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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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left. jeff ranieri is spearheading our watch. >> there's no major flooding right now. it's in advance of the next storm system for the potential of excess runoff and mudslide potential. you want to think about if you had wildfire burning near your home over this past summer, that's going to be the number one spot that will have the highest risk of flash flooding. on top of this, there's also a coastal flood advisory for the entire coastline. this does include san francisco as the storm arrives tomorrow morning. it will meet up with waves as high as 20 feet and high tide at 7:35 in the morning. stay away from the beaches the next three day period. rainfall totals, impressive along the peninsula. 2.32 and close to an inch here. san jose also getting in on the rainfall, nearly an inch in downtown and over an inch in
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morgan hill. the next storm still about 250 miles offshore. one sign it's not going anywhere, we tied 1997's el nino strength, good indication more storms the next three months. >> thank you, jeff. let's turn to check. we are talking rivers overflowing and trees being brought down just by day two. >> that's right. one of the hallmarks we are learning about this el nino winter rather early on is the number of trees that have come down. the drought has weakened them. on highway 17 not far from where i'm standing, a huge tree fell across the highway. fortunately, no one was injured. it landed between cars on the roadway. drivers on southbound highway 17 from redwood estates found th
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themselves in a backup. this afternoon, a tree came crashing down on highway 17. the tree halted traffic in both directions until crews could cut a path. traffic backs up more than 2.5 miles at one point. rangers say downed trees were a common sight because they have been weakened by the drought. >> it won't take too much at all. we saw a few today come down. you mentioned one on highway 17. we're going to see more, i think, with the heavy rains. >> the highway patrol reported multiple accidents on highway 17 and rain-related accidents tied up traffic all morning on highway 101 near 680. the storm also overwhelmed the south bay drain system in spots. here is what looked like where the water trapped one car. the river practically dry until now. it came to life near taylor street. >> we have had four years of drought. now we're finally seeing some
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rain. you will see flooding. >> park rangers testimony me they are surveying trees that look like they may topple. a new wrinkle that this year's el nino brought. >> thank you, chuck. a perfect example of why it's not always a good idea to take the scenic route. a couple parked on a road near the bay bridge toll plaza. they fell asleep. they woke up in the san francisco bay. not realizing the tide would come in. the chp advised them to stay put until the tide receded. when the water was low enough, they were able to drive away. to keep track of the weather in your neighborhood, download our app from the app store or google play. it's free. a look at how you can use the app to stay updated on what's going on outside. >> when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate alert, we made it
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easy to get the information on your phone. click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need it. that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. just in, people in danville will see more police officers patrolling their streets. that's because home burglaries in the east bay city are up. there were six burglaries throughout the city last weekend alone. police say it's not acceptable. they're stepping is up patrols and looking at solutions like installing license plate recognition cameras. the department is asking people to be more aware of the surroundings and to report any type of suspicious behavior. a string of arson fires and a groom is accused of setting them. police say he was angry with members of his own wedding party. this is more on the gripe that the groom had with his groomsmen. >> reporter: yeah. i spoke with several of the
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groomsmen of the suspect who once lived behind me in an apartment complex here. they tell me, they had no idea he was mad at them. it never occurred to them that the suspect was allegedly behind these fires. in fact, detectives were able to put it all together after finding playing cards at the scene. on one of them it even said, connect the dots. a hunt for an arsonist ended with this mugshot of this man. it began with a bizarre string of fires that this man says was connected by key pieces of evidence left at the scene. >> there was a card from a deck of playing cards that were left at the scene of most of the fires. one was a joker. at another fire there was the ace of spades. >> reporter: an ace of spades card was left on the hood of a pickup truck in a parking lot in mid december.
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>> the ace of spades, it's considered in some games as the card of death. >> reporter: detectives belief he targeted groomsmen from his 2011 wedding after his wife filed for divorce and filed a restraining order. >> these are people who attended his wedding. all of a sudden, he is going after them. he is causing damage and fires. >> reporter: small fires like the one set in the middle of the night. one of the suspects' life long friends and his children were asleep inside. >> one of the charge s was chil endangerment. >> reporter: he lit a small fire at this home. police found a prescription bill bottle filled with a powder substance and an empty shell casing. that day, police were called here where someone hurled a molotov cocktail and left this joker card. back here live, life long friends were just too upset to
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talk on camera about this. they are calling this just strange and bizarre behavior. the suspect is being held tonight at the county jail. >> thanks. frightening early morning wake-up call for young women at san jose state sorority house. they found two men ransacking their bedroom. more on this brazen break-in. >> reporter: the burglary happened around 3:30 this morning here at this sorority house on 11th street. we're just a block away from the san jose state university campus. there were four women inside at the time. they woke to find two men in hoodies inside their house. investigators are trying to find two men who broke into the house in san jose around 3:30 this morning. many of the sorority sisters
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were gone for winter break. four woke up to find two men in hoodies rifling through bedrooms. >> i know there were multiple rooms that we believe were ransacked. we believe they stole property of the occupants that lived in the house. >> reporter: the captain says the men entered through an unlocked sliding glass door and stole several items, including personal electronics. >> just the fact that they were inside. something worse could have happened. i'm glad it didn't. that they were safe, that's the main thing. they were there sleeping. >> to be honest, i'm not surprised. this whole area kind of has a reputation as being sketchy or not safe for students. >> reporter: the burglary comes on the heels of a break-in a few blocks away. in that case, someone ransacked a house shared by seven san jose state students stealing christmas presents, bikes and laptops.
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university police say they haven't had any other rabreak-i during the winter break. >> thanks you. hurt orn dn duty, the firefighter fell through the floor of a building. it happened around 9:00 this morning. the person who called in the fire managed to pull someone out of the two-story home before crews arrived on the scene. the firefighter luckily is expected to be okay. three other people were treated for smoke inhalation. the case against one-time china gang beggangster shrimp b. the fight surrounding the soccer field next to levi stadium continues tonight. coming up, the decision made by a judge this afternoon.
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"raymond shrimpboy chow" after years of investigation and months of testimony, the murder trial of shrimp boy chow is in the hands of the jury. a juror was removed because of suspicions that he told a relative he thought shrimp boy was guilty. mark matthews has been following the case. he joins us live from san francisco.
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lots of action. >> reporter: yeah. the juror was apparently involved in the incident some time ago. it was investigated by the court. but the judge did not dismiss the juror until today after the trial had concluded. he called the man into his chambers and let him go from the panel. here is the story. the defense attorney told reporters he made a mistake leaving the dismissed juror on the panel in the first place. >> we believe strongly he did pre-judge the case. his body language was always negative. >> reporter: he added that raymond shrimp boy chow has an even chance of being acquitted. but it's a tough case. in his closing arguments he attempted to impeach the witnesses who were close associates. those witnesses were caught on wiretaps implicating chow in illegal deals with a man who was an undercover fbi agent.
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the two most serious charges that raymond chow conspired to murder two of his chinatown rivals. the prosecutor told the jury chow denied knowing the details but he knew his members were involved with the undercover agent and that they were recorded telling the agent that chow had approved the deals. members of the group who testified against chow could not be trusted because they are scumbags who would say anything to get a lighter prison sentence. >> those were people that he knew from back then and these are the type of people that he enjoys personally because they have similar backgrounds. >> reporter: he said chow had a rapport with the confessed killers and drug dealers and one man that he described as a psychopath.
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the prosecutors have routinely declined to talk with reporters. late this afternoon, the jury asked the judge for a transcript of the trial. the judge refused saying if the jurors wanted to hear a particular portion, they could come into court and have it read to them. reporting from outside the federal courthouse, mark matthews. >> thanks for the update. lowering the speed limit. 15 is the new 25 when it comes to driving through school zones in los altos. police will enforce the new zones during school hours and will give out warnings initially only to those who are speeding. >> we connect between 280 and 101. we have a lot of pass-through commuters. it's an effort to remind them that when they are by a school, slow down. >> officers could start handing out tickets as soon as march once all the signs are up around the city. the super bowl is over a month away. the nfl is getting levi stadium ready.
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that includes taking over the soccer field next door. a fight over those fields is heating up right now. today, it landed in front of a judge. michelle roberts is live from levi with the demand, a youth soccer league is making, and what the judge decided to do about it. michelle. >> reporter: today, the judge ruled in favor of the nfl for the first step, allowing them to continue work. there have been crews working on the field. they are turning into the media staging area for the super bowl next month. the youth soccer league says the fight is not over yet. >> why should we cave in to football? >> reporter: this soccer dad is hoping his daughter's team has a field to compete on this spring. >> it's disappointing that such press teen fields are being mauled over. >> reporter: the field next to levi stadium are now on loan to
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the nfl, leading up to the super bowl. which leaves the youth soccer league without a home field. >> not only do they potentially lose home field advantage, they could forfeit and be out of the competition entirely. >> reporter: yesterday, the nfl started removing sprie inine ii heads. >> they will restore the field. >> reporter: a judge denied an emergency restraining order on the nfl which would have stopped all work on the fields. >> that field is unplayable now. >> reporter: the youth soccer league is suing the city and the nfl. they believe the nfl plan violates prior agreements which call for light use of the land. the nfl plans to build a super bowl media and security area on the fields. they also agree to replace the fields after the super bowl. until the nfl is done, the soccer league will be left scrambling for places to play, unless the city can find another option. the city has offered other
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fields. they're not regulation size. this issue will be back in court on monday for a hearing in san jose. reporting live tonight at levi stadium, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. el nino driven drenching the area, but you still need to conserve every drop because the drought isn't over. that's the message from leaders trying to ensure people conserve water. the numbers show the state used 20% less water in november. that's 5% less than what governor brown mandated. the cumulative numbers show a 26% cutback since the governor issued the mandate last summer. we have a drought still going on despite the rain and more to come. let's get a check with jeff. >> yeah, the radar right now shows we are if between storm systems right now. the one we had this morning is pushing into southern california and well off towards the east. doesn't show too much happening. i thought i would show you rainfall totals. bay area-wide, one of our
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highest in 24 hours, 3.82. let's look across san jose, nearly an inch. check it out, mount tamalpais, 3.38. that's a lot of moisture. think about this rainfall and what we have not had the past years in january, a stunning look at the numbers right now. with 1.18 in san francisco today, we have had more rain combined in 2013, 2014 and 2015 when it comes to january stats. looks like we will gradually get close to the average based on some of the current long-term trends. in terms of what's happening with our latest storm system offshore, it's still going to be out here by 11:30 at night. it's going to start to move in the heavier rainfall to the northern coastline 3:00 in the
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morning, maybe to santa rosa. it's 5:00 in the morning for some of the heavier downpours, imbedded thunderstorms. that will continue through the 7:00 a.m. commute. we will have the full detail on the time line of this many coulding up. in about ten minutes, we will take a look at flood concern across the bay area and exactly how close to flood stage the russian river will get and some of the other rivers across the bay area. that's in ten minutes. >> we need to keep a close watch on the rivers. coming up, no more limits to your tweets. the change coming to twitter that will let users express themselves. finding homes for people on the street. the lawmakers say they have come up with a solution to stop homelessness in california. presidential race. last ni
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now to decision 2016. a new year, a new look at how california is leaning in the presidential race. we showed you how ted cruz is surging among gop candidates. tonight the poll looks at the democrats. hillary clinton leads with the support of 46% of likely democratic voters. rival bernie sanders is holding steady with 35%. the poll finds clinton's primary support is among women. ethnic voters and those age 40 or older. sanders is more popular with voters under the age of 40. the biggest homeless population in the nation is
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right here in california. some state lawmakers now want to spend $2 billion to help house the homeless. more than 100,000 people sleep on streets and their cars or other shelters. lawmakers want to build thousands of housing units. they say the money has been spent in the past has been ineffective, in the area of los angeles. >> it was $100 million on the lapd, arrests, bookings, jail time as well as 911, paramedics and fire department. we need to use the precious resources that we have in a more intelligent fashion. >> some republicans are on board with the plan. others say it is too vague and that it needs a lot more work. vote is in. drivers will have to dig deeper to cover parking meter costs in san francisco. today they raised parking meter fees by 25 cents per hour to help them cover a $6 million whole.
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it it's the first time they have gone up since 2009. getting ready for a second round of storms. we will tell you how they are preparing coming up. something better. [ applause ] >> an emotional president obama using his executive power on the issue of gun control. the new regulations he is proposing and how a bay area city is trying its own gun cr k crackdown. right now at six-thirty: trees
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brought down by the rain. expect to see more of this, and widespread flooding, as it's 6:30. trees brought down by the rain. expect to see more of this and widespread flooding as another storm approaches. back to back to back, scattered showers all day and still a lot more to come. a live look at our satellite radar. see the storm offshore. it's growing at this hour. jeff is tracking the next storm coming in. >> and 4:00 to 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning is where we expect some of the heaviest rainfall. i want to go over the flood advisories we have in place, specifically a flash flood watch that includes the bay area, north bay, east bay, south bay and peninsula. that's until 5:00 tomorrow evening. primarily for excess runoff that could produce mudslides if you live near an area where there was a wildfire over the summer, that's the number one location where could yyou could have con. stay away from the beaches. a coastal flood advisory in effect that includes interior
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sections of the bay, a high tide tomorrow morning, right around 7:30, combined with very rough surf, waves that could be 20 feet. it's going to be dangerous. water again could go up a little bit more than normal. so watch out for that. in terms of our rivers across the bay area, it's a good idea to get a look. the russian river will get a big increase. it will stay out of flood stage. the napa river does also look to stay out of flood stage, rising to nine feet. we are tracking that storm for tomorrow in about 20 minutes. >> we will see you then, jeff. the north bay is getting more than its fair share of rain and wind. things are expected to get even haririer tomorrow. a look at the storm preparation center. i understand that park and ride
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will be shut down in anticipation of the rain. >> reporter: yeah. we're right here at the park and ride in mill valley that's prone to flooding. as you can see at that sign behind me, it will be closed down tomorrow because of the potential of the high tide flooding. i did speak with county officials. they are getting prepared for the wet days ahead. the wet roadways and fast winds were in full affect this morning in the north bay. it knocked down a tree that took out a utility pole in mill valley leaving hundreds without power for a while. sg >> i heard a big explosion. >> reporter: it could be a hint of bigger problems on the way. >> we work to coordinate things. >> reporter: this man works for the office of emergency services. this office is empty now. if the storms were to cause serious damage, it would be the meeting place for different county agencies. >> in this case, it's weather events. national weather service, chp with the road conditions. >> reporter: the county has shut
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down the park and ride in mill valley for the next few days. it's prone to heavy flooding. he recommended stocking up on sandbags. >> the message where people can buy sandbags. >> reporter: they are free at the fire department. it's do it yourself as you can see. with the rain continuing, the fire department expects big crowds. >> before big rains or expected rains, we see a constant flow of people filling sandbags. >> reporter: for more information on resources when it comes to the storms, you can go to our website. >> thanks. you better get the chains ready if you are heading to the mountains. chains required on highway 50 from strawberry to he wimyers. that's video in blue canyon today. you can see it's really snowing. emotional and condescending,
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that's how the nra described the president today. >> that's why we are here today. not to debate the last mass shooting but to do something to try to prevent the next one. >> i will overturn that's unconstitutional and anything that undermines the second amendment is unconstitutional. >> the president's executive orders call for more background checks and hiring more fbi examiners to do them 24/7. at many gun shows, no background checks are required for so-called private sales. it's the same on the internet in many states. the president slammed congress for inaction. be sides marco rubio, other republican candidates made the same vow if elected they will roll back today's executive action. oakland is taking on the issue of gun control. the city council is set to vote on new gun laws tonight. jody hernandez is live at city
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hall with more. critics are threatening legal action. railroad that's rig >> reporter: this has become personal for at least one member of the city council. the president is presiding over what could be the toughest meeting of her life. the council president and the rest of the council will be voting on a package of gun safety measures just two weeks after her own grandson was shot and killed. >> somebody somewhere is profiting from this pain. and they are working against me saving lives. and it has cost me my grandson. >> reporter: the city council president knows painfully well how serious gun violence has become. her grandson, a 17-year-old, was shot and killed during a robbery just days before christmas. >> we know that this is beyond personal choice. that this is a public health crisis that put ours boys at risk.
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>> reporter: tonight the oakland si city council will vote on ordinances they hope will save lives. it would ban all high capacity magazines and require gun owners to safely store their guns in lockboxes at home and in their cars. >> people need to understand that we can't let guns be left loose where they fall into the hands of criminals and end up with people being hurt or killed. >> every single year more than 30,000 americans have their lives cut short by guns. >> reporter: this morning, president obama pledged to do more on a national level by taking executive action to crack down on gun violence. she is encouraged by the efforts of the president and her colleagues in oakland. and she supports them. >> i'm saddened i couldn't stop the bullets from hitting my kid. i feel like we have failed for him and countless other young
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people. we have got to fix this. it's unconscionable. >> reporter: police announced today that they have arrested a 15-year-old boy for the killing of the council president's grandson. the council is inside set to vote on this package of gun safety measures. a gun owner's group is coming out criticizing citizens for responsible california for part of the proposal saying it's a complete overreach and promise a legal challenge. >> thank you. good news to share with you tonight about what happened to that dog that we told you had been abused. it's a 1-year-old. he was allegedly thrown from a highway overpass over the weekend. a cute little guy. x-rays show the puppy will likely need surgery. he is stable so far. animal services say it appears
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the people who rescued him do want to adopt him. investigation is going on to track down the person who threw that dog over the overpass. still to come, the holidays are over. we're going to take you to the place where all your cheer ended up and you will meet the elves behind the cleanup. it's as popular as the game, the super bowl halftime show. the way that you can get an inside look at cold play and the other special guests. that's next. over aging." that's what the
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federal government says a san francisco tech company is preying on people's fears about aging. that's what the federal government says a san francisco tech company is doing. they make brain games it claims can stave off memory loss.
6:39 pm
the ftc says there's no science to back it up. they will play more than $2 million to settle the issue. the company continues to defend its service but says it will change its marketing tactics. twitter may be tweaking the length of your tweets. the ceo hinted today that it may list its 140 character limit. rumor has it the character limit for tweets could grow to 10,000. that will fill up my time line. that's the same limit on direct messages on twitter. it may take place in march. the spokesperson has declined to comment. are you ready? they want super bowl 50 workers. are you available? they need 500 of them. before you get too excited, you will not get a ticket to the game but you will get a look at the halftime show features coldplay and other guests. the crew is needed to turn the field into a giant stage. if you are interested, logon to you need to attend all the rehearsals and you need to be over the age of 18.
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>> that's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> yeah. >> maybe sneak on the field after the halftime show. >> this is why you aren't going to get the job. >> you can't sneak on. >> so sorry. >> application denied. there's likely going to be rain near the super bowl forecast the way the el nino storms are continuing to line up in the pacific. right now a calmer view looks towards san francisco. we will track the next storm for wednesday and the exact time line in a few minutes. d you about
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president obama's strong words today - using his executive powers to issue new gun control laws. we told you about president obama's strong words today, using his executive orders. but there was a lighter moment in the president's remarks today when he took the conversation to outer space. it focused on gabby gifford's
6:43 pm
husband and his brother who is in space right now. >> you may know mark's twin brother is in outer space. he came to the office. and i said, how often are you talking to him? i usually talk to him every day. but the call was coming in right before the meeting, so i think i may have not answered his call. which made me feel kind of bad. that's a long distance call. >> the president went on to tell kelly if his brother should call again, he should definitely take that phone call. >> it's going to be a year in space. >> very neat to see the results. not only are the holidays behind us, so is the magic of the season. or is it? >> one last holiday story tied up in a nice recyclable bow.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: the shopping is over. the gifts all unwrapped. we kept the stuff we wanted. the others we took back. the tree we cut down out there in the burbs is covered in tinsel dumped on the curb. it's a holiday tradition after blowing all that cash, it's now time to deal with our holiday trash. aft . >> it's one of our busiest times. >> reporter: at the recycling yard, the trucks wait in line. to dump all the castoffs from our holiday bliss. >> the community spent a lot of money on gifts. >> rorter: those holiday presents wrapped with such cheer -- >> everybody had fun opening and then we get the end result. >> reporter: boxes for gadgets that might be used and would you look at all the bottles of booze? there's discarded instructions that probably had the solution. >> then you have to have a new year's resolution. >> reporter: there are lots of
6:45 pm
toy wrappers in this mountain of stuff. and -- >> we're seeing a christmas card show up. >> reporter: someone got a tv given with love. someone got shoes. >> somebody got gloves. >> everything from ups to fedex. >> reporter: amazon as well. all that internet shopping gave santa some help. the post holiday traction is up nearly 20% from normal they say. 650 tons -- >> this is from today. >> reporter: just as one truck exits, another will enter. >> christmas is moved to the recycling center. >> reporter: the trash is all sorted a piece at a time. it rumbles, it rolls down the conveyor line. the plastic, the cardboard, all are retrieved. >> a lot of bottles from new year's eve. >> reporter: like the sugar plums that once danced in our heads, the trash dances on a sorter and will be reused instead. so much stuff all bought for a reason here -- >> we call it silly season.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: here is our boxes, the packages from our aunt. >> it goes to different types of manufacturing ple ining plants. recycling and somebody else's treasurer. >> reporter: we haven't seen the last of this stuff. so have no fear. >> we will get it recycled so we can have christmas next year. >> reporter: with the post-holiday trash blues, nbc bay area news. >> i don't want to hear those words we will have christmas again next year. i'm not prepared for that. >> seeing all that trash was -- reminds you how important it is to recycle everything. >> yes. let's talk about the weather. >> you know, over the next couple of months or long-term predictions show more systems to come our way. we look at the doppler radar and s satelli satellite. we have drier conditions. think of it as a break to clean
6:47 pm
up in between storms. if you had tree limbs come down or things on your front or back porch, you can bring them in and secure them a little better. we are expecting gusty winds even into tomorrow. a look outside, we have clouds lingering. 54 in the south bay. east bay 51. san francisco checking in at 52. the north bay at 50. what about tomorrow morning's commute? just in case you missed it, that is when the next round of heavier rainfall is expected to return. it's going to be a storm system that will impact the entire bay area for tomorrow. north bay starting off with 46. heavier pockets of rain in san francisco. the same thing for the peninsula and the south bay at 49. what will make it different is exactly when some of the heaviest rainfall will return. let's go alhead and look. a little yellow and orange indicating isolated imbedded thunderstorms are possible by 3:00 at night. we are expecting that first round of wet weather to get it
6:48 pm
up into napa county. heavy rain at type type times produce isolated flooding. heavier rainfall across santa clara county. we won't be done after that. we will likely keep areas of rainfall continuing through about 10:30 in morning. once we hit the afternoon hours, scattered thunderstorms are in the mix. still pretty good to get a few of these to pop off here as we head through 6:30 at night. then there is more on the way. it's not a big storm, but by 5:00 a.m. thursday, the next one lines up. we will get a tenth to quarter inch out of that. let's focus in on how much wind we will get. the worst of that wind will arrive as the cold front moves across the bay area. that lookins to be 4:00 a.m. not just the north bay. but maybe down towards redwood city and livemore. we may have more trees come down, power outages.
6:49 pm
rainfall totals, fluctuating a little bit here. i still think down towards the south bay will be good for close to an inch in san jose over the next go days. maybe a little bull's eye of over an inch. what about that forecast as we head throughout wednesday? temperatures expected in the 50s with that isolated chance of thunderstorms. no napa comes in with 55 tomorrow. oakland at 56. this year we will get snowfall. it's not going to be two feet of snow. over the next four days, another three to six inches is possible. the storm system as we head through tomorrow morning, chance of rain on thursday. a weaker storm. then another weaker storm on saturday. wednesday, that's the next big storm we are dealing with. we will track it for you. >> thanks, jeff. our nbc bay area is a great way to stay informed and track our weather systems.
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you can download is from the app store or google play. kari hall shows us how it works. >> here is a way to get personal alerts when rough weather hits. go to our app and click on nbc bay area at the top left. and then hit the gear button on the top right. on the drop-down menu hit alert settings. select anything from lightning to flood or thunderstorms and it alerts you when those things happen in your area. i'm kari hall and that's how you stay informed on the nbc bay area app. >> thank you. the warriors heading south to take on the lakers. sports is next.
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geraud on cam steve kerr not making the trip mixed emotions. you feel so bad for steve and at the same time we're having a lot of success. we're having fun. we continue to improve and work on our goal to repeat as champions. >> steve kerr not making the trip. a previously scheduled doctor's appointment has the head coach staying behind. luke walton continues to guide them. warriors coming in all smiles, shooting to improve the record to 33-2 overall. last night, they handled the charlotte squad 111-101. green recorded his third straight double double in the win. they will not have to deal with
6:54 pm
kobe tonight. he will miss his third straight game due to a sore shoulder. >> i hear the criticism loudly. whether that's talking to fans directly or that's social media or from planes over my head. the results of the season rest on my shoulders squarely. it wasn't good enough. >> who is he kidding? it wasn't close to good enough. that's a better way to put it. that was the ceo admitting he was the source of blame for the debacle of a season. their 5-11 season, their worst since 2007, former tight end brent jones didn't hold back on knbr last night. >> you gotta hand it to jed at least on the front end. face the critics.
6:55 pm
he said some of the things that people want to hear. but we're at a point now in this ownership with the york family that words ring hollow. i'm only going to look at actions from now on. i respect him for saying what he said. but talk is cheap. it's just like politics. >> former nfl head coach mike shanahan had a meeting set up but it's on hold. talks continue between the two sides. he is 63 and been out of coaching since 2013. finally, garrett announcing he was heading to the nfl wasn't a surprise. kenley lny lawler is going pro.
6:56 pm
sunny dikes with a little work to do on the offensive side of the ball for 2016. that's it for sports. >> thanks. coming up tonight at 11:00, the fitbit trackers are super popular. are they accurately tracking your health? we will take a look at that tonight at 11:00 after "chicago med." >> a few hours to dry off and get ready. >> it's lining up offshore. by 3:00 a.m., heavier rain in the north bay and coastline. that heaviest rainfall will continue through 5:00 in the morning throughout the region. then eventually we are looking at one inch of rainfall through the forecast as we head throughout our wednesday. again, wet weather tomorrow morning. you have a chance of scattered rain thursday morning and on saturday. the largest of the storms is that one tomorrow. overall rainfall totals this week once we hit saturday, will range from two to four inches. >> good enough. >> very solid. that's going to do it for us. see you tonight at 11:00.
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hater in chief. trump sounds off on the new cover blasting his presidential run. >> now on "extra." >> he can dish it out, but can he take it? >> maybe it's a very accurate depiction. >> donald fires back at esquire's new hater headline. why o'reilly says trump should have known better. >> he can't make mistakes. halle berry dating again? the 27-year-old rapper she's seen linked to in the middle of her nasty split from olivier martinez. then -- >> look who's back. >>


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