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tv   Today  NBC  January 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. he's back. donald trump returning to the campaign trail with his sights on the clintons. >> the clinton campaign said they'd most like to run against donald trump. they do not want to run against me. >> trump also responding for the first time to the terror recruiting video, which features the billionaire himself. embassy burning. angry protesters in iran storm the embassy overnight, setting the building ablaze in a violent demonstration, after the saudis executed an official. up for grabs. the winning numbers to the $334
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million jackpot. climbing to one of the biggest in gaming history. one for the ages. >> touchdown! >> tcu's backup quarterback leads to team to a 31 point comeback. sending oregon into triple overtime, after a bar fight nearly brought down the team. how did they do it? we'll show you today, sunday, january 3rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. bags under the eyes. this is a game folks are going to be talking about a long time. tcu coming back from a 31 point deficit to beat oregon, and they go it with a backup quarterback.
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never played a college game in his life. >> a walk on to the team. >> the head coach for tcu, we have a picture here. the first half, he's wearing this black shirt. goes into halftime, the players are like, coach, we have more luck when you hear purple. coach is like, i'll try anything. >> hilarious. >> they score 47 points in the second half. the backup quarterback lost his father to cancer in november. after the game, he talks to one of the security officers into letting his mom come on the field to celebrate. gives you chills. >> it's a great story all around. >> it's like a movie. after school special. >> how much do you want to bet he's wearing purple next year? we'll get to our top story. donald trump back on the campaign trail. the republican front runner spending saturday, not surprisingly, taking aim at the president's plan to use executive action against gun violence, and also firing more shots at former president bill
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clinton. donald trump didn't shy away from the terror recruitment video that features the billionaire himself. kristen welker is in new hampshire where hillary clinton is expected to campaign later today. >> we are entering the homestret homestretch. over the next three days, nine candidates will be campaigning here in battleground new hampshire. you can expect a similar pace in iowa. all the candidates sharpening their attacks against each other, including the two front runners, donald trump and hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump trying to expand his reach throughout the south. campaigning in mississippi on saturday and taking fresh aim at hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> reporter: trump, who has a double digit lead nationally, looking past his own primary, engaging the democratic front runner. >> the clinton campaign said they'd most like to run against donald trump. they do not want to run against me. they do not.
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and i'm going to win. >> reporter: but now, clinton may have new fodder. after the revolution the al qaeda affiliate is using donald trump's words in a terror recruitment video. >> donald trump is calling for a shut down of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what [ bleep ] is going on. >> reporter: clinton recently warned trump's statements about the muslims would be used by the militants. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> reporter: trump defending himself in an interview that will air later today. >> other people have called me and say, you have guts to bring it up because, trfrankly, it's true. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz, rising in the polls, are ramping up their attacks on each other, before a crowd of thousands in south carolina on saturday.
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rubio slammed cruz, saying he'd carpet bomb isis. >> you can't carpet bomb if you don't know where they are. >> reporter: carson's poll numbers falling over the weekend, five staffers resigned. there's no sign that carson or the other candidates are letting up, with the first votes weeks ago. >> also on saturday, donald trump vowed to veto any executive actions on guns that president obama takes, and earlier in the day, he took to twitter to criticize former president bill clinton for his marital infidelities when in office. bill clinton will be here on monday, campaigning for hilary clint clinton. i spoke to an aid yesterday who brushed away trump's statements. >> thanks. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" and joins us from washington. good morning. >> good morning, erica.
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>> we've seen over the past few months how it plays out. when donald trump attacks someone, they hit back. it plays better for donald trump than the person hitting back. isn't it a better scenario for the clintons if they decided to hit back? >> the question is how you hit back. trump has been very clever in when he goes after somebody. he finds what he perceives to be their softest spot. what's interesting about going after bill clinton in this case and going after the personal life is this, while politically, doing this has never hurt hillary clinton, if anything, it's backfired, boomeranged and helped her. but there's no topic hillary likes to talk about less than her husband's past marital infidelity. trump likes to make his opponents feel uncomfortable and that's when they make mistakes. how will hillary handle this
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over time? does trump sustain the attacks and, if he does, how will she handle it? that's hurt previous people who tried to fight back against trump. they -- what was the old commercial, never let them see you sweat. jeb bush showed he sweat. >> al shabaab, the group linked to al qaeda, featuring donald trump in a recruitment video. donald trump saying it takes a lot of guts to bring up a ban on all muslims to this country. we have not seen any sort of attack that's had a measurable impact on his poll numbers. any reason to think it's going to be different this time around? >> unlikely. i asked trump this actual scenario. what would happen? i asked him on this show. what would happen if he saw his words being used in a recruitment video? would it make him change his words? he said, no. he was emphatic this is what it was going to take. you have to take the fight to them. you have to speak truth to
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power, that sort of thing. it's only going to have an impact if his opponents decide to bring it up and reinforce it and do it. i suspect they won't. >> chuck, back in washington, president obama has made it clear, we know he's meeting with loretta lynch tomorrow to talk about pushing through gun control measures. even if he does accomplish some of these things in his fire year, are these the executive actions that could be overturned with a new administration? >> it's not overturned, i question whether he can implement them. take the one thing he's probably going to do, which is close the so-called gun loophole. you need an atf, government regulators, to enforce this law. guess who funds that agency? congress. this congress isn't going to give the extra money that's going to be necessary to enforce the president's executive action. not only do i believe that these are likely not to last beyond him, i don't know if what he
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announces can even be enforced now, simply because they don't have the money and resources to enforce it. >> chuck todd, always good to have you with us. thanks. >> you got it. >> we'll see you in a bit on "meet the press" with more on the trump-clinton showdown. deadly flooding in the midwest. the swollen mississippi river was surging downstream at ten times the speed of the niagara falls, and the worst may be yet to come people south of st. louis. that's where miguel almaguer is. >> overnight, the president declared this area a federal disaster area, freeing up federal funds to clear this area up better. there was good news and bad news today. the good news, the flooding surge waters here have begun to reseed. the mississippi river and mar rac -- merrimack, was 30 feet above
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flood stage. the cleanup here, more than 150 homes in the arnold area alone, are believed to be completely destroyed, which is the bad news. we were in the community yesterday. it'll take months, if not longer, to rebuild in that community alone. as you mentioned, craig, all this surging water is headed straight downstream. it is continuing to affect some communities along the way, and it will likely hit memphis in the next couple of days, where there, they are bracing for what could be potential side effects of localized flooding. >> miguel, thank you. there is some good news for you powerball ticketholders just waking up. you have a chance at another jackpot. we're putting a positive spin on this. no grand prize winner won last night's drawing, so you have a chance to win what promises to become one of the biggest jackpots in powerball history. kerry sanders is in florida. do you have your next ticket yet? >> good morning.
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first, this is what a winning ticket would have looked like. those are the numbers. if only i had purchased this ticket at winn-dixie last night instead of this morning. there have been lines and there will be more lines. the hype of all of this will continue. this powerball is played in some of the states, easier for me to list the states it's not played in, and that's alabama, alaska, hawaii, mississippi, nevada and utah. if you're going to play, the chances of you winning, 1 in 292 million. that's whether you buy one ticket, whether you spend $10 on tickets or $20 on tickets. finally, as i buy a ticket here, there you go, consider this, this is going to grow to $400 million. if somebody or a group of people win it, it will be the sixth largest jackpot for the powerball ever. the highest was $590.5 million, a tremendous amount of money.
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guys, here's the plan, if these numbers hit, we'll split it three ways. >> you heard that. >> three? >> the ladies up here with us, kerry, what about a five way split? >> we can all get a private jet somewhere. >> and the crew is wondering, what about 30 way. >> no, no. >> we'll work out the details, kerry. good luck and god speed. >> we have proof here. let's get to sheinelle now, following the violence in iran. >> protesters are taking to the streets after an execution of a cleric. demonstrators in tehran attacked the embassy, setting the structure on fire. we're joined for the latest. good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle. that's right. hard line protesters raided the
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saudi embassy in tehran last night, angry over the execution of prominent shia cleric. they threw molotov cocktails at the building. flames and smoke could be seen billowing from the windows. protesters last night also r ransacked a city in the northeast of iran. the establishment was quick today to condemn the execution. the supreme leader, the highest authority in the land, said saudi arabia will face revenge for the execution. calling his execution a huge crime and a wrong deed. the country's powerful revolutionary guard vowed reven revenge. iran's president, in a more balanced statement, said the execution violates human rights and islamic values. but the damage to the saudi embassy was by no means
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justifiable. in a statement, he said he ordered the interior minister to identify the attackers and bring them to justice, to put an end to these abominations and have the security of the nation. there's no love lost between iran and saudi arabia, and this latest episode is going to fan the flames further. more protesters today in iran, but it's unlikely they'll get out of hand. we have to see how this plays out amongst a lot of tension. in oregon, protesting militia members took over a wildlife building. they're protesters the return to prison of two ranchers. they were convicted of arson, said to be covering up poaching. police in pennsylvania are
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calling the death of a 5-year-old autistic boy who vanished new year's eve a tragic accident. on saturday, he was found floating in a canal not far from where he disappeared. an autopsy is set for tomorrow. in massachusetts, police discovered a trunk full of weapons outside of gillette stadium. the weapons were in the car of a connecticut man and found near the stadium in an off site lot for employees. they were discovered before the hockey match between the bruins and the canadiens. police arrested a 48-year-old on weapons charges but say there was no threat to anyone attending the game. in buffalo, you could call their stadium a snow bowl. more than a foot of snow fell on the stands. fans answered the call, showing up with shovels to dig out the home team. the forecast calls for more snow before today's a kickoff. finally, it was all happening at the zoo on the last day of the
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first family's hawaii vacation. they took in the honolulu zoo in waikiki. daughters are never too old to hold their dad's hand. isn't it sweet? the president played babysitter in chief to his sister's children. not a bad day, huh? >> no, not at all. >> waikiki at the zoo. >> right? >> i'll take it. >> take a little waikiki any day, zoo or not. dylan dreyer, you said winter was coming and you were right. >> tonight will be the coldest night since last march. it'll be a shock to the system. it hasn't been this cold in months. we have this area of high pressure sagging down from the nov north, the cold front will usher in the cold temperatures. 15 dpreegrees in buffalo on mon. new york, we won't get out of freezing, high of 30 degrees. washington, d.c., high temperatures only in the mid 30s. when you have this colder air crossing over the great lakes, that's why we see the lake
6:17 am
effect shnow. we could have higher amounts, 6 to 12 inches in some areas where the bands set up. not much for lake-effect snow but it hey, good sunday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter here tracking two storms this upcoming week. one will move in by tuesday, but we've got one right now on our doorstep, and that's going to bring rain today to the bay area. we're starting to see showers from san francisco points north right now one cell about to make its way right on shore. so get ready, the rain is here, and we are going to see on and off showers for the north bay and san francisco through the day. it won't be into the south bay and the tri-valley until later on this evening. once the sun does go down. temperatures back into the mid-50s, again, on and off rain for the north bay and san francisco. at's your latest forecast. >> thanks. just ahead, a preview of our start today series, from organizing to exercising. we have tips to giving you a we have tips to giving you a head start on your my trainer didn't believe me we have tips to giving you a head start on your that trop50 could taste so good and still have 50% fewer calories.
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♪ say what you want to say no time like january to get started and motivatmotivated. we're helping you keep your resolutions. >> every sunday in january, our experts will be giving you tips on how you can get a head start to your week, whether it's working out, saving money, or eating better. maybe staying organized. >> all of them. >> get a head start. >> get a head start. >> get a head start today. >> today. >> today. >> today. >> holiday shopping and wrapping is over. can you believe it's january already? i want you to spend this sunday
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a baby, or anyone starting your fitness routine fresh in 2016, walk to or from work. if you have kids, take them for long walks outside. >> are you looking to earn more in 2016? the first place you want to focus is your linkedin profile. make sure you have a good, professional picture. that your summary outlines your five or six biggest achievements. then you want to read through and make sure there are no typos. you never get a chance to make the first impression again. >> those are our tips. >> those are our tips. >> those are our tips. >> those are our tips. start today. >> today. >> today. >> today. >> there you go. all very doable. i feel like manageable. >> and they add up. you can do each one individually. >> starting today is the hardest part. >> not putting it off until tomorrow. >> we'll make a pack to start. >> hands? >> ready? >> tune in tomorrow.
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san francisco vicky/2shot i'm vicky nguyen...along side anthony slaughter who has a check of your we start you off with a live look at san francisco. absolutely beautiful and clear out there, but that may be changing soon. good morning, i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter. and you're not following just one or two but maybe three storm systems. >> yeah, the next seven days. rain starting today through thursday. get ready, hopefully you've got the rain gear already. showers already starting to push into the north bay. that's where you'll see the rain first. can you see that cell making its way onto the north bay coastline right thousand. and that's really where we'll see the rain at least for the daytime. the north bay and san francisco and then the rain will spread into the south bay, the tri-valley, the east bay and the peninsula as we head into the afternoon and evening hours.
6:27 am
so the rain arrives late for most of us. again, san francisco, north bay, you'll see the showers first. on and off rain through the day. and it will be cool. mid-50s for daytime highs. the winds kick up later on this afternoon as the rain moves on through, and showers continue through tomorrow, vicky. and a bigger storm system moves in for tuesday. that one, i think, we're more concerned about with the potential for flooding, thunderstorms and severe weather. we'll talk more about that at 7:00. >> looking forward to it. anthony, thank you. well, the first traffic death of the year in san jose. police are investigating a bicyclist hit by two cars near downtown. the crash happened in the area of 7th and weed street six blocks away from the san jose state university campus. police say the bicyclist was crossing an intersection when he was hit by a car. the impact threw the victim right into an suv heading the opposite direction. we're told a nurse who saw the accident tried to give the bicyclist cpr, but he died at the scene. police say alcohol and drugs were not involved in the crash. san jose police early this morning wrapped up their first dui checkpoint of the new year. the department hasn't revealed
6:28 am
the exact numbers yet. but they normally stop around 1500 drivers during these checkpoints, and they average around four or five arrests. this one was held in downtown at fourth & san fernando streets on the northwest corner of the san jose state university campus area. police say they chose this area because of a high concentration of bars and nightclubs. in addition to checking for impaired driving, officers also handed out leaflets with the goal of educating drivers about the danger of driving under the influence. two north bay fishermen will have to wait until high tide today to get their boats back. the jenna jay as the boat is named is stuck on rocks near china camp state park in san ra rell. they say the boat lost power around 8:30 yesterday morning and started drifting. the men jumped ship and walked to land. while the boat got away from them the fish didn't. they say they caught a few. as for the jenna j, the coast guard say it's stuck until the water rises again today.
6:29 am
coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," it was a milestone note at oracle arena. the 150th consecutive sellout was topped with a thrilling win. but not everything went the way fans expected, or wanted. why the warriors' biggest star had to leave the game early. that plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. of course, anthony slaughter back with a look at the three storms headed our way. for now, though, we'll send you back to the "today" show. see you at 7:00.
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do you think robert had thrown in the towel prematurely? what am i sitting on? >> a swivel chair. >> another modern thing? >> invented by thomasev jeffers. >> oh, she never gets old. matthew crowley, back from the dead. >> want me to give you my dvds? >> yes. >> exciting building of "downton abbe abbey", the show's sixth and final season kicking off tonight after a five-year run. back on a sunday morning, january 3rd, 2016. take a look at the folks who showed up to hang out with us on this sunday. a big thanks to them for joining
6:31 am
us, and a thanks to you, as well, for joining us there from the comfy confines, the warm confines of your home. let's take a look at what's making headlines on this sunday morning. donald trump back on the campaign trail, responding to the terror recruitment video, with his pledge to keep muslims out of the country. his response, only he has to guts to bring it up. he's vowing to reverse executive action taken by president on gun violence. the illinois river continues to rise and could be near historic heights as early as tuesday. the massive cleanup is expected to take weeks. a historic win with tcu's backup quarterback leading the team to a 31 point comeback, stunning oregon in triple overtime. hours after an ugly bar fight left the team without its star quarterback. we begin this half hour with a final check of the weather.
6:32 am
dylan, it's cold. >> wait until tonight, when temperatures are the coldest they've been since march. out west, there's a pattern that continues. we are looking at more storms making their way on shore. the first one is going to be fairly minor. a little bit of rain and mountain snow. there's another storm system back to the west. it's going to move in tuesday. it's going to be much, much stronger. let's break it down for you. today, we are going to see those showers begin to take hold of central california. on tuesday, especially later in the evening. heavy rain is likely through los angeles. we're looking at one to three inches of rain, up to one to two feet of snow in the mountains. this could lead to flash flooding. we could also see debris flow because of the recent burn areas. down south, northern florida, we're seeing heavy rain. lots of clouds with the stalled front and off and on rain. it'll wind down tomorrow. 6 to 12 inches of
6:33 am
hey, good sunday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter here. we've got rain in the forecast foretoday. right now things are dry once you step outside, but rain is moving in. especially across the north bay and san francisco. that's where we'll see the showers first. temperatures there only in the low to mid-50s. across the east bay, the peninsula and the south bay including the tri-valley we will see showers later on this afternoon. and most of that will come once the sun goes down into the overnight hours. making for a wet commute tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. two more storm systems this upcoming week. join us for the details at 7:00. >> we have an honorary fan of the day. what's your name? where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> thank you for being my fan of the day. >> dylan, thank you. caring with loved ones with dementia often means stripping them of independence. the dutch are leading the way in care with an innovative approach, proving it takes a village. it's a story that has experts here taking note. here's nbc's keir simmons.
6:34 am
>> reporter: it looks like a typical neighborhood. there is a cafe, a hairdresser, a theater, and street names. and like many dutch houses, the homes here have no curtains. the doors are not locked. not even in the apartment i'm meeting marie. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: she shares it with four other residents. and there's something else marie shares with everyone who lives here. they all suffer from severe dementia. she's taking me on a tour of that you are neighborhood. i'm going to have a tough time keeping up with her. >> you walk a fast pace. >> yes. >> reporter: at the supermarket, there are choices to make. >> chocolates. >> reporter: how old are your children? >> 50. >> you buy them sweets? >> reporter: even alcohol is for sale. the cashier, like all other employees and volunteers here, trained in dementia care. >> time to go home. >> reporter: to keep an eye on the residents.
6:35 am
when her own mother was diagnosed with alzheimer's, he looked e -- she looked to create a place more familiar and comfortable than the normal nursing home. >> they can roam around, meet others as they wish, without anyone walking behind them. they want a normal life. >> reporter: here, there's no stig stigma, no stares and no failure. >> it's something they won't feel here. it helps people have to more self-esteem. >> reporter: the neighborhood is roughly the size of ten football fields. more than 150 men and women live in 23 commune apartments, decorated for different lifestyles. there's freedom to move. there are boundaries. some say it creates a false reality. >> the supermarket is a normal supermarket. i sometimes do some of my shopping there. it's a real hairdresser. a real restaurant. nothing pretending.
6:36 am
>> reporter: what others know as a facade may help residents feel normal. studies show that residents here appear more joyful, live longer and need less medication. >> we can't decide for them how to live. they can decide it for themselves. when they say no, or i want to sleep until it's 1:00, they should be able to. >> reporter: marie only remembers bits of her life now. >> how long were you married for? >> i can't remember that. >> reporter: she can still play her beloved piano. in a place that's built around living in the moment. for "today," keir simmons, the netherlands. >> brilliant, isn't it? >> great idea. >> living in the moment. that's what they have. >> years ago, when we lost my grandmother toal tie alzheimer' of the toughest things was watching her lose the freedoms they were talking about. imagine a place you have all those things and can preserve them. >> love it.
6:37 am
hold on to more of your dignity in that way, too. >> great story. up next, more sunday stories from the ultimate bucket list trip to tackling a toast with a ghost rider for hire. and a young female conductor making waves at the does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great. thwith aches, chills,g. and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away
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>> a few guys in the office were literally throwing around ideas. it's great to travel here and there, and hey, what if we join all the dots in this one amazing mega-trip? >> reporter: the journey begins february 3rd in bangkok, thailand, with travelers spanning the globe, visiting 34 countries on five continents, coming to a stop in bay no in a. they'll sleep in cruise ships, tents, bus houses and more, traveling by plane, boat, bus, ka n canoe and camel. $75,000. >> you think, it's a lot of money. >> you don't have rent for that year. you don't pay off your car. you don't have to go grocery shopping. >> reporter: a few years ago, teacher lisa went on a shorter trip, lasting ten months. >> i had just finished a divorce and sold a house, so it was
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really the perfect storm of eve events. to take a year off and travel. >> reporter: the packing took six months. she visited 18 countries, sending birthday wishes to friends and family from unexpected places. herded sheep and salsa danced. from syria to cuba to antarctica, her lifetime travels widened her world view. she's collected countless memories and not a single regret. >> you're never going to think back five years later or r50 years later and think, wow, i wish i would have worked one more year. >> reporter: if your boss approves the 52 weeks of vacation, you'll swing through peru in month ten, where you'll meet this tour guide. >> would you want to do a trip like this if you had the chance? >> reporter
6:43 am
. >> absolutely. >> reporter: he met a woman who was touring. >> she said, my home is the world. >> reporter: maybe if we could say that, every day would be a vacation. nbc news, los angeles. >> love it. >> i'm in. >> let's do it. >> maybe we should do a more in-depth report and go there. or joe fryer. great piece. they made him do the video, the interview with the screen. >> couldn't even go to one of the locations. >> sorry, joe. great story though. still to come on "today," the perfect toast, from wedding vows to speeches. you may never be to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. ♪ hot blooded, check it and see...♪ ♪ got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? ♪ i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! ♪
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so over the holidays there's no need to stress over the perfect vows or wedding toast anymore. >> no, because now you can hire someone to write your speech for the big day. sha sheinelle has more on that story. >> they promise to make sure your toast won't be a disaster. >> i never thought that my sister would find someone who cared about what other people thought as much as she did until
6:47 am
i met craig. >> if the thought of giving a speech makes you tremble in your tux. >> best man, everybody. >> best man. the better man. >> help may be just a phone call away in the form of a growing number of businesses that promise not to leave you speechless. ghost writers angie summer and alishia have a specialty. >> half of our clients have been wedding vous. >> their company is called vous news and business is big. >> every other aspect of a wedding or even is planned out. why not plan this out, too. >> they will also make sure your wedding party isn't at a loss for words for a fee. prices start at $300 for vows, $350 for best man and made of honor toasts and the father of the bride pays top dollar, $450 for his speech. >> we're trying to steer people towards the really good if at all possible. >> in new york victoria we
6:48 am
willman does the same, wedding toasts start at $500. >> all i want to do is challenge people's perceptions of what a great speech is. >> her client kevin harrington hit is big as the founder of as seen on tv. kevin says even entrepreneurs can use help choosing their words, he recently used victoria to put the finishing touch on speeches he and his son would deliver at his older son's wedding. >> as the professional and father of my son i want to look good in front of the other side of the family, many of who i have not met yet. first impressions kind of thing are very important. >> critics who would say, do you know what, come on, this is your son for goodness sakes, this is not a business deal, this is not strategy, this is just dad to his son. >> and ultimately they're helping me craft my talk and my speech, but it's going to end up in my words and my delivery and my pacing. >> were you surprised because,
6:49 am
wow, you know, like we are ten years apart and -- >> sessions begin with an initial interview, followed by a detailed questionnaire, then victoria goes over each strap, fine tuning delivery. >> do they have to trust you? >> yes. absolutely. that is really at the core of the whole process, it's kind of like a marriage. you have to trust that i know what i'm doing. >> the key to winning over any audience, she says a little bit of heart and a whole lot of humor. >> your job is to entertain and make people laugh and merry. >> but what if i'm not funny. >> so you color and you tell me all the amazing stories you have about your friend and all the things you want to say and i'll make them funny. >> that's how these ghost writers take your stories from chatter to tears. >> i love you both and let's give them both a toast. god bless you.
6:50 am
>> and you don't need to live in new york or san francisco to hire these ghost writers, they counsel clients from all across the country. victoria was skyping with kevin's son, nick, while he was away at school. i walked in thinking, oh, come on, can't you write it, but some people have stage fright, they are afraid or have all these ideas and stories but they don't know how to weave them into a toast. >> i was skeptical, too. i have to say i kind of like t it could be helpful, too. what if your toast -- you don't want the toast to be about you. so to help somebody focus their toast. >> have you ever heard a bomb that toabombed? >> several. >> i see now why people do it. >> i don't know, it seems like you're cheating a bit. >> it's a great conversation. >> when we come back, sunday's with harry and a fresh face at the los angeles fill harmon i can. right after these messages. the
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♪ nothing can stop us now this morning on sundays with harry, a new face in music. >> this is really a fun story. if you don't mind my saying no. >> not at all. >> all your stories. >> in a genre that tends to be conservative male and buttoned up, the hottest new thing is young female. and anything but buttoned up. ♪ >> reporter: walt disney hall in los angeles, home of the los angeles philharmonic. the conductor tonight, a young woman, still in her 20s. she is mirga, a lit yhuanian wi a lightning baton. when she moves, the response is
6:55 am
electric. mirga, one of the world's great orchestras, make a great match. >> i need to let the music carry me, and then it carries all of us. >> reporter: we watched rehearsal. measure by measure, mirga and the orchestra come to an understanding of her vision for the piece. >> we have to, everybody, fall in love. >> what do you feel like is the most important thing you need to communicate to the people who are sitting in all those chairs? >> inspiration. then it is about communication between us. inspiration and communication is what conducting is about. >> reporter: she does her homework and, often, unearths moments of musical beauty,
6:56 am
buried in the score. >> do you find sometimes when you're studying the score, that you have a moment when you just say, ah? >> absolutely. absolutely. often, all these moments are very precious. sometimes, you will just analyze and search and, hmm. sometimes, yes, this is what the composer was meaning and singing about. >> reporter: mirga's mother is a pianist and her father, a conductor. she has been around music since birth. >> the childhood was happening in the music. although, my parents actually wanted to protect me from this difficult job. >> reporter: in decades past, a woman on the podium would raise eyebrows. today, it's more of a sense of celebration. >> after a kids concert here, we were having q&a with children and their mothers.
6:57 am
some of those mothers would come to me and say afterwards, it was so great for our daughters to see you. >> reporter: for all of us to see. mirga is unapologetically passionate about music and what can happen when a conductor and cork is th orchestra work as one. >> it's a moment when we hear a sound we're all astonished about. this is how we can play, and this feeling of sharing this miracle in that moment, is precious. [ applause ] >> rave reviews. >> such a gift, to feel music the way she does. >> we got to go to rehearsal. you sit there and think, am i the luckiest guy on the planet, to observe this? to watch her work with the
6:58 am
orchestra, more like this, less of that. when the performance comes, it all comes together. i have goose bumps just thinking about being there. >> only 22? >> late 20s. >> okay. >> still, she's so passionate about it. >> facial expressions. >> excited. you can tell she takes so much joy in it. >> you can tell the musicians are buying in. many, many classical concerts, you see the guys sawing away. rarely look up. she just says, come with me on this your sni. >> -- journey. >> another one knocked out of the park, harry smith. thank you. "meet the press," chuck and his guests will be talking about the trump-clinton showdown. that'll do it for us. thank you and good-bye. we'll see you soon to our
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it's 7:00. sunday. and we want to give you a live look outside at saratoga. we're getting you this beautiful shot, and i'm told that temperatures are in the 40s. quite mild start to your day thanks to those clouds that you see. let's look at the radar now. you can see some green. a little bit of orange and yellow moving in, too. we're talking about three storms expected over the next few days. beginning with today. good morning and thanks again so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get you more details on that forecast with anthony slaughter. so you are very busy tracking these three storms. >> yeah. in fact, the first of the three are moving in today and we'll see the showers on and off across parts of the north bay. we're looking at the golden gate bridge pointed north.


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