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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i'm sam brock. let's bring in meteorologist anthony slaughter who has been a very busy man this morning. >> in fact, watching three storms and they're watching clouds ahead of that and that's what we're looking at to date. some showers along the coastline and the north bay and that is where they will stay. the rest of us will stay dry and turn cloudy as we head into the afternoon hours. san francisco and showers for the north bay this afternoon, 59 there. east bay, peninsula, south bay, along with the tri-valley temperatures in the low to mid-60s today with a good amount of sunshine. that storm system arrives tonight and time that out to your doorstep in our next report. let's toss things out to mike. >> we're seeing more car volume and that's what we expect, but not so bad right here on the flat section. look at your map, the flat section showing green sensors coming off of 880 and 880 itself shows some slowing and things are mild there for hayward as well as pleasanton.
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not bad. this is a tuesday but we haven't seen the return of all the traffic flow just yet. after the new year it takes a couple weeks. next week is going to be heavier but right now 101 moves very well through san jose. that early burst starting to ease off and another 20 minutes more traffic down there. the bay bridge toll plaza has had the metering lights through 5:30. that's a good flow of traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. an update to breaking news. an apparent suicide bomber at a popular tourist destination kills ten people and leaves 15 others hurt. kris sanchez tracking the breaking details from our newsroom. kris, reports a suicide bomber was from syria. >> that is the claim from the turkish president who said the suicide bomber was a 28-year-old syrian national who blew himself up killing those ten people and injuring 15 others. new video of victims arriving at local hospital s tell the story
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of that chaos following the attack. among the injured are six germans. one norwegian and at least one norwegian is also among the ten dead. it's not clear at this point if there are any americans among them. there are always images that happened in the tourist district of istanbul as the bombing just happened. it was about 10:00 thinning local time there. so, folks were certainly out and about. turkey's deputy prime minister said that most of the dead were tourists in their 20s, but that there were also turks among the victims, as well. streets in the area were immediately cordoned off out of fear that this might have been the first of a coordinated attack as we saw in paris last year which ended not being the case. but now armed officers and riot police in the area and several countries including germany and denmark warning citizens to stay away from large crowds and demonstrations in turkey. u.s. ambassador to turkey writes "closely following reports of an
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explosion in sultanahmet. the foreign secretary writes "istanbul terror bombing shocking. my sympathy are with the family and friends of casualties. again, the turkish president claims that the suicide bomber was syria, but there has been no official claim of responsibility for this. >> we'll get more updates from you this morning. thank you, kris. a developing store closer to home where a gunman on the run this morning after opening fire on a busy east bay freeway. at least one bullet hit thal family's car injuring a 2-year-old boy inside. this happened last night about 8:00 in richmond. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us from chp headquarters in oakland. steph, this family was not the target of those bullets but the chp says they know who was. >> a female teenager and a man in his 20s were shot and they
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are both expected to survive, but, sam, what is troubling on top of this, this is a pattern. the fifth very similar shooting in just the last couple of months in the east bay and, so, we're talking about also people. just in the wrong place at the wrong time getting. a family of five just pulling into a gas station near 80 around 7:45 last night with three young kids getting inside when a bullet struck their car. a 2-year-old did suffer minor injuries after getting hit by the glass debris. even the chping it is stunned by the how the family escaped getting seriously hurt considering the bullet went through a window, hit a headrest and went through a second window. >> pretty miraculous that none of the occupants were hit especially with the three children seated in the back seat. they should count their blessings tonight because it was pretty miraculous. >> the last shooting before last night's happened december 17th. a man survived getting shot while in an suv on 80 in san
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pablo around 3:20 in the afternoon. pull alongside the victim and someone opening fire and then one man was killed back in november in sunol, a woman also injured in a shooting on 80 that the chp said may have been linked to a shooting the week before also on 80. the chp has not connected all the shootings but has said each of these times there were victims specifically targeted. live here at the chp office inobeland, stephanie chuang. new this morning, firefighters are at the scene of two separate fires just five blocks apart in vallejo. each happened along sonoma boulevard. at 1:30 this morning and then just 20 minutes later another fire damaged an animal hospital. this is also the second fire to strike that hospital in a month. no word on the cause of the fires or whether they suspect arson. it sounds like something you might hear on "dateline." suspicion of foul play is the reason they're reopening a
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mysterious cold case of a 14-year-old boy who disappeared decades ago. he was reportedly last seen leaving his house on knightinggale place in fremont in october of 1982 after an argument with his father. but a recent review of that case turned up inconsistent statements by some of the family members. and last month led to a search warrant for the house, which included digging up the backyard. we spoke with the neighbor who lived there when the boy vanished. >> i'm very surprised that the family is being investigated. we assume, like everybody else epit else in the community that young danny ran away. >> fremont police are not saying what, if anything, they found during the search of the house and backyard. they are putting out this age-enhanced picture of what he might look like today and asking anyone with information about his disappearance to contact fremont police.
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san jose's largest library will reopen this morning after someone fell to their death inside. it happened yesterday afternoon as dr. martin luther king jr. library on the campus of san jose stateversity. police say a person fell from the sixth floor atrium landing on the ground below. the victim died at the scene. the death is under investigation, but police say no foul play is suspected and the victim was not an employee. a man accused of setting fire to the homes of some of his closest friend expected to make his court appearance. he set fire to three contra costa homes last month over the course of a few days. investigators later determined all three targets were groomsmen who were part of his failed marriage. he denied setting those fires, but investigators say he was so upset after his marriage fell apart and his groomsmen did not support him. a live look right now at
6:08 am coliseum. a meeting taking place this morning thousands miles away. go south to los angeles. >> "today in the bay" pete at the coliseum this morning. pete, that critical vote could come as early as today. the window really only about 48 hours here. >> yeah, exactly. that is the big question. will they stay or will they go when it comes to the oakland raiders. you the big owner's meeting taking place today and tomorrow and those owners could vote by wednesday night. the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers with their plans to have that shared stadium in carson and then the st. louis rams proposing their stadium plan. all three cities subed a proposal and roger goodell asking for their team to stay in that town and all those proposals will deemed inadequate. reports that the rams and chargers could end up sharing that stadium and, of course, we'll have to wait and see. for any of the plans to pass, 24
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out of the 32 nfl owners must approve of the plan. reporting from oakland, pete soratos. in fremont crews are working to quickly fix a sinkhole that is causing headaches for drivers. new video of that roadway this morning. they've done a lot of work on it crews spent all night pouring new cement to fill up that hole. this happened not far from auto mall parkway. right now, that interremains closed. take a look at this. you can really see the difference that crews made making significant progress in just the last few hours. this is what the sinkhole looked like yesterday afternoon. it first opened up on saturday when pg&e was digging in that area and ground water started to pool and that's how that sinkhole forchl med. all right, some headaches, you say. relief headache oftentimes. some rain. >>e ed advil and rain showers.
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one of the three. >> sometimes arthritis starts to act up when low pressure moves in. that's a meteor logical thing. >> i checked the barometer. i don't know why i know that. if you have arth riting acting up today. you may know why. let's talk about weather. sunnyvale 63 today and back to the mid up toer 50s there. mostly cloudy skies for most of the day and showers are possible this afternoon in the north bay and 58 for santa rosa and 57 for napa and more sunshine for east bay and the tri-valley. storm systems lined up. the first one, that is going to arrive tonight for most of us. widespread rain after midnight and for most of us, the potential for half an inch to inch of rain as this thing moves through and comes down around midnight and gusty winds and the potential of wind gusts up to anywhere between 25 and 35 miles per hour.
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at the coast anywhere 40 to 50. as much as half an inch for the valley floor and north bay anywhere from 1 to 1.5 inch. let's talk to mike. >> the beverly hillies grammy said it didn't kick in. over here we're looking at the north bay. south bay 101 and this time every day. that's what we expect. no real slowing and nothing outstanding for your commute right now. the bay bridge, we have the backup for the metering lights and a little for richmond. let's say, in general, your commute is outstanding. a nice, easy drive for west highway 4 into concord and into livermore. look at the dublin interchange, no problem. 680 through pleasanton and biggest problem right now. show you one of the areas we just showed you on the map. the dublin area we expect to see more traffic than this.
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>> a familiar feeling of more traffic coming up. thank you very much, mike. 6:11. coming up, a part of the bay area past is gone this morning. the life and legacy of the oldest known survivor of the 1906 survivor and fire. plus, incredibly low gas prices. did you rethink buying one of those fancy electric cars? part of our living history is
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gone this morning. the last known survivor of the 19-06 earthquake and fire has part of our living history
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that is gone this morning. the last-known survivor of the 1906 earthquake and fire has died. bill delmonte, 109 years old. he was just a baby during that fire. he spent the final years of his life in marin county every year on the anniversary of the quake san francisco holds a ceremony at 5:00 in the morning. the man who plans that ceremony said delmonte stood out in a magical crowd. >> a sense of humor that is kind of wicked and dry. there is a light eye. there is an energy that you just get from him. bill said after you're thrown out of bed at 5:00 in the morning and the city is burning dound around you, everything else is gravy. >> compared to armageddon. he grew up watching the city rebuild. in a statement, mayor ed says, "his legacy is a true reminder
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of his resilient our city is and he represents the resilience of the people of san francisco." >> really nice they'll dedicate the next ceremony to him, as well. 6:16 right now. washington is pressuring carmakers to raise the mileage of the cars they sell. >> they can do that by selling lots of electric cars. something you know about, scott mcgrew. plenty on tap for consumers. >> lots of electric cars and hybrids coming out of the detroit auto show. the first plug-in minivan, by the way. several companies see the plug-in hybrids as the future. you can operate them on battery. unlimited range. now, gas prices are working against all of that because people forget why they need high-mileage cars. but gas would need to get to a dollar a gallon before it would be cheaper to use gas over electricity. ford will try a car sharing
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lease so you pool together with your friend or co-workers to lease a car together and then use a special map on your phone to reserve it. right now only available at three dealers in austin, texas. sort of a test market. one company to watch as cars get more advanced is santa clara's viddia. this company makes chips for the video game industry. chips work really well in automated cars. if you think automated cars of the future when you set aside tesla and google. it should get a lot of your attention on the stock market. other stocks we're watching carefully this morning. apple still below $100 a share and twitter sank to its all-time lows and energy companies like san ramon and on those low oil prices.
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chevron has laid off before and i don't think we've seen the end of it. >> what is interesting, scott, ookay, we'll get back to that next time. >> you'll want to see this. hey, you know we've been talking about how cold it is here, wet. but take a look at this. this is from a driver in buffalo, new york. needed more than just a little ice scraper or credit card as we use here in california to get his car running. it was parked near lake erie. a car underneath that and the waves actually splashed up over the rails. and they had sub freezing temperatures as they road in it froze over the car. >> you know, lake erie, the state by the lake. cleveland. >> they parked them there. >> don't go bear near lake erie. >> do enjoy a dry start to our day. >> temperatures there were actually in the single digits. wind chills below zero. i know that because i'm a
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weatherman. >> let's talk about some weather here. that was really exciting. i was just like, oh, my gosh. you knew it was a car, right? oh, man. what would that look like on those roads trying to get to work? let's talk about the weather here. you can see we have clouds moving on in and some showers starting to fall across northern california. the showers will arrive for the north later on this afternoon, for most of us, a dry day and we are going to see temperatures nice and comfortable. warmer than they were yesterday. 63 degrees for the south bay and 61 for the peninsula and east bay temperature right at 60 degrees and tri-valley back to the mid-60s and turning cloudy this afternoon and 57 and, again, some showers possible for the north bay. 59 degrees. here are our systems lined up this week ready to go. another one headed our way thursday night and then one on its heels that will make it way through as we move through friday and saturday. as far as the wind goes with the rain that we're expecting tonight, we're talking about gusts anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour. look at that half moon bay see gusts around 41 miles per hour as we head toward the overnight
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hours. tomorrow morning rainy, windy. keep in mind we could have some storm reports as we start moving through the morning hours and trees down kind of like what we saw last week with the strong storm system moving through. ainter storm watch post frad the sierra. if you're doing any traveling near donner summit, that is a tricky pass. keep in mind those chains would bed and talking the potential of 1.5 feet and you can see 14 additional inches and lake tahoe four to eight inches right around lake level. three more storm systems this upcoming week. tomorrow, cooler, rainy. thursday a dry day, but friday, saturday, it looks like rain continues across the bay area and that is the general trend all the way through next week. talk more about rainfall amounts and the closer look at the rainfall forecast coming up in the next report. any frozen cars, mike? >> no, anthony. we are looking over here as this is moving. all the pictures and the cars
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themselves. that is the berkeley curve mere moving very well. this west 580 off of 24 and that is the slower drive. let's look your map. the bay bridge toll plaza lights are on. bridge for richmond toward berkeley area and there's the upper, the north bay and up thor east shore freeway moving smoothly and a little build now out of cord. i'll zoom in over here to this portion of the tri-valley. we do have reports of a crash. two vehicles involved. they're both reportedly drivable and no injuries. so that should clear. but we have a little slowing for that distraction. a mild build for pleasanton and sunol and that tri-valley looking really good. a gentle build by the airport for north 101 and no problems yet. and we'll see that build, as well. we'll look over right there in palo alto. a live camera. northbound right here with the headlights southbound where we lose one lane and that the only somewhat we'll see any slowing
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because lanes coming in there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the super bowl now just three and a half weeks away. not alls a fun and games. the reason people are raising serious concerns this morning. it is easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. click on the radaron your weather page and then zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you just what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman and that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app.
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6:25 right now. super bowl l, those people got to voice their concerns at a public meeting last night. people who live around catherine hughes elementary voiced their concern about fans parking on their street ask leaving trash behind. they say it was bad during the regular season and they worry the larger super bowl crowds will be even worse. >> due to that, i have put cameras around my home because not knowing if i was going to have an undesirable come towards my home. >> the chief says they'll have extra officers patrolling that neighborhood and the biggest impact they'll see is due to road closures. starting the week before the super bowl until february 9th, hazman drive from the convention
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center. more news related to the super bowl. a ruling expected later today in the ongoing turf battle between the nfl and the youth soccer league in the south bay. the soccer fields right next to levi stadium are already being transform under to the temporary media center for the super bowl. the soccer bowl wants to claim that the city and the nfl not making good on promises to find adequate fields to play on for the time being. the nfl argues the field is the best location for media and, more importantly, security headquarters. the soccer league says it's alsoed that by the time the nfl replaces that field and the new grass grows, could be a couple months after the super bowl before kids can actually play on it. 6:26, coming up, new poll numbers just released within the last three hours or so. who is gaining ground and who is slipping in the race for the white house. the president preparing for his final state of the union address now less than 12 hours away. the reason this speech will be
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unlike those before it and any that the president has given to congress. ♪
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♪ and a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get tameo meteorologist anthony slaughter. >> don't be deceived yet. we are going to see a lot of sun that warm up back into the 60s, especially for the east bay and tri-valley along with the south bay. san francisco, the north bay, it will turn cloudy there as we head into the afternoon hours and in the north bay a few showers this afternoon, but, again, lots of sun for the south bay. 63 there, mid-60s along with the
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tri-valley. let's check in now with mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> it's going pretty well. tuesday we expected more traffic than yesterday and far still going very well. we do now see that slowing i expected to see 20 minutes ago, though. there is the berkeley curve as you make your way over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. 580, 24 slow also coming right here off of the maze. upper east shore freeway and down towards berkeley and other than that, a pretty smooth drive for this entire area where we expect to see more traffic flow and building through concord and walnut creek and the tri-valley slight build and that may be just off the roadway at a distraction that is more slowing and possibly that slow lane blocked still getting clarification from chp. in the south bay, we now have the build. 87, 85 and 101. 101 right here around capital expressway and again by the airport. so, your typical pattern kicking in. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. an update now to breaking news. the president of turkey says an
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apparented is bomber with ties to syria detonated a bomb in the very busy tourist area of istanbul killing at least ten people and hurting 15 others. this was early this morning. it happened just hours ago which is istanbul's main sightseeing area and also home to several historic sites. no word if any of the victims are american, but turkey's president said most of the victims are tourists. so far no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. our own kris sanchez is in the newsroom right now gathering all the latest information and she'll have an update for us in about 25 minutes. laura? other top stories closer to home, three people including a toddler are recovering this morning after a shooting on i-80 night. happened just before 8:00 last night on a stretch of the freeway in richmond. the chp a bullet hit a window shattering glass and injuring a 2-year-old boy. a man and teenage girl were also wounded in that shooting. they'll be fine, but officers are still looking for the gunman.
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the oakland raiders could be decided later today. nfl owners are meeting in texas this morning and are expected to vote on which teams will be given the go ahead to move to the l.a. market. that vote is expected to come some time in the next two days because the meetings wrap by wednesday night. there are reports that the owners are leaning towards the rams and chargers sharing a stadium. that would leave the raiders in oakland for now. and a historic day for president obama. tonight he will deliver his seventh and final state of the union address. the white house says tonight's speech will be different. instead of laying out a laundry list of priorities, president obama is expected to use the time to reflect on his presidency and look towards the future. tracie potts live in washington with more on what else he is expected to say. good morning, tracie. >> laura, good morning. we hear he'll touch on a lot of issues, some of which he thinks congress can deal with in this final year. passing the transpacific trade partnership and approving that agreement and criminal justice
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reform. but other things the white house says the president wants to look forward, way forward beyond his own term to give people a sense of where he thinks america may be headed. dueling videos are setting the stage for tonight's final state of the union. >> there is no next thing. this is it. >> reporter: the white house says president obama will reflect on his achievements and look ahead. >> he has an opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer term challenges that we face, and also the opportunities that exist. >> reporter: this preview from house speaker paul ryan focuses on november, the election. for the first time, ryan will be seated directly behind the president. >> i'm not a real poker face. you know, i grimace, i wince, i smile. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki hayly follows the
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president tonight. she's delivering an address, not a response. >> the reason i don't want it to be a response is because i am not one to compete against the president or imply that i could be. >> reporter: ted cruz is skipping tonight's speech to campaign in new hampshire where he served. rand paul and bernie sanders are expected to attend. and we're getting a look at who's going to be in the first lady's box tonight. student students, families, home owners, veterans and an empty chair will represent victims of gun violence. back to you. >> yeah, could be very symbolic. thank you very much, tracie. also in the first lady's box, two guests from california. one sacramento native spencer stone who helped take down a terrorist suspect on a paris-pound train last summer. the other a san bernardino man and another special guest in attendance ex-49ers head coach
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and current michigan head coach jim harbaugh and his wife. the guest of two u.s. representatives. you could watch the president's full state of the union. bring it to you live right here on nb bay area. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. staying in the political field, decision 2016. the presidential frontrunners still seem to be sitting pretty as we head in the home stretch of primary season. according to the latest nbc tracking poll in the gop race, donald trump has nearly twice the support as his closest competition texas senator ted cruz. it's 38% to 20. marco rubio sits third with 11% of possible voters. meantime, on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 15 percentage points among all democratic voters. two gop contenders getting the hook even before the next republican debate this thursday in iowa. former hp head honcho carly fiorina and kentucky senator
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rand paul have been cut from the main lineup. each has been offthered chance to take part in an undercard debate. so far rand paul's camp is saying thanks, but no thanks. seven candidates are taking the debate's main stage. investigators say suspicion of foul play is the reason that they are reopening a mysterious cold case of a 14-year-old boy who disappeared decades ago. daniel mayler was reported last seeing his house in fremont of october of 1982 after an argument with his father. but a recent review of the case turned up inconsistent statements by some family members and last month it led to a search warrant for the house which included digging up the backyard we spoke to a neighbor of them that lived there when the boy vanished. >> i'm very surprised that the family is being investigated. we assumed like everybody else in the community that young danny ran away. >> fremont police are not saying
6:37 am
what, if anything, they found during their search of the house in the backyard. they are putting out this age enhanced picture of what daniel might look like today and asking anyone with any information about his disappearance to contact fremont police. the man accused in san jose's first homicide of the year will be in court. police say maxim zhukov stabbed his father to death in their home on new year's day. then police say he left his father's body in a car in richmond. police have yet to release the motive. kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted in the streets of downtown oakland. that's what police say happened to a 23-year-old woman early sunday morning and now investigators fear this could be connected to another attack. the latest one happened when the woman was walking down broadway by 23rd avenue and that's when police say a man with a gun forced her into a secluded area and robbed and sexually assaulted her. they just released the photo of
6:38 am
the man they think is responsible and they want the public to be extra vigilant since they think he may be behind an attempted sexual assault that dates all the way back to december. a woman who sparked a new california law to help rape victims is now taking legal action against the city where she claims she was once raped. attorneys for marlo will discuss their lawsuit today. in 2010 she says a rapest drugged and attack ed her and clear up the back log that go untested by police departments. malo'sawsuit accused san francisco police of not processing her rape kit and inadequately investigating the case. a sheriff deputy shot on a high school campus. now the search for the gunman is on this morning. happened this morning at james logan high school. the off-duty deputy was volunteering for a school event when he noticed three men in a
6:39 am
blocked off area. he tried to escort them off the campus when one of the men pulled out a gun and fired. the deputy was shot in the leg and now he is expected to recover. police have a sketch of one of the men seen with the shooter. as for the gunman, police believe that he is in his late teens or early 20s. 6:39 right now. a nice start to our day as we're awaiting the sun's official arrival. if you want to get out and do something, today is the day. >> in fact, we're starting to see our sun come up over the horizon and we're looking at clear skies and no clouds across the bay and enough to get the sun on through. that is what we're waking up to as we get going this morning. a lot of the thick clouds and low clouds that we're watching that are moving up towards eureka and redding and the rain will arrive for all of us tonight. 63 for sunnyvale and a good mix and palo alot at 62 and the closer you geet the coastline, more clouds this afternoon turning cloudy and 57 for ocean beach and parts of the north bay
6:40 am
will see a few afternoon showers like santa rosa up to 59 degrees and mostly cloudy. head over to the east bay and tri-valley and temperatures close to 60 and tri-valley back to the low 60s. three storms headed our way this upcoming week and time them out to your door step and let's talk to mike and see how the roads are moving along. mike? >> westbound 580. dublin and that's not the worst of it. we'll look over towards your map and map out the crash near airway which is actually in the center divide, not the right shoulder. that's the reason why it's presenting more of a slow down and eastbound, that's all right. in that backup we may have a second crash. i got rumor of a crash there and i'll check and let you know if things develop. we do see slowing over the altamont. the bay bridge toll mrauza and t the metering lights are on. it's there and still growing. meanwhile, the south bay and
6:41 am
right here just north of our camera, let's take a look at our camera because just north of 101 at 680 outside of our camera range reports of a crash and that may be blocking one lane. this may be adding to the slow down which we see kicking in over the last three minutes. again 101 northbound a new crash in san jose. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, targeting junk food. wait until you hear what one san francisco leader wants to do. apologizes for being a potty mouth. not really for being a potty mouth. we'll take a look in business and tech.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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trying to digest the unexpected deatof fans around the world still
6:44 am
trying to digest the news of the unexpected death of music legend david bowie. the memorial growing right now in southern california at the site of bowie's star in hollywood. he died sunday after a battle wither that he kept underwraps. some fans believe that bowie embodied his out of his world. >> resource of creativity. >> as you know, bowie released last album "black star" a couple of days ago on his birthday. many are calling the lyrics, music and videos bowie's good-bye letter to fans. bowie also the name of this little chicken. a new chicken or penguin chick, i should say born at the cincinnati zoo. fans chose that name after the zoo held a contest on social media. bowie the penguin hatched on friday the birthday of a now late, great music icon.
6:45 am
big loss there. thanks so much. it is 6:34 san francisco politician will push for change today when it comes to city bathrooms. a move he is calling common sense. he held a rally on the steps of city hall yesterday drumming up support for the new legislation. he wants all san francisco businesses and city buildings to designate all single bathrooms as gender neutral. if implemented signs on the door will be changed throughout the city. >> going to the bathroom should not be something that actually threatens people in the city and county of san francisco. that people should not be afraid to do something as basic as actually going to the restroom. >> washington, d.c., was the first city to enact such a law. berkeley, new york city and philadelphia are also following suit. san francisco city leaders will also discuss vending machine junk food. "the chronicle" reports one city
6:46 am
leader does not want anyone getting their chips, candy from city property. today they will introduce new legislation to reduce in city hall, san francisco airport and the san francisco zoo. the items would have to be replaced with fruit and vegetable and low-calorie drinks. >> boj. bring your own junk. the ceo of t-mobile apologizing this morning for something that he said. >> scott mcgrew quite the foul mouth executive. >> he is. rarely apologizes. says all kinds of naughty things. video of him posted from the t-mobile website that actually has naughty words in it. official video. but during the recent video chat, he was responding to questions from san francisco's electronic frontier foundation. the eff when he said who the heck is the eff, except he didn't say heck. any competent telecommunication ceo absolutely should know who the eff is.
6:47 am
he apologized for not knowing. he said, look, by now i am a vocal animated and sometimes foul mouth ceo. i will apologize for offending eff. t-mobile doing just fine this morning. everybody is doing just fine. the dow industrials up better than 170 points. the nasdaq gaining 73. so, a rare good day on the market. microsoft says today is the last day it will support old versions of web browsers. that means if you're using microsoft internet explorer 11, which is relatively new or anything below, microsoft will no longer try to protect your web surfer from hackers. 20% of the world uses microsoft web browser. a lot of exposure out there. i just checked on our newsroom computers. we use an old version of internet explorer as our official one in the newsroom. you can either update to the newest microsoft web browser or just switch over to a firefox or a chrome. any new install would be fine.
6:48 am
>> or talk to i.t. sound like we should be talking to i.t. >> that's true. powerball jackpot is creating a new problem of sorts. i don't think the powerball players will find it so dramatic. the prize is so big the electronic lottery signs can't show you how much it is. the signs only go up to 999 immediately. they thought they were safe there. tomorrow's jackpot is expected to reach a record of $1.4 billion. that is by far and away the largest lottery prize ever. >> $999 million. >> if we win that. they showed us one and then they give it to you. >> winning so much more. >> i could take -- >> there you go. >> well, pooling our tickets together, i'm sure as many of you are, different things filling up the pool here in the bay area. >> oh, yeah. reservoirs are rising. we have more rain coming our way.
6:49 am
in fact, looking at rain andy heavy at times some the potential of thunderstorms in there, as well. even gusty winds. it will be a very active night. maybe one of those nights to make sure you the windows open. sleep with the windows open with the rain coming on down. it is so nice. but keep in mind if you live near some of those creeks and streams. we had lots of those come down last week. keep in mind the storm drains need to be cleaned out today especially once we get going with this rain. it doesn't take a lot of here in the bay area to start to cause problems. keep that in mind once we get going. tomorrow morning very wet and veriy. right now not the case. it's dry out there and starting to see the sun coming up and a good mix of sun and clouds. south bay warmer than it was yesterday. 61 for the peninsula and the east bay at 60 today and the tri-valley reaching back to the mid-60s, well. here's the thing, san francisco, 50s and north bay 50s, as well. because it will be mostly cloudy this evening as showers start to fall across the north bay this afternoon.
6:50 am
here's the storm system we're watching in the short term. two more headed our way this upcoming week this one headed our way tonight. you'll notice all day long we'll put the futurecast into motion. 5:00, 6:00, showers across parts of the north bay. by midnight tonight expect widespread rain for the entire bay area and that's when our winds will start to pick up, as well. here's a look at 4:00 in the morning widespread rain across the entire bay area. the other thing i mention, very strong winds are headed our way. tonight around midnight, you'll notice the gusts that coastline anywhere from 35 to 45 miles per hour. once you get going during the day tomorrow, you'll see the gusts reach down towards the inland valleys. up tas far as the rain and snow goes. a winter storm watch posted with this particular storm and that means we could see the potential of a foot and a half. about 7,000 feet up there for lake level we're looking that potential for four to eight inches of new additional snow.
6:51 am
now, let's time out the rest of these systems. here's the first of what will move through tonight. a break for thursday and then thursday night another fast-moving system moves in. not going to be as strong. same for friday and saturday. these both storm systems later in the week not as strong as the storm system that moves through for tomorrow but we are going to continue to add to that rainfall. in fact, we're talking about the potential of 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches for most of the bay area and we could see some parts of the north bay reach 2.5 to 4 inches and that would come with all the systems headed our way. ready for the rain. mike, how is it moving on the roads right now? >> moving well except for look over here. we talk about the 101 at the mckie off ramp and looking through the area and lights over on the shoulder and the crash has been here. i don't know if that is the location specifically. but it has moved out of the roadway and you see all the slowing and the congestion. let's look at our map and that is right there right by the scene of the crash which, again, has reportedly cleared. and the build for 101 and 87
6:52 am
through the south bay. the tri-valley the earlier crashes have cleared and not much of an issue and just a low build towards hayward and a fender bender through berkeley out of the lanes and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. palo alto for the live look and picking up the volume northbound with the headlights southbound slowing to where you get the lane loss and the squeeze in the roadway and a slowing down towards embarcadero on 101. coming up next, an update to breaking news all morning long. an explosion rocked a major tourist destination overseas killing nearly a dozen people. what we're learning about the suspected suicide bomber about the attack.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
at 6:55. an update to breaking news this morning. ten people are dead, at least 15 more hurt after a suicide bombing in a popular tourist district of istanbul, turkey. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez in our newsroom monit monitoring the story all morning long. do we know, kris, if any of the victims are american. >> we do know that nine of the ten dead are german citizens. most of them tourists in their 20s. a turkey's news agency that six other germans are also injured as is one citizen of norway and one from peru. these are the first images that happened in a tourist district of istanbul about 10:00 in the
6:56 am
morning local time. lots of folks out on the streets and the streets in the area are cordoned off and riot police in the area where once there were tourists. several countries including germany and denmark are warning citizens to stay away from large crowds and demonstrations in turkey, though tourists are vowing to stay. >> i just have one day left, but if i was staying longer, i wo d wouldn't stay. >> have to continue. >> the turkish president says that the suicide bomber that kill eed ten and injured 15 oths is a 28-year-old syrian national whose ties are now being investigated. but certainly we expect more details as the day progresses. sam? >> thank you very much. now to a developing story much closer to home where a 2-year-old boy recovering after his family's car yesterday hit by gunfire while just driving on interstate 80 in richmond. >> had to be quite frightening for them. stephanie chuang live at chp
6:57 am
headquarters in oakland. this family was not the intended target but they know who were. >> a female teenager and a man in his 20s who were both shot last night. the good news, both expected to survive. they weren't the only ones who got hurt. a family of five pulled into a gas station around 7:45 last night with three young kids sitting in the back when a bullet struck their car. a 2-year-old did suffer minor injuries after getting hit by the glass debris, but the chp saying it was miraculous no one actually got hit by a bullet. now, last night was the fifth shooting in recent months here on 80 in the east bay. the chp not saying if all of them are connected but in each shooting the victims were intended. live here in oakland, stefchuang, "today in the bay." let's turn things over to pete live at where the raiders' future could be decided as early as today. >> we're expecting the nfl
6:58 am
owners to vote on this issue during the owner's meeting taking place today and tomorrow in houston. they'll vote on two plans. the raiders and chargers proposing a shared stadium and then the st. louis rams in inglewood. he called all those proposals inqut. now, in order for any of the teams to move through and for a team to relocate to los angeles the nfl 32 owners must report on that approval. >> pete, thank you very much. in less than 12 hours president obama set to deliver his final state of the union address. tonight's speech expected to go beyond the typical laundry list of policy proposals and instead be more reflective of his presidency and also looking forward towards the future. nikki haley deliver the gop response. you can watch the whole thing right here on bc bay area, our coverage begins at 6:00 tonight. but in just a few minutes, stay
6:59 am
with us for a special edition of "today" show live from the white house. 6:58 right now. want to check in with anthony who is in for kari this week and kind of a calm day before another storm. >> yesterday it turned out to be pretty nice. we did see some sunshine and more sunshine today. it will warm up a little bit warmer into the south bay and the south bay and even the peninsula and it will be cool and cloudy, though, as we head towards the afternoon hours in san francisco and we may start to see a few showers across the north bay this afternoon. that is the one place we'll see rain tonight. >> different story this evening. the calmness on the road, kind of starting to fall. >> traffic and weather and it has been very busy in the weather center. calm in the traffic center. we're looking at a crash over on the right side. the shoulder west 80 right underneath university avenue. the build and the toll way plaza. san mateo bridge justing because of the volu
7:00 am
and it's a nice sunrise. >> that's okay. we'll give you a look at that live, nice sunrise coming up over the bay area and getting a dry day to enjoy. that's what's happening "today in the day." good morning. breaking news. a deadly explosion in istanbul's popular tourist district. at least 10 dead. 15 injured. reports it was a suicide bomber. nbc's richard engel is there live. nothing to he. sean penn defends his controversial interview with the wanted el chapo as new images emerge of his secret journey to meet the elusive drug lord and the dramatic raid that landed el chapo back behind bars. crimson pride. alabama outlasts clemson to win college football's national championship. the school's fourth title in just seven years.


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