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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the latest storm system, very impressive. 1.16 in roanoke park. sausalito with one of the highest totals at 2.23. and the south bay also finally getting beneficial rainfall, over one inch in cambrian, same in morgan hill, just about an inch in gilroy, and san jose. ground is saturated right now, and here comes the storm system for wednesday, just offshore. the full timeline on this and tracking how much rain in my microclimate forecast in 15 minutes. >> okay, thanks, jeff. >> nbc bay area's pete is live in mill valley which really got drenched today. racked up the highest rain totals in the area. crews are clamping down ahead of the next storm. >> clear skies right now, but like you mentioned, a lot of rain earlier, and they're klatching down. look behind me, park and ride, really focused on flooding. going to be shut down starting tomorrow as they prepare for all this. i spoke with county officials. they're preparing for wet days
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ahead. slick roadways and fast winds make for an eventful morning in the north bay. those winds knocking down a tree that took out a utility pole in mill valley, leaving hundreds of residents without power for a while. >> like heard this big explosion. i wondered if it was a car backfiring. >> and this could be an indication of bigger things to come. >> as we work to coordinate things. >> woody works for marin county's office of emergency services. the office is empty now, but if the storms were to cause major damage, it would be the meeting place for different county agencies. >> so in this case, it's weather events we're looking, national weather service, chp, with the road conditions. >> the county has already shut down the park and ride in mill valley for the fex few days since it's prone to heavy flooding. he also recommended stocking up on sandbags. >> putting out the message on where people can buy sandbags. dm they're free at the fire
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department. it's do it yourself, and with the rain continuing, the fire department has this advice for residents. >> clear some rain gutters. we like to clear their storm drains out in front, maybe check for any overhanging branches that they can take down. >> for more information on rain, it's on our website at nbc bay area news. >> thanks, pete. now, here's a perfect example of why it's not always a great idea to take a scenic route. when a couple went out for a drive, they parked on frontage road and fell asleep admiring the view. when they woke up, they woke up in the san francisco bay, not realizing the tide would come in. the chp advised the couple to stay put until the water receded. when the water was low enough, the couple was able to drive off. >> want to show you video of highway 101 in east san jose. a live picture. rain falling on and off all day.
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a little dry now, but the wet roadways made getting around the south bay difficult today. chuck is live with more on the problems that really, chuck, stick around long after the rain is gone. >> that's right. standing water in places for one to talk about on the roadway. at this hour, the san jose office of highway patrol reports there are nine active accident scenes weather related in the city of san jose right now, tying up traffic that's snarled due to rush hour. here, highway 9 meeting 17, drivers going over the hill from santa chuz found themselves on a backup that extended this side of the summit. this afternoon in the mountains, a tree came crashing down on highway 17. the tree halted traffic in both directions until caltrans crews could cut a path. traffic backs up for more than two and a half miles at one point. rangers in santa clara county park say down trees were a common sight today, vulnerable because they have been weakened by the drought.
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>> won't take too much at all. we saw few today come down. you mentioned one on highway 17, and we're going to see a lot more, i think, with the heavy rains. >> the highway patrol reported multiple sdnlts on highway 17 and rain related accidents tied up traffic all morning on highway 101 near 680. it also overwhelmed the drain system in spots. here's what it looked like at steven's creek boulevard where the rain trapped at least one car. and the river in san jose, practically dry until now, came to life along the river trail near taylor street. chp tallies about 20 accidents so far in san jose. luckily, only two of them involved injuries that required paramedics. reporting live, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> have to take it slow and be careful. thank you. don't forget, inside our nbc bay area app, you can find great tools to stay updated on what's going on outside. kari hall shows us how it works. >> here's a way to get your own personal alerts when rough weather hits the bay area.
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go to our app and click on nbc bay area at the top left. and then hit the gear button on the top right. on the drop down menu, hit the alert settings, and then you can select anything from lightning to flood or thunderstorms, and it alerts you when those things happen in your area. i'm kari hall, and that's how you stay informs on the nbc bay area app. >> in other news tonight, emotional and condescending, that's how the national rifle association described president obama's news conference. he teared up as he announced executive action, including closing loopholes on gun purchases. >> every time i thinkunts those kids, it gets me mad. >> the president was talking about the 20 first graders killed at sandy hook elementary skrool three years ago. the executive orders call for more background checks and hiring more fbi examiners to do them. at many gun shows now, no background checks are required
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for so-called private sales. the president slammed congress for inaction. >> that's why we're here today. not to debate the last mass shooting, but to do something to try to prevent the next one. >> i'll overturn anything that's unconstitutional and anything that's undermined the second amendment is unconstitutional. >> other republican candidates also made the same vow to roll back today's executive action. well, right now in oakland, city council members are about to consider their own crackdown on gun violence. jodi hernandez is live at city hall with a look at the specifics on how tonight's vote is supposed to go. opponents are saying the city should expect legal action. >> the gun owners group responsible citizens of california, calls at least part of the proposal a complete overreach, and they say if it passes the city of oakland can most certainly expect a legal challenge. but meanwhile, folks who are fed up with gun violence here in oakland say the city needs to do something to curb it.
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>> you hear the shot and before you know it, she was like, i'm hit. >> this woman describes a shocking scene she witnessed in downtown oakland this morning. she says a woman pushing a baby in a stroller was hit in the arm by a stray bullet. >> i'm out of oakland. this don't make no sense. this doesn't make no sense. >> a police search for a suspect, just down the street at city hall, council members are gearing up to vote on tougher new gun laws. >> if you want to stop the gun crime, you have to stop the flood of illegal guns. >> city council member rebecca kaplan has teamed up with other city leaders to propose a package of ordinances that would ban all high capacity magazines and require gun owners to safely store their guns in lock boxes both at home and in their cars. >> we can't let guns be left loose where they fall into the hands of criminals. >> every single year, more than 30,000 americans have their lives cut short by guns.
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>> just this morning, president obama pledged to do more on a national level by taking executive action to crack down on gun violence. in oakland, where shootings have become far too common, people say something needs to change. >> it's not a black thing. it's not a white thing. everybody is killing. everybody is killing. and at some point and day and age, it needs to stop. >> now, the crackdown on gun violence just got very personal for one member of the city council. council president lynette gibson just lost her 17-year-old grandson to gun violence, just days before christmas. we just talked to her inside city hall. we'll have her emotional reaction, her emotional story, tonight at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll look forward to seeing that. thank you. >> in the dark and nowhere to turn to, but to the public for help. that's where the feds say they stand after hundreds of interviews, the fbi needs help
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filling in 18-minute gap in the moments of the san bernadino shooters. >> it very well may not be an important fact, but until we close that gap, we don't know for sure. >> federal agents are looking for any video that shows syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik between 12:59 and 1:17 on the day of the shooting. it's that gap the feds are trying to fill. authorities say the couple drove around zigzagging within a large l shaped area that included portions of san bernadino and the neighborhooding redlands. fbi also says it believes the shootings were inspired act, but no indication they were foreign directed. the fbi has many more unanswered questions about the shooters' movements. that's coming up in 20 minutes on nightly news. >> new at 5:00, hurt on the job. a firefighter fell through a building floor while battling a blaze in san francisco. it happened around 9:00 in the morning. the person who called in the fire managed to pull someone out of the two-story home before
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crews arrived on scene. the injured firefighter is expected to be okay. three people were also treated for smoke inhalation. >> drama in the raymond sclip boy chow trial. the judge removed a juror moments before the panel began deliberating. that juror was suspected of talking about the chase, allegedly saying he thought chow was guilty. that juror replaced by an alternate today. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you when the juror issue began. >> still to come, a break from the storm, but it won't last long. a live look at sunol and the cloudy skies looming overhead. >> that's right, right now, a few scattered showers throughout the bay area, but there's the next storm system just offshore. the full rain timeline coming up, plus, how much sierra snow in about 15 minutes. >> i'm michelle roberts outside of levi's stadium where the fight over the soccer field next door continues. coming up here, the ruling a
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judge made this afternoon. a brazen break-in at this sorority house in san jose. coming up, find out what the women who live here discovered when they woke up this morning. alto software engineer in las
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vegas. you're looking at the suspects in court - "kyle staats" and no bail for the man and woman accused of killing a palo alto software engineer in las vegas.
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these are the suspects in court. the pair did not enter a plea. their attorneys are asking for more time to review the cases. police say they shot and killed brian gandler in a gym parking lot last week. gandler, a tech worker, was in las vegas for the ces tech show. >> terrifying moments for some college students who live in a sorority house in san jose state university. they woke up to find two men ransacking their bedrooms. marianne favro joins us live at the kappa delta house with more on this bold burglary. >> janelle, the break-in happens around 3:30 this morning inside this sorority house in san jose. there were four women inside at the time. luckily, no one was hurt. most of the san hoizy state students who live here at kappa delta house are gone for winter break. but police say four women were in the house when they woke to find two men rifling through bedrooms. >> i know that there were multiple rooms that we believe
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were ransacked and we believe they stole property, personal property of the occupants who live in the house. >> the captain said the men entered through an unlocked sliding glass door. they apparently stole several items including personal electronics. >> the fact that they were inside is pretty startling. >> i think they are getting a bit bolder, and i don't know, if they're not caught, they'll think they can get away with it. >> the burglary comes on the heels of a christmas break-in just a few blocks away at a home on eighth street. in that case, someone ransacked a house shared by seven san jose state students, stealing thousands of dollars worth of christmas presents, bikes, and laptops. i asked university police if there have been other fraternities and sororities targeted in the area because burglars know many of the students are gone on winter break. he said no, just an overall increase in burglaries throughout the entire city of san jose. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new details tonight on the bitter fight over soccer field near levi's stadium. let's show you where the fields are. right next to the stadium on lafayette street. you have seen them. the nfl is taking over them during the super bowl, and today, a soccer league urged a judge to stop that from happening. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in san jose outside the fields, and the judge did order at least a temporary decision. >> yeah, that's right. the judge ruled in favor of the nfl, at least for today, allowing crews to continue to work. they have been out here all day laying down this protective panels on the grass, this whole area will be used for media come the super bowl, but the fight over the soccer field is not over yet. the youth soccer league has hosted hundreds of home games in the shadow of levi's stadium. the state of the art city owned fields are now on loan to the nfl leading up to the super bowl. over the objections of the soccer league. >> we have an obligation from
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the nfl that they will restore the fields. >> yesterday, the nfl started removing sprinkler heads and laying down a protective cover on the grass. >> that field is unplayable now. >> the youth soccer league is suing the city and the nfl, saying they violated prior agreements stating there would only be light use of the field. the nfl plans to build a super bowl media and security area on the land. they also agree to replace the field after the super bowl. >> we're waiting for a decision, the fields are getting torn up as we speak. >> today, lawyers with the soccer league, nfl, and city met behind closed doors. for an emergency hearing with the judge in san jose. the soccer league is fighting for an emergency restraining order to stop all work on the field. meantime, league coaches are scrambling to find a field to host the tournament scheduled for saturday. >> efforts are being made by the city league and host committee to locate additional fields. >> well, the city has located fields for the league, but
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they're not regulation size. meanwhile, this issue will be back in court on monday morning for another hearing. reporting live in santa clara, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> the bay area still cleaning up after the last round of rain, and now there is more on the way. a live look over fremont where you can see dark and gloomy skies. >> that's just the way jeff likes them. let's turn it to jeff, talking on a serious note, about the flash flood watch. >> in effect for the next 24 hours. we have more heavy rainfall on the way, as you can see on the radar and satellite. the storm system this morning that brought flooding has moved to the east. in response to that, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for most of the bay area. that includes the north bay, east bay, south bay, and peninsula. san francisco likely under this as well as we head through the next 24 hours. no major flooding happening right now. it's in advance of the storm for the potential of excess runoff
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that may produce mudslides. we'll get to the timing and how much in a moment, but we'll take you outside to the sky camera network. we have undergone a break throughout the south bay, east bay, san francisco, and north bay. temperatures in the 50s, and no heavy rainfall we're tracking right now. once we hit the overnight hours, just like this morning, we're finding another storm system moving in, and it looks like there will be heavier pockets just in time for the morning commute. that includes the north bay, san francisco, east bay, and also down to the south bay. temperatures primarily starting in the 40s. let's go ahead and get right to the timeline on this storm system. you can see by 11:30 tonight, we're pretty much in clear from it still, the cold front is offshore, with some of the heavier rain. you can see the yellow and orange there. that's a lot of up lift and intense downpours that will be making it towards us. by 3:00 a.m., it's still primarily a north bay issue and also the northern coast, but then once we hit 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning, there it is.
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just in time, unfortunately frrx the early morning commute. for those commuters, heavy, heavy downpours into marin, napa, and sonoma counties. also for conta ro ra costa, ala a wide fetch of the downpours that could bring us more isolated flooding. through about 10:30 in the morning, we keep areas of rainfall not as heavy, but in the forecast. and then by tomorrow evening, the possibility of some scattered thunderstorms. now, once we hit tomorrow evening, another system will line up offshore. it does not look as strong as what we're tracking for wednesday. but it still could bring about a tenth to a quarter inch. let's get to the next thing we're traging, the twind. as the cold front arrives tomorrow morning just like we saw the past 24 hours, wind gusts will be up there. we're talking 30 to maybe 40 miles per hour from the north bay down to redwood city and san jose. you can see how consistent these wind gusts will be, and that's, again, because the cold front is going to affect everyone. we think from 4:00 to 6:00 a.m.
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tomorrow, that's when the winds will be the strongest. how about a rainfall total? we have those for you, too, it's going to be another inch-plus for the north bay. likely around the same here for the east bay. and also the peninsula, but then check this out. we'll likely see a bull's eye, heavier rain from santa cruz to gilroy, as this will tap into subtropical moisture, and again, all links to elnuno, and it looks like we're good for at least 1 to 2 inches of rainfall oh the nevxt 24 to 36 hour period. no big variations in temperatures. san jose expecting 56, in san francisco, best chance of thunderstorms in the mission district. north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, highest risk of thunderstorms is napa and santa rosa. for the tri-valley, also coming in with mid-50s. as we get a look across the sierra over the next four days, we'll pick up an additional 3 to 6 inches of snow. so it's going to be active
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throughout the sierra. we'll sum it up because there's been a lot coming in after not a lot the past four years in the drought. you can see the strong storm on wednesday, scattered rain on thursday morning and also throughout saturday. really think out of the three next storm systems, the one tomorrow morning really is going to be the biggest threat that we'll be watching for. >> okay, thanks for keeping an eye on it, jeff. >> just ahead, lowering the limit. the bold action one pinls city is taking to crack down on speeders in school zones. >> a new beginning for an australian shepherd. a disturbing act of abuse he survived and the folks coming to his rescue. we have good news tonight -
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about what's happened to a dog that was recently abused. this we have some good news tonight about what's happened to a dog that was recently abused. this 1-year-old australian shepherd was allegedly thrown from a highway overpass in antioch over the weekend. x-rays reveal the puppy will likely need surgery but he is stable. contra costa county animal services says it appears the people who rescued the puppy plan to adopt him. meanwhile, an investigation is going on to track down who threw this dog and why. >> he looks sweet. >> well, slow your roll. 15 is the new 25 when it comes to driving through several school zones in los altos. new speed limit is in an effort
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to boost pedestrian safety. police will enforce the new speed zones during school hours and will initially just give out warnings if you're going above 15. >> los altos connects between 280 and 101, so we have a lot of pass-through commuters and this is an effort to remind them that when they are by a school, slow down. >> officers may hand out tickets as soon as march, once all the signs are up around the city. >> el nino driven storms may be drenching the bay area, but you still need to save every drop because the drought isn't over. that's the message from state leaders who are trying to make sure californians conserve water. the state used 20% less water in november. that's 5% less than governor brown's mandate of 25%. but the cumulative numbers show a 26% cut-back since the governor first issued the mandate last summer. >> time for techies to get excited. the annual international
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consumer electronics show gets under way tomorrow. tonight, a sneak peek at some of the goods. we'll look at a wiggly bendable product named pick. flexible cameras that wrap around your wrist. the show is through saturday. scott budman is already in las vegas. you can look for his live reports starting tomorrow. >> a super opportunity. how you can be part of the super bowl halftime show. that's next. >> i'm ready. targeting his own wedding party?
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an east bay man accused of throwing molotov coming up tonight at 6:00, targeting his own groomsmen. an east bay man is accused of throwing molotov cocktails at their homes. the reason police beelieve he hd an ax to grind with them. >> wanting, 500 bay area residents to work at super bowl 50. before you get too excited, beware, you won't get a ticket to the game, but you will get an inside look at the halftime show featuring coldplay. the 500 member crew is needed to turn the middle of the field into a giant stage. to apply and check out the requirements, logon to >> you can move stuff around? i want to dance or do something fun. >> get on the field. >> i feel a behind the scenes story coming on. >> more rain. >> more rain coming our way. you can see one of the highest
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totals, 3.82. the timeline at 6:00. >> thanks, and thanks for joining us. bye. tonight, rallying cry. the president breaks into tears over gun violence, after years of anger and frustration, he said, it's time to do something. but will his controversial executive actions do anything? the missing 18 minutes after the terror attack in san bernardino. tonight the fbi needs help to solve a mystery. fair game? our new interviews with donald trump and hillary clinton trading fire. why he says it's open season on her husband's past indiscretions. bracing for disaster in california, storms fueled by one of the most powerful el ninos in history. and mind games to help memory and ward off


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