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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. well, the skies are clear right now, but offshore you can see rain there in the distance headed straight toward the bay area. it's only a taste of what is coming later none the week. thank you for joining us at 11:00 i'm peggy bunk snooer i'm terry mcsweeney. a live look at downtown san jose. the bay area is expecting a line of storms all this week and the meteorologist rob may edda to t.
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explain. >> things still dry. golden gate bridge right now 45 degrees. one thing the increasing clouds should do is keep the temperatures up in the upper 30s and 40s in the bay area. you can see we have a little bit of light rain on the marin county coastline. most of the substantial showers still offshore. tomorrow morning, 7:00 north of the golden glai gate bridge that's where the rain will start and then spread southward. lunchtime tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. right there by noon you are starting to see moderate rain approach the coast. this is the first of a few systems coming in where most of the bay area on the coastal hill tops could get close to an inch of rain. noticeably less in the trivalley and san jose. if we don't get a lot of rain out of this system notice as we take you out further in the pacific we have got three storms to choose from coming in over the next five days. we'll talk about the impacts of each in your my kproe climate forecast in a few minutes.
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>> we're tracking the phones. so can you with your smart phone. download our nbc bay area app. new at 11:00, the first traffic death of the year in san jose. right now, police are investigating the death of a bias skis that was hit by two cars downtown at 7th and reed street, a couple blocks away from the san jose university campus. police say the bicyclist was crossing an intersection when he was hit by the car. the impact threw the victim right into the second car. we're told that a nurse who saw the accident happen tried to give the bicyclist cpr but he died at the scene. police say drugs and alcohol were not involved in the crash. right now officers with set up a dwoi checkpoint in san carlos downtown. marianne, there is a reason why they are doing this?
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>> reporter: there certainly is n. fact, the big question tonight is have you had anything to drink tonight? that's the question that san jose police officers have been asking motorists all night since 8:00 here on fourth street. they picked this particular location because there is a high concentration of bars, restaurants, and dui arrests downtown. dozen of drivers made an unexpected stop tonight on fourth street as they turned a corner and found themselves -- >> have you been doing any drinking on the. >> reporter: at a dui check point. >> on average we process 1500 vehicles per checkpoint and average four or foif arrests per check point. >> reporter: he says the big advantage is educating the public about drinking and driving. they hand out a pamphlet outlining the risk of driving
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under the influence. police chose this location for a reason. >> we know from statistics that this portion in higher in ddui arrests than other portions of the city. >> reporter: he says one reason why is there is a high concentration of bars restaurants and people downtown on weekend. about 15 officers are running the checkpoint tonight. they are also checking for drivers who may be driving impaired after using drugs like marijuana. last year san jose had 59 traffic fatalities, the highers number in 20 years. tonight they hope the checkpoint will play a role in keeping drivers safe in 2016. tonight's checkpoint will last until 2:00 a.m. police just told me they made their first dui arrest a few minutes ago here at the checkpoint. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> not good news there. let's show share sobering statistics about drunk driving
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from chp. officers made 329 dui arrests after new year's eve. following christmas eve they made 700 duia arrests. police in san francisco are investigating a possible hit and run. the accident shut down mission between 4th and 5th. we're told the other car involved tried to take off. but police caught up with the driver nearby. it's hard to believe when you look at the pictures that no ones with hurt. two north bay fishermen will have to wait until tomorrow's high tide to get their boat bachlkt it's stuck on rocks near kooin china camp state park in san rafael. the both lost power and started drifting this morning. there wasn't much the fishermen could do at that point. >> water in the fuel or something, and you know, the boat stopped running. >> and after that --
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>> by the time we assessed the situation we were already blown up on the lands. >> they weren't that far from land. theman men jumped ship and walked to land. while the boat got away from them, the fish didn't. they caught a few. >> health care coming back to the bay area. it will be a costly ticket if you would like to see the presidential candidate in person. on friday afternoon, there will be a conversation with hillary event that will take place in san francisco. then that evening clinton is scheduled to answer the a reception in palo alto. a ticket for either event will cost $2700 which seems to be the going price to see hillary clinton in the bay area. in october she attended an event in the southwest hills. each with steph curry out, the warriors win in oakland tonight. look at oracle arena where the
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game ended a while ago. christie smith, the most valuable player of tonight's game, once again, the fans. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. i tell you, these fans know all about the streaks, the home game sellouts, the stats, and they expect to keep building with this team. and they say they are excited to do their part. a sold saturday night brought thousands of bundled up warriors fans to watch them face the nuggets. carl brown comes often and knows the plan. >> we say make your free throws. and then everybody says please. and it seems to work. >> reporter: as the team was expected to reach the 150th consecutive sellout at oracle, the seventh longest active streak in the league. >> for a long time. i've been a season ticket holder since what, '07. this has been so much fun. it's like a dream come true. you never thought it was going
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to happen. and then steph arrived. >>l. >> reporter: he played briefly tonight after a shin bruise caused him to miss selfgames. >> go back to before, we had these crazy win streaks. shows the support that the bay area has for the team. >> reporter: with the best record in the league, he has big sellout expectations. >> i don't think we'll stop. i think we'll hit 300. >> reporter: for many fans, numbers don't much as much as the excitement, the noise, the twins and the customs they've gotten used to. >> that's a real strong fan base. can't get any better than that. >> we're here if we win or if we lose. >> reporter: tonight the warriors come out on top, 111-108. their next home game is monday. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. nbc bay area news. for a voyage family things have gone from very bad to a bit
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better in the first two days of the new year. seven people were displaced after this home fire friday. the family made it out safely. the home is a total loss, their christmas presents and belongings didn't make it out. today the voyage fire department pave them all new toys. the family says they are beyond grateful for the help from complete strangers. >> i'm very, very blessed. and i just can't describe how i'm feeling. >> we saw that we could make a difference and we saw these people were impacted pretty severely. >> the family is currently staying with relatives until they fine a permanent place to live. coming up next at 11:00, chris brown in trouble after a trip to las vegas. what one woman says the singer did to her that now has police looking for him. the alleged problems at the
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blue bell plants that may have the feds asking you questions. catching power ball fever. the major payout that would have happened tonight if someone had picked the right numbers. we are tracking rain numbers around the bay area. storm one of many coming in over the next five to seven days. the latest in our forecast when we come back. brown might be singer chris
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brown might be in trouble with the law again. police in las vegas say he's now a suspect in one of their singer chris brown could be in trouble with the law again. police in las vegas say he is now a suspect in one of their case. a woman says that brown hit her and took her cell phone after she tried to take a picture of
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him at a private party inside the palms hotel. when police tried to talk to brown they found out he was already gone. no comment from brown's camp but the singer was freed from probation last year, more than six years after he attacked his then girlfriend rihanna. a fight over a washing machine could be to blame for the death of four people in southern california. this happened on new year's eve in rowland heights. police say a man shot and killed his wife and two others in his home before his son wrestled the gun away from the man. the son then killed his father. witnesses say there was an issue about the washing machine that upset the man and caused him to turn the gun on his family. a criminal investigation over ice cream. the u.s. justice department is now reportedly investigating blue bell after a deadly listeria outbreak linked to its product products. the company recalled products
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and closed plants in april after three people died. an it's been found the company knew one of its plants may have been been contaminated as early as 2013. investigators want to know more about what blue bell knew, and when. >> their inspection reports and what the fda found when they went in there this spring were pretty horrific. they knew it was a problem ongoing, long standing and they didn't do anything about it. >> blue bell is not commenting on reports of the doj investigation but the company is already putting its ice cream back on the shelves. bracing for what's to come. look at the devastation going none the midwest, all because of flooding there. all of this water is moving downstream, heading towards cities like cape gerardo. meanwhile communities ravaged by the flooding are beginning to clean up and get homes back in order. this is what it looks like in arnold, missouri, whereas many as 150 homes are damaged or
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completely lost: >> everybody was overwhelmed when the water just kept coming. but devastated now. and the people down the road had water over their roofs. >> tonight the coast guard is preparing for that possible flooding downstream. they are patrolling the skies and also standing by if rescues are needed. a lot of crushed dreams tonight for some hopeful power ball players. lottery officials say there was no gran prize winner in the first power ball drawing of the year. too bad. tonight's jackpot had grown to $334 million. it was the 12th largest in power ball history. a ticket with five numbers was sold at a san jose liquor store on wednesday. that was worth more than $1.9 million. the next power ball jackpot is going to be luj. that drawing will be wednesday. looking forward to that. right now, our meteorologist is standing by. a lot of rain to talk about. >> over the next few days we'll see enplenty of rain. tonight one of the nice things
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about the clouds coming in it's acting like a thin blanket. temperatures mainly 40s around the bay area. not far over tomorrow morning where we are right now. 48 in san jose. livermore about 43. san francisco 45 degrees with some mid and high level clouds. the radar picking up a few returns way away from the radar site. likely this is not reaching the ground just yet. we still have dry air trapped closer to sea level. but that's going to change as this deeper moisture offshore begins to approach the coast. you can see the system winding up offshower as this continues to move towards us during the day tomorrow look for the rain chances to be on the increase. hour by hour starting tomorrow morning. you will see a few showers mainly along the coast around 7:00. by 5:00, now you are starting to see the weather system cross the coastline. rain increases by the afternoon. and breezy conditions, too, especially on the coasts, 35
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miles per hour, temperatures, mid to upper 50s around san jose. san francisco seeing numbers in the mid 50s as well. in the north bay, temperatures in the low 50s for tomorrow. if you are heading out to the final game for the 49ers to wrap up the season, you will see increasing chances of rain probably more towards the fourth quarter or if we have overtime for that game you will see temperatures in the 50s. we've got one system to deal with tomorrow into monday. interesting out here in the pacific you can see how the storms are stacking up. going along for a ride on this jet stream, which is acting like a runway, directing the systems in one after the another as we go through the we can. high pressure is moving out of way, opening up the door for several systems to come through. one for tomorrow and early monday. by monday afternoon and tuesday, here's a preview of the strongest storm of the week coming in monday night and tuesday, which will have the biggest punch in terms of substantial rainfall. notice how the first half of the week is front loaded with heavy rain for places like san francisco.
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weekly total, two inches of rain, the monthly total is four inches of rain for san francisco. should be a good week. san jose, rain heaviest on tuesday. and numbers taper off as we headquarters head towards the weekend. watch how the jet stream fires in systems quickly one after another tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. next weekend may see a break. if you have plans for next weekend, stay tuned. could see a few more showers finish the week, especially north of san francisco. back to you. joining us now henry wohlford. the warriors were so short staffed they called henry to see if he could play a quarter or two. >> what a game. a nail biter. >> it was. what are you saying? when they are shorthanded they want a short person to add to the roster? that doesn't make any sense at all. i would never be able to get a spot. >> henry, you would do a great job on any team. we have faith in you.
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>> great to have you two as my teammates. coming up in sports, the warriors have been the walking wounded lately. from head coach steve kerr to harrison barnes to super star steph curry. but the ws got a boost in the form of their mvp. steph curry returned to action. that's the good news. bad news. he had to leave the game early. we'll give you the details right after the break. last two games with injuries to
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his left leg... welcome back to nbc bay area. steph curry missed the last two games with injuries to his left leg. he returned to the court tonight but he wouldn't finish the game. after that, the ws were pushed to overtime against the nuggets of the one heck of a finish. warriors back at oracle after a two game road trip. here's the injury in the second quarter. curry bangsed into kenneth re
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fareed. it is a contusion. he left the game and didn't return. five points in just 14 minutes. final seconds, warriors take the lead. on the play, kenneth fareed injured his neck. taken off the court on a stretcher and went to the hospital. let's listen to what is going on with the ws. >> we are continue to fight. we knew we came into the game with nine. then we went into overtime with seven. but everybody stepped up. everybody who touched the floor played big minutes. we stuck together. when stuff started going wrong, nobody folded, nobody complained to each other. we stuck together and collectively we were able to do it. >> the warriors improve to 31-2. over to the sharks, looking for their first back to back home wins this season. taking on the jets.
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second period, sharks on the power play, thornton finds burns. burns 16th goal of the season. down 2-16789 later in the period, peril sends the wrister by jones. the jets would add an empty netter. sharks lose again, 4-1 is the final. kaez game in the alamo bowl. oregon against tcu. second quarter, ducks up 21 points. tony brooks james dives into the end zone. 28-0. the ducks up were 31-0 at the half so the coach at tcu changed shirts. it worked. fourth quarter, tcu down just 11. aaron green scores a trks touchdown, cuts the lead to three. the ducks kick a field goal and send it to overtime. thipel overtime where tcu would
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take the lead for good. the final in this game, 47-41. that is the biggest comeback -- tying the biggest comeback in any bowl game ever. the key here, terry, and peggy, when you are in trouble and you are down and out and your team is losing, just change shirts and your guys will immediately know what they need do. >> never leave at halftime before -- i mean, that whole game flipped around there. halftime. >> stick with the team until the end. >> absolutely, good game. we'll talk to you tomorrow. be ready to go. final week of the nfl. >> sounds good. stay here, we'll be right back.
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quick last look at weather. >> some rain coming in, especially for tomorrow afternoon. starting off tomorrow morning, most of it in the north bay.
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and then by 3:00, you begin to see the rain moving through the rest of the bay area. and for the week ahead, a lot more. >> thank for watching tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. >> saturday night live is up next.
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>> and now... [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. it's the holiday season, and i want to wish everyone out here a merry christmas. to the jews, happy hanukkah. and to the muslims, send me your names.


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