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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. i just wish that they could catch the guy and help us out whoever is listening right now. i beg them to help us solve this case. >> right now at 11:00, a new law to help catch hit and run drivers comes too late for one bay area family. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney.
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they are called yellow alerts and bay area drivers will see them on local freeways. it's a plan to keep the roads safer. >> cheryl hurd has one family that is still searching for closure. >> reporter: that's right. hit and run crashes is a serious problem in almost every city and catching the drivers has proven to be difficult. a deadly crash happened here in yward. right now, police believe a yellow alert could have helped catch the driver. flowers mark the spot where 65-year-old aurora bermudez was hit and killed. all ore family knows is that two cars struck her. one stopped and is cooperating with police. the occupants of another car got out to see what happened and took off. the family is not angry. they say they just want justice. >> i know probably he just got shocked and that's why he ran
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away. so i can forgive him. the only thing is like, he just has to face the consequence of what he did. >> reporter: the cht says a yellow alert would have helped track him down for questioning. >> i have the public helping us locate this person. it's going to be more beneficial to us to have everybody that's driving on the freeways looking for that suspect rather than just having law enforcement looking for the suspect. >> reporter: the yellow alert system will function almost identical to the emergency amber alert system. right now law enforcement sends out information about child abduction on highway signs. a detailed description of the car and license plate will now flash on the same signs in the event of a hit and run resulting in a major injury or death on cities and on freeways. for this family, a yellow alert could have been a way to help them deal with this tragedy. >> it's so painful. so painful because she is a
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really good person. i really miss you so much. we really want justice to be served. >> reporter: police are look for a burgundy or dark colored toyota, three people were inside that car. if you have any information contact the hayward police didn't. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. just into the newsroom tonight we learned a woman stabbed in front of a san jose carl's jr. restaurant has died. she was product. several men attacked the woman and a man in front of the carl's jr. that man is still hospitalized in critical condition. investigators say they do have suspects in custody though they would not release further information until the investigation is complete. a fairfield teacher is facing serious charges tonight for allegedly having an
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inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student on the campus of fairfield high school. that's where he works. officer learned about the allegations in early december. he has been on administrative leave while the investigation continues. the air quality district issued a spare the air alert for tomorrow. this means all burning of wood and manufacture of fire logs will be banned for 24 hours. even though the winter spare the air season opened in november this is the first spare the air day of the season. the bay area won't be dealing with just cold air this weekend, rain is in the forecast. jeff ranieri is tracking the conditions. >> we have had high clouds increase. the temperatures are cold at 44 degrees but not as cold as the past few nights. the weak disturbance is producing the cloud cover moving in, nothing in terms of heavy rainfall for us. we need to wait for the cold front to get here.
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it's 300 miles away. there it is. by sunday we do expect that to move in. we can see in the futurecast i want to time out the first rain drops. saturday at 11:30, spotty showers in the north bay. but the best chance of the rainfall is sunday at 5:30 in the morning. we are tracking not only this system but two more systems in the next five days. we'll have details on that in about 15 minutes. a difficult start to the new year for people in vallejo. one family barely made it out of the home. firefighters knocked the fire down quickly but it was too late. the families lost everything including the christmas presents they just received last week. >> the fire, i could feel the heat, you know, and it was getting louder and louder. >> we saw it coming from, like, the trees, and we left the house and started calling 911. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. a similar scene in san jose
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where one family is out of their home tonight. take a look at the damage there. this fire breaking out just before 9:00 this morning on this home on west virginia street. a firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital. doctors say the injuries were minor and the firefighter will be okay. no one was living in the home at the time -- nobody that was in the home at the time was injured and no word yet on the cause. a major announcement from president obama audio has second amendment supporters watching his next move closely. he plans to bypass congress and take executive action on gun control. it could affect gun stores in the bay area. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us from san francisco and you stopped by a gun store today i can imagine they had strong input about the plan. >> of course they did. they are taking a wait and see approach to all of this. but they understand things can
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change quickly. in order to purchase a gun at jackson's gun shop and shooting range or any california gun shop there is a background check process involving this paperwork that is sent to the department of justice and asks for proof of address and if you have a driver's license. there are questions regarding your mental health and criminal history. >> drug use, any felonies. >> reporter: the checks usually take ten days. jessie, who works as a shooting range instructor says it's long enough. >> it's like, how strict, what more can they do? >> we know we can want stop every act of violence but what if we tried to stop even one. >> reporter: but the president sees flaws in the process and says he will meet with the attorney general on monday to discuss executive actions he could take on gun control
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including expanding background checks and closing the online and gun show loopholes that allow purchases with no background checks. a baps plan failed to pass in the senate three years ago and in light of the mass shootings that have occurred during his presidency he believes the time to act is now. >> across america survivors of gun violence and those who lost a child or parent or a spouse to gun violence are forced to mark such awful anniversaries every single day. >> reporter: jessie is fine with the current process and says california is tough when it comes to guns. >> certain handguns and rifles are banned in california. we are pretty strict over here. >> the store will comply with any actions put forth by the president but of course we won't have details until next week. >> thank you, pete. a manhunt underway in israel after a gunman opens fire
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outside a cafe in tel aviv killing two and injuring seven. the gunman is to the right of the curtain there firing a barrage of bullets. the gunman is still on the loose tonight. police are not rae leasing the suspect's name only saying he is 28 years old. no word yet on a motive in that attack. now to a serious health warning in the bay area, people in a north bay area are being warned about an e. coli threat from water in a private well. water in two wells in the cannon manor neighborhood tested positive for high levels of e. coli and fecal matter. now to an nbc bay area follow up the dogs seen on camera being abused has been turned in and is safe and sound. police found benny the pug, someone left the dog at the
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humane animal services in fairfield. a vet says he is okay. officers were looking for the dog after this, seeing the owner, brandy chin throwing the dog so hard on the ground he rolled several times. he threw the dog during an argument with her ex-boyfriend. they believe that chin is on the run. next at 11:00, rooting against her alma mater, carly fiorina's tweet about stanford. and a bundle of joy born at the stroke of midnight, meet your 2016 baby. we'll introduce you to this little guy first born here in 2016. . ♪ unforgettable -- >> she certainly won't be forgotten. the music world remembers a legendary voice. ==terry/cont vo== an
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unforgettable ♪ unforgettable in every way. >> and unforgettable voice and
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collaboration. natalie cole has died. she passed away yesterday in los angeles at the age of 65. michael brownlee takes a look at her life. ♪ and forever more that's how you'll stay ♪ ♪ that's how you'll stay >> reporter: but instead of being intimated she was inspired by the musical success of her father nat king cole. at just 11, sweetie auditioned to sing with him. he died of lung cancer four years later. natalie once said you can go through turbulent times and still have victory in your life. she detailed her struggles in a memoir in 2000, she was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine, heroin and then rehab. >> this will be --
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>> she was gifted, making her recording debut in 1975 with inseparable which got her two grammy wins. the girl from hancock park always said she was happiest performing live in front of a glorious orchestra or kick-butt big band. >> get what you can, do something with it, hold on to it and never, ever forget where you came from. >> reporter: a poignant ending to her speech in 1999. she jumped into music as an r & b singer but aggressive tatd to the smoth pop and jazz. it was that that ushered in her greatest success. unforgettable with love was a tribute to her father. digital technology married their voices. the album ruled the pop chart
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for five weeks and sold 14 million copies worldwide and six grammy wins. natalie said the project reconnected her with the dad she lost when she was just 15 telling "people" magazine in 2006, it was her thank you to him. no unforgettable -- >> "unforgettable" perhaps the only word to describe the music and memories left behind by this unforgettable talent. >> in a statement her family said our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain enforgettable in our hearts forever. flowers will be placed on her walk of fame on monday. but i have seen people already putting them there. george lucas is issuing an apology to disney over a controversial comment. he criticized disney's handle of
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the new "star wars" movie. the creator sold lucasfilm to the walt disney company in 2012. lucas said he sold his characters to white slavers. he issued the statement yesterday and said he misspoke and used an inappropriate -- carly fiorina is taking heat on twitter after she tweeted out this morning that she was ditching her alma mater and rooting for the iowa hawkeyes in the rose bowl. the recent iowa polls show that fiorina has 1% of the vote. critics fired back at her for pandering to voters. by the way, the stanford cardinal beat the hawkeyes 45-16. meantime, donald trump received unwanted publicity at the rose parade today.
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planes wrote this message in the sky, america is great, trump is disgusting. others said anybody but trump and iowans dump trump. no response from his campaign office. hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered to watch the rose parade. the theme of the rose parade was finding your adventure, getting front row seats was a task. you call that an adventure. many people camped on the sidewalk. but the up close experience was worth the wait. >> everybody is tired just because we had to be here so early. but other than that, you get like so hyped up hearing the music and the flowers. it's fun, i like it. >> in the wake of terror attacks, police stepped up security for the rose parade. bomb-sniffing dogs were on the ground and police hermlicopters
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patrolled the skies. the first baby born in the year arrived at the stroke of midnight. meet baby pierce. his mother was induced at 8:00 yesterday morning. she was five days past her due date and ready to go. edward was supposed to be born on the 26th but made his entrance on new year's day instead. all that matters is that he is here and healthy. >> he's perfect. i'm not saying that lightly. he didn't even cry when he came out. so -- i'm in love. already. >> isn't that sweet? i love his mohawk too. mom and dad said they never planned to have edward on new year's day but they had a feeling he would be born on a holiday. when christmas came and went they predicted new year's would be his birthday. >> fireworks every time.
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>> for your birthday. let's check in with jeff ranieri. we have changes on the way. >> still looks good for the rainfall this weekend. the latest forecast update is showing the same thing we've seen for the past day and a half. that is great news for our confidence on that. we'll take you outside to the sky camera network. a few changes not nearly as cold this time last night as we have high clouds moving over capping off the heat we had today. 43 in the south bay, cold in the east bay at 39 and the spot with the lead cloud cover tonight in the north bay is where the temperatures are the coolest. reading 31. without the cloud cover, the heating is able to escape and that's why in the north bay it is colder. tomorrow morning, temperatures are going to drop and not down in the 20s. east bay at 33. peninsula at 35 and let's take you to the micro climate forecast. there's not going to be huge
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changes no matter where you go tomorrow. the cold air is so strong up above it's keeping the micro climates from giving us this distinctive weather. san jose, 56 degrees, palo alto, 56 and in san francisco we'll have more mid-50s. in the north bay, east bay and trivalley nice day in napa at 53. oakland, 57. danville and pleasanton, mid-50s. let's spend some time on the storm system. it is 250 miles off shore. there is the cold front. originally earlier in the week it looked like this was heading toward los angeles but now it's good to get this across the bay area. let's look at the futurecast and you can see by saturday at 11:30 we could have spotty showers. but notice the bulk of the rainfall is off shore. as we head through 5:00 in the morning a first wave of wet
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weather moves through from santa rosa to san jose. we get a break here. you may think things are over but the storm system will likely stall offshore. we'll see a second consistent wave of wet weather move in by 9:00 on sunday the way things look now and that's our best bet to get wet weather all the way down to san jose. the evening holds a better shot for us. monday morning a few scattered showers and then a small break in the forecast. once again, saturday is dry. throughout sunday we have the rainfall by the evening hours and showers on monday. as we leave you tonight, though, we are tracking two more storms looks like next tuesday is going to be the strong one. where we could have an inch to inch and a half of rain. three good chances of rain in the next five days. >> that is great news. uber customers not happy after getting a ride home new year's eve.
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we'll be right back. people. uber warned people. but
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that didn't stop them from sounding off today about the surge pricing on new year's eve. uber says their customers were warned but that did not stop them from sounding off today. the ride share company gave a head's up that fares would skyrocket. it is the busiest night of the year for uber. fares ranged from double to four times the normal cost. passengers took to facebook and twitter to complain. a woman in new york gets out of a drunk driving charge by claiming her body brews alcohol. she was arrested after driving with a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit. doctors found that this woman is suffering from a rare condition
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called gut fermentation syndrome. doctors say it is caused by high levels of yeast in the intestine and it causes sugars to ferment in her gut. carly fiorina picked the wrong team in the rose bowl. we have the highlights in stanford's big game coming up next. ♪
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second in the heisman trophy voting.... good evening, geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. christian mccaffrey finished second in the heisman trophy voting. today he was on the national stage of the rose bowl game. this was the third appearance of the cardinal in pasadena in four years. stanford came out ready and smelling like a rose. hogan finding mccaffrey. 75 yards for the touchdown. and the cardinal up 7-0. the defense also came to play. the pass picked off by quinton
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meeks and nothing but green grass. 66 yards to the house. stanford up 21-0 after one. but the show was just getting started. second quarter, fourth down for iowa. mccaffrey hits the seam, and the rest is like a video game. he is going 63 yards for the touchdown. his second of the game. stanford up 28-0 at this point. mccaffrey bounces left and picks up the first down and more breaking the rose bowl all purpose yards record. eventually the cardinal stopped and smell the roses. they win big. pac-12 opener for stanford hosting utah. taylor misses both free throws to win the game. in the extra session, cardinal down one, allen on a mission. the baseline drive give him the
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dunk and the foul. he dropped in 17 points. two minutes later the cardinal down a point again. allen calmly knocking down the jumper. stanford regains the lead. the utes down two. desperation three here for the win. too strong. stanford upsets the nation's 21st ranked team. across the bay, cal hosting colorado, pac-12 opener as well. golden bears on the break. brown throwing down with authority. part of his 17 point performance. cal up 13. matthews the alley-oop and the house is rocking. golden bears lead wire to wire and win. steph curry who missed the last two games with a leg injury is questionable tomorrow for tomorrow's game against the nuggets. that's it for sports, have a great weekend.
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more news after the break.
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getting one last look at the
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weekend. >> tomorrow is looking good. we have a dry forecast on saturday. high clouds overhead, temps in the 50s. on sunday a wave of rein in the morning and another in the evening. the north bay with the best chance of accumulating rainfall a quarter to a half inch and next week we keep talking about the other storms coming our way. tuesday, a stronger storm, winds 20 to 40 miles an hour with an inch to inch and a half. all in all, el nino is working its magic. >> we'll take it. that's good. happy new year's to everyone. thank you for joining us tonight. >> have a great night. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will smith, kirsten dunst,


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