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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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flowers and memorials -- to tweets from sta ♪ right now at 11:00, the world mourning the loss of a rock icon. from flowers and memorials to tweets from stars around the globe, all of us thinking about david bowie. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. a memorial at david bowie's star on the hollywood walk of fame is growing. and you can see it here covered in flowers and candles and other momentos this morning. david bowie died of cancer last night. >> the star leaves behind a colorful legacy. mark varger takes a look back at his memorable career.
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>> reporter: david bowie was a rock music icon for more than 40 years. his manager confirmed the singer's passing sunday following an 18-month battle with cancer. bowie's death comes just two days after his 69th birthday, which was celebrated by the release of his 47th studio album, black star, an event jimmy fallon noticed on "tonight show." it had been that way since 1969. ♪ ground control to major tom >> reporter: bowie burst on to the worldwide music scene with swt space oddity." set off a string of hit albums in the '70s, but also an array of bowie personas including glam rock sensation ziggy stardust. >> the man was just a genius. everything he did he did brilliantly. whether it was music, cinema, this man did it all. >> reporter: bowie added new wave and pop music to his record
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in the '80s and later appeared in numerous movies and tv series. ♪ this little fat man -- >> reporter: in the wee hours of this morning bowie fans paid respects and lit the icon on the hollywood walk of fame. and news spread at golden globe afterparties. >> it really is quite moving. and i'm still completely stunned. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by fans of a one of a kind performer in david bowie. mark barger, nbc news. >> now, the news of bowie's death making waves on social media this morning. madonna said on twitter, i'm devastated. a great artist changed my life. first concert i ever saw was in detroit. rest in peace. kanye west tweeted david bowie one of my most important inseparations. and m.c. hammer said david bowie impacted music cultural
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globally. he did it with so much soul. we'll continue to follow reaction and bring you updates as we get them. for continuing coverage you can check out our website. and of course we have ap app. mean whiem this morning police are still looking for the gunman behind a deadly shooting onboard a b.a.r.t. train. a gunman opened fire on a man seated in a b.a.r.t. train saturday night as it pulled into the west oakland b.a.r.t. station headed for san francisco. that man was able to escape before police got there. the station was closed overnight as police searched for that killer, but other passengers meantime tried to help. witnesses say someone started cpr on the victim. nurses in the crowd found their way over to the victims. other people tried to shield upset riders. >> someone next to me was sort of diving over me. because i was in the aisle seat. and i didn't really hear the shots, i don't think, i don't really know. it was so quick. and so i jumped -- i sort of got down. i'm like what the heck is going on. >> brad chap iin recorded the
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confusion in his train car. b.a.r.t. police are checking surveillance and interviewing witnesses. three men accused of a christmastime murder are expected in court in san jose. police say three suspects stabbed a man to death. all three were suspected gang members. all are due in court this afternoon. investigators think the men believe their victim to be a member of a rival gang because he was wearing a red shirt. vallejo police are now investigating that city's first homicide of 2016. a man was shot and killed last night near maple and reese avenues. police say the 22-year-old was found and when they arrived he had been shot more than once. police have not released his name and are not saying anything about a possible suspect at this point. jewelry and electronics stolen at a home in the east bay but the most prized possession taken was a dog. this brown and white pup was in
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pane, just had stitches removed from being spayed. she is a purebred. >> i want you to return the dog to me as soon as possible even though you don't want to reveal who you are. you can just return it to a shelter so they can contact me. because there is a microchip inside her. >> that microchip of course has the owner's contact information. police are scouring the internet and asking for the public's help especially if the thief put her up for sale. the search will pick up again today for a missing uc graduate student. police tell us they found several items belonging to her on a cliff. her mercedes benz was also found over the weekend. she was reported missing saturday. police say she was reportedly depressed, possibly suicidal. she was last seen around 1:30 thursday morning in berkeley. she was scheduled to fly to china saturday morning, but then
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never showed up for that flight. the results of an autopsy of an inmate held in the santa clara county jail appears to clear the guards in any wrongdoing. the county medical examiner says prisoner walter roches died from natural causes. he died one week after guards forcibly removed him from his cell. the santa clara county medical examiner says he died from a blood infection and other chronic health problems. though his death is still one of several at the jail recently that have been controversial. three deputies are facing murder charges after the death of another inmate, this man michael tyree. in that case prosecutors say these deputies severely beat tyree. mexican authorities want to speak with oscar winning actor sean penn and a mexican soap opera star. >> this comes after their secret meeting with the drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. nbc's jacob rascon reports from mexico. >> reporter: it's proof
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according to actor sean penn of a scoop nobody saw coming. at the time the world's most famous fugitive, answering questions for a rolling stone article in his first interview in decades. mexican authorities say penn's meeting might have even helped lead them to "el chapo" hideout and the bloody shootout that ended with his arrest. that and the drug lord's apparent infatuation with mexican soap opera star kate del castillo. she played a drug lord in a popular soap opera on our sister network facilitated the meeting. she also played a drug trafficker on the showtime series "weeds." her connection to the real kingpin started in 2012 when in an open letter on twitter she wrote, mr. chapo, wouldn't it be cool if you started traffic with love? you would be the hero of heroes. life is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise, don't you agree? guzman reportedly tried to send her flowers though she never
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received any. while mexican authorities say they're looking at whether sean penn will face any legal exposure in mexico, the focus of american law enforcement is that "el chapo" be extradited to the united states as soon as possible. they call the rolling stone article, which "el chapo" had to screen before was published, quote, a sideshow. reporting in mexico, jacob rascon, nbc news. the battle between the nfl and santa clara youth soccer league is back in court today. nfl crews are building a media center and a security area on the kids soccer field. parents in charge of the soccer league say that work violates an agreement they had with the city of santa clara. it called only for light use of the land. so they'll be in court again today in hopes of getting this work stopped. well, speaking of the super bowl, happening today. preparations are about to kick into high gear at levi's stadium next to the soccer field because the game is less than a month away. this afternoon the nfl's turf
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crew will be in santa clara to talk about field preparations for the big game on february 7th. everything from painting of the logos on the grass to the grass itself will be mapped out carefully over the next few days. and not just the game, the surface has to be able to withstand several hours of rehearsals for the half-time show, but that video is a reminder that the turf has not held up. tonight, santa clara police chief michael sellers will hold a meeting after plan to keep super bowl 50 as safe as possible for fans and of course for the people who live in that city as well. among other topics, chief sellers will discuss safety concerns about traffic and alternative means of transportation on game day. tonight's meeting which opens to the public begins at 7:00 tonight at kathrine hughes elementary school in santa clara. up next at 11:00, a golden night in beverly hills. a look at the big winners from last night's golden globes. and the honors keep coming
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from sacramento's own spencer stone. you might remember him. he is the man who helped take down a suspected terrorist onboard a european train this summer. a very special event he's headed to tomorrow. and we're waking up to lots of cloud cover and those clouds have been with us all morning long from the north bay all the way to the south bay. we will see a few peeks of sunshine this afternoon, but we do have a high surf advisory in effect, plus three more storms this upcoming week. we're back to track it all after this. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. if a denture were to be
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brighter denture every day. well, i thought we were going to do a bit better in the markets on this monday morning, but the dow turned negative. twitter at its all-time all-time low, apple up slightly still below $100 a share. tesla is updating its cars, taking away some of the new
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automatic driving capabilities. you'll no longer be able to take your hands off the steering wheel in a residential neighborhood. roads where there's no line down the middle. this comes after tesla became concerned over videos it was seeing with people playing with the new self-driving feature. it's a safe enough feature on the highway, but tesla says it really shouldn't be used driving down wisteria lane. the company is adding a self-parking feature, way more powerful than the simple, here, i'll help you parallel park. teslas will now be able to drop you off in the driveway, open the garage, drive inside by themselves and close the door. in the morning you just hit a button and the reverse happens, the car will meet you at the driveway. tesla says eventually your car's going to be able to drive cross country and meet you. this weekend the silicon valley filmmaker will be debuting a documentary about roller coasters. did you know the modern steel tube roller coaster and the log flume ride, the one that gets you all wet at the end, were
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both invented in silicon valley in sunnyvale? i'll tell you more about the film later in the week, but make a note it's saturday at the montgomery theater in san jose. uber says it's going to discount the price of its rides in order to encourage more users to get out there and do something. the company says this time of year people turn into couch potatoes, so it's discounting rides in 100 american cities including here on uber's home turf. prices for uber x, that's the casual regular type ride, will be 10% less in san francisco, in the north bay and 20% off in the east and south bay. uber xl, that's the suv and uber pool, will also be discounted. so more reasons to go out to dinner and have a couple glasses of wine. >> or take uber to your favorite jogging trailhead. >> yeah. >> maybe walk the dog. well, one of those terrorist train heroes in sacramento will see president obama's last state of the union address in person.
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spencer stone will be first lady obama's guest. he will be in her box. it's been quite a few months since this summer's foiled terror attack on a paris bound train, he and two of his childhood friends are credited with stopping a gunman. since then the air force sergeant has been promoted, he's received a purple heart and an airmans medal. sacramento also held a parade honoring not just spencer stone but his two buddies as well. and now to decision 2016. a new poll out this morning shows ted cruz out ahead of donald trump, but only in iowa. it is the first state to weigh in on the presidential primary now only three weeks away. in the next state, new hampshire, trump is still far out ahead of cruz. senator marco rubio comes in second in new hampshire but still far behind donald trump. as for the democrats hillary clinton is in a statistical dead heat with bernie sanders in both of those states as the two of them talk up their ability to stand up to the gun lobby. >> it's the only industry in our
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country where we have given that kind of carte blanche to do whatever you want to do with no fear of legal consequences. >> when gun manufacturers, for example, are selling guns into an area and know that those guns are going into the hands of criminals, absolutely those gun manufacturers should be held accountable. >> now, clinton over the weekend picked up a key endorsement winning the support of former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, who is the astronaut. clinton will also appear later on nbc's "ellen degeneres" show. during the pre-taped interview she talks about challenges she faces as a candidate who is a woman. >> i think it still is hard being a woman running for president. >> i agree. >> i really do. i feel like if you are forceful, you're too forceful. if you're not forceful enough, you're not tough enough. >> clinton also talks about her appearance last year on "saturday night live," even a
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surprising secret she's learned from kim kardashian. that interview airs today at 4:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> we suspect much of hollywood is recovering this morning after the golden globes. >> the 73rd annual event honored the year's best in tv and movies. and we take a look at some of the big winners. >> "the revenant". >> reporter: a revelation at the golden globes, three major wins including best drama, best director and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. >> this film was about survival. it was about adaptation. >> reporter: honors for best actress went to first-time nominee brie larson for "room." and it was a double win for "the martian," best musical or comedy and best actor for matt damon. >> i know how lucky i am. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence meanwhile spoke directly to her director david o russell after winning best actress for their
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collaboration of "joy". >> i want us to be buried next to each other. i really do. >> reporter: passing out cookies on her way to claiming best actress in a drama for "empire". >> cookies for everyone tonight. >> reporter: "mad men" taking best actor for his work on that show's final season while first year computer hacker series "mr. robot" captured best drama. and two upsets for mozart in the jungle, best comedy and best chapter. >> this is really a big surprise. >> reporter: rachel bloom was surprised too. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: winning best actress for crazy ex-girlfriend. the night's highlights also included a standing ovation for sylvester stallone's ever golden globe. playing the role he originated nearly four decades ago. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> reporter: a golden moment on a golden night. gina kim, nbc news, beverly
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hills. >> add to our list, mozart in the jungle. by the way, there are no robots in "mr. robot." >> i know. one of my new year's resolutions was to sleep more. now it's ruined. >> it's not going to happen. what about you, anthony? what are you missing? >> i didn't see that one "train wreck" was up against. >> joy -- the martian -- >> no, the martian. best comedy or musical. >> i know. >> it wasn't a musical or a comedy. >> no. >> i'm just sayin'. i like "train wreck," but i'm not the winner or the person who decides all those things. but i do decide what the weather's going to be. let's talk about that. we've got clouds moving through. today we're actually going to see a few more peeks of sunshine. but unfortunately we are not going to see a whole lot in terms of blue sky today. this cold front is going to wash out and leave temperatures back into the mid to upper 50s today. south bay at 58. same deal for the peninsula. east bay 58 degrees.
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tri-valley temperatures mid-50s. cool there. same for san francisco 55 degrees. and the north bay you'll see 56 degrees for your high temperature. now, look at this. all of these storm systems, all of them are headed towards the bay area. the one we had move through today that's going to just produce a little sprinkle activity. here's the one for wednesday. we've got another one for thursday night and another one for friday into saturday. so, yeah, 'tis the season, right? el nino really coming through in full effect. the one that's going to move through on wednesday, this is what we're looking at the potential of maybe half an inch at the valley floor, maybe an inch and a half for parts of the north bay. that's going to be the first system that moves through on wednesday. we do have winter storm watches already posted for the sierra anywhere from 3 to 6 inches at lake level above 7,000 feet we could see up to another foot of snow and that would come wednesday through thursday for the sierra. now, here's the other thing we're watching. not only are we talking about rain, wind and snow, but we're talking about a series of storms as i just showed you across the pacific. so let's go through each one of those. this is the storm system that
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moves through tuesday night into wednesday. wednesday morning expect a messy commute. and then the system moves out by wednesday night. we'll get a little bit of a break by thursday, but not much. thursday night that next system moves into the bay area. and for some of us we're not going to catch a break between thursday's system and friday and saturday's system. so for places like the north bay and san francisco, it may rain for three days in a row. and you know what that means when we get rain just consistently for days in a row, we're talking about inches of rain. yeah, look at the colors here on the bar. you'll notice 1.5 for north bay, san francisco down through the peninsula, even parts of the south bay. and maybe lesser amounts for the tri-valley but does look like overall most of us will pick up at least an inch out of the first system and then another inch possible for that last system as it moves through friday into saturday. so we've got three more storms to go this upcoming week, don't put those umbrellas away just yet. tomorrow we will see a brighter day, temperatures a bit warmer. again, wednesday that system pushes into the bay. thursday a dry day, thursday night rain pushes back in and friday and saturday this
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upcoming weekend does look to be wet, so make your plans acco according according accordingly. maybe you want to watch some of those shows you wanted to see. >> yeah, we could when we're not paying attention to the nbc bay area -- >> we already know what the weather is going to be because we have the app. here's a good way to stay informed about the weather. >> hi there. i'm rob with the way to get your own personalized weather alerts when severe weather or active weather arrives around the bay area. go to our nbc bay area app and click on the icon on the upper left side of the screen and the gear icon on the upper right. that will take you to a dropdown menu under alert settings for weather and choose information specific to your interests or to your area. you want to know if lightning is on the way or if a dangerous storm is on approach, you can get that information relayed directly to your mobile device minute by minute as those weather conditions develop around the bay area. that's how you can stay ahead of the storm on the nbc bay area app. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our
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lives at 1:00 p.m.
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plastic along a a mysterious mess of plastic debris is causing concern in san francisco. >> yeah, the small pieces of plastic along a stretch of ocean beach appear to be the result of recent storms and high surf. the golden gate national recreation area says people started reporting that trash last week, but it's not easy to clean up that debris because the pieces are just so small. >> we are looking into it.
11:26 am
we have had people out there kind of following it looking to see where it's going with the tides and see if there's any indication of where it came from. but there's a lot of it. and it's really small pieces. so it presents problems both as cleanup and also finding out where it originated. >> recreation officials say there is no indications this is tied to the recent container that launched ashore near baker beach last month. up next at 11:00, our investigation stirred changes at san jose international airport, but are there enough firefighters should a disaster strike? the exclusive e-mails that show. ghters on
11:27 am
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duty at san jose mineta international airport well, fire officials have increased the number of firefighters on duty at mineta san jose international airport following an nbc bay area investigation last spring. at that time our team found only four firefighters work at any
11:29 am
given shift at the airport. >> experts called that a safety hazard. now, the airport's increased staffing by 50%, but is that enough? our senior investigative reporter stephen stock joins us with the follow-up. >> sjc airport officials say they increased the number of firefighters because of an increase in the number of size and airplanes now using san jose mineta international airport. even so one of the nation's top safety experts says that's not enough. and he says the airport is risking passenger safety. last may we discovered that san jose mineta international airport had one of the lowest fire fighting staffing levels compared to other airports its size in the country. only three firefighters and a captain were on duty at any one time at sjc. that meant that in the event of an emergency those firefighters were tasked to drive two aircraft rescue and fire fighting or arf trucks with a captain left in charge of
11:30 am
coordinating the response. that left only one, one firefighter to help rescue and evacuate passengers from any airline wreckage, even if it was a massive passenger plane such as a boeing 777, like the asiana crash just up the road at san francisco international airport. in fact, when asiana went down-and-out in july of 2013, there were 23 firefighters on duty. and on the scene only minutes after the crash. the ntsb's crash investigation even credited san francisco's staffing levels as being, quote, instrumental in responding quickly and saving lives. >> i think san jose is marginally inadequate. >> it's terribly disturbing to me. >> reporter: just months after our story aired last year the san jose city council approved more money for the airport to upgrade its fire fighting capability adding two more firefighters per shift plus another a.r.f. truck. >> we actually returned to the staffing levels we had prior to the reduction when flights were a little more prevalent in those
11:31 am
aircraft sizes. >> reporter: chief robert sapien overseas operations for san jose's fire department. >> i'm happy on a lot of levels. certainly the local economy's doing much better. we're drawing larger aircraft more frequently. it gives us the oortunity to provide a higher level of service. with more international flights and larger airplanes flying in and out of sjc, the airport was required by faa rule to increase its emergency response capability. sjc had been classified as an index c airport and as such the four firefighters and two a.r.f. trucks there met the minimum requirements. but because of the increased traffic beginning in october, sjc was reclassified as an index d airport, that meant under faa rules it had to have more firefighters and an extra a.r.f. truck at the ready. >> the new regulations for d require us to have three a.r.f. vehicles and the proper amount of staff to operate those vehicles. >> reporter: john akin is
11:32 am
assistant director at san jose mintea international airport. >> san jose is a safe airport. san jose hasn't had a major accident. and if we do, i feel confident that the san jose fire department will be here to take care of the situation. >> reporter: several sources tell us that nbc bay area's story plus concern by delta airlines also played a big role in the increase in personnel there. according to these e-mails to sjc dating back to february of last year, delta airlines insisted on higher minimum staffing for safety. the e-mail show that delta even paid san jose to staff more firefighters before the airline would land at sjc with a chartered 747 aircraft. >> we had the extra truck and so we accommodated delta so they could meet their minimum. >> reporter: critics say it's still not enough. >> we're one firefighter to the good. >> reporter: john carr wrote the
11:33 am
book, literally. he and his colleague served as firefighters at sjc back in the 1970s. they then developed manuals and procedures for a.r.f. training which are now used around the world. >> it's all nice on paper, but when you don't have the bodies on the rigs initially, it's hard to recreate them. >> reporter: especially, carr says, given the size of airplanes now regularly flying in and out of san jose mineta. >> no, there's just not enough people to do those kinds of major aircraft. and that's really the bottom line. >> reporter: airplanes such as this 787 dreamliner carries up to 750 people, eight emergency escape slides and doors, even with the extra personnel added that leaves two people instead of one left to man those eight emergency exit slides in the event of an emergency. john carr says that's simply not enough. >> in my honest opinion, absolutely not. i mean, how does two people even
11:34 am
get close to managing eight exits on an airplane? >> reporter: we checked with other index d airports around the country and found only oakland had comparable staffing levels. all other index d level airports we checked with have higher levels at least two more as many as nine more. are there enough firefighters on duty here? >> they are very comfortable with the fact they can be here expeditiously with the additional staff and rigs to support the airport. >> john carr as well as two other stafty experts in this field tell us san jose mineta is not alone. they say too many airports have too few fire fighting resources on hand in the rare event of an aircraft emergency. these critics blame the faa for not requiring more personnel at every airport. as for the faa, they told us it's a.r.f. requirements are
11:35 am
adequate. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephen. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give them a call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to well, san jose's new police chief is already meeting with city and community leaders. eddie garcia currently the assistant chief about to be promoted to the top spot until there's a permanent announcement. >> garcia sat down with nbc bay area's damian trujillo for an exclusive interview. >> reporter: assistant chief eddie garcia met with the san jose independent police auditor, the police washdog, the 24-year veteran worked his way up the ranks from patrol to the elite merge unit to wearing the gold badge. now garcia is about to become the city's top cop. >> well, first, excitement. we're coming into a lot of opportunities here at this department. and we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: that involves rebuilding the force, increasing morale and bringing back to san jose the coveted title it lost
11:36 am
over the last few years. >> strive to be the safest largest city again together. and that's with the men and women of this department, p.o.a., city hall and the community. and we're going to do it. >> reporter: he says he'll work to get more cadets to join the dwindling academy and work to bring back the officers who've left the force out of frustration over pay and benefits. >> not to poach away from other agencies but to give them an opportunity to come back home. >> reporter: three officers have already returned in the last couple of months. for now garcia says he will continue wearing the three stars of the assistant chief, but perhaps in a vote of confidence the city manager's office says there is no national search under way to look for a permanent chief. it first wants to see how garcia performs on an acting basis. garcia in return says once he has more cops, he plans to have his officers get out of their patrol cars. >> residents just can't see a police officer in times of crisis. they need to see an officer walking in the park on a sunday, walking through their
11:37 am
neighborhoods with a smile on their faces and not just when they call 911. >> reporter: damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. an eighth grader at a catholic school in san francisco might miss out on graduation pictures because of his mustache. >> his mother says that's unfair, but the archdiocese says boys have to have clean shaven at all times. nbc bay area's pete has more. >> reporter: for 14-year-old julio, his faint mustache isn't about scoring any cool points. >> it is kind of a tradition. and we don't shave until we're 16. >> reporter: it's true. just ask his mom, patricia. >> it's just that's when they come in for us to manhood. >> reporter: so when his school, st. peter's of san francisco sent this letter -- >> all boys must be shaved clean. >> reporter: stating ha julio would have to shave his facial hair in order to take graduation pictures. she was stunned. even claiming her oldest son took graduating pictures at the same school last year and had
11:38 am
facial hair just like julio. >> the school's forcing the boys to do something that they're too young to do. that's usually a man that shaves. >> reporter: now, the archdiocese says all boys have to be clean shaven. but the decision is ultimately left up to the school's principal with the school's letter showing agreement with the archdiocese, julio could face a suspension for holding onto a tradition. >> i'll be probably sad, or kind of mad. >> reporter: and also miss out on an experience of a lifetime. >> it will be sad because i won't get to take the picture with my friends and my classmates. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, ride wars in several big cities across the nation. the warning from the largest taxi service in san francisco against ride sharing companies. well, as we approach this lunchtime hour we're still looking at cloud cover across the east bay, oakland crossing into the mid-50s, even across parts of the south bay cloud cover there as well. three more storms ahead this upcoming week. details on that after this. cuts are a sign of the t
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welcome back. earlier we were telling you how uber is cutting prices. it seems to be a sign of the times because there's a struggle going on in many cities about who's going to rule the road. >> yeah, cars like uber and lyft versus traditional cabs. nbc's anne thompson shows which cities are at the heart of the battle. >> reporter: the hair raising twists and turns of san
11:42 am
francisco's crooked streets, a favorite among tourists and movie makers, pain compared to the collision course yellow cabs and ride hailing apps like uber and lyft are on in this city. >> uber became the only option because i couldn't get a cab because the service was so bad. >> reporter: the yellow cab co-op, san francisco's largest taxi company, is considering bankruptcy. in a letter to shareholders obtained by the san francisco examiner, the company cites serious financial setbacks that analysts say relentless competition from the app services. is this the death nail for taxi company? >> i don't think so. i think taxis are ready to step up their game. >> reporter: the cab co-op admits it needs to improve, but despite multiple requests it would not comment on the impact of the app services. blames most of the debt on an unusual number of accident claims. uber would not comment specifically on the san francisco situation, but did say it aims to make things easier for drivers and passengers. cab drivers say it's making
11:43 am
things harder for them, spurring protests to chicago. >> there is uber there is no taxi. >> reporter: in new york one taxi company claims its monthly income has been cut in half with fewer regulations, the app company threaten to drive traditional taxis off the road. now some taxi companies are shifting gears and joining those new services in the race for customers by creating apps of their own. next month chicago will introduce an app allowing riders to hail any one of the city's 13,000 cabbies. such apps are in limited use in new york and san francisco. >> i think they will be smarter in terms of their technology, in terms of knowing where people are. >> reporter: both traditional and nontraditional rides can share the road with all its twists ahead. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. i read somewhere that while
11:44 am
cab companies were figuring out how to blare tv ads at you in the backseat, uber was figuring out how to become uber. what's it like to be truly in love? a question that can be hard for any of us to answer, but a filmmaker behind the new documentary called "autism in love" wanted to look at love through the eyes of that growing population. >> interesting. many people with an autism spectrum disorder communication and social interaction can be challenging. however, that does not mean that finding love is impossible. nbc's kate snow shows us. >> reporter: lindsey and dave dated for almost a decade before he went down on one knee. >> will you marry me? >> we have always had a deep connection. >> right. >> reporter: both lindsey and dave are on the autism spectrum. like many people with autism communicating and socializing can often be difficult. >> it can be difficult to read each other's emotions sometimes.
11:45 am
>> yeah. have that sixth sense where you're able to read the nonverbal cues that each of us gives off. >> reporter: dave is a meteorologi meteorologist. >> looks like the weather came catch a glimpse here -- >> i can't ever interrupt you for the weather. >> sit near me but don't talk to me as much. >> reporter: the film's director says it became a passion project. why do you think it's a story that people need to hear? >> well, look, i think we have a generation of kids who are being diagnosed with autism and we haven't had a conversation about what their adult lives are going to look like. >> reporter: autism in love follows people in different phases. steven, who lost his wife of 20 years. >> she died last april. she had cancer. that's sad. >> reporter: many struggling to find love. >> this is -- this is the worst horror i have to go through in my life. >> we hope to deepen folks'
11:46 am
understanding of autism as they watch but really a film about connecting to ourselves and connecting to others. >> yes, i will marry you. >> reporter: lindsey and dave got married last october. >> our purpose in this movie is to show that people with autism ands and asperger syndrome can indeed find love and make it work. >> every one of us no matter where we are on the spectrum are worthy of receiving love. and giving love. >> newlyweds. >> wonderful. >> yeah. i will say anthony slaughter perked up when he said don't talk to me when the weather's on. you can sympathize with that. >> yeah, i mean, he's a meteorologist. when the weather's on, i'm squared away. i don't hear anything else. all right. let's talk about some weather this morning. we had some sprinkles fall across parts of the bay area. not amounting to much but you can see still hanging on to the clouds. in fact, from the north bay into san francisco, the east bay, peninsula and south bay no difference in any of those microclimates today because of
11:47 am
the clouds. we're just looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50s latder on this afternoon we are going to hang on to the clouds unfortunately, so not much in terms of blue sky today. but we will see a warmer day in terms of how cold it's been across the bay area. 58 for the peninsula today 58 for the south bay, same for the east bay, the tri-valley will see a cool day. 55 there and same for san francisco 55 degrees. now, you look at the satellite view across the pacific, it is active. we're talking about a storm pretty much every other day. we've got the storm moving through today. then one for wednesday. that's going to be a big one. another one for thursday night and then another one just on the heels of that for friday into saturday. so a very active week headed our way especially in the weather department. so as we time this out for you wednesday's storm you'll notice as it moves through we are going to see a pretty much dry day for tomorrow. so once we get rid of the clouds today, we'll see blue sunshine or bright blue skies and sunshine for tomorrow. then tuesday night here comes the rain around 11:00 in the evening. that's going to roll through for wednesday morning. so the morning commute on wednesday could be wet and messy. we're talking potential of some very heavy rain, gusty winds and
11:48 am
even some sierra snow for wednesday into thursday. for us here at home wednesday night we start to clear out. and thursday we'll see a dry day before another storm system pushes back in for thursday night. here's how much rain we're expecting from the first storm on wednesday. maybe half of an inch for most of the inland locations. maybe places in the north bay. a little more than that but maybe just about an inch and a half at most. the sierra expecting more snow as well. we've got winter storm watches posted across the higher elevations, anywhere from about four to eight inches of snow expected at lake level and up to a foot across the higher elevations. now, this is the first storm that's going to move through tuesday night into wednesday. you'll notice as it pushes out thursday we clear out. on the heels of that very quickly thursday night another storm system's going to move through. this is not only going to produce rab rain for us but also sierra snow as well. for some of us we're not going to catch a break from thursday's rain into friday's rain because they're so close together. so it may just be a nonstop rain for some of us across the bay area as we get going into the weekend. here is how much rain we're expecting from all of those
11:49 am
storm systems this upcoming week. an inch and a half to two and a half inches at the peninsula. san francisco, the north bay looks like lesser amounts for places like the tri-valley and south bay. but overall it does look like we're going to see at least an inch, possibly an inch and a half even down here in san jose. and across some of the east bay valleys same story. tomorrow we dry out. wednesday that system pushes back in. thursday dry and then another system for friday. i have been doing some research this morning trying to figure out how many more rainy days are in our future. and you'll notice we're at the 12th today. i just took you through this next week. next monday another system. and look at the end of the month, guys, the 22nd through the 29th we could be talking about rain for seven days in a row. >> only a weather guy would make the rainy days green. >> i know. come on. >> that's good -- oh. >> i guess we have a new rain pen. nbc bay area app is a great way to stay up to date on the
11:50 am
weather conditions. scott budman shows us how it works. >> it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. just click on the radar on the weather page then you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you just what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman, that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. up next at 11:00, the north american auto show gets underway today and there are two key themes, utility and luxury. what your car ride may look --
11:51 am
11:52 am
and sound like-- in the not too well, getting a glimpse into what your car may look like and sound like in the not too distant future. >> the most important and what many say is the most impressive auto show in the world opens today. nbc's jay gray has a preview. >> reporter: the detroit auto show opens this morning with a display of horsepower and this year high-tech. >> all the technology in a car
11:53 am
is really the biggest buzz in our industry right now. >> reporter: from autonomous driving to electric and connected car. >> with everything you know and love about your smartphone and it integrates all that technology and efficiency into the vehicle right in front of your eyes. >> reporter: and ears. >> changing lanes. >> reporter: a trip in a talking car may not be that far away. cameras and software being tested right now would allow a vehicle to communicate with the driver, other cars on the road, stoplights to get realtime traffic information and even smartphones of pedestrians along the route. >> the opportunity to get that advanced information before the car is there, before anybody's put in danger, it would just be incredible improvement in safety. >> reporter: and while there's plenty of tech talk, make no mistake there's still a need for speed, which is why vlf will unveil the force one. >> with a 640 horsepower corvette drive train with six-speed automatic transmission. and thus are creating an
11:54 am
american super sedan to rival the best of europe, but made in the detroit area. >> reporter: an area, an industry revved up and ready to roll. now, the car business has been traveling in the fast lane for quite some time with $17.5 million in sales last year. that's a record, the sixth straight year they've seen an increase to that number growth. the auto industry hasn't seen since the 1920s. jay gray, nbc news, detroit. >> thanks, jay. we'll be right back. week about ten-figure bank
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
accounts. as in... "one-point four billion dollars." you can expect a lot of dreaming this week about ten-figure bank accounts, as in $1.4 billion. >> the estimated record jackpot for this wednesday's powerball. nobody matched the six numbers in last saturday's draw because nobody can. the powerball jackpot's now grown to unprecedented heights. nobody's won it in november when it began $40 million. nobody took home the jackpot on saturday, somebody in fremont did get a great consolation prize. they matched five of six numbers and they got it at the 7-eleven store, so the payout is about $780,000. certainly nothing to sneeze at. >> no, definitely not. will change your lifestyle. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> see you tomorrow. ===today topical open=== a woman smashes windshields right
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. today on "access hollywood" live, leo, lady gaga. the look leo gave lady gaga. a golden globes like no other. >> you were on the red carpet giving pina coladas. >> power ball lottery tickets for all the stars. don't we want to see them be a little richer than they are? >> who looked like a billion dollars? we will break down all the fashion trends and the details. >> what does it mean for the oscar rage for dave carter? >> "access hollywood" live starts now.


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