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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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keep the rain gear handy. the storm you're seeing tonight is t f right now at 11:00, keep the rain dpeer handy. the storm you're seeing is the first in a series expected to slam the bay area. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm jessica aguirre. you better watch out for slick conditions out there. the rain is falling steadily across the bay area tonight. jeff ranieri told you about this
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all week long. it is pouring in some areas, what is next? >> we have three more storm systems coming our way. it is starting to dry out in the north bay but the cold front is now continuing throughout the central bay. that is where the rainfall has been going for a couple of hours. we're seeing some of the heaviest rainfall develop from redwood city to san matteo. enough of the roadways are getting wet. it has been spotty in nature at times but there is more rainfall on the way over the next couple hours. and we have had decent downpours here and an hour more of the showers to come. in san jose, this is the big news we finally got in on rainfall over the past hour and a half. reduced visibility throughout downtown. 54 degrees. you can see it's more moderate from mountain view and san jose
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and the great news for the south bay, this moisture cap is decent. we have three more hours left of consistent rainfall coming our way. and my micro climate forecast three more systems in seven days. the snow did not let up once in the sierras. this is i-80 in nyack. the drivers going really slow and really carefully. >> got to take it easy. i would like to drive faster and get through it sooner but that's not the way. >> the snow was good news for businesses. several ski resorts say this is the best start to the season since 2010. you can track the storm with the nbc bay area app. click on weather and find the latest forecast. this south bay gun store is
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locked up tight an may not reopen again. the owner, a police officer who shut the door and cut off communication with customers without warning. and the question right now is where are their guns? it's a story you'll only see on nbc. robert honda tells us why the gun buyers are angry and worried. >> reporter: it was not that long ago that the gun trader was active and doing a brisk business. now all you see is a shell of a store leaving many angry customers behind who say the police officer who owns the shop is in hiding and they are worried where their guns will end up. a note on the door indicates that the owner of the shop closed the shop touch rarl due to unexplained technical difficulties. no one has been here for at least a couple of days. customers say that is a shock.
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the web page shows a thriving business with pictures of all sorts of firearms from hunting rifles to more sophisticated weapons. and because he is a mountain view police officer they didn't expect him to disappear. >> call the number, no response. call number on the store, no response. look on the website. it says they are open. >> reporter: ron knows that other customers also paid and registered guns through san jose gun trader. they made sure they followed all the probably steps. >> my handgun is a semiautomatic hgt. legal in the state of california. registered and all that. >> he did a check on the licenses as well as operating permits and all a are still valid. the mountain view police department says that he is an officer and the ownership of the gun store was approved by the
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chief. sources tell nbc bay area he may have cleaned out and shut down the business due to problems in his home life. what has this man concerned is where the guns might end up. >> they are registered in my and my son's name. where are they? i want to know where they're at. >> reporter: he was also worried he might be held responsible for anything that might happen involving his gun. but that probably wouldn't happen under these circumstances. it's hard to know what's happening behind the scenes with so many state and federal agencies monitoring weapons but he says the customers will probably end up in civil court depending on if or when he reappears. robert honda, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, oakland mr. its are looking for a man who kidnapped, robbed and tried to
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rape a woman last night. police say the suspect may have had a weapon. the victim was able to scare him off by kicking and screaming. these photos of the suspect taken by surveillance cameras. oakland police would love to hear from you if you recognize the man in that picture. a crash in south san francisco. breaking news at 5:00. the driver of a truck was going more than 100 miles an hour, lost control at the grand avenue exit of 101 north and slammed through a fence. the truck burst into blames next to a parked train. the driver died right there. no one else was injured but the tripes were delayed a short time. in this crash, the driver took a wrong turn and slammed into a garage at 4:00. the car had a funeral tag on it and the 88-year-old driver was
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okay. barack obama and the first lady are comforting grieving families in san bernardino tonight visiting with the loved ones of terror attack victims. the shooters had other plans to attack as well. jean elle has more on what the court documents reveal and the president's visit as well. >> the court documents reveal chilling plans to attack a college and freeway during rush hour. while the investigation continues, family members get a special visit. president barack obama and the first lady in san bernardino tonight. meeting with the families of victims of the december 4th terror attacks. the visits were private. jerry brown declared a state of emergency in san bernardino county today to clear the way for state resources to help the community recover from the violence.
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investigators are learning farook and long-time friend enrique marquez planned but never executed other attacks. mar chez is facing charges for supplying weapons to the couple. the complaint details horrific plans. marquez says they planned to attack the riverside college library and calf tear in 2011, dropping pipe bombs and shooting students as they ran for safety. the complaint claims they plotted attacks on the riverside freeway during rush hour. as they continue to develop a profile, members of the arab and muslim community are calling for peace. >> when muslims are under attack what do we do? >> the community gathered in san francisco today. >> we were here standing up for what it means to be americans when ore rights are being called
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into question. >> reporter: speaking against a growing number of verbal and physical attacks on the community. video of her rant against bay area muslims went viral and we learned this woman is not only in trouble with the law but also with her employer. the california corrections department says that denise slater has been placed on leave. earlier this month she shouted at men praying at this park and threw coffee at one of them. she will be on leave until an internal investigation is complete. larry escobel is getting ready for retirement. he spent the last three years as
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san jose's top cop. he is proud of keeping the department afloat. here is his advice for the person who will take his spot. >> not only stay the course but make things better in terms of enhancing what we have. there will be other programs as well as our men and women that will come forth that will be great programs for this organization in terms of partnerships with the community. >> the last day is january 16th. after that he heads to tracy to lead that police department. eddie garcia will take over on an interim basis. up next, holiday shopping interrupted. the scare tonight that emptied an entire shopping mall in just minutes. are you observing the rules of the road? why officers are out in force in
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the bay area. ing the battle that brought hundreds of people to san francisco tonight. chaos at a santa ana shopping
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mall tonight. dozens of shoppers, run for safety, after someone chaos at a santa ana shopping mall tonight. dozens of shoppers running for safety after someone thought they heard gunfire. the sound came from a group of teens throwing garbage cans. no one was hurt but it was scary. these types of incidents have police on guard this holiday season. cheryl hurd is live in livermore with what police are doing to keep shoppers safe for a big shopping day tomorrow and nerves are rattled at this point. >> reporter: they are beefing up security in livermore and livermore is the new international shopping
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destination. while security is on the mind of many police are concerned about keeping shoppers safe this weekend. holiday bell ringing at the san francisco premium outlets means it's time to shop and time to be careful. >> we have trained citizen volunteers that drive in marked police volunteer vehicles and we put them in various shopping centers looking for suspicious activity. >> that's what police are concerned about in these times. >> always pay attention to who is surrounding you. >> reporter: police say people should be on high alert. >> make it hard on the criminals. use a club if it's necessary. don't leave anything in plain sight. >> in general in this area i feel pretty safe but it's good to keep an eye out. >> between now and christmas it will be packed every day. >> reporter: that's good for the
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olive oil pantry business. he says police are doing a great job with security. but people like mike crockett is worried that big city problems will follow him to his new small city. >> we are going earlier and in groups and if the stores don't have what we want, we're not going to go. >> reporter: people are changing their habits. police just want people to be careful. reporting live in livermore, i'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. celebrations are in full swing tonight and so are chp patrols. the message, drink, drive, go to jail. this is the 101 in san jose. several law enforcement agencies cracking down on drunk or impaired drivers. 13 agencies will be out with extra patrols and at least two
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dui check points. >> to add the dui multiplies the possible fatalities. >> it will last through january 3rd. protesters calling for charges against officers that shot and killed a man and they took that fight to the steps of city hall. the group says that officers were not justified in killing 26-year-old mario woods earlier this month. the chief says that woods was armed with a knife and moved toward an officer forcing his policeman to fire. the family says that the video shows a different story. the da promised a transparent investigation. parents and students marched protesting the cancellation of a kindergarten field trip to see santa. the trip has been a tradition in
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san jose. but the principal cancel the trip after the parent of a jewish student says that more faiths should be included. many parents are outraged. they pulled the kids out of school and kept the tradition going. >> there are two aspects to christmas. >> santa is one symbol. you ask the children who is santa claus, they are not going to say he comes in thanksgiving. >> she wants to be identified as talia for fear of harassment. blankets, food and protective gear was handed out in st. james park. the mercy mobile rushed the supplies out before the cold and wet weather moved in.
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>> the immune system is compromised. being on the street teeters on the brink of life and death. getting people what they need can save their lives. >> they plan to bring more supplies to the homeless lawsuit the weekend. there are nearly 4,000 homeless people in santa clara county. let's check in and see how much more we'll get in the way of rain. >> the good news is we have three more storms on the way but they're not back to back. the entire weekend will not be wet. we will have time for you to get what you need to get done before christmas. there is a delineation between the heavy rain and where it is clearing out. behind it colder and dryer air. right now we are getting in on the rainfall across the south bay. we are tracking heavier rainfall from oakland down to hayward.
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it will last for about the next 45 to 50 minutes and scattered showers after that. as we move to the south it's finally here in san jose after about ten hours of waiting it started up in the north bay and producing .13 inch an hour. and the great news for the south bay there is a moisture cap behind this moving in from the south/southeast. we have three hours to go of consistent showers town to gilroy. tomorrow morning it's not super rainy. temperatures in the 40s. you need the jacket. if you don't want to get the hair wet you need the umbrella for a little bit too. in the futurecast you can see once again there is the cold front. 11:30 tonight, heavy rainfall down here toward san jose. but can have in the morning, scattered rain and upper level
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energy by about 10:00 in the morning tomorrow for isolated rainfall. that's about it. after that, we'll have a dry day on saturday. sunday looks mainly dry at least until 4:00. that's when the next storm system arrives. we could get .25 to 3/10 an inch out of this. how much rainfall from both of these systems? it's decent here considering what we haven't had over the past four years. in san jose, .33. and right up to the north bay, .5 as well for napa. let's look at the micro climate forecast for saturday and jacket weather still remains. 56 up in san jose and sun in morgan hill. peninsula pretty much the same forecast and that goes for san francisco as well. the cold air aloft is so strong that our micro climates don't have a chance to set up. that will leave us with 57 and
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upper 50s in the east bay. for the tri-valley, pleasanton, 55. we're talking about not only the storm now but systems coming our way. we have a chance of rain as we head throughout sunday. tuesday, scattered rain. and the next widespread rainfall is on christmas eve. we will get more sierra snow each and every time. check this out. potentially seven day snow total estimates up to 25 inches. great to see that. >> all right. thanks very much. you're going that way. >> hopefully. >> maybe not now. >> good commute coming your way. >> how being too thin could put some people in jail. here's jimmy. >> channing tatum is here. thank you notes and our final christmas sweater give away. do not change the channel. it's good. ♪
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f-d-a is taking an unprecedented stance against tanning beds. it wants to ban anyone under a move that could save lives. the fda is taking a stance against tanning beds. it wants to ban anyone under the age of 18 in the country from using them. it is already the law in california and 12 other states. and wants people to sign a consent form. the public has 90 days to comment on the rules. after that the fda could make it official. too thin for the runway. france has adopted a new law banning excessively thin models. the law requires that all models have a body mass index of at least 18. that is the minimum to be
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certified healthy. they have to prove it after they get hired. and the penalties are hefty, fines of up to $79,000 could be imposed and violators could face six months in jail. [ dog barks ]
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bucks beat the warriors last saturday in milwaukee the team responsible for the one in the warriors 25-1 record was the opponent at oracle rein tonight. the bucks beat the warriors in milwaukee. it was the last game of the two-week long road trip. on the home court the warriors had pay back in mind. and andrew bogut played just over five minutes. he left the game with a back sprain and would not return. milwaukee took control in the first half and led 70-58 at half. five bucks players scored in double digits. the warriors back to form in the third. draymond green one of three players with more than 20 points. fourth quarter even better.
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andre iguodala nails it from the corner and the warriors win 121-112. >> we were public about the fact that we wanted to get revenge but we didn't come out and play with that, you know, that edge and that mentality. you know, if you're going to say that about another team, you should expect that other team is going to come out and try -- they're not going to fold because you say it. >> try to bully the way to the paint and make the plays and work their way out. if you don't put up a fight, it's not going to have success against them. ryan vogelsong is now a former giant. the pitcher signed a one-year deal with the pittsburg pirates. he played the last five seasons at at&t park and spent five seasons with the pirates before.
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pennsylvania is his home state. sharks third game of their five-game road trip against ottawa. the sharks are up 1-0. third period, game tied at 1. ottawa wins the draw. making the save for san jose. five minutes later, the dagger from the point. the sharks lose for the first time on the road trip 4-2 the final. the vision one aa championship. second quarter, up 6-0. brock johnson rolls right, puts it up for austin osbourne. that is 45 yards for the score. mission viejo wins 24-0. and henderson alvarez signed a deal with the a's today. he had surgery on his throwing
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shoulder last year. they are not sure in 2016 when he will be ready.
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these children are patients at "lucile packard children's a special showing of the
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"star wars" movie for a special audience. and tonight they left the hospital to take in a private screening of the movie. the storm troopers joined the kids and families for that showing. tonight the force was in san francisco's financial district at the embarcadero center. it happened before the rain moved in. 17,000 people showed up to battle it out with the lightsabers. who won? who cares. they all won. >> "star wars" mania. >> looks like a rave. >> thanks for joining us. we hope to you see you this week, bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- channing tatum, john boyega,


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