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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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richer, as it reaches the largest jackpot ever. good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney, powerball fever going across the area. the retailers getting swamped with customers. they say all you need is $2 and a dream. well, marianne favro is live, for some, two dollars won't get it done. >> reporter: i'm here in san jose, terry, and people have been coming in here all day to buy their powerball tickets. but around 5:00 tonight the machine that processes those tickets went down and that left a lot of people running to find another place to buy the ticket. but we just heard a few minutes ago that now the machine is back up and running and they are selling the tickets. the lines were long all day with some people coming to this 7-eleven here because the california lottery here says this store is an historical lucky winner because it has produced at least two different million dollar winners in the
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past 30 years. but when the machine that processes the tickets went down at about 5:00 tonight that left people scrambling to find another way to get their shot at a $900 million jackpot. >> very disappointed, because next place i go to there is a large parking lot that will be full, too, so it's a long wait. >> reporter: well, when i asked people what they would do if they win the jackpot tonight, the most common response is buy a home followed by take a vacation and then give to charity. a lot of generous folks out รงรณ here. today alone the powerball sales throughout the u.s. are expected to top $400 million. and just to reiterate here at this 7-eleven on santa road, they just got their machine back up and running and i'm seeing a lot of smiling people walking out waving with their lotto tick tickets. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne did you buy a ticket
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or two? >> not yet, but now that the machines are up and running, now is my chance, are you in? >> not yet, but i'll get mine. we have a list of stories on our website at the list is included in the story right on our front page. some sold five big tickets over the past couple decades. well, tonight there is a lead to the whereabouts of a missing uc berkeley graduate student and, 22-year-old shuqin zang was missing, she is believed to be possibly suicidal. she was last seen 1:30 a.m. thursday morning in berkeley, scheduled to fly to china yesterday. but she never showed up for that flight. and now her car has been found at point reys sea shore.
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take a look here at the overflow, alpine lake in marin county this morning. and you can see overflowing, operated by the marin county water district. up in the sierra, with clouds and snow. time lapse video of course is video from heavenly mountain ski resorts. meteorologist rob mayeda can tell us how much more is coming our way. >> speaking of the snowpack, things looking very good in the sierra. in fact if you go back to last year at this time the snowpack was 41% average, statewide. 107% average in the sierra area, average up to 13% of average and the rain we have had this week also bringing the rainfall totals up in the bay area, now 62, 113% of normal right now in san jose. we have had a few light showers coming along, and clouds offshore, bringing an increasing chance of rain so as we wrap up
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the weekend, low-to-mid 40s with the temperatures, increasing chances of rain once again for the new week. we'll let you know how much rain and snow we expect. >> look forward to it, rob, thank you. and there is another way you can keep track of the el nino rains, here is meteorologist kari hall with more. >> reporter: you can stay alert by getting alerts on your smartphone or ipad. here is what you do, go to the app and click on the nbc bay area app at the left as well as the gear button, as well as weather settings. from there you can select a list of events, such as alerts on lightning or when a dangerous storm is in your neighborhood. i'm meteorologist kari hall. and that is how you stay informed with the nbc bay area map. and a big worry at the beach, this week, debris was washed up and down ocean beach in snow, with many of the pieces so small they can't be easily
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picked up. nbc bay area's christie smith has more. >> reporter: hey, good evening, terry, we spoke with one neighbor who says he came down to look at the rough surf after the storm and started to take a walk around the beach like he normally does and saw trails of this. small bits of plastic stretching along ocean beach. and he says the more that he looked the more that he saw. so that it appeared to be pieces of plastic and styrofoam that washed up, mixed in with such things as bottle caps. now, other sources got reports of this here as well as other nearby beaches, that the bits of plastic seemed to move around with the tide. >> in all of my time in san francisco seeing anything like this phenomenon of plastic on the beach -- you know, it was -- quite disturbing because the
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pieces are small. >> we are looking into an area with people out there kind of following it, looking to see where they're going with the tides and see if there is any indication where it came from. >> reporter: she says in some cases it's moved around to areas that have become unsafe after the storms and rough surf, and that there is no indication that this is part of the recent cargo corner that was in the water. so again they are looking into it. so it's just kind of bits and pieces like this. these are some of the larger pieces out here and there are much smaller on, as well. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. all right, christie thank you very much. >> now to the developing story of the brother arrested in sacramento on the charge of terrorism. the 20-year-old is out of jail tonight. samir al jaab says he is
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innocent of any wrongdoing. >> i think it's a matter of what their son has done is different than what this family believes in. because they're completely 100% supportive of the u.s. government. he is proud to be an american. >> authorities say that samir is accused of conspireing to transport stolen property across state lines, scheduled to face a federal judge in wisconsin monday. now his older brother is in the sacramento county jail charged with lying to immigration officials and fighting on the side of a designated terrorist group in syria. new at 6:00, the chance of the raiders staying in oakland just took another hit. today, nfl commissioner roger goodell issued a report criticizing the raiders, rams and chargers current stadiums calling them unsatisfactory and inadequate and adds proposed
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solutions are not viable to keep the teams in their marketings. the nfl will review all the proposals next week and three fourths of league owners approve the team's move. and burglars caught on camera, now police need your help to catch them. this was posted on social media, very clear pictures, and police hope somebody can identify and capture the three men. we see two of the men searching for valuables to fill their bags. anybody with information, please contact the orenda police department. and president obama issues executive orders on buying and selling guns, fuelling attendance possibly at the gun show. the organizers say every time the president so much as talks about guns it's good for business. here in california, the background checks the president is advocating are already required for all gun sales. >> i don't mind the background
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check, obviously we have our second amendment right. i don't believe anybody is trying to take that away at this moment. >> and the gun show continues tomorrow, tickets are $13 g with a possible solution. ==terry//take vo== plus. uber giving it's riders a boost. the wa . and saturday meeting, the demands along with the possible solution. plus, uber giving its riders a boost. the way you can get a deep discount on your next ride. it's the future of their
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children. today, parents packed a south bay high school auditor let their voices beea it's the future of their children. today, parents packed a south
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bay auditorium to let their voices be heard. the issue, enrollment at lynnbrook high school, they expect it will decrease over the next five years. so they are proposing re-drawing school boundaries to include students from the neighborhood near 280. many parents push for an open enrollment option and flooded this meeting today to support it. the move would give students a choice in their schools. >> the enrollment is going down because of real estate trends here that the housing market is so hot here and the price of homes is so high that young families with children can no longer afford to move in to the lynnbrook neighborhood in the numbers that they used to. >> a final decision is expected on tuesday. catching a ride with uber will be cheaper.
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the company like many others faces a january slump so it's cutting prices of its rides in only certain cities. for example, if you're in wichita, kansas, you will see a big discount there for riders, riders in the san francisco bay will see a 10% decrease, uber rides in the east bay and south bay will be cut 20%, uber-x rides are down 40%. and the san francisco boat show is the latest thing to go away because of the rainy weather. organizers say the annual event is being postponed because of fears of record rains and flooding. it was supposed to happen next year at pier 48 in the embarcadero, but now it's being moved to april. if you have tickets for next weekend's event they will be good when the show happens in april. next week, they announce they
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will close the tennessee valley beach because of the winter's high waters including the trails in san francisco and again, a couple of areas in the marin area. no word on how long they will last. meteorologist rob mayeda has more on the weather. yes, big surf and run-off especially around the north bay and san francisco, many locations two to four inches plus picking up almost half of the month's average rainfall in about seven day's time, less around the south bay and east bay, san jose, over an inch and a half of rain, santa cruz, more than four inches, we'll add a little bit more at times tonight. we'll see what is left of the rain we had had earlier now moving into southern california and california. next batch will be the system that brings a chance at least of seeing a little bit more in terms of some lighter rain to wrap up the weekend. tomorrow morning, kind of what we had this afternoon, close, may see sprinkles at times.
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notice by 5:00 there comes their best chance, seeing showers but it may not last very long. as you can see there getting towards 11 p.m., a few more showers west of san francisco, not a lot coming down most places picking up maybe a quarter inch around parts of north bay. half moon bay picking up about 4/10 of an inch of rain. high pressure centered to the east taking all the energy in the pacific and kind of splat it against the coast, the more moisture-driven part will skip by towards the south. so as the systems come to shore we'll see lighter rainfall totals than the inches of rain we had had so far. chance of showers increasing, most places see highs in the mid-50s. tomorrow, stay tuned to wednesday, that may be the best system for bringing substantial
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rain. you can see it arrive right there. the three-day outlook, as we go from monday to wednesday, maybe a few morning showers there, monday, tuesday looks dry, temperatures approach 60. and then wednesday we'll see widespread rain returning to the bay area. that system, though, probably picking up about a half inch to maybe an inch of rain for most places, mostly to the north of san francisco. although the rain we'll see here for the next several days most coming down with the mid-week system. as we head to next weekend another relatively weak systems going down, in the north bay, dry as we head to sunday. you notice our next best chance of big-time rain, forwarding the calendar to the 18th. you can see we could see a bit of a pattern shift with the overall pattern of el nino being above-average projection, taking us to the 25th, bull's eye in northern california, even the week ahead we'll see relatively
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light amounts of rainfall. once we pass through the weekend, the rain will return again for the next ten to 14 days. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. competing with code, coming up next, what to say for these high schoolers creating their whole weekend creating the best app. tonight, "joaquin "el chapo"
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guzman is back in the same mexican prison he escaped from six months ago. and we're learning, he may be sent to the u.s. to face even tonight, joaquin "el chapo" guzman is back in the same prison he escaped from six months ago and we're learning he may be sent to the united states to face even more charges. a source with the mexican attorney general's office says the country aims to fulfill the u.s. for extradition, but cautions the process could take months. el chapo was arrested in an early morning raid yesterday,
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six people were killed, five suspects arrested. authorities were able to track el chapo originally because he reached out to producers about making a movie about himself. nerdy and proud of it. that is what high school students in the east bay are saying about choosing to spend their weekend learning to code and develop apps. they're taking a part in the process to build the best app. most participants are boys but the girls say they're learning valuable skills. >> it's also something where i get to create things and i get to have the freedom of maybe later having a high-paying job or perhaps being part of a very influential company or organization. that may even change the world, like google and apple and many of these other nerd companies have done. >> the winner will be announced tomorrow. well, super bowl 50 fever is building and a south bay museum is taking a look back at another
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super bowl they say was a game changer. the new los gatos team is going back to the 1985 super bowl, i remember it well. when miami dolphins and the niners went head to head at stanford. the super bowl ring, original tickets, poster, videos, photos documenting the game all on display. the exhibit runs from january 21st to march 27th. by the way, the 49ers won to game 38-16. oh, the warrior days. the countdown continues, kickoff in 28 days, stay with nbc bay area for complete coverage as the super bowl approaches. joining us now, fallon smith is joining us, you have a lead story to talk to us in a little bit. >> reporter: sure do, we have a jam-packed show to talk to you about, and more on the 49ers coach search and the shark's win of 2016.
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plus, the last time the warriors and kings face off, demarcus cousins had a major meltdown. we'll have fireworks and preview the rematch coming up next in sports. the warriors close out their 3
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game road trip in sacramento in what will be their final regular season game ever at the warriors close out their three-game road trip in sacramento and what will be their final regular season game ever at sleep train arena, the kings get set to move into their new season. the last time the kings beat the ducks was back in march of 2013, yeah, it's been a while. the warriors look to take down the kings. now, cousins averaged over 33 points in his last four games, doing very little this time. that is because he didn't play twice and was taken out last time they played. we'll see if he can keep his cool tonight. here is a look at the
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updated injury chart, barbosa and mcadoo is out. first round draft pick willie cauley-stein is probable. and the chiefs haven't won a playoff game since joe montana in 1994. and opening kick off, davis is gone, took it deep from his own end zone, 106 yards to the house, second longest return in nfl playoff history. the chiefs go up early, while they didn't look back, kc wins big, 30-0. >> it's winner go home. and there is no tomorrow. i mean, you're living in the right now. no different this next week. i mean, i don't think the attitude changes and to be honest we kind of have been playing like that for a while now. i think it's all we know. >> now after the game, 49ers
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hall of fame quarterback joe montana tweeted this out to his 155,000 followers on twitter, congratulations to alex smith and the chiefs, great job, keep it rolling. smith and the chiefs were just two wins away from playing in super bowl 50 at levi stadium. all right, continuing coverage on the 49ers head for a coach. insider matt maiocco reports they hope to hire their head coach by next week. the sacramento bee says they interviewed dirk cutter, and yesterday, they reported that hugh jackson is the clear frontrunner for the job. now, nbc has playoff football on sunday, the vikings and seahawks will clash in an nfl wildcard matchup. things could get interesting. kickoff set for 10:00 a.m. right here on sunday.
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sharks hosting the maple leafs, alumni night, second period, no score, brent burn, check out this nice move by the back of the net makes it 1-0. now, later in the period, toronto on the power play, maple leafs flick a bad change and matt nieto scores's right now they're currently up 6-0 for the third. all right, that will do it for sports. we'll be back tonight with reaction from the locker room and highlights from the kings and sacramento game. the stage is almost set in
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hollywood. the "73rd annual tomorrow. be awds" are and comedian ricky gervais is hosting the ceremony. ==vo== movie criticts say there will be
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some obvious winners and so the stage is set in hollywood, the annual golden globes will be happening, and ricky gervais will be hosting, there will be dark horses, too, others predict a win for leonardo dicaprio, these are tips if you're betting, that will be her third golden globe, you can tune in right here tomorrow on nbcbayarea to see if the predictions came true. we'll have a news cast for you as well because we'll lead up to the golden globes on the red carpet, very exciting stuff. right now, rob mayeda with a look at weather. >> well, they're seeing rain down there in southern california, had rain here moving to the south. for the sake of the golden
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globes and all the fashion it will be dry, the next storm system on the approach to the west won't arrive until later tomorrow, as you can see for the morning numbers in the 40s, afternoon temperatures in the mid-50s, bottom line if this next storm doesn't look like a whole lot as you see the appreciati progression here, hour by hour, falling late tomorrow into early monday morning. >> you're talking the 18th, looking at the more serious rain. >> yes, the ten-day forecast, that is the best chance of rain. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. we'll see you at 11:00. ready? one, two, three. announcer: a photographer finds a way to capture some of life's most precious moments for people who are not used to being in the spotlight. virginia: that's a milestone, all right. announcer: plus, a son travels to great lengths in search of strangers.
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richard zinn: they saved my father's life. announcer: how veterans who served with his father in world war ii filled in important gaps about his family history. but first, san jose high school students wish upon little blue stars. antoine delcayre: can you please come down? announcer: and their classmates deliver in a very big way. [screaming] announcer: here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. garvin thomas: good evening and thank you so much for joining us. high school can be a difficult time, particularly for those who don't feel like they fit in. but students at one san jose school have come up with a tradition to counter that. one that brings the whole school together and often to tears. garvin: the leadership class at san jose's branham high school understands there are only so many words one can legibly fit on a 6-inch blue paper star. male: i wish for doughnuts. garvin: the magic, though, they will end up creating out of them?


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