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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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dry is friday. this is the first of many storms moving in and it starts out with some light, scattered rain. we've seen it moving from south to north just now starting to approach some spots in the north bay and still making it into the east, as well, as it closes in on the bay area. you see the rain drops on the lens in san francisco as we look at the golden gate bridge. some of the roadways may be wet as you head out. rain off and on throughout the morning. we take a break. and then some heavier rain moves in tonight. i'll give you a better idea of the timeline and what to expect the rest of the week, that's coming up. but let's check in now with mike showing us how it looks as you approach the bay bridge. >> the toll plaza itself filled in. we have the metering lights turned on regular time and we do have a good build and gradual because folks are easing into the workweek. a crash here and we don't see it on our live camera and just moved out of the camera according to chp. not only that crash and the build at the toll plaza but west 24 coming in and a spinout
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reported just before you get the caldecott tunnel. that spinout, though, another indicator of possibly slick conditions out there. keep that in mind. the green highlighting the roadways there and around the bay show you what you're dealing with, but just a slight build as far as hayward and castro valley build over there on the east bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. let's bring in stephanie chuang live along the san mateo bridge. how is it looking out there? >> consistent out here. the rain very light. very light drizzle is how i describe it. also the ground is wet and that's a concern as you can see traffic has picked up here on the bridge. the rain isn't expected to be impressive, as you heard kari talk about. the story four storms this week starting with this one. a very wet week. people started breaking out the umbrellas and rain gear yesterday in the north bay and this was in san rafael as this morning the drive is going to be slick. the chp warns not just the puddles of the water you have to watch out for, but all the rocks and other debris loosened from
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hillsides by the rain. >> a lot is to start coming down and into the roadway. if you're traveling too fast and you're not paying attention or looking up head, you might actually come into contact with some of that dirt and basically lose control of the vehicle. >> as for preparation for your home and business, cities like south san francisco have begun to pass out thousands of sandbags as it does every year. along with instructions on how to best use the bags to protect your property and that includes overlapping the bags against each other and using plastic sheets below them and in between the bags and your walls or doors. back here on the roads, chp says the officers scheduled to work will be out here for full enforcement, but also prepare to respond as it expects the number of crashes to up this week. live here along the san mateo bridge, stephanie chuang, today in the bay." >> we are tracking all this wet weather and so can you. just download our nbc bay area map and click on the weather tab. you can track the rain right to your doorstep.
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6:02 breaking news for you and a live look at menlo park where people living on laurel street are told to stay in their homes, shelter in place. a downed tree caused a gas leak. this is happening just a few blocks away from menlo park city hall. the tree is blocking traffic, as well. police say no immediate danger, but they do ask people in the neighborhood to please stay  indoors until they fix that problem. our crews are on the scene, as well, working to gather more information. we will bring you any updates we have them as soon as they come into our newsroom. 6:03 right now. deja vu for the 49ers. the second straight year the team will spend the off season searching for a new head coach. the team fired jim tomsula after the final game of the season, i should say, which they actually won. >> yeah, good morning to you, laura. and in about four and a half
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hours at 10:30 this morning here at levi stadium jed york is going to address the media. the fact that he fired head coach jim tomsula is not a huge surprise considering they had a 5-1 is record this season. >> after last year's disastrous off season, ceo jed york decided to try to make amend this off season. he started immediately. just a few hours after the 49ers season ending victory over the st. louises. jim tomsula fired as head coach. >> that was comcast sports net insider matt. the last game of the season, of course, was last night and this was tomsula's first off season as head coach and he was brought on board after york's decision to fire jim harbaugh. he released a statement to the media night announcing tomsula's statement. he refers to him as jimmy.
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he said she a man of high character, a valuable member of the organization for the past nine years and wished him and his family great success in the future. i'm just paraphrasing there. and short after the release of that statement, the former head coach jim harbaugh, who is now the head coach of the university of michigan tweeted out this message that is arguably cryptic andium do not be deceived, you will reap what you sow. bob redell, "today in the bay." let's talk about the raiders. we could find out more today when owners are expected to file paperwork to move and relocate to los angeles. so will the owners for the san diego chargers and the rams. the nfl committee will review all those plans and then make a recommendation. fans are hopeful the raiders will stay in oakland, but it really does not look that way. we went to a watch party at buffalo wild wings in hayward yesterday. they had signs showing their support. sunday was the last raiders game of the season.
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they lost in kansas city to the chiefs. as for this potential move, a decision is expected in the coming weeks. within the past few hours, we learned a high-speed roll over crash turned deadly. 680 north in pleasant hill. authorities say it appears a van was exiting the freeway at high speeds when the driver lost control and crashed into the retaining wall. the vehicle rolled over several times. this morning police told us the driver and a passenger died in the crash. a second passenger is in the hospital in critical condition. two people in police custody this morning accused of killing a palo alto man. this man and woman shot neil gandler to death last week as he sat in his car outside a las vegas gym. investigators suspect he may have been killed during a robbery attempt. here's a photo of the victim from his business card. ers say he lived in a house on clara street in palo alto. we spoke to one of his friends
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who said this cannot believe this would happen to somebody with such a praumpsing fomising. >> i would never think that would happen to someone like him. >> both suspects are behinds on suspicion of first degree murder. the two have been charged with armed robbery, as well as with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit murder. 6:07 right now. angry neighbors on the peninsula will is a chance to air their concerns about what they say is a big noise spike in the skies above. the reason, more noise from a change in flight paths of airplanes into and out of sfo. flights have apparently gone up dramatical dramatically. according to the examiner tomorrow residents will hold a town hall meeting to address the problems and look at possible changes. anotherp public meeting held at sfo on thursday. a water main break is flooding homes in kepzinsington right now. happening near lake garden.
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east bay mud says a cast iron main broke. the water damaged the road. they've cut that water off in order to make repairs, but it's going to be several hours before the water is back on. neighbors in the area tell us this is the third time a water broke in the spot in the past several years. >> water, water. it's going to be coming from the sky this week. let's look at kari. she has a look at the radar this morning. >> rain on and off and it starts today with the first round as the system brings us some scattered light rain to start out the day. but just making things wet enough to have to turn on the windshield wipearndshield wiper. the rain rolling from south to north and we've seen it for a  little while in the south bay. some breaks as we go into the morning. as you see much of that rain moves off to the north and to the east and then to the afternoon to evening hours, we will have morered showers rolling through. the heaviest rain arrives tonight. and that may make things very
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slippery and treacherous as we head out tomorrow morning. i'll detail that and what to expect as four more systems or four systems arrive this week. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. let's check in now with mike to see what is happening as you head out for that commute. >> more than four cars. we have them through oakland, but that's not the surprise. the glow for the light there, some midst and some drizzle around the san mateo bridge and watch as you look at your map for the green highlighting, not just the green speed indicators but the green highlighters and you have the damp, slick roads. the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering light on as well as west 24 and earlier spinout there and another crash on surface streets through hayward but the hayward slow down that starts for 880 and no big deal here for the dublin interchange but a build here south 680 through pleasanton and in towards sunol. keep that in mind. we're seeing the return of a lot of folks after vacations the last couple weeks.
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the south bay still moves very well, though. and the peninsula. the build more gradual for these areas and we'll track them. back to you. also happening today, the commute across the golden gate bridge changing, again. starting today, there will be three lanes going north and three going south on most days. back in september, bridge managers tried a pilot program that switched the lanes to four going north and two south during the evening commute. turns out it didn't help much and backed up traffic going into the city. so bridge management will only change the lanes on thursdays and fridays and no other days. and only for a short time. coming up, an armed robbery in san francisco caught on camera. the surveillance video the police want you to see. plus, to the rescue. how two people risked their own lives to save a family trapped inside a burning san jose home. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
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san francisco police san francisco police are asking for your help identifying this gas station robber. police say the gunman acted like he was going to buy a bag of potato chips and pulled out a gun when the clerk opened the cash register. went through the cash drawers gabbing about $400 before taking off. this happened on the morning of 13th at the 76 gas station on
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the corner not far from ocean beach. 6:13 right now. in the south bay two good samaritans are credited for saving a family from a burning home. this home on tenth street in san jose caught fire just after 12:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman driving by saw the smoke and pulled over. she knows the people who live there and her instinct took over. >> you know, we knew everybody was on the sidewalk calling 911, but we didn't hear any sirens yet. there is a lady upstairs. we just needed to get her out. >> the woman and another good samaritan were able to get out. an 80-year-old woman and her son out of that home. two others went to the hospital. firefighters say at one point the stairwell collapsed causing a firefighter to fall through the first floor, but we're told he's okay. a drone may be what sparked a mystery in san francisco that reportedly left neighbors in the dark. it happened yesterday in burnal heights. "the chronicle" said neighbors
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heard a pop on a power pole and 30 nearby residents lost power. and a man showed up admitting he lost control of his drone. happening today fantasy sports sites will argue to stay in the game in the state of new york. attorneys for draft kings and fan duel will argue to an appeals court to continue operating as long as the lawsuit works its way through state courts. new york attorney general is pushing for game when it comes to those fantasy sports who says they amount to nothing more than illegal gambling. nbc comcast, by the way, is an investor in fan duel. 6:15, what is your new year's resolution? mark zuckerberg wants his own virtual butler. in a facebook post yesterday zuckerberg said his personal challenge for 2016 is to "build a simple artificial intelligence to run my home and help me with my work." zuckerberg says he wants to
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teach the robot to answer the door and to let people in if he recognizes them. he also wants the robot to let him know if anything is going on in his daughter's room. his former resolutions were to read books every month, learn mandarin and meet a new person every day. well 50,000 on the road and counting. tesla rolled out more cars last year than ever before. announced a huge milestone. tesla delivered more than 17,000 vehicles. that's 75% more than in the same time in 2014. tesla is also ramping up production of its model x crossover vehicle. tesla delivered about 200 of them in the final quarter. happening today, a slice of the mohave turns into a gathering place for technology, tech lovers and businesses that thrive on them. that's because the annual consumer electronics show starts to ramp up in las vegas. the show officially starts on wednesday, but you can be sure
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the hype is already in overdrive. our own scott budman will be there reporting on the latest and greatest gadgets and new technologies. >> cool to see. little peek into the future. >> the future is now. you know what is now is the weathercast that is very, very rainy. >> we're going to take a look at that futurecast because at times it will be raining and at times the sun will be out and at times it will be cloudy and we are going to see it all as we go through this week. now we have a soggy start through the day and clouds overhead and at times they're dropping some rain. as we go into the day, once again, there will be some breaks as this first system rolls in. you can see it all the way up and down the coast as we start out this weekend. it's the first of many systems that will be rolling through as we go into the next seven days. and we've seen some of the heavier rain just off shore. it is starting to work its way into the peninsula. as we get a closer look at some
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of the yellows and the reds in the mix. as that moves in, it will be bringing heavier rain to san francisco and also of the east bay as it moves off to the north and east. as far as temperatures, not bad today. these temperatures are about average. reaching into the mid to upper 50s in san francisco and 55 degrees and napa 53 and oakland 57. and you see the sun icon there as it comes out from those clouds. we will at times have a very nice day. but as we look at the jet stream and this shows that it's pretty much a straight line. and this carries those weather systems into the bay area. with this not changing as we go through the week, storm after storm will be rolling in from the pacific and keeping it very wet. we will see one just about every day. with this first one moving in, here's the second one. by tonight, we will have heavy rain moving in. and this could impact tomorrow morning's commute with heavy rain falling and then as we go through the rest of the morning
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at lunchtime you may have a bit of a break but scattered, light showers moving through. during the afternoon, a little bit of sunshine tomorrow and then on wednesday morning, the next round moves in and it will looks heavy, too. so, with all of this heavy rain in the forecast, let's look at how much we could see. and the computer models for the next seven days shade the entire bear yabay area in purple. in the sierra winter storm warnings in effect for these areas shaded in pink and that continues until tomorrow night with 6 to 12 inches with this first round of snow. and up to two feet above 7,000 feet. and look at what the models show here. between now and wednesday morning, twin bridges up to 18 inches of snow. kirkwood two feet of snow and homewood about a foot of snow. not as heavy as you get on the other side of the sierra. we'll keep you up to date on that and also another look at the rain. what we're expecting through the rest of the week, that's coming
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up a little bit later. let's check in now with mike. >> check the foster city side of our san mateo bridge view. we're looking for any flashing lights, i haven't seen any. over off of hayward, let's show you the map. right about here where we saw the slowing and that slowed things down from the toll plaza and flashing lights cleared from the right shoelder and a smoother drive now across 92 and slowing into foster city that may be the build. we'll track that. the dumbarton bridge. nothing major but more than we saw last week. the south bay and peninsula very well. over here the east bay moves well, as well. 580 dublin interchange and highway 4 over here just a build for walnut creek. all lanes sound like they're cleared and we'll look at the north bay. san rafael some slick roadways but no major concerns. just use caution because look at the puddles. still slick, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> go get some tea now, mike. 6:20 right now. the dangerous chemicals some
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scientists say is lurking in the air above the bay area. a developing stor
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a developing story this morning in india where an earthquake killed eight people and injured scores more. the 6.7 struck before dawn innia's northeast region near myanmar. many billings collapsed in the state capital of manipur. it will take some time before we really know the full extent of that damage. it turns out one of san francisco's most breathtaking sights also carries a
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potentially hazardous material. you love the look of the fog rolling through the golden gate, but "the chronicle" reports that fog could also carry with it toxic mercury from the burning of fossil fuels. scientists say mercury levels contained in the fog may be 20 times above mercury levels found in rain. the same scientists also it is still a relatively small amount and poses no health danger. 6:24, the federal government is taking a serious look at nestle's water bottling operation in southern california and its impact on wildlife. nestle bottles the arrowhead brand of water in san bernardino national forest. groups including environmentalists are suing. they say the permit for that operation expired decades ago. but nestle says it's still good because it applied for a renewal. groups filing the suit says it siphons off 38,000 gallons of
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watt arda water a day. now, of course, service spokesman says they are reviewing the effects of reissuing that mitt for that operation. an island of plastic garb floating in the pacific is much, much larger than expected. that's according to volunteers combing the ocean for debris. they launched their effort after finding hawaiian beaches covered in trash. they keep cleaning it up and the trash just piles up again and again. so, they set out in some 20 boats to track the source of all the trash. they found the island of garbage should be about five times the size of texas. it is floating between hawaii and the west coast. the floating island of garbage is estimated to be 1.4 million square miles in size. about 8 million tons of plastic. now they're forming a plan to clean it up. >> everyone is running around saying how are we going to clear up the ocean and you come along and you say, why don't we just
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clear it up? >> right, yeah. a lot of talk and not a lot of action. >> all the plastic comes from a variety of places. china, the united states and the 2011 asian tsunami are believed to be just some of the sources. the largest container ship to ever visit the united states is sailing out today. the benjamin franklin docked at the port of oakland on thursday, but not before making a trip under the golden gate bridge. that ship brought items like clothes and electronics and toys, mostly from china. it will go waback under the brie around 2:00 this afternoon with a whole bunch fruits and vegetables headed back towards china. coming up a rough day for your money. take you live to the new york stock exchange where texperts ae predicting a tough day. a tour bus in san francisco's union square are prompting safety changes across the state. what lawmakers are calling for coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit?
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call 1-888-996 tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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and welcome back on this monday morning as we take you out live to the nyse. could be a very, very difficult
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day on the stock market. this after saudi arabia severed relations with the iran just this morning. and the uae. here we are at microsoft and nasd nasdaq. could be a very tough day on the markets and a very serious situation in the middle east, as well. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. sam brock has the morning off. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. more on the markets in just a moment, but, first, the weather. storm after storm making its way into the bay area this week. take a live look outside. can you make that out? golden gate bridge camera this morning and see the rain drops on our lens and scattered showers right now and a much stronger system is close behind. let's get right to that microclimate forecast with meteorologist kari hall. we're talking about four storms this week alone. >> yes, the first one moving in now with light rain across the bay area. this one not all that impressive and there will be some breaks, but the heavier rain does arrive tonight. so, we are preparing for that.
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and it's still a day where you need the umbrella. the rainboots and a nice warm jacket as our temperatures start out at 45 degrees. 48 degrees in the peninsula now. highs in the upper 50s in the east bay up to 51 degrees and the tri-valley a high of 54, as well as 54 in san francisco. we will have some breaks in that rain, but, once again, more of that tonight into wednesday and then as well on thursday. a break on friday and more rain this weekend. i'll sort it all out coming up in just a few minutes. let's see what's happening as you head out for that commute this morning with mike. >> well, kari, more cars on the road. we are seeing a few more than last week. it build today and especially tomorrow as folks return to work. right now zoomed in toward the bay bridge cal ruamera. i'm watching folks entering treasure island. we'll look at that tunnel from the map view where i see that
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sensor slowing and reports of a car out of gas either at treasure island or the toll plaza camera. looks like a standard slow down there and we're watching the approach towards the tunnel, as well. those should clear quickly as this incident should clear, as well. the green on the map shows you also the highlighting there where things are wet. wet all around the bay. areas like the castro valley and a lot of lane changing and south 880 for the build through hayward. a crash reported south 680 just came in right around vargas south of sunol and in towards fremont. they don't clear that quickly, we'll get an update as chp arrives. a little drier and smoother for the roadways. northbound 101 and 87 starting to see some slowing and we haven't seen that for about a week here. that's what we're getting right now the peninsula itself moving well. back to you. mike, we're tracking all this wet weather and you can, as well. if you have our nbc bay area map. you can follow breaking news, as well. we're talking about this on our
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app. menlo park where people living on laurel street are being told to shelter in place. a downed tree has cause gas leak happening a few blocks away from menlo city park. police say no immediate danger, but they are asking people in the neighborhood to stay indoors until they fix the problem. our crews are on the screen. they're gathering more information. we will bring you any updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. san francisco 49ers in search of a new head coach this morning after less than a year on the job, the 49ers fired jim tomsula. all happened just hours after the final game of the season. bob redell and ceo jed york will be answering some pretty tough questions this morning, no doubt. >> the ceo jed york of the 49ers, laura, yes, good morning to you, has agreed to speak to the media. the first time in a very long time at 10:30 this morning here
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at levi stadium here in santa clara to address the firing of head coach jim tomsula who was let go after last night's 19-16 overtime win against the st. louis rams. that was the last game of the season. the season in which the niners won only five games and lost the remaining 11. that is the team's worst record since '07. york released a statement to the media last night announcing tomsula's firing and it reads in part, he refers to him as jimmy. he was a valuable member of the 49ers organization for the last nine years. a man of high character. they appreciated what he contributed to the organization. and they wished him and his family great success in the future. >> now the 49ers will most likely look outside the organization to offense-minded head coach. someone like sean payton, kelly. the 49ers need a lot of changes and it has to start on thofsie offensive side of the ball with
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a new head who can instill a winning spirit. >> this was tomsula's first season with the 49ers as head coach he was brought onboard after york's controversial decision to fire the previous head coach jim harbaugh. harbaugh tweeted out this message within an hour of his firing. do not be deceived, you will reap what you sow. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell. >> maybe he'll land on his feet. thanks so much, bob. coach tomsula is gone but many fans would rather fibjed york. take a look at this banner they flew that said, here is our banner, where is yours flown over levi stadium referring to earlier this season when he said he only raises up super bowl banners. a sign a couple weeks ago asked york and the 49ers to mutually part ways. 6:35. happening right now, the first day of trading in 2015 6 is ver
6:36 am
rocky. the dow down better than 300 points. landon, a lot of this happens from what's going on between iran and saudi arabia. >> hey, scott. at's exactly right. good morning. not exactly the way you want to start off the new year. looking like a tough day for wall street. markets down across the board. the dow and nasdaq both down 2% here at the open and china where stocks were halted 7%. the biggest drop on the first trading day of the year. according to reports this weekend showing weakness in china's manufacturing sector slowing for the tenth month and other asian markets falling in response. europe is in the red, germany slumping more than 3%. you also want to keep an eye, like you mentioned, with oil today the growing tengs between saudi arabia and iran. saudi arabia severing diplomatic ties with iran over the weekend and investors really keeping an eye on the slow down in china. the world's second largest economy which had until recent years been growing at a blistering pace. you could say, scott, when china
6:37 am
sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold and it is looking like that today, scott. >> well put. a fake grenade forced a north bay police station to evacuate. turns out to be just a cigarette lighter. you can see why it would cause motion. the man came in with the lighter who was trying to do the right thing. dispose of it properly but, instead, the entire building was evacuated. the man who brought it in was helping the friend clean out the garage and wassen sure if this was real or not. if you find something potentially dangerous, give them a call. they'll handle it. happening today state lawmakers from the bay area introduced legislation aimed at making tour buses safer. this comes following recent crashes in san francisco. one of them in union square involved a run away double decker bus. 20 people were hurt, five critically. it turned out that bus had never been inspected by the highway patrol and escaped the scrutiny of state regulators, as well. so, now, among other things, the lawmakers will want to increase
6:38 am
funding for ins. they would be paid for in part by highers on tour bus operators. 6:right now. the murder and racketeering case against the san francisco china town gangster is winding down. closing arguments are scheduled today in the trial of raymond chow. the judge's instructions to the jury are expected to follow. prosecutors allege that he took over a gang after having the previous leaders killed and then talked about taking over the drug trafficking and money laundering operations. he denies it all. he said the feds lied and he's gone clean. and the government never followed through on plans to put him in a witness protection program and give him a new identity following serving time in another case. within the past few hours, we learned a high-speed rollover crash in the east bay turned deadly. the crash happened just after 8:00 on 680 north in pleasant hill. authorities say it appears a van was exiting the freeway at high speeds when the driver lost control and crashed into a retaining wall.
6:39 am
the vehicle rolled over several times. this morning, police told us the and the passenger died in the crash. a second passenger is in the hospital in critical condition. do be careful out there, a slick day. in fact, a slick week. let's check in with kari hall. good morning. >> make sure the windshield wipers are working. if you don't need it this morning, you will need it at some point this week. we'll have several systems moving in and this is just the first one and we've seen the rain at times a little bit spotty, but starting to fill in. and most of the bay area now covered with rain. as we go into the morning, we have a little bit of a break. so, if you're not heading out now, you may be able to miss the rain, at least for the morning hours. but this afternoon, more scattered showers moving in and that could impact the evening commute, as well. a little bit of sunshine peeking out, too, as we go through the day. then tonight, that's when the heavier rain gets here and you may hear that rain pouring on the roof and maybe even a crack of some lightning or some
6:40 am
thunder, too. we will have several storms moving through. we're expecting at least four within the next seven days. i'll detail that and what you can expect as far as how much rain that is coming up in a few minutes. but, mike's tracking a problem as you head through the tri-valley. >> yeah, kari, we're talking asouthbound 680 through sunol. you see the slowing lights the sunol grade right there. a smooth drive past vargas but south approaching vargas you have traffic jamming up. one thing we know is that it looks like the hot lane you have a smoother drive there. hov lane, as well. serves folks with two or more in the vehicle. as you look at the map, showing a slower drive towards the area and also affects folks joining in off of 84 and the gentle build starts through livermore. that volume of traffic building out of the altamont.
6:41 am
right by blossom hill where there is a crash reported. again, no slowing shows up on the sensors. green highlighting around the bay and keep that in mind anywhere around the bay bridge approach and the bay bridge toll plaza. live look to show you what things are like through the area where we're seeing a little slowing and just the volume of traffic and the conditions are great here, though. we will look at the emoryville camera. and treasure island tunnel and so far the traffic flow moves well and still shows you the good spacing but it doesn't show you the good flow. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:41. coming up, taking on gun control. the controversial action expected from obama today. plus, got that drone for christmas? well, on top of registering it with the aa, what else you should be considering before taking flight. ==scott/live pix== a live look
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at the markets on this first day of trading for 2016. (ad lib bioa welcome back with breaking news. a live look at the markets on the first trading day of 2016. this comes as saudi arabia cut ties with iran expelling diplomat. the uae and berain have joined them. we continue to watch the situation in the middle east. meanwhile, breaking news locally, as well. police and fire on the scene of a sinking boat in the san rafael yacht harbor this morning. they got that just before 5:00 this morning. crews investigating how that boat sank. and checking to make sure there isn't a diesel leak and they don't think anybody was onboard that boat when it went under.
6:45 am
we do have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more inform as that comes into our newsroom. also this morning two people in custody accused of killing a palo alto man. this man and woman shot 42-year-old neil gandler to death last week as he sat in his car outside a las vegas gym. investigators suspect he may have been killed during a robbery attempt. this is a photo of the victim from his business card. neighbors say he lived in a house on clara street in palo alto. spoke to one of his friends who said he can't believe this could happen to someone with such a promising future. >> he was very warm, caring individual. it's really kind of devastating to me because he was a bright, young individual. very cheerful and i would never think that thad would happen to someone like him. >> both suspects behind bars on suspicion of first degree murder. the two have also been charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. in a few hours, workers will return the site of the deadly
6:46 am
rampage in san bernardino. a husband and wife killed 14 people at the inland regional center back on december 4th. more than two dozen people were also hurt. police later killed the two attackers in a gun battle not far away. 500 people work at that center treating those with developmental disabilities. the governor and other state and local leaders will be on hand attending a private memorial service in nearby ontario as work gets back under way. the conference center, the site of the shooting still remains closed. today president obama will tackle gun control. he will meet with loretta lynch to see what steps he could take. background checks for gun purchases. analysts saying gas prices should go down across the country. 15 cents a gallon. already off the low prices we saw in 2015. in fact, the average persons saved about $700 on fuel last year and there continues to be a glut on the market.
6:47 am
>> so, even when prices go up as they always do in the first quarter, we don't expect them to reach the heights that we had seen in 2015. >> we're starting off the new year with gas prices down about a quarter from what they were at this time last year. here's a look at prices in the bay area, just like the analyst said. they're up here. the start of the new year. price jump nearly 2 cents a gallon the past week. average price in san francisco, $2.81. up 1.8 cents. and both oakland and san jose, the average price $2.71. that's up two cents. 6:47. here's something drone owners may want to consider as part of their flight plan. drone insurance. most state insurance departments recommending you be covered before sending your drones skyward. as the drone use soars, so do the chances of property damage or injury that could leave you liable. >> you fly and you dent your neighbor's car or breaks a window or tangles up somebody's
6:48 am
television antenna. a lot don't recognize the potential for danger. >> the close call like that one to add fuel to the fire including that drone that took out a pro skier practically last week. don't forget those new rules on drones require you to register with the faa, as well. 6:48 right now. new this morning, an unprecedented partnership. general motors and lyft are teaming up in hopes of beating out the rivals. gm is investing a whopping $500,000 into the company. gm gets a seat on lyft's board and access to the san francisco's based software. together the companies plan to open a network of u.s. hubs where lyft drivers can rent out gm vehicles. get a check of your weather and traffic on this fine monday morning. everybody back to work and it's going to on top of it. >> yes. make sure you have the umbrella and rain boots and all of not
6:49 am
only today, but every day this week pretty much. as we look at what's happening now as the sun rises, you can see the clouds and a little bit of some sun trying to break through as it rises this morning. a little bit of light in the sky and the roads are wet. so, allows some extra time to get to where you're going if you're going to work or school or also hitting the road. we are now seeing wet conditions, not only here, but all across the coast as this first round of rain moves in. will be the first of many to roll through as we go through the week. bringing us some soggy weather and it looks pretty good as far as some of the rainfall totals. as you head out, you do need a heavier jacket as temperatures now in the mid to upper 40s and kind of cool is to start and los gatos 56 degrees and mission district today at 55 degrees and 50 in santa rosa while oakland is at 57 and san ramon a high of 54 degrees. the sun peeks out every now and
6:50 am
then. even though it will be wet to start the day and then as we go into tonight, we'll see the next round of rain moving in and it does bring in some heavier downpours as it starts to move in and the possibility of some thunderstorms in the mix, too, when we see those yellows and oranges. that indicates more intensity with this next round. and by 5:00 in the morn, most of that rolls off to the east. we will, once again, have a break in the rain before the third round and the third storm system moves into the bay area. that occurs early on wednesday morning. and it looks to linger through most of the morning hours. so, this is what's happening. the upper level winds have pretty much lined up across the bay area and it will carry those low-pressure systems in from the pacific to our area bringing one, two, three, four rounds of rain this week. and the rainfall totals look to approach anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches for most of us over the next seven days. as far as snow in the sierra, well, we have a winter storm
6:51 am
warning in effect as you approach some of those higher elevations. winter weather advisory in effect around lake tahoe. we're looking at 6 to 12 inches of snow there. and about two feet above 7,000 feet. and this is what the models show between now and wednesday morning. up to 2 feet of snow at kirkwood. homewood about a foot of snow and tahoe city about 10 inches of snow and, of course, we won't be done there. we will have more rain and snow as we go towards the end of the week. so, we'll have a look, a better look at the timing on that as we go into the next couple of days. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> kari, obviously, in the sierra bring the chain because you're talking about feet of snow and inches of rain through the bay yare for the week. right now many drops on the lens at the golden gate bridge and slick roadways. that's the big note right now. we'll look at your map and see your green highlighted in addition to the speed sensors and wet roadways around the bay. and the yellow and the orange creeping around the east shore freeway and slowing for west 80.
6:52 am
the bay bridge itself, although no incidents at treasure island area. there's slowing for the walnut creek interchange and the build is on, folks, for many of your spots. the dublin interchange is not a problem right now, but south of there slow through pleasanton and sunol. live look from our sunol camera. southbound 8 680 the scene of another crash and another one of your lanes is currently blocked. the hov lanes if you can take the fastrak lane through the area a little faster. back to the maps and anywhere south of there. the northbound routes through san jose building unlike last week. so there's 101, 87 and 85. that commute is on for the northbound routes and new crash 101 and i'll get more details from chp. back to you. coming up, jim tomsula out. he had another shake up within the 49ers organization and within the next couple of hours, we will hear from a man many blame for the latest fumble.
6:53 am
breaking out to the big board. dow industries 333 points. things got so bad in china they actually shut down the stock market. we'll cover it and give you the latest coming up. this morning - the search begins
6:54 am
6:55 am
for the next head coach tomsula is out but who's in? this morning the search begins for next head coach of the 49ers. the team fired tomsula just hours after a season-ending win. >> today in the bay bob redell live where jed york will have to answer some fast questions in just a few hours from now, bob.
6:56 am
>> at 10:30 he is expected to speak to the media here at levi stadium, scott and laura. last night just the 49ers beat the st. louis rams 19-16 in overtime. that head coach jim tomsula was fired from the team. and it wasn't a surprise considering that the 49ers finished 5-11 this season. that's the worst record for the team since 2007. this was tomsula's first season with the 49ers as head coach. he was brought on board after ceo jed york to fire the previous head coach, jim harbaugh. york released a statement to the media last night announcing tomsula's firing. he refers to tomsula as jimmy throughout the statement. saying that he was a valuable member of the organization for the last nine years. praising his high character and how much they greatly appreciated his contributions and, of course, wishing him success in the future. shortly after within an hour after that statement was released, the former head coach jim harbaugh tweeted out this
6:57 am
message. it is cryptic and i'm quoting here. do not be deceived. you will reap what you sow. reporting live here outside levi stadium in santa clara, bob reell, "today in the bay." from the 49ers to the future of the oakland raiders. today team owners are expected to file paperwork to move and relocate to los angeles. but owners for the san diego chargers and st. louis rams will do so, as well. an nfl committee will then review the plans and make a recommendation. fans are hopeful the raiders will stay in oakland. we went to a watch party at buffalo wild wings in hayward yesterday where many fans had signs showing their support. decision on a potential move is expected in the coming weeks. san francisco police are asking for help identifying this gunman. they say he robbed a 76 gas station near ocean beach back on december 13th. police say the suspect acted like he was going to buy a bag of potato chips and then pulled out a handgun just as the clerk
6:58 am
opened the cash register. the robber then walked around the counter and went through the cash drawers grabbing about $400 before taking off. we want to bring you back now to the nyse and the big board with the dow industrials have plunged this morning down 351 points on tengs in the middle east. the situation in the chinese stock market got so bad over night they literally shut it down. we'll continue to watch that. wet start to the workweek here in the bay area. the first of four storms make its way over the bay area right now. taking a live look outside. can you make that out of the golden gate bridge? you can tell the rain drops are on the lens. in the meantime, it's raining right now. much stronger system actually just hours away, right, kari? >> heavy rain moves in later tonight and also tracking heavy rain this morning as it continues to move across the peninsula and across the east bay. you see the bright yellows and reds there. we will see this rain off and on throughout the morning and a break this afternoon. it's now 45 degrees in the north bay and looking at highs in san
6:59 am
francisco reaching 54. 57 in the south bay and the peninsula and up to 56, once again. more rain as we go through the week as we expect four pacific storms to move into the bay area. >> kari, thank you. mike, i know you were watching the situation on 680. >> overall the traffic volume is building as we expected this week. let's look at the sunol camera. there is a crash in the middle of the freeway at vargas. we'll look at your map and still very slow there and building out of pleasanton. that's the worst drive of the bay. the rest of your bay moves very well. the crash with 101 at trimble has cleared to the shoulder. chp has the latest information and we see the south bay build. no drama here. i want to give folks an update on that gas main that broke. it was above ground and that's why wu crews were able to take it out. the northbound direction for laurel street is reopening any second and southbound laurel street will remain closed. that's on the back side of the cal train station.
7:00 am
>> ooso okay to leave your home. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay" and we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. . good morning. breaking overnight, donald trump's first television add for the presidential campaign out this morning. the republican front runner pushing all the buttons. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. >> as former president bill clinton gets ready to hit the trail solo. and the candidate toned the messages with the iowa caucuses less than a month away. the most armed anti government protesters on day three of their siege of a federal building in oregon. vowing to stay put until their commands are met. the fbi hoping for a peaceful end to the stand off.


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