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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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very slick and downtown san jose on the right covered in raindrops on the lens. >> right now the storm is the way out, but another round of rain is on its way. we have live team coverage for you this morning. let's start out with meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be raining pretty much all week. >> off and on, laura. we'll see it throughout the rest of the week into the weekend. so, this round is the second of four we're expecting this week and you can see as we look at the radar how widespread it is. as you head out with snow coming down in the sierra. in the bay area, the heaviest rain is now moving into the south and east bay hills. we will catch a little bit of a break, more of a moderate downpour coming down. but as you look at san jose and gilroy, as well as morgan hill. bright reds and yellows show the most intense rain. and then it's starting to ease up in san jose easing up towards milpitas and some heavy rain now. that will start to slack off. the peninsula not getting much rain at this point and then the east bay is pretty much covered
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as you see the bright reds and yellows there. green indicates, once again, aer rain as you head up towards richmond and vallejo. you see the rain is starting to taper off. in the north bay, really not much rain at this point. but you will see some as we go into the next round of rain i'll detail that and what to expect as we see several more inches in the bay area. that's coming up in a few minutes. but let's head to the south bay with mike. >> kari, you're talking about that rain having moved through much of san jose. we're still seeing, of course, wet roads because the rain is actively gone but the water kicking up and still preventing conditions. that is a tough situation. this cleanup going on for about an hour. 45 minutes north 101 just north of that 680 merge the interchange and onramp. everyone getting on the freeway and shifting left as they try to keep the two lanes clear right after all those mothers-in-law. chp still on scene and no major injuries. a look at the map, only a problem right there for north 101.
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the build continues from capital slowing towards tully and moving on 87 and another fender bender there and traveling north from capital expressway there, as well. that's it for the south bay slowing. everything else moving very well. despite the wet conditions. blue highlighted all over here and all over the rest of our maps. show you where there is puddling and ponding. your surface street conditions. 880 flows through hayward but not as dramatic as a typical tuesday. the earlier crash has cleared from the berkeley curve area and a live look at the san mateo bridge. the speed sensors look really good there. the water kicking up on both sides and the active rain you can see that in the puddles, guys. be careful out there. back to you. stephanie chaung braving the elements in marin county. stephanie? >> yeah, hey, scott. as you heard kari talk about most of the strong rainfall is south of san francisco at this point but marin county very
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steady rainfall and a lot of water has built up on the roadways like here at lucky drive on northbound 101. standing water. as you see the next wave of cars come through, you'll see how much water splashes up. of course, that's the danger a lot of the times here when you have wet weather and the warning, of course, is just slow down. now, down in san francisco, the rain has been hitting pretty hard overnight, as well. the usual spots are starting to see puddles like this area on third and we also heard reports just west of seventh street on 80. people also preparing for protection of property, as well, as drivers are out maneuvering the road and video. here in marin county, you can fill up ten sandbags. up to ten sandbags for free. county emergency leaders a warning service that will update you with any issues that may come up. one thing chp always warns about is not just the standing water.
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watch out for any loosened up from the rain that came down from hillsides. that can also cause some hazards on the roadway. live here in marin county, stephanie chuang. from the north bay to the south bay and everywhere in between, as well. everyone feeling the brunt of all these storms. >> bob redell live in the santa cruz mountains. what have you got now? >> well, good morning, scott and laura. looks like we've got a lull in the rain which is good timing considering we're starting to hit the peak of the morning commute. your headlights heading southbound over summit on highway 17 into los gatos and slow and go because the roads are still wet. even though we don't have the rain coming down right now. hopefully this rain will stay with us as we get longer into the morning commute. now, no forecasts for serious flooding during this week's storm. but as we enter the rainy season, flooding is going to be more of a concern, especially in the days and weeks to come.
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that's why during the dry months the santa clara valley water district spent that time to shore up the banks and clear out the debris of some of its waterways here and in the south bay. but in spite of that effort, we did talk to a board member and they tell us more work to be done. >> not totally ready. we've done a lot with sandbags and just approved over a million dollars extra for sandbags. the projects are take longer and longer and more and more environmental challenges. >> again, as you see the scene behind me, commuters going over the hump here on the summit to get into the santa clara valley. you do want to watch for speeds this morning because the roads are dry, obviously. they are wet and the chp would tell you want to watch the distance between you and the car in front of you. reporting live here in the santa cruz mountain, bob redell, "today in the bay." we have an app where you can track all this weather yourself. a weather tab up in the corner.
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a series of storms you could watch. we have radar, we have all the latest video forecast, as well. now, you can get this at the apple app store or on google play. the two people accused of killing a palo alto man in las vegas will be in court. the suspects charged with killing the bay area man a week ago. las vegas police say neil gambler was fouga gandler. gandler, a software engineer was in las vegas ahead of this week's consumer electronics show. we have a new clue in the murder of a popular san francisco artist. police now have a person of interest in the's that person r there. showing the man investigators would like to talk to in connection with last month's beating death of 74-year-old stewart jackson. police say someone attacked jackson at the market as he was
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waiting for a bus. the artist was a regular at cafe at the north beach. the family put up one of his pictures and one of his famous sketches, as well. >> very scary. you know what, it could happen to anybody. >> the last time i saw him i told him his work is brilliant and it is. >> a memorial for jackson, although a date hasn't been set just yet. the fbi has joined the investigation into the fire bombing of a tracy mosque. as we reported the day after christmas, someone threw a molotov cocktail at the door of the tracy islamic center. now, the fbi is offering a $2,500 reward. it goes to anyone with inform that leads to the arrest of a person responsible for the attack. it did minor damage, but investigators are convinced the attacker tried to burn down the building. 6:07. happening today. an emergency hearing scheduled in court. the youth soccer league taking on the nfl. the organization already filed a
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lawsuit to stop the city of santa clara from using its practice fields during the super bowl. now that lawsuit has expanded to include the national football league. but, nonetheless, the nfl started work on a media center right on the soccer grounds. the sant clara youth soccer league said the nfl will destroy the field. the league has promised to make repairs after the super bowl. 6:this morning. the raiders have one cleat out of coliseum. as expected late last night the team filed paper to relocate to southern california. the chargers and the rams also submitted applications. what happens now? nfl owners will review all the proposals and a meeting is scheduled for next week in houston. the raiders fans say the possible move hurts. >> i don't think it's fair because how are you going to take somebody's favorite team and try to move them to like l.a.? >> i'm really disappointed because, you know, it's just a wonderful, fun team to watch.
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and i've had season tickets for seven years with a lady friend of mine and it was like the most fun i ever had. >> in order for any of the three teams to relocate, three-fourths of league owners must approve the. let's go back to our top story and the wet weather. rain and strong wind making their way out of the bay area right now. there are more storms on the way. this is san jose. if you're about to head up north, do take it slow and give yourself extra time. let's check that forecast and meteorologist kari hall. >> rain still coming down heavily in spots and starting to taper off for the peninsula and san francisco. we see the rain continuing to move into the south bay hills and it is really improving some of the road conditions. it will slowly as we go inthe next several minutes. but really coming down heavily now in parts of the tri-valley as we see those bright yellows and some reds on the radar. so, street flooding a possibility through the morning
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and also with the gusty winds we may have some of the smaller tree branches falling down and that could also block the road. for the sierra, we had hazardous snow and ice conditions and the chain controls have been issued for the travel across the sierra. if you're traveling across the tri-valley, mike has a heads up for what's going on there. >> kari, obviously, your report is going to afeck what we see on the roadway. the slick conditions and the off ramp we always show and one example why you want to slow. as you're making the wet commute and seeing the puddling there. slick conditions could cause some folks to slide and lose traction there. we haven't seen a problem here. the tri-valley looks really good as far as the speeds go towards the dublin interchange and down through pleasanton or through off the dublin grade. look, north here into fremont and heading up towards sunol a crash heading up towards that bend and the washington irving ramps there. reportedly moving from the middle lane to the shoulder.
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that's unexpectedly slow. look like that movie "avatar." puddling conditions. green means it's wet and slick roadways, as well. that is the entire commute for you. the live look and show you the crash still clearing from northbound 101 and right two lanes blocked and the left lanes coming off the northbound 101 and the merge with 280 and 680. a lot of folks slowing here. but that congestion just from capital expressway all the way past this scene and the rest of the south bay looking relatively good. back to you. >> give the guys on the side of the road a break. >> take it easy out there, folks. 6:11. wall street looking to bounce back today after a dismal first day of traying of the new year. we'll tell you which way the numbers are expected to go once that bell rings. plus, a big thank you from man's best friend. the story of survival behind this adorable photo. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
6:12 am nbc bay area, we investigate. a develo
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a developing story for you this morning. tensioning escalating in the middle east. iran's president is blasting saudi arabia's actions, which include severing diplomatic
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relations with the islamic republic. saudi arabian allies and kuwait just recalled its ambassador. saudi arabia executed that cleric along with 46 others on terror charges. those sparked violent protests in i. investors in the u.s. hoping international jitters that sent wall street into a tail spin yesterday reemerge. when the markets open in 15 minutes. fresh signs of a china slow down send the dow lower by as much as 470 points and, of course, the unrest in the middle east didn't help. stocks did rebound slightly, but the dow still lost 1.5%. asian markets lower again today. dow futures down slightly lower. america's biggest city is now home to the world's biggest municipal wi-fi network. starting today in new york city a group of investors including google will roll out a network of 7,500 hot spots that include using the sites of old pay
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phones. remember those? the project called link nyc will provide free connections with speeds up to 1 biggiga byte per second. happening today in the east bay in the hugely controversial proposal to start permanently limiting rent increases in alameda. the last time the alameda city council considered the issue, it actually got violent. police arrested two in a tumulltuous meeting that lasted seven hours. so many people are expected at tonight's meeting, it has been moved to an auditorium. the council will consider three proposals. all involve some sort of an extension on a moratorium in rent increases. also each ima varying degree of rent control. this includes preventing evictions without so-called just cause. take a look at this video this is from turkey and chunks of snow fall on the ground right there. astonishing. riza is the town near the black
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sea. here's another look and sheets of snow come sliding down from the roof of a mosque. two people were trapped and the people around them quickly thinking and digging them out and, fortunately, nobody seriously hurt. >> how frightening for them. crews in utah, look at this, they received a special thank you from a dog they recused after it fell into a pond. that is tucker falling through the thin ice yesterday afternoon. the dog's owner tried to pull him out using a rope. the crews were able to get there in time to rescue tucker who was very thankful. his owners were, as well. looks like tucker has very good penmanship writing that thank you. once home, that pooch had a hot bath and probably good life and wants to stay away from the icy cold water there. >> the fellow who did the rescuing got -- >> check your and traffic together. boy, are they related today. >> looks very slippery and also some spots where you may be
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hitting some puddles as you head out. we do have some very heavy rain coming down. at least it is starting to ease up in spots like san jose. really have the rain coming down there a30 minutes ago. and we will see this starting to taper off as we go through the day. it's heaviest this morning. looks mucher tomorrow as we go or today, rather, as we go into the afternoon. as we look at the radar now, we see the scattered showers and not as much yellow as we had just a few minutes ago. so, the rain is less intense and still coming down in morgan hill and gilroy and head up towards san jose and milpitas we have lighter rain. the peninsula taking a at least for now and then you see the heavy rain moving across the tri-valley over towards hayward and livermore and then up towards brentwood and concord. the rain still showing some bright yellow returns here on the radar. and then go to the north bay where it's nice little break. but take a look at how much rain we've had in the last 24 hours.
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in the north bay, petaluma about three quarters of an inch. in san francisco, we've had in most spots anywhere from 0.5 up to 0.75 and then the east bay also picking up on quite a bit of rain within the last couple of hours. anywhere from 0.5 in castro valley to danville close to an inch of rain. and pleasanton about half an inch of rain. over towards the peninsula, heavy amounts of rain anywhere from about an inch to san carlos had about 0.75. so, heavy downpours still making things wet and still some puddles on the road in the south bay over an inch of rain in los gatos and santa clara and willow glen about 0.75. as the rain tapers off the rest of the morning, some breezy wind, the sun comes out and peeks of sunshine. with the spotty rain, there will be the slight chance that we could have rumbles of thunder. little bit more energy and then look at what happened early tomorrow morning. again, more rain moving through the bay area as we see the
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yellows and the reds and oronges showing pretty much what we are seeing now with some heavy rain and then by tomorrow afternoon, still some scattered showers lingering in the bay area as we see the fourth round of rain moving through. as we go into the next few days, we will have a chance to dry out, but not until friday. our temperatures staying the same and we'll be reaching into the mid to upper 50s for the next few days. let's take a look ahead at what we're expecting. on thursday afternoon, more rain moving through. not much on friday. saturday morning we have some scattered showers passing by. on sunday morning, once again, on monday we will see some more rain passing as we go into late monday night. so, staying active with these storm systems moving through for the next several days. let's see how the roads look now as we check in with mike. >> let the pictures tell the words right now for oakland. southbound flashing lights. not to worry, no incidents reported at 66 and we're looking. northbound the earlier disabled
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big rig looks like somebody has help with bright lights and maybe doing mechanical work off the roadway. let's look towards the bay bridge where some of the taillights are headed and end up backed up with the brake lights because the metering lights are on. glowing lights, as well, because the water on the roadway and on the lens still slick conditions around the bay. keep that in mind. look at your map, though. despite the wet, soupy conditions and earlier crashes all around the bay and things are calming down a bit. the worst drive out of orinda and towards the caldecott tunnel and that's the slowest spot for your east bay commute. that blue highlighted is going to mean some puddling and pondling and red zone off the dublin grade and west 580. look over here, the castro valley and that is moving smoothly and so is the dublin interchange. that is moving well down in towards fremont for southbound 680. as we move your map down, the rain most having recently hit the south bay and flooding in spots for san jose.
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our photographer headed out just offens creek to check out another spot. 880 reporting earlier flooding, as well. 101 northbound at 680 and we just saw a couple of minutes ago. those flares have yet to burn out but these folks are being cautious. these lanes are open, they can't me, of course. you'll know if things will smooth out in just a bit there, though. >> a lot of people might be crying about that morning commute. but you want to know why your baby is crying? believe it or not, there is an app for that. plus, slow down. the reason one bay area city will lower that speed limit to just 15 miles an hour in many yares. ==laura/cu== "15" is the new
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"25" - when it comes to driving through school new at 6:00, 15 is the new 25 when it comes to driving through school zones in los altos. the city is in the boost to boost pedestrian safety everywhere. reducing speed limits to 15 miles per hour within 500 feet of local schools. the police will enforce the new speed zones during school hours. officers will initially give out warnings to speeding drivers. tickets will start being issued next month. the world authority on chemistry issing four new elements. the scientists at lawrence livermore labs had a part in discovering three of them. the elements have yet to be officiallied, but on the table they're 113, 114, 115, 117 and 118. the elements were created
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artificially and last for an incredibly short time. can't figure why your newborn baby is crying. believe it or not, there's an app for that. the baby cries translator. its creators claim it is designed for a database of 200,000 baby cries. it can apparently identify for parents one of four reasons why their baby is crying. what do you think they are? yeah, you guessed it. hungry, tired, in pain or a wet diaper. but some doctors cry foul saying parents shouldn't take the app too seriously. >> you have to listen to the response of your kids. their cry is a communication. it's just talking. that babbling is their discussion. to take your movement away from learning about what they are and being sensitized to their needs, i don't like it. >> part of the fun trying to figure it out. now, before you head to the app store, you will have to pay for it. and the other catch is your baby has to cry for 15 seconds before the app renders its verdict. >> not an improvement.
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coming up, the heavy rain causedi causing all kind of problems on the roadways. we have live team coverage that will continue less than three minutes. the president will take executive action to extend background checks at gun shows. what else he is proposing and the push back he is going to get. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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and there's the opening bell on the second day of trading on the nyse. boy, what a terrible day yesterday. it looks like it is going to be a rough one today. on the nasdaq smith and wesson said it stole a record number of guns. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining. i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off this morning. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's hope the markets go up as all this rain is coming down over the bay area. it's our big story. the wet weather. a live look at a slick drive through san rafael and a soggy san ho. >> very heavy. strong winds blowing through the whole bay area and it's not over. another round on the way. live team coverage for you this morning and we'll start with mete meteorologist kari hall. where is the rain right this morning? >> it is still coming down in parts of the east and south bay and taking a break in san francisco, as well as the peninsula. we can see that we're not the only ones getting in on some wet
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weather and there is heavy snow coming down in the sierras. the bright reds and yellows shows where the most intense rain is. as you can see in the last few frames there as we cycle through the past three hours, you can see it becomes less intense for most of the bay area. while we're not seeing much of that in san francisco. and as that continues to move over the hills, we will still have some scattered showers throughout the day and even some breaks with the sun coming out at times. i'll let you know exactly when to expect and where. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. but let's head to the peninsula now with mike. >> kari, we'll start in palo alto the traffic volume relatively and the rain kicking up behind the cars as they travel through the area right here by university and the volume will be affected by that water on the windshield, even though it's not actively raining right here. as we look at your map, that is the case all over the bay because the blue shows you where there is ponding and puddling
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and have that rain a little more earlier this morning. looking at northbound route to the south bay. looking at a gentle build. considering it is a tuesday, this is not bad and considering there were a number of crashes throughout. things are moving well. northbound 680 just north of auto mall parkway. a couple crashes there affecting the off ramp and just past the off ramp. some slowing countercommute. you don't expect that. over here in the tri-valley moves well. and dublin interchange and the crash just off there and westbound 580 just off the dublin grade. the reason for the slowing there is a crash on canyon road and prepare for that moving to the shoulder. meanwhile, a slower drive for hayward and across the san mateo bridge. across the bay bridge, bay bridge metering lights and no surprises there. look at san rafael and one spot that shows up blue and the soupy conditions we showed you just a couple of minutes ago at the top of the show. the build from novato down to the san rafael bridge. let's bring in stephanie chuang in marin county keeping an eye on weather there. good morning.
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>> good morning, scott and laura. the rain still falling here at the border. as it has been for much of the morning. and, of course, that means a lot of water pooling on the roadways like here at lucky drive off northbound 101 where you see cars going through the water coming up quite a bit. the warng, of course, plenty of areas that may pop up as problem spots and come as a surprise. slow down out there. down in san francisco, the rain was hitting pretty hard since last night. the usual spots are starting to see puddles. third and folsom which is a local area and standing water on 80 east. as drivers maneuver the road people began preparation to protect their homes and businesses. county emergency leaders that will alert you' not sure if wind is part of this, but just getting reports from the mill valley police that
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a all large tree has downed power lines. we're headed to that area to check it out and hope to bring you an update in 20, 25 minutes. live here in marin county, stephanie chuang. >> we'll look forward to that, steph. from the north bay to the south bay, everywhere in. between, everyone really feeling the brunt of all these storms. >> bob redell in the santa cruz mountains. bob, how you looking out there? >> well, scott, laura, right now we're down to a drizzle which is good if you're trying to drive into work. you can see the headlights beme going over the summit here on highway into the san jose, los g gatos area. obviously, these roads are wet and you do to be careful out there and watch the distance between you and the driver in front of you. we did speak with the santa clara valley water district about their concerns as we enter this rainy season and their big concern, which shouldn't come as a surprise, is flooding.
6:35 am
>> palo alto is below the flood line. in a bad flood like we had in 1998, people could lose their lives. >> that's why in the dry months you see the water district out there. you can see them with heavy equipment moving boulders to shore up some of their banks and clear out debris. again, during this series of storms we're getting this week, we're not expecting major flooding and urban flooding that we have been mentioning where stephanie mentioned and we talked about flooding on the roads and this week we do not expect them to reach their flood stages. reporting live here in the santa cruz mountains along highway 17, bob redell nch. to san jose. this is a live look of flooding near the intersection of stevens creek boulevard and not far from valley fair. right now a pump truck is right
6:36 am
there in the stcenter of the screen trying to get all the ponding water cleared out. obviously, you have to avoid that area. we'll continue to track the latest on the series of storms both on air and online. for conditions in your neighborhood any time, just download our free nbc bay area app. all you have to do is click on the weather tab. from there the live doppler radar and extended forecast. very interesting to look at. you can also download the app from the amapp store or from google play for android devices. rather stormy on the stock markets, as well. as we bring you out live to the big board and nyse and an active day after an absolute rday yesterday. 6:36. new this morning a tense standoff involving 12 people including 11 children ended with a sustabbing himself. police say it all unfolded overnight at a hotel in the dekalb county, georgia.
6:37 am
they were originally responding to a demostdomestic and refusin let the 11 children and woman to even leave the room. police were able to safely rescue all the hostages after the suspect stabbed himself in the neck. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. in just over two hours from now, obama will try to bypass congress and outline his plan to tighten gun laws across the country. "today in the bay" kris sanchez here and the president's plan centers around expanding background checks. >> you can't make it mandatory forren with who wants to buy a gun to undergo a background check, but this certainly would close the loophole that allows some people to buy guns at gun shows without getting that background check. today's formal announcement comes after the president got confirmation from the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch that this executive order is, in fact, constitutional. the fbi also backs that up, as well. the move to require all
6:38 am
businesses obtain a federal license also would affect online gun sellers and it would require dealers notify police if a gun they had sold was lost or stolen in transit. republicans say the president is gutting the second amendment. >> it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal it will potentially save lives. >> we don't beat the bad guy by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guy by using our guns. >> the president has not even attempted to point to a single mass shooting. these actions he proposes would have prevented because there isn't one. >> now the president is also proposing to modernize the background check process, also hire more fbi and alcohol, tobacco and firearm agents. the president also wants to research smarter gun technology in order to reduce accidental shootings and he also wants to
6:39 am
allocate $500 million towards improving mental health care. now, while the president can go at the background check component of this loan, he does need congressional approval for any part of the plan that involves funding. the president will make his announcement about 8:40 this morning. we will carry it for you live. >> kris, thank you, much. police asking for help this morning tracking down the driver in a deadly hit and run. this happened last night in vallejo. a 50-year-old woman tried crossing springs road. she was in the crosswalk, but a white pickup truck hit her and threw her into the path of another car. and she died. now, we have a picture of the truck. another driver did give chase, but couldn't get the license plate number of that truck. police do think this is a toy ata tundra with a long bed and a lumber rack. it probably has front end damage. 6:39 right now. a lot of spinouts on the roadways. very slick conditions and the rain moving on. let's check in with kari right
6:40 am
now with a look at that satellite radar. >> some of us are catching a break from the rain and it hasn't been as heavy recently in the north bay. but you can see how widespread system is and it also is bringing heavier downpour than we had yesterday morning. as it continues to roll on through, we will at times have some breezy winds, but you can see the bright intense colors here it continues to move east of san jose. and the peninsula not seeing much rain at this point. so, it will be improving as you go up 680 and up towards milpitas. still, some heavy rain now. but up 101, we are getting a chance to dry out, but there may still be some puddles on the road and also in san francisco, not as much rain. over towards the tri-valley. the heaviest rain is moving through right now and then up towards brentwood, you're seeing some pretty heavy downpours over towards concord is getting lighter and farther to the north, we will see that rain really starting to ease up as we go into the next couple of hours. i'll track the next round of
6:41 am
storms. that comes this time tomorrow morning. so, details on that. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, this is what laura and scott showed you just a few minutes ago. stevens creek and carlos on the other side of the intersection. we're looking at this truck trying to pump the water out of the area and flooding there at the intersection. the intersection itself is open, but some of the transitions are closed right now. you'll see this type of situation all around the bay as the rain continues for the next few days. look at your map and showing you the south bay commute now kicking frin the freeways, as well. that flooding report right around there 87 at 280 and one of your usual suspects and northbound 101 and better news for the flow of traffic. smoother drive, but a build for hayward and west 580 and still slow the earlier crash now on the shoulder. south 680 at 580 a crash on the shoulder there and slowing down intowards pleasanton and nothing
6:42 am
that dramatic. your approach towards the bay bridge is fine and metering lights are on. over towards the caldecott and no incidents reported there and a quick look at the san mateo bridge and seeing that build heading over the peninsula. back to you. >> mike, thanks. 6:42 right now. coming up, he says he's "not a football expert." jed york faces tough questions about the future of the 49ers even addressing a rumor about his family possibly selling the franchise. now at a dark and damp oh-
6:43 am
6:44 am
dot-co coliseum. this morninghe a live look outside right now at a dark and damp
6:45 am
coliseum. this morning, the raiders have one cleat out the door. as esexpected late last night the team filed paperwork to relocate to southern california. the chargers and the rams also submitted applications. so, what happens now? the nfl owners will all review the proposals and a meeting is scheduled for next week in houston. raiders fans say the possible move really hurts. >> i don't think it's fair because how are you going to take somebody's favorite team and try to move them to like l.a.? >> i'm really disappointed because, you know, it's just a wonderful, fun team to watch. and i've had season tickets for seven years with a lady friend of mine and it was like the most fun i ever had. >> in order for any of the three teams to relocate, three-fourths of league owners must approve the move. and to a different team and a different turmoil, saying he's "not a football expert."
6:46 am
the ceo of the 49ers jed york faced the media to try to explain why he fired the team's head coach for the second consecutive year. >> a season like this ages you. i think i lost a little bit more hair. beyond that, i was able to recognize mistakes that i've made in the past. >> the 49ers fan base is angry. just three seasons ago playing in the super bowl in consecutive seasons. york has fired the head coach and the niners have not made the playoffs. >> i hear the criticism. loudly. whether that's from the fans directly or social media or planes flying over my head. the results of this season rest on my shoulders squarely. >> york says he has a short list of head coaching candidates, but won't say who's on that list and on rumors his family might sell the team, he says his family owned the 49ers before he was born and will still own it after he's gone. it's 6:46.
6:47 am
an act of vandalism leaving a san jose neighborhood on edge this morning. someone is painting over several utility boxes that had been hand painted into mini murals in the willow glen area. part of the beautification project that was funded by donations. seven boxes painted by local artists have now been painted over in white paint. >> hours of time wasted. sure, it's disappointing. i really can't get it back. all i can say is stop doing it. let the art be. >> the $5,000 reward is being offered by city council member for information that leads to an arrest. and in a follow up for you. caused a huge traffic jam is now a mom. shared the news on this photo on instagram. a small pup was born on satur y saturday. you may recall the elephant seal
6:48 am
blocked traffic last week. she was tranquilized and moved to a safe location. >> good to see that. 6:47 right now. starbucks lovers looking for that morning jolt now have another option. this one is part of a permanent menu. >> so, it's called latte macchiato and it debuts today. an espresso drink with steamed whole milk. the milk gets poured first and then the espresso which leaves a dot at the top. macchiato leaves a spot on the top. >> either way. sign me up for a good drink of coffee in the morning, no matter what it is. let's get started with your weather and your traffic. >> it is a mess. make sure you're alert with that coffee this morning and, also, you have the umbrella, rain boots and gear to go along with that. it will improve as we go through today. the hev yaviest of it moving through now.
6:49 am
the road in the background is flowing smoothly, but that may not be your whole commute. let's take a look at the radar with the widespread rain and the second storm system moving in. just this weekend, it's only tuesday. more rounds of rain moving in, but the heaviest of it where we see the bright yellows and the reds, that has since moved off to the east. so, some of us are catching a break. and as we look just off shore, there is still some scattered showers that will be moving in after this brief break. as we take a look at some of the south, east bay hills we are seeing the rain now, the heaviest of it moving through there. heavy downpours continue to move to the east as we will see some sun starting to peek out at times. even at lunchtime you may want to just go outside and then run back in. there still will be the possibility of scattered rain moving through. all throughout the day and even a slight chance of a thunderstorm, too. that will be the possibility, also, as we go into tonight with the next storm system moving in. wednesday a new day, a new storm.
6:50 am
so, we are looking at, again, heavy downpours around this time tomorrow morning and it is moving right over the see with some bright yellows and reds. that could be the possibility showing up on the radar indicating heavy rain. rainfall totals so far in the north bay, about 0.75 to 1 inch in many spots. san francisco racking up anywhere from 0.75 and about 0.5 as you head farther to the south. as we look at the east bay now. 0.5 in castro valley and pleasanton. and livermore 0.already and in the peninsula we had anywhere from 0.5 in redwood city to 0.75 in san carlos and higher amounts as you head up towards those hi hilltops. in the south bay, 0.75 and close to an inch in santa clara as the rain continues to come down, we may top an inch just with the second round and, once again, more to come. as we look at the futurecast there still will be some scattered showers today and then looks a little bit drier for the evening commute tomorrow morning
6:51 am
morning's commute still looks pretty soggy and into the afternoon, scattered showers rolling on through. the next couple of days will bey wet and the potential of some flooding and maybe even some gusty winds that could bring down some of those smaller trees. the next three days we get a chance to dry out on friday. high temperatures reaching into the upper 50s. and with the highs in the upper 50s, we still have the average temperatures, but well above average rain. as we go into thursday, we'll have another round of showers. here's a look at saturday with another system moving in. sunday some spotty light showers during the morning and then on monday heading into tuesday, another round of some showers. so, we are not done just yet. let's check in now with mike to take a look at you're heading out the door for work or school. >> given us the note that we have to get used to driving in wet conditions and watch the roadways out here. like berkeley still soupy after that rain has traveled through and left hthe glowing lights.
6:52 am
a lot of cars here westbound right there at university avenue. let's show you the reflection on the speed censors rp. a slower drive from richmond to the berkeley curve. this is not as bad as we often see on a tuesday. this is worse than we usually. 68 o0 all the way over towards the caldecott tunnel. slow drive all morning. so, we're watching for that. that is your biggest hold up. the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on and spot the flooding and usual suspects as steph chuang is reporting out there and watch san rafael in patches there, as well. watching the rest of the bay, a smooth drive along the peninsula. getting over there, there was a crash. a car reported fishtailing around that san mateo and slick conditions and that is off the roadway and still a smoother drive through hayward than we often see. northbound 60 earlier crash still looks like it has activity
6:53 am
from auto mall or durham and unexpeced for folks out of the south bay. the blue means wet, puddling roadways around the area, as well. look out there where there is more than puddling. and san carlos and depending on which side of the intersection and this is a video taken just a couple of minutes ago and there is flooding. they closed that portion of the transition and these folks are out there trying to unclog drains. crews like this around the bay this morning. use caution when you see the flashing lights. these folks are looking out for you, so, please, folks look out for them, as well. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 6:53. two people accused of killing a palo alto software engineer will be in court today. the suspects are charged with killing the bay area man a week ago. las vegas police say neil gandler was found shot to death in his car outside a gym. it appears the suspects shot an killed gandler bhwhile trying t rob him. he was in las vegas ahead of
6:54 am
this week's consumer electronics show. an earthquake that just hit the south bay. we'll have it for you coming up next. the roads very wet out there and a series of storms. reporters fanned out across the bay area. live reports coming up. a minor quake shook the south
6:55 am
6:56 am
bay moments ago. the magnitude 2-point-8 earthquake struck in the east foothills of san jose at 6- 37 this morning. so far -- no reports of damage or injuries.
6:57 am
==scott/anim== we've been so far there is no reports of damage or injuries. and we've been watching the wet weather all morning long. here is our live satellite radar showing rain across most of the bay area. a lot more on the way. >> we have live team coverage let's go back to bob redell in the santa cruz mountain where the rain has been falling for hours now. >> we've had a nice break, laura and scott over the past 45 to 50 minutes. not seeing the downpour that we saw in the early hour of the morning. here we are in the commute and getting a light drizzle which is good for people trying to get to work today. the headlights heading northbound over the summit here in highway 17 into the santa cruz mountain. as we get into this wintry weather, we're having a rainy season. one concern is going to be flooding. we spoke with the santa clara valley water district. that's why in the dry mouths they've been shoring up the banks in the waterway and clearing out debut in spite of that preparation us more work to be done as we get into this el
6:58 am
nino winter. and what they were going to tell us is that they have set aside about $1 million for sandbags. those are something they're still working on. again, during this week, we're not expecting heavy flooding. something that will be a problem, perhaps, in the weeks and months to come reporting live here in along highway 17 on the summit, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thanks. stephanie chuang is live in marin county where there is a tree down we understand. >> we just moved to mill valley neighborhood and you can see the power lines affected because, here we go, tree downed here on buena vista. pg&e crews are here trying to get power back to customers. they should get it back within the hour. the rain still falling in larksburg causing water to flood in the usual spots. the lucky drive exit off 101
6:59 am
north. the warning there plenty of problem areas. just watch out chp saying slow down and look out for loose debris that has been loosened by the rain off of hillside. live here in mill valley, stephanie chuang. >> we did have flooding out there, as well. crews are busy trying to pump out some of that. >> we'll show you busy in a second. >> what about this rain. we are getting a little bit of a break. >> the heaviest of it has pushed through and as we get a closer look, we can see it continuing to move over the hills and mostly the green shades on the radar show a lighter downpour and even a few spots with a break. mike, some good news. >> yeah. we have a live shot here. just minutes ago i showed you all the flooding that closed part of the intersection. the crew, i'm told, found that drain and cleared and took minutes to clear. look at this south bay maps. we see slowing but not as bad as we typically see on a tuesday. the roads are slick out there. be careful, folks.
7:00 am
>> that's definitely the case out there. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. buenos días, hola invierno, hello winter. luego de registros históricos after record-breaking warmth, a blast of arctic air stretches del calor, un chorro del aire throughout the east. del ártico congela las costas, 8 minus 3 in bangor, 8 degrees in grados boston y aca en nueva boston, and here in new york city it's 11. york 11 grados. are the bone-chilling están aquí las temperaturas para quedarse. temperatures here to stay? al cubre la historia. al is on the case. dominando, nuevas encuestas dominating. nacionales, demuestran esta new national poll numbers out mañana que trump y clinton están this morning show trump and firmes controlando sus clinton firmly in control of respectivos partidos por la their respective party's carrera presidencial, ambos con presidential race. 17 puntos de liderazgo, mientras both with 17-point leads as the trump campaign defends a la campaña de trump defiende controversial edit in its new ad. >> he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall in our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> and former president bill esta edición en su nuevo aviso. clinton takes aim at the gop y el antiguo presidente bill clinton apunta contra los republicanos mientras respalda a while on the stump for his wife. su esposa. cr


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