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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> live team coverage tonight. jodi hernandez and ken are oim in the elements. first to jeff. >> the same area of upper low pressure that helped to fire off the funnel cloud to the south of us will also be moving across the bay area. the reason why southern california over the next 12 hours will have the higher risk of more tornadoes is there's a lot of strong uplift in the jet stream and wind sheer that could give rotation to any thunderstorms that develop. we are out of the zone of that. but we still may have isolated thunderstorms. with any of that, we may have small hail and certainly some gusty winds. that's for the next 12 hours. let's get a look at doppler. we have had heavier pockets. it's isolated and scattered. the corridor with wet weather is right here from oakland on the 24 right back to the north on interstate 80 through richmond.
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you can see some of the heavier rainfall through the berkeley hills. we are tracking several more storm systems in the next eight days. rain totals will again stack up. we will let you know when each are expected throughout this hour. >> thank you. we will see you in a little bit. let's head to jodi hernandez. the rain has been relentless. you look waterlogged. >> reporter: i will tell you, we have gotten a major soaking today. big rain puddles like this one i'm standing in are all over santa rosa. folk who live near rivers and creeks have something to worry about. >> anxiety. i try to stay positive and think if they keep coming in waves, it will be okay. >> reporter: that's how folks are feeling tonight. the el nino-fuelled storm season rolls in. waterways there are on the rise. though most homes have been elevated with stilts, folks here
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are on edge. >> el nino is always scary. we have been here since '97. we have seen it come up a lot. >> reporter: several days of stormy weather have left some areas more than a little soaked. green valley road is looking more like a waterway. forcing drivers to take their chances wading through it or look for another route. >> you going to drive through? >> i'm going around. i'm going around. >> too many? >> yes. it's not worth it to get your car stuck. >> it gets bad. if you have a light car, you will go off the road. up the road a little ways, it gets to be a pool. >> reporter: this creek has renamed a swamp by neighbors. several days of rain have caused it to rise quite a bit. nowhere are nerves more frazzled than here, a town that has seen so much flooding people aren't waiting to prepare. rain swollen fife creek runs
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through this woman's backyard. she moved her baby goats to the front of the property and has taken her horses out of town for the winter. she has a canoe at the ready. >> if it's the worst el nino and with the weather, global warming and all that, we just expect the worst. >> reporter: we understand parts of sonoma county have gotten more than seven inches of rain over the last several days. as you can see, it's still coming down. live in santa rosa, i'm jodi hernandez. >> rain fell in every part of the bay area. problems problemed up all over the place. in san francisco this tree came down. kim is live with the other trouble spots tonight. kim? >> reporter: san francisco got hit hard this morning. since then, people have been drying out, cleaning up and bracing for the next round of rain.
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wind and rain downed several trees throughout the city. on mission street, one brought muni to a standstill. in the pacific heights, three cars were crushed after a tree slammed down on them. >> we prep as best we can and be ready for whatever is going to come. when it does, we try to respond like this. >> reporter: standing water forced some roads to remain closed, including parts of alemany boulevard and the great highway southbound. the storms have people on edge. it was just one year ago when the sewage system overflowed. homeowners say the problem isn't fixed and city leaders are to blame. >> we are terrified it will happen again, we will be flooded with raw sewage. >> we know the long-term solution has to be a partnership with the homeowners and the city. the city isn't going to take care of every single rainstorm that mother nature will throw. >> reporter: we are told that
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city crews are monitoring those drains in that neighborhood. residents say they, too, are keeping a close eye on those drains, even picking up debris with their hands because they are terrified that that will happen to them again. >> thanks, kim. later, a south bay neighborhood concerned tonight. they are worried about flooding. to keep track of the weather in your neighborhood, don't forget, you can download our free nbc bay area app from the app store or google play. how you can use the use to stay updated on what's going on outside. >> when we're in a microclimate alert, we made it easy for you to you to get information on your smart phone. click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. an arrest in an alleged case
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of animal abuse caught on camera. we do have to warn you, the video is a little hard to watch. police say the woman seen here was arrested today. they have been searching for her after this video which appeared to show you throwing her pug across the ground. the pug is going to be okay. it has been placed in protective animal services. she's facing felony animal cruelty charges. it's a battle pitting love against the law. a man is barred from seeing his common law wife in an assisted living center. chuck, basically, the healthcare center said he can't go in. >> reporter: you know, that's right. for one thing, he is not the woman's legal husband. that's one thing against him. the other thing, there's an allegation that he lashed out verbally at nurses.
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it wasn't his idea in the first place. he is a man with very little money, to attorney to represent him or his common law wife. he says that his wife was brought here after a procedure last year at valley medical center. 57-year-old collette took these photos of his wife at skyline healthcare center. he took them to show living conditions he didn't like. his complaints included arguing nurses after visiting hours. you yelled at the nurse? >> yes. >> reporter: they got a restraining order against him. that didn't keep him away. >> i came through the back. i jump over the fence. i went through the kitchen. i went do her room. >> i broke in.ou broke in? >> reporter: a spokesperson said -- her condition deteriorated
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greatly. he was told he had no rights to move her elsewhere because there's no marriage certificate. >> reporter: are you legally her husband? >> no. i'm not legally her husband. with that piece of paper, she be blind for ten years, i take care of her. >> reporter: he was last arrested christmas eve for sneaking in. this afternoon after we called administrators a spokesperson told us we are trying to search for an alternative location for his wife. hopefully, we will get her in a different setting. skyline won't be one of its facilities but perhaps somewhere else. no time frame mentions. he says this is the most encouragement he has had since his wife was brought here last march. a body found at a recycling center. how it got there is a mystery. someone found the body this morning at the recycle center.
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police are in charge of this investigation and right now they're not saying who the victim is or whether they are investigating this case as a homicide. a firefighters are mopping up. it happened this afternoon. the building is near bird avenue. firefighters were able to knock down flames quickly. no one was inside because it's closed. they are trying to figure out how it started that fire. an apartment filled with maggots, dead flies and overall filth. a 36-year-old paraplegic man is dead and his wife and caregiver behind bars. after decades of debate, the future of the fairgrounds is finally clear. we will share the county's vision with you coming up next. a concord woman is accused in
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what police are calling the worst case of neglect they have ever seen. a woman is accused in what police are calling the worst case of neglect they have ever seen. she now accused of homicide after the death of her disabled husband. only on nbc bay area tonight. this case stunned doctors and nurses. >> reporter: that's right. authorities say it was actually the wife who called 911 saying her husband wasn't breathing.
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he was transported to the hospital. nurses saw how malnourished this man was. and a friend says his wife was simply overwhelmed also caring for their severely uautistiusaa. seeing the mess was nowhere near as horrific as the smell. are there any words to describe it? >> no. like i said, i don't know what -- nothing to compare. >> reporter: these photos taken by police show a maggot infected mattress and filth inside the apartment in this housing complex. >> i took in the ambulance and they put a paper say nobody can live there. >> reporter: police say this woman lived inside the home with
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her paraplegic husband, their 11-year-old husband and a 19-year-old son who is severely autistic. in the middle of the night, the 37-year-old called 911 after her husband had problems breathing. at the hospital, police say nurses found signs of severe neglect. >> he could not talk. he had shortness of breath. he had maggots eating his body. bed sores, i mean, just removing the layers of clothing off him. >> reporter: he died at the hospital. his wife is now being charged with homicide, neglect and child abuse. >> none of us saw him. >> reporter: this neighbor saw the man but never with any caregiver. he can't believe the conditions of the apartment. >> extremely gross and unfortunate. >> reporter: tonight, she is behind bars. we did request an interview with her. she denied the request. she will be arranged january 12th.
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>> an english teacher is accused of exposing herself to her students. she's charged with committing lewd acts with minors. she was in court today and pled not guilty. two teens say she showed them her chest. she says the students are making the story up. her trial begins in march. >> tonight, a prime piece of south bay real estate may finally get the facelift people have been waiting for. local leaders have been talking about the future of the santa clara fairgrounds for decades. now the work on a blueprint that's beginning. it involves a lot of park space. damian? >> reporter: over the years, i have heard word about a house of blues concert hall moving in. at one point even the raiders were mentioned briefly at one point. now it seems the future of the
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santa clara county fairgrounds is clearer. this is not how santa clara county wants to see the fairgrounds. now the board of supervisors is moving ahead with the latest and perhaps final plan for its future. >> they want a grand vision for the fairgrounds, something that will benefit the community. and will benefit not only you and me but our kids and our grandkids. >> reporter: the board envisions half the land being converted into a traditional park and open space area. the other half into a sports complex for softball, baseball and other rec activities. >> i think they can utilize the land here a lot better than what they are doing. >> reporter: richard gonzalez says don't mess with his sports racing venue. >> i don't come here with a lot of money. it's something to do. that way we don't have to travel far to do it.
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>> reporter: as for the annual fair, the county might host the event here or move the fair all together to another location so fair fanatics can still enjoy the event. >> how to accommodate the annual fair and those who participate in it. and what does a fairgrounds mean in silicon valley? >> reporter: the plans aren't final. but after decades of debate, the future of the fairgrounds seems to be finally coming down the stretch. there are some who feel that if any community needs a shot in the arm, it's this one that surrounds the fairgrounds here in san jose. if you would like to give your opinion on what you would like to see here, there will be a meeting tomorrow at 7:00 here at the fiesta hall inside the fairgrounds. when they decide to break ground right now is anyone's guess. >> thank you.
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let's go back outside. we have activity on the radar. >> we are tracking some heavier rainfall developing right now. i want to take you right to where the downpour is happening. this heavier cell is moving north of san jose over the next 15 minutes. we think that santa clara by 6:23. it does have a heavier rainfall rate. i have teen seen it quarter to edge per hour. very heavy, ground saturated. it's going to get a little bit slick here for you on 280, also on 85. watch out for that in santa clara as the heavy rainfall will head your way. we have heavier rainfall right now across morgan hill, about a quarter to half inch per hour at last check. as you get a look right now, you can see it's producing a quarter inch per hour. it's moving to the north and also the east. it's the nature of what we will continue to see tonight are the isolated areas of scattered rain popping up with plenty of upper
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level instability. nothing in terms of thunderstorm activity off to the north. that very busy 80 corridor does have the rainfall continuing on it right now. let's go ahead and get you into the morning forecast. you can see we will start with a chance of showers. for the first time in three days, we will not have heavy rainfall to start. it's going to be colder for you. we will begin with 41 in the north bay. east bay 40. for the south bay, we will start off with 45. through the day for tomorrow, we will also see a few breaks of sun. but still expect a chance of scattered showers with temperatures in the 50s. i want to spend a little bit of time on what we expect to come our way over the next several days. in seven days, four different systems. we have the chance of scattered showers thursday. we have another storm on saturday with a half inch of rain. we will see another chance of rain monday. then our next strongest storm would arrive by next wednesday's forecast. we will have more details on all of this coming up throughout the hour. >> thanks, jeff.
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the music silenced. the 106-year-old musical instrument stolen from a musician and what he wants done. the hottest thing in las vegas right now, the tech world converges on consumer electronics show. virtual reality. i'm scott budman we will look at this coming up from the floor. valley's population dips a
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little... because tens of you know the drill. this is the week silicon
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valley's population dips because they are in vegas for the consumer electronics show. among the crowd, scott budman who says the biggest thing in the world is a virtual world. >> reporter: hello and welcome to las vegas. the big buzz on day one this year is virtual reality of course occulus. we will give you a look into our future. of all the tech we will see at this year's consumer electronics show, the tech with the most hype when it comes to consumers is virtual reality. >> going to be huge in games. it's going to be huge in social. it's going to change everything. >> reporter: we know it's going to be big. after all, facebook paid $2 billion to buy vr company occulus and facebook knows a thing or two about bringing
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people together on a platform. >> as it gets older, the worlds will expand out. we will have massive environments we can walk around in, play in and we can experience. >> reporter: it's not just occulus competing for your virtual attention. there's samsung ii. you can buy these vr glasses. sony also has a vr set. and while virtual reality gets set to take off,mented reality. this is the hole lo hollow lens head. >> those are going natural technology to get smaller and smaller. all of a sudden we get to a point where people will say, hey, those are good looking enough for me. >> reporter: the future of the consumer experience is likely to change from real to virtual in
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the blink of an eye. it will cost $599 and ship in march. this one comes from intel. it's for paint ball enthusiasts. wear it. it will tell you where your opponents are while protecting you. this is super cool technology. while we're on the subject, there's the wearable sports bra. it has sensors to tell you your blood pressure, heart rate, that thing. all sorts of wearables for all sorts of fitness enthusiasts out there. that's the latest. more to come tomorrow. i'm scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> lots of neat gadgets. it's hard to keep up. speaking of technology, apple is ringing in the new year with the best presideent of all record breaking day of app sales. they had nearly $150 million in sales. christmas day was the second
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biggest day ever for that app store. apple customers have spent $1 billion on apps in the past two years. . residents say the sandbags are not enough. coming up why they say the city of san jose needs to do more to keep their homes from flooding. a natural gas leak spewing fumes into a souther california neighborhood. the fix the governor is promising as thousands of people are out of their homes. lert.
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the threat of thunder storms a microclimate weather alert. the threat of thunderstorms hanging over the bay area. tonight a live look at our radar. you can see lots of activity going on at this hour. it has been a wet day. there's strength left in the storm. we want to show you video just in. a truck in standing water and it flipped on its side. the driver was able to get out. his girlfriend had to be rescued and is being treated for moderate injuries. we can expect more problems as more rain arrives. let's bring in jeff for more on what to expect and when. >> right now the upper low pressure associated with the storm system will continue to move in tonight. that will bring us isolated areas of scattered thunderstorms. we haven't seen lightning strikes the past couple of hours. the heavier cell we warned you about is producing heavy
6:30 pm
rainfall. it's a very good size downpour. that will continue through santa clara into 634 tonight. off to the north, we have scattered showers throughout the interstate 80 corridor. on 24 from oakland back into walnut creek. watch out, even though the rain may be light, the roadways are wet. we did want to check river levers for you. the russian level still looks to stay, thankfully, below flood stage but will make a rise up to 17.7 feet through tomorrow. we have a look at the napa river. that goes up to 9.6 feet over the next 12 hours. well out of flood stage. we will talk about more systems in seven days and that's in 20 minutes. >> thank you. in the south bay, every raindrop is raising flooding fears. the community of alviso sits below sea level. it has seen flooding before. more on the residents who feel
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the city needs to speed up the plan to protect them. the next seven days will be lard on them. >> reporter: that's what a lot of residents here believe. they say all the sandbags are not going to be enough to prevent their homes from flooding. the problem is that the new water pumping station that's supposed to be built here won't be completed until 2018. the storm sent this tree crashing down on highway 880 in san jose. it kept drivers on high alert. butidents have a different worry. they can see water ponding on some properties. they fear flooding will be next. after all, it happened several times. the worst in 1983. >> i remember the water coming in our house. >> reporter: since then, the levee has been rebuilt. in december 2014, residents had to slosh through water again after the community saw more flooding. now the city of san jose is working on a $9.4 million project to replace this old
6:32 pm
pumping station with a new one that can pump three types time much water. it won't be up and running until 2018. >> if they don't have that, then what are they going to turn to when it does happen, if it does happen? that's something to worry about. >> reporter: the department of transportation says crews have taken steps to prevent flooding. >> our crews have gone in and cleaned out all of the pipes and all of the storm drain inlets to make sure that there isn't leaves and debris, litter, that sort of thing that can cause clogging. >> reporter: the city provided a wall of sandbags and set up portable pumping stations. still, some residents question if it's enough to keep their homes from flooding during el nino storms. >> the city should be doing more. >> reporter: the reason that new pumping station won't be online until 2018 is because it has to first go through state environmental review. the mayor says he is working to
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speed up that process. >> residents hoping it's a quicker one. thanks. our nbc bay area app is a great way to stay informed about the weather. >> i have a way to get your own personalized weather alerts when severe weather or active weather arrives around the bay area. go to our nbc bay area app and click on icon on the upper left side of the screen and then the gear icon on the upper right, which will take you to a drop-down menu under alert settings for weather. you can choose information specific to your interests or to your area. you want to know if lightning son the way or if a dangerous storm is on approach, get that information relayed directly to your mobile device minute by minute as the weather conditions develop around the bay area. these how you can stay ahead of the storm on the nbc bay area app. >> thank you. new details on a massive gas leak in southern california.
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the governor is declaring a state of emergency. the leak is spewing fumes into the neighborhood in l.a. it's been going on for months. the problem is so bad southern california gas, the utility in charge of the storage facility, is paying to relocate thousands of people who live in the area. governor brown toured the site earlier this week. it should speed up the process to stop the leak. a new poll shows californians are lining up behind their favorite presidential candidate. undecided is the big winner in the senate race. an exclusive poll shows 44% of likely voters still don't have a preference in who succeeds barbara boxer. the attorney general has 27% of the vote and the lead among voters who have decided. loretta sanchez is next with 15%. then rocky chavez and two other republicans, they follow with single digits.
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now to a story out of north korea. there is international condemnation and skepticism after they claimed it test aid hydrogen bomb. according to the u.s. gs, seismic activity was detected. something big did explode there, the white house says it shows it's not consistent with a hydrogen bomb test. still, u.s. officials say precautions are being taken. the u.n. security council increased sanctions against north korea today. if the test did occur, experts say it would be troubling proof that the country's nuclear goals are far more advanced than anyone thought. all that action in north korea had an impact on wall street. huge losses again. the dow down more than 250 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 both reported losses. slowdown in china has investors rattled. 2016 has been a rough start.
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apple has investors concerned. the stock fell nearly 2% today and is down 15% over last month. the problem, slowing demand for the iphone. now apple may be cutting back orders for the iphone. the manufacturer letting worers go. they are expecting less work. so far apple is not commenting. one man's prized possession may be another's piece of junk. that's how a man believes burglars are treating his $35,000 violin after it was stolen from his car last week. he doesn't just want the instrument back. he wants a solution to the car burglaries we have seen across the bay area. music is a way of life. >> it's like my voice. >> now greg's 150-year-old violin, seen in this video, is gone. stolen after burglars broke into his car last monday at san
6:37 pm
francisco's harding park. >> i looked up and i saw that the window was smashed in. >> he was out of sorts on the day of the theft having just performed at his aunt's funeral. he left the violin on the car's floorboard covered by a jacket. >> the last song i played on that was ava maria. little did i know it would be the last tune not only for her but for my instrument. >> only silence fills his music room. >> emptiness. you know? cut off my arm. take away my voice. there you go. that's how it feels. >> lining the walls, pictures of the violin and some of his famed performances wi performances. >> on a soundtrack of "star wars." >> he wants the violin back but says something needs to be done about the bigger issue. >> the main thing is whoever does this type of thing needs to
6:38 pm
stop. because it affects ways of life. >> san francisco police say they don't believe burglars are targeting musicians specifically. a very few expensive instruments have been stolen recently. they want thieves to know the crime is a felony. it's a very memorable selfie. now there's a legal debate which has a judge deciding if a monkey can own property. i'm michelle roberts in san francisco. i will explain coming up. meeting a milestone. the place u.s. can watch netflix that's bringing you closer to the goal offing global. the largest cab company in san
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francisco is considering filing for bankruptcy. ==take vo== the largest cap company in san francisco is considering filing for bankruptcy.
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yellow cab says it's looking at the move to reorganize finances. yellow cab says an unusual number of accident claims is partially to blame. the company says it told the 300 owners about possible bankruptcy filings back in november. it is still unclear how any filing could impact service. netflix is expanding its reach overseas. it's online in 130 more countries. it made the announcement during the opening of the consumer electronics show in las vegas today. among the new countries with access to netflix, india, russia, poland and now most of asia. >> home with soup sounds really good. >> that would be nice. >> that would be so nice. i would love to be doing that. love to be tracking the storms. here they are tonight. 'live look outside. it's calm across the bay bridge right now. we are tracking four more systems in seven days.
6:42 pm
i have the time line in a few minutes. picture goes viral. but who
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6:44 pm
owns the rights to the picture? the monkey, or the a monkey takes a selfie and that goes viral. who owns the rights to the picture, the monkey or the owner of the camera? that's what a judge has now been asked to decide. michelle roberts is in san francisco with more on a case that's catching international attention. >> reporter: four years ago this monkey made history. >> that's the selfie he took. >> reporter: andrew dewi is the lawyer representing david slater. on slater's facebook page he shows off one of the most shocking selfies ever. the monkey actually pressed the
6:45 pm
button. >> like any other photographer, he should be entitled to the copyright. >> reporter: lawyers with the animal rights group pita say they are fighting on behalf of the monkey. they want the copyrights to go to the monkey. all profits would be donated to endangered monkeys. others say it was a collaboration. why not share? >> split it, 50/50? >> reporter: a judge has not ruled but did offer a hint saying it is for congress on the president to decide. >> my client would be happy to work with pita on it. to have this monkey hold the co copyright is ridiculous. >> reporter: they are expecting to have it dismissed based on what the judge said today. >> we apologize for that. she will be back later. we are an hour away from
6:46 pm
finding out if america has a new multi, multimillionaire. the drawing tonight is set to happen at 8:00. buyers have been lining up all day for a chance at the $500 million payout. it's the biggest powerball jackpot in nearly a year. win are will have the choice of collecting the money in payments over 30 years or a big nice lump of about $300 million. good luck to you all who bought tickets. >> if you don't see us here tomorrow, you know the reason. we have hit the el nino jackpot, storm after storm after storm. no end in sight. >> we are looking at four more systems in the next seven days. you can see right now while the cold front moved through this morning, we still have the upper low pressure offshore. that's producing lightning strikes offshore of the bay area. as that moves in tonight, that will keep our thunderstorm chance in play. with that upper level low pressure, there was enough rotation in the atmosphere to actually produce this funnel
6:47 pm
cloud. we had this video coming in from pru prunedale. no report of injuries or damage. they will investigate to find out if it did touch the ground. right now, a result of el nino and some wild weather across california. as we get a closer look on doppler radar, we have isolated pockets of heavier rain. we have been tracking this heavy zone of rain all hour long. currently, it's going to head towards fremont as we head throughout the next 20 to 40 minutes as well. we take you off to fremont, they are dealing with wet weather. you have the rainfall from this and then you have more rainfall coming your way over the next half hour. scattered areas of rain, that's what we're dealing with. that's what we will see through tonight. you can see that's the case across the richmond bridge, the bay bridge, also the golden gate bridge. a lot of spotty activity. while it's not super heavy,
6:48 pm
roadways are so wet it's going to be slick out tonight. back your speed off and just watch out. for tomorrow morning, happy to know nothing in terms of any kind of heavy rainfall coming our way. we will have scattered showers, temperatures colder. down to 45 in the south bay. east bay at 40. the north bay starting off at 41. let's get you to futurecast. you can see 11:30 tonight, still that scattered chance of maybe some isolated storms. by tomorrow morning, we still could have a little bit of activity up against the coastli coastline. different than the past few mornings. no heavy rainfall. by the each hours, we will keep the keep of isolated scattered rain in the forecast. then check this out. once we hit friday evening, another storm lining up. that's set to hit us saturday morning. it's not going to be a strong storm but definitely another round of wet weather. here is how it looks in terms of rainfall totals with the areas of rain coming our way the next couple of days. we will be good for at least a half inch in san jose.
6:49 pm
san francisco more than that. up across the sierra, decent snow coming our way with colder air around the next two storms. seven to ten inches expected. let's take you to the forecast as we head throughout thursday. all areas expecting temps in the 50s. chance of showers and 51 in san jose. san francisco, 52 across the marin marina. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, the 50s, clouds and a chance of showers remains in effect. tonight, we have the rain chance tomorrow. another storm on saturday. quarter to half inch with that. a chance of rain on monday. next strongest storm by next wednesday. with all the systems, we are looking at upwards of four more inches of rain. this to me is better than winning the lottery. >> we will keep the money from the lottery.
6:50 pm
thanks, jeff. baseball hall of fame vote is in. we will show you who is getting in and who got left out. sports is next.
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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keys is coming to the super bowl.. or at least to the big super bowl party... and it won't cost you alicia keys is coming to the super bowl, at least to a super bowl party. super bowl 50 organizers announce she will perform as part of a free concert night before the game. it will happen at super bowl city in san francisco. she's known for hits including "girl on fire" and "fallen."
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shocked because any time somebody does something for you, it means a lot. >> a dream come true for junior. but for barry bonds, the wait continues. good evening. ken griffey, junior, elected to baseball's hall of fame today with the highest voting percentage ever. the outfielder selected on 437 of 440 voting ballots in his first appearance on the baseball ballot. his 93.3% topped tom seiver. mike piazza will join him. after falling short in his previous three times, he captured 83% today. he finished his career with 83 games, many don't remember, for the a's in 2007.
6:54 pm
>> this makes it surreal. can't describe, i mean, just something you never think about when you are playing. and then you just get a grasp of it, especially when your career ends and people put you in that category at least start mentioning it. and you just can't describe -- words can't describe this honor. >> home run king barry bonds saw an increase in his hall of fame votes, up to 44% from 37% last year. he's a long ways from cooperstown due to his part in the steroid era controversy. jeff kent gained 16% of voted needed on his third year of eligibility, picking up a total of 73 overall. the giants still search for a starting left fielder, alex gordon is off the market. he reupped with the kansas city royals agreeing to a deal worth $72 million. finally, there will be no mid season break for pavelski and
6:55 pm
brent burns. they will represent the team in nashville for the all-star weekend january 30 and 31. pavelski is sixth in the league in goals scored. burns leads all defensemen with 16 goals. sharks back in action tomorrow hosting the detroit redwings. that's it for sports. back to you. >> thank you. we have a lot of action here i thought the rain would be over after this week. >> no. more. we keep looking at the forecast models. it keeps coming. this is definitely great news. as we have been mentioning, i want do spend more time on this. over the next seven days, four different systems. on thursday, scattered showers. for tomorrow, about a tenth of an inch, maybe quarter inch. by saturday morning, another storm system with a quarter to a half inch possible. then by monday, chance of scattered rainfall. and then by next wednesday, that
6:56 pm
looks to be a stronger storm where we could get an inch. the great news about all of the systems is there's going to be space in between them that should spare us any kind of major river flooding. the grounds is saturated. every time the storms come in, we will have to watch for loods also downed trees, even if the wind isn't gusty because it's so saturated. potential rainfall totals with all four systems in next seven days will range from one to four inches. the highest, the way they are rolling in, would be the coastline and for napa and sonoma counties. we have been getting the sub tropical moisture with it that's associated with el nino. the south bay and san jose has finally started to see some of the action. great news in santa clara. >> i can't believe el nino is finally here. >> thanks, jeff. that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you at 11:00.
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mrs. donald trump takes on the elephant in the room. >> melania out to prove she's smart much to be the next first lady. flow on "extra." ♪ extra, extra melania trump posing in her pent house opening up about her marriage, why she's miss understood and whose idea it was for donald to run for president. >> and the one question she refused to answer. plus, trump versus samuel l. jackson. >> i'm sure he'll lie about that also. new couple alert, famously single amy schumer off the market. who's her new man and why are they instagraming about a pregnancy?


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