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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we are tracking three more systems in six days. details on that in my microclimate forecast in about 15 minutes. >> okay. thanks, jeff. and take a look at this, this is the way the waves looked as they broke in san francisco and pacifica today. as jeff told us, waves coming into shore could as high as 40 feet. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live at half moon bay near pillar point where a few brave surfers are testing those epic waves. michelle? >> reporter: so epic. it was incredible to watch them today. they've got to be brave to go into these waters. i did talk to some of the surfers on their way out, many admitting it was pretty scary not just because of how high the waves were but because of the powerful rip currents. tonight a couple surfers out there trying to get the last few waves of the day. >> in between storms at the mome moment. there's more coming. >> reporter: a break from the rain. >> so pretty. >> reporter: high waters and surf drew visitors this afternoon. >> they're calling this
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searchers beef. at the bluffs is mavericks. >> reporter: on dry land, many watched in amazement. >> crazy people. >> reporter: surfers dropped into 30-foot waves at one of the most dangerous and notorious surf spots in country. >> i felt part of something large here. >> reporter: today maxim admits the conditions at mavericks were out of his league. >> i hit a big wall out there and turned around and came in. >> reporter: some of the pros avoided the tiring and dangerous pedal out using jet skis to reach the swells. >> there's definitely some pretty solid waves. >> reporter: high surf advisories are in effect up and down the coast. this morning at high tide in pacifica, some people pushed their luck and got a little too close. >> actually a set rolling in right now. >> reporter: from the cliff at pillar point, photographers trying to predict which wave surfers would dare to ride. >> washing into the rocks. nobody on that. >> reporter: and who might need a little more practice before another big swell in mavericks.
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>> humbling. i feel like i've got a lot to work on to be a part of that ocean. >> reporter: i just spoke to the harbor master. he says they responded to mavericks one time this morning after a surfer fell off his board and hit a rock dislocating his shoulder. just a reminder to be extremely careful. if you're going to go in, make sure you know what you're doing. reporting live in half moon bay tonight, michelle roberts bay area news. >> okay. thank you, michelle. that break in the rain not only good for surfers, it's also allowing work crews to hit the roads to clean up trouble spots. this crew assigned to monterey highway in south san jose. the potholes are like weeds, they pop up as soon as it starts raining. coming up tonight at 6:00, the secret strategy that allows cars to drive on by as soon as those repairs are made. of course, we're tracking all this wet weather. you can do it yourself as well. all you need to do is download our nbc bay area app. this is how it works. click on the weather tab. there you can track the rain right to your doorstep. new at 5:00 the widow of a
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murdered man has big questions tonight about a memorial for her husband killed on a trail in marin county. three drifters have been arrested for his death. nbc bay area is live at that hiking trail. pete, this memorial has been a fixture for three months. most of it is gone? >> reporter: you know, janelle, i spoke with lakita carter, the widow of steve carter. she's the one who started this memorial. as you can imagine, she's shocked and saddened by all this. right now she simply wants to know who did it. >> almost every day and then -- >> reporter: lakita carter is trying to make peace with her current situation. her husband, steve carter, a popular teacher in marin county shot and killed while hiking mere fairfax in october. the three suspects all currently awaiting trial on murder charges. >> i do sometimes think that it's all a big bad dream. and that maybe one day we'll wake up at our home and we'll
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laugh and say, god, imagine this horrible dream i had. >> reporter: the family's dog, coco, was with steve at the time and was shot, too. she's finally out of rehab. >> she links me to steve. obviously because she's been part of our life together. >> reporter: up for three months, it included gifts and momentos of steve as well as this stainless steel plaque. >> this place became a place where people would mourn because steve is a very popular man. >> reporter: last week, marin county parks department requested she take it down telling her she needed a permit. when she showed up to do so, the plaque was the only thing that was still there. >> i was shocked. i was shaken. i was so shaken i was like, i just didn't even know what to think. >> reporter: another uphill battle for lokita already battling breast cancer and dealing with the loss of her husband. his lasting memory on the trail, now gone. >> whoever it might have been has the integrity just to return the items because they were meaningful. >> reporter: we reached out to the marin county parks department. we have yet to hear back.
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as for those three suspects, they're due back in court in may. reporting from fairfax, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. all right. to you know where this man is? that's him. oakland police say servando jesse sterling valdez braisingly opened fire tuesday morning on a broadway sidewalk. surveillance video captured a man wearing a light brown jacket with the right sleeve empty because he was holding a gun under the coat. the man he fired at wasn't hit but a woman, a bystander, was. she's hospitalized in stable condition. police say thanks to alert witnesses they have recovered the gun. a couple accused of killing two young children found in a storage unit will face a judge tomorrow. this is the couple, tammy huntsman, she's 39 and her boyfriend, gonzalo, is 17. they face charges of torture, mayhem and child abuse. police arrested them last month for badly abusing a 9-year-old girl. that led officers to the bodies of a 3 and 6 -year-oldin a
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storage unit in reading. they'll be arraigned tomorrow in monterey county. more accusations of fraud influencing a government official to get contracts worth millions. a bay area company is now the focus of a new lawsuit. the former employee who filed it is speaking exclusively to the investigative unit about those claims. vicky joins us with the details. >> the company is called identiv headquartered in fremont. the former employee is alleging the former ceo, currently the president, wined and dined a government official and spent company money on his own personal expenses. anna is now suing. she says she was retaliated against after reporting her concerns. the former executive assistant says her boss, jason hart, used tens of thousands of dollars in company money to foster an improper relationship with a government employee. they specialize in security technology. public records show the company has millions of dollars worth of contracts with federal agencies
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including the department of justice. >> i'm risking a lot, but it's important for people to understand what happens when there is abuse of authority. >> reporter: tonight, details on the lavish las vegas parties and gifts for that government employee. company president jason hart did not respond to our requests for comments. we'll investigate. see you at 11:00. >> in the interim if you have a tip for the investigative unit give us a call at 888- 996-tips or send an e-mail to to decision 2016. hillary clinton is closing out her campaign week in the bay area. the democratic presidential candidate right now is in southern california. she spoke to a group of asian-americans and pacific islanders and criticized republicans who characterize immigrants as drug dealers and call for bans on refugees. tomorrow mrs. clinton has two appearances scheduled in san francisco and an evening fund-raiser in palo alto at the
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home of a venture capitalist. another bad day on wall street. the dow lost 392 points. the stock market is off to its worst start of the year since 2008. still ahead at 5:30 on "nightly news" what it means for your money and what should do about it. lotto players dreaming bigger than ever. the powerball jackpot soared to a record $700 million. that's after one bay area ticketholder missed the big million-dollar payout last night by just one number. so close. one. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is at the store where that ticket was sold. chuck, business must be pretty good there right now, people buying more tickets for saturday's drawing. >> reporter: you know, you're right. you're absolutely right. you see a rush of people, the last day, but even today, the first day after the last drawing, we're seeing a steady stream of people. now here at perry's liquor on
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alvarado boulevard in union city they've been selling tickets at a rate of $700 worth per hour. the $1.4 million ticket was sold yesterday morning at 9:32 to one of two people in the store at that time. that person has not yet come forward, but the store's owner gets a cut. $7,700 just for selling that ticket. a steady stream of lottery players made what they hope will be a profitable trip today and were encouraged by the huge check behind them. $1.4 million already waiting for someone bought a ticket that matched five numbers in last night's powerball drawing. >> i got a dollar. >> reporter: that's not bad. it's a start. >> it's a beginning. >> reporter: are you going to roll that over? >> yes. >> reporter: is there such a thing as a lucky lottery store? >> oh, no. i don't think so. >> reporter: but the hanging tickets of winners past seems powerfully persuasive. >> the lottery brought me here.
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i live in berkeley and haven't had a winner out there so i came out here. >> reporter: this is the lucky store, right? >> right, this is the lucky store. >> reporter: it's not just luck for store owners, it's business. a retired store owner says his profits got a 20% boost from lottery buyers. >> they buy other things. they become a regular customer. buy a lot of other things. if you don't have lottery, you don't have the traffic. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 the store owner says he thinks he knew who won the $1.4 million. reporting live in union city, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> can't wait to find out who it is. still ahead at 5:00, a world-renowned artist making sick kids feel better one fold at a time. this origami master will make you bay area proud. i'm scott budman at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. welcome to the living room of the feature. it's entirely glass. it's attached to the wall. it will broadcast literally anything you want. we'll show you how it works
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coming up. and her yike at yosemite didn't go as planned. the incredible look at what it took to rescue a bay area woman who slept on ice and fell. a social media giant -- helping
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to improveransportation in the bay area. ==vo== facebook ind a social media giant helping to improve transportation in the bay area. facebook is funding a study by samtran to assess transportation needs along the dumbarton corridor. that includes alameda and san mateo counties and neighboring
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cities including menlo park where facebook is headquartered. awarded $1 million for the transportation study. company says they're committed to supporting projects that help reduce roadway congestion. okay. what if we could have all the technology we want like a cool tv or cool computer without taking up any space in our home? in a story you'll see first on nbc bay area, business and tech reporter scott budman joins us live in las vegas at the consumer electronic show to show us the promise of some super thin tech. hey, scott. >> reporter: yeah, thin is really in, jessica. imagine the future of televisions, refrigerators, even cars all changed because of glass. check this out. very specifically, gorilla glass. you may already have it covering your smartphone but it's spreading. corning, the company that makes the glass, showed us how they can put sheets of it onto a wall turning your wall into a giant touchscreen for your tv, computer, thermostat, giving you a wall-sized entertainment
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console that really doesn't take up any extra room. >> all in one place. a center for entertainment, audio, video, internet, streaming. >> reporter: now the future setup will also let you get information from your refrigerator, tracking foods that may need replacing, even our car with a dashboard wrapped in glass to let you see right in front of you everything going on with your ride. now for the most part, this is like much of what we see here at ces a prototype, but all the technology that you just saw exists so corning says if they can get all the manufacturers together, this may actually soon come to a wall near you. reporting live in las vegas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> all right. sounds good. >> i know. so many cool gadgets. >> yeah. okay. when a sick child is in the hospital taking their mind off their illness is sometimes second only to curing the illness. >> however, a berkeley man has become an expert at doing that by relying on another thing he's an expert at as well.
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nbc bay area's garvin thomas has the story in tonight's "bay area proud." >> hey, jessica, what bernie peyton sees when he looks at a piece of paper is unlike what most of us sees. the potential to become lalmost anything he can imagine and do some good for others at the very same time. of all the miracle medicines and million-dollar machines the doctors and nurses at ucsf children's hospital oakland use to make their patients feel better, volunteer bernie peyton can do them all one better. >> so first thing we want to do -- >> reporter: he sees similar results with a single square piece of paper. >> i want you to turn it over on the white side. i say to them, here's a piece of paper and all we're going to do is fold it and we're going to make something creative and magical. take your time. that's it. >> reporter: origami has been part of bernie's life for more than 50 years and for about just as long as, he's known of its power to help patients.
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>> it's tremendously ther p therapeutic. >> reporter: as a boy, he'd sit as his chronically sick sister's bedside entertaining her with his creations. >> they've forgotten about their pain, about vomiting, they've forgotten about all the things they're going through and taken this little journey that's like a vacation. okay. this is really simple and lots of fun. >> reporter: every week, bernie comes to oakland children's to share that secret with the kids here. what remains secret to them, though, is that they are not just learning origami. they're learning it from one of the best there is. 20 years ago, bernie says, he put aside his wildlife biology profession to become serious about origami. very serious. exhibited all over the world. selling for sometimes thousands of dollars, bernie's creature creations are well known in the world of origami.
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still, whatever recognition his art gets him, bernie says it pales compares to the smile he gets from these kids. >> my favorite day of the week, by far. >> reporter: bernie says there is a real metaphor in the work he does here. just like origami is created one step at a time, a sick child gets better one day at a time. just stick with both, he says, and you'll see beautiful results. >> that's beautiful. >> that is beautiful. >> can you believe his work? >> i can't believe it's one piece of payment per. >> one piece of paper, no cuts, to glue. you stare at it forever and can't figure out how he does it. >> patience. >> the mind he has to look at a blank piece of paper, start looking at it and know what it's going to look like at the end is remarkable and an amazing talent he has. what's so special is taking the talent and bringing it to the kids.
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world-renowned painters don't normally go to the hospital and teach them to paint. this is a world-known origami expert who takes him time every week to do this. let's go outside. let's go inside first. and check in with jeff ranieri. sunshine today. >> it was a pretty good break here for a lot of us. had the sunroof open for a little bit, enjoyed some those rays myself. we have some more storms coming our way so you don't have to feel too guilty about enjoying that break of sun. see off to the north we do have a few scattered showers right now. the possibility still exists for some spotty activity tomorrow morning. we'll go over that in a minute. i want to take you to our top concern. that continues to be the high surf advisory at the coastline. current buoy reports, wave heights building to 127 fe7 fee two-foot increase in the past 15 minutes alone. that's where it will max out the next 24 hours. with thing, long-duration waves 16 to 17 seconds. rip currents could be deadly.
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sneaker waves could carry you back out to sea. we want to show you exactly what not to do like this guy holding onto the rail at the beaches and getting the wave to wash over him. yeah, may seem like a good idea. that wave could have easily washed him back out to sea. just plain dumb. do not head out the next 24 hours and try that. let's take you into the microclimate forecast as we get a look right now. see a few clouds here. temps in the 50s through the south bay. east bay at 49. san francisco coming in at 50. tomorrow morning we keep clouds with us and still the possibility of a few showers. nothing major. and temperatures will also start off cold with 38 in the north bay, east bay also in the 30s. peninsula at 42. and the south bay checking in at 40. let's take you to the future cast. you can see tonight a little bit of that shower activity we highlighted is just offshore. then by tomorrow morning, it's nothing major but the chance maybe of a spotty shower up near the northern coastline, san francisco and also the peninsula. once we hit friday evening, though, here comes the next storm system lining up.
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maybe a few showers by 8:30 in the evening tomorrow. but the storm looks to really begin arriving in the overnight hours and may hang out through about 5:30, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning on saturday and clear on out after that. so not an entirely wet weekend coming our way. we'll get another round of some wet weather. how much rainfall are we expecting with this? about a quarter to maybe .3 of an inch. looks like the best possibility of the higher totals one right up into the north bay with .044 in santa rosa. down here toward san jose, .028. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. it will stay cool with jacket weather in place. we'll get some sun breaks in here. and a partly sunny sky in san jose at 57 degrees. for the coastline, pacifica stays clouded in. 53 degrees. palo alto, sun and 58. san francisco, low to mid 250s. north bay, east bay also for the tri valley, 55 up into napa. cooler back toward mill valley. fremont and the east bay, 57. slightly cooler in walnut creek at 54.
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looks good in the tri valley. pleasanton coming in at 53. what's ahead for us on tap when it comes to weather? chance of rainfall friday and saturday. we talked about quarter inch on average with that system. another quarter inch possible on monday morning. maybe a quarter to a half inch on average with next wednesday's storm. so neither one of these systems looks overly strong. it will just continue to give us reinforcing shot of wet weather coming our way. great that we're getting the breaks in between this to avoid any kind of river flooding. watch out, though, roads remain slick 24 hours out from the last storm we had. >> okay. thank withdryou very much, jeff still ahead at 5:00, ground breaking dietary guidelines. the favorite ingredient the government now says americans are just having too much of. breaking news into our newsroom.
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a sacramento man arrested today for a "terrorism breaking news just into our newsroom. a sacramento man has been arrested for a terrorism offense. 23-year-old aljiab is one of a string of terror-related arrests across the country. while he was taken into custody in sacramento today, federal agents arrested a suspect in houston and others in milwaukee. officials say aljiab traveled overseas to fight alongside terrorist organizations and lied to u.s. authorities about his
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activities there. aljiab is a palestinian born in iraq who came to the u.s. as an iraqi refugee back in 2012. right. >> and back. >> very precise maneuvering by this chp rescue crew. they're lifting a palo alto woman who hurt her back when she slipped on ice saturday. she and a friend were hiking at a trail in yosemite national park. member of yosemite search and rescue team bundled her in bright red rescue gear and helped her shelter overnight. the chopper arrived sunday mortgage. she's still hospitalized in modesto and has a potential fracture. many new year's resolutions involving eating better for a lot of us. the government's latest set of dietary guidelines came just in time, too. for the first time there's a limit on added sugar. no more than 10% of your daily calories. for an average adult, that's just the sugar in one large soda. added sugars refer to sweeteners and products. the guidelines also suggest eating more veggies, whole
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grains, less salt, saturated fat. coffee lovers can rejoice a bit, though. small amounts of caffeine, even alcohol are safe. >> i feel so much better about that now. >> everything in moderation, right? okay. they're turning heads. the cars of the future cruise through silicon valley. that's next. the winter weather is putting
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lives at risk. the growing outrage in one bay area city that not enough coming up tonight at 6:00, the winter weather putting lives at risk. the growing outrage in one bay area city that's not doing enough to help the homeless, many say. that's tonight on our 6:00 newscast. whether you're a car enthusiast or just want to get a glimpse of the future, the south bay is the place to be this weekend. silicon valley auto show began today and runs through sunday at the convention center in downtown san jose. 35 car manufacturers are set to show off their newest and hottest models. among the cars on display is the world debut of the nemesis. it can go nearly 300 miles an hour and has a price tag of over $1 million. >> i could jump in that. >> you can't drive anywhere. you're way over the speed limit. >> yeah, i know. you'd even look cool going 10. even 1. yeah. >> you're going to have a full weather forecast at 6:00. >> yeah, i was just imagining myself in the car.
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all right. >> thanks for joining us. hope to see you back here at 6:00. >> bye-bye. breaking news tonight, a roller coaster plunge on wall street. global shock waves from a market meltdown in china. why is it hitting us here? sinking 401(k)s, millions of americans nervous about their money. relentless, donald trump unleashes perhaps his most personal attack on the clintons yet. trapped underground. an all-night rescue mission to save miners, hundreds of feet beneath the earth after something went very wrong. what you eat. controversy tonight over what's in and what's not. red meat, eggs, now okay? not with everyone. and the can opener, a nickname for a bridge that's seen crash after crash caught on camera. an internet sensation. why aren't drivers getting the heads-up? "nightly news" begins now.


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