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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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along the embark dario. people are watching the sky hoping it remains clear for the fireworks show. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the weather. we begin in san francisco with the plan police came up with to keep people safe. good evening, pete. >> reporter: we're not seeing that police presence yet, of course as we get closer to midnight we'll start to see more. we're right here at embarcadere. see crowds hanging out. this area is going to be filled with people and you'll see plenty of police officers as they step up their police presence for new year's eve night. we spoke to san francisco police. they're expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors to come to the city to enjoy new year's eve. they're telling us in light of the events we're seeing worldwide as well as domestically, they decided to beef up security tonight. >> so basically we do monitor what goes on around the world, what happened in san bernardino, threats to other cities and so with that in mind, we want to make sure we have a safe new year's eve here in san
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francisco. >> reporter: and of course, they want to bring home the message if you see something, say something. there will be plenty of police officers in the area. you can flag down a police officer or you can simply call 911. reporting from san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. another big concern is of course always the weather as we take you to san francisco. clear skies there right now. what you can't see is what you want to pay attention it. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking this new year's eve forecast. looks so clear out there. >> definitely clear skies then the added layer of the very cold temperatures. see on our satellite/radar picture behind me, a nice clearing continuing to stay in place over the next 24 hours. so let's get a look at how cold it already is. at 5:01 tonight, anyone heading out definitely needs to remember to take that heavy jacket. 47 in napa, 47 in mill valley. 49 in vallejo. walnut creek 47. san jose currently checking in at 50 degrees.
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now you take these cold temperatures that will continue to drop from this point on outward and add in wind especially in san francisco where thousands of people will be, and that wind out of the north and slightly out of the east at 14 miles per hour is going to provide a windchill. let's take a look at exact lou how cold it's going to get. at the coastline. at 10:00 tonight, 40 degrees. 39 by the bay. and 37 inland. and that windchill will make it feel like 35 across the interior valleys. and likely 37 in san francisco. as we get ready to ring in that new year. coming up in the microclimate forecast, we're tracking not one but two different systems. we'll let you know how much rain in habit 15 minutes. >> jeff, thank you. take a look hours before one of the world's largest fireworks shows got under way. this happened. a fire ravaged a 63-story hotel and apartment building in dubai. more than a dozen people were hurt. the flames tore through the luxury building as thousands of people gathered on the streets for new year's eve celebrations. dubai's fireworks show went on
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as scheduled though smoke obscured the fireworks. the cause of the fire is under investigation. here in the bay area less than seven hours until midnight. if you're looking to make last-minute new year's eve plans head to our website, go to and find the link right on our home page. and an update into a tragic story we told you about the grandmother who has admitted to drowning her very own grandson. today we learned more about this woman when she faced a judge in court. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the courthouse in fairfield. we understand she actually came to court in pretty unusual clothing. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, she walked into the courtroom, didn't seem overly emotion lg, looked at the judge while the attorneys spoke. she had a chain around her waist and a thick green suit. we're told that's to make sure she doesn't harm herself. outside the fairfield home of dawn raines-hewes people left candles and balloons in memory
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of 4-year-old richard kite and struggled to understand. >> that's hard to determine what would motivate a person to hurt a child. >> reporter: the 5 1-year-old grandmother made her first court appearance today. cameras were not allowed. >> we filed two counts in this case. one count is murder. and the second account is child abuse causing death. they're both punishable by a life sentence, 25 years to life in the state prison. >> reporter: raines-hewes tid not enter a plea or seem emotions l but did wear a special green suit. >> today i've, told that is a garment to prevent her from harming herself. >> reporter: fairfield police say the grand mother admitted to intentionally drowning the boy in a bathtub. but has not commented on a motive. two other young children were in the home but were unharmed and while relatives have described her as kind and caring, prosecutors are looking at all angles. >> there does appear to be at least a partial mental health aspect to this case. we'll have to investigate that as well.
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there will be medical reports we have to access and review. >> that was christie smith reporting. new at 5:00, his last week in office, and san francisco sheriff is overhauling the way the department uses force. he lost his bid for re-election and leaves office next week. but he's worked for a year to update the department's use of force protocol to the deadly shooting of mario woods to allegations of fights in the jails, san francisco this past year. cooling off periods are part of the new policy. it will not only apply to deputies but to all employees. soccer or football. that is the big debate tonight after who will control the elite soccer fields adjacent to levi stadium in february. the santa clara youth soccer league took the matter before a judge hoping to block the nfl from taking over the field. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live. a lot of people are watching
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this decision. >> reporter: that's right, peggy. this is what the fight is over. the pristine soccer fields behind me. see the proximity to levi stadium on my left and your right. now that night is ongoing right now in the court. the judge will decide on wednesday who will have control of these soccer fields throughout the super bowl. several soccer players and soccer moms flocked into superior court this morning. they asked the judge to issue a temporary restraining order preventing the nfl from taking over the soccer fields near levi stadium beginning on monday. >> we learned that a lot of heavy equipment would go on the fields, that the fields would basically be ruined. >> reporter: the fields are used by the santa clara youth soccer club, but the city says it agreed contractually to let the nfl use the fields for its super bowl media compound beginning this monday. >> so on monday, you'll deliver a piece of that field -- >> that's our plan at this point. >> reporter: a judge said he would rule wednesday whether to allow the nfl to use the field oar issue a restraining order against it. >> very sorry it's come to this
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especially at this 11th hour. >> reporter: the attorney for the soccer club says a judge announced in chambers that he has no control over the nfl but he hopes the league doesn't do anything drastic to those fields between now and wednesday. the nfl has already said it would repair and restore those fields after the super bowl. the nfl issued a statement to nbc bay area just after today's hearing. it said in part, "we will continue to support the city of santa clara and the bay area and successfully hosting the most exciting event in this region's history." the city attorney says the nfl only plans to do prepwork here on these fields beginning on monday and says there is still room for compromise. we're live outside levi stadium, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. crews are working to repair this large sinkhole you're looking at. it's putting a damper on san francisco new year's eve plans
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on church street between 24 and jersey in san francisco's noi valley and still being repaired ats this hour. nbc bay area's scott bud nman i live near the hole with your alternate ways to get around. hi, scott. >> reporter: good evening, vicky. the sinkhole opened early this morning. at this point crews tell us it likely won't be filled until at least saturday. it's a new year's eve surprise that might punch a hole in some travel plans. a ten-foot-long sinkhole on church and jersey streets in san francisco's noi valley. >> yeah, it's going to impact a lot of people tonight going out and taking the train to go out for new year. >> reporter: the train is the "j" church line blocked all day and all night. locals spent the day negotiating their way around the hole. blamed on an early morning sewer main failure. >> kind of a big deal. new year's eve. the "j" church gets a lot of traffic. so people are going to be kind
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of confused and wandering around trying to figure out how to get where they're going. >> reporter: a night of reveling with a main local street to be avoided. now the streets around church are moving, and traffic is flowing pretty smoothly. the end line will be able to pick up some of the train traffic but at this point,s it's best to avoid church and jersey probably for the next couple of days. reporting live, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. still ahead, a behemoth on the bay. the largest cargo ship to ever dock in the u.s. has arrived. why it's here and what's on it. plus, a partial victory for crab fishermen and crab lovers. the change state officials just made to that health advisory. also -- >> i'm michelle roberts in san francisco where police are asking for help to identify the people seen in surveillance video stealing several cars from an auto repair shop. the details coming up. do you recognize any of these
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people? san francisco police are investigating a burglary at a do you recognize any of these people? san francisco police are investigating a burglary at a high-end auto repair shop ne near -- after -- i'm sorry, rather, after seven audis were stolen out of a lot early yesterday morning. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live outside royal automotive group near howard and 12th street with how the thieves got in. good evening, michelle.
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>> reporter: yeah, hi, vicky. first step was this lock. the manager says they cut this. they were able to get to the back door and found the keys inside, but how they were able to find the keys is still unknown which is why they're upping security overnight. three men and a woman can be seen walking around the repair room floor at royal automotive group in san francisco early wednesday morning. at one point, they load what appears to be auto parts into the trunk of a car. several minutes late e the surveillance cameras outside show the thieves drive off the lots. in total, seven audis were stolen. manager eric chris jansen estimates the loss is upwards of $420,000. >> this was broken here. and that allowed them to gain entry into the lot are. >> reporter: he says the thieves manipulated an electric lock to enter the garage, knew where the keys were kept and how to access them. >> they obviously knew what they were doing. >> reporter: police say part of
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the investigation will be interviewing employees who may know who was responsible. >> someone had to have known or had some type of information or experience on where these keys are kept. >> reporter: two of the stolen cars belong to customers. the other five are dealership owned. >> we don't know if they're using them for parts or if they're being sold on the black market. >> reporter: while police follow leads, chris jansen says they're reviewing their security protocols to avoid being targeted twice. >> well, you know, you feel very violated and you feel very helpless at the same time. >> reporter: police say there have been several similar burglaries in the bay area in the last year at auto repair shops like these. they say they're investigating if any of those are related. reporting live in san francisco tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> all right, michelle, thank you very much. well back on the table, some rock crab caught along parts of the california coast are now safe to east, but not crab
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caught here in the bay area. here's the map that shows where the crab ban has been lifted. we're looking at the waters to sant ra barbara counties. crabs caught in other areas are still unsafe to eat. important to pay particular attention to the source of the crab. remember back in november the california department of fish and wildlife postponed crab season up and down the coast due to the discovery of high toxins levels in crab. a historic visitor in the bay area today. the largest ever container ship to dock in the u.s. the benjamin franklin drew big crowds. people gathered to watch it squeeze under the golden gate bridge. it really had 30 feet of clearance but it was a dramatic moment watching the ship slip under the bridge. tonight it is berthed at the port of oakland. it's almost a quarter mile long and an carry up to 18,000 shipping containers. >> you. i mean, it's incredible. and as it approached, i was like, it's getting even bigger. >> the ship also docked at los
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angeles as part of its trial visit. this ship could be a game changer for the west coast. until today, megaships only stopped in asia and europe. port administrators hope today marks a turning point in trades involving these larger ships. well, a warning now to drivers out there. slow down on the icy roads or this could happen. that driver there drove the van right into the bay off an ice-covered highway, highway 1 as a matter of fact. the crash happened this morning in west marin. now the driver took a sharp turn and quickly braked which caused the van to lose traction and slid right there into the water. the chp says people need to be extra cautious of the cold and the icy roads. >> so driving now, everyone should use a little caution knowing you're going into an area that is sheltered, we do have a significant drop in temperature. so you do want to keep that in mind as you're driving through these roads. you cannot drive the same speeds at all. >> it was a pretty terrifying crash. take a look at this van here. it actually flipped several
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times on its way down, but did land on its wheels. as for the driver, he was able to get out and a passerby took the driver to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. well, cold but clear out there for people who are going to be celebrating new year's outside in the bay area, right, jeff? >> that's exactly right. anyone who has plans to see fireworks tonight, it's a 100% chance that you're going to be able to see exactly what you want. but remember the jacket. if you haven't been outside much today, it was cold. and temperatures are continuing to drop at this hour. as the sun sets. let's get a laook right now wit the wind 5 to 10 miles per hour, making it feel like, that's right, a windchill in the bay area, 45 in napa, 45 mill valley, 46 walnut creek, 46 in fremont. also the same in stanford. currently 49 in san jose. so what about tonight for new year's eve? well, sit down. get ready to digest this. if you missed our forecast
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earlier, going to need tjacket, gloves, scarf to keep you warm outside. to get a view of the fireworks at the coast. 10:00 tonight, 40 degrees. windchill of 38. for interior valleys, 37 degrees. with the wind 5 to 15 miles per hour it will make it feel like 35 out there. once again, bundle up. watch out for patches of ice. as we saw in the story earlier, definitely can get dangerous out here on our roads. we keep the chilly weather into the morning. isolated 20s in the north bay. that's the best chance of the frost on the roadways. san francisco at 40. east bay at 29. 35 in the peninsula. south bay starting off sunny for 2016 and temps in the mid 30s. let's get a look at the microclimate forecast as we head into 2016. sunny and crisp air across san jose and 53 degrees. we'll see pretty much the same across morgan hill. check it out throughout the peninsula. we likely won't get out of the 40s for pacifica. cool across the marina, 48.
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downtown and the financial district, 50 and sunny sky. north bay, east bay and also the tri valley, sunny skies all around. some of the coldest temperatures across the east bay. walnut creek back into the lafayette, upper 40s right through fremont, 52. a nice day in the tri valley. 51 expect eed across livermore. look ahead to the upcoming weekend forecast, a few changes to tell you about. we'll see how clouds on saturday. temps primarily in the 50s. once we hit sunday, that's when rain looks to return. likely by the late morning headquarters into the afternoon, temperatures bump up a bit. warm air wrapped around the storm system. a tenth to a quarter inch at this point. next to the timing of these storm systems. here's that first one, again. sunday at around 2:30, we get the heaviest chance of rain in the north bay then gradually we'll see the rain move to the south bay. i really think it breaks apart, though. our better chance of widespread rain would be on tuesday at 9:00 in the morning. lasting through the afternoon and also the evening hours.
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so the big question always is, how much rainfall? i think we're locked in right now for at the peninsula, down toward the south bay, of at least 1 inch of rain. as you approach areas in the east bay and san francisco, maybe about 1 1/2. for the north bay we could see 2 2-plus inches. sunday a storm system and tuesday looks like the tuesday storm will be the strongest one. ladies? >> all right. good heads up there. thank view, jeff, so much. let's take you back to new york city and the look at times square. this is the mother ship of new year's eve, of course. many people turn to new york to see what's going on. this is where a million people are expected to ring in the new year. a ton of confetti will be dropped. looking here at about less than four hours until that happens. this has been going on since 1904. >> wow. >> that's a long time. and absolutely looks fun out there, but it looks so crowded. got to be okay with being in a -- >> being in a big crowd. having the crazy warm weather but a little chilly there tonight. we'll continue to see how things go there in times square tonight. really, why wait until
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midnight for the countdown? some people in santa clara welcomed the new year 12 hours early. the santa clara library hosted new year's eve. that's more my speed. the celebration happened at their branch. more than 250 people danced the afternoon away in fancy attire to popular dances like the ever popular ymca and of course the whip the nae, nae dance. it struck noon and everybody -- >> do the stanky leg. >> i've been working on that myself. >> you should see her superman. ahead, buyers beware. the big change at&t is making next week and the popular phone plans that won't be available. take a look at this new video detectives want you to see as they search for these two suspects who robbed an east bay gas station. a look at new video that
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might help contra costa county sheriff's deputies indentify and catch two taking a look here at new video that could help contra costa police identify and capture two suspects. the men robbed a gas station on danville boulevard in alamo early sunday morning. the suspects are described between 18 and 20-year-old males. here's a closer look at the
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suspects. one is african-american. the other is either a light skinned african-american or hispanic. they fled in an older white suv. the cash yeier had to be treatet the hospital. hundreds of new laws go into effect tomorrow. one is relief exemptions for childhood vaccinations. means all school kids must get immunization shots unless they have a medical waiver. the ban on concealed guns on college campuses and k-12 schools will begin friday as well. pregnancy clinics must now hang signs in waiting rooms informing patients about state-funded abortion and family-planning services. and the state minimum wage will increase from $9 to $10 an hour. well, say good-bye to two of your phone contracts. at&t is one of the last carriers with that contract. starting next friday they're ditching it. instead the company will offer what they're calling next planned. that means instead of at&t subsidizing the cost of the phone you just buy the phone or pay for it in installments.
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with the old plan there was no way to pay off your phone and eventually were paying more money for nothing. under the new plan if you choose to pay an installment plan to pay off the phone, once it's paid off your bill goes down. imagine starting the new year with an extra 9.9 million bucks. that is coming true for someone in the bay area. california lottery says the lucky person bought a powerball ticket in san jose for yesterday's drawing. the winning numbers, 12, 6 1rks 54, 38, 36, powerball number 22. the mystery winner bought the ticket on a liquor store on santa teresa boulevard called the wine rack. >> that's exciting. >> no kidding. if you're heading to the city tonight we want to give you another check of your new year's eve forecast. that's coming up next. a staggering rise in crash
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deaths in the south bay. we're looking inty tonight at 6:00, a staggering rise in crash deaths in the south bay. we're looking into why it might be happening and what can be done to reverse this trend. that's next at 6:00. and as we speak, people across the bay area getting ready to ring in 2016. a fresh start to do it right. how many of them headed here likely, this of course is the embarcadero in san francisco. beautiful picture here. this is what it looked like just after 5:00. some pretty clear skies. but a little bit chilly out there. look at that, jeff.
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looking nice. >> stunning. yes. very, very clear sighs. going to allow a lot of what we call radiational cooling across the bay area tonight. let's get to the numbers. windchill, 5 to 15 mile per hour wind gusts dropping temperatures making it feel like already 43 in napa, 50 in san francisco, 45 in walnut creek, fremont also 45, same for stanford. 46 in san jose. morgan hill checking in at 49. so what about tonight? we're giving you a forecast for 10:00 because you should probably be where you're going to be for those fireworks by 10:00 tonight. we're going to have 40 at the coastline. by the bay, 39. inland, 37. with that windchill, it's going to make it feel like 35 degrees, so wear the layers. might even need the gloves. definitely a scarf. a little bit festive. also a hat. your head is one of your first places you tend to lose heat. if you're a cold one, wear your hat tonight. tomorrow morning, clear skies coming back. 20s in the north bay. watch out for patchy ice.
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south bay, 34. sunny bright start to 2016. temps upper 50s. we're setting you up right. >> sounds great. tonight, new year's inferno. a skyscraper hotel up in flames, raining down fiery debris, while one of the world's biggest fireworks show goes on as planned. terror plot foiled. a man accused of hatching an isis-inspired new year's attack. how the fbi says he planned to murder innocents as they rang in 2016. lost in the flood. many families left with nothing as historic floods devastate the midwest, where in many areas the water is still rising. affluenza mom charged. she's been deported back to the u.s., while her son fights to stay in mexico. new details about their life on the run. an nbc news investigation revealing a replacement for a medical device associated with dozens of deaths also has potentially fatal flaws.


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