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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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"today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast. it's a cold one out there, kari. >> yes, laura, the coldest morning we've had so far this week. freezing temperatures now in the north bay. we are cranking up the heater and trying to stay warm as we take a live look at all our microclimates. it's 33 degrees in the north bay. east bay, 43 degrees elsewhere in the 30s. we'll see the drop as we head through sunrise. with all the sunrise it warms it into the upper 50s with sunny skies and a lighter wind. i'll detail that and the next chance of rain for the weekend. let's see what's happening with an update on the commute with mike. >> big issue is the eastshore freeway. folks, if you're using the rest of the bay, you're doing just fine. we'll look over here. this is vertically heading toward the split. the roadway heads around the san rafael bridge. the connector is blocked.
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there's a crash involving a big rig, a pickup truck and debris. looking for a sweeper truck and a tow. in san pablo, folks look like they're getting back on at central. chp says they're not sure when they'll be able to reopen those lanes. the rest of your day is clear. >> thank you very much. >> 5:01. in milpitas the city decided to take water conservation one step further with a big rate hike. residents say it's not fair. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in milpitas with the decision. the city council raised those rates by 65%. >> you're right, laura, 65% increase in the water rate hike, water rates in the city of milpitas will be faced in. in january they'll jump by 30% and then in july another 35%,
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getting it to the 65%. looking at what this will cost the average customer rs their average bill could go up by around $28 a month. the city council explained the dix to a packed room last night, full of concerned residents saying the drought made water more expensive. for example, milpitas gets some water from the san francisco cup which raised rates by 20%. the council heard from one resident who isn't buying it. >> we are given more base numbers and left to speculate they are justified. many of us are unwilling to trust this slight of hand. >> reporter: another woman pointed out that a 65% increase in the monthly bills could be financially devastating to older people who are on fixed incomes. they also question what this could do to local businesses. live in milpitas, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." on a chilly night, trying to stay warm cost some folks their home. investigators say a space heeatr started the fire in an upstairs unit. nobody was hurt thanks to a quick thinking woman who grabbed her 18-month-old niece as soon as she heard the alarm go off. >> pushed me to go into the bedroom, behind the bed, behind, coming up. >> preliminary we're finding the space heater was plugged in using an extension cord because the original cord wasn't long enough. there were a lot of combustible materials like clothing and cardboard knoccar cardboard boxes nearby. >> the father of two lost everything in the flames including christmas gifts. the red cross is helping those tenants. three burglary suspects on
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the peninsula are in custody after an alert neighbor called police about suspicious activity. these are the suspects, all 18 years owed. police in red wool wood city says a neighbor saw three men get out of a car, jump a fence and enter a home. officers arrived to find the home ransacked. they set up a perimeter and found two men hiding nearby. officers also found a gun. officers found the third suspect in the car. all three are now facing burglary charges. at least two men, perhaps a third in the hospital this morning following a wild shootout at fairfield. it happened yesterday afternoon on santa barbara way east of north texas street. police arrived to find two men with gunshot wounds, one in critical condition. a third arrived to the hospital suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, also in critical condition. police say many rounds were fired and it started from some type of dispute between two
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groups. any san francisco officer who points a gun at someone ap use of force. it comes over the uproar over the deadly shooting of mario woods after nearly a half dozen officers two weeks ago. experts say many and more departments are making the change. the san francisco police officers union is upset about what it calls a change in working conditions. decision 2016. gop candidates shrugging it out one final time before the election year officially begins. >> in case you missed irt, drchl made a big promise last night. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is tracking the reaction this morning. there's definite fight from these candidates. >> it was very fiery at times. i had to send the children away
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from the television. the big take away is trump vowing to stick with the gop. he dominated six online polls. more on that later this morning. it was the first debate since the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. it was also the first debate since trump called for an all-out ban on muslims in the united states. surprisingly there was very little talk about donald trump's call to ban muslims from entering the u.s. trump did say at one point he would deport any new syrian refugees who have arrived here. the candidates steered clear of that proposal. florida senator marco rubio saying that it isn't going to happen. jeb bush saying it's not a serious proposal. the candidates spoke more in depth about how to defeat isis. ted cruz calling for a greater air war, ben carson calling for more boots on the ground and chris christie calling for a no-fly zone in syria. >> you would carpet bomb where
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isis is, not a city, but the location of the troops. >> we've got a phobia about boots on the ground. >> you fly in, it applies to you. yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots. >> the candidates also sparred on immigration. the republicans will next square off on january 14th. this is the last debate before the iowa caucuses in the election year. >> we'll remind you what we reported yesterday, that national polls put donald trump at the top, though ted cruz is narrowing. a lot of voters say that marco rubio is the only one that stands a chance against hillary clinton. >> it will be interesting to see how it all falls together or apart for that matter. >> all trying to take on trump. we'll see if any of the punches stuck. 5:07. you'll feel the punch of cold air when you walk outside. >> a hat this morning, maybe some gloves. >> it's been a while since we've really had to wear some more
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layers than we've had to wear for starting out the week. now, mostly clear this morning, freezing temperatures, and it will be another sunny and cool day with widespread 50s across the bay area. mainly clear as we head into the evening. sunset at 4:51. take a look at all our temperatures now dipping into the 30s. let's drop it on the east bay. in lafayette it is 29 degrees right now. walnut creek 30 degrees. there are some spots that are really cold. as we go into the rest of the day we make it into the mid 50s once again, mostly sunny skies. it shouldn't be as windy as it was yesterday. we can tell already by how low the temperatures have gone that the winds started to calm down. i'll detail what to expect over the weekend. let's see what's happening with the morning commute with mike. >> dealing with minutia even though we're talking about a big rig blocking a connector. i saw another set of lights arrive backing up to what i
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believe is the big rig. this is the connector from the eastshore freeway heading the the richmond-san rafael bridge. let's look at the map. we're talking about folks who are passing that off-ramp getting over to 580 and making a loop back around. others getting off on the city streets. you can take san pablo and jump back on. eastbound coming off that bridge, eastbound 80 we have another crash. there may be spectator slowing because of the flares and all the ak dift. watch that area. the rest of the bay area moving well, the san mateo bridge off to foster city, a smooth drive and the high-rise behind me as well. >> it is 5:09. keeping americans safe. the technology unveiled today that could save lives in the midst of a terror attack. >> how long have i been talking about interest rates? today is the day. we'll talk about it coming up in business and tech. =laura/2shot= in the wake of
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the terror attack in san bernardino.. the obama administration is expected to unveil changes to our country's terror alert happening today. in the wake of the terror attack in sbooern, the obama administration is expected to announce changes to our terror alert system. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live with more on,000 changes will better inform the
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public about threats to the u.s. >> reporter: great question. how is it going to affect you? it's probably going to give you more information when there is not a specific threat here in the united states. that's been the problem. remember we started with that color coded system that went from green to red, but it didn't tell us a whole lot about what wednesday happening. then they converted to a newer system, the national terror advisory system which told us whether this threat was elevated, intermediate, imminent, where it was happening, what they needed to do, but they never put it in place. it never actually got activated because it had to be based on a specific credible threat. what about when something like paris or san bernardino happens or even that attack in canada at the parliament building when they clammed down on security here? isn't there or shouldn't there be some way, the government argues, to tell people there's an elevated concern based on what's happening elsewhere? that's what they're trying to revamp. later this morning, in fact, in
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just a few hours, secretary of homeland security jai jorn son will announce the new system that we hope will take together the best of both, give you an idea of what's happening, what the threat level actually is and then what you can do about it. >> national security the most importantish yu at the debate. on the democratic side, front-runner hillary clinton is expanding on her plan to defeat isis. clinton appeared yesterday at a campaign stop at the university of minnesota and specifically addressed the threat of home grown radical terrorists. silicon valley companies may also play a critical part in clinton's strategy. last month she called on tech companies to lend a hand in dismantling isis. the fed expected to raises interest rates for the first time in ten years. >> you spoke with blue-chip ceos about the change and what it will do. >> the ceo of ford and i talked
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about this yesterday, he was here to kick off ford's new automate automated vehicles. he put the automated vehicle plate on the car. start looking for ford robot cars on the roads in silicon valley. mark fields says he doesn't expect a big change. he points out the fed would only raise rates if she and the committee thought the economy were getting better. a good economy is a good thing for american industry and good for ford. other ceos say the strong dollar actually hurts them far worse than the potential interest rate hike. the stronger the dollar, the more expensive and the cheaper the foreign competitors get. you know wall street is watching closely as is landon dowdy. let's talk to her at cnbc world
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headquarters. wall street is on fed watch today as the central bank will announce whether it's decided to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. they'll be focused on the pace of future rate hikes in the coming months. the markets ralliying ahead of the fed, dow rising to 17524, the nasdaq up 43 to 4,995. >> sam and laura, i wanted to update you on my mixer, you remember my mixer, right? >> did you buy one? >> no. this is one of amazon's big black friday deals. the kitchenaid mixer. it went on sail for $343. i taught you how to track it just in case it got cheaper. how does $249 sound? that's what amazon was selling it for over the weekend. two lessons here, track prices,
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right? and then two weeks after -- weeks really after the black friday, this mixer is selling for $100 less than the super black friday sale. i'm not going to say black friday is a giant marketing fakeout designed to get you to shop and make you think you are getting your lowest price. >> also telling us that you haven't received it yet and you really want one. >> i think he's pushing something at us. what can i e do to put you in a mixer today? >> you are going to buy me a mixer. >> he's using his obi-wan force to do it. >> on that note, the star wars movie opening tomorrow. >> theaters offering an intense star wars marathon tomorrow. movie goers will see the first six star wars movies and finally
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the force awakens is 3d. >> this is a brilliant idea. it starts at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. the cost for a ticket, 50 bucks for about 19 hours of straight star wars. if you don't have a ticket already, tough luck, because the oak ridge event is already sold out. >> i think it would be a great idea to do that, i planned on doing that months ago and it never came to fruition. >> trying to say setting aside 19 hours didn't work out. >> you have so much free time. >> i'm a working mom like a lot of you out there. if you're binge watching over the next few day, it will be the best weather we'll have in quite a while. it will be hard for me to stay inside. let's take a live look outside to see what's happening as you head out this morning in san jose, we have clear skies but chilly temperatures at least to start, feeling much nighter as we go into the day. take a look at the seven-day
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forecast at the bottom of the screen. you'll notice a lot of cool temperatures out there. only 36 in livermore, in concord and nap that, 33 degrees there. a calm wind throughout the day. we will only see a light breeze. yesterday it got so windy, it made it feel colder. not expecting that today. let's take it hour by hour to see what we're expecting in oakland. 39 degrees at 7:00. look how nicely it warms up. by 11:00 at 54, into the upper 50s today. once again, not as windy. into the futurecast, this is what the radar could look like. we'll start to see spotty showers moving into the north bay. that's only for the north bay tomorrow. then a bigger storm system starts to drop in late friday night. if you'll be out late for a dinner friday night, you may need the umbrella and the rest of the bay area we'll see that as we head to 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. we will have a bit of a break
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heading into saturday afternoon. but there will be several weather systems moving in that will keep it active from saturday through wednesday. a strong jet stream and brichks brings in a lot of moisture carrying several weather systems. look at the rainfall and what we can see between saturday and into next tuesday. of course, this is high travel time for christmas. we could have anywhere from an inch and a half to 2.5 inches in the areas shaded in purple. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> most of the bay area roadways look green like you see on the peninsula, east bay, tri-valley, not a problem. we'll zoom in to the bad news, the closure of the connector getting away from the bay bridge and heading towards the richmond-san rafael bridge. that connector still closed off the eastshore freeway east 80 to west 580. you see the slowing on san pablo avenue. everyone cutting over to central. that's your avenue around the closure. the live camera out there shows the lights backed up and the
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flares right there. activity, it looks like they may have had a big rig tow truck arrive. may be conquering dust and debris. it looks like the albany off-ramp is open. i see that city street getting past the scene as well. both these cameras, very light and easy as is the rest of the bay, guys. back to you. >> looking good. thank you. rowdy and unruly passengers disrupting flights. it's a growing problem and law enforcement isn't keeping up. we investigate disruption in the skies putting your safety at risk but with little consequence. now to an investigative unit
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exclusive: ==laura/2shot== trapped on a plane with a rowdy ss 5:24. now to an investigative unit exclusive. trapped on a plane with a rowdy passenger. it's a nightmare scenario becoming more common for travelers. >> what's being done with it? senior investigative reporter stephen stock is here with an answer that might surprise you. we combed through nasa's safety and reporting system, their database of complaints. there we found a huge spike in the number of unruly passenger complaints, especially in the last two or three years. those complaints cite everything from smoking in the restrooms to assaulting flight attendants, even charging the cockpit and, yes, sex on some airplanes.
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while complaints to nasa are on the rise, federal enforcement of the rules is on the decline, at least according to the data. airlines are not required to report these incidents to authorities which allow some rowdy passengers to actually walk free without any criminal charges. it's a loophole that passengers believe sends the wrong message. now, an international trade group for the airline industry is working on new standards that will give law enforcement more power to go after rowdy passengers. you can read more about all of this and see our entire story and hear from one group that says they get a thrill from actually breaking the law in the air all on our website, the full report there, i'm stephen stock, now back to you. >> that's where you can check it out. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 81-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to.
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the big price hike that's becoming a reality for one south bay city. plenty of fireworks in last night's gop debate. the showdown featuring ups and downs and conclusion this is morning. we're tracking reaction. we'll have more for you after the break. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we don't get that many chances to accessorize in the bay area because the weather is so beautiful. >> what are you talking about? >> you have your neck las. what other fashionable items can you break out today, kari. >> even a nice warm coat with the boots and the tights and everything. you'll need all of that today and it will be very cold to start as we're seeing more widespread freezing temperatures in bay area valleys. it's 40 degrees in the east bay, while 33 degrees in the north bay. we're back into the upper 50s again this afternoon with sunny skies and not as windy as defense yesterday or to start the week. i'll detail what to expect heading into the weekend as more rain moves in. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, we could all use the
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accessory called the sweeper truck. this is the eastshore freeway. roadway blocked eastbound 880, splitting over toward westbound 580. chp says a few more minutes because the tow truck is in the process of pulling the big rig trailer out of the way. let's look at your map. you see slowing there as well as central avenue getting toward the freeway itself. the rest of the bay moves well. a quick look at the dublin area. 580 not a big deal. moving just fine. new details now on a landmark decision in milpitas. late last night the city council approved 565% water rate hike. residents are very upset. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us in milpitas with the expensive decision. not talking nickels and dimes, $10, $15, $20. >> even more than that.
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expensive is right, when these water raet increases go into effect. the average customer can see their bill go up from $28 to $30. talking about a 65% rate increase phased in over the next several months. bills will go up 30% in january and up again by 35% in july. the city council chambers were full of upset residents last night. the city leaders actually passed this hike in a unanimous decision a few months prior. they could not give their final approval which they did last night until hearing from their constituents. some of whom are very worried about how to make ends meet with this significant increase in their monthly bill. >> so many residents are lower and fixed income and will be financially devastated. our water and trash bills are already high. the raise is certain to have a domino effect on our local businesses as well.
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>> milpitas blames the rate increase partly on the drought. for example, the city gets most of its water from san francisco. the puc has increased its price for water by more than 20%. milpitas has raised the rates for improvements in their infrastructu infrastructure. 5:32. san francisco supervisors saying no to a new jail. last night they unanimously turned down $80 million to help build it. while the supervisors agree the current jail is in bad shape, they say building a new one is not the answers. the supervisors looking for a facility to focus on mental health and substance abuse. santa clara has agreed to spend more money on its troubled jail system. the "mercury news" reported the county will spend $74 million beyond the original budget. that money will go toward
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improving the training of guards and also beefing up psychiatric care. the new plan comes in the wake of last summer's beating death of a mentally ill inmate. three guards are facing chl charges. the merck also reports santa clara county will end the longstanding policy of accepting inmates from other county jails. since the year 2000 the county has had an agreement of taking in inmates from other counties. they will focus solely on the inmates they already have. the county cites an increase of inmates with mental health needs and the limited space available to house them. republican candidates clashed in the final debate of the year. donald trump was the big talk for his ban on banning muslims entering the u.s. >> kris in the wake of the terror attack in san bernardino, national security taking center stage. >> almost all of it was about
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national security for the last debate of the year. one of the main headlines we want to highlight is trump is vowing to stick with the gop and not run as and independent. he also dominated six social media and six online polls. as you mentioned, this was the first debate since the terror attacks in paris and in san bernardino and the first since donald trump called for an all out ban on muslims in the united states. as you said, sam, surprisingly very little talk about donald trump's call to ban all muslims from entering the u.s., though at one point donald trump said he would deport any syrian refugees newly arrived here in the u.s. the candidates mostly steered clear. florida senator marco rubio saying it isn't going to happen. governor jeb bush saying it's not a serious proposals. the candidates did speak on how to defeat isis. ted cruz calling on carpet
5:35 am
bombing them into oblivion. ben carson calling for more boots on the ground. chris christie calling for a no-fly zone in syria. >> you would carpet bomb where isis is, not a city, but the location of the troops. >> we have a phobe i don't about boots on the ground. >> you fly in, it applies to you. yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots. >> the candidates also sparred on immigration. the republicans will next square off on january 14th. it is the last debate before the iowa caucus which happen two weeks after that. we will remind you that donald trump still leads the polls nationally, though ted cruz seems to be narrowing that gap. in one nbc news "wall street journal" poll, marco rubio seems to have the best chance at beating hillary clinton in a general election. sam and laura? >> thachb, so much, kris. taking a stand against gun violence in oakland. the city public safety committee
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passed three measures, two requiring securing weapons in homes and cars. the third bans high capacity clips. it is already illegal to buy them in california. but council member rebecca kaplan says the state needs tougher gun laws. >> now we need to shut down this other route where guns are ending up in the hands of criminals and ending up used to hurt people where they can easily be stolen. >> i don't think it's going to stop anything because the criminals aren't going to obey the law anyway. >> the city council votes next month. a popular fremont hiking spot has become too popular, if not for its own good, for the good of the people living nearby. the area we're talking about is mission peak and the mission peak regional preserve. the problem is the parking lot fills up quickly so visitors spill out into the surrounding neighborhood and parking on local streets.
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city council members have agreed to allow a petition drive that may lead to permits pour the street parking. east bay regional parks is already looking into expanding the mission peak lot to about 500 spaces. the driver that survived the massive heavy beam splashing through the windshield of his car, don lee is saying he is lucky he lived through the harrowing experience. last friday he was driving when the huge beam came slicing through the windshield of his bmw. it missed lee by just inches. >> i keep looking at the picture. it's hard to believe right now. just one moment. life and death right. >> a moment certainly he'll never forget. unbelievably, look at that. he only suffered a few minor
5:38 am
scratches and bruises. >> he can't believe it now. what are you thinking in the moment when that is coming crashing through your windshield? life and death. your life flashes before you. i'm sure it did for mr. lee. we can believe it's a frosty start if not a clear one, kari. >> widespread 30s all across the bay area. yes, you may have to scrape more frost off the windshield again and crank the heater up. look how cold it is in the north bay. widespread freezing temperatures from petaluma over towards santa rosa and napa as well as yauntville. as we go into the day, mid 50s, breezy wind. we will start to see winds calming down but still comfortable cool. we'll still need the light jacket all through out the afternoon. into the next few days, it will be more of this, but then some rain. i'll tell you what to expect as we go into the next few days, but for now let's check in with
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mike. >> kari, we'll start over here, folks. this is the toll plaza at the richmond-san rafael bridge heading toward san rafael. this traffic is very light and you see cars are making their way here. one reason there's an issue, if you're heading off the eastshore freeway, look at our other camera from emeryville. over the last three minutes, i've seen a number of vehicles clearing the area. there was a sign truck there, a sign truck still there. the other vehicles, the emergency vehicles have cleared. we're waiting for the sweeper truck to give the all clear and chp to reopen the lane for the connector. still 6:00 as far as the estimated time of opening. an issue for the few folks heading over there, taking san pablo avenue taking central. that's causing a jam on the surface streets. the rest of the bay moving smoothly, no problems, a mild build over here for the dublin interchange. federal officials worried
5:40 am
about a threat to wildlife and the environment. the contents of one washed ashore, the rest floating south toward mock beach. the marine reserve could be in danger from a large amount of sigh foam. work to recover the containers is under way. anyone who sees anything is asked to call the coast guard. pg&e will release natural gas at two locations in the peninsula. the idea? to relieve pressure on pipelines in the bay area. one location is in san carlos on old county road. the other is at redwood city at edgewood and enter 125e9 280. people may smell gas or hear the sounds of venting. it's 5:40. tragedy in the skies. a medical helicopter crashes in phoenix with three on board. the overnight developments. the fed expected to raise
5:41 am
interest rates. we'll take a look at it coming up in business and tech. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. two people are dead in the crash
5:42 am
5:43 am
of a medical helicopter outside phoenix. =vo= one person made it out alive, and was flown to a hospital for treatment. the chopper went down in a two people dead after a crash of a medical helicopter.
5:44 am
one person made it out alive and was flown to the hospital for treatment. the chopper went down about 55 miles of phoenix. a doctor, nurse and pilot were aboard. the company in charge of the helicopter say no patients were on board. a hayward teenager could be facing serious charges after allegedly making threats against his high school. a 15-year-old student from mt. eden high school taken into custody. police say he admitted to posting threats on social media, but there was no indication he actually had any weapons. the student is now in juvenile hall. >> in a few hours students will head back to school in southern california. yesterday more than a half million students an teachers were told to stay home. it stemmed from an investigation into a threatening e-mail that claimed explosives were left at the school. ultimately the threat was deemed a hoax. a similar threat was sent to new york city officials but they
5:45 am
decided to leave schools open. those who worked for months at grounds zero after the september 11th attacks finally getting lifetime medical care. you'll remember many of those at the site of the world trade center collapse came down with serious unexplained health problems that included everything from breathing the cancer. it took months of lobbying. now those rescue workers, firefighters, police and first responders, demolition crews, all of them set to receive medical care for the rest of their life under a provision in the federal spending plan that's right now making its way through congress. the house and senate are expected to vote on that deal tomorrow. >> in the health care deal, they guarantee part of the deal to avert a shutdown. house speaker paul ryan's office announced the $1.1 trillion deal. it renews dozens of expiring tax breaks, some for two years, others permanently. his party say didn't get
5:46 am
everything they wanted but includes many things republicans fought for. that includes lifting the ban on exporting crude oil. detainees at guantanamo bay in cuba will not be transferred to another facility. the fed is likely to do something it hasn't done in years, change the enter rest rate. >> a long time coming, scott. >> let's put it this way, laura. you didn't tweet about the last time the fed changed rates because the last time the fed moved rates, twitter didn't exist. the last time the fed raised rates, you might have mentioned it on myspace. fed chair janet yellen will hold a press conference. you'll hear 25 basis points, a quarter percent. all the same thing. it's a very small hike. it's the hike itself that matters. it's my dogging dog rule. it's not what the dog says, it's that the dog talks. do we need a rate hike or has it
5:47 am
been predicted for so long, it's kind of inevitable? >> i think some people kind of see it almost as kind of making an offering to the gods to prevent the volcano from erupting, the volcano being inflation, of course, which people have been, again, predicting wrongly for the last seven years. >> inflation just hasn't been a factor. wall street is expecting the rate hike, of course, we call it, baked in. i think the only way you'll see a startled reaction on wall street is if the fed doesn't raise rates. i do want to add "the new york times" reports this morning there's been an arrest in the v tech hacking case. the biggest hack of children in history. police in london have arrested a man. we don't know if it's the same man who claimed responsibility. we assume it is. but that hacker told a blogger he did it to call attention to v tech's security, not to publicize anybody's personal information. we've been talking about this.
5:48 am
now that toys are internet connected, you have to ask yourself, the mattels, hasbros, are they protecting your information in the way that kaiser permanente is. the presidential election now 11 months away, but the candidates are already flooding the airwaves. you've probably seen some of the ads. >> that man is frank underwood. >> america, i'm only getting started. >> only one catch in this commercial, not actually an ad for a real presidential candidate. it's for the hit netflix show "house of cards." the commercial ran last night during the republican debate letting fans know new episodes of season four will be released march 4. >> high adele and high frank underwood. talk about a cult following,
5:49 am
stars wars the force awakens the start of what will be a full emersion in the star wars saga tomorrow. >> at century 20 oak wood theater is among those offering an intense star wars marathon tomorrow. movie goers will see the first six star wars movies and finally "the force awakens" in 3d. >> how much time do you have? the marathon starts at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow and goes on for 19 hours. the cost for a ticket? 50 bucks for the full show, all six movies. if you don't have a ticket already, tough luck. the oak ridge event is now officially sold out. >> does that mean breakfast, lunch and dinner is popcorn? >> that is an interesting idea there. i could eat that all day. >> you go in and it's cold and then you go out and it's cold again. you've been in there all day
5:50 am
long, it's dark. >> in the theater or outside? >> both. it's always freezing inside those theaters. bundle up whether you're going to the movies or to work today. let's take a look outside at the bay bridge. we see things are getting rolling across the bay bridge. all those commuters heading across. clear skies and, yes, the coldest morning we've had in quite a while, maybe for the season, and freezing temperatures in the valleys. sunrise happens at 7:15. it will be sunny and cool later today. widespread 50s. pretty much like what we've seen throughout most of the week. mainly clear as we go into the evening. sunset will be at 4:51. so days are shorter and, of course, christmas -- heading into next week we will have the shortest day of the year. current temperatures now, it is now 38 degrees in san jose. oakland 40 degrees, and santa rosa at 33 degrees. as we go hour by hour to san jose, we go from the 30s to
5:51 am
about 39 degrees at 8:00 and then it starts to warm up nicely, into the mid 50s as we go into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies and not as windy as we go into the day. mostly sunny today, but heading into tomorrow, there will be a few spot showers for the north bay, a weak disturbance passing off to the east and a stronger storm system dropping in late friday night. so heading out to a late dinner on friday, you will need the umbrella in the north bay. and this moves into the rest of the bay area between friday night and early saturday. there may be a break between the next storm system and that looks to stay active going into next week. several disturbances lining up in the pacific and the jet stream that will be directing those storms into the bay area, keeping it wet from saturday into about wednesday of next week. we'll take a look at some of the expected rainfall totals coming up. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> i like that map. as far as my daughter is concerned, it's the rainbow storm coming in.
5:52 am
looking over here, we have the commute flooding the roadways. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. a pretty standard pattern, turned on at 5:29. it's december commute, so overall, a lighter flow of traffic at the berkeley curve. after you pass through berkeley, eastbound 80 getting towards the richmond-san rafael bridge, we have a closure. we have almost ten chp vehicles on scene and a sweeper truck going back and forth. 6:00 chp says they'll reopen the connector. you take surface streets or central avenue to get over there. we'll end with the maps to show you the peds other than that one intersection look good. a kid safe this morning after being nearly gobbled up at a northern california garbage processing place. >> it happened north of lodi. a worker sorting out
5:53 am
resierkables spotted him on a conveyor belt. the worker immediately adopted him, named murphy, acronym for the machine that stores all that garbage. >> the luck of the irish there, murphy. up next, moments of chaos. passengers describe the terror running through their minds as their plane rolls right off the runway.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
turns out the flight was just getting started for passengers on one southwest plane that safely landed last gh turns out the flight was just getting started for passengers on one southwest plane that safely landed last night in nashville. as the plane taxied to the gate, the front end suddenly rolled into a ditch. video shows the plane last night still tilted downward. >> everyone was scared. everyone -- it's so small of a space, trying to get out and get into the main aisle and get out into the slide -- >> eight passengers treated for minor injuries. investigators are not saying what led to that mishap. but some passengers say they
5:57 am
heard a boom sound, like a tire might have blown. now to an vittive unit exclusive. trapped on a plane with rowdy passenger. >> the complaints cite everything from smoking in the restrooms to assaulting flight attendants and, yes, even sex on airplanes. while complaints are on the rise, federal enforcement of the rules is on decline. airlines are not required to report these incidents to authorities which allow some rowdy passengers to actually walk free without any criminal charges. it's a loophole that passengers
5:58 am
believes sends the wrong message. an international trade group for the airline industry is working on new standards that will give law enforcement more power to go after rowdy passengers. you can read more about all of this and see our entire story and hear from one group that says they get a thrill from actually breaking the law in the air all on our website, the full report there, i'm stephen stock. now back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to right now at 6:00, drastic times call for drastic measures. the reason some people in the south bay will see their water bills jump by 65%. >> he's a chaos candidate and he'd be a chaos president. >> because he's failed in his campaign, it's been a total disaster. nobody cares -- >> blows on the debate stage as candidates vie to remain
5:59 am
relevant. the main headline once again for controversial front-runner, donald trump. >> flames rip through an east bay apartment complex. why this fire is a teachable moment ahead of a cold winter. "today in the bay" starts right now. you made it to wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it has been consistently cold this week. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. kari hall joins us with your forecast. >> temperatures continue to drop toward record lows. very cold, more widespread freezes we've had, especially this season. it's 31 degrees in the north bay and 40 in san francisco and highs today will be in the mid to upper 50s, very much like what we've seen this week but not as windy with a lot of sunshine. i'll show you what to expect this weekend as several rain sisters start to enter into the bay area. i'll detail that in a few minutes.
6:00 am
let's see what's happening with the morning commute. >> a lighter volume consistent with this month. there's the eastshore freeway. that moves well. eastbound getting away. countercommute getting toward the richmond-san rafael bridge heading across 580. they're cleaning up an earlier spill. there was concrete and a disabled big rig in the area. that's been cleared but the sweeper truck looks like it's doing a final pass through the area. mine while, we look at our maps and see no major slowing at the scene. san pablo over to central. we'll take you past the backup. a mild build for the tri-valley. traditional patterns as well as san jose, northbound 101 hit ag burst of traffic there. an earlier crash is cleared 101 at whipple. through palo alto, no problems, no delays. this is northbound past the shopping center where a lot of folks get their coffee


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