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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> we have team coverage for you. jeff ranieri is standing by with the forecast. but we start with pete who is live in san francisco. you are where the party is at, pete. >> reporter: it will definitely be a party here along the embarcadero. we're starting to see the police presence. but right here behind me along this water front, expect to see a lot of security and police officers because of that annual fireworks show. we spoke to san francisco police. they're expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city. a lot of people here because of that fireworks show and because of that crowd, they decided to beef up security in light of the recent worldwide events, the paris attacks as well as the san bernardino attacks, they want more people here on the ground. of course, depending on people out here having fun to help them out. >> we're asking for the public to be our eyes and ears. if someone sees something suspicious, we ask that you say something to law enforcement.
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>> of course, if you see something, say something. there will be plenty of police officers out here, so you can flag them down or call 911. >> pete, sharp dressed man out there. if you are planning on shooting off yourse own celebratory fireworks, don't. there is a zero tolerance for even the sparklers. illegal fireworks can also start fires. oakland police warning about celebratory gunfire. this is a live picture here as part of the crackdown in oakland, police will send officers into neighborhoods that have had a high report of gun shots. there's a concern tonight about the weather as we look at san francisco. you can see the skies are clear, but that means lit be cold. jeff ranieri is tracking a new year's eve forecast for us.
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>> definitely the temperatures that are going down, and windchills that we'll have. because of the cold temperatures, we have a freeze warning by the national weather service. temperatures will likely range 27 to 34 degrees in these areas shaded in blue, including the north bay, east bay and portions of the peninsula, as well. let's get a look at exactly how cold it is right now with a little bit of wind factored in, it is close to the 30s in napa, 45 in vallejo. 47 in san jose. and 48 in gilroy. so once again, that wind is expected to pick up, especially in san francisco where we have thousands of people coming out tonight. it looks like a northeast wind, 15 to about 20 miles per hour. so what would that mean for temperatures? let's get a look at the forecast. coastline is at 40 degrees. by the way, 39, and inland, windchills of 35 degrees. the full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> jeff, thanks so much. if you're looking to make
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last-minute new year's eve plans, go to where you can find a link on our home page. we're just a couple hours from the big ball drop in new york city. this, of course, the most popular new year's eve destination in the u.s. coming up, we'll go live there to the big apple to show you how the crowd is growing and also what's being done to keep everyone safe. and we'll look at the other areas around the world that have already been ringing in 2016. new details now on a disturbing case. a grandmother who admitted to drowning her own 4-year-old grand son. today, we learn more about this woman when she made her first court appearance. christy smith is live in fairfield. we understand she wore protective clothing in the courtroom today. >> reporter: that's right. she had a chain around her waist and a thick suit on. we're told that was to make sure she wouldn't harm herself.
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just the attorneys and the judge spoke while she looked straight ahead. >> i'm here because of the compassion of a loss of any child. >> reporter: outside the fairfield home, people left items in memory of 4-year-old richard. >> it's hard to determine what would motivate a person to hurt a child. >> reporter: police say she admitted to intentionally drowning the boy. today, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. >> i have been told that is a garment to prevent her from farming herself. >> reporter: she did not enter a plea. >> we filed two counts in this case. one count is murder. the second count is child abuse causing death. they're both punishable by a life sentence, 25 years to life in state prison. >> reporter: police have not commented on a motive. two other children were also in
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the home but unharmed. while relatives have described her as kind and caring, prosecutors are looking at all angles. >> there does appear to be at least a partial mental health aspect to this case. we'll have to investigate that, as well. there will be some medical reports we'll have to access and review. >> reporter: we didn't see any family members at the proceedings today. she's due back in court on january 7th. reporting live in fairfield, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. sit the highest it's been in decades. san jose's ending 2015 with a spike in crash deaths. 23 people died were pedestrians. robert? >> reporter: peggy, the numbers are shocking, and it's situation we see in san jose and to a certain extent throughout the south bay. a number of steps are being
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taken by many agencies to tackle the problem, including tonight. the santa clara county sheriff's department is out tonight as avoid the 13 drcrackdown on dui drivers. there were 24 incidents of vehicles with pedestrians, as well as 22 with vehicles involving bicyclists from november 2014 to november 2015. >> if you're enjoying the local pubs or establishments, use the cross walk on your way home or take care when stepping out in the roadway. in the same token, if you're going to drink at the party, have a designated driver or call a cab. >> reporter: the city of san jose is taking what it calls tangible steps to address the spiking situation. the mayor says in 2016, the city
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will target 14 main traffic corridors that accounted for half of its recorded deaths. he says the death of well known community leader ernie glabe, hit by a vehicle last week, drove the message home. >> losing ernie is tough for us, but it's also instructive about typical example of where we're losing so many pedestrians and cyclists. it's not in the neighborhood streets overwhelmingly, it's in the major arteries. >> reporter: and the mayor also said san jose is joining with san francisco to push the state for more automated speed enforcement measures. robert handa, nbc bay area news. just in, santa is busted on the peninsula. specifically the so-called santa h hat burglar. police say he got the keys during a home burglary in hillsboro, police say he was arrested christmas night near
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the crash creek casino. investigators say not only did they find items stolen in hillsboro, but he was still wearing his santa hat. i'm michelle roberts live in san francisco where police are asking for help to find the 179 seen in surveillance video stealing high-end vehicles. coming up, how they did it. i'm damian trujillo, where the local youth club has taken the city and by extension, the nfl to court over super bowl l. that's next. and also, why seafood in the bay area is not on this list yet. do you recognize any of these
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people? san francisco police are investigating a burglary at a high end auto repair shop. do you recognize any of these people? san francisco police are investigating a burglary at a high end auto repair shop. someone stole seven luxury cars right off the lot. michelle roberts is live outside the royal automotive group near howard and 12th in san francisco with how the thieves got in and how they got out with seven cars. >> reporter: that's right. it's being called a brazen crime in the middle of the night. they were able to break this lock, get into the garage and they knew where to find the keys. they stole the cars and drove right out, which is why tonight
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the manager has hired security to patrol this area. >> there were padlocks in place similar to this here. >> reporter: eric jansen says he arrived to work yesterday morning to find an open gate. >> we're very shocked. >> reporter: he and misare hoping someone recognizes any of these suspects, walking around the repair room floor. at one point they load what appears to be autoparts in the trunk of a car. then the cameras show the thieves drive off the lot. in total, seven audis were stolen. the loss is upwards of $420,000. >> they obviously knew what they were doing. >> reporter: part of the investigation will be interviewing employees who may know who was responsible. >> someone has to have information on where these keys are kept. >> reporter: two stolen cars belong to customers. the other five are dealership
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owned. >> we don't know if they're being sold on the black market or used for parts. >> reporter: chris jansen says they're reviewing security protocols. >> you feel very violated and you feel very helpless at the same time. >> reporter: police say there have been several similar burglaries in the bay area in the last year. they are investigating if any of them are related. reporting live in san francisco, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. new at 6:00, the end of the year brings an end for many people in santa clara to avoid going to jail. a flurry of men and women have bench warrants. the wintertime amnesty program allows them to get a new court date without penalty. one woman says that she missed her court date because she couldn't get into the building, it was closed on the day she was supposed to be there. she's grateful for a second chance.
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>> it's a huge stress relief obviously. i feel like having that kind of hanging over your head is horrible. >> the sheriff's department says the amnesty program helps the program and alleviates the workload of deputies who have to execute the warrants. the santa clara youth soccer club has taken the city to court, hoping to keep the fields'9" plays on away from the nfl. damian trujillo is live outside of levi's with what happened in court. >> reporter: the nfl wants to use those soccer fields behind me in preparation for the super bowl. they want to control it until february. now that decision is in the hands of a judge. soccer kids and their families spent new year's eve in court today hoping a judge allows them to keep using the soccer fields
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next to levi stadium. >> we're trying to get notice by colleges too. and that field is an amazing place to be noticed because it's such good ground. >> reporter: but the city agreed to let the nfl take over the field beginning monday, to house its media compound for the super bowl. >> the league and the host committee has spent millions of dollars in reliance on promises we made. so now we need to make good. >> reporter: but the youth soccer club fought back, asking the judge to order a temporary restraining order, forcing the nfl to stay away. the contention is the move would displace in youth that use the field. >> the fields will basically be ruined. >> we're very sorry it's come to this. >> reporter: the city says it made a commitment to the nfl and found alternate soccer fields for the club to use. but the soccer players say the
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alternatives aren't good enough and now a judge will rule wednesday. that means the nfl can still move in on monday. >> that's our plan at this point. >> reporter: the nfl issued a statement this afternoon that read in part, "we will continue to support the city of santa clara and the bay area in successfully hosting the most exciting event in this region's history." the nfl also says after the super bowl, it will repair and restore the soccer field behind me. >> damian, thank you so much. back on the table, some crabs caught along the bay area may not be safe to eat. this shows where the ban has been lifted. crabs caught in some areas are unsafe to eat. back in november, the california department of fish and wildlife postponed crab season up and
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down the coast due to the discovery of high toxin levels in the crabs. a warning to drivers out there. slow down on the icy roads or this could be the end result. you see that van drove right into the bay. this is highway 1 where this happened. it happened this morning. the chp says the driver made a sharp turn and braked, lost traction and slid into the water. >> so driving that, everyone should use a little caution, knowing that you're going into an area that is sheltered. we do have a significant drop in temperature. so you do want to keep that in mind as you're driving through these roads. you cannot drive the same speed at all. >> if you can believe that the van flipped several times. it did land upright on its wheels. as for the driver, he was able to get out and a passer-by took him to the hospital. no word on his condition. less than an hour ago, we saw the last sunset of 2015.
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it was beautiful. >> absolutely. take a look at this video from stinson beach, shot by terry mcsweeney. now the weather in focus is on tonight. >> and our partner in crime for the forecast, jeff ranieri is looking at that. a good night for new years. >> it definitely is. it was cold for today, but we're going to see one of the coldest new years in quite some time. 10:00 p.m. tonight, 40 degrees at the coastline. windchill of 38. for the interior valleys, if the wind kicks up to 15 miles per hour as forecasted in san francisco, it could feel like the upper 30s, as well. so wear the layers, bundle up. we have a freeze warning just issued by the national weather service for these areas. that's where temperatures range from 27 to 34 degrees. the best way to battle this
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chill is to wear layers. as we heard earlier, there is the possibility of patchy ice on the road. we have been so cold that you get complacent and driving around at normal speeds, but back it off on the bridges and overpasses. how cold are we going to get? down to an average of 34 in the south bay. east bay, 29. and likely an average of 28 in the north bay. we may have a few locations going down to the lower 20s. sunny skies and 51 in the north bay. new changes coming your way, including rainfall by the weekend. the first of two storms arrives by sunday, right into the afternoon. looks like slow and sluggish, moving into the north bay, and then gradually falling apart by the south bay. so a tenth to a quarter inch sunday night and early monday and a second storm system and a
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stronger one by next tuesday. we're talking about how much rainfall we'll get from this in my forecast in about 25 minutes. >> thank you so much. we are counting down to 2016. coming up, a stop by the biggest party in the country, that would be times square in new york city. and a look at some of the best fireworks shows from around the world. then a new year means new laws, we are breaking down the changes you will see next year. why wait until midnight to
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countdown? some people santa clara welcomed the new ye twelve why wait for midnight to countdown to new years? some people in santa clara welcomed the new year 12 hours early. this happened at the north side branch. the lights were off, music was on for about two hours. about 250 people joined the party this afternoon. all in fancy attire and danced to ymca and the nay nay dance. >> look how dressed up everyone is. >> love it. a new year means new laws in california. this year, the governor signed a total of 807 bills. many start tomorrow. first, the controversial vaccination law. all kids in public school must
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get their shots unless it's for a medical reason. that means no more exemptions for religious or personal reasons. some parts have until july to get their kids up to date on shots. another new law is meant to protect rights. police will have to get a search warrant before looking through e-mails and g.p.s. data stored in your smartphone or laptop. the minimum wage is going up by a dollar. starting tomorrow, lit be $10 an hour. however, some bay area cities have a higher requirement. and the hoverboards, you might have gotten one for christmas, those can be riden in bike lanes and other pathways. the law includes other types of motorized boards. the governor also vetoed 133 dill bills this year because they would be been too intrusive in our lives. let's show you how other cities are ringing in 2016, from sydney to london, hundreds of
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millions are already beginning the new year. and in just a few hours, people here in the u.s. will be doing the very same thing. so beautiful. less than three hours away from the big ball drop in new york city. >> reporter: it's out with the old and in with the new year. >> it's going to be a whole new year for us. it's going to be exciting, i think. >> reporter: ringing in 2016 in times square takes more than a little work, starting with the new rules that arrived weeks ago. and a face-lift to the waterford crystal ball. 288 crystals were added to the more than 2,000 already in place. >> we get to see the ball. >> reporter: a test confetti and ball lighting gave a sneak peek of what to come. and people were invited to personalize the new year, writing wishes on pain they are will be mixed in with the confetti. >> i like it.
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>> reporter: with the world watching, officials have enhanced security with 6,000 officers assigned to times square. for the first time, some will be armed with long runs, bomb sniffing dogs and chemical and radiation detector also be present. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis from what it was a year ago or two years ago. and in response to that, and in fact, ahead of that in some respects, that's why we have enlarged our capabilities here in the city. >> reporter: measures appreciated by visitors. >> i feel pretty safe right now, yeah. i don't feel that threatened. >> reporter: law enforcement and revelers working together toward a safe and fun start to 2016. >> about 2 1/2 hours away. coming up, a fire that caught the world's attention. a high rise in dubai goes up in flames. the problems it caused for hundreds of people in the area
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there to watch the new year's eve fireworks. also, a sink hole causing a whole lot of trouble for san francisco commuters. why it won't get fixed right away. a sinkhole putting a damper on
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new year's plans. just how badly it's affecting muri we're going to take a look at this sinkhole, putting a damper on new year's plans. we'll be telling you more about
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that here coming up. but first, a developing story out of europe tonight. authorities in munich are warning the public that a terror attack would be imminent. they've evacuated two train stations and are advising people to avoid large crowds. extra police officers are patrolling the streets, looking for anything suspicious. the nature of the threat and who made it still unclear tonight. but police are investigating potential suspects. munich's warning comes amid heightened concerns about terrorist attacks since the paris attacks last month. other cities have canceled their new year's eve celebrations over terror attack concerns. >> i think it's a good and right decision. there could be a lot of confusion if the fireworks started. >> i think it's backing down to the threat of terrorism. we should stand up and make everything happen. >> six people have been detained in connection to a possible plot to attack the celebrations under
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way in belgium. back in the u.s., the fbi busted a rochester, new york man on terrorism related charges. they say he planned to kill innocent people on new year's eve in the name of isis. the feds say the 25-year-old had been in touch with someone overseas who identified themselves as an isis member. court documents show he went to a walmart and bought supplies for the attack, including ski masks, zip ties, knives and a machete. crews are working to repair a large sinkhole tonight. for people trying to get around, it is a real headache. now, the sinkhole is on church street before 24th and jersey street. >> reporter: the sinkhole behind me is going to take probably another day and a half to fill. the water main break has been fixed, that's the good news. the bad news is this area won't be opened up until at least the
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weekend. an early morning sewer main failure led to a sinkhole opening up on a busy street. >> surprised, definitely. we'll see what happens tonight, how i get to my new year's party. >> reporter: the hole shut down church at jersey street and blocking the j-church train line. cars spent the day working around the closure. >> kind of a big deal new year's eve. this gets a lot of traffic. so people are going to be confused and wandering around trying to figure out how to get where they're going. >> i know they're running a j-bus going down church. so i'm not sure if it goes over to balboa station probably. but i know there's a bus running right now. >> reporter: so a traffic tip -- if this part of the city is part of your new year's eve route, give yourself a little extra
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time to get around the hole. crews say they're going to try to make it so that the j-line can, within a day or so, come back through. but it's going to take a couple of days to fill the sinkhole. so best bet is to avoid church and jersey streets here. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. deputies released new surveillance video and pictures that might help them identify and catch two robbery suspects. investigators say these two men robbed a gas station on danville boulevard in alamo sunday morning. the suspects are described as between 18 and 20 years old. here's a closer look at the men. they fled in an older white suv. the cashier was treated at the hospital. his last week in office and the san francisco sheriff is overhauling the way the department uses force. after losing the november election, he leaves next week. but today he released the department's new use of force
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protocol, which was a year in development. from the deadly shooting of mario woods to allegations of fights in the jails, san francisco law enforcement has seen a lot of controversy this past year. the escalation training and cooling off periods are part of the new policy. this will apply to all employees. the deputy's union will have a chance to review that proposal. it's a new year's eve display not planned. this is from a hotel in downtown dubai. this happened just a few hours before the city's huge fireworks display was set to start in a nearby city. nbc's curt gregory explained how much of that fire affected new year's eve celebrations. >> reporter: a massive fire broke out tonight at this hotel in downtown dubai as right-field liners waited for a planned fire work display. video showed flames engulfing
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the hotel. early reports say the fire started on the 20th floor of the 63-floor structure. at least 14 people have sustained minor injuries from the fire. the hotel describes itself as the premiere five-star hotel in dubai, standing near the world's tallest skyscraper. the fire started around 9:30 p.m. >> they're trying to get everybody out of the mall area. >> reporter: a reporter who happened to be there on vacation, shared video of himself and others being evacuated from the hotel. the fire did not stop the fireworks celebration in dubai, as it went on despite the blaze. curt gregory, nbc news. say goodbye to two-year phone contracts. at&t is one of the last carriers with that contract that starting next friday they're ditching it.
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instead, they'll offer what they're calling next plans. that means instead of at&t subsidizing the cost of a phone, you'll buy the phone or pay for it in installments. with the old plan, there was no way to pay off your phone and you just ended up paying more for nothing. under the new plan, if you choose the installment plan to pay for your phone, once it's paid off, your bill will go down. the largest ship to ever visit the u.s. is docked at the port of oakland. the changes that had to be made to accommodate this ship. and cheap gas prices means more money in driver's wallets.
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians
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who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. prices. this fall and winter --
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we paid less at the puthan we haven years. and it turns out -- it added a lot of extra ch call fit year of cheaper gas prices. this fall and winter we paid less than we have in years. and it added a lot of extra cash to our wallets. aaa says the average driver pocketed $550 thanks to cheaper gas prices. that's enough to cover a car payment or two. the average gas price in the u.s. today is right around $2. however, california drivers still pay much higher prices than the rest of the country. in the bay area, oakland is the cheapest today with an average of $2.70 a gallon. san jose at one cent more. the average price in san francisco, $2.80 a gallon. a baffling message has facebook users scratching their head. the social network invited some users to celebrate 46 years of friendship on facebook. since facebook started in 2004, that's quite impossible. the company blamed a software bug. the problem is likely linked to internal calendars in the data
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storage computers. speaking of facebook, the app that was the most popular of 2015, yep, facebook. a record 127 million users logged in each month. youtube's app was the second most used with 97 million users. and the third most used app was facebook's messenger app. 96 million people used that this year. imagine starting the new year with an extra $1.9 million. that dream is coming true for someone right here in the bay area. not me or peggy, though. the lucky person bought a powerball ticket in san jose, matched five of the six numbers. these are the winning numbers. the mystery winner bought the ticket at a liquor store on santa theresa store called wine rack. so check your tickets. >> all right.
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cold temperatures out there right now. we have a freeze warning in effect right now. you can see how beautiful san francisco looks right now. we'll talk more about your new year's eve forecast, how chilly and two more storms on the way. also, the sight to see. the largest container ship to visit the u.s. is now in the bay area. we'll show you what's on board. take a look at this. this is the
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biggest ship ever to pass under the goen it was a pretty incredible sight this morning as we take a look at this. the biggest ship ever to pass under the golden gate bridge. it looks like it's about the same size as the span of the bridge. the destination was the port of oakland. as lily tan found out, the huge ship could be a sign of prosperity for 2016.
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>> reporter: to put this in perspective, it's longer than an aircraft carrier and double the size of other ships you see come into the port of oakland. but it's to the all about size, it's also a symbol of better times to come. >> it's incredible. that is one freaking big ship. >> reporter: hours before the new year's eve ball drops, dozens descended on the port of oakland to see another marvel dock. >> it's 1300 feet long. it carries 18,000 containers. >> reporter: it's the largest container ship ever to visit the country. on board, clothes, shoes, toys, and electronics, mainly from china. >> in terms of width, it's 178 feet long. the average california freeway at eight lanes is 132 feet. >> reporter: jim just had to catch a glimpse. >> there's an app called vessel
6:45 pm
finder. we were tracking the ship's location on that. you're seeing the ship right there. >> honest to goodness got chills when we saw the ship come around the corner. >> reporter: he says it took many years and millions of dollars to make this possible. >> the port of oakland had to dredge earth and channels at 50-foot depths. >> reporter: trade economist jock o'connell says the port is turning things around after a rocky start to 2015. >> there was a lot of labor turmoil last winter. the port got a bad name, a black eye. and a lot of shippers and exporters have had it with the west coast. >> reporter: some day the port hopes to have two or three mega ships come in each week. reporting from the port of oakland, lily tan, nbc bay area news. certainly there's no doubt that the ship is big. in fact, the dimensions are locker than the empire state building and wider than a
6:46 pm
football field. take a look at this. here is the ship in the background. you can see the size compared to a semi truck. the jet even looks tiny compared to the ship. and this is compared to the aircraft carrier "uss george h.w. bush." it's more than double the size. >> that really puts it in perspective. people in pasadena may be able to smell the roses already. the rose bowl parade happens every year on new year's day. tens of thousands of flowers and a lot of manpower there. temperatures will be in the 30s, but crowd numrs will be 700,000 plus. police say there will be unprecedented security, even though there are no known threats. the fbi, homeland security, and two dozen bomb sniffing canines are part of the plan. watch the parade right here on nbc bay area.
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it begins at 8:00. then watch the nhl winter classic at 10:00. that means no nbc bay area news at 11:00. but we'll have a recap of the day's news at 5:00 p.m. >> a great tradition. really clear night out there. it is new year's eve. meteorologist jeff ranieri has been watching the forecast here. how are we doing this year? >> pretty good if you like the cold temperatures. we'll be colder than new york city when we ring in 2016. they're expecting 40 degrees at midnight. for parts of the bay area, we are already colder than that. like napa at 37. mill valley 38 with a windchill of 38. san jose currently at 46. so exactly how chilly is it going to be? let's get a look at the forecast. you can see right up against the coastline near san francisco, also pacifica and ocean beach, 40 degrees at 10:00 p.m. by the bay, 39. for the interior valleys, 37. winds 5 to 10 miles per hour,
6:48 pm
will make it feel like 35 here. so wear layers, the gloves, the scarf, and the hat. tomorrow morning, it's going to be chilly. right up into the north bay, down to 28 degrees for your average. san francisco, 40. east bay at 29. for the south bay, we'll come in at 34. how about that microclimate forecast. the first day of 2016, clear, crisp air coming our way in san jose. 53 for your high. not much of a difference in morgan hill. for the peninsula, just 49 degrees in pacifica. palo alto 52. for the financial district, sunny skies in san francisco with the marina likely not budging out of the 40s. we have beautiful weather up in napa with 51 degrees. mill valley also right at 50. for the east bay, the coldest at 49 and upper 40s for pleasanton.
6:49 pm
high clouds move in by saturday, staying on the chilly side. temperatures upper forts to low 50s. sunday, the storm system arrives by the late morning and early afternoon. so i want to give you a look at how future cast is playing this out. by 4:00 in the afternoon on sunday, we should have widespread rainfall developing throughout the bay area, heaviest chance would be in the north bay. looking at a tenth to quarter of an inch. then as we hit next tuesday, that looks like widespread, heavy rain, gusty winds, that moves in for tuesday morning. so two different storm systems. how much rainfall will we get? you can see we're good for at least one inch with those two storms down in the south bay near san francisco. parts of contra costa and alameda counties, maybe 1 1/2 inches. for the north bay, perhaps an
6:50 pm
isolated zone of 2 plus inches. for right now, an awesome new year's eve. just remember to bundle up. >> good advice there. it is chilly. >> jeff, thank you. coming up, the warriors department look like themselves without steph curry. he was out again today. so how would they fair without their mvp? michigan's "lake superior state
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6:52 pm
university" doesn't get in the news very often. or ever. but students and faculty there have come up with a list of words and phrases that - under no lake superior university doesn't really get in the news off, but they have come up with a list of words and phrases they say should be used anymore. >> ever. >> they say they are simply
6:53 pm
tired of people misusing and overusing them. like someone starting an answer with "so." other words they would like to banish this year include problematic. >> our own favorite, presser, which is media jargon for press conference. >> and join the conversation. that's right, banned words and phrases are the latest ones. >> i feel like i can get a little more use out of them. >> it's going to be tough to ditch "presser." >> a lot of people are talking about the warriors and what do you do when curry is not on the court. but they're holding on today. >> you know what, ladies? it would have been problematic had they not figured out how to win with steph curry on the bench. last time they dropped two straight in the regular season you have to go back to last april.
6:54 pm
they're hoping to avoid that fate in houston, once again playing without steph curry. he's dealing with that bruised left leg. late in the third quarter, tie game. klay thompson misses the three ball, but mcadoo gets it to iguodala for the triple. ws take the lead 83-890. next possession, thompson hitting from distance. next rockets' down the floor, mcadoo the steal and the dunk. the lead grows to eight. under 4:00 to play now, warriors clinging to a three-point advantage. james harden misses a jumper. draymond green the rebound. the outlet to iguodala who finishes with the easy bucket. the lead is back to five and the warriors hold on 114-110. green gets his fifth triple-double of the season. another new face. the dodgers and japanese free agent agreed to terms on an
6:55 pm
eight-year deal. the 27-year-old posted a 2.09 e.r.a. with a 145-79 strikeout-to-walk ratio last year in japan. jared goth is about to get paid in full. he announced today he will skip his senior year with the bears and go pro. this past season, he threw for over 4700 yards with 43 touchdowns, leading cal to an 8-5 finish. >> really just came down to i felt ready. i felt like i done a lot here and i've had great career. i feel like i'm prepared and as ready as i'll ever be to be an nfl quarterback and that's really what it came down to. i didn't listen to too many outside influences, just tried to focus on what i thought and
6:56 pm
what people that mattered to me thought. stanford is enjoying a week of fun and games in southern california. but things get serious tomorrow in pasadena, facing iowa in the rose bowl game. the matchup marks the first-ever meeting between the two programs in the 124 years of cardinal football existence. >> this is the rose bowl. so it is different, it is special. so when you've been here once or three times, you feel how special it is on that evening. in the college football playoffs, clemson, a 37-17 winner over oklahoma and michigan state and alabama, 10 0 at the half. >> thanks for joining us, everyone.
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