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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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evidence through audio and video was completely removed at the la minute. >> that was chuck coppola reporting. now, prosecutors declined to speak with reporters afterwards. chow could be sentenced to life in prison march 23rd. his attorney has vowed to appeal. >> new at 5:00 tonight, rain after rain after rain. the next storm is just hours away. el nino doing what this drought-stricken state has been hoping for, but with el nino come a lot of problems. closures tonight throughout the golden gate rec area. tennessee valley beach shut down due to high waters. the walking camp grounds are not safe and also closed and further south at fort fundston, it's closed. people should stay back from the cliffs at least 30 feet. no word on how long the closures might last. >> signs of the next storm are visible right now. a live look over san francisco where you can see the skies are cloudy and gray.
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jeff ranieri is tracking when the next round of rain is due to arrive. jeff. >> and this storm front is just offshore right now, about 200 miles just like clockwork, the next storm system will be here sooner rather than later. in fact, ahead of the cold front, a few spotty showers developing super light, only .2 inch per hour. that's good enough with our recent rains to get a dangerously slick here. right now, the most dangerous commute is santa rosa down to novotto, also to san rafael. that's also where we'll see the first possibility of accumulating rainfall tonight. let's get a look. 8:30, best chance of moderate pockets developing up into the north bay. then as we hit 11:30, it's still about the north bay. and then as we hit the overnight hours that's when we'll gradually see the heavier rainfall begin throughout the bay area. of course, we're going to have more on the full timing coming up, but i want to leave you with the latest check of how we're doing so far. the worst here is across
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oakland, for rainfall to date, just 54% of average. doing the best san jose, 115% of average. that's directly correlated to el nino where some of the storms moving in from the south. the south bay, san jose, getting more rainfall than they normally should. we'll have my full microclimate forecast in about ten minutes. >> thank you, jeff. don't forget to download our nbc bay area app. here's kari hall. >> it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside to the nbc bay area app. on your smartphone. just click on the radar on the weather page. there you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm meteorologist kari hall and that's how you stay informed on the nbc bay area app. >> thank you. hundreds of hillary clinton supporters will gather in san francisco tonight to see the presidential candidate in person. clinton is on a fund-raising tour here in the bay area. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is
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live at san francisco palace of fine arts where a family friendly fund-raising function is under way. >> jessica, and it is very family friendly. even the voice of olaf from the movie "frozen" is inside entertaining the children. now, i understand that hillary clinton arrived just a short time ago. she's inside the palace of fine arts as we speak, taking pictures with parents and their children. hundreds of hillary clinton supporters and their children are showing up to meet her tonight at san francisco's palace of fine arts. every one of them paying $2700 to meet, greet, and take a photo with the presidential hopeful. >> excited. >> 8-year-old daschle got out of school early today to escort his mom to the family friendly event which includes arts and crafts and the chance to fly a drone, but he's also looking forward to meeting the candidate. >> because she would be the first lady president.
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>> it's really important for him to witness what's happening. this is the possibility of having a female president for the first time in our lives, ever. and i want him to experience the excitement. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom brought his own three children to the fund-raiser. he says he's among many in california who want to see clinton in the white house. >> the next president is not going to be donald trump. sorry, mr. trump. i have every confidence it will be hillary clinton. >> i want to clarify, we understand the cost of this event is actually $2,700 for a family of four. from here, hillary clinton will travel to palo alto for a dinner, an evening with hillary clinton. that event will cost $2,700 a person. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you very much. let's take you to south carolina. we want to show you donald trump on the stump. he's on a camrain rally where he's hoping to fire up
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supporters again. there is a big crowd, at winthrop university. tonight on nightly news, a look at how he's aiming the political fire at the clintons, trying to knock the former president off the campaign trail. nightly news begins at 5:30. >> from sacramento to texas, we're learning more about the terrorism related arrest. they say the man of sacramento fought twice in syria and promised to train a houston man. this is limited video of that texas man in houston. he's accused of supporting isis. his brother, though, says he's never heard his sibling express support for that group, and that their family always felt that isis was bad. >> the fight against terrorism was on the minds of some top white house officials as they came to silicon valley to talk tech. scott budman is here with more on today's secret summit. >> the summit was held in san jose to bring government officials and tech companies
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together to talk about how to fight terrorism with technology, specifically how to make it harder for terrorists to use the internet. and social media to communicate with each other. the meeting was held behind closed doors. no one inside was willing to comment on camera after things let out. on the agenda today, concerns that it's too easy for terrorists to use facebook and twitter to get their messages out. a couple of techies in attendance were willing to call the meeting a good start. it's a tough position for twitter or facebook to be in. yes, they would like to fight terrorism, but how do you sensor tweets or posts without really knowing what they're about? you can expect more meetings between government and local tech on this topic. >> thank you very much, scott. >> the manhunt is over in oakland with the arrest of this man, sterling-valdez. he's in jail, accused of assault with a deadly weapon. police say this surveillance video recorded the crime tuesday morning on a busy downtown street. after whipping the gun from under his coat and firing, he's
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allegedly scene running. investigators say the man he aimed at wasn't hit but a bystander was. she's hospitalized in stable condition. more details emerging about the recapture of the mexican drug lord known as el chapo. five people were killed in a predawn shoot-out between joaquincuseman's men and mexican arenes. he was arrested in his home state of sinaloa. guzman embarrassed mexican authorities when he used an elaborate tunnel to escape from prison six months ago. the dea says his cartel has smuggled billions of dollars into the u.s. will he be extradited to the u.s.? the latest is coming up at 5:30. >> still ahead at 5:could history repeat itself on the eve of the biggest powerball jackpot ever? we visit the bay area's luckiest stores, the ones with the biggest payout. >> plus, san francisco, the
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milestone reached during the swearing in of its new sheriff. >> storming san francisco's city hall, the reason protesters interrupted mayor ed lee's inauguration today.
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it's headed our way again. we started to see some of the raindrops. >> that's right. on the scanning doppler radar and satellite combined, light shower activity ahead of the cold front, but enough to slicken up the roads, even along the coastline of san francisco in ocean beach. you can see there, about .2 inch an hour. it's really about the 101 corridor from santa rosa to petaluma, down to novato and san rafael. that area always has traffic backed up, add a few drops and even a little bit slower. let's get you outside to the sky camera network right now. cloud cover is increasing with 55 across the south bay. east bay already dropping to 49. a few drops as we mentioned near the coastline in san francisco. and beginning here in the north bay as well. tomorrow morning, everyone will have the chance here of some scattered showers in the forecast. let's get a look. you can see as we head through your forecast on saturday
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morning, not only starting with 44 degrees in the north bay, but again, some wet roads will also see 43 in the east bay. and for the south bay, 47 degrees. let's get to the futurecast on this latest storm system. we can break dedown for you, just after midnight, it's still mainly about the north bay for this accumulating rainfall. then once we hit about 3:00 in the morning, that's when the rainfall will become widespread here from calistoga all the way to san jose. embedded moderate and slightly heavier pockets we're going to be tracking moving in. that's going to be our best chance to get this accumulating rainfall in the overnight hours when a lot of us are sleeping. so how much rainfall can we expect as that moves through in the early overnight hours? looks like about a quarter to a half inch up into the north bay. but south of that, from redwood city to arinda, down to san jose, a quarter inch to about three tenths. not a super strong storm, but it's definitely going to be enough here to continue to help
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put a slow dent in that drought. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday, and once we get over some early morning rainfall, again, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00, scattered showers in the morning, and then by the afternoon, we'll get some drying in here and possibly even a little sun. that's going to leave us with 57 in san jose. over towards morgan hill, 54. for the peninsula, we'll come in at 55 in pacifica. slightly warmer over towards palo alto with a little more sun and 58. in san francisco, we'll have 52 across the marina and 53 for the financial district. let's get you to the north bay, east bay, and also for the tri-valley. you can see right up towards napa, 51 degrees. it will be a little chillier in santa rosa at 50. and for the east bay, oakland at 57. back to fremont, also in the upper 50s. for the tri-valley, 54 expected in livermore, and pleasanton also in the 50s as well. so what's coming our way as we head through the next couple days? a total of three systems in six days.
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we have the storm system tonight through saturday morning. then another chance by monday morning. that's about a quarter to a half inch. and then by next wednesday, another quarter to a half inch. none of these storms look overly strong. it's just going to continue that wet weather in the forecast. before we leave you tonight, i wanted to go ahead and compare what we have seen so far to the '97-'98 el nino. when you lookatogen specifically, we're doing better than 1998. currently, 1.60 inches in san jose. in 1998, at this time, we had 1.35. so we're already beginning to see our averages higher than what we had during that very strong event in 1998. and it looks like what we ended up with in january of 1998, 4.81 inches, we likely will hit that and maybe even top it by the end of the month, as we have a total of seven systems coming our way over the next 14 days. so more great news, as we look
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ahead to the next couple weeks. >> thank you very much, jeff. >> well, our cameras were in the courtroom as a couple faced a judge. they're accused of torture and mayhem and the murder of two young children. those children's bodies were found in a storage unit in redding. michelle roberts joins us live from salinas where that abuse allegedly took place. i know you were in the courtroom today. what happened? >> well, the arraignment has been postponed two weeks. the suspects in the case only answered two quick questions by the judge about their name and birth date, and they kept their backs turned to the camera the entire time. tammy turned her back to cameras in the salinas courtroom. her boyfriend sat a few seats down. 17-year-old gonzalo curio was blocked by his attorney. the 17-year-old is being tried as an adult. accused of killing two children in their care and torturing the 9-year-old girl. today, a judge accepted a request by the defense to postpone the arraignment.
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they're facing felony child abuse, torture, and mayhem charges. officials were called to the department that huntsman shared. someone called 911 to report child abuse. huntsman had temporary custody of three children, all distance relatives. the sheriff's department says a 9-year-old girl was found malnourished and severely beaten. investigators later discovered the bodies of a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old found in a storage locker in redding. today, the defense attorney representing huntsman and curio briefly spoke to reporters as he walked out of the courthouse today. >> it's still ongoing, and like i said, keep an open mind. no further comment at this time. >> the 9-year-old girl who was taken into protective custody last month underwent surgery. we don't have an update on her condition. the suspects will be back in court on january 20th. reporting live in salinas
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tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, michelle. >> a plume of smoke in the sky over san jose this afternoon. after a mobile home caught fire. our nbc bay area chopper gave us a closer look. you can see the smoke billowing out of the building. the mobile home is located in south san jose near heys mansion. firefighters say two people were out of the home when they arrived. no one was hurt, but they still have to figure out exactly why it started. >> the cheers inside flooded out by protests outside. >> san francisco mayor ed lee's inaug rashz to a second full term came with controversy today. christie smith is live outside san francisco city hall with a call to action from protesters on the mayor's big day. christie. >> well, through it all, mayor ed lee was able to stick with his remarks and get his point across about what he's done and what his priorities are next. but the protesters in the building, they were hard to
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miss. >> as i hold the office of mayor for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> at san francisco mayor ed lee's inauguration celebration, he drew a standing ovation, but protesters were loud and clear, too. many angry over the police shooting of mario woods in the bay view district last month. >> this man should not be mayor of this city. it's a farce. >> the mayor's office points out that he has met with members of the community and outlined proposed and coming changes, but his speech today was met with calls to fire the police chief. >> thank you. we heard you. and as the city and region, we have simply failed to build the housing needed for the population growth that we always knew was coming. >> a few people were let out by deputies as the crowd rallied on the second floor. lieutenant governor and former mayor gavin newsom says the job has gotten tougher. >> it's tough being a mayor of a
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major city in the united states of america right now. something happening out there that's bigger than any city itself. transcends jurisdictions and there's a lot of anxiety, a lot of frustration. >> whenever this mayor thinks he's going to cut ribbons and kiss babies and develop projects, we will be there to address this issue. just as mario woods. >> now, mayor lee did sort of touch on the tension saying in his remarks in part, i won't stop until we build better trust between law enforcement in the communitieies they're sworn to protect, especially men of color. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. >> a milestone for women in uniform. san francisco officially has its first female sheriff. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> vicky hen asea this morning at san francisco city hall being sworn in by san francisco's first female mayor, senator dianne feinstein. she received a standing ovation from a packed room.
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she's worked in the police department for nearly 40 years. she was california's first female captain and eventually was also the deputy sheriff. she today vowed to restore credibility to her department. >> restore leadership, make sure that we're balancing criminal justice and social justice values in a way that fits san francisco, the people of san francisco. >> she went on to say she ran for office at feinstein's urging. she beat ross kareemy with nearly 60% of the vote. >> powerball sales breaking records, the odds are growing some lucky ticket holder will win saturday night's $800 million jackpot. so since many ticket buyers are superstitious, the lines are longer in some spots. the reason? these lottery fans flock to those stores that have sold million dollar tickets in previous drawings. as if the luck will rub off on them. one of these so-called lucky
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stores is cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo. >> you know, five big winners in the lotto, most in northern california. so you know, people are going to where they think they can get a little better odds. >> there's no winner in saturday's drawing, the next jackpot is expected to top a billion dollars. >> don't even say it. that's way too much. >> coming up, more trouble mounting for chipotle. the issue investors now have that they're willing to take to court. >> plus, tragedy in the air. the new information about a plane crash that killed a gilroy family that explains what went wrong. you're looking at the aftermath
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of a deadly shooting last night in south san jose. the gunman-- still on the run. this is the aftermath of a deadly shooting last night in south san jose. the gunman, he's still missing, on the loose. the shooting happened just before 10:00 at lone bluff way and pinto drive near the golf course. police dill tow a car from the scene, but they haven't identified a suspect. this is san jose's second homicide of this year, 2016. >> we now know the likely cause of last month's airplane crash that killed a gilroy family of five. the pilot of the piper aircraft was jason price. he, his wife, and three children left san jose's errant december
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19th in route to henderson, nevada. it crashed near bakersfield. the preliminary report states the pilot was in contact with air traffic controllers as he tried to fly around a storm system. while he changed direction and elevation several times, but the plane broke apart in midair. >> designating a work space specifically for the gay and transgender community. on january 19th, the county of santa clara will open an office of lgbtq affairs. santa clara is the first county in the nation to open an office like this one. they will address the needs of the gay and transgender community throughout that community. >> the problems keep piling up for chipotle. the company is being sued for misleading investors about food safety. the lawsuit says chipotle didn't tell investors its food quality control were inadequate to protect customers and employees. the lawsuit seeks damages for investors who bought shares of the burrito chain over the past year. chipotle shares, by the way, sell for 35% -- sell 35% this
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week, their lowest level in more than two years. >> well, it's been a week for the history books. the dow ended lower again today, down 168 points. losing more than thousands of points in the last five days. that makes this week the worst start to a new year in wall street history. china's slowdown had a lot to do with it as well. the nasdaq and s & p suffered a rough week as well. >> they're about to roll out the red carpet. we're back in a moment with a preview of the golden globes. stay with us. roll-out the red carpet. the
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73rd annual golden globes is this sunday. =vo= actor and comedian "ricky roll out the red carpet. the 73rd annual golden globes are this sunday. ricky gervais will be hosting and drinking, he says. many races are close with trainwreck and the big short, for best comedy. the movie's spotlight and carol are among leading contenders forbust drama. the golden globes start this sunday at 5:00 p.m. you can watch all of it right here on nbc bay area. >> he said the one reason to watch, he's going to insult the celebrities. >> popcorn. i'm so ready. >> thick skin. >> a good excuse for a party. >> fun. >> rain? >> rain party coming our way. you can see 11:30 tonight, we
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have the best chance of accumulating rain in marin, sonoma, napa counties. then as we take it to 3:00 a.m., that's the best chance of widespread accumulating rainfall from santa rosa down to san jose. as we hit tomorrow morning, we'll still have the chance here of scattered rain, but nothing heavy to start off saturday. it will stay mostly cloudy through the morning hours. and then once we hit the afternoon, there's only going to be a slight chance of maybe a spotty shower. so early, early morning to about 9:00 a.m., the best possibility of rainfall on your saturday forecast. now, in terms of what's coming our way, we have another chance of rain on monday morning:0, 4: to 10:00 a.m., a quarter to a half inch, and another quarter to half inch by next wednesday. potential totals, 1 to 2 inches. highest would be to the coastline and north bay. i did check 14 days out. and a total of seven possible storms over the next 14 days. >> every two days.
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>> yeah. pretty much. >> good. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks, and thanks for joining a. hope to see you back here at 6:00. breaking news tonight. officer ambushed. horrifying images. a gunman firing 11 shots at a philadelphia cop in his patrol car. the officer firing back. hitting the suspect. who police say pledged allegiance to isis. el chapo captured. the infamous drug king pin taken down in a deadly shootout with mexican marines six months after his elaborate prison escape. how they finally tracked him down. bill clinton's past as donald trump continues attacking the former president. newly-revealed conversations show what bill clinton said about george w. bush, vladimir putin and princess diana. and biggest jackpot ever. huge lines as the jackpot explodes to more than $800 million.


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