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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, jim tomsula, the era of him at the 49ers is now over. despite winning today, the team fired their head coach after just one season. reaction as the team is now finished for the year. but first, the rain outside and the series of storms coming this week. a liveook at the golden gate bridge for you right now. you can see the slick roads the drivers will have to deal with tomorrow. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us tonight. after a dry weekend, windshield wiper and umbrellas will be needed tomorrow. >> the rain is already coming down in parts of the bay area. by tomorrow, everyone will be getting it. live look at the radar right now. and that green, that's rain.
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and it's hopping. get used to it. the rain will be sticking around all week. >> of course, this is good news. we'll take what we can get around here. christie smith is live in san rafael with team coverage there. that's where the rain will be hitting. but first, meteorologist rob mayeda spear heads our coverage tonight. >> the first system mainly light to moderate rain. you're seeing some of that in the golden gate bridge. the backdrop to this, the month of january is typically one of the wettest around the bay area during the calendar year. so rain averages for the month over 4 inches in san francisco. close to that in oakland. san jose almost 3 inches of rain. but it's kind of unusual for the next seven days is we can see maybe more than half of that falling in the next seven days thanks to four storms on the way. right now some light rain into san francisco. a little more moderate rain crossing the peninsula near san mateo. san jose mission out. a few sprinkles at times tonight. the system number one of four. lining up right there. and we will see rain increasing right during the morning commute. approaching 6:00 a.m. and 7:00
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a.m. tomorrow. plan on rain at times for your morning commute, followed up by stronger storms packing a lot more rain and wind. you see them one, two, three, four, right across the pacific. all of this coming in between now and next saturday. we'll show you the timing ahead on your seven-day forecast, coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. and also nbc bay area's christie smith is out there in the elements for us. christie, how it is outside right now? >> we've only seen a light rain here tonight in san rafael. but as we've been talking about this is the start of what is shaping up to be a very wet workweek. late tonight, we started to see people break out those umbrellas as they walked around san rafael. the light rain started. now it's expected to pick up, giving people more of what they're used to seeing this time of year. of course, the roads are slick. the chp is out reminding drivers about the oil that loosens up on the roads. the rain is closest rocks and debris that loosened on hillsideses. something to keep in mind as the storms move through. >> we do have areas that have
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hillsides around woodside, skyline. so do keep in mind that once the rain starts coming down a lot of the dirt come downs into the roadway. if you're travel together fast or not paying attention or look up ahead, you might come in contact with some of that dirt and basically loose control of the vehicle. >> so of course the message is to slow down and be careful. we stopped in south san francisco. one of many cities putting out information on sandbags for residents, where to get them, and how to set them up. and it looks like for monday morning, your back to school commute for the kids is going to be wet. reporting live in san rafael, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> got that on the agenda myself tomorrow morning, christie. thank you so much. we're certainly tracking this big storm. you can do the same thing with your smartphone. download the nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab. that's where you can watch the live doppler radar on your iphone or android. it was one year ago next
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week that jim tomsula was announced as the head coach of the 49ers. from that day last year and on the right, today's press conference after the team's win, but before the announcement that he was fired. the 49ers once again looking for another head coach for the team's 5-11 record a huge disappointment for fans. 49ers have been mired in turmoil all season long. comcast sportsnet's brodie brazil joining us now. this was not a surprise future a lot of people. >> it was that split screen you just showed that was very interesting because it wasn't really a matter of if this would happen. but the typing of when it did was sure interesting. at the podium that postgame press conference, jim tomsula said he had no details regarding his future. so we thought maybe he was secure for the evening. but as reported earlier in the day by pro football talk and the nbc sports family, the 49ers wasted little to no time in dismissing their first year head coach, firing jim just hours after beating the rams and
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posting a 5-11 record this season, the team's worst campaign since 2007. 49ers ceo jed york released a statement via e-mail tonight to the media. in it he said, quote, jimmy has been a valuable member of the 49ers organization for the last nine years. well all know he is a man of high character. his contributions on the field and in our community have always been greatly appreciated. this entire organization is proud and grateful to have worked so closely alongside jimmy. we all wish him and his family great success in the future, end quote. now a press conference has been called for tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning as jed york will face questions from the media. you can watch the interactions and comments live over on csn bay area. also coming up later in this news program, we'll hear from our 49ers insider on why right now is the right time for the team to make the move they did and what the future holds in santa clara. that's all coming up in sports. guys? >> all right, brodie, thanks a lot. look forward to that. so coach tomsula was gone.
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but many fans would rather fire jed york. this banner saying jed, here is our banner. where is yours? it was flown over levi's stadium. that's referring to earlier this year when york said the team only raises up subbaners. it's the third time a banner has flown over levi's stadium this season. the sign a couple of weeks ago asked jed york and the 49ers to mutually part ways. jim harbaugh, the 49ers coach prior to tomsula took to twitter less than an hour after the announcement. he wrote, quote, do not be deceived. you reap what you sow. a little cryptic, but it may have meaning for harbaugh and jed york. harbaugh led the university of michigan to a victory in the citrus bowl this year. tomorrow team owners are expected to file paperwork and move and relocate to los angeles. but owners for the san diego chargers and the st. louis rams. an nfl committee will review the plans and make a recommendation. fans are hopeful that the raiders will stay in oakland.
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well went to a watch party at a buffalo wild wings in hayward today where many had signs showing their support. today was the last raiders game of the season. they lost in kansas city to the chiefs. now as for a potential move, a decision is expected in the coming weeks. this just in. a high speed rollover crash in the east bay send three people to the hospital in serious condition. that crash happened just after 8:00 on 680 north in pleasant hill. authorities say it appears a van was exiting the freeway at high speeds. the driver lost control and crashed into a retaining wall. the vehicle rolled over several times. firefighters had to extract the driver from that van. two passengers in the vehicle were also severely injured. well, two people are in custody tonight for the killing of a palo alto man. this man and woman are accused of shooting to death 42-year-old neil gandler on december 29ths as sat in a car outside his a las vegas gymnasium. he may br have been killed in a
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robbery attempt. marianne favro talked with neighbors and joins us live from palo alto. >> reporter: neighbors here are in shock. they describe neil gandler as a friendly man who was very bright. this is a photo of neil gandler from his business card. >> neil was very brend friendly. >> reporter: neighbors say the 42-year-old lived in this house on clara street in palo alto. they say he was always very friendly. >> he was a very warm, caring individual. >> reporter: brian bustamante says he can't believe his neighbor was shot to death. >> that's really kind of devastating to me because he australia a bright, young individual, very cheerful and i would never think that that would happen to someone like him. >> reporter: las vegas metro police say gandler was sitting in his car in the parking lot of a 24-hour fitness gym around 1 in the morning december 29th. >> it looked like he was parked for a period of time in the parking lot. and then the suspects or suspect vehicle parks fairly close.
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>> reporter: police say this surveillance video captured the suspects driving up alongside gandler's car. they shot gandler once, killing him. police arrested 27-year-old kyle kime statistics and megan hippe on suspicion of first-degree murder. the two have also been charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. brian bustamante says gandler had an mba and a masters in electrical engineering. he says he can't believe his friend, who had such a promise:00 future, lost his life in such a tragic way. friends say gandler was in las vegas working on the consumer electronics show. reporting live in palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks very much. well, after two days of searching, a missing hiker has been found dead in marin county. his body was found about 11 this morning at the point reyes national seashore. park rangers say the man began his hike new year's day in the northern part of the park.
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when he didn't return, search teams began scouring the area. his body was found at the base of a cliff not far from his car. the man's name has not been released. park rangers say he was in his 60s. the cause of death has not been officially determined. well, a north bay police station evacuated because of a fake grenade. the grenade was actually a cigarette lighter. but take a look at what it looked like. you can see why this caused a lot of commotion. police say man came in with this lighter trying to do the right thing and dispose of it properly. instead, the entire building was evacuated. the man who brought it in said he was helping a friend clean out the garage. they came across this. didn't know if it was real or not. police say if you do find something potentially dangerous such as this, give them a call. they will come out and handle it themselves. a water main break is flooding some homes in kensington. this is happening in a neighborhood near blake garden on arlington street. a cast iron main broke in this area. the water also damaged the road. they cut off the water in order to make repairs.
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but it's going to be several hours before it's back on in the area. neighbors in this neighborhood tell thus is the third time that the water main has broken in this spot in the past several years. coming up next, a standoff between armed protesters and the federal government. the protesters' demands and why federal agents are keeping their distance. plus, a change for commuters that use the golden gate bridge. taking a live look at the span. a little bit wet on the span. it's a big difference that commuters will be seeing tomorrow when they hit the road. and mark zuckerberg has a big new years's resolution. the way he wants to make his life easier this year. we are following a developing
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story out of oregon. it's been more than 24 hours since a group of armed protesters took over a federal we are following a developing story tonight out of oregon. it's been about 24 hours since a group of armed protesters took over a federal building in a wildlife refuge. they're protesting the imprisonment of two ranchers who are convicted of burning federal land. the ranchers had already been sentenced when a judge stepped in and ruled that the two needed to serve prison time. he is a nevada rancher best known her his 2014 standoff with
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the federal government say mong the occupiers. >> it is the people's facility, owned by the people. and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite. and making a hard stand against this overreach, this taking of the people's land and resources. >> federal officials flew in to oregon today. they are working for a peaceful end to the situation. many experts say that the fbi is going to wait out the situation and hopes of keeping everyone there safe. in the south bay, two good samaritans save a family from their burning home. the purple house on 10th street in san jose caught fire just after noon. a woman driving by saw the smoke and pulled overment she says she knows the people who live there, and her instincts took over. >> you know, we knew everybody was on the sidewalk calling 911, but we didn't hear any sirens yet. so it was like there is a lady upstairs. we just needed to get her out. >> well, carol and another good samaritan were able to get an
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80-year-old woman and her son out of that home. two people went to the hospital. firefighters say at one point the stairwell collapsed, causing a firefighter to fall through to the first floor. we're told he is doing all right. the communicate across the golden gate bridge to be change again. starting tomorrow there will be three lanes going north, three going south on most days. now back in september, bridge managers tried out a pilot program that switched the lanes to four going north, two going south during the evening commute. it turned out it didn't help that much and backed up traffic going into the city. so bridge management will only change the lanes on thursdays and fridays. no other days, and only for a shorter period of time. the largest container ship to ever visit the u.s. is sailing out tomorrow. it's created quite a stir here. this has been in the bay area. this is the benjamin franklin. it docked at the port of oakland on thursday. not before it made that trip under the golden gate bridge. it really is a sight to see. it's a quarter mile long. the ship brought in clothing items, electronics toys, most of
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the products on board were from china. it will be leaving about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow with a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables as it departs. look at the difference one year makes. on your left is the sentinel dome in yosemite exactly one year ago. on the right, this is what it looks like this year. >> much better. >> much better. good to see that. the national weather service posted these two photos today. we've gotten so used to it looking the opposite situation. >> going the other direction. >> nice to see that. let's check with rob mayeda right now an see what your microclimate forecast has for you. >> right now just a little hint of mist around san jose. not much rain at all around the south bay right now. 50 degrees. livermore 47. the other story we'll see tonight thanks to the added  moisture in the air, overnight temperature s not quite as chilly. in san francisco you can see the light rain there which does move from south to north up into marin county, sonoma and napa counties right now. mainly lighter rain. a little more substantial shower
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here is moving away from san mateo. off to the north, approaching oakland and berkeley. we're seeing showers on the approach. right now san jose and most of santa clara valley kind of missing out. this is the first weather system and storm number two already on approach. so it's kind of unique about the pattern. we'll see this week are the storms coming in one after another in a pretty much west-east flow across the pacific. we've had a very strong el nino for the last few months, really. this is the first time we've seen a pattern more typical of a very strong phase el nino. the polar jet stream instead moving quickly from east -- west to east across the pacific and tapping into tropical moisture out of the south, which can boost rainfall. and at times when the tropical jet is aimed in across the coast, you can have gusty winds too. as the storms come in, sometimes they tend to overlap each other. we'll get a little taste as storm one winds down. storm two ramps up towards tomorrow evening. you have three and four.
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wednesday into thursday and another one as we start the weekend. so this first system probably not bringing a whole lot of rain, except for the coastal hill tops. we could get over a half an inch there. the stronger system comes in for tomorrow night. that's the system that is going to bring a lot more wind and rain. so for tomorrow morning, morning commute, you see more widespread rain finally cross ago into the south bay to start the day. a bit of a midday break. don't pack away your umbrellas. with storm two, some of the showers redeveloping and increasing in coverage by tomorrow night. highs tomorrow more or less like we had today. mid to upper 50s around san jose. low 50s into the north bay in tri-valley. and then by this time tomorrow night, get ready for a lot more rain and some gusty winds. main event with storm two coming in around midnight there tuesday morning, tuesday morning's commute, you begin to see things trying to clear out as we transition back in between systems, leading up to the next one coming in for wednesday into thursday. you can see the rain drops there. next three days from tuesday into thursday. well still have some rain.
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and then friday we may finally catch something of a break. look at that. a bit of a one-day break for the bay area. as we head to saturday, one more system to come through impacting mainly the north bay. so just in case you have some plans for next weekend, looks like right now saturday we'll see some showers. and things begin to dry out on sunday, wrapping this all up, though, for some of the coastal areas the next seven days could pick up probably at least 2 to 4 inches of rain. locally higher amounts in santa rosa. the 10 to 14-day outlook adds another 2 to 4 inches of rain. so the rainfall recovery gets under way this week and it could be sticking around for a while through the next two weeks around the bay area. back to you. >> sounds great. rob, thanks very much. i like when they number the storms we got so many coming in. coming up, are you seeing more teslas on the road? the big milestone the electric car company hit last year, they are everywhere. that's for sure. plus, fantasy football is over for most beam. the reason the game could be finished forever. resolution? facebook ceo mark
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zuckerberg wants his own virtual butler. ==take vo== in a facebook post today, is what your new year's resolution? facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wants his own virtual butler. in a facebook post today, the same thing peggy wants. in a facebook post today, zuckerberg said his personal challenge for 2016 is to, quote, build a simple artificial intelligence to run my home and help me with my work. zuckerberg says he wants to teach the robot to answer the door, let people in if he recognition them. he also wants the robot to let him know if anything is going on in his daughter max's room. his former resolutions were to read two books every month, learn mandarin, and meet a new person every day. >> wow. he figures that out, send him over to my house. >> and the robot too. >> that's right. i need all of that.
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50,000 on the road and counting. tesla rolling out more cars last year than ever before. the palo alto-based carmaker announced a huge smile stone today. just in the last three months, tesla has deliver in order than 17,000 vehicles. that's 75% more than in the same time frame as 2014. tesla is ramping up their production of the model x crossover vehicle. that delivered about 200. they were delivered about two of those in the final quarter. very popular. >> yeah. a church in antioch gave out a late christmas present today. >> yeah! >> this is really cool. speaking of cars, a very special moment here as this congregation presented a brand-new free car to this woman and her family. this fall the church in antioch announce they'd would be giving away a free car to a needy family within their community. nominations started pouring in as to who deserved the car. and it went to this woman here whose name is summayah gray. she said she is simply overcome with gratefulness.
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>> i've got butterflies. i'm excited. i'm thankful. like i'll be going to work tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. warm. >> and dry. >> right. summayah says her kids will be thankful too. they have to walk more than a mile to and from. but now she'll be able to pick them up. >> so appreciative too, if you ever needed a car like that, so grateful. >> she is. still to come tonight, the teenager who fled to mexico after breaking his probation will not be returning to the u.s. for at least a while. now the legal wrangling that is going on to allow the so-called affluenza teen to stay south of the border. and a live look right now at downtown san francisco. beautiful. and the rain is back. two wonderful things. a complete rundown on how long it's going to last. a series of storms heading our
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we have been talking about it. a series of storms heading our way. expect a rainy week ahead. >> you really have to prepare for this one. the first one is already here. we show you this live picture of the bay bridge. we've already seen some light showers. we're hearing from a lot of folks on twitter and facebook as well that they're seeing the raindrops. rob? >> mainly light rain to start things off. another benefit of all the cloud cover and the moisture coming in with the light rain. temperatures not quite as bone-chilling. a lot of 30s recently. right now our temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than about 24 hours ago because of the fact we got the clouds. and yes, not just green on the temperature maps. the green on the radar here moving from south to north across the peninsula, into the north bay at times about a tenth of an inch of rain at tom some spot so far. san jose kind of missing out still. we'll see the more moderate rain crossing over to the santa cruz mountains just in time for the morning commute. the first system not bringing a lot of rain to it. it will impact your morning drive at times tomorrow morning. the temperatures in the mid-40s.
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a nice coat and umbrella will be fine for your monday. by the time we add up the storm totals from the second storm again, putting the two storms together, now you're looking at a half inch to an inch of rain for most of the bay area. the areas in purple and red in the santa cruz mountains and the north bay hills may approach 2 to 3 inches of rain. so this is the first in the series. the first and second storm totals put together. we still have storm number three, which might be the wettest and windiest of the bunch coming in for the middle part of the week and another one as we approach the start of the weekend. so i'll take a look at the complete seven-day forecast and what you can expect for the second half of the workweek ahead in our next half hour. back to you. >> all right, rob. and we're tracking the storms. and you can do the same thing with your smartphone. download our nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab on the menu. there you can see our live doppler radar forecast for your neighborhood. well, the iowa caucuses are just four weeks away, if you can belief that. and this weekend presidential candidate donald trump went after hillary clinton and also former president bill clinton. now trump is on the defensive
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after a terrorist recruiting video came out with him in it. well get all of the latest tonight from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: donald trump increasingly looking beyond his gop rivals and taking aim at the democratic front-runner. no olds bard. >> they created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> reporter: hillary clinton firing back today in new hampshire. >> you know, the republicans seem to have a particular fixation on blaming president obama and me for everything that happens in the world. >> reporter: trump is also tying clinton to her husband's past sexual infidelity. >> it hasn't been a very pretty picture for her or for bill because i'm the only one willing to talk about his problems. i mean, what he did and what he has gone through i think is frankly terrible, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> reporter: clinton now counting on the former president to bolster her campaign on monday in new hampshire.
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>> he is so excited about coming back to the granite state. wait a minute. >> reporter: but today the issue went beyond trump when a republican state lawmaker heckled clinton about her husband's past sexual misconduct. >> you are very rude, and i'm not ever going to call on you. >> reporter: but trump is also on defense today after al shabab, the al qaeda affiliate based in africa used trump's in a video. >> i have to say what i have to say. >> reporter: fodder for clinton who continues to slam trump's infamilitary rhetoric. >> it's not only shameful and offensive, which it is, it is counterproductive and dangerous. >> reporter: but trump's republican rival front-runners giving him a pass today. >> those radical as do not exist because of donald trump or any other campaign. >> let's not get so concerned about how offended our enemies are. >> reporter: as the war of words heats up between the two front-runners, a crush of candidates in iowa and new
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hampshire, both states pivotal. >> front-runners have to keep winning. kpn expectations for clinton are sky-high and now for trump sky-high. the affluenza teenager ethan couch will stay in mexico at least for the time being. his lawyer so far has successfully blocked couch's deportation back to the united states. after violating his probation, ethan escaped to mexico with the help of his mother. the 18-year-old was sentenced to only probation for killing four people in a drunk driving accident that happened in 2013. his attorney argued that he didn't know right from wrong because of his, quote, affluent upbringing. >> the couches have legal counsel, and it seems to me that if they wanted to, they could pay them as much money as they wanted to drag this thing out as long as they want to. >> ethan and his mother were captured last week in puerto vallarta. authorities tracked a cell phone call for pizza delivery and found them. ethan's lawyer argues he has committed no crimes in mexico. and a developing story out
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of india to tell you about. a 6.8 magnitude quake hit the country's remote northeastern region near myanmar. at least six people are dead. dozens more are injured. this struck before dawn on monday there, their time, of course. the number of dead and a injured is expected to rise. the rescue efforts are being troubled by damaged power supplies and communication lines. protests here in san jose after saudi arabia executes dozens of people, including an opposition cleric. this happening earlier today at stevens creek boulevard and winchester. there were similar protests around the world and saudi arabia broke off diplomatic ties with iran after demonstrators invaded and set fire to the saudi embassy in tehran. bill neely reports from london that tensions between the two nations are high and getting worse. >> reporter: after a mass execution, mass protests. iran erupting at the killing of a cleric by its main rival, saudi arabia.
11:34 pm
crowds burning u.s. flags to protest america's links to saudi leaders. they burned the saudi embassy in tehran. iran's president condemned that, but protests have echoed across the arab world and asia. it was the biggest execution in decades, 47 mostly al qaeda-linked saudi men. but number 46 was a cleric known across the shia world. nimr al nimr was a charismatic saudi preacher. he said he preferred words to weapons. words harshly critical of the saudi regime, which executed him for inciting rants among its shia minority. iran's supreme leader warned saudi arabia would face divine revenge for a crime. iran is seething. the execution has inflamed tensions between shia and sunni muslims, faiths led by iran and
11:35 pm
saudi arabia. and saudi arabia has now cut off diplomatic relations with iran, giving iranian diplomats their 48 hours to leave the country. and the saudis may already have pulled their diplomats out of iran. now there is no sign this will boil over into conflict. not yet, anyway. but iran's anger is very real. so expect this to get worse. back to you. well, make-believe sports entering a real world battle. tomorrow the two best known sports companies will appear in court again to argue they're not running illegal gambling operations. draft kings and fan duel were hit with a lawsuit when the new york state attorney argue a they'd were run like casinos saying they must give back all of the cash they made in new york last year which by the way is millions. draft king says the lawsuit is based on a misunderstanding of fantasy sports competitions. fan duel says they will fight
11:36 pm
what they're calling a meritless lawsuit. investors of fan duel include nbc's parent company comcast and nbc sports. 49ers, as we mentioned, have parted ways with head coach jim tomsula. >> big news today, that's for sure. so what does the future look like for san francisco? we get the scoop now from comcast sportsnet 49ers insider matt maiocco after the break.
11:37 pm
have you talked to ownership what your future is? >> have i not talked to ownership. i haven't had any conversations of the such. i wouldn't expect to until the season is over. >> just for the record do, you have a meeting scheduled with ownership tonight or tomorrow? >> i do not.
11:38 pm
>> it is our top sports story this evening here on nbc bay area. i'm brodie brazil. and as you just heard there, jim tomsula after today's game apparently had no idea his role as 49ers head coach was to be come to an end. officially just moments later. what a difference 12 months makes. last january tomsula was the guy for jed york and trent baalke. our matt maiocco addressing why now was the right time to end that contract. the contract and what comes next for the team. >> after last year's disastrous off-season, ceo jed york decided to try to make amends this off-season. so he started immediately. just a few hours after the 49ers' season ending victory over the st. louis rams. jim tomsula fired as head coach. now the 49ers will most likely look outside the organization to an offensive-minded head coach, someone like sean payton, hue
11:39 pm
jackson, chip kelly. it has to start on the offensive side of the ball with a new head coach who can instill a winning spirit. >> before all the drama, there was actually a game played at levi's stadium. we pick it up in ot. the rams with a chance to win it all. greg zuerlein's field attempt blocked as the 9ers take over possession. they got the ball in the st. louis 38. blaine gabbert quick pass to quinton patton. patton will make a couple of guys miss. the 33 yard game down to the 5. the very next play, phil dawson is money from 23 yards out. it's up. it's good. that's tend of the 49ers season. they go out as winners today by three point, 19-16. to the raiders, and what a full circle kind of story where charles woodson ended his storied career today where it all first began back in 1998 in kansas city. the future hall of famer playing his final game at that same arrowhead stadium, hoping to go out with one final win.
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>> today i get to find out, the whole world get to find out what you playing for. we ain't going to the play-offs. we can't knock them out of the play-offs. so what you playing for? what are you playing for? i need to know that. today i'm going find out what you're playing for. we're playing for the oakland raiders, baby. we're playing for respect. we're playing for the love of the game. >> game 254 on that hall of fame career. charles woodson definitely still knows how to fire up the troops. late fourth quarter, derek carr goes up top to michael crabtree for the touchdown. that's crabtree's ninth td catch of the season. the raid irs all of the sudden down by just six. last chance for the silver and black. carr dumping it off to michael rivera, he needs to get out of bounds so the clock will stop and the raiders can have one last chance. the raiders lose by 6. charles woodson saying his final goodbyes, putting an end to his career.
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>> you know, every sunday that i went out and played the game, i gave it 100% effort. and really, that's all you can ask for anybody. i feel that i played at the top of my game for 18 years. and that's -- i'm very, very proud of that. locally, cal basketball at home against number 21 utah was the ivan rabb show. tyrone wallace will lob to it rabb. he'll slam it home. 19 points. 10 rebounds as cal upsets the youths. down on the farm, stanford hosting colorado. we take you to the closing seconds. cardinal down one. john scott, he'll miss the three as the shot clock expires. stanford, they do get the rebound. but roscoe allen can't stay inbounds. colorado ball and colorado game. stanford lose big one, 56-55. one more thing about the top story of ours, following the
11:42 pm
firing of jim tom sewell lap. jed york, the ceo of the 49ers, he will address the media regarding the state of his franchise tomorrow, 10:30 in the morning you can watch the entire press conference live over on csn bay area. terry and peggy, i think that press conference is going to be highly viewed. a lot of anticipation about what will be said in answer. >> that's for sure. >> he doesn't do it. he is not a media guy. >> yeah, he said throughout this season that he wasn't going to comment until the season is over. and that was before we knew the head coach would be fired. so there is a lot building up that he needs to address. and that's why i think it will be a lengthy conversation between he and the media. >> it will be interesting to see how he handles it, that's for sure. all right, brodie, thank you so much. a quick break, everyone. we'll be right back. ♪
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11:45 pm
of plastic waste. that's posing a problem for wildlife. oceans across the world are being choked by millions of tons of plastic waste, posing a problem for wildlife. >> a huge problem at that. and so much of this plastic garbage ends up on our beach, washing onshore there is a plan to collect a lot of this plastic at sea. nbc's keir simmons shows us how. >> reporter: hawaii is beautiful. molokai islands. few get to visit this protected place. but arriving by chopper, we find garbage washed up, and volunteers struggling to clean up. >> this is just from one day. this is clean yesterday. it's just shocking. >> reporter: plastic from the
11:46 pm
pacific. >> what did you find, roscoe? >> reporter: everyday items choking hawaii's coastline and the ocean sea life, from a floating garbage patch located between the west coast and hawaii. 30 boats crewed by volunteers trawl these waters. their initial findings stunning. the patch is far bigger than they thought. 1.4 square million miles, five times the size of texas. >> hi, how you? >> reporter: garbage that began accumulating before this 21-year-old was even born. do you get seasick? >> i do. >> reporter: he is the young brain behind the project. next year he wants to build the largest floating barrier ever deemployed and use the ocean's own currents to capture plastic. >> what we're doing here now has never been done before. this is part of what we pulled out of the ocean. >> reporter: we met with boyian again in san francisco.
11:47 pm
>> okay. everyone is running around saying how are we going to clear up the ocean. and you come along and you say why don't we just clear it up. >> right, yeah. there is a lot of talk and not a lot of action in the world of plastic pollution. >> reporter: not everyone believes his idea is the right one. but he is determined to find out to rid the pacific of all this plastic. keir simmons, nbc news, hawaii. >> good for him. >> yeah. that's a tall order, though. >> amazing. indeed. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us. he has the microclimate forecast as we prep for tomorrow. raincoats? >> a little bit of light rain for most places around the north bay right now. moving away from san francisco and the peninsula. we had showers continuing to move from south to north. interesting the system offshore instead of the rain racing west to east, it's very slowly crossing other the coast and the bands of moisture going up from north to south. in san jose right now missing
11:48 pm
out. a few sprinkles from time to time. it will be a little later on tonight. but the main focus with storm number one is actually beyond southern california. if you're going to travel down towards l.a. or san diego, you'll see some heavier rain at times in the mountains, there especially north of san diego. storm 1 light to moderate rain for the bay area, lasting until tomorrow morning. and then more to follow. a very energetic pattern sets up for the bay area. as we go lew the week where the storm systems racing west to east across the pacific, instead of drop do you think at the gulf of alaska, we'll at times have the ability to tap into tropical moisture which may increase rainfall rate, especially in the coastal mountains. and with the fast winds about 150 to 200 miles per hour at 30,000 feet. these storms tend to overlap each other. we have four out in the pacific. but what you'll notice tomorrow, as the showers begin to shut down for the morning, as early as tomorrow afternoon and evening, we'll see the showers ahead of the second system coming in, which will bring heavier rain for tomorrow night and tuesday. so rain at times for the morning commute. and here is your mid-day break.
11:49 pm
and here comes that overlapping effect of the second storm bringing in showers once again increasing towards tomorrow evening. temperatures tomorrow, as they'll be throughout the week, mid- to upper 50s for most of the area. north bay temperatures in the low 50s and low 50s around the tri-valleys. so tomorrow night really the main event for some heavier rain. right around midnight through 3:00 a.m. and then tuesday morning's commute, we begin to clear out. by tuesday night, we'll see more rain coming back in. look at the snow in the sierra. above 6,000 feet. 1 to 2 feet likely by tuesday night. and then another storm comes in for wednesday into thursday. and that wednesday system may pack enough wind for wind advisories around the bay area. not just some rain but gusty winds. we'll see that the middle part of the week. thursday a little more shower activity. and as we get into friday, here comes a bit of the break in the action. the system is getting a little weaker as we get towards the weekend. saturday looks like a chance of rain mainly for areas north of san francisco. then another break sunday. if you're trying the track all of the day, daily chances of
11:50 pm
rain through the weekend. but the rain chances begin to taper off as we head towards the weekend. we should catch a break friday. and the second half of next weekend trending dryer. and then you guessed it, more rain coming back in as we get towards the end of next weekend. the next couple of weeks look very good for rain and snowfall across northern california. back to you. >> so nice. >> yes, that's good news. thank you, rob. coming up, she is breaking barriers in the music world. >> such a talented woman. we're going show you this lady who is leading orchestras and getting a lot of attention for her success. much of the music is centuries
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
old. but these day, there is new excitement in the world of classical music. much of the music is centuries old. but these day there's is new excitement in the world of classical music. >> and that is in part to a very dynamic young woman who has taken her place on the podium. nbc's harry smith tells us how she is making the music come alive. ♪ >> reporter: walt disney hall in los angeles. home of the los angeles philharmonic. ♪
11:53 pm
the conductor tonight a young woman still in her 20s. she is a lithuanian with a lightning baton. but when she moves it, the response is electric. one of the world's great orchestras makes a great match. >> i need to let the music carry me, and then it carries all of us. >> reporter: we watched rehearsal. measure by measure, mirga and the orchestra come to an understanding of her vision for the piece. >> we have to everybody fall in love. ♪ what do you feel like the most important thing you need to communicate to the people who are sitting in all those chairs? >> inspiration. i'm quite sure. and then it is about communication.
11:54 pm
between us. >> reporter: she does her homework, and often unearths moments of musical beauty buried in the score. do you find sometimes when you're studying the score that you have a moment when you just say ah. >> absolutely. often these moments are very precious. sometimes you would just analyze and search and hmm. an sometimes, yes, this is what the composer was thinking about. >> reporter: in decades past, a woman on the podium would raise eyebrows. today it's more a sense of celebration. >> after a kid's concert here, we were having q&a with children and their mothers. and some of those mothers would come to me and say afterwards, it was so great for our daughters to see you. >> reporter: and for all of us to see. mirga is unapologetically passionate about music and what
11:55 pm
can happen when a conductor and orchestra work as one. harry smith, nbc news. >> very cool. very passionate, obviously. about her music. >> we'll be right back. four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at
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enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit
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all right. we're getting ready for a monday morning, rob. tell what's we can expect. >> a little bit of light rain around a san francisco and the north bay. that's where most of the rain. north of san francisco, a few showers around the tri-valley. and a lot of nothing in the south bay right now. just some sprinkles there. having a time time crossing the santa cruz mountains. but you can see there is a lot more offshore that is the next batch that is going to come in from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. which means the morning commute especially around the golden gate bridge and the peninsula. you're going to be dealing with rain at times. and then a midday break. and storm number 2 is quickly on the heels.
11:58 pm
by tomorrow evening rain picks up again. the winds pick up. the storm tomorrow night and tuesday will pack at least an inch of rain and winds 35 miles per hour. then an even stronger system to follow for wednesday. staying busy which is good news for rain and sierra snow this week. >> we've been talking about el nino for so many months. >> yes. >> and here we go. >> finally starting to take shape. >> it's really good to take shape. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we wish you a wonderful week ahead. >> take care.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
♪ >> tim: 1980 winter olympics the united states hockey teamup set the russian team. what many have called the most remarkable moment in all of u.s. sport's history. when that game ended al michael s said, do you believe in miracles. all of us who watched will not forget. could you imagine playing that game and scoring the winning goal. my guest did that the captain michael. how are you? >> great, tim. long time >> tim: it has been a lgu


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