a city council meeting is going on behind me in city hall. the city is deciding whether to allow 50 new homes in a residential area. in that area, many people are against this controversial development. you can see some of them here behind me being incredibly vocal. inside city hall tonight, i'm told it's standing room only. their message has been anything but subtle. from signs posted at the site of the former jcc on tice valley boulevard to opponents of the housing project speaking out. >> people who oppose it are the ones who live here. >> pulte homes, wants to put 53 new single family homes on the roughly five-acre plot that used to house the jcc. in order to do it, the city must agree to rezone it from open space to a multifamily low density area.
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they want to row tekt and enhance the distinct characteristics of each neighborhood. >> this sets a precedent. this says that we live here and we want to be involved in a process. and please don't put something that doesn't match your community. >> in a report just released, the city found concerns about increased traffic and flooding can be mitigated. public amenities, including the tice valley community gym and the neighborhood park will remain in place and maintained by the city. and none of the 54 trees that would be removed are considered highly protected species. >> reporter: back here live, since they reduced the original plan from 71 homes to proposing 53 homes be built here, but as you can hear behind me, these residents are incredibly vocal and they're hoping that the city hears their concerns and blocks this development. a decision should be made
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sometime this evening. live in walnut creek, elise kir much ner. a developing story out of los angeles. l.a. school officials announced school will be back in session tomorrow. 650,000 students are told to stay home today. the reason? a threat ee e-mail. an e-mail they say was now a hoax. there's a debate over the decision. >> no schools received the threat, but san francisco police did step up campus patrol. mark matthews is live in san francisco. this was a very different decision, what l.a. did than what new york did. >>. >> reporter: very different and highlights maybe what has happened in southern california to influence people's decisions. we're here in san francisco where parents send their kids to the school that you see behind me. largely supportive of l.a.'s decision, even though critics say it could embolden others to make similar threats.
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>> in los angeles, the reaction was massive. police were sent to search the 1200 campuses and 655,000 grade schoolers were told to stay home. >> somebody has sent information that leads us to pause and make sure that we are safe, that our children and our staff are safe. >> l.a. superintendent ramon is a former san francisco and san jose school superintendent. his picture hangs in the san francisco district office. today the district welcomed extra police patrols around their campuses. >> always we err on the side of caution. >> parents outside the campus here told us they've mostly agreed with the l.a. decision. >> i think that the person in charge made the appropriate decision. >> better safe than sorry, to be quite honest. >> but the decision to send hundreds of police to search
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more than 1,000 schools is going to cost millions of dollars and officials in new york called the e-mail outlandish. no schools are closed there. tonight we are hearing that criticism as well. >> i think it's uncalled for. to sacrifice all of the kids' education. >> to which l.a.'s police chief had this response. >> southern california has been through a lot in the recent weeks. should we risk putting our children through the same? >> reporter: tonight we're hearing a little bit of back and forth between what happened in l.a. and what the people think of it in new york city. interesting to note that the superintendent of schools in l.a. who was a superintendent here in san francisco and in san jose was also a superintendent of schools in new york city. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. that hoax could cost los angeles unified $29 million in lost revenue from the state in daily attendance money. no kids in the seats means no
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cash for the school. just a short time ago, state superintendent tom tore lick son announced that they can petition his office to recover that loss. he also said that he is confident the state will cover the staggering costs. a tragic story that spans several california counties. the bodies of two young children have been found in a storage locker up in redding. tammy hunts man, 39 years old and her 17-year-old boyfriend have been arrested and charged with felony child abuse, torture and mayhem. in addition, a severely abused 9-year-old girl was found at a home in redding and is undergoing surgery for numerous injuries. police say the couple lived at an apartment in salinas with several children up until a week ago. >> this is crazy that i didn't even have any idea that it was happening. >> you never saw any kids? >> i never saw any kids, nothing. that was the first time i've ever seen them.
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>> the two children who were killed and the 9-year-old girl were siblings. huntsman was caring for the children because their mother was killed in a traffic accident and the father gave up custody. that suspect, tammy huntsman, her brother is also in prison accused of intentionally starting a wildfire last year. wayne huntsman is charged with igniting the king fire that charred 120 square miles and destroyed 12 homes. they grew up in santa cruz. now to a deadly police shooting in gilmore. the family of a man shot and killed by police say he wasn't armed. happened at an apartment complex behind gilroy high school. police responded to a call about a man attacking a woman. family members tell us that man is this man. hector alvarez. he was arguing with the mother of his baby officers say it appeared he was looking for a weapon and then the officer fired. >> he was trying to get away
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from him and moved to another position to demonstrate that the officer is trying to not be forced into a situation. but in the end, he had no other choice. >> police say that no weapon was found at this time. but they're still looking into the issue. investigators say the officers were wearing body cameras, but aren't yet saying whether they were turned on during this particular shooting. honoring a fallen officer. the san jose city council voted to place two memorial signs on highway 87. the san jose police officer michael johnson. he was killed in march in the line of duty responding to a 911 call. he was a san jose native and veteran of more than a decade. the memorial signs will be put up next spring. not the flight you want to be on. look at this. southwest airlines jet skidded off the runway and right into a ditch. happened around 3:30 this afternoon as the plane was approaching the gate at national international in tennessee. the faa says all the passengers and crew members on board were
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able to evacuate safely. getting off that boeing 737. three people, though, were hurt. a brentwood teenager's hover board becomes the 12th in the country to catch fire. now it's part of a national safety investigation. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up. it was a controversial plan for facebook to fund a police substation. i'm scott budman, one year after the deal was announced. we've got the numbers to see if the original promises have been kept. and geechblg. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking more temperatures in the 30s for tomorrow morning. not just one storm system but a series of potential storms. we'll let you know exactly how much rainfall we could pick up in my micro climate forecast.
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give it a pop. generating unit shut down -- costa county. smoke and flames pouring out of a refinery. this is near martinez. a generating unit shut down before noon. health advisory was then issued for the surrounding areas for about two hours. from our nbc chopper, you can see the fire is out. the generating unit is back up and running. they're working with the county to investigate what went wrong. there were no reported injuries. one of the season's hottest gifts literally on fire. an east bay family is the latest
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to see their new hoverboard burst into flames. this is at least the 12th time one of these hoverboards has caught fire. jodi hernandez is in brentwood this evening. jodi, this is such a concern that the feds are getting involved. >> reporter: that's right, raj. within the last couple of hours, an investigator from the u.s. consumer product safety commission came to this brentwood house to retrieve that charred hoverboard. it's on its way to a laboratory in maryland where investigators are trying to figure out what's causing that hot holiday item to explode. >> i could have lost my life last night. we could have lost our brand new house. >> she's still shaking after a hoverboard exploded in her brentwood home last night. denny's 15-year-old sister had just charged her early christmas present. >> my sister had just finished charging hers. she unplugged it from the
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charger, turned it on, stepped on t when she stepped on it, it started sparking and popping. >> her sister tried to carry it outside but didn't quite make it. >> luckily, she let go right before it exploded. >> the board burst into flames. singing part of the wall before the girl's uncle put the fire out with a pot of water. >> if she hadn't got it off the carpet, our whole carpet would have been in flames. it would have been worse than it was. >> the u.s. product safety commission say this is the 12th hoverboard to catch fire. they say figuring out why it's happening is a top priority. >> this is a high priority investigation. our job is to give consumers answers and we're working to do that as soon as we can. >> denny says she's thankful her family wasn't hurt. she wants others thinking to give it as a christmas gift this holiday to think twice. >> living in this small town of brentwood, like you never expect
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oh, my hoverboard is going to be the one that explodes. but it's proving that it could happen to anyone. >> reporter: now, if you're planning to get a hoverboard, the consumer product safety commission says make sure you get one from a reputable, well-established company. not from a kiosk at the mall they say. also, check the battery. make sure it has a label indicating that the battery has been tested and certified by a national laboratory. one more thing. don't use it -- don't charge it until you are ready to use it. they say you don't want to fully charged hoverboard sitting in a box wrapped up underneath your christmas tree. reporting live in brentwood, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is a really good tip. thank you very much, jodi. san francisco's union square has a new plan to get the homeless off the streets. city leaders said businesses around the square hired an outreach worker to help connect those in need with city services. they've also created a hotline
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people can call if they see a homeless person in need. leaders say reaching out is the first step. >> how can we be more compassionate because in the long-term we believe that that will solve the problem. but also make our community stronger. >> businesses are putting up $100,000 to help deal with the city's homeless issue. it was a controversial plan when it started. tech giant facebook paying for local police substation and the salaries of those officers that work there. watchdogs promise to scrutinize the plan and a year later, they have some answers. it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. scott budman first told us about the deal a year ago. he joins us with a follow-up from menlo park. what did they find? >> reporter: good evening, jessica. facebook insist frd the beginning this was a plan to protect the community and not just the headquarters. as you said, critics were skeptical. it's a deal watched closely since the beginning and tonight we have a progress report. >> what number do you call?
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>> 911. >> good job. >> reporter: a big part of mary ferguson's job is being social, which is fitting since her salary, along with rent for the police substation where she works, is being paid by facebook. when facebook announced its plan to fund a local officer, a national first, officer ferguson was uncomfortable. >> i was a little uncertain of it. i didn't like to label it. >> at the time both menlo park and facebook promised the substation was not being funded simply to protect facebook. >> i don't do facebook at all. they've never called or asked any favors of me personally. i've probably been on the campus i can count on one hand. >> reporter: according to the watchdog group, the wonders and the promise add up. calla ware says menlo park officers handled 40,666 calls this year. 101 to the facebook campus.
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that's about .02% focused on the social network so on the phone -- >> what should we do? >> leave it. >> or on the beat, officer ferguson says her time is spent checking up on local kids. >> that's partially why you come on campus so often. to gain some perspective. >> not checking facebook. the three-year budget for the deal between facebook and the menlo park police department comes to about $800,000. the pd tonight, by the way, will receive a statewide award for cutting back on crime in the area partly, they say because of the deal with facebook. reporting live in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. let's bring in jeff ranieri, talking about holiday shopping weather in the next few days. >> you could call that some chilly weather ahead. get your friends, get your family and family a jacket.
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freeze warnings in place for the central valley. no freeze warnings. but still a very chilly night with the possibility of frost for the interior valleys of the northeast and also for the south bay. how cold will it get tomorrow morning? let's get a look under the skies. 36 degrees. but an average of 38. san francisco, no 30s but cold for your standards at 44. no doubt the chilliest weather in the north bay. a few isolated 20s. tomorrow, the jacket weather stays in place. sunny skies and 50s all around. look at this. doesn't matter where you're going. temperatures pretty much the same from the -- i do want to get to changes. we have been tracking them in the forecast. that does involve the potential of rainfall. high pressure offshore is keeping any kind of storm activity to the north. but once we hit saturday, a very strong and aggressive jet stream
6:21 pm
will set off across the pacific. it could bring in one, two, three systems from saturday through next wednesday. we're going to track more on how much rain this could mean for the bay area. an early estimate of that snow might mean another foot across the higher elevations. potential rainfall totals in 25 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, jeff. change of heart for the lgbt community when it comes to their facebook profile. >> the major engineering failure that hassan fran fran ferries outs of the water.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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crews continue to cleanup tons of debris that washed ashore after a dozen new video of san francisco's baker beach as crews continue to clean up tons of debris that washed ashore after a dozen shipping containers fell off a cargo ship. you can see the workers there making progress. coast guard is working with the city and the national park service to ensure the plastic tray that is are spilled all over are removed safely. the cargo freighter spilled a dozen shipping containers that sailed out of the bay in stormy weather friday. this is what it originally looked like as crews and volunteers collected that debris. it started washing on shore. at least ten of the containers are still unaccounted for. where they are is still a mystery. it is an expensive mistake. a new ferry set to go across the bay is moving in the wrong direction. the golden gate ferry decided to install powerful new water jets into one of the vessels called the mendocino.
6:25 pm
the idea was to get the boat to move faster. the testing trials didn't go well. the ferries went backward instead of forward. they're trying to quickly fix the problem because the ferries are getting more and more popular. >> as congestion continues to increase in the bay area, we're looking for everything we can do, to get them across the bay and off the road. >> it takes passengers from larkspur to san francisco. they've been using smaller boats while it's out of service. a group of colorful local activists are declaring victory in a fight to get facebook to relax its real name policy. san francisco's famed cross dressers, the sisters of perpetual indulgence lobbied for the change. facebook apologized to members last year for blocking their account. they argued that fake names are sometimes necessary to protect domestic abuse victims from abusers and transgendered
6:26 pm
community. >> many reported name violations were simply doing so as a bullying tactic. until we find -- a widow who won the fight to change 911 rules at the postal service now fighting for something else. i'm vicky nguyen. why the government is denying her benefits after her husband suffered a grave injury at work. a south bay man accused of attacking and killing cats in san jose faced a judge today. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, hear from the owners of some of those cats. come on in pop pop.
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right now. many pet owners -- disgusted and ==raj//ke i didn't know i could hate like i do him. i hate him. >> right now at 6:30. many pet owners disgusted and furious at this man who prosecutors are calling a cat killer. today, the case against him grew. the santa clara county district attorney's office accused him of killing at least four cats and likely torturing several more. michelle roberts was in that san jose courtroom today as new charges were added. this is a disturbing crime spree. >> reporter: it really is. prosecutors continue to learn more about this case which is why they added six new felony counts today. among those, four cats were killed. three are still missing and three were either injured or got away from the suspect, robert
6:30 pm
farmer. mean while, the cat owners were in there today. they said it was emotional seeing him in person. >> he was a fun little animal. >> june says it's been a lonely couple of months since her cat traveler went missing. a devastating week since she learned who may have killed him. >> he was special to me. he was my family. >> she assumed he was lost until investigators found his black and white collar in robert farmer's car along side a dead cat that she had never seen before. >> i didn't know i could really hate like i do hate him. i hate him. >> based on the first amendment felony complaint -- >> the 24-year-old faced a judge and his lawyer accepted new charges filed against him. he faces ten felony animal abuse charges and one misdemeanor for being under the influence of meth when he was arrested. >> needs to -- he needs help. >> outside the courthouse miriam pe trove a called for justice
6:31 pm
for her cat go go who was last seen in this surveillance video. trying to catch him in the front yard of a san jose home. >> we missed him so much. all because of what farmer did. >> while farmer waits for his next court appearance, the owners of go go, champagne, shab bliss and traveler hope -- sneemt you cry and you begin to think about what might have happened to that animal. you know, what this guy might have done to them. >> farmer's attorney did not make a comment today. farmer will be back in court next month. bail has been set at $175,000. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. thank you, michelle. killing of kate steinle back in the news. san francisco defense attorneys continue to insist that the shooting was an accident and they want murder charges against sanchez dismissed.
6:32 pm
previous expert testimony did conclude that the stolen gun that sanchez fired was aimed at the ground and that the bullet that killedsteinly bounced off the concrete pier. that was in july. >> i have never seen in 25 years of being at the hall of justice a murder case based on a ricochet. >> an attorney for lopez sanchez admits his client did fire the gun but says it was accidental. the judge continued today's hearing until next month. a deadly crash in the east bay triggered a flood and a fire. happened during a high-speed police chase that started in oakley and ended in antioch this morning. police say the driver slammed into a fire hydrant and a power pole. then the car burst into flames. the driver tried to get away, but officers did catch up with him. a short time later, police discovered a body in the passenger seat of that car. they're investigating.
6:33 pm
an east bay widow is fighting for death benefits after her husband died at work. we first told you about the postal worker's whose tragic death spurred a policy change. vicky nguyen is with us to tell us more. >> endured the sudden loss of her husband. now she's fighting the government after the office of workers' comp denied her request for benefits twice. we asked how often this happens and what's the burden of proof on the family when a loved one dies on the job. >> one day he was here and now he's gone. >> more than a year after losing her husband, widow, march any still grieves. pain made worse battling a bureaucracy for workers' compensation to support her family. >> we have to survive on our own. it's been a struggle every day. we miss him so much. >> the government denied her petition for death benefits twice. even though her husband sam was
6:34 pm
severely injured during his shift at the postal processing center in west oakland. in august 2014, co-workers found sam lying on the ground next to a letter sorting machine. no one witnessed what happened. but sam was barely conscious, bleeding from his mouth and ears. the investigative unit uncovered a national postal service policy that advised employees to call managers and security instead of 911. they didn't call an ambulance for at least 20 minutes. sam later died of his injuries. >> it seems like a wall at every turn. >> attorneys represent his widow. >> it's a slap in the face. >> they say sam was hurt at work and the postal service has the burden of proving that the injuries were not work-related. ? a denial letter, it says there's no evidence showing how sam ended up on the floor. it's possible he was not feeling well and decided to lie down. >> he sustained a fracture, also
6:35 pm
called a motorcyclist fracture. it's caused by a very high intensity head trauma which could have only come from a significant fall. >> his widow appealed. but a year later, the government again found no evidence to prove sam's injuries arose from his work activity. >> we think that the judge was wrong in that. >> we obtained this report from the alameda county coroner's investigator saying a fall along with landing on concrete could have caused the injuries. >> her attorney says sam's job could have -- they speculate he was on sop top of his letter sorting machine before i fell, a distance of more than 8 feet. >> is it true that he was also found on his hands and knees from clearing another jam. >> he was and he may have suffered a fall earlier while doing that. >> did the postal service confirm to you that, as part of his job, he was supposed to climb to the heights and clear
6:36 pm
things. >> part of his job is to do that. it's just that they say we didn't see it happen. >> the workers' comp denials argue no one knows for sure what happened to sam. the attorneys say the postal service is to blame for that. the coroner's investigator says a manager would not allow him into the work area and became belligerent saying he didn't have to explain, it was postal police policy. custodians cleaned up the scene right away. even the postal service admitted, "there are no pictures until the next morning". >> we believe it was obstructive by the postal service not allowing the coroner on to the scene or the police. >> they dpee cliend an interview request but allegations that the agency interfered with the investigation, they say are false sdpliemt we found in ten years, the postal service received more workers' comp cases and paid more claims than
6:37 pm
any federal agency. nearly $11 billion in the last decade. data shows in the same time period, the office of workers' comp denied 13% of all federal employee compensation claims. her attorneys are baffled that sam's death is not among the majority of cases approved. they're looking for a means to deny the case rather than considering the common sense of what happened. >> lonnie won the fight to change the 911 policy after her husband died. not expecting this new battle over benefits. >> the fight isn't over until we find justice for his death. >> the department of labor declined our request for an interview. but says its goal is to ensure people get the compensation they deserve to minimize improper payments. raj and jess, the attorney say they do plan to appeal once again. >> what a difficult situation to be in. >> very tough for the family.
6:38 pm
>> thank you, vicky. if you have a tip for vicky or anyone else, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit at coming up, no more tee times and no more wedding. why a popular east bay golf course is closing. patients getting sick because of their hospital stay. the major penalty for stanford.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
these are live pictures of that fire from our ch breaking news out of pitsburg. firefighters are battling an apartment fire. live pictures from the nbc chopper. several fire trucks surrounding that apartment complex. some of the firefighters are on the roof. the fire appears at this point to be under control.
6:41 pm
but it was a lot of concern initially because the fire swept through four units. the apartments are on pepper tree way, not far from the pitsburg adult education building. we'll continue to monitor the situation. you can see some of the smoke coming out from one of those buildings. coming out where the firefighter ladder is on top of that building. we're told it is now reaching to be under control. firefighters do believe they have a handle on this blaze. one of the most respected hospitals is being penalized for its mistakes. stanford hospital will lose valuable funding. stanford health care is being penalized for patients acquiring complication frs hospital stays. the complications include infections and hip fractures. according to the palo alto weekly, they will see if medicare reimbursements drop by 1% after medicare found their patients had too many conditions that stem from stanford hospital. the menlo park surgical hospital and kaiser redwood city were also penalized.
6:42 pm
okay. serious question here. honest answers. how long can you go without checking your phone? new information shows that americans collectively check their smartphones at least 8 billion times per day. the average person looks at their phone nearly 50 times each day. for most people, the first thing they do when they wake up, check your phone and send a text message. >> not to out him, but jeff ranieri was just on his phone. >> retweeting a tweet. >> on the phone. >> still counts. >> you were on your phone. >> i'm not in on the morning thing. the checking that. i try to stay away. it can be too much when you wake up. >> okay. >> i check the news. >> checking nbc bay area app is what you were doing. >> i run the nbc bay area app. >> you can see a live look outside in san jose. christmas in the park looks very festive tonight. we're tracking the forecast through the weekend and the possibility of rain in a few minutes. ot a fancy country club,
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
but it is a place for golf, weddings and life long memories. but now -- the weddings have been cancelled. no zooifrnlts not a fancy country club but it is a place for golf, weddings and lifelong memories. the weddings have been canceled, no more tee times and 80 people are out of a job. a slice of heaven is being shut down. >> armed with clubs and memories, they're making the most of their final days at the valley golf course. >> it's really sad. a lot of good memories, good golf. great people. >> today, no green fees for the members. just a final thank you. next months, the venerable 36-hole course will shut down. the fairways once filled will be left empty and the greens will brown. it's more than just golf. it's family. tim drink water learned to play here with his father 30 years ago. he's afraid to break the news.
6:46 pm
>> i have not texted him yet to let him know. he'll be very bummed i'm sure. >> today will be our last tuesday here. >> thomas fisher and his 11 golfing buddies met here 20 years ago. >> saw each other at the golf course, we talked. >> they've been teeing up and making friendly wagers -- >> we play a doll lore hole. >> ever since. >> there is the reality. it has issues. >> the number of golfers over the years have dropped significantly. >> director of golf, perry lee, says they couldn't keep up with the water bills during the record drought. >> 500% over the last couple of years. >> he says even heavy rains can't save it. >> el nino will make it worse for us in the winter. we would have to close a lot of days with the rain. it's almost a double-edged sword. >> for the players, golfing elsewhere is an option. just not the one they wanted to make. >> probably the one where we really had some battles. you can't take away those kind
6:47 pm
of memories. >> it's been around for a long time. what now is the big question? the san francisco p.u.c. owns this scenic piece of land. no word what it plans to do. we know this. the final rounds of golf are december 31st. all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. boy, jeff, it was cold today. i went shopping, i have a jacket, gloves. leg warmers. the whole thing. >> good for you. all right. you know, if you were thinking about maybe wearing that new heavy jacket again tomorrow, happen to get a new jacket, tomorrow will be another good day for that. we currently have temperatures continuing to drop off. clear skies, 50 in the south bay. east bay at 47. towards the north bay, already 49 degrees at 6:47. mainly clear skies, stay in effect through tomorrow morning. that's going to mean even colder temperatures. let's go ahead and get a look of how low we'll go. up into the north bay, an average of 32 degrees. you want to make sure to wear the layers as we also could have
6:48 pm
isolated 20s where winds drop below -- the less wind, the less friction in the atmosphere. temperatures can get colder. east bay at 35 for the morning on wednesday and 36 for the south bay. we've pinpointed some of the coldest locations. you can see into napa, that will be one of our chilliest at 30 degrees. morgan hill 30. one of the coldest expected to be gilroy at 28. once we get past the morning, we still have high pressure offshore. around the backside of this, it will filter in some cool air for tomorrow. that's going to keep the daytime highs very chilly but with high pressure we get more sunny skies. so jacket weather but you can leave the umbrella at home at least for now. let's take a look at that micro climate forecast as we head throughout wednesday. you'll see here the sunny skies we expect across san francisco. 54 in the marina. towards the financial district, pretty much the same temperatures. the peninsula, upper 50 az in palo alto. more sunshine from morgan hill
6:49 pm
to cupertino to san jose. anywhere from 56 to 58 degrees. north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, very similar temperatures. cold air aloft is so overriding that our micro climates don't have a chance to set up different temperature zones. so up in napa, we expect 57 degrees. oakland 59. for the tri-valley, pleasanton at 56. let's get to those fast-moving changes we do expect by friday evening. some showers to gina cross the north bay. that's from the storm system that will develop offshore. we'll take the best bet for rainfall, the next storm would be very early saturday morning. also the potential of some wind. here's where it gets highly interesting. all forecast models continue to show the potential of several different disturbances from sunday through tuesday bringing rainfall totals from saturday through next tuesday anywhere from 1.5 to 3 inches on average. so where would we have the highest potential of rainfall?
6:50 pm
again, this is early out. the way things are showing it 2340u, marin, sonoma and napa counties could have 2 to 4 inches of rainfall for total accumulation. we're good for 1 to 2 inches from san francisco down to san jose. i really hope this stays in the forecast. we should have some decent breaks in between some of this to mitigate some flooding. we'll continue to monitor that over the next couple of days. looks likes a busy christmas week ahead of us. thanks, jeff. we clek check in at raiders headquarte headquarters. the champs are back in town. maybe a new streak for the warriors. geraud moncure is next. some rare practice time for the
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
second day in a row.... geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. warriors taking advantage of rare practice time for the second day in a row before opening a homestand with phoenix tomorrow night at oracle. despite the 24-1 mark, they need improvement on both ends of the floor. scheduled for the rest of december allows for more rare practice time. giving the players a chance, in other words, the opportunity to regroup. >> they're a championship team. we expect themselves to play a certain level. we didn't play like that in milwaukee. i expect us to be sharp and be well-rested after the last two days. >> just to get better each and every day now. that's always been our goal. like i stated before, we got away from that because since we came about winning. keeping the streak alive.
6:54 pm
so you ni, just to get better each and every time. i think we had a really good practice. the key word is getting back to our execution on the defensive end, offensive end and being sharp. of course, you can catchall the action from the warriors and suns tomorrow night with pregame show at 6:30 with greg papa and gary st. jean. with the playoff hopes still alive thanks to the shocking comeback at mile high on sunday. the raiders turn their attention to a better offense on the green bay packers. aaron rodgers and company head to the coliseum averaging 25 points a game with the league's eight best rushing attacks. >> it's a great quarterback and you can never underestimate that. they got some quality receivers and that can get open and big running back. so you're going to have our hands full. we're ready to prepare for it. >> they're a solid group of defense. we have our work cut out for us. we're going to start doing that when i leave here.
6:55 pm
cracking open new film. they're a good defense. silver and black in the honda at afc wildcard race. they're chasing the jets and chiefs with pittsburgh, buffalo and houston in the mix. the raiders play two of the final three at home. then they get another shot at k.c. in the season finale at arrowhead. finally, the countdown continues towards delasalle, high school football rematch of the california open division state title. the fifth ranked spartans held off the so cal nemesis. the huskies ranked as the number one team in the country this time around. >> it's always exciting to make it to the state championship. we're facing a familiar foe. centennial, seen them our fifth time now. there's a reason why they keep making the championship. really explosive team. it will be a fun contest for sure. >> that game can be seen on csn california and csn plus on saturday night. right now on the ice, sharks
6:56 pm
leading montreal in the third. the story tonight at 11:00. raj, jess? i like the holidays. a lot of big games coming up. thanks, geraud. >> we get the gift of rain. >> yes, we do. i know. i've been combing over the forecast models in all the naj juror forecast models. they continue to show the possibility of rain tomorrow morning. it's not going to happen. it will be dry and cold. temperatures in the 30s as we head through tomorrow. it will be sunny and 50s from the south bay to the north bay. in case you missed it, we're looking at the possibility of that rain early saturday morning. then from sunday through tuesday possibly a few disturbances that could bring 1.5 to 3 inches of rain total from saturday to tuesday. i checked for any river flooding. it doesn't look like that would be a concern. we may have isolated urban flooding, ponding on roadways and things like that from the systems moving in. we'll track it as we get closer. >> communicating with santa as well. >> of course. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. bye bye. see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
hollywood shut down. the cops on high alert for the biggest movie premiere in history. total "star wars" mania. >> may the force be with you. >> now on "extra." ♪ >> an a-list invasion for "the force awakens." sophia and joe's first night out as mr. and mrs. harrison and calista's date night. and han solo and luke reunited. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> only for me. >> what new "it" girl daisy ridley revealed about the role of a lifetime. >> what a coming out party. breaking


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