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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is friday january 8th. coming up on "early today," breaking news, a philadelphia plimpb ambushed. shot multiple times in his police cruiser. president obama makes his strongest case yet for increased gun reform. and donald trump faces hostilities in bernie sanders backyard. and a hot week on wall street leaves investors on edge. plus a dablgs moment for a driver facing crushing flash flooding. a bad day for one airline passenger. the bridge that claimed more trucks than people can count. and much more. "early today" starts now. i'm gigi zone woostone woods.
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overnight a philadelphia police officer was ambushed and shot three times in his cruiser. 33-year-old jesse hartnett is lucky to be alive after a suspect tried to execute the officer. just before midnight eastern he was driving through a philly intersection. the suspect opened fire shooting 13 times, walking closer and closer until he was actually shooting from inside the driver side window of the police cruiser. >> i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> the commissioner says the suspect emptied his entire handgun. but the officer returned fire and hit the shooter at least three times. now police caught the a salient a short distance away.
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the assailant. >> 23-year-old of sacramento is accused of traveling to syria fight in the civil war and then lying about it. and 24-year-old omar faraj syed of houston was also indicted. he was charged with trying to provide material support to extremists. both entered the u.s. as refugees. according to the fbi one said he would have joined isis if not for the group's killing of other muslims. he did fight alongside them. investigators say they are not national security threats. >> to politics now. donald trump flexing his muscles and bernie sanders' backyard. burlington vth.
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he gave out 20 thousand free tickets to a 1400 seat theater and it was one hundred steps aaway from from the sanders' campaign headquarters. >> very intense. although new hampshire, iowa, south carolina will all be campaign stops today. but on the campaign trail it is politics as usual. >> donald trump went on defense against some protesters at a vermont rally. >> get them out of here. get them out. come on. security move faster. >> playing to the crowd just steps away from bernie sanders campaign headquarters. the republican front runner says he would love to run against sanders. he trails hillary clinton on the democratic side.
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>> that would be a dream come true. but actually i must say i have my mind set on hillary. i do have my mind set. >> former president bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife refused to engage trump making an issue of his past transgressions. >> i have no interest in getting involved in their politics. >> i disagree with the republican front runner mr. trump. you see, i think america is great. >> trump and senator mccain question the eligibility of his closest competitor for president. the first test for who survives the attack, accusations and heckle will be february 1st. >> and the iowa caucus is february 1st. eight days later is the new hampshire primary. if any of the republican candidates drop out their supporters will be highly
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coveted. live in washington. gigi back to you. president obama continues to make his case on the issue of gun reform. he appeared last night at george mason university at a town hall meeting. he says he respects the second amendment but gun sales need to be regulated to ensure the safety of americans. asked about concerns he's trying to take away guns. >> are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so that we can -- >> not -- >> maurtial law -- i don't agre with that. >> and bill clinton is handling only bubbling controversies including donald trump's
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continue i continuing. christen welker asked the former president if he would like to respond. >> i don't have any response. if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of time to talk about it. i have no interest in getting involved in their politics or doing anything except run and help hillary. >> meanwhile at a speech later in the day in debuke, bill was interrupted by a phone call while stumping for hillary. >> there are other issues that keep americans up at night. and my phone's ringing. >> it's hillary. >> i'll have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. >> i don't know. i think hillary is too busy to call her husband. she is expected to instead of an unexpected endorsement. planned parenthood. this is the group's first endorsement in a presidential
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primary in its existence. hillary will officially accept on sunday. on wall street the chinese stock market continues to bring down markets in the u.s. and landon dowdy has the latest. >> good morning. after a wild week, cooler heads may prevail today. china stocks were calm away overnight and regulators doing away with the circuit breakers. waug street could be set up for rebound. u.s. stocks have seen more than $800 billion in value wiped out this week. and focus this morning, the monthly jobs report which could show companies kept hiring at the steady pace in debts. and unemployment more than a 7 year allow. and apple below the hundred
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dollar a share mark. while it is still the world's most valuable company, they have lost in the past month. >> everyone has one already. dreading your commute today? be thankful you aren't these guys. on his way home on a california highway, after an unsuccessful attempt at getting a haircut. all of the from around the bend flood waters decides this trip would also be successful. after reversing back down the road he was eventually able to pull a u turn and escape but not before having to overcome one last bout with mother nature. >> and in san diego, a driver with a car worth towards of 200 thousand dollars decides to test his lamborghini against mother nature. a bunch of large cars braifd the
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waters when there beautiful lamborghini drives up and the waves quickly bring water up to the windshield. the lambo makes it through. another windshield depuddled before riding off into the sunset. definitely a testament into italian outmaking and a potentially reckless driver but it worked out. and a plane forced to make an emergency landing in detroit after a woman allegedly assaulted other passengers. detroit metro airport police met the plane and carried the woman off. according to authorities the other passengers tied her up after she assaulted several passengers. they now want to press charges. one person on the plane said the
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woman asked to get off about 20 minutes into the plight and then became disruptive and police say she may have been suffering from a medical condition. in montreal a majestic image was caught on traffic cam. first just another day. and suddenly this snowy all flies into the frame. and even snowy alls need to commute it seems. and gracefully at that. >> beautiful bird. >> winter storm warnings in effect around the grand canyon. park shuttle buses are stopped. >> look at that. the grand canyon. when you get a snow storm or even rainbows. can't ask for a more punishesque play. -- florida.
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montana. washington and oregon state. as far as the total for the entire year, all the states combined it ended up being the second warmest on record. february was pretty cold in the eastern half of the country and that is why we didn't break 2012's record. billion disasters. we had two in california. a lot of the worst billion dollar weather disasters are due to severe weather in the middle of the country. we didn't really have hurricanes and that is why the number was pretty much on pace with previous years of inactive hurricanes. sooner or later the hurricanes are going to increase again. as far as yesterday, we did watch the ocean storm sitting here spinning. it will slowly move towards us in california. another break today and then on saturday we'll see the moisture coming in. nothing compared to the last tw
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mountains. spokane, 32 for a high. that's it. so the west gets a mini break today and then a little light rain tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> not too bad. coming up it is the biggest jackpot ever and still growing. have you got powerball fever? we do. and a horrifying season engulfs a brees that stand. details next. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage.
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a baby girl was born thanks to these officers. and she's got a good story to tell. >> not everyone is happy with the recommended changes. nbc's tom costello reports. >> the government's top health expert said most americans can do better. among the dietary
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recommendations cut way back on sugar. hidden in everything from p prepackaged soups to pasta sauce. the new guidelines call for sugar to make up no more than 10% of our daily calories. so all of us have to pay attention to labels. the government's my plate nutrition guide sounds familiar. more fruits and vegries. lean protein. and whole grain and low fat dairy. >> critics say the guidelines don't go far enough. limiting egg consumption and foods high of cholesterol and declined to stare people away from red meat. >> has the food lobby had an over sized role in setting these guidelines. >> ity think we have a strong set of recommends that are not impacted in any undue way but
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have listened to all the voices. >> tom costello nbc news washington. >> easy the hear the guidelines. harder to follow them. just ahead the lakers climb their way back from 27 points. but could they finish the job? plus high profile stars to watch a high profile ending. an instant classic in college hoops. hey sweetie, it's time. ♪ eye of the tiger tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. tv anncr: it's the perfect day for a game of football. tv anncr: this team is having a fantastic season. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! can win a microsoft surface 3...when you buy any specially-marked kellogg's product. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes with no sticky feel.
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now for the latest sports head lines. i'll send it over to shannon mulaire. good morning. >> in sports the stars came out to honor former ucla bruin russell west brook. now to a back and forth nail biter. >> al ford for three. >> nails the winning basket with 1.8 to go as the bruins knock off the number 7 wildcats, 87-84. number 15 smu barely managed to keep their perfect record and cincinnati almost ruins the mustang's best start if school history. the mustangs come from behind 59-57. >> a milestone as the lakers give the kings a mighty scare.
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kobe bryant scored his 33 thousandth point. and the kings down by one with 26 left are forced to claw back. sacramento goes on top and manages to save face before the home team crowd. 118-115 the final there. that is a look at sports gigi. back to you. >> just ahead the super bowl just added one of the biggest stars on the planet for its halftime show. plus get excited "full house" fans. a sneak peak at the fuller house sequel. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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now to entertainment news. null "full house" fans get ready. the cast of fuller house is everyone almost from the original show minus the olsen twins. and beyonce is back for super bowl 50. she'll be joined by cold play and bruno mars during an all-star halftime show. i don't know where to turn. i'm gigi stone woods. this is "early today." ♪ if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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in north carolina a bridge is causing people a lot of trouble. >> they call it the "can opener." in do you rememburham, north ca. >> i've seen as many as three in one day. >> it is perhaps the most unforgiving bridge in america. more than 100 crashes here since 2008. just frustration over and over and over again. all captured on web cams. >> it is pretty crazy sometimes. >> i sit there at my desk working and all of a sudden there is this massive crash out
4:27 am
there. and i almost fall out of my chair. >> his videos now draw millions of hits on youtube. he even collects the debris and sells it as crash art. >> and sure enough just after we finished speaking with him. hard to believe. but this happened. >> the driver rattled but okay. >> i thought i had enough clearance. >> the build was bridge for trains 75 years. the bridge 11 feet 8 inches. the locals know but many rent truck drivers don't. drivers either don't see the signs or ignore them. >> you would be looking at significant cost to either lower the road or raise the grade of the railroad. >> instead the state is planning to install more sophisticated
4:28 am
warning sensors. hoping to make that he has cres thing of the past. >> that's brutal. >> call me crazy but i'm thinking it's worth the cost of raising that bridge. >> we wouldn't have any good pictures then. >> amazing pictures. check these out. elephants got a treat yesterday in addition to their traditional diet. they nibbled on healthy christmas trees as a christmas snack. ones that haven't been riddled with pesticides. >> fresh bereath. >> and happy birthday to dave bowie. and stephen hawking is 74. bob
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san jose sees its second murder of the year in a shooting near a golf course. the latest on the investigation just ahead. an iraqi refugee arrested in sacramento on accusations he's connected to isis. do you feel lucky like 1 in 700 million lucky? >> yeah, come on! >> "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with meteor also kari hall. you feeling lucky this morning? >> feeling a little lucky. more rain moving into the bay area. right now spotty light showers here and there and more clouds moving in and we won't see the


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