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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and a very good morning to you. a wet one out there. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. out to the golden gate bridge. midst of round one of a lot of rain or round two now that i think about it. roadways very click this morning as the storms barrel through the area. very active, a lot of green there. >> that's right. we do have team coverage from the south bay to the north bay as the brunt of the sequence of storms is moving through. but, first, let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. she is tracking what is next. kari? >> we'll see the rain for a few more hours and then a break as we go into the afternoon. you can see how widespread this rain is as the strongest of the two systems we have moves on through this morning and this could also still cause some problems as we go through the morning commute. even though the bulk of the rain is moving through now, we may still have some deep puddles in some spots and some street
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flooding as this continues to pour very heavily at this point at a rate of about an inch per hour and we've seen this coming down for at an hour at this point. so, looking at those temperatures, it is very mild. we will see the highs today reaching into the mid to upper 50s. so, still, fairly warm even with this rain and we will catch a break, once again, this afternoon. but that's ahead of the next heavy round of rain. i'll detail that and what to expect as we go through the rest of the week. that's coming up. let's see what's happening on those roads now with mike. >> we have that live camera right there where the crash activity is on 101 northbound. it is alan rock. the reason i'm not showing you that live shot. i'm worried something is going to happen right there as we're watching it. so right now we'll show you the conditions that are out there. i showed you the maps and we did have a lot of that rain and puddling and ponding all along that peninsula. san mateo bridge indicating how soupy it is in many places
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around the bay. it will be slippery and spinouts reported and low visibility as well as gusty winds across the bridges. we'll follow this and send it back to you. the winner of the short straw this morning is stephanie chuang. the down pour a lot of floods this morning. flooding and ponding. >> yeah, that's right, scott. usual spot here is lucky drive and larks border where we keep seeing vehicles passing through here pretty fast and then you'll see pretty shortly here just how much water flies up every time there you have it. every time a vehicle goes through. the 911 calls to report where roadway started early this morning in marin. a stretch of a couple miles up to this exit and the warning is to be prepared for that and be prepared if protecting your property, as well. people started loading up on sandbags in places like san rafael during a rain break yesterday. in marin county you can fill up
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to ten sandbags for free, for instance. alert and that is a warning service that has updates on any issues that may arise. you can even get that info and text it straight to your cell phone. the main thing here, the warning from chp and city officials is just to be alert and pay attention, especially as we've had today and yesterday with the rain really as warnings. we may start to see problems build up with radrains getting clogged. people being asked to stay mindful as more storms continue to hit the bay area. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." let's go to bob redell live in the santa cruz mountains with the impact there. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura and scott. and i can tell you driving from the east bay to the summit here along highway 17 and santa cruz mountains has been coming down pretty much on every roadway i've been on. something to keep in mind as you're getting ready for your morning commute. it's going to be wet out there and going to be cold.
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i wish i actually had some gloves. but the good thing about the series of storms coming in today, tomorrow and the next day is that there is no forecast of major flooding in our rivers. however, flooding is going to be of concern and the days and months to come, especially here in the south bay. in places like the san francisco creek that runs from palo alto and that's why during the dry months, the santa clara valley water district spent those days and weeks to clear up those creeks and shore up the size of those waterways to be prepared for this el nino winter. but in spite of that work to be done, there's still -- >> we're not totally ready. we've done a lot with sandbags. we just approved over $1 million extra for sandbags. but the projects are taking longer and longer and more and
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more environmental challenges. >> down there on the summit affected the live shot with bob redell. we'll check back with him coming up. we'll track the latest on the series of the storms and track conditions by downloading our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab. from there you can find the live doppler radar and extended forecast. you can download the app from the amapp store or google play. looking at some other news this morning and happening today. two people accused of killing a palo alto man in las vegas will be in court today. those suspects charged with killing a bay area man. this happened a week ago. these the suspects. las vegas police say 42-year-old neil gandler was shot to death in his car outside of a gym. it appears the suspects shot and killed gandler while trying to rob him. he is a software engineer and was in las vegas ahead of this week's consumer electronics
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show. new clue in the murder of a popular san francisco artist. police now have a person of interest in the case. authorities released this video showing a man investigators want to talk to in connection with last month's beating death of 74-year-old stewart jackson. police say someone attacked jackson as he waited for a bus. the artist was a regular in north beach. families put up his picture and one of his famous sketches hoping police can find out who did this to him. >> very scary. but you know what, it could happen to anybody. >> the last time i saw him i told him his work was brilliant and it is. >> the cafe is now planning on holding a memorial for jackson. a date has not been set. a follow up for you. the fbi has joined the investigation into the fire bombing of a tracy mosque. as we reported the day after christmas someone threw a ma molotov cocktail at the
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entrance. this goes to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible for that attack. it only did minor damage, ras you can see. but investigators are convinced the attacker tried to burn down the building. police are asking for help tracking down a driver in a deadly hit and run. it happened last night in vallejo at springs road. a 50-year-old woman tried crossing spring road in a crosswalk when a white truck hit her. the impact threw her into the path of another car and she died. here's a picture of that truck. another driver gave chase, but couldn't get the license plate number of that truck. police think the truck is a toyota tundra long bed with a lumber rack and they say it probably now has front end damage. 5:07 this morning. let's get a check of your commute and your weather. good morning. >> good morning. the heaviest rain now falling around san francisco and farther to the south. the north bay hasn't seen as much rain, but this will be rolling to the north as we go
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through the rest of the morning. now, we do see some of the bright yellows and reds moving closer to fremont at this point and with all of this moving off towards the north and east, we will see some of the heavier rain moving towards sunol in the next 20 minutes and pleasanton about 30 minutes and livermore also looking at some very heavy rain coming up around 5:45. and the rainfall will continue for the next few hours. at times quite heavy and this is 9:00. there still will be heavy downpours for the peninsula and parts of the south bay. and then that moves into the east bay by about 10:00. there will be some breaks in the clouds and maybe even a little bit of clearing in time for lunch. but still some spotty light rain will be coming down as we go through the day and much more of a break this evening before the next round of rain moves in and look at the rainfall totals we're expecting just with the rain today over 1.25 in some spots like union city. we'll give you an update on what to expect as we go through
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inrest ithe rest of the week and also a look at the commute with mike. >> why we place our cameras where we do because we have locations that are very busy like this. eastbound 80 this is just north of that berkeley curve. folks here coming away from the toll plaza itself and there is that car fire. now, just seconds ago, this was fully on flame here. it was engulfed in flames and now the fire crews arrived on scene and now a lot of smoke and just starting to clear a little bit. westbound your commute towards the berkeley curve really getti getting jammed up as you see that smoke. coming past the mall and movie theater at emoryville. this just happened a few seconds ago. this change in the flow of traffic and, of course, just doused that fire. we're tracking that and any reports of injuries. we'll let you know there. meanwhile back to san jose where the other crash happened in front of our camera. chp arrived and laid out the flares just north of the 680 interchange. a very busy place and now causing a bit of slowing and all
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that rain actively coming down in both of these shots. less of an opportunity to react because you have to be more gentle with the controls. so, there's 101, as well. as you look at your map, a good dousing on the roadways. blue where there is ponding and puddling and a number of spinouts reported throughout the south bay in the last few minutes and we'll track that and so far no freeway closures. just a couple of lanes affected here and there. back to you. >> we'll be checking back with you a lot. coming up, changing the nation's gun laws. the president will lay out a plan on gun control, but is it constitutional? the strong opposition he's facing.
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plans to formally announce he's going to use his oval office happening today president obama plans to formally announce he'll use his ooval office powers to change gun laws this despite the fact that there is fierce opposition republicans. "today in the bay" kris sanchez has more on what we're learning about the president's plans and this centers on background checks. >> mainly on that loophole that allows people to buy guns at gun shows without getting a background check. today's formal announcement comes the president gets coni r confirmation from the fbi director that the executive order is constitutional. a move to require all businesses that sell guns to obtain a federal license would also affect online gun sellers. it would also require that dealers have to notify police if a gun is lost or stolen in transit. republicans say the president is gutting the second amendment
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right to bear arms. >> it is not going to prevent every mass shooting and keep every gun of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> the president has not even attempted to point to a single mass shooting. these actions he would propose because there isn't one. >> i always like to see these things in writing. here they are for you. the president also proposing to modernize the background check process and streamline it and hire more fbi and alcohol, tobacco and firearm atf agents. the president also wants to research smarter gun technology to reduce the number of accidental shootings. and the president also wants to allocate $500 million towards improving mental health care. while the president can go at that background check
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opponent alone, he does need congressional approval for any part of that plan that does include funding. the president will make his announcement at 8:40 our time this morning. we will carry it live for you. scott and laura. >> thank you very much, kris nchsh also happening today, people suing over the actions of police and cal administrators during contentious protests four years ago. we'll air their complaints on how the suit is being handled. involves 21 who claim they were victims of police brutality during tense occupy protest at cal in november of 2011. the plaintiffs have been pushing for a jury trial. the plaintiffs plan to hold a news conference prior to today's hearing. the state appears ready to get behind local efforts to deal with homelessness. lawmakers in sacramento proposing a $2 billion bond measure. cities and counties would then be able to apply for that money. it could be used to build more than 14,000 permanent housing
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units the idea is to try to find places for homeless californians with mental health problems. members of the state legislature say the problem is too big to ignore. 4,500 people in silicon valley alone are believed to be homeless. after a brutal first day back to wall street more red arrows this morning. >> let's check in withen dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hey, guys. not too good of a start to start off 2016 for the markets and we could see more red arrows like you mentioned on wall street today and the futures are lower this morning. the dow falling as much as 470 points on monday before trimming those losses. this comes amid freshes that china's economy, the world's second largest may be slowing. asian markets were lower and europe is lower and the dow ending 276 points to 17149. its worse start to a year since 2008. meanwhile, the big apple will soon become the world's largest
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municipal wi-fi network. google will start rolling out a network of 7,500 hot spots all over the city on the sites of old pay phones and the project is called link nyc and provide free connections with up to one giga byte per second. 20s faster than typical broadbound. a struggling internet company is shutting down its video portal. launched two years ago with syndicated shows such as "saturday night live" and "community." yahoo! took a big loss on the business and another setback for ceo marissa mayer. back tayou. >> thanks so much, landon. want to check the forecast, rainy out there. yeah. but it's also causing a traffic mess. we're going to check in with mike in just a moment. hot spots everywhere. >> we had a crash and a car fire, literally a hot spot. >> no kidding. >> you really have to be careful and just allow some extra time to get to where you're going
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today. don't forget the umbrella before you head out. also some rain boots and clothes you don't mind getting wet. as we take a live look from san jose airport. hopefully there are no delays. you can see how soggy it is this morning. umbrellas up and windshield wipers up on full on high, rather. and as we take a look at how widespread this rain is, snow in the sierra, it's really getting going there. and here in the bay area, the heaviest rain is now moving in with the second round of storms for the week. yesterday was pretty light, but this one is a little bit stronger with some heavier rain and we can see even by the intensity of the bright colors oon the radar where the heaviest rain is coming down now. haven't seen any lightning strikes, at least not cloud to ground. that is detected by our radar. going to gilroy to morgan hill. you can see some heavy rain now there and anywhere from los gatos to mountain view and san jose up to fremont we have do
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downpours coming down at this point, too, causing some water to start ponding on those streets and then heading from fremont up to oakland and you see the bright yellows and reds there and then gets a little bit more green indicating that the rain is not as heavy from oakland over towards concord and san ramon also seeing some green shades on the radar. fairfield, as well as novato and seeing some light rain and then as you head farther to the north bay and farther north, well, there is not as much rain at this point. that will be moving into that area as we go through the rest of the morning. we can still see a lot of rain here as we take a look at the futurecast. this is 10:30 this morning. midmorning we start to see some of the rain starting to back off and even the sun coming out in spots. we will have a little bit more sunshine this afternoon helping those temperatures to waurm up and then for tonight another round of heavy rain, which is set to arrive around this same time for tomorrow morning. into the next several days,
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we'll have more rain with a few hours break in between on saturday. again on sunday. and then again another round late monday night. let's get an update for the east bay now with mike. >> kari, i want you to look over here. this is a few minutes ago. video of that smoke that poured out of the fire. crews on the scene putting that fire out, a crash and then a fire in that car, which was containing some sort of cleaning fluids. we're told that by the person that was driving that car. let's geet the present scene. that's the good news because that person made it out of the car without any injury. i'll step into your shot. this is the live shot over here on the east shore freeway. westbound towards the bay bridge, that is your commute direction but slows as you're eastbound which is down to one lane. there is the burnt out shell of the car that was in that crash. the fire is out. we're hearing no injuries as a result of all this activity but a lot of slowing getting away from the bay bridge right in front of that denny's and the ross in front of the mall and the movie theaters that you're
5:21 am
passing by emoryville and not showing impact on the speed sensors and the commute towards the span. again, watch the blue puddling and ponding and your usual suspects some flooding and couple lanes there. san jose more than a couple lanes and the rain actively falling and this crash north 101 and flares put out by the rain and still activity. be careful out there, guys, if you're left just north of 680. >> really illustrates how slick it is out there this morning. 5:21. coming opstring of burglaries plaguing one east bay community. police say the action you can take to protect yourselves from thieves.
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an act of vandalism is leaving a san jose neighborhood on edge this northemorning. someone is painting over boxes that were painted with murals. part of the beautification project that was funded by donations. seven boxes painted by local artists have now been painted over in white paint. $5,000 reward is offered for leading to an arrest. people in danville saying to watch out for burglars. if no one answers they kick the
5:25 am
doors in and grab a few things and run. five reported burglaries over the last weekend and another attempted break-in, as well. officers want to register with police so they can help them catch their burglars. mourning the loss of their dog shot and killed by a police officer. >> why did you shoot him? >> i don't know what kind of dog i'm dealing with. >> this is cell phone video moments after the lab/pit bull mix was shot. it happened in front of the family's home on sunday. officer os responding to a call and when they arrived the dog named clyde ran toward them. clyde's owner says an officer first kicked the dog and then fired at the animal three times as it was running away. >> i ran to see what was going on and our dog had then ran under our car and bled out under our car whimpering and crying and there was nothing we can do
5:26 am
him. >> the dog charged at the officer and bit the officer on the leg. coming up, one step closer to l.a. the late night move by the oakland raiders that has the team pretty much out the door. plus, we continue our storm coverage this morning. a live look in san jose. another system is whipping through. the impact it is already having on commuters up and down the bay area this morning.
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well, good morning, everyone. happy rainy tuesday. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> it's a soggy one out there. i'm laura garcia-cannon. from north to south. this is the second round of wet weather unleashing all across the bay area. a live look at san jose and san rafael in the midst of this latest storm. >> team coverage to help you get out the door this morning to mounting flood deconcerns. let's start with meteorologist kari hall tracking all the rain on the radar. >> the heaviest rain coming down now, but you can see how widespread it is all across the coastal areas and moving into the era with some snow coming down there. and when you see the bright yellows and reds, that shows the most intense rain. green show more of a moderate downpour and the heaviest rain moving into san jose. that will continue to move off to the east we go into the next few minutes. temperatures are mild now in the lower 50s. we'll reach into the upper 50s as we go through the day.
5:30 am
we're getting ready for another break from the heavy rainfall as we go into the afternoon and another round of some downpour this time tomorrow morning. i'll detail all of that and what to expect as you head out the door. let's see how it looks on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, the conditions as you're talking about are horrible out there for driving. the rain actively falling in our san jose shot and two tow trucks arrived a few minutes ago. north 01 just north of 680. showing all the traffic jamming up at the scene for spectator slowing and keeping one clear for safety sake. what we're looking at nothing more than the slowing throughout the south bay. weal get another live look out here for another crash in front of another camera and eastbound 80 getting away from the bay bridge and five lanes shifting over to one getting away from the bridge. that's the biggest jam away from the berkeley curve because heading towards the bay bridge you're slowing a bit towards powell and easing up towards the berkeley curve and the toll
5:31 am
plaza. this is the scene of a crash and car fire. they continue to remove cars from the area and look at the bay bridge. a lighter flow of traffic getting here because of that spectator slowing and folks are easing into this morning's commute. i'll hand it back to you guys. >> that's right. live right now to "today in the bay stephanie chuang back in marin county as this latest system is barreling through there, steph. >> that's right, laura. the rain has been steady here for hours and that's why water is pooling here at lucky drive off of 101 northbound. you can see this vehicle slowed down quite a bit before going through because this is a notorious stretch of roadway for the flooding in the middle lanes particularly bad. the 911 calls and chp on roadway flooding and collision has been nonstop, really, since early this morning. the chp says there is a bout of wet weather. down in san francisco, the rain has hitting pretty hard overnight, as well. the usual spots starting to see
5:32 am
puddles. one is the area here on third at f folsom and people are preparing for protection of property. loading up on sandbags in marin county which offers ten for free. county emergency leaders are pointing people to you can get the info texted straight to your cell phone. the same warnings apply every time we see this, especially because wet weather has been building up. i see a drain here along 101 northbound that is working well, but sometimes they get clogged and that's when we start to see problems. hopefully we won't see too much of that this morning. be alert this morning and this week. here in marin county, stephanie chuang. let's go to bob redell in santa cruz mountains. bob? >> good morning to you, scott. here on the summit headlights heading southbound over 17 into the santa clara valley. you can see it's definitely coming down here.
5:33 am
this is what you can expect on your morning commute. we don't have reports of flooding or significant flooding on the roads but that is certainly a possibility today, tomorrow, a possibility of urban flooding. fortunately, we don't expect enough rain to cause major flooding in the rivers. but as the winter season continues on with this el nino pattern, it's quite possible you could see some significant flooding, especially as you head up 101 in the south bay. >> palo alto below the flood line. in a bad flood like we had in 1998, people could lose their lives. >> and that was a board member with the santa clara valley water district. right now we're looking at a bulldozer shoring up part of the creek in san jose. this is some of the type of work that the district has been performing during the dry months in the weeks and months leading up to the rainy season that we're in right now. even in spite of the work they've been doing, they still have to try to get more sandbags out there. they got about a million dollars
5:34 am
allocated for that. so while they've been trying to get ready, still some thing that need to be done. if you're driving into work today, you want to watch your speed and watch the distance between you and the car in front of you as chp would always remind you, again, these roads are very wet. reporting live here on the summit in santa cruz mountain, bob redell "today in the bay." >> we will continue to track the series of storms both on air and online. you can track conditions in your neighborhood by downloading our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab and find live doppler radar and an extended forecast, as well. you want to go to the itunes store or google play. at 5:34 this morning. new details to share with you on a santa clara county inmate that claims guards broke his jaw when they punched him repeatedly. we spoke to reuben garcia last fall. he claims two guards at the jail beat him excessively in july. garcia only came forward after the beating death of another inmate in august that left three
5:35 am
guards facing charges. the mercury news reports that garcia filed his lawsuit yesterday in santa clara county. officials are now reviewing it. marin county officials reportedly agreed to pay a former inmate while sick behind bars. a mill valley drug dealer contracted tuberculosis in 20134. he sued the county for $14 million claiming the jail had inadequate poernlshs. the county is providing a $95,000 payout. 5:35 right now. happening today, using the oval office to change gun laws. in just a few hours president obama will announce executive action to do just that. chris san chazz has more on the plan. the first change deals with more background checks. more background checks and the way we do background checks, as well. the president wants to close the loophole that allows people to buy guns at gun shows without a
5:36 am
background check. today's formal announcement comes after the president got confirmation that this executive order is, in fact, constitutional. the move to require all businesses that sell guns to obtain a federal license would also affect online gun sellers. it would also require that dealers notify police if a gun is lost or stolen in transit. republicans say the president is essentially gutting the second amendment right to bear arms. >> it's not going to prevent every mass shooting and it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. and it will potentially save lives. >> we don't beat the bad guy by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> the president has not even attempted to point to sangal mass shooting. these actions he would have prevented because there isn't one. >> the president's announcement is expected to also include modernizing background check
5:37 am
processes. also hiring more fbi and alcohol, tobacco and firetarm agents. smarter gun technology to reduce accidental shootings he also wants to allocate $500 million for improving mental health care. while the president can go at the background check component alone he does need congressional approval for any part of the plan that involves funding. he will make his announcement at 8:this morning and we will carry it live. here locally the oakland city council will take on gun control tonight. expected to debate proposal ammunition from falling it into the wrong hands. making it illegal to leave a gun in a truck without locking it up. the proposals how we uncovered surprising number of guns stolen from law enforcement end up being used in crimes, including murder. 5:37 right now.
5:38 am
everybody issing about the big storms hitting the bay area. we have a series of them and tracking them, kari hall. >> good morning. heavy rain moving through now. we will start to see this taper off as we go into the next couple of hours but really coming down anding some flooding. some street flooding in some spots as the yellows and the reds here on the radar move off to the east. we will have a little bit of a break as we go into the rest of the morning. but you can see it is still heavy from gilroy to morgan hill and then as you head farther to the north in san jose, that's where we're getting the worst of it. also moving up towards fremont. the peninsula seeing a few spots with the brakes like san mateo getting heavy rain and head south of there and not as heavy. over towards san ramon you're about to have heavy rain moving into your area. we go into the 7:00 or 8:00 hour and the rain becomes more spotty and then this morning we will have some breaks. we will have several hours to dry out in many spots and we will need it as we get ready for
5:39 am
the next storm system cyst to m late tonight and by this time tomorrow morning more of the same weather with heavy downpours and the possibility of some flooding in some of those usual spots. we'll talk more about that and a look ahead for the rest of the week. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike is giving us an update on the commute. >> lots of activity out there, kari. thankfully no major injuries but this is the improvement of the east shore freeway. westbound your commute moves well flowing right around powell because of the distraction eastbound getting away from the berkeley curve. we're now have three lanes oep heading away from the bay bridge. clear from the maze to powell and clearing once you pass that denny's sign right there. that is your approach to the bay bridge and let's look at your maps. you don't see a lot of slowing other than that other than at the caldecott tunnel. the blue is puddling, ponding and flooding and usual suspects
5:40 am
around the east bay and peninsula. the freeways are open but really getting impacted as the cars start to build throughout and look at all these little crashes reported around san jose and focus on this one in front of the live camera and one tow truck on the scene and a couple vehicles there north 101 north of 680. this could not be a pleasant situation. look how hard these folks are driving out there. give them a little space like these folks are keep them calmer with the cars moving by. >> thanks a lot, mike. drivers may have to dig a little deeper to cover parking meter costs. because the city has to cover a 6 hole. san francisco's mta last year approved a small debit and credit card transaction fee for smart meters. but credit card companies argued it violated merchant rules. to cover the unexpected gap in the budget, the mta is now considering a 25 cent per hour increase for anyone who parks at a meter. that vote is expected to happen today.
5:41 am
5:40. coming up on the move. the raiders take a big step towards moving back to southern california. what needs to make happen to ma a reality. to find out why your baby is crying, there is an app for that. find out how it works next. the raiders officially have one
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5:43 am
foot out the door... in a late night move -- the t well, the raiders officially have a foot out the door a late-night move. the team took a major step towards leaving the bay area. as we have exmected for month the team did file paperwork to relocate to southern california.
5:44 am
the raiders along with the rams and chargers all submitted applications to relocate to los angeles. the next step now is for the league to review those proposals, followed by an owner's meeting. this is all slated for next week. if approved, the move could be effective with the upcoming 2016 season. they had submitted a relocationage and the matter is now in the hands of the nfl owners. the latest action from the team was expected, it still stings for fans. >> i don't think it's fair because how are you going to take somebody's favorite team and try to move them to like l.a. >> i'm really disappointed because, you know, it's just a wonderful, fun team to watch and i've had season tickets for seven years with a lady friend of mine and it was like the most fun i ever had. >> now, we should note the relocation of a team does require approval of three-quarters from the other nfl owners. it is 5:44 now.
5:45 am
to turmoil for a different bay area team saying he's "not a football expert." jed faced the media to explain why he fired the team's head coach for the second consecutive year. >> a season like this ages you. i think i lost a little bit more hair. beyond that, i was able to recognize mistakes that i've made in the past. >> the 49ers fan base is angry. just three seasons ago, the team was playing in the super bowl. now in contective seasons york has fired the head coach and the niners have not made the playoffs. >> i hear the criticism, loudly. whether that's talking to fans directly or that social media or from planes flying over my head. the results of the season rest on my shoulders squarely. >> a short list of head coaching candidates, but would not say who is on that list and on rumors of his family possibly
5:46 am
selling the team, he says his family owned the 49ers before he was born and will still own it after he's gone. 5:46. happening today an emergency hearing scheduled in as youth soccer takes on the nfl. the organization has filed a lawsuit to stop the city of santa clara to stop using the practice field. now that lawsuit has expanded to include the national football league, but, nonetheless, the nfl started work yesterday on the media center yesterday right on the soccer grounds anyway. the santa clara youth soccer says the nfl will "destroy the fields." the league has promised to make repairs after the super bowl. it's 5:46 right now. happening today in the east bay. the hugely controversial proposals to start permanently listing rent increases in alameda. the last time the alameda city council considered the issue it got violent. police arrested two in a meeting that lasted seven hours. in fact, so many people are expected at tonight's meeting it
5:47 am
has been moved to an oauditoriu. the council will consider three proposals. all involved some sort of an exof a moratorium on rent increases. they also each impose a varying degree of rent control in alameda's landlords. this includes preventing evictions without so-called just cause. recognized four new element. scientists add lawrence livermore lab discovered three of them. the elements have yet to be officially named and their numbers 113, 114, 115 and 118 if you're keeping track at home. the elements created artificially and only last for an incredibly short time and they're not find in nature. you find this in new households with babies and can you figure out how that newborn is now crying. believe it or not, there is now an app for that. it is called the baby cry translator. the app is designed from a database of 200,000 baby cries. it can apparently identify for
5:48 am
parents one of four reasons why their baby is crying. so, what do you think those four reasons are, parents? come on, you know it. hungry, tired, pain or wet diaper. some doctors cry foul saying parents should not take this app too seriously. >> you have to listen to your response of your kid. their cry is a communication. it's their talking. their babbling is their discussion. to take your movement away from learning about what they are and being sensitized to their needs, i don't like it. >> before you head to the app store t will cost you. the other catch is your baby has to cry for 15 seconds before the app renders its verdict. >> my kids are a long way from being babies and i have to admit even now i have to not watch -- >> little babies cry and try to figure it out and help them. i love it. i love it. >> i like when he stops, too.
5:49 am
>> right. >> fussing over the weather this morning. >> a lot of people are crying as you head out and have to deal with the traffic and the downpours and just getting wet and bad hair days. all of that stuff. as we take a live look outside now at the golden gate bridge. you can see that the rain is coming down sideways. but at least there's no backups there. but just need to slow it down. look at how much rain is falling now for parts of the south bay and the east bay. moving out of the peninsula now as we start to catch a little bit of a break there, but a closer look at san francisco, it's drying up. at least for now in some parts of the city. but head over to the east bay, it is looking bad. if you're driving from fremont and then up 880, well, it will improve. look at the north bay. barely anything going on there. so, as we go through the rest of the morning, we'll continue to add more rainfall in the buckets that we've already had. over an inch of rain in sonoma and napa and novato and a look
5:50 am
at san francisco now. about half of an inch up to 075 and then as we go over towards the east bay, about 0.5 in some spots and some spots like danville over 0.75 there and in the peninsula also heavy downpours starting to rack up about 0.75 and over an inch of rain and, once again, this is just with the second round of rain moving through this week. we're expecting four in total. as we take a look at the south bay, we have over an inch of rain in los gatos and willow glen and over 0.5 and the heaviest rain moving through this morning and then some breaks later today. as we start to see the skies clearing up around the eavening commute, the sun peeking out and then this is a look at tomorrow morning as you head out this early, once again, it looks pretty wet and some heavy downpours. possibly a few spots with some street flooding and the usual spots will be watching that for
5:51 am
today and the next several days. so, let's see how it looks as you head out the door now with mike. >> all right, kari, first of all, looks soupy out here. a live look at 101. the better news is that these folks are looking like they're just about to hook up that remaining vehicle with a tow truck and pull it out of the area. chp and this is north 101 just north of 680. look at this jammed traffic because we have one, maybe two lanes blocked at the worst point of it as you're heading north. that's right there. that is the worst of the south bay drive right now. folks are easing into this very rainy mute and i know it's not even 6:00 yet. this is a lighter flow than we tip see on a tuesday. look at the blue highlighting. ponding and puddling like you saw on that live shot. crashes around silicon valley and the last one in front of our live shot will hopefully clear soon. the rain travel across the from the peninsula over to the east bay. 101, 280, 880, 580. all flooded with roadway water but we're having no lane flooding and as far as closures
5:52 am
go coming up through the oakland area. live look over here shows you eastbound 80 and both directions from the berkeley curve are now clear. the bay bridge toll plaza have the backup formed. back to you. >> thank you, mike. scary moments unfolding in turkey. watch as chunks of snow coming down on a busy street. this happened in the black sea. take another look. people walking by and then just an avalanche in the city street. this came sliding down off the roof of a mosque. two people were trapped but everybody acted quickly and got them out and, fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. >> pretty tremendous video. take a look at this. crews in utah received a thank you for from a dog they rescued after it fell into a frozen pond. poor little tucker fell through the thin ice being walked yesterday in clinton. the dog's owner tried to pull him out using a rope but eventually called 911. crews were able to get him out. tucker very thankful.
5:53 am
hot bath, took that photo that you saw there briefly for the firefighter who eventually saved him. well, coming up, developing news out of china. a bust burst into flames. the investigation now under way to see how all this happened.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:55. developing right now. investigators in china say it appears someone intentionally set fire to a bus.
5:56 am
killing 17 people and hurting dozens of others. it happened early this morning in a northern region of china. right now, authorities have identified a suspect and are actively searching for him. they say the early investigation points to arson. less than three hours from now, president obama will address the nation outlying his plan to tighten gun laws across the country without congress. >> it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives. >> now, the president's executive order will partially close some of the gun show loopholes requiring people who buy weapons at those shows to get background checks. some republican presidential candidates are criticizing the move calling it a violation of the second amendment. but congressman mike thompson who chairs the house gun prevention task force says
5:57 am
inaction by those republicans, in his words, forced the president to act. >> don't have any problems select committees to try to tarnish the record of secretary of state clinton or harass planned parenthood. but on gun violence, they won't touch it and congress won't act. i think the president needs to. >> president obama's executive action limiting gun rights will restrict our law-abiding citizens. not the criminals or the terrorists who target them. >> now, much like the president's unilateral move on immigration. there is question to whether this is constitutional. the president wants to widen background checks, can expand them to every gun sale without action by congress and he'll need congressional approval for the addition of 200 new atf agents in the plan and a $500,000 for mental health care. takes aim at gun control tonight. council members are expected to debate proposals aimed at preventing weapons and amu from
5:58 am
falling into the wrong hands. making it illegal to leave a gun in a car or truck without it being locked up. the proposals follow our investigative unit reports. we uncovered how a surprising number of guns stolen from law enforcement end up being used in crime, including murders. 5:58. a pleasant hillally mourni fami the loss of their dog shot by a police officer. >> why did you shoot him? >> i don't know what kind of dog i'm dealing with. >> this is cell phone video moments after the lab/pit bull was shot. the officers responding to a call. they got there. the dog, named clyde, ran towards them. the officer first kicked the dog and then fired at the animal three times as it was running away. >> i ran to see what was going on and our dog had then ran under our car and bled out under our car whimpering and crying and there was nothing we could do for him. >> the pleasant hill police department said the dog was
5:59 am
aggressive and charged at that officer and even biting him on the leg. the officer back on duty, but the department is investigating the shooting. right now at 6:00, we're in the midst of the latest storm to hit the bay area. i'm stephanie chuang with the latest on the roadway conditions and what to watch out for th morning. and i'm bob redell. how the south bay is preparing for potential flooding as we enter the rainy season. that story coming up. catching a killer. the crucial clue police hope will lead them to the man responsible for the death of a san francisco artist. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good now tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off. let's get to that weather. the top story another storm packing heavy rains and gusty winds. you can see the golden gate bridge on the left.
6:00 am
very slick and downtown san jose on the right covered in raindrops on the lens. >> right now the storm is the way out, but another round of rain is on its way. we have live team coverage for you this morning. let's start out with meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be raining pretty much all week. >> off and on, laura. we'll see it throughout the rest of the week into the weekend. so, this round is the second of four we're expecting this week and you can see as we look at the radar how widespread it is. as you head out with snow coming down in the sierra. in the bay area, the heaviest rain is now moving into the south and east bay hills. we will catch a little bit of a break, more of a moderate downpour coming down. but as you look at san jose and gilroy, as well as morgan hill. bright reds and yellows show the most intense rain. and then it's starting to ease up in san jose easing up towards milpitas and some heavy rain now. that will start to slack off. the peninsula not getting much rain at this point and then the


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