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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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some anxious moments right now for raiders fans. awaiting a decision on the team's fate any moment now. "today in the bay "starts right now. and a good monday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get right to that forecast. meteorologist anthony slaughter is in and you're really tracking a few storms out there. >> yes. not just one. we have actually four storms headed our way in the next seven days. three which will arrive this upcoming week. let's get straight to it. the first one spinning across the gulf of alaska. the cold front with it will come through tonight. clouds increase through the day and i think the north bay will see the best chance of seeing any showers this afternoon and evening and most of us will stay dry. s aare a little bit cooler but we will see some sunshine this afternoon leaving us back into the 60s for our inland valleys and even the peninsula and the east bay and cool at the coastline and mid-50s for san francisco. mike, still talking about what is happening at the bay bridge toll plaza. what is happening?
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>> not a lot around the bay and i'll focus on this. the flashing lights just past the toll plaza and moved everything out of the lanes and just off of the roadways. if you are off to one of your left lanes as you pass through the toll plaza, you'll see debris and disabled vehicle. no problem here. we'll show you reverse angle for the bay bridge toll plaza. a bit of a backup there and not major concern. we'll go over to dublin to look at 580 where we see the only slowing on our sensors. over here you're pretty much at the speed limit but i'll show you the altamont coming up. breaking overnight, ten people are dead and 15 others hurt after an apparent suicide bombing in istanbul. the blast happened a major tourist attraction in turkey's most popular city. turkey's president said both turks and foreigners are among the dead. he also says the suicide bomber has links to syria. kris sanchez tracking all the latest details on the story. she'll bring us an update in our
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next half hour. now to a developing story a toddler injured after shots were fired on a busy bay area freeway. the hunt for the gunman continuing this morning. it happened on highway interstate 80 in richmond last night. >> stephanie chuang tracking the latest on the investigation for us. steph, this isn't the first incident to happen on that freeway. >> the oakland office here is investigating four other shootings on 80 in the east bay in the last couple of months and the chp does not believe these shootings are random. the latest one happening last night at 7:45 and a bullet flying through a car where there was a family of five, including three young kids all under ten years old sitting inside. now, thankfully, no one was hit. a 2-year-old did suffer minor injuries after getting hit by the glass debris. this bullet went through two windows hitting the driver's
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seat head rest. >> none of the occupants were hit, especially the three children seated in the back seat. they should count their blessings tonight because it was pretty miraculous. >> the family was just in the wrong place at the wrong time getting hit by a stray bullet and a female teenager and a man in his 20s appear to be the targets. they are both expected to survive, but, again, chp investigators do motbelieve these were random shootings. in fact, a series of now five. we'll have more on that investigation of the series of shootings coming up in about half an hour. live here at the chp oakland office, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." 5:03. happening today the man accused in san jose's first homicide of the year will be in court. maxim zhukov stabbed his dad on new year's day and then left his father's body in a car in richmond. police have yet to release a
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motive. investigators say the suspicion of foul play. the reason they're reopening a mysterious cold case of a 14-year-old boy who disappeared decades ago. daniel mayler was last seen leaving his house on knightinggale place in fremont after an argument with his father. but a recent review of the case turned up inconsistent statements by some family members and last month it led to a search warrant for the house, which included digging up the backyard. nbc bay area spoked with the neighbors of the boy when he lived there. >> i am very surprised that the family is being investigated. we assumed, like everybody else in the community, that young danny just ran away. >> fremont police are not saying what, if anything, they found during their search of the house and backyard. now, they are putting out this agent picture of what daniel may
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look like today and asking anyone with any information about his disappearance to please contact fremont police. it is 5:04. a woman who helped spark a new california law to help rape victims is now taking legal action against the city where she claims she was once raped. attorneys for heather marlow will discuss their lawsuit today. san francisco police never arrested anyone. her story helped spark a state law to clear up the backlog of dna rape kits that go untested by police departments. her lawsuit accuses san francisco police of not processing her rape kit. will the oakland raiders stay or go? we have been asking this question for weeks but we should have an answer very soon. a live look right now at coliseum. the raiders' current home. but as we've been saying for months, that might change.
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pete is there with a decision from nfl owners as soon as today and many folks keep clinging to hat last hope, that last optimism today. >> that's right, guys. they'll take the vote during the owners' meeting in houston that wrap up tomorrow night. as you mention, it could happen today or it could happen on wednesday night. but we're talking about two stadium proposals. you have the oakland raiders and san diego chargers sharing that proposed stadium in carson and st. louis rams at their stadium. now, all three of the home city submitted proposals asking the commissioner to keep the teams in those home cities. he deemed those proposals inadequate. reports that the rams and chargers could end up sharing a stadium, but we'll have to wait and see how that shakes out. in order for any of the plans to move forward, it will need approval from 32 owners in order for that team to move to l.a. >> thanks a lot, pete.
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a sinkhole in fremont will continue to cause traffic problems for at least one more day. video of the sinkhole. crews have done pretty good work overnight filling in most of that sinkhole. but here's what it looked like last night. the issue started saturday when pg&e was digging in that area and caused some damage. ground water started to pool and that's how the sinkhole pooled. right now the intersection is closed right off of auto mall parkway. dry to start your day, but that is not how we are going to finish it. meteorologist anthony slaughter joining us now tracking rain for later this evening, anthony. >> in fact, you hit the nail on the head. that's what we're talking about. dry conditions. later on rain off the coast and most of us will see rain overnight through tomorrow morning. so, your forecast for today does keep san jose dry. 62 degrees there and 57 for san mateo and same deal for the embarcadero and more clouds the
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closer you get to the coastline and the north bay. we'll have a better chance of seeing afternoon showers and 57 for napa and more sunshine you head over towards the tri-valley and temperatures back into the mid-60s for san ramon and livermore. storm systems headed our way this upcoming week and talk about the rain and the timing on all of this and how much rain we could actually see and a winter storm watch in effect. all that in my next report. mike, how is it moving on those roads right now? >> we'll show you san jose an easy drive. these cars in a row coming northbound at 680. show you the map and not a major concern for the south bay itself. show you sh slowing. the only real slowing we see is coming out of the altamont pass and lighter than we saw this time yesterday and still watching for the trend. a bigger commute than we saw a week ago. saw that coming over towards the dublin interchange and we'll track that. so far things are looking really good and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza where we have
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the debris in lanes just past the toll plaza and activity off of the lanes and looking at the north bay and nice, easy, southbound drive and no commute problems yet. coming up next, tonight is president obama's final state of the union address, but this time he is expected to unveil a new list of priorities. the preview of what the president could lay out. looks like another rough week on wall street and a pouty mouth ceo apologizes, not for being a potty mouth. we'll take a look in "business and tech." =sam/ots= president obama will
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make his final state of the union address tonight.. happening later today president obama set to make his final state of the union address this evening and this time the white house is promising it's going to be different. "today in the bay" tracie potts
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joining us live this morning from washington, d.c., with a preview of what we could expect. tracie, new priorities from the administration. >> some new priorities, some things that he wants congress to do this year, like approve that transpacific trade partnership, but the white house says that this speech is going to be different than the others because this is the last one. and the president is going to reflect back on his accomplishments and take a big picture look at what may be ahead. duelling videos setting the stage for tonight's final state of the union. the white house says president obama will reflect on his achievements and look ahead. >> he has got an opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer term challenges that we face, also the longer term opportunities that exist. >> reporter: this preview from house speaker paul ryan focuses on november, the election, for the first time ryan will be seated directly behind the
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president. >> i'm not a real poker face guy. you know, i grimace. >> oh, no. >> the president of the united states! >> reporter: south carolina governor nicky haley follows the governor tonight. she is delivering -- >> i am certainly not one to compete against the president or try to imply that i could be. >> reporter: ted cruz is skipping tonight's speech to campaign in new hampshire where he served. marco rubio, rand paul and bernie sanders are expected to attend. and we've learned this morning guests in the first lady's box tonight will include students, business owners, veterans and an empty chair for victims of gun violence. back to you. >> okay, tracie potts from washington, thank you. 5:13 right now. washington is pressuring carmakers to raise the mileage of the cars they sell. >> they sell lots of electric
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vehicles. scott mcgrew, plenty on tap for consumers. >> plug-in hybrids coming out of the detroit auto show, including the first plug-in minivan. hybrid as the future because they can operate on battery that helps the car company get the average mileage up to government standards but drive them on dwadwagas, too. now, plunging gas prices are working against all of that, of course. people forget why they need high-mileage cars. but the experts i talk to say gas would have to get to $1 a gallon before it would be cheaper to use gas over electricity. ford says it's going to try a sharing leap. that's where more than one person or family could share the same car under the same lease. you could pool together with your friend or your co-workers to lease a car together. and then you use a special ford app on your phone to reserve it and work out all the kinks of sharing.
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right now only available at three dealers in austin, texas, as a test they could roll it out. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, scott. good morning to you. those oil prices may continue to weigh on markets today and although futures are higher this morning. stocks ending mixed on monday despite a selloff in china and crude falling more than 5% below $31 a barrel. that is the lowest level in more than 12 years and that's impacting a wide-range of companies. united airlines says sales are down because probably because of weaker demands for oil. the dow rising 53 points yesterday to 16399. the nasdaq slipping six to 4638. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. the ceo of t-mobile apologizing this morning for something he said. all kinds of naughty things. in fact, this video of him which was posted on the t-mobile website has naughty word in it. we had to edit it together. he rarely apologizes for
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anything but during the recent video chat he was responding to a question from san francisco's electronic frontier foundation. the eff when he said, who the heck is the eff? any competent telecommunication should know who the eff is. he said, look by now you know that i am a vocal animated and sometime sometimes. rejecting the unlimited watching of only certain websites like netflix did that violate. >>lert, so, he is apologetic, but not necessarily for what he said. half apology. >> they could have edited that. so no matter how you look at it, a daring theft caught on surveillance video in portland, oregon. the target a black pastel ball
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python worth about $200. so, the man put it down the front of his pants. that guy trying to steal a snake. why in the world would you put it in your pants? >> where else are you going to put it? >> in your shirt? >> keep reading. >> he has not been caught. the pet store owner says the thief should probably be thankful it was not fding day. >> i think he deserves what he has coming. if you're going to steal a snake in the first place. who steals a snake? >> he could have put it in a snake carrier. >> those little holes for ventilation. >> well, we're gettingy of those. breathable air here before we get some warm coming the rest of the week. >> some showers moving in tonight. the day will be dry. get out and enjoy the sunshine
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that we didn't see much yesterday. here is a live shot from san jose. you can see traffic moving without problem and from that vantage point, it's kind of hard to see the cloud moving in. let's show you another vantage point and the on my satellite radar and there they are. starting to spill in across the north part of california. even eureka starting to see some showers this morning and for us we'll eventually see that as we head to the overnight hours. temperatures cool and 49 for san francisco and 50 for the east bay and we do have, again, some clouds spilling on in and we will see skies turn cloudy for san francisco for 57 degrees there. showers possible in the north bay and 60 for the east bay and the tri-valley and up to 64 and the south bay expecting temperatures in the mid-60s today. little bit warmer than it was yesterday. three storms on our way this upcoming week. the pattern remains very active. even into next week another series of storms that are track. seems like it is coming in threes each and every week. this week we have three more headed our way. the first arrives tonight and
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will bring showers widespread rain to the bay area. this is 6:00 this evening. still dry from the north bay down to the south bay and as we head towards 10:00, 11:00 the heavy rain will start even in san francisco. tonight widespread rain after midnight and some of that will come with gusty winds and the potential for even the rumble of thunder or two. here is a look at our wind cast as we move this into midnight. gusty winds for san francisco and half moon bay and the policy of up to 35 to 40 miles per hour and once we get into the morning hours tomorrow down into the south bay, the tri-vally and the altamont pass. gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour and that will come during the morning commute tomorrow. expect the potential for downed trees and power outages tomorrow. keep that in mind. you want to plan it now and make sure you get batteries and candles and flashlights ready. this is what we're looking as far as sierra snow goes. winter storm watch in place and we are expecting the potential four to eight inches at lake level and way up there and an
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additional 20 inches of rain headed our way. now, as i mentioned, more storms in the forecast. we'll talk more about the rain headed our for this weekend and next week. in the meantime, let's talk to mike and see how the roads are shaping up. >> the roads going to be an issue because 20 inches of snow is going to be a problem for drivers, potentially. right now not a problem. the bay bridge, the earlier problem flashing lights and activity all clear from the area. now we have just a mild backup forming right on schedule at 5:20 at the toll plaza itself. taking away the accident icon and been replaced by some slowing. right there at the toll plaza and smooth drive the east shore freeway. as we look a wider look around the bay. one crash reported just before you get toen gate field and looks like everything is off to the shoulder there and another issue antioch and no slow shows up just yet but this crash just happened in antioch. tri-valley and hayward and show you across the mateo bridge and foster city side.
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nice, easy drive. winds are calm and roads are dry and a good commute, enjoy it, folks. back to you. 5:20. coming up, are you a junk food addict? the new legislation being proposed to one bay area city that might prevent you from reaching into that vending machine. it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside to your nbc bay area app on your cell phone. click on the radar and then zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you just what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. =sam/cu= city leaders will
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meet to discuss a policy that is aimed at keeping harmony on the streets happening later today city leaders will meet and discuss a policy that is aimed at keeping harmony between drivers and bicyclists. the board of supervisors is going to consider an ordinance making citations of bicyclists for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign at the lowest traffic enforcement priori priority. officers will give a break for riders as long as they safely yield and don't impact traffic. part of the san francisco right of way policy to promote safety intolerance. san francisco city leaders also set to discuss vending machine options, specifically doing away with junk food. "the chronicle" reporting one
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city leader does not want anyone getting their chaps, soda and candy from vending machines on city property. mark ferrule is going to introduce new legislation to ban sugary and fatty items from vending in city hall, had airport and even the zoo. replaced with fruits and vegetables and low-callorie drinks. going to take a lot more money to delay a south bay hospital project. nbc bay area broke the story that missed its announced public opening in san jose last september. our investigation revealed the 37,000 square facility was no where near completion. the controversy led to the county firing turning construction. nbc has learned the county is looking at a new report that it could take $126 million and more than a year to get that facility ready. coming up next, caught in the line of fire.
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a toddler recovering after a shooting on a bay area freeway. a 2-year-old child received medical care. the hunt now to find the gunman this morning. anticipation building as nfl owners come together to discuss the oakland raiders' future. when we could have an answer, coming up.
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pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. a very good tuesday morning now to you. thank you so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. some rumbling in your forecast.
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anthony slaughter teasing us with that hint before. that is part of a storm system coming through. >> another storm system comes through and we may see a few showers across parts of the north. i think that is the only location that we'll see rain during the day time. the rest of us a good mix of sun and clouds. little bit chilly across parts of the north bay and back to 45 degrees and later on close to 60 and, again, showers are possible for the north bay. turning cloudy in san francisco later on this afternoon. 57 there. the east bay and ninsethe penin. a good mix of sun and clouds to date. mike, how are those roads moving? >> a good mix of cars and car. westbound 80 university avenue. so you see that volume of traffic and that's great because look at the sensors they're all showing up green through the east shore freeway. a crash reported just before you get here. approaching golden gate field and not a lot of slowing and, in fact, everything sounds like it is off to the shoulder. the bay bridge toll plaza
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metering lights turned on any second now as long as it is starting to build only on the approach as we widen out, the crash west highway 4 and presenting a problem for the antioch commute and little build for antioch commute. now to breaking news we have been following all morning. if you're waking up, at least ten people are dead and 15 others injured after an apparent suicide bombing in istanbul. kris sanchez monitoring the overnight development and, kris, what can you tell us right now? >> the turkish president said it was a suicide bomber who killed ten people and injured ten others and the man who blew himself up has links to syria. these are the first images that happened in a poorest district of istanbul. about 10:00 the morning local time. turkey's deputy prime minister said most of the dead are tourists and that they are young people in their 20s. not clear at this point whether there are americans among those victims, but nbc news has
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confirmed that one victim was from norway. streets in the area were immediately cordoned off out of fear that it was perhaps the first of coordinated attacks as we saw in paris last year that turned out not to be the case. there are now armed officers and riot police all over the area. witnesses said the blast was heard for miles and that the impact is still being felt on social media as people try to track down friends who are visiting turkey or perhaps live there. the u.s. ambassador to turkey writes closely following reports of an explosion. our thoughts are with those affected. the uk foreign secretary writes istanbul terror bombing shocking. my sympathies with the family and friends of the casualties. uk urgentlying details. no confirmation from the uk that they're not citizens among the dead or injured, as well. again, the turkish president claims that the suicide bomber had links to syria and there had been no official claim of
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responsibility and clearly this is a story with details that are developing and we are following them for you laura? >> thank you very much. 5:31. new this morning firefighters that scene of two separate fires just five blocks apart in vallejo. both happened among busy sonoma boulevard. the first at a fast food restaurant at 1:30 this morning and then 20 minutes later another fire damaged an animal hospital. this is also the second fire to strike the animal hospital in months. no word on the cause of the fires or whether they suspect arson. at 5:32. a developing story right now with busy bay area freeway has turn under to a crime scene. this after a shooting that left three injured. that includes a 2-year-old toddler. it happened on a stretch of interstate 80 in richmond last night. stephanie chuang tracking the latest on the investigation for us. police are still on the hunt for gunman. >> yes, police are, laura and sam. chp investigators have at least four open cases on other recent
5:33 am
freeway shootings. one last month and three at least in november, including one that killed a man. now, the most recent one happening 7:45 last night. a family of five had just pull under to a gas station off of 80 near richmond parkway with three young kids sitting inside when the bullet shattered a window and hit the driver head seat and exited the window and miraculously not hitting anyone inside. a 2-year-old did suffer minor injuries after getting hit by that window blast debris. a man in his 20s who had been intended target were dropped off at a local hospital and investigators believe these shootings, these recent shootings on 80 each had targets. >> it's happened more than we would have liked it to happen. so, i'm sure it will be looked at in the totality of all the other incidents that have happened. but right now, i don't want to draw conclusions or speculations about how it's connected.
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>> the last shooting happenedp december 17th. a man survived getting shot while in an suv in san pablo and a passenger did not get hit. the chp has not connected the shootings but each time said it was clear and the victims were being specifically targeted. the good news in last night's shooting is those two victims are expected to survive. live here at the chp office in oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." the search for the gunman is on this morning. it happened saturday night at union city james logan high school. police say the off-duty deputy was volunteering for a school event when he noticed three men in a blocked off area. tried to escort them off the campus when one man pulled out a gun and fired. the deputy was shot in the leg, but is expected to recover. police have the sketch of one of the men seen with the shooter.
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he is in his late teens or early 20s. happening later today a man accused of setting fire to the home of some of his closest friends is expected to make his first court aance. he set fire to three contra costa county homes over a few days. investigators later figured out that all three targets were part of his failed marriage. denied setting those fires. but investigators say he was upset after his marriage fell apart and his groomsmen didn't support him. a ruling is expected today in the ongoing turf battle between the nfl and a youth soccer league in the south bay. the soccer field next to levi stadium are already being transform under to the temporary media center for the super bowl. the soccer league wants the work to stop. claiming the city and the nfl are not finding adequate fields to play on in the time being. the nfl argues the field is the
5:36 am
best location for media. >> difficult if not impossible for the nfl to bear and also would have serious implications on security concerns at the super bowl. >> the soccer league said it's concerned that by the time the nfl replaces the field and new grass grows it could be two months after the super bowl before kid can play on it. happening later today, we could learn the fate of the oakland raiders. this as we take a live look right now at the team's current home coliseum. that venue could change as we're expecting a decision this week between meetings between nfl owners. pete is there right now with how soon we might find out a decision. good morning, pete. >> good morning. look, a decision could come by wednesday night as to whether they will continue to play games at coliseum. that's when those meetings will wrap up in houston. two plans we're talking about
5:37 am
when it comes to a new stadium in los angeles. the oakland raiders and san diego chargers proposing a shared stadium in carson. st. louis rams proposing a stadium plan. all three cities recently submitted proposals to roger goodell to keep the teams in their home cities. he said all of those plans were inadequate. now, reports that the rams and chargers could be the one that end up sharing a stadium. of course, we'll have to wait and see how that shakes out. now, in order for any of these plans to move forward, 24 out of the 31 nfl owners will have to improve that plan that could take place by wednesday night. reporting from oakland, suratos. >> it's been a long wait and we'll know very soon. crews in houston. we're following this story all day long. also on our digital platforms. download our free nbc bay area app. anthony slaughter in for kari this morning following a series of storms set to hit the bay area. but today will be a dry one. >> especially for the south bay. not much sunshine today. back into the 060s.
5:38 am
62 for san jose and palo alto up to 62, as well. the closer you geet the coastline, the more clouds you'll see. san francisco mid up toer 50s expected for today and it will eventually turn cloudy there where we will see rain today, the north bay. the afternoon hours santa rosa 58 and 58 for hayward and dry and sunny for parts of the tri-valley mix of sun and clouds. now, here's a storm system headed our way for tonight. around midnight, pect wiwidesprn and start to dry out for thursday. night our next fast-moving system and this one not as big. a quick shot of rain and a quick shot of sierra snow. on the heels of that one, we may not catch a break from thursday's system into friday. friday night into saturday. another storm goes and if you're wondering, next week starts off wet. monday we're looking at another system. overall the rainfall amounts expected through the next seven days. we're talking about 1.5 to 2.5 inches for most of the bay area.
5:39 am
let's talk to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> things are moving pretty well. the overhead metering lights just got turned on a couple minutes ago. 5:31 as far as the record goes. we have a smooth drive on the span itself. the backup forming now and pushing back in towards the maze. let's look at your map. not an unusual pattern and not an unusual time but we see an easy drive for the rest of the bay. this north bay coming across carquinez and over here just a little slowing over the altamont. let me clarify. last time coming out of antioch and that's moving well. i mixed up my as over there. looking to the south bay, a smooth drive northbound 101 and folks starting to get off of the roadway and palo alto look at the peninsula. 101 moves well. northbound towards university and southbound, still moving well but just a little slowing shows up at this early hour.
5:40 am
back to you. 5:39. coming up, saying good-bye to a piece of bay area history. the last-known survivor of the 1906 earthquake has died. what he's leaving behind. worry grows about the stock market and i'll tell you a joke from the 1980s. got to stick around for that. anything from the '80s is worth sticking around for. this gentleman right here certainly big in the '80s and '90s and '70s. he touched so many people from so many different backgrounds. the memorial that is continuing to grow for legendary david bowie this morning. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. fans around the world - still
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trying to digest the unexpected death of music legend david fans around the world still trying to digest the unexpected death of music legend david bowie. the memorial is growing in southern california. at the site of thiz star on the hollywood walk of fame. he died sunday with a battle of cancer he kept under wraps. some folks believe bowie embodied his out of body persona until the very end. >> almost like he went to another planet to find this resource of creativitcreativity. >> he released his last album "black star" on his birthday last friday. many are calling music, lyrics
5:44 am
bowie's good-bye letter to his fans. bowie is, in fact, the name of a new penguin chick at the zoo. the zoo held a naming contest on social media. bowie the penguin hatched late friday the day the great music icon turned 69. >> not surprising he has good hair there, too. part of our living history gone this morning. the last-known survivor of the 1906 earthquake and fire has died. bill was 109 years old. he spent the final years of his life in marin county. every year on the anniversary of the earthquake san francisco holds a ceremony at 5:00 in the morning at lotus fountain. a man who plans that ceremony says he stood out in a magical crowd. >> a sense of humor that is wicked and dry. there is a light in the eye. there is an energy that you just
5:45 am
get from him and bill said, well, after you're thrown out of bed at 5:00 in the morning and the city is burning down around you, everything else is gravy. >> thrown out of bed as a baby. so, if he still remembered that. he grew up watching the city rebuild. in a statement the mayor says his legacy is a true reminder of how resilient our city is and represents the resilience of the people of san francisco. it's 5:45. some very serious names are saying some very serious things about the stock market. >> been rough the last few weeks to begin with. analysts from wells fargo very worried. >> they're saying we're headed for a correction, sam. take everything out of the markets and put it into government bonds. you have to figure out your own strategy, of course, but clearly there is some nervousness out there. the futures actually call for a strong opening this morning. we do have some stocks to watch. apple still below $100 a share. twitter yesterday saying to its
5:46 am
a all-time lows. energy companies like an ramon chevron are also suffering. commodity companies are getting whacked, particularly oil. great for you at the gas pump. but low oil prices costs jobs. bp just laid off 4,000 people earlier this morning. oil fell to around $30 a barrel. some experts talk about $20 a barrel. as low as it was in the '80s, no jokes from the '80s. how do you get the attention of a texas oil man. microsoft is the last day it will old virgs of its web browsers. that means if you're using microsoft internet explorer 11 or below, the company will no longer try to protect you in your web surfing from hackers. 20% of the world uses some kind of microsoft web browser. so, there's a lot of exposure out here. we use an old version of internet explorer in our newsroom. so, we are among these people
5:47 am
that need to upgrade or just change your browser. you have chrome, firefox all kinds of options. >> every time that browser picks up, it still exists. happening today, 5:47 right now. a san francisco mrig wipolitici push for change when it comes to bathrooms. david campos held a rally drumming up support for the new legislation. he wants all san francisco businesses and city buildings to dessing all sing addre address. >> going to the bathroom should not be something that actually threatens people in the city and county of san francisco. that people should not be afraid to do something as basic as actually going to the restroom. >> washington, d.c., was the first city to enact such law.
5:48 am
berkeley, new york city and philadelphia also following suit. a live look right now outside at the golden gate bridge where recent traffic issues are being blamed on a tourist hot spot that could be getting too popular for its own good. vista point in marin county has so many visitors it's creating safety issues due to daily backups on the golden gate bridge. when it's crowded. traffic on 101 across the bridge can come to a complete stop. >> it backs out on to the exit ramp and then that is essentially on to the golden gate bridge blocking the curve lane, definitely. >> some of the possible solutions out there include only allowing tour buses to use the vista point exit and shuttling other visitors from satellite parking lot. the golden gate bridge district wants a temporary permit allowing them to monitor that area during the super bowl. 5:48. happening today people in vallejo will have to steer clear of the mare island bridge. crews are putting the finishing touches on a new deck on the
5:49 am
western approach bridge. the project, which started in july of last year, is expected to be fully complete by tonight. the closure will be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weather and traffic we're adjusting to the new norms now. mike has been seeing a lot of pickups on the roads the last couple of weeks. getting to that point. we are there in terms of el nino and the wet weather coming in and three more systems. >> its to be coming in threes. three last week and three more next week and want to play the lottery? >> 13 was the power ball last week. >> had you go. all right. let's talk asbhout weather, sha shall we? el nino and lottery. maybe pick out some numbers today. doing the drawing tomorrow. it's buzzing. still talking about it. let's talk about this. you can see your storm system along the coastline right now. increase in clouds through the day and that's what we're going to see eventually cloudy skies this afternoon. showers will start to fall across the north bay as we head
5:50 am
into the afternoon and evening hours and right now comfortable, cool and nothing surprising out there. so, 40s for the most part. a little bit chillier than it was yesterday at this time. later on this afternoon, back into the-60s for daytime highs and south bay you'll be at 62 degrees and the peninsula will be looking at temperatures in the low 60s and east bay temperatures right near 60 and the closer you geet the coat to coastline, showers for the north bay. 64 today for the tri-valley. here are a look at the storm systems headed our way. thursday we've got a quick-moving storm and right on the heels of that one, we have another one and that will move into friday for saturday and after that another one for monday of next week. yeah, we're in the heart of el nino. at least the effects of it starting to be felt here across the bay area. you'll notice showers start to fall this evening once the sun goes down across the north bay. by 11:00, 12:00 widespread rain from the north bay and south bay and even the peninsula. a few rumbles of thunder in there as we head to the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, start the day.
5:51 am
areas of widely scattered showers and then we start to dry out as we head towards sunrise and the winds gusty tomorrow kind of like what we saw last week and heads up tonight winds are going to start around midnight. talking the potential of 30 to 40 miles per hour and even the potential of 50 miles per hour at the coastline. these are sustained winds and they don't show the gusts. how the wind will be sustained at least for hours at a time. keep in mind tonight and tomorrow morning, gusty winds. by 10:00 tomorrow morning the wind will subside and eventually return toal conditions. and by normal i mean not so gusty. we are talking about winter storm watch across the sierra. up to a foot and a half and maybe two feet above 7,000 feet. mike, how does it look on the roads right now? >> things will change as the repeated storms anthony keeps talking about. over here 101 shows some slowing and only right there around 680
5:52 am
ask just north of there. that is typically reserved for our first burst and that's what we're seeing right now. still have not restored back to your full commute. eases off towards the end of the year and takes a while to ease back in. next week after martin luther king day that is where we will see the big burst of traffic. moving well for the tri-valley. no delays towards dublin or pleasanton just yet and 880 just shows a little build for hayward down towards union city and that's the trend. most folks moving over towards the san mateo bridge. now, as we move up, the map will show the east bay and the north bay. the north bay no des coming across the carquinez, san rafael and bay bridge has your metering lights on and show you our camera over in emoryville. over towards the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. coming up next, president obama his final state of the union address. what we could expect from the historic event tonight. next. it's easy to get connected
5:53 am
to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. just click on the radaron the weather page and then you can zero in on our own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. only on nbc bay area:
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==laura/cu== it's going to take a lot more money andi to rescue a deled
5:56 am
at 5:55 only on nbc bay area it will take time to rescue a delayed south bay hospital project. nbc bay area that missed its public opening last september. our investigation revealed eed was no where near completion and led to the firing of turner construction. a new report shows it could take $126 million and more than a year to get that facility ready. 12 hours from now. president obama is going to deliver his final state of the union address. >> this is it. >> this video released by the white house sets the stage. tonight's speech is expected to go beyond the typical laundry list of policy proposals and, instead, reflect on the president's legacy and presidency while looking towards the future. he's expected to discuss the economic recovery and the fight against terrorism and the need to reform gun laws.
5:57 am
in fact, there is going to be an empty seat next to the first lady to represent victims of gun violence. south carolina governor nikki hayly will follow the president tonight after the gop response. in the meantime, much more on the president's state of the wrunian address, including the special guest invited to watch in person. that's coming up in a live report from washington, d.c., at 6:30. also happening today, another court appearance for sergeant bowe bergdahl. he is facing deportation charges stemming from his 2009 disappearance in afghanistan. the taliban held him captive for nearly five years. they released him as part of a prisoner swap with guantanamo bay detainees. a southern california freeway back open this morning after a small plane made an emergency landing during the heart of the evening commute yesterday. this happened on the 23 freeway in ventura county right near
5:58 am
moore park. the chp says the cars had to swerve out of the way of the plane as it was coming down. two people were onboard amazingly, no one injured. federal officials are now trying to figure out what went wrong. trying to figure out why this guy was trying to steal this. no matter how you look at it, pretty daring theft caught on surveillance video in portland, oregon. that guy is stealing a black pastel python. dozen put it in a bag or carrier. he puts it down his pants. well, he slithered away before co-workers noticed. the thief should probably be thankful it wasn't feeding day. >> yes. i think you should be very thankful about that. a little homework here. pythons will generally not attacked humans unless startled or provoked. will that qualify? still might be dancing in the streets of tuscaloosa right now, the alabama crimson tide the kings of college football.
5:59 am
they celebrated the fourth national title in seven years cementing the dynasty there after beating the clemson tigers in the national championship game. police in tuscaloosa say the celebration lasted well into the morning but very thankfully, mostly peaceful. >> body surfing. right now at 6:00, breaking news. an explosion rocks a tourist destination overseas. what we are learning about the suicide bomber behind the attack. >> i'm stephanie chuang live at the chp office in oakland where investigators are trying to track down the gunman who shot two people on interstate 80 last night hurting a 2-year-old in the process. the latest in the series of shootings. are they connected? that's coming up. a big meeting in houston will decide if the raiders stay in oakland. we'll have all those details in a live report. "today in the bay" starts now. very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
6:00 am
>> i'm sam brock. let's bring in meteorologist anthony slaughter who has been a very busy man this morning. >> in fact, watching three storms and they're watching clouds ahead of that and that's what we're looking at to date. some showers along the coastline and the north bay and that is where they will stay. the rest of us will stay dry and turn cloudy as we head into the afternoon hours. san francisco and showers for the north bay this afternoon, 59 there. east bay, peninsula, south bay, along with the tri-valley temperatures in the low to mid-60s today with a good amount of sunshine. that storm system arrives tonight and time that out to your doorstep in our next report. let's toss things out to mike. >> we're seeing more car volume and that's what we expect, but not so bad right here on the flat section. look at your map, the flat section showing green sensors coming off of 880 and 880 itself shows some slowing and things are mild there for hayward as well as


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