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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is wednesday january 13th, coming up on "early today." breaking news overnight. ten u.s. sailors detained by iranian authorities have been released. new details ahead. president obama cautions the nation, hits republicans hard while sending an optimistic message as he heads into the final year. >> that is what makes me so hopeful about our future. i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. and that is why i stand here as confident as i have ever been. that the state of our union is strong. the nfl votes to relocate the st. louis rams back to
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languag los angeles. and el chapo is moved around maximum security prison so he can't be tracked. and today is the day. the world's largest jackpot ever. powerball is hours away. "early today" starts right now. good morning everyone. i'm sheba wassal trussell tab. >> iranian state tv showed these images which appeared to be the sailors, nine men and one woman being held prior to their release. their two small boats, similar to these were headed to bahrain. one developed mechanical issues and the other rendered aid. they drifted off course into the persian gulf near the farsi islands.
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>> reporter: the revolutionary guard issued a statement today saying they had released all ten american sailors. initially the revolutionary guard said they had apprehended the two vessels and the ten sailors because they were snooping around in waters and acting suspiciously. but the latest statement, an admiral from the revolutionary guard gave said after an extensive investigation they realized the u.s. vessel's navigation system had failed and they accidentally drifted into the iranian waters and their activities were not suspicious and didn't amount to any sort of espionage. he said the vessels were esco escorted out of iranian territorial waters into the international waters. the incident could have been a lot worse but i think president rouhani's administration was keen to wrap this up quickly in order tot to effect the deal.
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this could have escalated and japanese e jeopardized the nuclear deal. iran has been able to avoid that and american sailors are on their way home. but they are not on their way home without a warning from iran's army chief. he said let this be a warning to troublemakers in congress who want to impose more sanctions on iran, back to you. we the people have a loot to consider this morning following president obama's final state of the union address. the focus was on major issues facing our future and in a less obvious way the 2016 election. >> let me start with the economy. and a basic fact. the united states of america right now has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. >> last year, vice president
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biden said that with the new moon shot america can cure cancer. >> tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done and because he's gone to the mat for so many of us i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. [ applause ] for the loved ones we've all lost. for the families that we can still save. let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. what do you say joe? >> all the talk of america's economic decline is political hot air. well so is all the rhetoric you hear about americas enemies getting stronger and the world getting weaker. >> our answer needs to be more than tough talk. more than calls to carpet bomb civilians. that may work as the tv sound bite but it doesn't pass muster on the world stage.
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>> i will keep working to shut down the prison at gantt moe. it is when a mosque is vandalized or a kid is called names. that doesn't make us safer. that's not telling it like it is. it is just wrong. it is one of the few regrets of my presidency. that the ranker and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. and that's why i stand here as
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confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. thank you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> shortly after south carolina governor nikki haley delivered the republican response. >> as he enters his final year in office, many americans are still feeling the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels. we're feeling a crushing national debt, a healthcare plan that has made insurance less affordable and doctors less available. and chaotic unrest in many of our cities. even worse, we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation h seen since september 11th. and this president appears unwilling or unable to deal with it. >> today the president travels to two red states, nebraska and louisiana to sell his message. and the republican republican
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presidential candidates will have their say at the next gop debate which is tomorrow night. the jackpot for tonight's powerball has reached $1.5 billion and lottery officials expect sales to surge as the 1 p.m. eastern drawing gets closer. and even though the odds are in 1 in 292 million, how can you not play with a prize that size? jay, did you buy your first ticket? i understand you have a system to this thing here. >> i bought a ticket earlier. and i'll buy some more later. the system is to pick the right numbers. it hasn't worked out to this point. like me, tens of thousands across the country will be in markets like this one and get coffee a soft drink a snack, and also maybe a shot at more than a billion dollars. there has never been this much
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power in powerball. >> this is $1.5 billion. >> the largest jackpot ever. >> this is historical. this is something you can't wrap your brain around. >> but lines do wrap around gas stations, markets and shops across the country right now. >> crazy, everybody wanting that winning ticket. >> some even crossing the border in the six states that don't play. >> we had a phone call someone was going to be bringing up three charter buses full of people to buy lottery tickets. >> and plans to do what to do with the winnings? >> open up another business. >> or as plentiful as the number of people scrambling to get a ticket. >> i have several kids. college number one. >> buy my whole family houses. >> you could buy a nfl team. the fantasies what you could do with it. >> fueled by whatever it might take to win. >> i click my heels together
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three times. >> i've been having dreams about stuff like this. really. >> dreams, shared by million, hoping they have the six numbers that will make them all come true. >> all right. so let's talk a little bit more about those odds. 1 in more than 292 million. you have a better chance of being struck by lightning or crushed by an asteroid. i've never heard of that happening frankly. you have a better shot of being a movie star, being elected president of the united states. so getting the winning number is tough. what i'm telling you sheba is we still got a chance, right? >> we do. and with that asteroid finding that little factoid there now jay, please go in the truck. hide. >> i'm on the way. joaquin el chapo guzman is being held in isolation today.
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he's not held on the ground floor anymore. guards are moving him randomly and without warning. this is the same prison he escaped from last july through a mile long tunnel. more than a dozen police officers are are on guard at the end of the tunnel. there are plans to cover it up although right now it still remains open. and there are a plans to extradite el chapo to the u.s. to fiace trial. hoe faces charges in several states. the shirt he's wearing in this now infamous picture with sean penn is now in high demand. made by a company bald baribus. and they are sold out. the company's website even crashed from the high demand. the rams will be moving to
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l.a. next season. the chargers also have the option to move. if the chargers decline the raiders have the option to move. and their new home will be on the site of the old hollywood park racetrack in engelwood. it is projected to be ready for 2019. until then the rams will play at l.a. memorial coliseum. there you go. l.a. will finally have a football team. >> two soon. big changes. >> what's happening. >> the cold in the east and the snow. also in the west dealing with a lot of rain. new system late last night and even light rain in spokane. snow in higher elevations of the northern rockies and plain rain by 5 and northern oregon and southern washington. seattle is dry for the time being. a good soaking of rain to the south. san francisco is almost done. heavy stuff is over with.
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and now that's made it to the mountains and we're going to debt decent snow out of this tu. we don't like the storms too big but just like this. maybe another 6-12 inches in the mountains and then the next storm will come in thursday and will be similar to the last one we just had with a decent amount of rain and snow, don't look for much in the way of moisture south of santa rosa and san francisco. >> like the temperatures though. >> the temperatures aren't bad. as the mild storm so that is why the sno levels were high. >> compared to the east coast. thank you bill. >> american's intelligence director hacked. a new fall out from falling oil proiss and the latest and
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aveeno® naturally beautiful results®. time now to get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning landon. >> hi sheba. good morning, preorder nrs a new selfie drone are sky high. forbes reports total $34 million that is equal to about 60 thousand units. it is thrown into the air and follows you. recording hd video and taking high residence photos. on a tracking device so the drone knows exactly where you are at all times. >> bp is cutting about 4,000 jobs. most of the cuts will effect workers outside of the u.s. and crude prices have dropped more than 20% since new year's day, briefly falling below $30 a barrel tuesday.
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let's get you caught up on sports. >> good morning sheba. we start with major upsets. there will be a new number one in college basketball after the top ranked kansas jayhawks were easily knocked off by number 11 welfare west virginia 74-63. kansas falls to 14-2 while west virginia is 15-1. its best start since 1982 and the hits keep coming as unranked michigan playing without their leading scorer managing to take down maryland when rasheed sulaimon missed a game time three-pointer as the clock ran out. final maryland 67-60. >> and an end to the hurricanes eight game winning streak. >> and the unranked texas
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longhorns take iowa state to overtime and hold on 94-91. there will be no rematch in july. ufc president dana white says former bantamweight champion ronda rousey has requested more time off. and monty irvin dead at 86. >> just ahead one of the original ghostbusters has died. plus, what are the chances of winning the poushl? ico and got more.
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credit for forgetting in his speech and yesterday he took to twitter saying i owe them everything. and jimmy kimmel discussed the probability of winning the jackpot. >> $1.5 billion. the odds are not very good. and for some reason our local and cable news channels are obsessed with reminding of this. >> you have a better chance at dating a supermodel. >> the odds of becoming an astronaut are better. >> roughly 25 times more likely to become president of the united states. >> being hurt by a toilet. >> more likely to be categorized as the saint. >> struck by lightning and a bus at the contact -- ♪ ♪ 's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great avor effortlessly.
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leading the news on nbc florida strikes down death penalty law on friday ruling it unconstitutional. the ruling could effect appeals cases for the 400 inmates on florida's death row. and from usa today, classic olivia mund shoots down that aaron rogers engagement story. she made it clear she isn't engaged. after her mom texted her, new
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engagement? why didn't you text me first? >> fantastic. >> hackers strike again. several personal accounts of james clapper have been compromised. his e-mail, wife's e-mail and telephone. the culprit, a teenage hacker reportedly known as cracka who also hacked into the cia's personal e-mail several months ago. >> distributing bottle water and filters to residents of flint after a state of the emergency where tap water became contaminated with high levels of l
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lead. no. >> and no experience necessary, just come and cuddle. they need your help. >> a lion and tiger cub are being raised as sisters. no they would never meet in the wild. but they seem to be getting along. and raising each other will help their socialization so they can eventually be reintroduced to their own species. very very cute. now a look ahead. president obama hits the road to sell his state of the union message. first to nebraska and then to baton rouge louisiana. and happy birthday to acting heartthrob liam hemsworth who turns 26. tracy atkins is 54 and jewel la louis-dreyfus is 55. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm sheba russell. thanks for watching "early
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today." have a wonderful wednesday. a nearly 14-hour saga for a man
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stuck 10-feet underground in oakland. but finally, overnight...resc . a nearly 14-hour-long saga for a man stuck ten feet under ground in oakland. finally overnight, rescued. the team effort to take him out of a trench. plus, here we go again, wet weather washes over the bay area. one part of the region will see the biggest bump. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we saw raindrops on the camera lens. meteorologist anthony slaughter here with your micro climate weather alert. >> some of the heaviest moving across the santa cruise mountains, isolated


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