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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: you can see this tire has been slashed. a few week over here the tire on this minuteivan has also been slashed and these tires were targeted in the first few minutes of the new year. hugo found himself ringing in the new year with a hiss after someone slashed it with a knife. he says it happened sometime after midnight. >> i come out and i find out a flat tire. >> reporter: do we found car after car in the parking lot of murphy ranch town homes in morgan hill with slashed tires. police say at least 14 tires were slashed. some people woke up to find two deflated tires on their car. hugo estimates it will cost about 200 bucks to replace his truck tire. something he says he couldn't do today because of the holiday. >> i'll have to wait until tomorrow because everything is
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closed. >> reporter: he said that meant he couldn't take his kids out like he planned. >> i was going to take my kids maybe to the movies but then now we are going to have to stay at home. >> reporter: neighbors report few problems with crime here so they're disheartened to find out while they were counting down to 2016, someone was going out of their way to taint their new year's day celebrations. morgan hill police are now investigating the vandalism and neighbors say there are surveillance cameras in this parking lot so they're hoping it will help with the investigation. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro. fairfield police found benny the pug safe and sound. someone left the dog with animal humane services. the vet examined benny and he's fine. officers were looking for the dog after seeing this.
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the dog was thrown on the ground during an argument with her ex-boyfriend. investigators believe that she's now on the run. they forwarded this case to the prosecutor's office. a terrible start for the new year for eight people in vallejo. this fire broke out overnight in their home forcing them to find another place to stay. flames broke out at 5:00 this morning on indiana street east of sonoma boulevard. these families are really lucky to have made it out safely. >> reporter: that's right. the large extended family that is staying on the property, they barely made it out. an alert mom who was staying in the back heard a popping sound and that made a big difference. a huge flame like a fireball. mary woke up to a fire next door on indiana street in vallejo. >> i could feel the heat and it was getting louder and louder. >> reporter: she says the back of the home where she's staying
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had the heat damage and another neighbor says their windows broke. >> we saw it coming from the trees and then we left the house and started calling 911. >> reporter: firefighters arrived quickly and attacked the flames from two sides. two units were on fire. in a living space above the garage, a mom said she heard popping. grabbed her baby and alerted extended family. they didn't want to speak on camera but did say they lost christmas presents and many belongings. >> them hearing the fire going on and then making a quick evacuation saved their lives. >> reporter: firefighters say they were able to knock down the two-alarm fire in about 10 to 15 minutes. mary says she was hoping for a fresh start in the new year. certainly not this but in a way feels fortunate. >> you can replace a house, but you can't replace people's lives. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the red cross was called to help but we're told that most people are staying
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with extended family members out of town. meantime, the fire was ruled accidental. reporting live in valeue vallej, christie smith, nbc news. >> near the 280/87 interchange in san jose a home is destroyed by fire. a firefighter did suffer minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. no word yet on what caused the fire. no one living in the home was hurt. so much for that wood burning fire on the first day of the new year a call to cut back on air pollution. the season's first spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. taking a live look at san jose where light winds are expected to contribute to the unhealthy air quality. all burning of wood and manufacture of fire logs will be lan banned for 24 hours. conditions have been clear and
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cold lately but that is about to change. jeff ranieri, you are tracking the rain. that will help with air quality. >> it will. by sunday we'll see a dramatic increase in terms of improved air quality across the bay area. saturday no wood burning fires but we do think by sunday and monday you'll be able to use those fireplaces. let's get a look at doppler radar and satellite combined. high clouds streaming in here across san jose and santa cruz mountains. part of a weaker storm system that's offshore. what we're focused on is a larger storm, a cold front 300 miles offshore and eventually that will be moving in for the weekend. what i want to do right now is show you the initial time line of when you can expect that rainfall to move in. saturday, 11:30, bulk of the moisture is offshore. as we head throughout sunday, 5:30 in the morning, we do expect those areas of rainfall to start from santa rosa down to fremo fremont. we're tracking not only this storm but two more storms to come our way that could bring us
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one to about two inches of rain over the next five days. we're detailing all of these storm systems coming up throughout this hour. >> thanks a lot. prepare for flooding during a drought. that's what water experts are encouraging people to do in the new year. 2015 will be remembered as one of the driest years in california history. michelle roberts is live in san jose along the guadalupe river where there are signs of hope. >> reporter: take a look behind me. the experts say what they're really waiting for is later in the season when the snow pack starts to melt is when we'll see this river start flowing. >> we're running out of water. we need to save. >> reporter: everyone has a few go-to water saving tricks. >> shorter showers. >> doing laundry and being more conscientious of the loads. >> i have a bucket of water and use that to flush the toilet. >> reporter: last year homeowners averaged 27% water savings which is substantial but
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still 3% shy of governor brown's 30% requested cuts. >> hopefully this is a way of life and people understand we can do more with less. >> reporter: theresa says because of the drought this year we had to use more ground water than could be replenished. earlier this week scientists measured the snow pack for the first time. near lake tahoe, 130% of average. >> 55% of santa clara's water comes from snow melt from the sierra nevada watersheds. >> reporter: skiers welcome fresh powder in the mountains and lawns are looking healthy for the first time in nearly a year. >> rain is keeping it nice and green. >> reporter: even with strong el nino storms in the forecast, experts are encouraging people to keep those brown lawns and water saving habits. >> one el nino year is not going to reverse four years of
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drought. >> reporter: and another reminder, make sure you plan for a flood before the big storm is predicted. make sure you get those sandbags and tarps ready to go. michelle roberts, nbc, bay area news. thanks very much. as more rain arrives this winter, track activity with doppler radar on our nbc bay area app. get a personalized forecast so you're prepared for whatever is outside. a san francisco couple woke up today to a terrifying situation. a man pointing a gun at them while they slept in bed. this happened about 2:00 in the morning on bancroft avenue. police say the robbers got away with some money, a purse and tablet computers. no one was hurt. so far no arrests have been made. postponing repairs. the sinkhole that caused part of a busy san francisco street to close won't be fixed until tomorrow. we have video from yesterday of the broken sewer line. the sinkhole is on church street
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between 24th and jersey. crews were originally expected to repair it tonight but they need a crucial piece of safety equipment that just isn't available yet. it's still quite the headache for muni riders. that part of church remains closed to muni. neighbors raising a red flag. what they saw when they went into another neighbor's home and why it's prompting an investigation from the state. also -- >> i'm damian trujillo live outside san jose city hall. coming up, a talk with san jose mayor and his thoughts on 2015 and vision for 2016. that's next. the warriors are about to break another record perhaps. the history that may be made right there inside oracle arena. together to resolve the
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outstanding battles." runs: 5 oc: "the outstanding battles." =peggy/live shot= many positives and, okay, a few negatives. you're looking live over san >> many positives and okay a few negatives to tell you about. you're looking live over san jose where the city's mayor is reflecting back on his first year in office. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at city hall after speaking with the mayor this morning about his vision for next year. >> reporter: he was on a bicycle trip up to mt. hamilton with the bicycle coalition on this new year's day. before he left, the mayor had a lot to say about police,
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affordable housing and about the future of san jose. his first year wasn't an uphill battle. in fact, before his 4,300 crusade to the top of mt. hamilton, the mayor said 2015 was a good year. >> i was grateful to see how the city came together to resolve the outstanding battles over pension and retirement benefits reform. >> reporter: 2015 did bring a few bumps along the road. spike in traffic fatalities is a great concern to everyone. we're also really challenged by the broadening gap between rich and poor in this city. >> reporter: the mayor promises to attack the city's issues by building more affordable housing and battling homelessness and he also wants to recruit more police officers to join the force. that's the message he gave officers while attending all three shift briefings yesterday. >> we've got great officers. we just need more of them. so we're going to be working with our leadership, the chief, with the police union, to see how we can encourage some
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officers to come back to san jose. >> reporter: that leadership includes assistant chief eddie garcia, about to be the top cop on an interim basis. >> this department as we rebuild will need new leadership as well. >> reporter: 2016 may not be a downhill ride but the mayor says san jose is ready to climb the mountain. and next week we'll sit down with the new police chief eddie garcia in a one-on-one interview. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. hundreds of new laws are in effect affecting your safety to your health. bb guns must have special colors so police can tell they're not real. wearing ear buds is now illegal for drivers and bicyclists. something some people don't agree with. >> i know friends who bike to work and they take bike lanes and i think it's actually okay to wear earbuds and hear music. >> it sounds safe to me. it sounds like it's a good safe
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rule for people to have. you can't hear what's going on if there are emergency vehicles or somebody trying to signal to you if you have your earbuds in. sounds good. >> and vaccines are now mandatory for all k through 12 students unless those students have a medical exemption. another important change to tell you about. minimum wage workers in california got a raise when the clock struck midnight. workers will get a dollar more from $9 to $10 per hour. in oakland, it's higher. workers get 12.55 per hour. that's a 30 cent raise. golden state warriors may be on the way to setting a new record. they are about to register their 150th consecutive sellout. seventh longest active sellout record in nba history. current sellout streak started on december 18, 2012, against the then new orleans hornets.
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chicago bulls currently hold the longest home sellout streak in nba history. the countdown continues to super bowl 50. in honor of the big game, metropolitan transportation commission is releasing free limited edition clipper cards and here's what they look like. clipper cards are all in one cards for bay area transit users. fans can buy one for $3 and they be used on any public transit system. super bowl 50 cards join other collectible clipper cards like golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary. >> those are pretty cool. rose parade is a tradition for thousands of people but a new adventure for those watching for the first time. we see the excitement now from pasadena. >> reporter: music and excitement stretches across colorado boulevard this new year's day. in keeping with this year's theme, finding your adventure, they are finding themselves for
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the if irs tifirst time on thise route. >> this is definitely number one. it's the best around anywhere. >> reporter: you are only through a couple floats and you vote this the best? >> yes, indeed. best parade anywhere. >> reporter: the cheers bring a new level of energy. >> it's a better experience because you're actually seeing it. everyone is getting hyped up. everyone is excited for it. i think it's nothing compared to watching it on tv. >> reporter: getting front row seats is a lot of work. many in the crowd spent the night camping on the sidewalks. temperatures overnight in the low 40s. some might question their sanity, ask anyone here and they'll tell you the cold no sleep night is worth it when the floats begin to roll by. >> everyone is tired because we had to be here so early. other than that, it's just -- you get so hyped up seeing the music and all of the flowers.
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it's fun. i like it. >> the parade theme was know your adventure and grand marshal was ken burns who waved to the crowd from an antique convertible. he does incredible work. >> let's check in with another guy that does incredible work. that would be jeff ranieri. >> did i mention i really like you guys. a lot. yeah. we do have rainfall coming our way as we head throughout the next couple days. before we get to that rainfall, we have to get over this cold weather. the only spot that still has a freeze warning through tomorrow morning is marin and sonoma counties. i really think for a lot of you, you'll be in that 30-degree range for tomorrow with some high clouds moving in right now in fact. tomorrow we're looking at an average of 32 in the north bay. san francisco starting off with 40. east bay at 33. and the south bay at 37. so just a few degrees warmer than what we've experienced lately as those high clouds continue to pass on by.
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with stagnant air and still conditions in the atmosphere throughout a lot of this week. we do have a spare the air alert in effect for the next 24 hours. it will be illegal to burn but i think those of you that have fireplaces, sunday we will have much improved air quality and also on monday and you should be able to use them by then. as far as the first weekend forecast for 2016, 56 on the peninsula and south bay at 57. no matter where you are traveling for tomorrow, temperatures will be very similar. as far as our changes go, i want to get to that rain time line and don't hold back on this. weekend plans, rainfall returning by sunday at 5:30 in the morning. heaviest up into the north bay down to about san francisco. maybe only a few showers here by sunday morning for the south bay. and then what we're going to gradually see here is rainfall begin to die down. you think it's over but the storm system is stalling
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offshore and we'll likely see another wave move in by the evening hours and that's when the south bay will have the better chance of getting some accumulating rainfall. we're tracking not only this storm system but two more coming our way in the next five days. i'll have details on that in 25 minutes. >> thank you. >> just ahead, controversial comments. the word george lucas used in a recent interview that has the "star wars" creator issuing an apology. plus -- ♪ welcome my baby back home >> unforgettable. a look back at the life of natalie cole dead at the age of 65. =cont vo= an unforgettable
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voice ... and an unforgettable collaboration ... =terry/amplasma= grammy award winning singer natalie cole has died. she >> an unforgettable voice and unforgettable collaboration. natalie cole has died. she passed away yesterday in los angeles at the age of 65. nbc's michael brownly takes a look at her life. >> reporter: grew up in the shadow of a musical icon. ♪ and forever more ♪ that's how you'll stay ♪ that's how you'll stay >> reporter: natalie cole became inspired by the musical success of her father. at just 11, sweetie auditioned to sing with him. he died in lung cancer four
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years later. natalie once said you can go through turbulent times and still have victory in your life. she detailed her struggles in a memoir in 2000. "angel on my shoulder" revealed her battles with heroin, crack cocaine, alcohol and then rehab. musically natalie was gifted making her recording debut in 1975 with "inseparable." the girl from hancock park said she was happiest performing live in front of a glorious orchestra or kick butt big band. >> we're in a business that is fleeting just as life is so get what you can, do something with it, hold onto it and never, ever forget where you came from. >> reporter: a poignant ending to her acceptance speech in 1989. natalie jumped into the music as
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an r & b singer but went to jazz which ushered in natalie's success musically. her 1991 album was a tribute to her father and inclusive of her father. digital technology married their voices. the album ruled the pop chart for five weeks, sold 14 million copies worldwide and nabbed six grammy wins. natalie said the project reconnected her with a dad she lost when she was just 15 telling "people" magazine in 2006, it was her thank you to him. ♪ ♪ unforgettable >> reporter: the title to one of natalie's biggest hits and perhaps the only word to describe the music and memories left behind by this unforgettable talent. >> in a statement, her family said our beloved mother and
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sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever. flowers will be placed on cole's star on the hollywood walk of fame on monday. george lucas issuing an apology tonight to disney over a very inappropriate comment. in a recent interview, lucko lucas criticized the new film. he sold lucas film to the walt disney company in 2012. in an interview with charlie rose, lucas said he sold his characters to the white slavers. he said he misspoke and used a very inappropriate analogy. still ahead at 6:00, a manhunt under way overseas after a gunman opens fire on a crowded sidewalk. tonight, chilling new video of the attack. plus a bay area high school teacher arrested. the reason and what police are encouraging parents to do because of it. concerns about the living conditions inside this east bay
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home. the investigation now under way after neighbors raised a red flag. escipable, should be
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able, should be uninhabitable. runs :07 filthy. despicable. should be uninhabitable. >> concerns about the living conditions inside this home. a christmas day controversy spilling over in the new year in
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one neighborhood. neighbors cried foul after seeing living conditions they call filthy and despicable. >> an investigation by the county. the dispute is taking place in on tanglewood drive in castro valley. >> reporter: one man's home may be another's hovel. in the case of a home on tanglewood drive, a neighbor says the evidence toward the latter is overwhelming. >> clothes, garbage on the floor. dirty clothes on the floor. >> reporter: alameda's county adult protective services is investigating the home after neighbors called concerned about a resident's well-being. >> he seemed aware of what was going on and he wanted to leave. >> i would say dirty. >> reporter: jonathan's aunt owns the home in question.
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carlton rents out four rooms to people like jason sweeney in order to pay the mortgage. >> it's been great. it looks like an ordinary home. >> i saw it was bright and cheerful. >> reporter: he can't clean up after his roommates. >> i'm not going to tell you that you have to make up a bed. this is not a facility. >> reporter: the planning committee says they do not have a use permit which is required when housing four or more people. neighbors say they want to make sure the home is a happy one. >> there could be judgment there. a person lived there who wanted to leave. >> reporter: as of today, he's living in another home and the california department of social services is going out sometime in the new year with inspectors to check on residents and see if the home needs a state license. first on leave and now in jail. that's where a fairfield teacher is tonight. police arrested eric hankins
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yesterday for having an inappropriate relationship with a student on the campus of fairfield high school. that's where the 27 year old teaches science. they first learned about allegations in early december and he's been on administrative leave while the investigation continued. officers booked the teacher on charges of inappropriate behavior with a child 14 years and younger. investigators say this man smashed the car with a bicycle and fled a few weeks ago. the victim is a friend of another victim in a domestic violence case that he is currently on probation for. he was spotted by petaluma and san francisco police but managed to get away. police across the bay area were making sure new year's eve celebrations didn't get out of hand. aside from the fireworks that ushered in 2016, overall it was a pretty quiet night. in san francisco, officers arrested 35 people for everything from domestic violence to battery and public
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drunkenness. in oakland, preliminary numbers from the first hour after midnight show eight arrests for a variety of crimes. and now to a developing story out of tel aviv where the search is on for a gunman who opened fire outside of a downtown cafe killing two people and injuring seven others. you can see the gunman to the right of the curtains. people inside ran for cover. the gunman then took off. relatives of the gunman have identified him so far. however, the 28 year old's name is not being released at this time. police are not saying what the motive was. the attack comes amid three months of almost daily palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. muni train stations are back only. two stations were cut down an hour before the new year. they received a tip about a planned suicide bomb attack in the train stations. today german officials say they no longer have any concrete indications it could happen at a
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specific location. to a follow-up on the massive fire yesterday at a dubai hotel. the building went up in flames. people were gathering at the time for a spectacular new year's fireworks display. the skyscraper was close to the world's tallest building that was center point of that show. it went on as planned. not everyone felt safe enough to be near the burning building. >> shocked. it was burning right up the building all of the way and we came to see if the fireworks were going to be going and the lights were turned off and so we went back to the flat. there were explosions. we didn't know what was happening. >> 14 people suffered minor injuries. the cause of the fire under investigation. in its first address of the year, president obama said that he's looking forward to working on unfinished business particularly when it comes to gun violence. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence.
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what if we try to stop even one. what if congress did something, anything, to protect our kids from gun violence? >> the president said he'll meet on monday with attorney general loretta lynch to see what executive actions could be possible to keep guns out of the hands of a dangerous few. the steps could include stronger background checks on gun purchases. new video from the devastating and deadly flooding in the midwest. the number of dead has risen to 22 today with a discovery of a man's body in southwest missouri. illinois's governor was joined by the state's emergency officials to tour the damage. the governor declared 12 illinois counties disaster areas. that declaration allows counties to get financial help. think before you drink. >> is your new year's resolution to lose weight? peggy, what were you going to say? the new study that shows a
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mirror could be the secret to healthy eating. meet the bay area's first baby of 2016. that's coming up next. neighborhood are reportedly
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being warned about a potential e-coli threat from water in private wells. people in a north bay neighborhood are warned about a potential e. coli threat from water in private wells. water from two wells in the cannon manor neighborhood tested positive this week for high levels of e. coli and fecal bacteria. residents are ordered not to use the wells. no one has been sickened. results won't be known for a few more days. could the secret to healthier eating be a mirror? researchers at the university of central florida asked a group of
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adults to choose fruits or chocolate cake for a snake. people that ate the chocolate cake in front of a giant mirror liked the cake less than those that couldn't see the mirror. seeing ourselves eat unhealthy foods could make us uncomfortable. a castro valley family has new bragging rights. the first baby born in 2016 in the bay area arrived there at the stroke of midnight. meet edward. the healthy 7 pound 5 ounce baby boy. doctors induced his mother at 8:00 yesterday morning. she was five days past her due date. baby edward was supposed to be born around christmas time but was not in the mood. he made his grand entrance on another big holiday. mom says all that matters is that he's here and healthy. >> he's perfect. i'm not saying that lightly. he didn't even cry when he came
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out. i'm in love already. >> mom says she's glad he won't have a christmas birthday combo and will have fireworks on his birthday every year for the rest of his life. >> he's a handsome fella. this is the oldest black rhinoceros in north america. the zoo celebrates it on january 1st. she's given birth to 14 calves helping to preserve a species that's between 3,000 and 5,000 animals only due to poaching for their horns. elle will probably be given some of her favorite holiday treats, corn, beats and bananas. >> elle looks very fit. >> she does. 45. looking great. >> we have rain coming our way? >> bring it on.
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>> a lot of us are looking forward to that. we'll have dry weather one day this weekend and the other day will have rain. two more big storms in just a few minutes. plus, singing history to life. the monthly meetings beneath the historic ships in san francisco. how they provide a unique glimpse into the city's past. past. its links to the days of
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sailors and tall wooden ships. continue even today. the bay area has a rich maritime past. >> nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr., shows us one group that thinks it's something to sing about. >> reporter: san francisco is a city built with ships. masts once filled the waters like a thick forest. vestiges of that maritime past are like floating museum pieces that offer a glimpse of what
6:44 pm
life at sea once looked like. on the first saturday night of every month comes more of what shipboard life would have sounded like. ♪ >> the sing has been going on since 1981. >> reporter: each month visitors gather below the deck of one of the historic ships to sing history to life. >> 1980 ferryboat called the eureka. >> reporter: this monthly sing along has happened monthly for more than 35 years. ♪
6:45 pm
>> it's a work song that coordinates the effort of doing jobs together aboard a ship. >> reporter: in this case there are no sails to raise or anchors to hoist. admission is free and anyone is free to sing. ♪ >> we always liked sailing and i always wanted to run away to sea. this is as close as i'm going to get. >> people come in and some are afraid to sing. some are geared up to sing and they've been waiting all month with their paper very well worn and tightly grasped in their white knuckles. ♪ >> reporter: the age-old songs are handed down through books, recordings and these days by youtube. >> it doesn't matter if you think you can sing or not. >> the sailors were not recruited out of the opera houses for sure.
6:46 pm
♪ >> the choruses are usually short, repetitive and some of them are just hey, hey, ho. >> what it does is preserve our history from song. ♪ >> people are not used to singing like that unless it's in the shower. >> it's very magical at night. stars and lights of the city. ships when we're aboard them, they come alive. >> reporter: for a few hours every month these old ships once again fill with life, a voyage into the past on sails filled with the winds of song. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> i like where you don't have to have a good voice to sing.
6:47 pm
>> i'm in. >> i may join them. >> checking in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you can sing. >> no, i cannot. that's not going to happen. all right. let's go ahead and get a live look outside of san jose. we do have clouds moving in tonight and that's helping to keep temperatures at least five to seven degrees warmer than what we experienced this time last night. that's good news for a lot of you that have been sick of the cold. let's take you to the peninsula holding onto 46 for east bay instead of the 30s. we're still at 40 and in san francisco, 45. north bay, currently at 43. tomorrow morning we'll have high clouds continuing here across the bay area. the result will be temperatures that will not go down into the 20s. that's going to be some relief for you. 32 for average in the north bay. san francisco at 40. east bay at 33. and the south bay at 37. let's take you to that microclimate forecast as we head into the first weekend of 2016. there's not going to be a lot of differences here because cold air the past few days during the daytime is so strong that our
6:48 pm
mike yocr mic mic mic microclimate doesn't have a chance to warm up. san francisco, we have jacket weather in place. if you're heading to the north bay, east bay and to the tri-valley, we have very similar temperatures. good thing about this is instead of those erratic changes from the interior valley to the coastline, no matter where you head tomorrow, you can dress for the same kind of weather. 57 expected in oakland. back toward fremont, 58. let's take you into the storm activity that we've been talking about. cold front right now is still about 300 miles offshore. that continues to move closer. by sunday's forecast, that's when we expect to see that rainfall come our way. you can see by saturday at 11:30, a bulk of the precip is offshore and also off to the north. as we head into sunday morning at about 5:30, we'll see the best bet for some heaviest rainfall in marin, napa and
6:49 pm
sonoma counties and possibly spotty showers down toward san jose. we'll undergo what we think is a break in the shower activity as the storm system stalls out offshore but in the evening hours this area you can see by sunday at 3:00 will eventually start to move inland. the best bet overall for the bay area to get widespread rain on sunday would be 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00. spotty showers linger into monday morning before we gradually begin to clear out. let's round things out for you on the weekend forecast. we'll keep temperatures in the 50s. saturday is the dry day. sunday we'll see that rain once again return scattered and a few spotty showers for monday. sunday's storm is not expected to be major at all. once we hit tuesday morning, that's going to be a stronger storm that could give us one inch of rainfall and a moderate storm by next wednesday morning that could give us another half inch. overall from the three different storms, we look good for one to
6:50 pm
two inches of rainfall. peggy and terry, have i made you happy with this forecast? do you like it? >> exciting. >> i would like more in the future after that. >> we'll see what we can do. coming up in sports, rose bowl glory. stanford football starts the new year with a bang. highlights from their dominant performance in pasadena. that's coming up next.
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geraud on camera while pasadena is indeed lovely i heard more than one person say today, can we please revote on the heisman award. >> you know what, he was something else today.
6:53 pm
wow, christian mccaffrey showed an extra gear of speed the big ten guys had never seen before. pasadena is lovely in the wintertime. the 1,787-mile journey from iowa city, iowa, may not have been worth it for hawkeye fans hoping to see their school handle stanford in the 102nd rose bowl game. this was the third appearance for the cardinal in pasadena. some wondered how interested they would be. stanford came out not only ready but smelling like a rose. first play from scrimmage. hogan finding christian mccaffrey up the middle. there he goes 75 yards. just like that, 7-0, cardinal. the stanford defense came to play. the pass picked off and there's nothing but green grass in front of him. he'll take it 66 yards for the touchdown. 21-0 after one. however, the show for the heisman runner-up was just getting started. second quarter.
6:54 pm
fourth down for iowa. hits a seam. cuts left. and the rest looks like a video game. 63 yards to the house. second touchdown of the game. stanford it up 28-0 at this point. 35-0 at the break. picks up the first down and more. setting a rose bowl all-purpose yard record. eventually stanford did stop and smell the roses winning big. >> i can't thank our seniors enough. we've been hungry all year. we fought all year. not everything has been perfect. you watch the guys grow and play better and better. we had this time off before this bowl game and we were champing at the bit. they couldn't wait to get out here and put on a show for you guys today. >> former stanford coach jim harbaugh and michigan taking on florida in the citrus bowl. 7-7 game in the second quarter.
6:55 pm
31-yard strike. route was on. 41-7, michigan. ten-win season for the wolverines and harbaugh's first year at the helm. onto glendale, arizona, two iconic programs in the fiesta bowl. notre dame versus ohio state. buckeyes up seven. elliott off to the races. 47-yard scoring scamper. part of 149 rushing yards. he also tied a fiesta bowl record with four touchdowns. buckeyes win 44-28. and finally, how about outdoor hockey. the winter classic seen here on nbc bay area. montreal and boston from gillette stadium in foxborough. paying homage to new england. headed to patriots hall of fame but bruins performance not hall of fame worthy. second minute of this one, off the rebound, 1-0, canadians. third period now. 3-1 montreal. crossing pass and finds the back of the net. montreal rolls 5-1.
6:56 pm
one last note, steph curry who missed last two games with the warriors is questionable for tomorrow night's game against the denver nuggets. i think these guys playing without steph now, they kind of enjoy the moment of proving to everyone that they can win without the mvp. >> they don't want too many moments. >> people would love to see him back. thank you so much. >> check in with jeff one more time. we have rain. >> we definitely do. we'll take a look at that extended forecast. saturday it will be dry with high clouds overhead. temps in the 50s. possibility of scattered rain from north bay to south bay. marin, napa, sonoma counties down to san francisco will have the best shot and a few lingering showers on monday. stronger storm by next tuesday. happy new year by the way if i haven't said it. >> 2016, happy new year, everyone. thank you for watching. ===end of show
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. kardashian new year. what's next for the $100 million reality family? now on extra on the first day of 2016. kim's new baby. a new season of keeping up, and khloe's new revenge diet tv show. extra inside the kardashian money machine cranking out one new venture after another. rob lowe's best year ever. >> i'm loving this moment. >> his happy 24 year marriage, his hot career, his achilles heel. >> handsome people have it so hard. john legend


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