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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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mind, you want slowing there. across the south bay, we have fog that is starting to thin up and not really cause any issues across morgan hill, san martin. we still do have that fog out near dublin. the altamont pass. you can see visibility still down to less than a half mile in spots. not all that bad but just isolated to that one spot because you head over to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see, not really any issues here. wide open lanes and even still at 6:00 this morning. great news if you're headed into san francisco. back to you guys. >> big patches there in dublin, thank you, anthony. new detail on a traffic mass of a different kind. a 900-pound elephant seal blocked highway 7 in sonoma county for several hours yesterday. this morning our cameras spotted it in the waters near the freeway, again. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live in sonoma county and you say you got a good glimpse of her. >> she was swimming right here and that's why she was so close
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to land. the plan is when the marine mammal center to have more people out here and wait for daylight, of course, to help them in this rescue operation. and the waters, of course, you can only see because our lights are on them and the plan to go into a water with a kayak. use bull horns and a banging pipe to guide the elephant seal back to the bay and away from all this traffic. you may hear some of it here this morning on highway 37. very close to, oh, there you go. as we come back live. we're getting a glimpse of her right now in the water. thanks to my vidiographer josh who just spotted her. little dark to see, but she's swimming in the water and this is a concern. so close to highway 37 right here right by sonoma raceway. so, this morning, of course, the concern. she's 900 pounds and cannot get this elephant seal on to a board into a carrier unless they sedate her and they want to avoid that because she could cross the highway, again. highway 37. she did that yesterday. chp had to help u.s. fish and wildlife by closing out the
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stretch of 37 until they could get the elephant seal back into the water. also concern people concerned to come out and take pictures. the warning is, she is a big animal, stay away. >> she is 900 pounds and knows extly how to use her wait. a bad pressure bite. you may get bite and thrown. if you see her potentially crossing the road call the chp and marine mammal center. >> chp warning drivers not to slow down. there were rubber neckers out here yesterday and as it picks up, more and more safety concerns. back here live, we lost sight of her in the water, but we see the weeds out here and the marine mammal center saying that this is actually what stopped. this is the location she kept trying escape the water from. the weeds were stopping her. the hope is that it will continue to keep her in the water until they can come out here around 9:00 to 9:30 this morning to come out here in the kayak and scare her back to the bay. "today in the bay." >> nice spot there, steph, thank
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you very much. all niew this morning, this is the scene this morning at the u.s. firearms company in sunnyvale. right near elcamino. police are not telling us much right now but our camera was there as investigators searched the gun store for evidence. no word on what was stolen and no details yet on a suspect. a follow up now, temperatures are falling and still more than 1,000 people are without heat in the east bay as the investigation into what went wrong continued. p pg&e is rushing to turn the gas back on. customers lost service early sunday morning and while it's now available, again. pg&e has not been able to connect more than 1,000 customers to connect. crews are standing by to get the heat back on in their homes. >> we were able to pinpoint the fact that we had a loss of pressure. the exact cause, that's still
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under investigation. >> i'm all excited right now that the heat's on. i mean, kids were cold in the house and so, we're all happy that it's heat. >> pg&e set warming shelters like this one at timber point elementary school who could help those who could not even get through the cold night. happening later today, the woman accused of verbally and physically abusing muslim men at lake shabo heading to court. denise could be seen here verbally apuzibusing that man a then flinging the coffee. he said he and friends were finishing praying at the park when assaulted. answer to two misdemeanors. battery on park property and a violation of civil rights. that last charge constitutes a hate crime. police this morning are looking for the hit and run driver who killed a woman in hayward. two cars hit her around 6:30 last night at esperian boulevard and tahoe avenue.
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contains several men who were wearing hoodies. they sped off after getting out of the car for a few seconds. the other driver stayed on scene and helped police with descriptions. the toyota is believed to have a damaged hood and also a broken windshield. a deadly stabbing on christmas day leaves a south bay family looking for answers and demanding justice.ativeatis of speaking out after he was stabbed to death after walking to his car with friends christmas morning. this is a case of mistaken identity because the attackers may have thought he was in a gang. they say he is not a gangster instead, a young man who worked hard to support his family. >> there's a lot of families that are out there that have that fear for their sons that, you know, kids out in the streets it's just so crazy. >> take someone else's life like that like in an instant.
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especially someone like my cousin. >> the marin family is working to raise money for funeral expenses. to a story we first broke here on nbc bay area. the santa clara correctional facility under fire this time after a dozen inmates attacked a deputy. this happened on christmas eve at the county's elmwood jail in milpitas. the deputy found an inmate with "illegal contraband." the inmate who is a suspected gang member finally dropped the package at the deputy's feet. >> as the inmate started walking away, the deputy retrieved the item and that's when he attacked our officer and approximately nine others jumped in and started attacking our deputy. >> that deputy suffered head injuries and a shoulder sprain. right now he's recovering at home. this is just the latest in the series of jail incidents under investigation and that includes the beating death of an inmate at that main jail in august. michael tyree. police are looking for a man
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who sttried to hold up a bank i hercules. this happened at noon yesterday inside the lucky store on sycamore avenue. the teller says a man around 30 to 40 years old went up to the counter for a cash withdrawal. he handed her a note demanding money and then he snatched the note back and ran away. police have yet to release a picture of him. but he's not believed to be the man who successfully robbed the u.s. bank branch inside a safeway just down i-80 in elcerito. in that case, that robber got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. the robbery happened about 10:30 yesterday morning and a reward is being offered in that case. will they stay or will they go? a live look at coliseum where it is becoming more clear by the day. the raiders are likely to leave oakland. >> "today in the bay" damian trujillo and the city of oakland looks like it will miss the critical deadline set by the nfl. >> big deadline one not many are
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sure the city of oakland will meet the nfl sold three cities and teams want to move oakland, san diego and st. louis to come up with a firm financing plan for a stadium in their cities. that plan has to be submitted by tomorrow. "the chronicle" reports that oakland is not prepared to have taxpayers foot the bill to pay for a new stadium. the city and the county are still paying for the expansion of the coliseum. that's a tab of about $22 million per year total. "the chronicle" says oakland leaders plan to send a letter to the league hoping to persuade the raiders to stay but roger goodell isn't known for easing up on deadlines. with that in mind the christmas eve game at may have been the last game in oakland for the raiders. a harrowing thought for the fans of the silver and black. >> a move back to los angeles would destroy the greatest comeback in sports history. >> chargers don't want to share with the raiders. san diego needs to stay in san
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diego. two times a year. >> we do not want to share with oakland. >> mayor libby shaft did tell nbc bay area on thursday that she did not see that christmas eve game as the last game for the raiders in the east bay. shaft says she's confident the city can iron out a deal. but that december 30 deadline pretty large right now. the nfl owners will vote on what teams, if any, they will allow to leave their home city. >> damian, thank you. raiders fans having to sweat it out right now. you're not going to be doing that if you're stepping outside your door. it's cold, once again, freezing in parts of the bay. >> not only that, but frost and in some spots some freezing fog. you want to allow some extra time to get that frost off of the windshield before you head out this morning. it will slowly warm as we go through the day. and temperatures lunchtime will still be around 50 degrees still fairly cool. you may want to keep that lunch inside. we will have a mid-afternoon
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temperatures in the peninsula at 56 degrees and also 56 degrees in the north bay, as well as the east bay and into the next few d days. not much of a warm up and keep things dry until the next storm system moves in. i'll detail that and what to expect for the first day of 2016. let's see what's happening on the roadways with anthony. >> we're such big babies. you can't handle anything below 60 here in the bay. we are looking at incidents across the peninsula. i do want to show you this car fire we have been telling you about. right near the stanford campus on the northbound side up 280. not seeing any slowing, but make sure you are alert approaching that scene. across the rest of the south bay, no issues. things are looking pretty good. fog near morgan hill that has cleared out. fog across the altamont pass and from our dublin shot right now, not looking too foggy. you know the story, fog moves around. keep in mind that you will run into the fog near 580 and down near the sunol grade and things
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moving pretty good. no issues here. same deal for the bay bridge toll plaza and the lights haven't been turned on yet. that's how light it is, guys. >> got to love it. meanwhile on the weather side of things, tough love from anthony slaughter. >> you agreed behind the scenes. >> i do agree. googp blast 2.0. we'll show you what this would look like, coming up next. plus, three boy scouts save their troop leader being attacked by a bear in a cave. we'll play the frantic 911s for you, next. what was sup
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what was supposed to be a fun-filled train ride turns terrifying for a mandful of people in the santa cruz mountains. on a steam engine full of visitors that crash under to a hillside yesterday. the roaring camp train was coming to a stop when a throttle got stuck. that train kept going until it ran out of track and that's when the train crashed. luckily it wasn't going very fast but the impact did cause a severe jerk. eight people suffered minor injuries. right now video of the train after it was towed back to the felton station. we're told that roaring camp railroads is going to be back up and running later this morning. terrifying moments for a new jersey boy scout troop they desperately tried to call for help as their scout master was being mauled by a bear. >> on three. everyone's gonna yell, can you hear us?
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i see the helicopter! >> we have the kids that were walking. >> those three brave, quick-thinking kids were able to wave down help. they were hiking with their 50-year-old scout leader eight days ago. the leader went inside a cave where the bear likely was hibernating. the animal attacked. first the boys were able to lure the bear away with food and then they started a fire to signal for help. once the bear was gone, the injured leader called 911. >> 911, where's the emergency? >> split rock reservoir blue trail i was mauled by a bear. >> where are you bleeding? >> left arm, left leg, neck and head. i'm getting cold pretty quick. >> thanks to those kids, rescuers were able to find the scout leader. fortunately, his injuries were not life-threatening. happening right now, rescue workers in china tried to reach
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workers trapped inside a mine that collapsed over the weekend. this accident occurred on christmas morning in northern china when 29 workers were down in that mine, 11 of them were successfully lifted out, but not everybody else was so lucky. one died and 17 others are still trapped inside of the mine. rescuers continued to send out ropes to try to reach any of the remaining minors. 700 rescue workers are deployed to help out in that operation. well, china's lingering smog means big business for american companies. china wants real-time accurate pollution readings so it can alert its population. ibm and microsoft has foring software that provide air quality predictions up to ten days in advance. beijing environmental protection bureau has hired ibm and microsoft has secured contracts with other city government. the teen behind google glass might be planning a comeback. working on a new and improved
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design for the workplace. this picture was released by the federal communication commission the fcc approves most gadgets. the biggest change is a hinge design. you'll be able to fold up the google glasses and put them in a pocket. reports say there are improvements to the hardware, as well. no word on when the new glasses will be released but google's first run with the glass didn't catch on. according to the mobile analytic firm, flurry, apple accounted for 49% of new device activations last week. that may seem high, put that number may actually be down by 2% from last year. samsung came in second with about 20%. that's up 2% from the year before. this year's report also shows the number of big screen phonesed compared to last year. so that was on a lot of people's christmas list. this is kind of my chris list because anthony and i get to work together every saturday and now we're both here on a tuesday.
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>> everyone on this show, anthony, kari and mike are all your favorites. >> come on. >> you're getting there, sam. >> i feel lonely and cold right now. >> i don't think this weather is going to warm up out there. it is just as cold as kira is to sam. now, as we take a live look out this morning, we see clear skies and a look across the bay bridge. it is all clear there. and you head out this morning, make sure you grab some extra layers. the gloves and the scarf, as well as the hat. this is what you to battle this chill. not only this morning, but the next few days. and warm up your car. so, you may to allow some extra time not only to let the car warm up, but scrape some of the ice off the windshield. make sure you take care of people, pets, plants and the pipe that may left in this cold, frigid temperatures. its 31 degrees in the east bay in san francisco and 37. as we drop in on the north bay, below freezing in santa rosa and
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napa and also above freezing in a few spots. but in those low-lying areas, that's where we do have the coldest air. as we go hour by hour in san francisco at 9:00, it will be 42 degrees and then slowly warming up into the upper 40s. lunchtime is only 50 to 49 degrees in san francisco. but we do hit the low 50s as we go through the day under all of that sunshine. san jose will top out at 53 degrees and palo alto 56 degrees and 53 in napa today. oakland reaching 57 and livermore a high of only 50 degrees and we're back close to freezing again tonight. as we go into the day tomorrow, an approaching storm system will be rolling off to the east. only bringing a slight chance of a shower for the north bay. and then the rest of the week continues on with some chilly mornings and some warmer afternoons as high pressure builds and keeps the region dry. this weekend, we still see that dry air as we welcome in the new year. it will only be in the mid to
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upper 50s. now, this is goat getting closer to where we should be for the first of the year. and then we'll have an approaching storm on sunday that may bring some more scattered showers, but it looks like most of that rain will hold off to the start of next week. let's check in now with anthony who is still giving us a major heads up about that fog. >> oh, yeah. you can see from our dublin camera right now, fog is really bad. in fact, visibility down to less half a mile in some spots. this has been our trouble spot all morning long and doesn't look like it's been improving and cars moving without a problem. the good news we haven't had any accidents coming through this thoroughfare. switch over to the had maps. all the fog through the central coastline and really through the central valley as we are going to continue to see that. down near morgan hill, some fog earlier and not really an issue right now and south bay looking pretty good. we still do have that car fire on 280 and right near the stanford campus and 280 is that alternate and you may want to go ahead and take 101 and lighter volume across the entire bay because it is a holiday week and
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take you outside to our camera, 101 northbound moving without a problem. you can see the headlights on, visibility looking good, as well. guys, back over to you. >> such a nice break right now for drivers. >> really nice. >> enjoy it. first the grinch and now santa's help. we will show you how the community binding to help san jose students who had their presents stolen on christmas day. you may have heard whole foods
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nicknamed "whol you may have heard whole
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foods nicknamed whole paycheck. will have to pay $500,000 for it. that is the settlement reached in new york city where an investigation has been ongoing since the summer. the city found that the store there routinely overstated the weight on prepackaged foods as part of the settlement, whole foods must now conduct quarterly audits of all its new york city stores. austin, texas-based whole foods found no intentional misconduct. exposed cheaters is not stopping other people from signing up on to this website. 4 million other users have enrolled since it was hacked back in july. the website thatted aizes the tag line, life is short, have an affair, now has 43 million members. business is booming. ashley madison is not out of the woods yet. its parent company still facing multiple lawsuits. customers say the website failed
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to protect their identity. it is san francisco versus the biebs. the city attorney demanding justin bieber help find whoever is tagging in san francisco because ads for justin bieber's new album could be found painted all over city sidewalks. bieber, of course, didn't paint the ads himself, but his music reps and universal music group did it as a marketing strategy. >> it's sending a message to exactly the demographic we don't want to be communicating that graffiti is okay. >> now city attorneys are threatening legal action. they want those music companies to pay for a cleanup. a san francisco supervisors is also looking on legislation to increases for anyone doing this type of advertising. stealing a piece of christmas in the south bay, at least for some students. thieves burglarized a home where seven san jose state students live. that home is on south eighth street not far from the campus. one of the room came home on christmas to pack up gifts for her family only to find the
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entire apartment ransacked. laptops, bikes, gifts, even a college fund for a young relative were all taken. >> i just, i had no words. i was, i felt shocked and violated and scary. >> it's crazy. i just didn't believe it. i was in shock and once i got off the phone, like, i was balling my eyes out. >> and to top it all off, those women all work one or two jobs to pay for rent, tuition and for the gifts. a go fund me account has been set up to help them recover their losses and so far more than $8,000 has been raised. well, a lottery winner claims his $1 million and the san jose coffee shop that sold that winning ticket is getting a big chunk of change. a man spent $10 on the scratchers. he bought the ticket at highland's cafe. well, he's not talking to the media, but we do know that the coffee shop which apparently is known for scantily clad
6:27 am
waitresses will get a $5,000 check for selling that winning ticket. coming up next, spotted in the waters of the north bay, the reason that this 900-pound elephant seal is still causing big concerns this morning. that life is is lived.
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-- in for laura good tuesday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper in for laura gary sucanon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot of people will have warm
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hearts because their hand are going to be very cold outside, kari. >> not just your hands but everything will be cold today, especially as you step out this morning. if you don't have some extra layers. it's only 3 degrees in the north bay and in san francisco it's 37 degrees into the afternoon. some sunshine and a light wind. we're looking at 54 degrees the peninsula and san francisco as well as the tri-valley. 55 degrees in the north bay. i'll let you know what else to expect and our next chance of rain in a few minutes and let's check in with anthony for the morning commute. >> i want to start you in san francisco because we have a flat bed that lost its load. this is right at 101 and ninth street where the highway actually ends. keep in mind as you get off at ninth street may run into some slowing. some lanes blocked and across the east, especially across the altamont pass and that's where it's been all morning long and take you outside and show you what it is looking like.
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visibility not as bad as it was just about an hour ago, but, still, you want to use extra caution as you move through this area. also in foster city, there was reports of chp that there is debris in the roadway. i don't actually see it from this vantage point and it is on the decline. keep in mind as you move through the san mateo bridge you may run into that, as well. finish off with this final report we had earlier fire right at page mill and still there. off to the shoulder but crews are on the scene. if you are a sanford commuter if you are coming or going from either direction. >> anthony, thank you very much. 6:31 right now. a grand jury failed to indict the police officers involved in the death of a 12-year-old boy tamir rice. chicago police have two more officers on paid leave as the department investigates the fatal death of two people. fatal incident, i should say, shooting. one of the police officers has already admitted it was an accident. let's go now to "today bay"
6:32 am
edward lawrence who joins us live from washington, d.c., and word on everyone's list this morning, accountability. >> that's one of the things the families are looking for. the families are looking towards washington, d.c. to get the justice that they want. they want to make sure the justice department has a thorough investigation to see whether the officers involved violated the civil rights of the people that they killed. >> protests in cleveland and across the united states in response to no indictment of officers involved in shooting and killing 12-year-old tamir. this protest in new york city. >> i'd like to see a legal system that incarcerates. >> reporter: on november 22nd, 2014, someone called 911 saying there was a gunman in the park. the dispatcher never relayed critical information to responding officers that it was likely a boy with a toy gun. one second after the officers
6:33 am
arrived, they shot tamir. >> it was horrible, unfortunate and regrettable. but it it was not by the law that binds it, a crime. >> someone other than the elected county official that worked very closely with law enforcements of this community day in and day out should have probably made that decision. >> reporter: meanwhile, in chicago, mayor rahm emanuel cut vacation short amid new calls for his ressing nashz. two officers shot and killed a 19-year-old they say was acting out with a baseball bat. chicago police say they accidentally killed a mother of five in the gunfire. and the justice department is already looking at the chicago police department as a whole for their community response and their escalation protocols. in washington reporting live, edward lawrence, now back to you. >> edward, thank you. severe winter weather is gripping a large part of the country from the southwest to the northeast. snow, there's ice and strong winds making life miserable, not
6:34 am
to the tornadoes that hit the region over the last few days. in the midwest a foot of snow has forced major highway closures. thousands are without power which, of course, means no heat and at chicago's o'hare airport, about 5,000 flights have been delayed orled altogether. >> my flight was canceled i didn't find out until i got here. snow tires are on. we're good to gop. >> new england is getting ready. the region could see up to 12 inches of snow. it will be their first winter storm of the season. and the "today" show picks up our coverage in less than 30 minutes. that severe weather heading east with residents preparing for mother nature's. that is on "today" show starting 7:00 a.m. new details on an elephant seal still causing concern this morning in the north bay. the 900-pound animal blocked highway 37 in sonoma county for 30 minutes yesterday. but the incident lasted for several hours, i should say. this morning our cameras spotted the animal again in the waters
6:35 am
right the freeway. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live in sonoma county and you saw her first hand, didn't you, steph? >> we all saw it. we saw it live, kira and sam. saw her multiple times swimming around this lagoon right by sonoma raceway. she was actually hanging out here for a good 20 minutes, at least. she just swam away. i'm not sure why she is so attracted to this very shallow area but the new plan is to wait for daylight and use bull horns and banging types to guide this seal back to the bay and away from all the traffic. the marine mammal center said she can't board the seal. she's 900 pounds. healthy, young, beautiful female and they want to avoid sedating her so they'll use noises to guide her. she crossed the highway twice. the second time fish and wildlife was able to get her back. but there is for her safety, as well as for the people and the warning is she is a big animal, stay away.
6:36 am
>> she's 900 pounds and she knows exactly how to use her weight. she does have a bad pressure bite. you may get bite and thrown. if you see her potentially crossing the road, call the chp and marine mammal center. >> the chp is also warningers, please, do not slow down. apparently that did happen yesterday. there were some rubber neckers out and about and, of course, as the commute hour continues to pick up, more traffic, more safety concerns. now, back here live. the weeds that you're looking at stopped her from exiting. the mammal center is hoping that will keep her in the watt until 9:00, 9:30 this morning until they can go out in the kayak and then get back to the bay. live here in sonoma county, stephanie chuang. this is a live look for you at coliseum where it is becoming more clear that the raiders are likely to leave oakland. >> here's why, kira says that.
6:37 am
damian trujilloing us from the newsroom. the city of oakland will miss a critical deadline because the team doesn't want to pay up, at least not on the dtaxpayers' dollar. and that might be the final nail in losing the raiders to. so, indeed, the christmas eve game against the san diego chargers might have been the final game at for the raiders. "the chronicle" reports leaders plan to send a letter but the nfl gave the three cities and the deadline of december 30th to come up with the financing plan for a new stadium in those cities. a plan that many don't expect the city of oakland to submit. the city and the county are still footing the bill for the expansion of the coliseum. that the tab of about $22 million per year. well, now, fans might be hoping
6:38 am
for a hail mary. >> it would sort of rip at the family. it really would. and passion here in oakland is for this team and we really want them to stay. >> it would be heartbreaking if they left. this is what oakland is. >> the raiders need 24 votes by all the football owners in order to be allowed to move. if they don't get 24 votes, then they will be back in oakland next year talking, again, about a new stadium. those nfl owners are expected to vote on the potential moves by the raiders and other teams, including the chargers and the rams by the beginning of next year. mayor libby shaft has told nbc bay area, the city is determined that thursday's game was not the raiders' last game in oakland. we shall see. >> thank you very much, dame wherein. >> wow. really unbelievable to let that sink in that they might leave. we'll focus now, instead, on the cold weather that we're seeing
6:39 am
outside. temperatures at or below freezing. >>. only in the 30s all across the bay area and even san francisco at 37 degrees. . as well as 37 in the peninsula and south bay 34. let's drop in on the east bay where we're seeing some spots below freezing for several hours now. and we've also had to deal with some fog in dublin, pleasanton and moving over towards livermore. that creates some slippery spots as that fog deposits on the roadways. hard to see and may be slippery, especially on those elevated roads like bridges and overpasses. as we go through the day. our highs low to mid-50s and a few spots will stay in the 50s on the peninsula. in concord today, 55 degrees and livermore a high of 50. more of that cold air returning as we go into tonight. i'll let you know if this lets up and we'll talk about our next chance of rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with anthony to see what's happening on the roads. >> i want to start you off with this shot from dublin. you can see the fog, not as bad as it has been, but still want
6:40 am
to give drivers a heads up if you're just joining us. this is really what we have been tracking all morning long. let's also take you to the bay bridge toll mrauz because we actually don't have the metering lights on and you can actually see visibility not as bad as it is coming through the altaont pass. the metering lights, they haven't even been turned on. how is that for your holiday travel? you get through the rest of the east bay and light commutes down near the san mateo bridge. and we still do have problems across the peninsula. this is near sanford. 280 northbound an earlier car fire. heads up, you may have extra company on 280 this morning. kind of backwards but usually 101. back over to you guys. >> we're not used to all that green, anthony, at 6:40 in the morning. coming up, if you received a hov hoverboard as a gift over the holidays, new laws that kick in on new year's day. what you need to be.
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an elderly man brutally attacked in the central valley and now police think it could be a hate crime. he was wearing a turbine while waiting for a ride to work on this street in fresno on saturday. police say that's when two men
6:44 am
in the cared up and started swearing at the 68-year-old. he tried to cross the street, but officers say the men backed up their car into him. they then got out and beat him before driving off. police are still searching for them. >> it is disturbing because this gentleman was doing nothing wrong. >> ball is home now recovering from a broken collar bone. happening today, the woman accused of verbally and physically abusing muslim men is heading to court. denise slater can be seen on this video verbally abusing the man recording the encounter earlier this month and then tossing coffee at him. he says that he and his friend were just finishing their prayers at the park when he was assaulted. slater, a castro valley resident, is due in court to answer to two different misdemeanors. battery on park property and a violation of civil rights. that last charge does constitute a hate crime. police are looking for a man who tried to hold up a bank in hercules.
6:45 am
this happened yesterday at noon at the u.s. bank inside lucky's on sycamore avenue. a teller says a man behind the age of 30 or 40 went up to the window for a withdrawal and handed her a note demanding money. but then he snatched the note back and ran away. but they know he's not the man who robbed a u.s. bank branch inside the safeway just down i-80 in el cerito. in that case the robber successfully got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. the robbery happened about 10:30 yesterday morning. we just received this picture from el cerito police and a reward is being offered in this case. as you can tell, you can't see that much of the man. he is described as 58 weighing 150 pounds. the search right now officially. authorities have captured the so-called affluwensa teen. both ethan couch and his mother were foind in puerto vallarta,
6:46 am
mexico, yesterday. couch had received only ten years probation after killing four people in a drunk driving crash years ago. during the trial, a psychologist testified that he suffered from affluensa because his millionaire parents coddled him to the point he could no longer differentiate right from wrong. here is something president obama's security teach d tail didn't see coming. a drone flying right near the motorcade. spotted flying on the commander in chief's. the pilot of the drone was unaware the presidential motorcade was in the area and immediately grounded the drone. very cooperative. no charges were filed and the president went along on his way. >> more than just a small detail there. a drone buzzing over your motorcade. >> it's illegal to fly them in d.c., but i guess they have no rules in honolulu because he is
6:47 am
only tl only there two weeks out of the year. >> there will be a new rule now. >> probably. the buzz this morning the fact that it is really cold, again, to start off your day, kari. >> start your car and scrape off the frost. allow extra time to get to work this morning. a live look from san bruno mountain towards san francisco. a clear start to the. but, yes, it is cold. and we are all just shivering under these cooler than normal temperatures. and not close to records in many spots. but it is, once again, where we should be for this time of year as we wrap up this year. it is 31 degrees in the east bay and north bay and san francisco and now 37 degrees and we had some of the coldest air in the north bay where in santa rosa it is 31 degrees and napa it's 30 degrees. we've been below freezing in spots for several hours. and where it is slightly above freezing, we do still have some frost. it will slowly warm as we go
6:48 am
through the day and by lunchtime we are up to 50 degrees in the peninsula. in the tri-valley it's 48 degrees and highs today making it into the mid-50s. so, a touch warmer than yesterday. in san francisco, 54 grees. a look at the next three days. we keep these same temperatures. morning temperatures, it will still be very chilly. and we will have a slight chance of rain for the north bay tomorrow but the rest of the bay area looks to stay dry as the cold front slides off to the east. it just kind of keeps our cold in place as high pressure builds into the next couple of days. so, no major changes here with that front sliding off to the east. once again, high pressure keeps dry and cool for those morning hours. widespread temperatures in the 20s and 30s will continue for those inland valleys. and this weekend, we won't have a change as we welcome in the new year highs will be in the upper 50s, mostly dry conditions and a couple of spots near 60 degrees, but not quite there. and then on sunday, we may have some scattered showers moving in as we track the next storm
6:49 am
system. that looks to approach for the start of next week. so, it will be dry for the next few days, but we are not done with that rain just yet. let's check in now with anthony to see what's happening on the roads. >> winter just started, what, a week ago? we're just getting ready. want to start you off on the north bay. calls from chp that there is a structure fire maybe three structures on fire. this is near napa near wooden valley road. that's where the reporting the fire. we launched chopper and we're going to get updates for you as we go through the morning to see if we can see what's happening there. of course, three structures. that could be a big fire. across parts of the east bay we are seeing the fog as we have been mentioning all morning long. either way if you're coming or going through the altamont pass. visibility down to a quarter of a mile from this shot and take it easy. this is our trouble spot this morning because we're not looking at any major accidents. we switch back over to the map
6:50 am
and earlier we've been telling you about a car fire on the peninsula. this is right near the los altos hills and crews on the scene trying to put that fire out and across the south bay, no issues. that fog still a problem and freezing fog because temperatures are below freezing there. take it easy. back over to you, ira. livermore police are putting out the call this morning for helping the tragic case of a 6-year-old girl who is now without her mother. they started a go fund me campaign to help the little girl named carma. she couldn't celebrate christmas because her mother became critically sick. the 39-year-old mom ended up dying on christmas day leaving the 6-year-old in the care of officers and eventually in foster care. officers responded by buying her gifts, but now they're going the extra mile by starting a fund-raising campaign. the money they raise will be used for necessities, as well as travel expenses to reunite the girl with her grandmotor. >> just brighten up her christmas a little bit. kids are not going to like this. a new state law going into
6:51 am
effect on friday on one of the most popular presents underneath the christmas tree this year and one of the most dangerous. beginning january 1st, you must be 16 or older to ride a hoverboard on public streets. you have to wear a helmet. only use hoverboard on streets with a 35 mile per hour speed limit or less. riders cannot go faster than 15 miles per hour. you must also ride in bike lanes and, of course, you can't ride them drunk or on drugs. a state bureaucrat in charge of overseeing safety does not address sidewalks and the locals may step in with their own laws. >> you are going to be restricted by local ordinance as to where you can go and not go. the state law allows it to be on roadways, but your local, city or county may restrict which roadways or what kind of roadways. >> also, on the federal level, don't forget the consumer product safety commission. regulators there are looking into what can be done after a
6:52 am
number of hoverboards have exploded and caught on fire. coming up, a wayward elephant seal spotted once again this morning in the north bay. a new plan to make sure she and drivers on the north bay are safe. as the sun is about to come up
6:53 am
6:54 am
on another day -- marine experts are keeping an eye out for a wayward elephant seal. sam/omni stephanie chuang has some sharp eyes--- even in the dark. she's live in sonoma county where she spottedthe seal, and has more on the new 'plan' to bring ittosafeyt...
6:55 am
sam/omni new this morning: this is a big concern that she might try and cross highway 37, again. so, the marine mammal center new plan is to wait for daylight, maybe even low tide around 11:00 this morning and go into the water with a kayak and use bull horns and banging pipe to guide the seal back to the bay and away from cars and traffic. the center cannot board the seal because she is 900 pounds they don't want to have to sedate her. they don't want her to cross the highway. she did it a couple times yesterday they did have to shut down 37 for a stretch for half an hour. chp is warning drivers not to slow down in rubber neck which apparentlyened yesterday. you can only see the top of her right now, but she is big and the big warning here is if you are in the area, first of all,
6:56 am
if you're driving, don't stop. if you're in the area in person, stay away. she has pressure weight, you could get bitten and even thrown. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay". >> she looks so peaceful there. 6:56. police in the south bay on the lookout for whoever broke into a gun store. this is the scene this morning at the u.s. firearms company on mary avenue in sunnyvale. police are not telling us much, but our camera was there as investigators were searching that gun store for evidence. no word right now on what was stolen and no details yet on a suspect. meantime, the city of oakland is likely going to miss a key deadline to keep the raiders in town. >> damian trujillo is in our newsroom to explain. damian? >> a deadline imposed by the nfl one not many the city of oakland will meet. the nfl told three cities whose teams want to move to come up with a firm financing plan for a new stadium in their city. that plan has to be submitted by
6:57 am
tomorrow. "the chronicle" reports oakland is not prepared to have taxpayers foot the bill to pay for a new stadium. oakland leaders plan to send a letter to the league hoping to persuade the raiders to stay. with that in mind christmas eve game at may have been, in fact, the final game for oakland, the oakland raiders a harrowing thought for the fans of the silver and black. did tell nbc bay area on thursday that she did not see that christmas eve game as the last game for the raiders. and the east bay she is confident that city can iron out a deal. but that december 30 deadline looms large. the nfl owners will vote early next year on what teams, if any, they will allow to leave their home cities. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." we have a follow up as temperatures continue to fall. still more than 1,000 people are without in the east bay and the investigation continues inwhat went wrong.
6:58 am
pg&e is rushing still to turn the gas back on for those folks. more than 6,000 discovery bay customers lost service. this happened early sunday morning. while that service is now back and available, pg&e hasn't been able to contact hundreds of customers because you have to be home. they're leaving fliers telling residents that crews are standing by and ready to help. >> we were able to pinpoint the fact that we had a loss of pressure. the exact cause, that's still under investigation. >> i'm all excited right now that their heat's on. kids were in the house and everything. we're all happy that it's heat. >> pg&e set up warming shelters just like this one at timber point elementary center to help those get through the cold night and what a time for this to happen. temperatures near freezing or below freezing in some places. >> we had to deal with that and also some frost and some spots with fog this morning. and that may create some black ice. now, as we start out in the
6:59 am
north. it's 30 degrees. the sun is rising. we're getting ready to get our low temperatures the lowest of the low and highs today will reach into the mid-50s with a lot of sunshine. so, feeling a little bit better this afternoon. >> kari has been reporting on freezing conditions and frost. anthony, you have been on fog patrol. >> frost, fog and fire this morning. oh, my. lions, tigers and bears. if you caught the reference. i'm having fun with it this morning. here you can see through the dublin corridor. fog down to less than half a mile. this is our trouble spot this morning and a slow go. not too bad approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. sunshine approaching and the metering lights haven't been turned on and our final stop to palo alto. grab those shades before you head out, it is going to be a bright day. this is near napa and more updates on that coming up throughout the morning. wooden valley road will be shut down this morning because of a three structure fire. we'll continue to have updates throughout the morning. >> thanks for all, anthony. thanks to you for joining us
7:00 am
this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 a live local news update. we bid you farewell with a live look at san francisco. good morning. good morning. winter's here. snow and ice slamming the northeast right now making a mess of the morning commute as the deadly storm that hammers other parts of the country moves east and nearly 40 million americans wake up to their first taste of the season. >> breaking overnight, captured, the so-called affluenza teen, detained in mexico along with his mother. his hair died black. both now facing possible time behind bars. this morning how investigators caught up with them. >> not backing down on the heels of a documentary accusing peyton


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