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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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some heavier rain that just moved out of north beach. this is heading right towards the richmond bridge. also, the 80 corridor over the next 30 minutes. what we'll continue to find tonight are scattered areas of storms that will keep the roadways wet. over the next seven days, we're looking at the potential of another 2 to 4 inches of rain. we're tracking when those storms arrive coming up in my microclimate forecast. >> we'll see you in a little bit. in some places in the bay area, the rain was so relentless, the water had nowhere to go. jodi hernandez continues our coverage live in sonoma county where there are lots of frazzled nerves already, jodi. >> that's right. we've been in sonoma county all day, and i tell you, it has gotten quite a soaking. we have gotten quite a soaking. big puddles like this are all over the streets of santa rosa. folks who live mere rivers and creeks are even wetter. it may be just the start of the el nino-fueled storm season, but folks in sonoma county are
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already feeling the impact. green valley road near the town of greaten, is looking more like a waterway, forcing drivers to either take their chances wading through it or look for another route. >> a shot of you. are you going to drive through it? >> i'm going around. i'm going around. >> too much? >> yeah, too much. yeah. it's not worth to get your car stuck. >> this creek has been renamed atescudaro swamp by neighborhoods. rain has caused it to rise quite a bit, but nowhere are nerves more flrazzled that in guerneville, a town that has seen so much flooding, most homes near waterways have been elevated with stilts. >> anxiety. i try to stay positive and think if it keeps coming in waves, it will be okay. >> wendy is keeping a close eye on the creek that runs through her backyard. she's moved her baby sheep to the front of her property, and is boarding her horses out of
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town for the winter. she even has a canoe at the ready just in case. >> if worse comes to worst, we could get in the canoe? >> oh, yeah. >> wendy tells me that in the last el nino, she was actually kayaked into her property, so they are prepared for the worst. now, i'm told that parts of sonoma county have had more than 7 inches of rainfall here over the last three days. though it's taking a bit of a break right now, more is on the way. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. well, the heavy rain toppled trees in san francisco. one of them smashed on top of parked cars in pacific heights. in other parts of san francisco, roads are closed at alameiny boulevard and parts of the great highway because of flooding. crews are monitoring problem areas to try to keep the roads open. a live look over the bay where
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the skies continue to look ominous. it caused travel headaches and raised reservoir levels. the rain is really causing concerns about flooding in alveeso, a community in north san jose that sits below sea level. we're live with more. residents there have been flooded before. they say the city is not doing enough to protect them. >> yeah, so the city says they're not going to be able to put in a new pumping station until 2016. and residents i talked to here say with el nino storms here, they fear the sandbogs aren't going to cut it. rain hammered south bay commuters this morning. when the storm toppled a tree on highway 880 in san jose, the delays went from bad to worse. here in alveeso, which is below sea level, residents are not worried about traffic. they're concerned about water already ponding on some properties. >> i was afraid to send my daughter to school today.
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>> maria was concerned about her daughter's safety today because she remembers flooding here in december 2014. >> it's pretty scary. i remember looking outside my house and seeing actually the street full of water here. and you know, being afraid. >> as a child, she remembers the entire area flooding in 1983. since then, the levee has been rebuilt. and now, the city of san jose is working on a new flood control project. >> there are plans to increase the size of the pumping capacity there and hopefully that will be ready to go in a few years. >> 2016, to be exact. that's how long it will take to complete the $9.4 million project to replace this old pumping station. >> long time from now. i mean, there could be a lot of damage done to us. >> well, here's what the city is doing. you can see behind me that orange pumping station. that is a portable pumping station that the city has
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brought in several of those just in case there is some flooding. and also, city crews have already been out here several times cleaning out storm drains. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. this rain certainly changing the landscape around the bay area. look at the quat aloupy river in san jose that's it on the left in august. on the right, same river, gushing with water. almost four feet of water is rushing through that once dry river bed. a welcome sight after years of drought. >> just a few miles up highway 17, the lexington reservoir in los gatos is on the rise. up 12 inches since yesterday. but the reservoir is nowhere near full. only at 13% capacity despite all the rain we have already seen. >> all this wet weather here obviously means a lot more snow in the sierra. i want to show you the conditions in blue canyon. yes, snowing, hard. this is i-80. the area is expecting as much as two feet of snow in some of the higher elevations.
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if you're driving there, you have to have your chains on. that is unless you already have a four-wheel drive vehicle that has snow tires as well. >> whether it's rain or snow, n inside our app, you can find great tools to stay updated on what's going on outside. >> when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate alert, we made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. first, just click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. >> new at 5:00 tonight, it's being called one of the worst cases of neglect concourt police say they have seen. this woman, the wife of a paraplegic man, is accused of killing him. nbc bay area's elise kitchener joins us. this also stunned doctors and nurses too. >> authorities say they made this discovery because the wife called 911 saying her husband
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wasn't breathing. when he was transported to the hospital, nurses realized he was covered in bed sores and maggots. then, detectives went to his apartment and their next discovery led to an arrest. >> cockroaches crawling next to a maggot infested mattress. dead flies wedged into the ceiling, and the stink oozing from apartment 206 inside this concord housing complex that juan mattis says words cannot describe. he lived on the same floor. >> cleaning there, and i went by. oh, my god. what a stink here. >> police say the woman lived inside this home with her paraplegic 36-year-old husband. their 11-year-old child and 19-year-old son who is severely autistic. >> she had no explanation for it, besides she was tired and stressed. >> in the middle of the night last thursday, the 37-year-old
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called 911 after her husband had problems breathing. at the hospital, police say nurses found signs of severe neglect. >> he could not talk, he still had a shortness of breath. he had maggots that were eating his body. and the bed sores, i mean, just removing the layers of clothing off him. >> he died at the hospital. and his wife is now being charged with homicide, neglect, and child abuse. authorities calling their apartment uninhabitable. >> nobody can live there. >> tonight, lawson is behind bars. we did reach out and request an interview. she did deny it. she'll be arraigned on january 12th. live in concord tonight, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks. >> just in to our newsroom, a fire rips through an empty retail building in san jose. it broke out about an hour ago at the old orchard supply
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hardware store. it was knocked down quickly. no one was inside. the cause is under investigation. >> a body found at a recycling center, tonight police are trying to track down how it got there. someone found it this morning at the island recyclery in milpitas. san jose police are in charge of the investigation, and right now, they're not saying who the victim is or whether they're investigating it as a homicide. >> developing news today on that bomb test by north korea. tonight, there is international condemnation and skepticism as well. as north korea claims it set off a hydrogen bomb and released video of its people cheering. something did explode, but it wasn't as strong as the h-bomb tested by the u.s. six years ago. the dictator's way of signaling he is developing an h-bomb. the u.n. security council toughened sanctions against north korea while international leaders are calling on china to help. north korea's closest ally, it is most likely to influence
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north korea to back off. still ahead on nightly news, a closer look at the claim and the concern it raises for the u.s. nightly news begins in 20 minutes right here at 5:30. >> and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking a thunderstorm chance tonight. right now, still activity on the doppler radar. some of the heaviest is down towards gilroy, also morgan hill. we'll let you know what's up over the next seven days in a few minutes. it's a selfie like no other, and now there's a first of its kind lawsuit fighting for a monkey's rights to ownership. i'm michelle roberts in san francisco. i'll explain coming up. i'm scott budman at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. coming up, how virtual reality will change just about everything you do, and when you'll be able to get your hands on one of these and how much it will cost. if a monkey takes selfie in the
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jungle, who owns the okay, here's one for you. if a monkey takes a selfie in the jungle, who owns the copyright? the monkey or the camera's owner? that's the question everyone is trying to answer about this selfie, including a federal judge. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in san francisco. michelle, the animal rights group peta says the monkey owns the right and they filed a lawsuit on behalf of the monkey. >> that's right. we're still waiting for a judge's decision, but peta is arguing that the monkey should
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be treated like every other photographer. meanwhile, the lawyer for the human photographer is calling this who lawsuit ridiculous. this picture made nureto one of the most famous monkeys in the world. >> four years ago, he took the photo. >> andrew is the lawyer representing the wildlife photographer. on his facebook page, he shows off one of the most shocking selfies ever. although his camera captured the image, nurouto, the crested cap monkey actually pressed the button. >> just like any photographer, he should be entitled to the copyright. >> inside the federal courtroom, lawyers with pet ara made theirn argument, fighting on behalf of the monkey. they want the judge to grant the copyright to the monkey, meaning all profits of the photo would be collected by peta and in turn donated to endangered monkeys. >> regardless of the ultimate outcome, this is a historic day. >> this afternoon, both sides made their arguments. the judge has not ruled yet but
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did offer a hint, saying the issue is for congress or the president to decide. >> my client would be happy to work with peta on its goals, but to try to have this monkey hold a copyright is ridiculous. >> the lawyers on both sides are actually expecting this case to be dismissed because of what the judge said today. peta does say they will consider an appeal if that happens. reporting live in san francisco tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay, getting a lot of attention. thanks. >> an east bay man's prized possession stolen at a funeral. that's music from greg's $35,000 violin. he said the violin was stolen from his car after playing at his aunt's funeral. when he went to leave, he says his car windows were smashed and the violin was gone. he says the violin was the music his kids first heard when they were brought home from the hospital.
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>> that's why it hurts, because we have done so many family things. i'm proud of all the professional things i have done, but it hurts when you know you shared this, you know, at birthdays and baptisms. >> the juliard grad wants the violin back. at 6:00, the larger issue in this loss that he says needs to be addressed by police. >> for one week a year, the center of the tech world moves away from the bay area and heads to vegas. the consumer electronics show brings techie from all over the world together to show off gadgets. >> among those testing out all the new stuff is our business and tech reporter scott budman, live in las vegas with a way to get your hands on virtual reality. is it cool, scott? >> yeah, it really is, jessica and janelle. you put the headset on and you're taken away to another world. the big buzz today on day one of ces, virtual reality and the oculous rift. this is a company facebook paid $2 billion to own. starting today, you can own a
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piece of virtual reality yourself. the real world is colorful and crowded. especially here in las vegas this week. but it's the virtual world getting all the attention. now that you can finally, for a price, buy your way into virtual reality. >> vr is really stepping out of our world and into another world. >> vr leader oculous bought by facebook, is now putting its rift headset up for presale. orders went like crazy on day one, and they say, this is just the beginning. >> as vr gets older and older, the worlds will expand out and we'll have massive environments that we can walk around in, that we can play in and experience through it. >> with other companies like samsung getting into the act, virtual worlds are coming in a big way into our real lives. >> the oculous rift will cost $599. the company says it will start
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deliveries in march. of course, wearables are always big here. and the hot one as of today, and i believe it's making a debut, this is a sports bra wearable that tracks your fitness. as you wear it, it has sensors that will tell you how fast you're running, your heart rate. i think i'll bring it home and have brandi chastain autograph it. >> thank you. for a moment, i thought he was going to come back and wear it. i thought he was going in that direction. >> row have to test out all the cool techie stuff. >> let's get a check of the forecast. a lot of rain today. >> definitely. we saw anywhere from a half inch to about an inch and a quarter here on average throughout the bay area. while the main portion of the storm moved through this morning, we still have this upper level area of low pressure just offshore, as that continues to meander through california over the next 12 hours, we'll keep the possibility of isolated thunderstorms for the entire bay area, even for southern california.
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they may actually see a weak water spout, maybe a weak tornado with the direction that that storm will be moving. as we take you into the scanning doppler radar right now, we had heavier rainfall across morgan hill, also in gilroy. this is now shifting off towards the east. you're in the clear right now, but don't count on the fact that you're going to be totally dry tonight. again, the possibility of a few more storms on the way. right now, a heavier pocket has now moved over berkeley, right into the hills. likely be moving back into arinda and could make it through portions of lafayette as well. it's producing about .11 inch an hour. the ground is saturated, so this additional rainfall is going to keep roadways slick for tonight. i want to push it through tomorrow morning's forecast. for the first time in three mornings, we will not be starting off with heavy rain. that's the good news. again, roadways will be red for you. 41 in the north bay. san francisco, 46. 40 in the east bay, and south bay starting off with 45. it will be colder than we have been used to the past few mornings.
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definitely, the heavier jacket. let's take you to the timeline and what key can expect in the next 24 to 48 hours. you can see again for tonight, scattered areas of showers, maybe still some thunderstorms by 11:30. most of the models bring us the best possibility of any thunderstorm activity tonight, down across the santa cruz mountains, possibly here for the south bay, maybe even for the east bay. we'll continue to see this instability through about 1:30 in the early morning here for tomorrow. and again, that's mainly for the south bay. as we get a look at tomorrow morning's commute, as we promised, nothing in terms of heavy rain, but still a scattered shower is possible, and then by thursday evening, we still may see a fewci isolated showers coming our way. you can get through this just fine after some of the rounds of rain we had lately. what's up next in terms of our next moderate sized storm? by friday night, it lines up offshore at 8:00 p.m. this will really begin to affect us early saturday morning. we're looking for about a half
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inch on average with that storm. overall rainfall totals through the next two days, not super high here for the bay area. in fact, we may see a little bit of a rain shadowing effect set up from livermore to san jose, also to redwood city, as the storms hit the coastline, it will squeeze out the moisture. so not as much left here, but you may get about .62 in gilroy, santa rosa, .65, and napa close to .75. for the sierra, we saw the snow video earlier. we're good for maybe another 4 to 10 inches over the next three days. snow level down to about 3,500 feet. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head through thursday's forecast. temperatures stay cold. san jose at 51 degrees for tomorrow. even 49 in morgan hill. for the peninsula, stays clouded in in pacifica. over to palo alto, 55. san francisco, you have 50s with that possibility of stray showers. north bay, east bay, and also for the tri-valley, pretty much the same thing with these 50s and don't expect too much sun
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for tomorrow. so let's go ahead and round out the forecast over the next seven days. we have four different storms. the one for tomorrow with some scattered rain. another chance here of that rain as we head throughout saturday. by monday, another system, but the next strongest storm coming our way would be by next wednesday at this point, we could be looking at another 1 to .75 inches to maybe 4 inches over the next seven days. it's definitely staying active. >> oh, for sure. okay, thanks, jeff. >> are you feeling lucky? the biggest powerball jackpot in nearly a year is up for grabs. and that jackpot is still growing tonight. we'll tell you how big it's gotten. >> also, new trouble for chipotle. the criminal investigation just launched against the fast food chain. this east palo alto english
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teacher says she did not expose herself to her students. "danielle matko" has being charged with committing lewd acts with minors. this east palo alto teacher said she did not expose herself to her students. she was charged with committing lewd acts with minors. she pled not guilty in court today. two teens from the phoenix academy said she showed them her bare chest. she said the students are just making this whole story up. her trial, though, begins in march. >> a south bay girl is recovering tonight after falling
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from a ski chair lift. it happened at scaw valley. the 8-year-old girl was on the lift with her mother she fell. according to squaw, she did not have the restraint bar lowered. she was flown to a hospital in reno. her injuries are not life threatening and she is expected to be okay. >> more bad news for chipotle. the restaurant chain may be headed to court. they announced they have been served with a federal grand jury subpoena, part of a criminal investigation tied to that norovirus outbreak this summer at a chipotle in simi valley. a food safety news report said the virus made 100 people sick. an inspection of that particular restaurant found several safety vileses, things like failure in pest control. >> there's still time, the drawing for tonight's powerball jackpot is less than three hours away. ticket buyers have been lining up for a chance at the $500 million payout. the biggest in nearly a year.
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if you don't have a ticket, this will make you feel better. you're 300 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have that winning ticket. whoever does win has to choose between 30 years of payments or a one-time payout of $300 million. >> i would like it all in cash right here on the desk, please. >> piles. >> exactly. >> coming up, an update on the storm and chance of thunderstorms next. a love that won't stop. an
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assisted living center bans an coming up tonight at 6:00, a love that won't stop. an assisted living center bans a man from seeing his wife, but that doesn't stop him from visiting. the solution that may be ahead. that's at 6:00. >> animal lovers are heaping praise on san francisco's police department for its rescue of a mama dog and her puppy. the department posted this video on twitter. some patrolling officers from the city's mission station found the dogs shivering under a bus shelter in the storm. they rescued the pups and say they are now safe and warm. >> also nice to see, kept them together, too. hopefully they'll get adopted together. >> what can we expect? >> isolated scattered thunderstorms throughout the bay area. heavier pockets on the i-80 corridor and on the 24 from oakland to arinda. more storms lining up. details coming up at 6:00.
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>> back to back to back to back to back. >> exactly. >> thanks and thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. tonight, nuclear scare. new u.s. intel as north korea claims it set off a hydrogen bomb, far more powerful than an even atomic weapon. tonight the world scrambling amid a potentially dangerous escalation. trump's warning. ted cruz hits back as his rival trudges up the birther argument, questioning whether he is legally able to be president. chipolte crisis. the food-bourne outbreak the focus of a federal investigation as some customers stay away and sales take a plunge. toxic water. a new state of emergency amid a growing crisis. city residents in fear, children poisoned by dangerous levels of lead. and a brazen bandit on the run. a young woman on a multi-state jewel heist caught on camera making off with


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