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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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front of a b.a.r.t. station. tonight an officer and the suspect are both in the hospital. we're just now learning new details about how it unfolded. nbc bay area chuck coppola is live. why were police looking for this man in the first place? >> they were tipped off during a routine patrol at the b.a.r.t. station here in hayward. they were patrolling the area at about 11:15 this morning when they saw a man walking away from a truck's smashed window. that got their initial concerns up quickly. it soon escalated into a close-up gunfight with a man said to be on probation for drug dealing, burglary and weapon possession. >> you just stop right now. >> reporter: a 15-year-old bystander shot this cell phone video of b.a.r.t. police holding a shooting suspect on the ground. b.a.r.t. police say officer were investigating what they described as a suspicious person on the sidewalk near the b.a.r.t. station parking structure in hayward near grant
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and claire streets. >> looks like they just stopped him because there's some shopping carts from the homeless and probably just pulling him aside to see what he was doing there. >> reporter: suddenly, there were gun shots. how many shots? >> about six. >> reporter: did you see at the scene? >> yes. >> reporter: what did it look like? >> talking to him, then he tried to run away. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police say the suspect opened fire with a handgun. >> they decided to take lethal action against my officer. we'll be charging that gentleman charles goetting with attempted murder on both of our officers. >> reporter: they both fired back. >> i think it was three times. all i seen was here and his shoulder and i think i saw one here. >> reporter: and he was still trying to get up? >> he was just trying to get up. >> we have video. i've watched the video multiple times. and it's unfortunate, but it happened, and i'm confident in what my officers -- how they
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performed. >> reporter: the suspect's been described or rather identified by b.a.r.t. police as 27-year-old charles goetting who has lived in san ramon, antioch and concord. he's in stable condition, we're told, after surgery at eaten medical center in castro valley, the same hospital where the officer who was wounded was treated and released a short time ago. reporting live in hayward, chuck coppola. it is about to get a lot colder here across the bay. tonight we're under a freeze warning. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> 43 in stanford, san jose not too bad right now. about 49 degrees with mostly clear skies, christmas in the park. lots of folks outside. not too cold just yet. we take you up towards the tri-valley, you notice we have numbers in the low 40s around walnut creek and danville, 44 right now in livermore and our next stop take us to the north
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bay where we'll likely see some of the coldest temperatures. tiburon, clearing skies, which is now setting the stage for this freeze warning initially getting under way. interior locations and valleys dipping into the 20s and low 30s for tomorrow morning. you see the numbers there, try valley, and north bay valleys looking cold. tracking another weather system that will bring a chance of rain by the end of the weekend and maybe some low snow levels, too. a look at this in the forecast in a few minutes. it is a white christmas in many parts of northern california. many parts of the sierra nevada has two feet of fresh snow thanks to overnight storms. donner lake where snowfall has eased up somewhat. all the snow yesterday created whiteout conditions on i-80 briefly closing all the lanes. the storm dumped more than 20 inches of snow on part of the northern sierra making dreams of a white christmas a reality.
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>> this is the first time i've seen snow in california kind of like it's really amazing. it's really beautiful. >> reporter: this latest storm is also helping skiers at tahoe resorts which have been getting steady snowfall for about a week now. well, it's the talk of the town, this tornado that briefly touched down east of sacramento and did some damage. no one was hurt, though. our sister station in sacramento has a closer look. >> reporter: that tornado literally ripped the roof right off this business here in eldorado hills. people we talked to today say they still can't believe that happened. >> i never saw anything like this. >> reporter: glen na smith has lived here for more than 30 years. she said she could not believe it when her 10-year-old granddaughter told her there was a tornado. >> she was very scared. she was really scared. >> reporter: take a look at what's left of this roof that was part of this shop. some parts of that roof flew on
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others' homes and caused damage to nearby cars. viewers sent in cell phone video to show what they witnessed. a thunderstorm that moved east about 20 miles per hour. >> when i saw the twister, there was debris like roof shingles 200, 300 feet in the air spinning around. when i saw it up in the air, i couldn't believe how big of debris was actually up in the air that high up. >> reporter: eldorado hills resident rick bruno heard the loud sounds of his fence falling. >> i came outside to see the fence blown down, and this is something that i would never have thought would happen. >> reporter: that was melinda mazo reporting. elsewhere a christmas day tragedy claimed the lives of two people and seriously injured an uber driver in pacifica. the toyota was going the wrong way on highway 1 near paloma avenue this morning when i hit another car. the driver of the other car worked for uber. the toyota driver and the passenger in the nissan died. the uber driver is hospitalized in serious condition tonight.
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the chp has not said if drugs or alcohol were involved. uber, meanwhile, issued this statement. quote, we are deeply saddened by the terrible tragedy this christmas day. our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and with the injured driver and his loved ones. new tonight at 6 clock, have you seen this man. police say the santa-hat-wearing thief robbed a home last night and took the keys to the family's business. then the thief left the house and made his way to the business in san francisco. you're looking at surveillance video captured from the store. if you know who the man is, you are asked to call the hillsboro police department. not a white christmas, but a wet christmas. not what one san francisco neighborhood wanted to see on this day after a century old cast iron pipe burst. the pipe broke just after 11:00 this morning at the intersection of green and steiner street. several properties have flooded
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garages. crews are working on restoring water while repairing the pipe. >> there was a big crack in the street and water sort of coming out of it and into some of the homes. >> people sweep the water away from the doorsteps and people were gathered in the street trying to figure out what was going on. >> that's okay. minor inconvenience. i feel bad that they have to come out and work today. >> we're told water should be restored soon. cleanup will take much longer. all right. a holiday treat for warrior fans tonight. a matchup between the dubs and the cleveland cavaliers. fans who skipped christmas dinner to come catch the game were not disappointed. the team remains undefeated at home. we're joined live from oracle arena. pete, a good christmas gift delivered by the team. >> scott, it was a great game as the warriors took care of business on christmas day beating those cavaliers. draymond green leading the way
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with 22 points and 7 assists. the biggest assist for this warriors team may have come off the court. they're the bay area gift that keeps on giving. >> let's go warriors! >> reporter: it's why fans wearing their favorite holiday sweaters and even celebrities like drake decided to spend their christmas holiday watching the golden state warriors take on lebron and the cavs. >> i couldn't take him. so as close as we'll get to the finals from last year. >> reporter: and for a group of 32 kids from san francisco sitting in front row, the game meant a lot more. >> i don't even know. this is the best thing ever. >> reporter: all of the kids you see here were previously homeless. they're no longer homeless, thanks to episcopal community services out of san francisco which provides housing to thousands of families every year. for all of them, it's their first time watching a warriors game in person. >> they knew it was coming but didn't really know what to expect because most of them
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haven't had this experience before. >> reporter: not only did they get a chance to watch their favorite players, but they also received gifts from them before the game. >> awesome. the most coolest thing. it's not even funny. this is just awesome. >> reporter: for a group of kids that have already overcome the odds, they have a christmas day message for the dubs. >> keep on doing what your doing. i want you guys to keep playing. >> reporter: now, i want to point out the cleveland cavaliers also gave out gifts to these kids as well. both teams coming together showing us the true meaning of christmas. pete suratos. >> that's a great story, pete. still ahead tonight, a family loses everything after their christmas tree catches fire. >> the tree went up in like less than a minute. coming up, the family tells
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us how they narrowly made it out alive. >> and we're live at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. coming up more about this holiday tradition going on for more than 30 years now. and clearing skies leading to some freezing temperatures tonight as we track our next rain and snow system coming in for the end of the holiday weekend.
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that is done. we're developing another core. we've got to develop a core.
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i think there's a lot of pieces to that core here. >> with two games remaining in a season that's been a disaster, tim thompson is already thinking about next year which might not last long for him if the core he's talking about doesn't produce wins in 2016. the 49ers travel to detroit on sunday where the lions are just 3-5 but coming off a 35-point performance and a win over the saints. >> the red and gold spotlight is brought to you on nbc bay area by the x-1 operating system only by xfinity. bringing tv and internet together for the simplest, fastest way to get all your entertainment. even new favorites with personalized recommendations. of belongings after their
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christmas tree went up in an antioch family lost a lot of belongings after their christmas tree went up in flames. the fire that nearly burn their 4-year-old son and their dog both sleeping just a few feet away. the family tells n brks krrks ba yac bay area what's next. >> reporter: just three days before christmas samantha o'brien was home with her husband and four children when she heard crackling. the family's christmas tree somehow caught fire. >> the tree went up in like less than a minute. >> reporter: the living room engulfed. samantha's husband had to jump out of a back window. and three of their kids ran outside. >> i remember counting, one, two, three. i was like where is logan? >> reporter: 4-year-old logan was asleep on the couch just feet from the flaming fir tree. >> my son was right there.
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and he was just seconds and it would be a completely different story. >> reporter: samantha also rescued their 10-week-old foster puppy kringle. >> it was just too much. so i wanted to help her get some normalcy. >> reporter: the structure still stands but firefighters say things inside or a total loss because o asbestos. even so, samantha says this christmas she's more thankful than ever. >> everybody is okay. we're all together. we're all together in a small hotel room, but we're all together. >> reporter: reporting from antioch -- >> that's -- >> reporter: reporting for bay area news. >> there were l.e.d. lights on the christmas tree and she doesn't know how it started.
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fedex admits not all of its christmas deliveries made it on time this year. a last-minute holiday surge are blamed for the delays. fedex says it has workers on the job today trying to get those gifts delivered. a group of postal workers made sure people in the south bay got their last-minute christmas packages today. the group worked on christmas to deliver letters and boxes this morning. about 20 postal employees volunteered to step away from their families to come into work. and even though it's christmas day, the employees we spoke to say they didn't mind working. >> you volunteered to work today. >> i did. >> why? >> because i'm the real santa claus. i just figured that i'd put in the extra service and i guess because everyone else probably has family and stuff to be with, so i figured i'd lend a hand. >> my christmas celebration isn't until the evening. so because of that, i
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volunteered. i still make it in time for my family celebration and that way other people that have family at home, have kids, they can celebrate all day with them. i'm the newbie on the list. got to make them like me so they help me out in the future. >> the post office delivers express mail packages every day of the year including christmas. bigger than black friday. apparently the day after christmas is expected to be the busiest shopping day this year. a survey by american express shows 70% of people who responded plan to shop tomorrow. it may look something like this. but tomorrow's purchases are alt different. they'll be looking for post holiday sales to buy things for themselves. meanwhile, many ways to celebrate the holidays. and some people are doing it by braving the cold outdoors. ian coe is among them. merry christmas, ian. >> reporter: merry christmas to you, scott. great way. i'll tell you very busy if you want to come down here. there's a lot of stuff to do
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down here at christmas in the park. take a look the fer ris wheel and the crowds below waiting to get in there. many families trying to do something christmas related out here tonight, spending it with their families. we talked to one family of 14 down here, all in ugly holiday sweaters. it's pretty fun, though. we've got the tree as well. there's a lot of attractions here. there's more than 22 rides as well and one of my favorites that we look over at the trees here, dozens and dozens of trees throughout this two acre park decorated by school classrooms, others by community organizations. if you want to come out here tonight, they are open until 11:30. the last day to visit the park january. >> if you want to head out there, bundle up. rob mayeda, the wind chill factor if you're up in the ferris wheel? >> it's okay if you're on there
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right now, by 9:00 maybe not as much. the view looking downtown. you can see a big crowd out there tonight, dry but turning chilly out at oracle. 44 degrees in oakland and into san francisco. one of the spots that will be immune from this freeze warning we're talking about further inland. right now 49 degrees. temperatures by tomorrow morning in the mid-40s. wind direction slightly offshore transporting in much drier air. combine the wind speed with the air temperature. we do have a little bit of a wind chill factor up around oakland, napa. the actual feels-like temperature is more like the 30s in napa with that north breeze out there. air temperature is just about 40 degrees outside. no more shower activity at least for the moment. but things will change up as we approach sunday afternoon. but in the meantime, tonight and likely tomorrow night freeze warnings from midnight to 9:00 a.m. with valley temperatures in the 20s and 30s by 7:00 a.m. still low 30s for most of the
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interior locations. still having a tough time getting into the 50s by noon. most of the day tomorrow spent in the upper 40s. high temperatures closer to downtown san jose at least 54 degrees. the north bay and livermore and walnut creek highs tomorrow 50 degrees. a chilly start to the weekend. then we'll see clouds increasing and sunday afternoon here comes our next chance for seeing some rain coming in more so for the evening hours. and look at the snow again. up around lake county, higher elevations there of napa county and sonoma county. again, it looks like mt. h hamilt hamilton. and into the sierra, we should see maybe up to a half foot of snow. it's weakening on approach to the bay area. mostly picking up less than a half inch of rain. not a big rain producer for us. it could end up being one o the last rain producers in the next five to seven days. as early as sunday night we'll see more snow heading to the
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sierra, as low as 3,000 feet. early next week we've got that one system heading towards new year's eve. temperatures will trend a little bit warmer. freezing nights ahead and probably we'll start to see those overnight temperatures coming up towards monday. the trend tuesday through thursday and perhaps a little beyond that. high pressure now holding its ground. this is not what you want to see if you want to get average rainfall or snowfall. but if you want a dry new year's eefb forecast, that's what you look at there. that sends the storms off to the north and away from the bay area. here's the silver lining to everything. at or slightly above average. the central bay and north bay starting to catch up in that annual rainfall department. thank you very much. speaking of oracle arena, the warriors delivering another big win coming up. coming up in sports, ho ho ho, it's christmas day. you know what that means. open a few gifts, watch nba basketball. warriors versus cavs.
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will the warriors reel off another win against cleveland or would lebron and company exact a little revenge against the dubs? that's coming up in sports.
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hi, i'm jim kozimor. let's talk some sports. you can throw the records out when the cleveland cavaliers come to town. it was lebron versus steph.
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a little christmas day showdown. nba finals rematch at oracle. and there's the grifrmg trying to steal christmas. draymond green ahead of steph cur pep this is dangerous. he didn't get the bucket but came up limping. the trainers working on his calf. the mvp would have to go to the locker room. curry not coming back to the court, sprinting back to the court. all he needed was a cape. lebron slams it home, cuts the lead to six. but it's curry's turn now. steph blows by lebron, lays it in. and the next trip down the mvp, off the cross, finishing with the off hand. he had 19 in the game. cavs down four and lebron trying to keep the cavs in it can't. misses badly. warriors hit their free throws down the stretch. they win 89-83. >> i love how much our guys compete. you know, lebron is one of the best players in the world, one of the most dominating forces
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that has ever been in our game. and we have guys that like that challenge. and you're not always going to succeed when you're playing against someone like lebron. but individually and as a group, our guys did a great job of not showing when they're going to help coming late because he's such a phenomenal passer. trying to guard him one on one. >> it kind of felt similar to how you felt game one. like day game, so it was different. a bunch of family in town, so that's kind of similar to that playoff situations. and obviously playing against cleveland, definitely refreshing some good memories. so it was fun. >> so the dubs win, but one final note from the dubs, nba all-star voting is open. steph curry got the number one vote getter among guard. draymond green fifth among western conference front court players. that will do it for sports. merry christmas to each and
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every one of you. i'm jim kozimor. more news after the break. a bay area couple is spreading
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holiday cheer ... to those who need it the most. using their san mateoe bay area couple is spreading holiday cheer to those who need it most. they're using their san mateo home to raise thousands of dollars for children with cancer. charles and connie wright turned their home's front yard into a winter wonderland. check this out. the massive christmas village has attracted a big following over the last five years. as you can imagine. the wrights collect donations from everyone who shows up. this year they say all the
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proceeds went to three families who have young children fighting cancer. >> i just want to give back something. and i felt this is the easiest way to feel good and also to help people. >> whether it's cancer or anything else, you can't take or replace anyone's life. and the things that these kids miss out on are pretty huge. >> this morning the wrights hosted christmas brunch for friends and supporters of their efforts. so far they tell us they've raised more than $5200. there's some impressive christmas setups in our neighborhood, but not that impressive. >> christmas spirit. >> christmas weather. >> san jose a little chilly. 49 not too bad. but later tonight san jose among other locations dropping into the 30s and upper 20s and the coldest wind sheltered valleys for tomorrow morning. dry for your saturday then more rain comes in late on sunday. >> we'll take it.
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which probably means more snow up in the sierra. >> absolutely. >> see you back here at 11:00. at 11. ===end of show!==== [music] male announcer: california's drought crisis. female: we simply don't have enough water. [music] announcer: and no amount of snow and rain during this year's el nino will solve the situation. [music] stephen stock: what needs to change here in california? laura shenkar: i'd like to see a few leaders step forward in california. felicia marcus: i'm sticking with making the system we have work better. announcer: nbc bay area senior investigative reporter stephen stock travels to israel to show us how a country that faced the same water threat a decade ago now has more water


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