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tv   Today  NBC  December 26, 2015 5:30am-7:01am PST

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christmas day nightmare, a tornado touches down in birmingham, alabama. >> when they say take cover, you take cover. the twister leaving some residents trapped in debris while flash flooding led to daring high water rescues. and the threat isn't over yet with 50 million people lying in the path of this huge storm system today. everything from possible tornadoes to heavy snow and severe flooding, we are on top of it all. trouble down under, a raging wildfire destroys more than 100 homes in a popular australian tourist destination, thousands forced from their homes and firefighters worked to douse the flames, the fire expected to burn for weeks. return rush, malls across the country bracing for another
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mad dash of shoppers who didn't necessarily want the gifts they found under the tree. how you can handle those holiday returns and even find some great deals today. and, hello, is this planet earth? an astronaut on board of international space station accidentally makes the prank call of the century when he dials the wrong number phoning home, the confusion prompting the astronaut to apologize on twitter and an attempt to convince that woman he is not just some space cadet. today, saept 26th, 2015. ♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning, i'm sheinelle jones. >> good morning, i'm harry smith here with kristen we will kerr and rafael miranda from our station here in new york, wnbc.
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erika and dillon have the day off today. christmas good for everybody. >> yes. was santa good to everyone? >> my a family is in chicago, my husband and kids, so i flew back last night with all the gifts. they opened them so quickly i wonder if they will notice that mommy took them all home. >> will they notice that i'm gone? >> merry day after. >> we will get to all of these stories in just a moment. let's get to the top story today, a christmas day nightmare with more severe weather across the south, rafael, i know you have the latest here. >> in morning residents arm birmingham, alabama are assessing the damage after a tornado touched down on friday evening, their holiday turning into horror. the twister came out of nowhere. residents saw the funnel cloud from afar one minute and the next, at their door step. >> when they say take cover, take cover. >> several homes were destroyed. some people even had to be
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rescued from under the wreckage. >> wires being down. if there is no danger, move on. >> people found themselves searching for anything that could be saved. >> give me your hand. >> reporter: 10,000 customers lost power and residents throughout the state have been dealing with more than a half foot of driving rain and flooding homes. outside of birmingham, residents were saved from the raging flood watering. even the birmingham mayor came out to direct traffic friday night. the same twister in tuscaloosa where it caused more damage. the same conditions that spawned the tornado are poresponsible f the deadly outbreak in mississippi. volunteers there are still searching for the missing. >> we are trying to go through the mess with the trees and just
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a disaster. >> reporter: a disaster for those this holiday weekend, but came through the storm alive, something to be grateful for. >> what is important is your family and your friends and having a gift of life. >> and no deaths were reported in the christmas day tornado, but unfortunately, millions of people in the path of severe weather again today. we will have more on that in a minute. thank you. the weather outside may be frightful in some parts of the country, for many of us on the east coast, the warm temperatures are weird. here in new york city, the warmest christmas ever. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in central park with the latest on that. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. december 26th, it is 53 degrees in central park. a lot of people running by in shorts this morning. much of the country struggled with the weather this christmas, but new york is not one of them.
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forget the figgy pudding. it was ice cream in new york. >> what is christmas normally like? >> white. >> how about this year? >> sweaty. >> reporter: ice cream trucking doing summer-like business with temperatures soaring to 66 degrees. >> best christmas ever? >> best christmas ever. >> reporter: in central park, short sleeves replaced winter wear. >> new york christmas. never think this. >> reporter: and in this bizarre world in buffalo, where there is feet of snow, instead saw a lake day with jet skis and scuba diving. and near frigid providence, rhode island, christmas day was a good day to hit the links. record highs shattered for a second day. >> amazing. we spend half of our christmases in florida.
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>> reporter: there was no celebrating at eastern ski areas. no snow means no business. there was not holiday joy for fed ex. they were scoured by deliveries. i don't think irate is an accurate word right now. and the company blames the heavy volume and severe weather outbreaks. to hear about the severe weather outbreaks, people in the northeast say they are really looking at the warm weather as a gift. it is likely just to stay in the 50s today. no records. tomorrow, we could see another record. guys, if the forecast holds out until next week, we will not see it dip below freezing in december. that hasn't happened since they started keeping records. >> kristen dahlgren in central park. at our house, we complained
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because it was so warm. we had mosquitoes in the apartment. honestly. >> it is weird. >> still better on christmas. >> snow is better on christmas. we need the hard freeze. if they don't do it this year, and it looks like we might not, this is the first time on record we have not gone below freezing in central park. here is the set up. the above average weather continues. 25 to 30 degrees above average. bermuda high pressure. 80 in charleston. new york city is in the 50s. as we head into sunday, another record breaker in new york city. 65 degrees. part of the warm weather is responsible for the severe weather we saw yesterday. this is the set up. tracking a winter storm in the upper midwest. portions of the southwest this morning, you see the rain breaking out. this storm is just getting started. we will deal with this one for several days.
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here is the severe set up. possible supercells. we will track that. over 14 million people in the risk area. dallas and now a blizzard warning on the cold side of the storm for eastern new mexico into the panhandle of texas. this could be the most snow they have ever seen in parts of new mexico. unprecedented blizzard warning there. this is the set up. cold air colliding with the warm moist air. a spring pattern here. you can see the heavy snow throughout the day today. severe weather possible in texas. we will set this into motion so you see where the storm is going. lots of people trying to go home over the weekend. this is a mess. blizzard conditions possible as you head out west. another day with severe weather as you head into the southeast. you know, travel big over the next few days. this is a massive storm affecting millions of americans. the pattern might change next week a bit. we will look at that in a few. thank you. it is time now for a look at the
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rest of the top stories. >> kristen welker is here with the wildfires in australia. >> we begin overseas where wildfires are worries across southern australia. the blaze destroyed more than 100 homes on christmas day. forcing people to race from the flames. the emergency management commissioner said the brush fire could continue to burn for months. >> this fire is a fire that will remain with potential to burn in january and february. >> hundreds of firefighters are trying to keep it from reaching other coastal towns. in arkansas, arson suspected in the fire of the childhood home of former president bill clinton. by the time firefighters arrived in hope, arkansas, the fire blazed an outside wall. the chief said a smell of accelerant could be detected. and the current commander in
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chief made a visit to the troops. the president and first lady thanked service members stationed in hawaii. take a look. >> we never take for granted for what you do for the american people. you help keep us free and you help keep us strong. whatever service you are in, whatever branch, we are extraordinary grateful. >> nice tradition. the president said being able to personally able to thank the military men and women is something he looks forward to every christmas. and finally, one of the longest long distance calls to go astray. get this, this was from the international space station. british astronaut tim peake dialed up a number on earth to get the wrong one. he tweeted out a christmas day apology assuring her it was not a prank, but an honest mistake from space. that is a wrong number i would
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not mind getting. >> what would the caller id say? >> a long number. all right. it seems like we're dealing with the hot temperature in the northeast. others are having record snow. >> bizarre and extreme. we are snow starved here in the northeast. grand junction received 4.9 inches of snow. great skiing in the rockies. that was grand junction's snowiest christmas on record. here is the set up for today. you see the slight risk of severe storms. santa ana winds in southern california. wildfires reported there. and the heavy rain moving into the midwest. snow in the upper midwest. heavy snow in minnesota. 53, a . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. while it's warm out east, we are
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under a freeze warning and that includes all of the low-lying areas from now until 9:00 in the morning. our temperatures dipping down into the upper 20s in some spots. right now, it's 36 degrees in the tri-valley. san francisco is not included in that freeze warning. it's now 47 degrees. we'll see our temperatures fall a few more degrees for sunrise. highs today are topping out in the low to mid-50s. that's your forecast. >> thank you so much. if you thought shopping season was over, now that christmas has come and gone, think again. bargain hunters are returning to the mall to return gifts. julia bagg from wtvj is at the mall this morning already. julia, good morning. >> reporter: harry, good morning. did you notice relatives around the tree yesterday who could not put down their phones?
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they may have been doing a little shopping for somebody they left off their list. christmas day is not a big day for retail shopping. that is changing. you can blame your smartphone for that. yesterday, online shoppers racked up a whopping $600 million in sales. that is $50 million over last year. what about today? the day after christmas. we just saw shoppers going into the apple store here. bath & body works getting an early start. we know it is not just about returning the ugly sweater or a poorly planned pair of shoes or shopping for yourself. that's what we're hearing from 60% of guests that plan to shop those christmas after sales. also, harry, if you are looking for a more frugal option, something that won't break the budget, there is always regifting. it has been taboo in the past,
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but it is more popular now. remember, you don't have to admit it. >> julie bagg, thank you. we'll have some tips for handling holiday returns coming up in the next half hour. if you are one of the 400,000 americans who found a drone under the tree this christmas, there are some things you need to do before taking to the skies. nbc's blake mccoy has more. >> reporter: caroline and josh bishoff got a drone for christmas. neighbors beware, their flying skills need honing. they are some of the 400,000 americans receiving a drone this holiday. learning to fly it is unobstacle. with all this new activity in the sky, the federal government is clamping down. from now on, anyone operating a drone must register it with the faa. the new rules apply to anyone over 13. you must give your name, address and e-mail. the cost is $5.
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that is being waived for the first 30 days. >> as soon as you start flying outside, you are in effect a pilot. and the responsibility with becoming a military and rulies apply. >> reporter: the faa says that will allow them to share rules with people like staying below 400 feet and no flying within five miles of an airport. airline pilots report 100 drone sightings and close calls each month. in january, this drone crashed on the white house lawn. and just this week, this video went viral after a drone nearly crashed on a professional skier. that sort of clumsiness has james barnes bracing for a post holiday rush at his drone academy. >> before june, up to 500 students. >> reporter: before you take your drone to the wonders of the world, remember to register it.
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for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news. >> now to the new film tackling a major issue in the nfl head on. >> "concussion" is going into the doctor finding the brain disease among growing concerns of head arinjuries in football. >> i found a disease. repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> the movie "constituticussion based on the doctor who found the brain disease. it is called chronic traumatic encephapholy. also known as cte. alec baldwin played the
5:47 am
character who presented it to the nfl. >> i didn't wouldn't to believe it. it was not good news. >> no proof was presented today because there simply isn't any. >> they want you to say you made it all up. >> the nfl put its head in the sand. it took them several years kicking and screaming to address the protocol. >> retired nfl punter steve weatherford says the same is safer now. >> it was a war zone. the more people enthralled with the game to see junior seau take his own life. >> reporter: the league has seen a 34% decrease in concussions since 2012. the nfl says in part, we are funding independent sicientific and medical research to advance progress. the game continues to change.
5:48 am
player health and safety is our highest priority. still, football is a contact sport. movie goers say the film opened their eyes. >> this movie changed my perception. >> i would not want my son or daughter to play contact sports like that. >> it raised the conversation. and a look back at the week's biggest stories from the unseasonably warm weather and the feud with donald trump and hillary clinton and to the shortest reign ever in miss universe in history. we have all that in "the download." but first this is "today" on nbc.
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we're back on a saturday morning with "the download." a time to look at the week's biggest stories. >> here are the headlines that
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caught our attention. >> wild weather across the country. over the holiday season. >> a devastating scene just before christmas after deadly storms and twisters carved through the mid section of the country. 11 people were killed and more than 40 injured. >> total loss. >> east of the rockies, temperature records were not just broken today, they were crushed. here are just a few examples. boston, 69. new york city, 71. norfolk, virginia, sizzling 82. >> in the northwest, they got more snow this season than last. on the campaign trail, face-off with the frontrunners with the republicans and democrats. donald trump and hillary clinton. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar. >> after donald trump's crude "s" word describing hillary clinton's loss to barack obama.
5:52 am
>> she is using three b words. >> bigotry, bluster, bullying. >> he's fund raising off an editorial cartoon. now retracted by the washington post showing his young daughters as dancing monkeys. fair game after cruz put his kids in a campaign ad. >> i'm use my server and no one will be the wiser. a suicide bomber killed six american soldiers. >> as the americans walked through the village, a suicide bomber on a motorcycle drove through the group and attacked the group. it was the deadliest attack in more than two years. a new door was open for doing business in space. >> the falcon 9 rocket launched satellites and returned safely
5:53 am
to earth. >> the falcon has landed. i have to apologize. >> and a crowning blow at the miss universe pageant. >> miss colombia forced to forfeit her crown on live television after host steve harvey mistakenly named her miss universe. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. and looking ahead to next christmas, santa may now have new helpers. >> could this be the sleigh of the future? and this viral video sparked for many of us when it comes to the unwanted gifts. >> who's next? [ chuckles ] >> that eddie murphy. >> are you good actors when you get the gifts? >> you just say thank you.
5:54 am
>> and you smile. >> i rarely get a gift i don't like. >> that is so phony. you're very good at it. >> true. >> my face says everything. i can't hide it. there's no hope for me. >> the first thing i saw yesterday morning, a meme of steve harvey. merry easter. i thought they are everywhere. >> he tweeted after the memes were out. >> this is the big talker of the week. >> did he sign a contract? >> he did. the ladies handled it so well. >> right. props to them. >> we're still talking about it. >> and why? >> more people will watch next time around. >> he's all right. >> he owned it. he wore it well. and everybody is still talking about it. steve, hey. still to come, at we prepare to look at the new year, a trend
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of 2015. but first these messages.
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who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. hall with a look at your good saturday morning to you. it's 5:56. we're taking a live look outside on a very cold saturday morning. i'm kira klapper along with
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meteorologist kari hall. i thought yesterday morning was cold and that's nothing compared today. >> behind the system we had earlier in the week, we are watching the next one starting to move in to the pacific northwest. that arrives as we go into tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. now as you battle this weather, you need to head out in layers as you shop and warm up the car. frost may be on the windshield. and take care of the pipes and plants. temperatures are in the 30s in the tri-valley as well as the north bay. highs in the low to mid-50s. >> oh, my goodness. kari, thank you. new this morning, a man who charged at palo alto police with a knife is dead. palo alto police tell us they got a call from someone wanting to hurt someone else and when
5:58 am
they arrived, the person charged at them. shots were fired. the suspect was taken to the hospital and later died. no officers were hurt. this accident happened on forest avenue and webster road not far from highway 82. san francisco and hillsborough police are working together to find a santa who committed crimes in both cities. he broke into a car in a garage in hillsborough and stole various items, including keys to the homeowner's business in san francisco. this happened yesterday morning while the victims were asleep. then, at 3:00 a.m., that thief that you see there, went to the san francisco business, an optometrist office. he claimed he was the nephew of the optometrist.
5:59 am
>> we feel violated. >> that's the victim there. they have posted the thief's picture on facebook and twitter. coming up later on "today in the bay," the nba rematch. why watching it live was more than a holiday treat. we'll have that and all of your top stories and your very chilly forecast at 7:00. right now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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♪ we're back on this saturday morning, december 26th, 2015. the day after christmas crowd bringing cheers to our plaza with the tree still aglow. happy that they're here. let's give you a look at headlines. first responders assessing the damage after a tornado touched down in birmingham, alabama. destroyed homes and left 10,000 residents without power. the twister spawning from the same unseasonable system that was responsible for the deadly outbreak including mississippi. a christmas day wildfire
6:01 am
destroyed more than 100 homes on australia's southern coast. flames scorched a popular tourist destination. hundreds of firefighters battled the inferno sparked by a lightning strike. thousands were forced from their homes. and the golden state warriors were the grinch who stole the christmas win from the cleveland cavaliers and highly anticipated rematch. lebron james and the cavaliers battled steph curry in california. let's look back at the trends that defined 2015. chr kristen. >> a lot of trends mean out with the old and in with the new. let's reflect on the good, bad and ugly of 2015 as we look ahead to what you can expect in 2016. the selfie saw no slowing down in 2015 and neither did the cousin the selfie stick.
6:02 am
>> how do you say you look stupid using a selfie stick. you look stupid. >> thankfully we have lots of fun things to capture like man buns and bubble nails and food porn. >> if you are taking pictures of food and you are not "better homes & gardens" or the food network, stop. eat your food. >> that brings us to instagram. giving rise to instamoms. and with fans of taylor swift to describe her girls as #squadgirls. >> i used to think emojis were cute. people now are sending you a string of emojis and are you supposed to know what they mean. >> where do the trends start? >> they trickle up from memes
6:03 am
and internet and from young people. in the past, trends that become what is popular is more on the hands of a few editors. >> and what is coming down the pike in 2016? expect things to stay casual. >> we are at the beginning of athleisure. it is considered the same way high luxury clothing is. >> if you are feeling nostalgic for charlie and jack and the fonz. >> it is the '70s comeback. >> think center parts and pigs in a blanket. and the trend goes for drinks. the cheeseier, the better. >> if you were drinking sex on the beach, it is corny. it is no longer a stink eye. >> kylie jenner my have the exaggerated pout with her pumped
6:04 am
lips. some posted real life photos of don't judge me trend that will continue in 2016. >> you are already seeing a lot of people break the glossy lifestyle. it is hard to maintain. it can be jarring. >> which brings us to the social media darling for next year. snapchat. a story platform where you cannot manipulate images to look cooler and look for more direct contact with celebrities. >> beyonce hasn't given an interview in years. social media bypasses the old outlets that you relied on which makes them super powerful. >> no matter who reigns supreme in 2016, we can stay calm and carry on with the next big thing. >> no doubt. if you are wondering where in the world we should look to in 2016 for what's cool, everyone
6:05 am
says south korea. expect beauty and fashion and music and food. i love the section about the emojis. it is true. you get an entire text with emojis. i know you are sending them, harry. you look perplexed. >> i had time on my hands for christmas. everyone sends you the merry christmas. i do red and green hearts. i didn't realize you had so many options. >> you have a lot of options. >> harry, jump in on it. >> i'm not an emoji person. >> you should be. it gives you a way to express your emotion. >> that and snapchat. >> yes. forcing ourselves. >> thank you, kristen, so much. >> absolutely. >> i feel like i have to send you an emoji. let's get to the weather. they have all sorts of emoji ones, raphael.
6:06 am
>> we are here the day after christmas. were the gifts good? everybody is happy. they want snow in the northeast. you don't need to bundle up. millions of americans, 25 million, dealing with the flood threat today. busy travel days. everyone trying to get home from grandma's house. look at the rain from texas and oklahoma and arkansas. that yellow bull's-eye is over 7 inches of rain coming today through monday. that is a flood threat for the central plains. severe weather for texas. blizzard in the southwest and new mexico. windy for california. cooler in the northeast. 53 degrees. still well above average there. we are tracking snow as we head into the upper midwest. the pacific northwest finally catching a break today. the pattern has changed. no storms for oregon and washington and down in florida. hot and humid in the 70s
6:07 am
we have a freeze warning for the bay area between now and 9:00 in the morning. lows dipping down into the 20s and lower 30s for all of the areas shaded in blue. in san francisco, it's 47 degrees but it's 35 degrees in the tri-valley and south bay at 43 degrees. all clear skies and the temperatures dip a few more degrees before rising into the lower 50s today. look for a high of 51 degrees in the tri-valley. 54 degrees. from a festive and breezy plaza, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. from ho ho ho to no, no, no. how to handle the holiday returns for the discover card. hi! so it says here i can redeem my cashback bonus for cash. do i need to have a certain amount? nope, you can redeem your cashback for any amount, any time. that's great. yeah, you can use it for a statement credit or even get the cash. nice. i could use that extra cash for a last-minute gift.
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fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. this morning, we are talking about returning the gifts you don't love. this morning, we have insider tips to help make the process easier for you. sarah is retail me not expert. good morning to you. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> i did not realize 33% of people return gifts after the holidays. what are they returning? >> the biggest things returning
6:11 am
are clothing and fragrances. actually. >> let's get to it. how should we prioritize? >> absolutely. first and foremost, prioritize your time. if you cannot hit the mall before noon, wait until after january 1st. wait for the crowds die down and you will ensure stress free returns. >> and are you suggesting people should sell unwanted gifts online? i never tried it. it is intimidating to me. >> try to get your big ticket items back. there's a timeframe for retailers. of course, like you said, if you are not able to get them back in time, and if you are, they will charge you a restocking fee. you may want to get the most bang for your buck if you are selling on e-bay or craigslist. >> let's leave the house and go to the stores. what do we need to do before we head out? >> you want to make sure you have the return and exchange policies in hand. all of these are printed on the
6:12 am
web site and on the receipt. take them to the store so you don't get anything confused. bring identification. these days, a lot of retailers are requiring identification so they are trying to curtail fraud return and exchange behavior. >> if you don't have receipt? >> nordstrom and bed, bath & beyond and others are offering 100% customer satisfaction. what is awesome about these particular retailers, they are good about printing a return label from home and send it back free of charge. >> okay. i have a question for you. i got married i don't know how many years ago. i still have gift cards. it is one of the things you put them in a box and you forget about them. some people have unwanted gift cards. >> 91% of us have received a gift card for the holidays and just like any gift, you might not necessarily want that
6:13 am
particular gift card. there are web sites where you are able to sell your gift card and exchange it and look for something that you will use. >> this makes me feel better. you don't have to feel guilty. sarah, thank you for coming in. for more tips on returning the for more tips on returning the gifts, kaylee keeps "i wish i wasn't different than other kids."er. but you are getting so much better. because st. jude children's research hospital has created a special treatment giving kaylee and kids like her across america the best chance at survival. i want to write "my cancer is gone". oh honey... st. jude has doubled those chances for you. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
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back now on a saturday morning with the highly anticipated film this weekend. quentin tarantino's "hateful eight." >> we have dylan dreyer who caught up with the experience. >> reporter: in the new movie, "the hateful eight" eight mysterious strangers are forced to holed up together in a cabin. set in wyoming, the film follows a bounty hunter played by kurt russell with his prisoner to the gallows. every person there is not what they seem.
6:17 am
"the hateful eight" throws the brutal characters together and tests their loyalty and principles and friendships are made and betrayal. it is all set in the fun, funny, snowy western. is it a western? is it an who-done it? >> it is a western and it is a mystery aspect. my first time writing a mystery. >> no, no, no. >> you film this in telluride. i'm a meteorologist and it did not snow that much last year. it did not snow on cue like you hoped it would. >> i'm not used to working that way. the ideal way of working. but at the same time, there is something cool and ideal about getting out of your comfort zone. were you going for a big look. we were not going with phony snow. >> i assume working in the harsh conditions, it is nice to get back in the studio? >> the studio was refrigerated.
6:18 am
>> we moved to a refrigerated stage in los angeles. then once we were there, we could keep the temperature exactly what we wanted. >> we were all sitting outside and we go inside. we think what did this [ bleep ] do to us? >> reporter: tarantino chose to shoot the film using 70 millimeter film. popular decades ago. >> it gave it a big look. as film is moving to digital effects, i wanted to actually plant a flag in the sand for film. i think when you see the movie in 70 millimeter in the theater, there is no more argument. >> more so than any other movie i have been in or director i have been around. he honors two words. moving pictures. >> now we're talking. >> reporter: what now? you have genius script and
6:19 am
actors who trust each other to put this movie to the. is this as good as it gets? >> one of the things i was able to pass on to jennifer was the one great thing that will happen here is no matter what he asks you to do, no matter what it is, you can trust one thing. he will use it in its best possible way. >> he creates an environment not only between action and cut that you know magic is going to happen. >> you feel nothing will ever compare and how you ever go back. and consequently, everyone weeps the last day. it is true. nothing like a tarantino >> and always such calm and peaceful affairs those tarantino films. just ahead, 50 million people in the path of severe
6:20 am
weather heading their way. a blast of winter. we're keeping an eye on it. but first this is "today" on nbc. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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6:27 am
that is gorgeous. i'm kira klapper along with meteorologist kari hall. i didn't mention how cold it is outside. >> yes. don't let that fool you. san francisco is not included in this freeze warning. the rest of the bay area away from the bay has temperatures dipping down into the upper 20s this morning and low 30s. so breezy conditions, frost on the windshields and you need to bundle up. right now, it's 34 degrees in the north bay and tri-valley is 35 degrees. we are seeing a lot of those 30s and today those highs reaching into the mid-50s again tonight we dip back down into the lower 30s again, especially in the valleys where temperatures will be below freezing for several hours. >> wow. >> so now is the time to prepare for that as well. >> plan ahead. thanks for the warning, kari. new this morning, a man charges at police with a knife and is shot and killed.
6:28 am
palo alto police say they got a call about a person wanting to hurt someone else. when they arrived at the home, that person charged at them with a knife. shots were fired. the person who was taken to the hospital and later died. no officers were hurt. this all unfolded shortly before 9:30 on forest avenue and webster street. now to another officer-involved shooting in the east bay where police discovered a dead body. b.a.r.t. police say a driver inside the b.a.r.t. driving garage was acting suspicious. when they tried to question him, he pulled out a gun and shot at them. one of the officers fired back. >> i seen -- all i seen is one here right here and a shoulder and one right here. >> and he was still trying to get up? >> he was trying to get up. >> we have video. i watched the video multiple times and it was unfortunate but it happened and i'm confident in
6:29 am
how my officers performed. >> police then found another dead man's body in the u-haul. the suspect is stable and recovering in the hospital. an officer was treated for a gunshot wound in the shoulder and treated at the hospital. a holiday treat for warriors fans. why one group of kids at least, the gift of going to a basketball game was extra special. that, plus the weather and all of your top stories coming up at 7:00. we hope you tune in. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. it's 8:00. here are some of the stories we're watching. 50 million people in the path of a severe weather system expected to pummel the plains with snow and put areas to the south at risk for more tornadoes and flooding. this, the day after the tornado, pounded parts of birmingham and surrounding areas. plus, today, crowds hitting the malls to looking to return the unwanted gifts and cash in on day after christmas deals. and a newlywed husband finds himself in deep trouble when he loses his wedding ring working on a friend's boat. today, saturday, december 26th,
6:31 am
2015. ♪ >> good morning. welcome back to "today." we have a full crowd. everybody waiting for me to give the cue. let's see. some people say they are finished shopping. others plan to do the day after christmas shopping. thank you for spending your day with us. i'm sheinelle jones alongside harry myth alongside rap >> so stoppableha only people from miami, would think it's cold in new york right now. they're like, ohh! >> they're bundled up. >> we are not complaining. >> lots to get to this morning. but let's begin with kristin walker, who's following that severe weather system that's in the headlines about that. >> that's right, harry. >> we've been talking about it all morning. as you've heard, residents and holiday travelers have been facing some wild and sometimes deadly weather. in alabama, emergency crews have been working through the night to rescue people trapped in the devastation of a tornado that
6:32 am
swept through birmingham. >> when they say you take cover, take cover! >> teams have also been working to save people from fast-rising water. storms throughout the south have left at least 15 dead. storms are also hitting the west, but these are bringing snow blocking passes. while the west shivers, the east royals with record high temperatures. on christmas day in new york and throughout the region. in texas, investigators are looking into a fire at an area mosque. the fire consumed the savoy mosque in a houston shopping mall. officials are labeling the blaze suspicious. just one hour before the fire broke out, hundreds packed the mosque for friday prayers. and there was a special visit on christmas day for a "washington post" reporter imprisoned in iran. jason rezaian was able to see his wife and mother for several hours. his mother said it was the first time she's been able to bring him a home-cooked meal. "the post" correspondent has been held for more than 500 days
6:33 am
on charges of spying. in china, emergency crews are trying to rescue more than a dozen trapped minors. search teams have also been able to pull at least 1 1 miners fro the rubble of the gypsum mine. the other miners are trapped in an area of the crushed mine. and finally, a couple celebrating what they're calling a christmas miracle. literally, jason and megan bradford got married this year, but just this month, jason dropped his wedding ring overboard while on a friend's boat. just awful. well, determined to get it back, he marked the spot with the boat's gps. then he hired a diver to make the attempt. the ring had been in the water, get this, guys, for six days, but after some tense moments, the diver came up with it, exactly in the spot that it had been marked. and it is a great gift to help them ring in the new year.
6:34 am
no pun intended. >> that's so impressive? >> you drop a ring in the ocean. >> in the ocean. >> that love is meant to be. >> it's a cautionary tale for those of you who have wed rings on. >> unless you do it on purpose. >> hopefully that doesn't happen. let's go to rafael now with a check of the forecast. >> good morning, guys. no jackets needed out here on the plaza, except for our friends from miami. they're bundled up. temperatures in the 50s in the northeast today, but we have some major snow developing out west. a blizzard from the southwest into texas. the panhandle, look at these snow totals, everywhere shaded in pink, that's over a foot, upwards of 2 feet of snow. blizzard conditions expected there. major travel impacts and ice, also expected as we get into oklahoma, up to half an inch of ice. that could mean downed trees and power lines. this is through monday. this is a long duration storm, starting today, lasting right through weekend. for the rest of the country, windy in southern california, finally catching a break in the northwest, nice and sunny there,
6:35 am
50s today in new york city. heavy rain possible from texas into the great lakes. watch out for tricky travel on sunday as well, as it is cold in the bay area this morning. we have low to mid-30s in some spots. low-lying areas have really been dipping in livermore now at 35 degrees. concord at 33. so bundle up as you head out the door. we're headed into the low to mid-50s this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. san jose, 54 degrees. palo alto, 53. embarcadero, 54. 50 in concord. 51 in the north and tri-valley. 52 degrees for a high later on this afternoon. and that's your forecast. back to you in the studio. >> raphael, thanks. before the ball drops in times square, a stunning look back at the stories that dominated the headlines in 2015 right after this.
6:36 am
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6:40 am
stories that shaped our world this year. >> breaking news. masked men open fire at offices of the newspaper in paris. >> terrorists traumatized this region for three days are dead, but not before leaving 17 innocent lives ended. >> this is fear with the one suspect, a woman, on the loose. >> breaking news. this is out of france where a germanwings passenger flight crashed. >> the co- pilot intentionally crashed the plane into the mountain. >> and a night of chaos, violence and lawlessness in baltimore over the death of freddie gray. >> areas in the city that look like a battle field. >> this is the moment nepal was brought to its knees.
6:41 am
>> search and rescue teams continue digging through the rubble. >> death toll spiked above 3,000. >> incredible emotion. >> a lot of sadness. >> what does this is a that in 2015, someone walks into a church and shoots someone one by one. >> the white house awash in rainbow over the ruling of same-sex marriage. >> a clerk in kentucky is behind bars over refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> and john kerry, the first secretary of state, to visit cuba since 1945. >> and he seem like he was ready to fight until the end. some were we.
6:42 am
>> i would like to say thank you for saving my life. >> the growing crisis. migrants trying to get way from the war-torn homeland. >> a glimmer of hope who have been stuck in hungary. they made it to austria. >> breaking news out of virginia. television reporter and photo journalist shot and killed and they conducted an interview live on the air. >> and it started over an ordinary day at the community college when the gunman opened fire on the vicious attack. >> he's in a classroom. >> we have become numb to this. >> a 57-year-old man behind bars after a deadly shootout at a planned parenthood clinic. >> a couple young opening fire killing at least 14 people. >> startling information about the san bernardino attackers. >> tashfeen malik and syed
6:43 am
rizwan farook left evidence behind. >> this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. >> the u.s. has seen more mass shootings than days in the year. >> the terror group isis claims responsibility for unprecedented attacks in paris. >> the scene of the worst carnage at the bataclan theater. >> police carried out a deadly raid. the suspected ringleader is in fact dead. >> our families mourn for their loved ones killed in the friday massacre. we are hearing remarkable stories of survival. >> and in a tunnel after the soccer game, the french started singing the french national anthem. an anthem as defiantly patriotic as our own. last january, days after the "charlie hebdo" attack, this is
6:44 am
the picture what we want to see. >> this morning, my thought as many others, viva la france. the pope is waking up in the u.s. after being greeted by the president and vice president and adoring crowd. >> it is our top story. pope francis continuing his tour of the u.s. on the way to philly to hold the biggest mass ever. >> pray for me. don't forget. >> be on the lookout for two escapees. >> where are they? >> the search to find and capture two inmates involved in a brazen prison break. >> i knew i was in way over my head. >> the nightmare is finally over. >> not the monster that everybody thinks i am. >> are you african-american?
6:45 am
>> i don't understand the question. >> we begin this half hour with an naacp activist claimed to be black, but outed by her parents as white. >> are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. >> new england patriots at the center of the controversy. >> on friday, the nfl broke the silence on deflategate confirming that the balls in the first half of the game were under inflated. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't think so. i feel i always played within the rules. >> we did it. >> american pharoah is crown. >> american pharoah is finally the one! >> what is an exciting horse race. american pharoah wins the triple crown. >> it was hands down the most exciting sporting event i have ever seen. >> relief. the u.s. women win the world cup. >> we are world cup champions.
6:46 am
>> bruce jenner's transition to a woman. the new look on the cover of "vanity fair." >> there is nothing better to look in the mirror and be comfortable with yourself and who you are. >> let the race begin. >> i am announcing. >> i am proud to announce. >> i am officially running. >> i'm a candidate. >> i announce my candidacy. >> for president. >> of the united states. >> questions raised about why hillary clinton used a personal e-mail account only during her tenure as secretary of state. >> the story that won't go away. >> did you wipe the server. >> what? like with a cloth or something? >> i said it wasn't the best choice. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. >> we put together a benghazi special committee.
6:47 am
>> your scheduled to testify before the committee. do you think it should be disband. >> they admitted it is a political party. >> i thought more than what happened than all of you put together. >> nbc news learned house majority leader john boehner will resign from congress. >> this is not about me. this is about the people. >> the paul ryan era is under way on capitol hill. >> now more than ever, we must work together. >> donald trump is riding the wave to the lead of a crowded republican field. >> when mexico sends its people, they are bringing crime, they're rapists and some, i assume, are good people. >> target trump. the republican candidate for president take on the frontrunner and pulls no punches. >> i have to get this off my chest. donald trump is a jerk. >> look at that face, trump is quoted as saying. >> i think women all over the
6:48 am
country heard clearly what mr. trump said. >> do you think you are setting the right example of someone running for the highest office in the land. >> every poll said i'm the best leader by far. >> we have to wake up. we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> another day, another new poll with donald trump in the lead. >> it seems so hard for anyone to get attention. how do you break out? >> it's a marathon. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> he's a chaos candidate. he'd be a chaos president. >> you cannot deny him whether you like it or don't like it. >> what a year. >> breath taking. >> it just happens every year where you say so much happened. >> it was the year of shootings,
6:49 am
unfortunately. >> terrorism. >> yes. >> and in new york. the thing i was struck by was the pope. we were so fortunate and the goodwill that he spread. >> it was exciting. you could feel it. >> and in that moment, it was incredible. >> hopeful days. >> we should thank the producer joelle garguilo. we'll be right back. but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:50 am
6:51 am
it is great to have the best of philadelphia here with us. >> we have philly folks here with us. good morning. hi, philly. >> listen, it's still beautiful in new york. we should take advantage of the really nice weather. the tree looks fantastic still.
6:52 am
>> you cannot complain. that will do it for us this morning. tomorrow on "today," coverage of the massive storm hitting the middle of the country. and we look back at all of the fun we had in the past year. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> let's do it. let's enjoy the weather. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> on to shop. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno® aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals® oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! aveeno® naturally beautiful results® arturito souokay, okay. arturito soup! hi! arturito soup?
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coming up next, on today in the bay .... vo a bizarre and deadly turn taken near an east bay bart station why police opened fire on a good morning. coming up next, the bizarre and ugly turn taken near a b.a.r.t. station. why police opened fire on a man they were questioning. plus, the man with a santa hat playing the role of grinch. how he stole keys to a bay area business. and people are waking up with very cold parts in the bay area. meteorologist kari hall will let us know if it's going to warm up anytime soon.
6:58 am
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this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. good saturday morning to you. we're taking a live look outside at 7:00 in san jose. and to the north in san francisco. beautiful shots of both cities. very cold in both cities. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist kari hall is joining me.


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