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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. it's 7:00. sunday. and we want to give you a live look outside at saratoga. we're getting you this beautiful shot, and i'm told that temperatures are in the 40s. quite mild start to your day thanks to those clouds that you see. let's look at the radar now. you can see some green. a little bit of orange and yellow moving in, too. we're talking about three storms expected over the next few days. beginning with today. good morning and thanks again so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get you more details on that forecast with anthony slaughter. so you are very busy tracking these three storms. >> yeah. in fact, the first of the three are moving in today and we'll see the showers on and off across parts of the north bay. we're looking at the golden gate bridge pointed north. you see those dark clouds making
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their way in, and those are rain clouds we're expecting to see. showers, again, on and off from san francisco points north through the day. by the evening hours, once the sun goes down, we'll see the showers for the east bay and peninsula and south bay. overall temperatures stay cool right where they have been. low to mid-50s across the entire bay. as mentioned, showers will be on and off for the north bay today. that's the one location we'll actually see rain during the day. that rain's going to continue tonight, vicky, into tomorrow morning. then a bigger storm moves in for tuesday right in the heart of the morning commute. we'll time that out and talk about the potential for flooding, thunderstorms and severe weather coming up. all of it headed our way in the next seven days. >> wow, people want to take it easy on the roads this week, then. >> definitely, go slow. >> thank you. see you in a bit. track the storms with your smartphone. download our app and click on the weather tab. there you can see our live doppler and get forecasts for your neighborhood. the first traffic death of the year in san jose. police are investigating a bicyclist hit by two cars near
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downtown. the crash happened in the area of 7th and reed street. just blocks away from san jose state university campus. police say the bicyclist was crossing an sberkintersection. the impact threw the victim into an suv heading the opposite direction. we're told a nurse who saw the accident tried to give the bicyclist cpr. but he died at the scene. police say alcohol and drugs were not involved in the crash. san jose police early this morning wrapped up their first dui checkpoint of the year. the department hasn't revealed the exact numbers yet, but they normally stop around 1500 drivers during these checkpoints. and they average about four or five arrests. this one was held downtown at fourth & san fernando streets on the northwest corner of san jose state university. police say they chose this area because of a high concentration of bars and clubs. >> we know from statistics that this portion of san jose is a little bit higher in dui arrests and other portions of the city. >> last year san jose had 59
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traffic fatalities, the highest number in 20 years. police hope checkpoints like this will bring that number down. and here are sobering statistics about drunk driving from the chp. in the first 12 hours of their new year's eve crackdown, officers made 329 arrests. during another crackdown that started christmas eve and ended the following sunday, the chp made 700 arrests. police in san francisco are investigating a possible hit and run that may have led to this scene last night. an overturned car on mission street in the city's soma district. it shut down mission between fourth and fifth streets. we're told the other car involved tried to take off, but police caught up with the driver nearby. surprisingly, no one was hurt. two north bay fishermen will have to wait until high tide today to get their boat back. the jenna j as the boat is named is stuck on rocks in san rafael. they say the boat lost power about 8:30 yesterday morning and
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started drifting. there wasn't much they could do. >> water and fuel or something, you know, the boat, you know, stopped running. >> and then after that it was just kind of -- >> yeah, by the time we assessed the situation, we were already blown up on the rocks. >> the two men jumped ship and walked to land. while the boat got away from them, the fish didn't. as for the jenna j, the coast guard says it is stuck until the water rises today. to decision 2016 now. hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area and it's a costly ticket if you want to see the presidential candidate. on friday afternoon there will be a conversation with hillary event in san francisco. then that evening clinton is scheduled to attend a reception in palo alto. a ticket for either event costs $2700. that seems to be the going price to see mrs. clinton in the bay area. in november the presidential candidate attended an event in the los altos hills. a look at oracle arena where last night the game got a little
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too close for comfort for the warriors and thr fans, but even with steph curry leaving the game early, the dubs still found a way to win in skroeovertime, consecutive wins at home for the world champions. and here's another milestone. last night's game was the 150th straight sellout at oracle. today in the bay's christie smith has the story. >> reporter: a cold saturday night brought thousands of bundled-up warriors fans to watch them face the nuggets. carl brown comes often and knows the plan. >> shoots free throws, we say, "make your free throws!" and then everybody says, "please!" and it seems to work. >> reporter: as the team was expected to reach the 150th consecutive sellout at oracle, the seventh longest active streak in the league. >> we've been waiting for this for a long time. i've been a season ticket holder since '07. it's so much fun. i mean, it's like a dream come true that you never really thought was going to happen.
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and then steph arrived. >> reporter: he played initially after a shin bruise caused him to miss two games. a sellout streak started in 2012, and he thinks it's more than just their popularity as nba champs. >> when they had these crazy win streaks, it shows the support the bay area has for the team. >> reporter: with the best record in the league, he's got big sellout expectations. >> i don't think it will stop. i think it will hit 300. >> reporter: for many fans, numbers don't matter as much as the excitement, the noise, the wins and the customs they've gotten used to. >> that's a real strong fan base. and it can't get any better than that. >> if we win or lose. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thankfully they won. for a vallejo family, things have gone from very bad to much better in just the two days of the new year. at least seven people were displaced after this early-morning fire on friday. the family made it out safely, but their christmas presents and many of their belongings did not. yesterday evening, vallejo
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firefighters surprised the family by giving them new toys and a donation courtesy of the firefighters union foundation. the family says they are beyond grateful for the help from complete strangers. >> i'm very, very blessed. i just can't describe how i'm feeling. >> we saw that we can make a difference, and we saw that these people were impacted pretty severely. >> the family is currently staying with relatives until they find a more permanent place to live. coming up, chris brown in trouble after a trip to las vegas. what one woman says the singer did to her that now has police looking for him. plus investigation into tainted ice cream. the alleged problems at a blue bell plant that now has the feds asking questions.
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let's give you a live look o outside at traffic in dublin. skies pretty clear. a little cloud cover which is keeping temperatures a bit warmer. and anthony slaughter will be by in just a moment with a look at three storms headed our way. the first one moving in today. and folks, we're going to get some rain. singer chris brown might be in trouble with the law again. police in las vegas say he is now a suspect in one of their cases. a woman says brown hit her and took her cell phone after she tried to take a picture of him at a private party inside the palms hotel. when police tried to talk to brown, they found out he was already gone. no comment yet from his camp. he was freed from probation last year more than six years he attacked his then girlfriend rihanna. the u.s. department is now reportedly investigating blue bell after a deadly listeria outbreak linked to its products. the ice cream company voluntarily recalled its products and closed plants in april after three people died.
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an fda investigation found the company knew one of its plants might have been contaminated as early as 2013. a food attorney says investigators want to know more about what blue bell knew and when. >> their inspection reports and what the fda found when they went in there this spring were pretty horrific. they knew that listeria was in their plant. there was a problem ongoing, longstanding. and they didn't do anything about it. >> blue bell is not commenting on reports of the doj investigation. but the company is already putting its ice cream back on the shelves. still ahead on "today in the bay," power from the people. a very unusual solution to broken streetlights in one neighborhood. how some homeowners are coming to the rescue. anthony. >> we've got rain coming to our rescue this morning. showers and thunderstorms expected as we head into the overnight hours tonight. the first of three storms headed our way this upcoming week. let it rain. we'll talk more about this shower activity headed our way coming up after this.
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let's give you another live look outside right thousand. saratoga, sun is up. and some of those clouds look like they are moving out. we are getting a mild start to the morning as these remember sos systems head our way. some bringing heavy rain. so we're looking at rain over the next seven days according to anthony. and he'll be by in just a moment to give you the full details. well, work on the highway 17 highway 1 interchange in santa cruz starts tomorrow night. that is if it's not too rainy to start the work. the entire project will last four months. the goal is to resurface the roadway, widen the shoulders, and add a lane to the highway 1 ramp to get rid of that forced merge. the work is being done overnight monday through friday from 8:00 p.m. until 5:30 in the morning. drivers can expect delays of up to about 20 minutes during those times. the christmas spirit will last well into the new year in one san bruno neighborhood. the city is asking homeowners to keep their holiday lights up and on. that's because the city is dealing with a streetlight
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problem that has left it in the dark for months. our chuck coppola has more. >> reporter: each pool of light shows you where a homeowner has been willing to help out. on this block of crestmore, not a lot of help. >> maybe it's invasive to have to worry about something being plugged into their house. you would see something like that maybe in alaska. not in san bruno. >> reporter: the yellow extension cord from the streetlight to an electrical outlet in a garage tells you in san bruno, the people have the power. aging wiring, below ground has confounded city crews trying to fix dozens of streetlights that fizzled out before halloween. >> we've some incidents of break-ins in this area in the past. we haven't had anything recently, but it's kind of scary to be so dark. >> reporter: about two weeks ago, the city began running these temporary streetlights at nine different locations around san bruno. they're noisy, though, and they're expensive. they cost about $28,000 a month
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to run all nine. so until new wiring is strung underground, maybe by april, homeowners are being asked to plug in a very tall night light for the city. and are paid for doing so $50 a month, far more than the $3 a month it cost to run an l.e.d. streetlight. >> it's totally voluntary. we're asking people to do it. i think we've probably six or seven that have agreed to do it so far. four more are on track and three or four have declined. >> reporter: homeowners who agreed signed a waiver of liability. >> just in case something within their home happened to occur that the city has no control over, someone trips in their garage or something, or maybe they have some defective wiring that we're not aware of. that protects the city. >> reporter: this month, holiday lights have served more than a decorative purpose for him and his 5-year-old daughter, nadine. >> luckily we have some christmas lighting and, you know, yeah, that is true. >> reporter: new year's lighting and christmas lighting has helped. >> yes, big time. >> reporter: just before christmas, san bruno city
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council approved a firm, work to begin after the new year and cost as much as $350,000. but the mayor says local taxes won't go up as a result. in san bruno, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. well, the pot thickens. some disappointing news for hopeful powerball players. lottery officials say there was no grand prize winner in the first powerball drawing of the year. last night's jackpot grew to $334 million. it was the 12th largest in powerball history. good news for someone in the bay area, a ticket with five numbers was sold at a san jose liquor store. it was worth more than $1.9 million. the next powerball drawing will be held wednesday. so we still have a chance. let's check in with anthony slaughter with a look at that weekend forecast. >> it is always here. >> well, sometimes. we wish. fingers crossed. >> it seems like it. every time we hear a story, maybe not all the numbers, but five, six numbers at a 7-eleven or liquor store. >> it's going to be a understood
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new year for someone. >> i've got to try the lottery. we're trying our own lottery out here this week, vicky. we're talking about the luck headed our way. some good luck. we're talking rain and actually a few days of rain. it's not going to come all at once. that's why we're talking about good luck. we won't see the major flooding like we do when we get one storm all in one day and it dumps inches of rain. these storms are going to be spread out over the next five days, and that's where we'll see showers. right now we're even seeing rain near santa rosa and right along point raise 101, mill valley, even the golden gate bridge had raindrops on it. through the day, we'll see a good amount of cloud cover through the day. that's going to leave temperatures where they have been for the past couple of days. low 50s for the east bay. meanwhile the peninsula, the south bay and tri-valley, you'll see temperatures back into the mid-50s. but the rain for those locations won't arrive until later on this afternoon. once the sun does start to go down. we'll see a nice dry again. again, mainly cloudy across most of the bay area today.
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the showers today will be in the north bay and san francisco. and then the rain spreads across the rest of the area tonight once the sun sets. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to showers. tuesday morning, another set of heavy rain headed our way. and even some thunder and wind likely with that. some gusty winds. wednesday, a weaker system pushes in but it's going to keep the rain in place not only for wednesday but for thursday as well. here it is. a look at our storm systems lined up across the pacific. there's the first one moving in today. here's the next one for tuesday. and the one for wednesday, not even on the satellite view. it's still out across the eastern pacific. right now we're looking at those showers moving across parts of the north bay. watch the yellows and oranges. that's the heavier rains. this is right at 9:00 this evening. you'll notice the heavy rain pushes into the coastline. san francisco, the peninsula and eventually the south bay. now, tomorrow morning, 5:00, 6:00, we'll start to clear out and see a little sunshine mixed in here with rain. but look at lunchtime tomorrow on and off showers return. and then by tomorrow night, here comes that bigger storm system by tuesday. this one will move in tuesday morning for the morning commute.
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around 4:00 or 5:00, 6:00. if you are an early morning commuter for tuesday, heads up, that's really the day where it's going to be messy out there. the other thing to keep in mind, winds will start to gust tomorrow night. today really not going to be all that gusty. this is monday at 7:00. we're talking about gusts anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour across the entire bay area including the tri-valley and the south bay as well. now, the thing that we won't see a whole lot of is snow this go 'round because the storm system's headed our way. warm storm system. we're going to get rain at even 5,000 feet as we move towards the next seven days. this is the futurecast for the next seven days. only about a foot expected across lake level. and even across some of the lower elevations. that is going to mix in with rain. so keep in mind, the week ahead is going to be mild. but it's also going to be wet. here's the first storm system moving in today. it keeps the rain in place for tomorrow. tuesday, there's that next storm system that pushes in. and then wednesday, again, there's the third and final
7:21 am
storm this upcoming week. rainfall amounts look really good especially considering that all the rain is going to come over the next five days. it's not going to be all just one day. we're talking about the potential of an inch and a half to 2 1/2 inches for our inland valleys. and the coastline, higher elevations could get 2 1/2 to 4 inches of rain. really excellent news as we head into january. and really showers in the forecast all the way through thursday. again, that heavier storm system moves in tuesday, vicky, when we'll have the potential of seeing any heavy rain with the potential for thunder and lightning and minor urban flooding, but i don't think these systems are going to produce a lot of flooding because it's going to come over the next several days. the thing to keep in mind wednesday and thursday, we could have residual effects because of all the rain that falls. we could be looking at soggy ground and maybe even power outages. meantime, here we go. showers starting today. back to you. >> we'll keep it tuned right here. thanks. "today in the bay" continues after this break. coming up, is california ready for el nino? the specific upgrades the state is making to prepare for the
7:22 am
possibility of historic storms. what form? steady rain or a
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el nino is coming but in what form? steady rain for hazardous deluge? brisk winds or damaging gale-force winds? our joe risotto jr. tells us it's not been kind to the delta. >> reporter: this is considered river country. it's the intersection where the san joaquin and sacramento rivers meet in the winding delta. along a network of taney islands long stretches of levees protect low-lying farmlands and homes built with flooding in mind. most years, the rivers stay within their banks, but drawn >> it shows the water breaking over the top of the levlevee. >> reporter: in the el nino years, heavy storms pounded the levees here on tiny sherman
7:25 am
island. >> it looked like an ocean. the rollers were four to six feet. wind was blowing 50-plus miles an hour. >> reporter: joel mcelroy of california's department of water resources has overseen sherman island's levees for two decades. he was here when the storm-fueled river crawled over its banks, threatening the farmland. >> the water is breaking from the water side over the top of the levee structure. and we were bringing rock in by the truckload. to try to keep the island afloat. >> reporter: following the 2006 storm, the state reinforced these levees with a cap of rocks. >> we're hoping that this is a big help to us. but with the weather, you just never know. >> reporter: this year heavy el nino rains are again expected to belt california. they're among the many risks facing the state's 1600 miles of levees. >> fact is is that a lot of our flood system is 100 years old. >> reporter: among the constant threats are rodents which burrow into the banks making them
7:26 am
unstable. in some cases environmental restrictions prevent the state from taking action against protected animals like those owls. >> we have a need for public trust doctrine to make sure that we're taking e ining care of th environment. at the same time, we have an obligation to provide for public safety. >> reporter: state engineer david says california has recently devoted extensive resources towards updating its aging flood system. >> if this levee were to fail, then this land, there would bel manies of dollars of agricultural land that would potentially be damaged. >> reporter: but he says it makes it increasingly difficult for plan for what's to come. >> a combination of a very high tide and a storm event could bring some significant damage. >> this could all happen again. >> it could. it very well could. >> reporter: even with extensive el nino rains predicted for later this winter, mcelroy believes the newly fortified levees will do their job. >> we're ready. >> reporter: and if things go south -- >> i just hope it's after i'm
7:27 am
retired. >> reporter: joe risotto jr., nbc bay area news. ahead, we will update you on a series of storms headed for the bay area. plus, the major cleanup process has begun after devastating floods in the midwest, and some cities are bracing for what's ahead. lost, not foregotten. the new memorial at a south bay campus that is bringing attention to the disappearance of more than 40 students. take a live look outside......
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your time now is 7:29. let's give you a live look outside at saratoga. changing up the shot, giving us a peek at the sky there. absolutely gorgeous. birds flying by. a really pretty and mild start to the morning for us. let's give you a look now at the radar. you can see a lot of green and yeah, there's some orange, a little yellow moving in. we're talking about three storms
7:30 am
expected over the next few days. starting with today. good morning and thank you so much forric with aing up with us. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter standing by with more details. some rains bringing rain by the end of the week. >> talking about the north bay and san francisco. that's where it will be during the daytime hours. showers spread into the east bay, peninsula and south bay through the afternoon and evening. once the sun starts to go down, that's when we'll start to see showers there. this is the first in a series of three storms headed to the bay area. this one today, not going to pack a huge punch. we're just talking about maybe a quarter inch, a half inch at most across the higher elevations, you may get an inch out of this. the thing really doesn't wind up until tomorrow afternoon. and then we just keep on going. tuesday another system moves in. that one going to be really strong. could bring gusty winds, even isolated thunder. and we could have power outages. you definitely want to make sure that you're paying attention because, of course, you get power outages this time of year, it's very cold and, of course, it's going to be commuting early in the morning. you could run into very
7:31 am
treacherous driving conditions tuesday morning. we'll time all of this for you in my next report. stay with us. >> thanks for the heads up. of course, we are tracking the storms right here with an thrown slaughter. can you track them with your smartphone. just download our app and click on the weather tab on the menu. there you can get forecasts for your own neighborhood and doppler. well, the flood emergency in the midwest has eased in some places, others are bracing for what's still to come. you're looking at images from the devastating flooding going on in the midwest. all of this water is now moving downstream, heading right towards cities like cape girardeau. communities already ravaged by floods are beginning the cleanup including arnold, mississippi, where as many as 150 homed are damaged, mmissouri, rather. some are a total loss. >> everybody was overwhelmed when the water just kept coming. but devastated now. and the people down the road had
7:32 am
water over their roofs. >> reporter: the coast guard is now preparing for the potential flooding downstream. they are appropriating the skies and standing by for rescues. the first traffic death of the year has happened in san jose. police are investigating a bicyclist hit by two cars near downtown. that crash happened in the area of seventh and reed street. that's just blocks away from the san jose state university campus. police say the bicyclist was crossing an intersection when he was hit by a car. the impact threw the victim right into an suv heading the opposite direction. we're told a nurse who saw the accident tried to give the bicyclist cpr, but he died at the scene. police say alcohol and drugs were not involved in the crash, and the identity of that bo bicyclist is not thn. police wrapped up their first checkpoint of the new year. the department hasn't revealed exact number yet, but they normally stop 150 drivers during these checkpoint. they average four to five arrests. this one was held at fourth and
7:33 am
san fernando streets on the northwest corner of san jose state university campus. police say they chose the area because of a high concentration of bars and nightclubs. >> we know from statistics that this portion of san jose is a little higher in dui arrests. >> last year san jose had 59 traffic fafatalities, the highe in 20 years. police are hoping check points like this will bring that number down in 2016. several suspects have been arrested after two people were stabbed in front of a san jose carl's jr. restaurant last week. sources tell us the stabbing was gang related. police say several men attacked a man and a woman on tuesday night in front of the fast food restaurant that's on south white and quinnby roads in east san jose. this is video from the scene. the woman who was pregnant later died from the attack. the man is still hospitalized in critical condition. police have not released the victim's name. a powerful new art installation is up at santa clara university.
7:34 am
it symbolizes the students who disappeared in mexico back in 2014. the 43 silhouettes are for each student who still haven't been found. officials say the students were heading to a protest when police if the town caught them. it's believed the students were turned over to a drug cartel who killed them and incinerated their bodies. one of the victims has a father who lives in san jose. people behind the installation are hoping to bring new life to the investigation. >> i think if we forget, it's a lost cause. so i think the best we can do is continue to bring attention to such events not only in mexico but elsewhere including here in the u.s. and if we can do that, then i think that we have never lost the cause. >> the installation will be up until the 15th. in the new year, a new push by immigration activists. ♪ dozens of people came together yesterday protesting in front of
7:35 am
an immigration detention center in richmond. they are calling on the president to halt plans of immigration raids. protesters say the raids would target people who fled central america because of growing violence. >> this is a humanitarian crisis. they are refugees and they should be treated with protection, not deporting them to danger and death. >> reports of the coming raids came last week, but officials have not confirmed them. now to the developing story in the middle east. angry protesters stormed the saudi embassy in tehran early today to protest the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. protesters set fires and threw papers from the roof of the embassy. iranian media reported the country's top police official rushed to the scene, and police worked to disperse the crowd. the shiite cleric was one of 47 prisoners convicted of terrorism charges, executed by saudi arabia yesterday. shiite leaders in iran and elsewhere across the middle east swiftly condemned saudi arabia and warned of a sectarian backlash. funerals are being held today for two victims of an
7:36 am
attack in the israeli capital of tel aviv. surveillance video shows the gunman calmly walking down a street in the capital, pretending to shop and then suddenly pulling out a gun and opening fire. he was quickly identified thanks in part to the fact he had been arrested before. he is an israeli arab, and authorities believe he had been radicalized by extremists. >> it requires an in-depth search as to the possibility that it may be i.c.sil. >> the gunmen got away but police arrested his brother shortly afterward and confiscated a computer they are hoping will provide clues as to who else may be responsible. to decision 2016. donald trump now in a terrorist recruitment video. the gop candidate's recent comments about barring muslims from entering the united states are now featured in a propaganda video for a terror group affiliated with al qaeda. nbc's ron allen reports.
7:37 am
>> reporter: the video by the al qaeda affiliate based in africa is a pitch to come and join the cause. al shabaab responsible for the deadly attack on a nairobi shopping mall that killed dozens. positi portraying america as an anti-muslim society among other things. this clip of donald trump from days after the attack in san bernardino. >> remember this, so listen. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what [ bleep ] is going on. >> reporter: analysts say using trump can be an effective tactic for the terrorists. >> this is someone with a major political following. this is someone with major influence. >> reporter: trump's political opponents have warned his statements about muslims would be used by the militants. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. >> reporter: today a national white house security adviser
7:38 am
reacted saying it's no surprise terrorists would try to use a comment to suggest the u.s. and islam are at war, adding, quote, we are going to do everything we can as the u.s. government to make clear that's not the case. it's the first time trump has been featured so prominently. narrated in english. >> to the muslims in america -- >> reporter: and also featuring perhaps abest known leader, anwr al awlaki. >> it's a recruitment call and it relies on words spoken by donald trump and anwar al awlaki, not great company for a u.s. presidential candidate to be in. >> reporter: no comment today from trump. who in the past has defended his call to put a stop to muslim immigrants entering the u.s. >> we're talking about security. we're for the talking about religion. we're talking about security. our country is out of control. >> reporter: as the new year begins over the famed rose bowl parade more evidence of how trump's rhetoric generates more passion. and with that new video, the militants hoping the candidate
7:39 am
also sends them more recruits. ron allen, nbc news. well, vacation is over, and it is back to work for president obama. the first family took in some sights at the honolulu zoo yesterday before heading back to washington this morning. can you see the president walking with his daughters and a group of extended family members. and early this morning he shook hands and greeted supporters when the first family arrived at joint base pearl harbor hicham. president obama and the first lady boarded air force one for their flight back to d.c. dozen of volunteers got behind a new effort to support the homeless in the bay area. they built a pop-up shelter prototype for homeless to shower, sleep and stay dry and warm until they find a permanent place to live. organizers hope to convince city leaders that these domes will benefit everyone. >> we're saying let's go to the places where there already are encampments and actually make them better and have better outcomes for people and also have, you know, more
7:40 am
cost-effective approach that creates some more livable cities for everyone. >> the structures are made from shipping containers provided for free by a local tech company. happening today, if it is clie quiet this week, there is good reason. everybody's in vegas. the ces is a tech expo where we get a peek at the newest and coolest gadgets that are about to go on the market. we are hearing that wearables are once again the focus this year. if you aren't able to make it to vegas, we have you covered. business and tech reporter scott budman will have live reports from ces starting on tuesday. and still to come on "today in the bay," a bittersweet night at oracle arena. a sellout crowd witnessed the thrilling victory and return of steph curry, but they also saw him leave with an injury. we'll give you the status next.
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take a live look outside ... at oracle arena. warriors fans sold okay, your time now is 7:42.
7:43 am
let's give you a live look outside at oracle arena in oakland. warriors fans sold it out for the 150th straight game last night. and they were rewarded with the team's 34th consecutive win at home. after missing two straight games with an injury, the warriors welcomes steph curry back to the lineup. it was good while it lasted, but steph had to leave the game before halftime. leaving the rest of the warriors to stave off an upset at the hands of the denver nuggets. here is the injury in the second quarter. steph bangs into a nuggets player, reinjuring his left shin. he would not return to the game. the dubs would then go on to blow a 26-point lead and head into overtime. clklay thompson to the rescue. this gave golden state the lead for good and the warriors held on to win, 111-108. >> we just continue to fight. we knew we came into the game with nine, then we went into overtime with seven. but everybody stepped up.
7:44 am
everybody was playing big minutes. when stuff started going wrong, nab faltered. nobody complained. we just stuck together collectively, we were able to do it. >> after the game, curry said he didn't injure his shin as badly as the first time. he will be reevaluated today to determine his status for tomorrow night's game against charlotte at oracle. to the ice now, the sharks were looking for their first back-to-back win at s.a.p. center this season. taking on the winnipeg jets. san jose fell behind early. they never recovered. winnipeg skates to a 4-1 win at the tank. and "today in the bay" is back in two minutes. coming up, a new year brings new laws. more than 800 of them. our political analyst larry gerston joins us live to sort out some of the more important laws for us. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun.
7:45 am
the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
7:46 am
eight hundred new laws in 2016, many of which will havjo californians will have more than 800 new laws in 2016. many of which will have major impacts on our lives.
7:47 am
nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us with some of the most controversial examples. larry you talk about these new laws. and actually, it's not a whole bunch when you consider how many are introduced every two years. but generally these laws fall into three areas. what are they? >> yeah, economic, social, political. those are the three major areas we're talking about. and they affect our lives, vicky, in a variety of ways every single day. >> let's start with the social component. which of these new laws are going to affect us personally? >> okay. two new laws come to mind. both of which, by the way, created a stir over the past year. the first deals with vaccinations. remember that? no longer will parents be able to exempt their children because the personal beliefs as a result, because of that, virtually all kids entering school will be vaccinated, period, okay? could be very tough to get out of that. the second is about what has been described as called the right-to-die law. this law will allow terminally ill patients to acquire the
7:48 am
medical means through prescription to end their lives only, however, and this is very important, only, however, after thorough assessments by two physicians and a six-month wait. they don't cost money, per se, but they affect our lives. they reflect the debates on key social issues, and that's why they're important. >> oh, absolutely. we all remember the debate and people on both sides of these very key issues. but in the end, they are now law. >> yep. >> okay. money. always an issue in politics. any major legislation that will be affecting our pocketbooks? >> yeah, because it's always an issue, it's tough to get the legislation to move on it. that's important to note. but probably the most widespread will be the increase of the state minimum wage. this time to $10 an hour from $9 the last year. this change will affect about 3 million -- 3 million low-wage workers in california. now, besides that, there are no major statewide tax increases in
7:49 am
2016, although several -- several major ballot initiatives may appear in november dealing with various taxes. >> and lastly, you said political was another category. what do we expect when it comes to government and perhaps how we vote in this new year? >> two major changes stand out this one, vicky. one has to do with voter registration. voter registration now, anyone who renews a driver's license will automatically -- automatically be registered to vote unless he or she specifically says no, don't register me to vote. now, that law will increase the number of registered voters although it remains to be seen just how many will actually vote in the end. and finally, in response to the huge number of initiatives now qualifying for the november ballot, 83 initiatives are in circulation, a record. the legislature has increased the filing fee to $2,000 from $200. now, the hope here is that only serious ideas will be circulated
7:50 am
for qualification. but you've got to wonder, is that going to stop somebody from spending 2 or $3 million to get something qualified for the ballot? but we'll see. >> at the very least, it's gone up tenfold. okay, we've talked about 800 new bills passed into law that we're going to see in 2016. bring us back. let's reflect on some of the big losers the major bills that failed to pass this year despite a lot of backing and a lot of money. >> yeah, there are a few that are really doozies, several bills were introduced to increase the tobacco tax. we rank 33rd in tobacco tax. also, a first-ever oil tax on the only -- only major oil-producing state without one, that's california. those failed after major industry lobbying. and also, a large push was made to weaken what's known as the california environmental quality act. because of what some say harms businesses. those efforts have failed. they failed. but the legislative process, we know this. it's thought with all kinds of
7:51 am
conflict. with all kinds of people when it comes to thorny issues. and that's why only a few major bills get through. that said, you know what? we've got a lot to deal with in 2016. >> and you know what, you'll be here to help us sort through it all. happy new year, larry and thanks for being with us. stay with us. we'll be right back after this break.
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back here on this sunday. 7:53, the time. want you start you off with that radar view.
7:54 am
we are tracking not only one storm but three storms headed our way. this is the one that's going to move in for tuesday and the one that's on our doorstep now, it's got the clouds in place and even some showers starting to fall across the north bay and even coming across the coastline. as we move through the day, we will see showers across the bay. mostly san francisco and points across the north bay. this evening, though, once the sun starts to go down, the south bay, even the tri-valley you'll start to see those showers. temperatures going to be cool. we're talking mid-50s across the entire bay area. a little chillier than we've seen at least once the rain does start to fall. it will really start to feel chilly. showers again across the north bay, san francisco. now, the rain will move into the rest of the bay area tonight into monday morning. tuesday morning, a stronger storm system pushes in. this could bring the potential for gusty winds, power outages, even flooded roadways if it comes down heavy enough especially for that morning chute. wednesday we'll continue with that showery chance as the rain continues across the bay area into thursday as well. now, there are the storm system i just showed you across the pacific lining up getting ready
7:55 am
to move in. the first one bringing showers this morning. it's a light shower across the north bay. we're not seeing anything really heavy. and we won't until this evening. this is 10:00 tonight. most of the bay area will be wet. even some heavier downpours across parts of the north by with the yellow and reds in there. you'll notice the rain pushes through tonight. tomorrow morning we'll see drying out. by about 7:00, we'll see the heavier band push out of here. but once we get to noon, we'll continue with that on and off shower chance all the way through the afternoon hours. tomorrow night, there's that bigger storm system that's going to move in. this is monday around 7:00 in the evening. that's when that second storm's going to push in early into tuesday morning. so get ready. we're talking about several days of rain headed our way. not only for today but all the way through thursday. so the snowfall amounts not going to be huge. we will see some snow today, but we don't have winter weather advisories or watches or warnings posted because the storm system is actually very warm. and so we're only talking about the potential of maybe a foot, one foot of snow by the next seven days across the sierra. let's time this out.
7:56 am
here's that first storm system that's going to move in tomorrow morning. we'll still see some residual effects of that rain. tomorrow evening, here comes that next storm system for tuesday. this one's going to be the big one that's going to bring widespread rain to the bay. even across southern california and the sierra as well. wednesday, there's the final system. and then towards next weekend, another storm system moves in. so it is that time of year. we're talking about rainy days and quite a few of them. in fact, here's our rain outlook. you'll notice the potential of an ifshlg a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 to 4 inches across some of the higher elevations, the coastline and, again, santa cruz mountains, you'll be looking at that as well. here we go over the next several days. rain pushes in for today. it's going to be with us as we head into thursday. we'll see a dry day by friday. but by saturday, that next storm system pushes in. overall, now is the time to prepare especially today during those dry hours. get your storm gutters cleaned out. create as we say in the
7:57 am
summertime, that defensible space. you need that in the rainy season as well because the leaves clog the gutters. you want to make sure you get all of that out especially before it starts raining. once it does, it's really hard to get that out of there. >> not going to have much of a chance. three storm systems that you're tracking. anthony, thanks for the details. >> going to be busy. you'll like this video. it's really cute. if you're thinking of adding a new member of your family this year, today is your last chance to check out the macy's union square annual holiday windows display and possibly provide a loving home to a puppy or kitten. macy's teamed up with the san francisco spca to feature the adoptable animals. so far 247 animals found loving homes through the event this year. this also raises awareness and thousands of dollars to provide year-round support for the san francisco spca. kittens in the window, how can you resist it? thanks so much for making us part of your morning. tonight, sunday night football night in america and a special edition of nbc bay area will follow the game at 8:30. of course, we'll be back on at
7:58 am
11:00 tonight. and until then, you can stay up to date on have a great morning and happy new year. >> see you.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, the one-month sprint to iowa and new hampshire begins. >> we are all in in iowa. we are all in in new hampshire. >> while donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton, by attacking bill clinton's sexual peck dillos. >> that certainly will be fair game. certainly if they play the woman's card with respect to me that will be fair game. >> it may be fair game. but it's never worked before against hillary. will it now? also, the battle to the republican establishment's anti-trump or anti-cruz. john kasich and rand paul join me live. plus anger in america. some surprising results from our new esquire survey. and guess what? white men, they're not the angriest. and jerry seinfeld, in a car, getting coffee, with the president of the united states.


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