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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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they didn't want to speak on camera but presents from others burned. >> it's challenging for us. we dispatched red cross to help and aid the families any way possible and we also try to initiate salvage operation and protect a lot of their belongings, as well. we try to do our best. >> reporter: part of the front unit was spared as vallejo firefighters moved in. the heat so intense the neighbor's windows broke. >> my little sister woke up telling my sister there was a fire and then we all left the house how we were and we changed and we didn't do nothing. >> reporter: she hoped for a fresh start in the new year. certainly not this, but is greatful everyone is safe. >> you can replace a house, but you can't replace people's lives. so, we'll see what happens. >> now, today, most people who spoke with us off camera from this home told us that they were going to go ahead and stay else where with family members. but the red cross was called out
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to help. firefighters say this fire has bipartisan ruled accidental. reporting live in vallejo christie smith. new at 5:00, serious accusations tonight against a fairfield teacher. police arrested eric hankins yesterday for having an inappropriate relationship on the campus with the student. that's where the 27-year-old teaches science. they first learned about the allegations in early december. he has been on administrative leave while the investigation continues. officers booked the teacher on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child 14 years or younger. and then a welcome surprise for a number of families in morgan hill this morning. take a look at their tires. they went outside and discovered they'd been slashed. this happened in the town homes on eastbound avenue. mary an farvo is joining us live from that neighborhood where the crime spree put quite a damper on a lot of people's new year's.
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m ma mar marianne. neighbors tell us that police told them that at least 14 cars were targeted. this is not the way hugo huraro planned to spend his first day of 2016. he said some time after midnight someone slashed a tire on his truck. >> it was like close to 1:00 a.m. when they told me that somebody, you know, the cars over here. the tires and i came out and i find out it was a flat tire. >> reporter: hugo said someone slashed at least 14 tires here in the parking lot of murphy ranch townhomes in murphy hill. some people were able to swap out their deflated tires with a spare, but hugo said because his mechanic was closed for the holiday, he couldn't get a replacement and that hampered his holiday plans with his kids. >> i was going to take my kids maybe to the movies, but then
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now we are going to have to stay home. >> reporter: some neighbors told us they had two tires slashed on their cars and estimated they will have to shell out about $400 to have them both replaced. morgan hill police are now investigating the vandalism. neighbors say there are security cameras here in this parking lot, so they're hoping that that video will help police catch the culprit. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne farvo. >> thanks very much. put luma police are searching for a man expected of vandalizing a woman's car. he smashed the car with a bicycle and then took off. this happened on sixth street a few weeks ago. police say the victim is a friend of another victim in a domestic violence case that he is currently on probation for. spotted by petaluma and san francisco pd but managed to get away. a couple waking up to a terrifying situation.
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a man in their home pointing a gun at them while they slept. that's in the silver terrace neighborhood. two armd robbers broke into the home. they threatened to hurt the couple's 4-year-old child. police say the robber did get away with some money, a purse and tablet computers. no one was hurt and so far no arrests have been made. police across the bay area were busy making sure new year's eve celebrations did not get out of hand. aside from the fireworks that ushered in 2016, overall it was a pretty quiet night and san francisco officers arrested 35 people overnight for everything from domestic violence, battery and public drunkenness. in oakland, preliminary numbers from just the first hour after midnight, very preliminary show eight arrests for various crimes. and on the first day of the new year, a call to cut back on air pollution. the first spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. this means all burning of wood and manufactured fire logs will be banned for 24 hours. according to the bay area quality air quality district,
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air pollution from wood smoke is one of the greatest health hazards during the winter. this as we take a live look outside. you can sort of see the haze there. >> it was a sunny day today. but still chilly as we start out 2016. we look ahead to the weekend and some possible showers in the forecast. jeff ranieri has that. >> relief after another blustery day today. get a look at the doppler radar and satellite combined. high clouds moving in here across the south. that's out in advance of this cold front that will be switching up our weekend weather. now, it's still about 200, 300 miles out here off shore and eventually that rainfall does look to line-up by saturday at 11:30 at night. going from the pacific northwest all the way down to southern california. again, by 11:30 at night on saturday off shore. then we expect it to move in by 5:30 in the morning on sunday. we'll let you know exactly how much we pick up with sunday's storm and then two more storms
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after that and our total rainfall amounts coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right, jeff, thanks a lot. as more rain arrives this winter, you can track all the radaron our nbc bay area app. get a personalized forecast so you're prepared for whatever comes your way. a mixed bag for san jose's mayor for his first year's in office. manimeny accomplishments and an sharing his thoughts. damian is live at san jose city hall with the story and you had a pretty unusual setting, damian, for your chat with the mayor. >> you know, it was right before the annual bike ride up to mt. hamilton by the silicon valley bicycle coalition. for the most part the mayor says he's optimistic about the direction san jose is headed in 2016. he pedaled up the steep inclines of mt. hamilton road. the mayor is kicking off his second year in office today thinking of the positives of 2015. >> i was grateful to see how the
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city came together to resolve the outstanding battles over pension and retirement benefits. >> reporter: there were also some lowlites last year. >> the spike in traffic fatali y fatalities has been a great concern to everyone. we're also challenged by the broadening gap of poor and rich. >> reporter: attack the city's issues with vigor like building more affordable housing and attacking homelessness. he also wants to recruit more police officers to join the force and he says he has a perfect person to lead the department. assisting chief eddie garcia will take over as interim chief in two weeks. >> i'm looking forward to eddie's leadership. i think he's got a very positive attitude and his leadership style is one that i think is infectious. >> reporter: working together, he says, the city will, again, have a police force that is the envy of the nation. and the bike ride up to mt.
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hamilton, about three hours and 4,300 feet. tonight at 6:00, we'll see what the mayor did with police officers yesterday. we're live outside san jose city hall, i'm damian trujillo. new year means new laws. hundreds of them. one of them affects many businesses and employees across the state. the minimum wage went from $9 to $10 an hour. while some people believe this hurts mom and pop shops, others say an increase is needed. >> $10 is something everyone needs. the cost is really so high. $10 is, i think, a drop in a bucket. >> other new laws include the california new motor voter act. that autoically registers citizens to vote when they apply for a driver's license, i.d. card or submit a change of address request. it is now illegal. ride share companies like uber and lyft have to routinely
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review driving records. this will notify the companies if the drivers have any violations on their record. police will now have to get a search warrant before looking through your e-mails, text messages and gps data stored in your smartphone or laptop. well, new video tonight of a gunman who opened fire outside of a cafe in downtown tel aviv today killing at least two peop people and injuring seven others. you can see him to the right of the curtains as he starts shooting towards the street. people inside ran for cover and the gunman then took off. relatives of the gunman have identified him. he is a 28-year-old male. his name is being held withheld at this time. police are not saying exactly what the motive was. the attack comes amid more than three months of almost daily palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. coming up on "nightly news," more on the manhunt to find that gunman in the shooting rampage in tel aviv. what police are doing to keep people in that area safe. "nightly news" begins after our
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newscast at 5:30. one of the driest years in california history and today south bay water experts are making predictions for 2016. i'm michelle roberts in san jose and that story is coming up. also coming up, the video that caused concern across the country. but tonight the good newess police are sharing about a small dog in the north bay. ♪ > sad news as we heard about the passing of a music legend. friend remember the life and music of natalie cole. /ots= tributes are
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pouring in for tributes are pouring in for grammy award winning singer natalie cole. she died yesterday at the age of 65. ♪ walking my baby back home >> the daughter of legendary singer nat king cole passed away in los angeles after battling ongoing health issues including help titing c and cocaine addiction. the family says she'll remain unforgettable in her hearts. a reference to her father's hit song. she later recorded as a duet after his death thanks to technology. tony bennett said it was an honor to have performed with cole. aretha franklin called her one of the greatest singers of our time. >> amazing voice. a new year's day tragedy for
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one san jose family. crews responded to this burning home a little before 9:00 this morning. this is on west virginia street in san jose. you can see that home really burned and charred out there on the front. a firefighter did suffer minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. no one living in the home was injured and no word yet on what caused the fire. first caught on camera being abused and now safe and sound. fairfield police found benny the pug. this is the dog that was tossed on to the ground in this video here. someone left benny with humane animal services. that's where a vet examined benny and he's fine. officers have forward the case to the prosecutor's office. they believe brandy chin, the woman who threw the dog is on the run. the incident happened during an argument with her ex-boyfriend. well, people in a north bay neighborhood are reportedly being warned about a potential e. coli threat from water and private wells. the press democrat reports that water from two wells in the minor canon neighborhood tested
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positive this week for extremely high levels of e. coli and fecal bacteria. residents are ordered not to use the wells for water. so far no one has been sickened from the contaminated water but more wells are now being tested. results will not be known for a few more days. 2015 will be remembered as one of the driest years in california history. but there are some promising signs that el nino will send us in the right direction. however, experts are warning that the drought is not over yet. michelle roberts is live in san jose along the guadeloupe river tonight with a message from experts and we get some rain and people think the drought is over. >> they are trying to encourage people to continue to conserve water but a really good sign here downtown san jose. actually did a story here a couple months ago and stood in the middle of this creek bed and completely dry. as you can see a flow and a few inches of water. for many, 2015 has included shorter showers -- >> three minutes when i was showering.
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>> reporter: and creative ways of saving every drop. >> when i take a shower i have a bucket of water and i use that to flush the toilet. >> reporter: last year homeowners in santa clara county averaged 27% water savings. but th experts warn conservation and a rainy winter still isn't enough to pull us out of a four-year drought. >> last year, because of the drought, we had a pull more than we replenished. >> reporter: the snow pack in the sierras for the first time this season. philip station near sierra and tahoe ski resort is at 136% of average. >> 55% of santa clara county's water comes from snow melt from the sierra nevada watersheds. >> reporter: skiers welcome the fresh powder in the mountains and in the south bay. lawns are looking healthy for the first time in nearly a year. >> the rain is keeping it nice and green right now. other than that, it's brown. >> reporter: experts are predicting the new year will bring strong el nino storms.
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theresa eldorado is hoping that conservation trends also continue. >> hopefully this has become a way of life and people understand that we can do more with less. >> in addition to the conservation efforts, they're also asking people to prepare for flooding. free sandbags available in the county. reporting live in san jose tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> all right, michelle, thanks very much. she is talking about when are we going to stop talking about this drought. >> we're talking with jeff ranieiri. >> three storm systems coming our way and if we can get three rain seasons like we're predicting this year, then that may actually be an end to the drought. but right now we're just slowly beginning to chip away at it. got to start somewhere, at least some good news coming our way over the next few days. sky camera right now biggest change, well, it's cold and also winty today is the fact that high clouds are beginning to move out ahead of our next storm system. 48 in the south bay. and san francisco 46 and the
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north bay currently checking in at 45. some of these clouds continuing through tomorrow morning. it's going to help temperatures to feel not quite as cold with a lot of widespread 20s this morning. start off with 32 in the north bay. san francisco also at 40. east bay at 33 and the south bay coming in at 37. those high clouds will continue throughout saturday's forecast. so, don't expect a sunny day on saturday. that will put us at 56 in san jose and also 57 in morganhill. for the peninsula warming up and palo alto 56. san francisco more 50s coming your way. north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley. no huge differences here. again, this air mass up above is really helping to just level out our temperatures across the board. that puts napa at 53 degrees for the east bay. oakland coming in at 57. little bit cooler back into the walnut creek at 52 and the tri-valley will also come in with low to mid-50s. we've been talking about this possibility of rainfall, that's what i want to bring you to, next. you can see the cold front is
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about 200, 300 miles off shore. that is the main thing that is going to help the change-up our weather as we head throughout this weekend. so, now, let's go ahead and get a look at the rain timeline. this system, albeit has been a little bit squirrelly. which you should know saturday at 11:30 start to see the rainfall develop off shore. looks like we won't see the first raindrops until aural esunday morning. maybe on down to san jose. here's the thing as we head through the morning hours, we'll likely undergo a little bit of a break that's because the storm is expected to stall off shore. you can see here by 3:00, still a lot of moisture here and then eventually by the evening hours we'll see kind of a second wave of wet weather coming up with the storm system through 9:00 that likely will rilinger into monday morning, as well. all in all, saturday stays dry as we head throughout sunday, scattered rain that will continue into monday's forecast. so, as we get a look at the weekend, we will see tet
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temperatures remaining in the 50s and few lingering showers on monday, as well. i want to round it out and spend a little bit of time on whauts rg co coming our way next week. once we get over the scattered rain on sunday a stronger storm by next tuesday. we're talking about the potential of one inch with that storm and maybe another half inch by next wednesday. so, with these three different storm systems coming our way, looks like one to two inches. so, terry and also peggy, slowly chipping away at the drought. at least it's a good start the next few days. >> absolutely. we'll take what we can get. thank you so much, jeff. coming up, changes coming thanks to the super bowl. a woman running along the rose
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parade route is recovering tht a woman running along the rose parade route is recovering tonight after being struck by a car early this morning. police say the runner was on colorado boulevard near the sierra madre boulevard when a dark colored car hit the woman and kept driving. witnesses say the car came out of no where and was driving on a stretch of road that was closed because of the parade. authorities stopped the woman a little farther down the road. the victim's condition has not been released. the golden state warriors
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may be on their way to setting a new record. take a live look at the oracle arena where the warriors are about to register their 150th consecutive sellout tomorrow. the seventh longest active sellout streak in nba history and taking on the denver nuggets tomorrow. the warriors current sellout streak started on december 18 t, 2012 against then new orleans hornets. the chicago bulls currently hold the longest home sell out streak in nba history. that went from march 30th of '95 to april 4th of, must have been 2006. >> just amazing. go warriors. the countdown continues to super bowl 5l5l. in honor of the big game, releasing three clipper cards. here's what they look like. clipper cards are all in one cards for transit users. you can buy one for 3 bucks and they can be used on any public transit system. the super bowl l cards will join
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other clipper cards such as the golden gate bridges 75th anniversary. super bowl tailgaters be aware of this. you're going to have to get creative at levi stadium, according to the mercury news. the nfl will prohibit all grills, tents and eating or drinking outside of your car. >> how could this be? >> you could grill inside your car. it doesn't make a lot of sense. the nfl says it's just looking out for fan safety. now, you can still get to the game early and hang out in the parking lot, but ask you to do it all inside your car. >> i don't get it. you and i spent many stories covering tailgaters out there and that just doesn't make, people get really into it. they're experts. >> as far as safety. coming up next, meet the first baby of the new year. always fun to see who this is. this is the first baby of 2016 in the bay area. how mom and baby boy are doing.
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tonight at 6:00, neighbors raising a red flag. what they saw when they went into another neighbor's home and why it's prompting an investigation from the state. that's tonight on our 6:00 newscast. how about this, a castro valley family has bragging rights tonight. the very first baby born in 2016 arrived that stroke of midnight.
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this is edward a healthy 7 pound, 5 ounce baby boy. doctors at eden medical center introduced his mother at 8:00 yesterday morning. she's a trooper. she was five days past her due date when baby edward showed up. he was supposed to be born around christmas but decided to make his grand entrance on new year's eve. all that matters is that he's here and he's healthy. >> he's perfect. i'm not saying that lightly. he didn't even cry when he came out. so, i'm in love already. >> give it some time. >> how can you not be. look at that great hair. mom says she's so glad that he won't have a christmas birthday combo. she thought that could happen. he'll love that he'll have fireworks on his birthday for the rest of his life. what a face. he's so handsome. jeff ranieri here.
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>> saturday is the day to be outside doing whatever you need to do. dry weather. temps in the low to mid-50s on sunday and rain returning by the early morning hours. scattered in nature all the way through the afternoon for the north bay down to the south bay. north bay and northern coastline will have the best chance of picking up the most rainfall on sunday. then by monday morning a few lingering showers and we'll begin to clear out. but we won't be clear all next week. we do want to bring your attention to two other storm systems. a stronger one by next tuesday morning and then another storm by next wednesday morning. overall rain totals, one to two inches. as we head throughout the storm system on sunday, tuesday and also on wednesday. sunday storm, again, i don't think it's going to be super bad for us, but it would be definitely one of the days in the north bay where the rain starts in the morning and doesn't let up through the evening either. >> coming down from the north, little colder. >> yeah. >> definitely a little bit colder. but i think we're not going to be seeing any low snow across
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the bay area. that's that. >> good news there. thank you so much for joining us. nbc "nightly news" is coming up next. >> hope to join us at 6:00. tonight, moment of attack. a suspected terrorist caught on camera spraying bullets on crowded sidewalks, those around him run for cover. at least two killed. tonight the manhunt is on. forced to testify. the wife of bill cosby loses her battle to avoid deposition in one of the civil suits against her husband. and cosby breaks his silence for the first time since he was criminally charged. flood catastrophe we're in the air over the midwest flood zone. thousands of homes still under water. millions of people at risk from the deadly fast-moving waters that have already done so much damage. and unforgettable. she was music royalty. the daughter of an icon whose voice brought her fame in her own right. remembering grammy award-winning singer natalie cole. "nightly news" begins


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