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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a nearly 14-hour saga for a man stuck 10-feet underground in oakland. but finally, overnight...resc . a nearly 14-hour-long saga for a man stuck ten feet under ground in oakland. finally overnight, rescued. the team effort to take him out of a trench. plus, here we go again, wet weather washes over the bay area. one part of the region will see the biggest bump. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we saw raindrops on the camera lens. meteorologist anthony slaughter here with your micro climate weather alert. >> some of the heaviest moving across the santa cruise mountains, isolated sells across
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san francisco. we're tracking cells across san francisco. we've had wind gusts over the last couple hours. san francisco airport reported wind gusts -- half moon bay close to 30 miles per hour. you get into the inland valley, san jose, 25-mile-per-hour gust in the last hour. it is going to be gusty and the rain is still with us. we'll continue to see bouts of showers this morning. we'll have elevations in the bay area. calmer as far as the winz go. 101 shows soupy conditions through the light traffic flow.
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careful out there. dublin will show the 580, we have scattered crashes around the bay. nothing major. no major flooding, but lots of reports of the outer lanes of freeways, we'll point those out in particular. i wanted to show you the soupy conditions. be careful, folks, back to you. >> a lot of folks will want to eyeball weather conditions in their neighborhoods. for that, download our nbc bay area app. you can download the app from the apple app store. 14 hours later and finally a successful rescue. a man stuck down a trench in oakland since yesterday afternoon was pulled out safely just hours ago. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live where this unfolded. this was a complicated mission and for a number of reasons. >> reporter: just consider the fact that that man was trapped between the time most of us had lunch, then dinner, then went to bed, ten feet under ground.
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as he was pulled out, he was in good spirits and happy to be headed to the hospital. these are the moments as he was able to be pulled out by oakland and alameda county fire crews. they pulled the man out who was trapped more than half a day after he fell in. that man was a contractor with star rooter and plumbing working on the sewer line in front of this house when the trench collapsed around him. he was ten feet below ground, waist deep in mud and clie. the fire chief says the problem was the worker was trapped in a hole within a hole that kept caving in. >> every time we moved sand, more sand came on top of him or around him. his feet were caught in the clay. so we had to keep shoring down. >> i want to say thank you, police department, paramedics, i
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want to say thank you to everybody. >> reporter: that was the foreman on the job. he say it is man who was pulled out was in good spirits, he got some pain medication before heading to highland hospital. hopefully he'll be in good spirits. we'll talk to him today. here at the scene in front of the house, there's a big steel plate over the hole. at some point we'll have to repair. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. another black eye for the clan nara county bay area sheriff's department. santa clara police arrested benjamin lee early sunday morning after someone reported a disturbance between an employee and drive-through customer. lee was arrested for dui and pulling a gun on that employee. the union vice president for santa clara county deputies says
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this behavior is unacceptable. >> we do expect appropriate action will be taken after all the facts are determined. >> it's unclear if the gun was lee's service weapon. she now on administrative leave. santa clara police are investigating and the sheriff's office will hold an internal vicks. we heard from kris earlier. s she had the hood up, the umbrella out. >> it's very light. as you get going this morning, you'll notice a lot of stuff is not as treacherous as we've seen, at least especially last week. we have cells across parts of the east bay. a very heavy cell moving over oakland right now. i want to track this to your doorstep. you can see the cell right over the oakland area. it is moving off towards the northeast. so places like concord will see this actually over the next half hour and also places like b
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pleasanton hill and walnut creek at least by 454. right now skies are wet, rain falling across the bay area. lots of clouds in place. we will see sunshine with that rain giving way to sun later this afternoon. more thunderstorms possible this afternoon. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's talk to mike to see how the roads are moving. >> water hitting the lens here. oakland 880 north from 92 past the coliseum, southbound you can see the water kicking up. there you go. very slick conditions. anthony talking about the rain having fallen. we have reports for minor flooding for off-ramps 880 at market. be careful, your usual suspects. over here at 238, a car spun out a couple of times before it went off the roadway. chp will check to see if they need any help. up next, u.s. sailors held
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captive after crossing into iranian waters. >> the possible reason behind their detention in the first place. the final state of the union for a history making president. when we're in an nbc bay area micro climate weather alert, we've made it very easy to get the latest information on your smart phone. just click on the bar that says weather alerts and you'll get the information you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. breaking news in iran: =sam/ots=
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just a couple of hours ago -- the country released all ten breaking news from the middle east, specifically iran. a couple hours ago the country released all ten u.s. sailors they've been holding. these are new photos of the sailors released by iran's state news agency. iran's revolutionary guard says the ten u.s. soldiers were caught while the united states was conducted military maneuvers in iranian waters. the u.s. navy says one of the two boats iran captured had broken down and drifted into iran's waters. the other boat came to its rescue when both were sieged. the pentagon says there's no indication the sailors were harmed. president obama delivered his seventh and final state of the union address before a joint session of congress. instead of delivering a list of proposals, he talked about his
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achievements over the past seven years. the challenges of the future and the upcoming election in november. the president also touched on four maj oish use he said america must address over the next decade, including climate change, national security, divisive politics and the economy. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> i heard the president's words. i just wish we would convert to action what the president said. >> democrats called the president's speech inspiring. republicans say it fell short. president obama will speak at the university of nebraska today before heading to baton rouge, a city he's never visited as president. at 4:41, president obama also unveiled a new cancer initiative. >> let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> okay. that sounds like a good idea.
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the announcement seemed to catch the vice president a little bit by surprise. he turned to house speaker paul ryan and said, quote, news to me. mr. biden's office posted information online about the plan. it says it will work with doctors, patients and the government. as you may know, the vice president lost his son to brain cancer last year. 4:42 right now. we'll be right back.
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coming up on quarter to 5:00, you see a micro climate
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weather alert. you decided to wear red just to drive the point home. >> that's right. >> we do have that alert in place because we have heavy rainfall across parts of the bay area. we're not done just yet, even though you step outside, it's barely coming down. we're still looking at rain across the radar. in san jose right now it's pretty light. you can see that from our camera. as you get going up across the inner bay, especially in oakland, a pretty heavy cell moving on. heavy showers across the coastline. showers will continue to form as we head through the morning hours into the afternoon. we talk about moving into oakland hills right now. you can see where it's headed toward concord. eventually in plil. there's another one down there as well. so we've got two that will make their way onshore in the next half hour. this one headed towards san
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francisco and pacifica. you'll see that in pacifica around 5:17. even though you step outside, it's not raining overly hard, but coming through the santa cruz mountains and higher elevations it's really coming down. later your highs will be cool with a few more showers even into the afternoon, back into the mid 50s across the entire bay area. we have several more storms to get through the upcoming week. one for thursday night and another for friday and saturday. we'll talk more about these storms and how they'll impact us through the upcoming week. let's toss things over to mike to see how it's looking on the roads. >> looking towards snai, a droplet on the lens. you see the water kicking up, 101 in san jose. he was talking about santa cruz mountains and chp gave an advisory saying the conditions are very slick and tough to see at times. you see the green highlights and blotches around. that's where you're likely to see leftover ponding.
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the camera right about there. that's the least of it for the south bay. meanwhile we move up and you still see the same conditions all around the bay. 238 just off 580, we have reports of a car that spun around several times. that's from someone who saw it happen. we're tracking that across the eastshore freeway and the berkeley curve. google is on the hunt for partners for cell driving cars. >> landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. >> it's good thing itself drives. stocks could be set for another positive day after the market rose for a second straight session on tuesday, breaking a nine-day losing streak, the longest since 2008. crude briefly falling below $30
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a barrel yesterday. it is trading higher this morning. the dow rising 117 points to 16,516, nas nasdaq up to 4686. u.s. government officials say the obama administration will announce efforts to boost self-driving cars. currently there is no legal framework governing autonomous vehicles. tech companies have called on regulators to clarify rules partly out of a concern. an accident with a self driving car could lead to costly lawsuits. google the seeking partners to bring their self driving car to the market. google doesn't want to build the cars, but find technology to help them safely navigate the streets. >> landon, if it makes you feel any better, i think i had to go through two, maybe three road tests. if you're telling us we don't want to be in the car with you -- >> both of you, i'm driving.
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happening right now, powerball madness in overdrive as americans everywhere gobbling up tickets dreaming about being the next billionaire. the latest estimates put jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing at $1.5 billion. you heard that correctly. we've heard the bods by now. your chances aren't that good. that's a gross understatement. but that cannot stop anyone with a ticket from at least having a dream. >> well, i have seven kids, so college, number one. >> i could buy my whole family houses. >> it's one of those things where you can buy an nfl team. >> you can buy the raiders and keep them in town. here is a powerball stat you may not know. six states don't offer powerball. we're hearing people who live in those states are going by the busload to neighboring states to buy their ticket. if movie history is your
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thing, here is a listing for you for the powerball money. the pennsylvania home from "the silence of the lambs" where buffalo bill lived, a quarter million dollars. hannibal lector eventually led clarice to buffalo bill's lair. >> nothing haunting at all about that. one man on the lamb in ohio. he was done in because of his own vanity. >> it all started two weeks ago with a mugshot released for donald hugh. the photo didn't suit his style. so he texted police with a selfie saying here is a better photo. the story went viral down to florida where people recognized him. police arrested him yesterday.
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now hugh has plenty of time to admire his own photo behind bars. up next, will they stay? will they go? will they play? the drama of the raiders and the quest of the nfl. we'll sort out all the plays being made in a tug of war for the team.
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hope you brought your umbrella. >> definitely umbrella and all things dry. >> the rain is still coming down in most of the bay area. not as heavy as it was an hour or so ago. we are finding a few isolated cells across the bay that can produce downpours coming through concord, over near 680 that
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corridor, pleasant hill. widespread rain across the santa cruz mountains. we'll continue to track this this morning. take it easy on the roads. mike is tracking the roads. >> i saw flashing lights and a couple of squad cars heading westbound 80 and making their way toward the maze. lost track of them in the maze, but nothing reported in the vicinity. we'll track oakland and berkeley and watch for anything. so far the traffic maintains a smooth, steady space. eastbound away from the bay bridge, reports of a crash there by the scan. that was the same camera that didn't see any problems. 280 we have reports of a crash there, minor flooding all around the east bay. >> a roller coaster of emotions for raiders fans. that's what it's been the last several months. last night nfl owners voted on the team and allowed to rekate into southern california. here is the deal. the rams are in, the chargers a maybe, the raiders are most certainly staying put in
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oakland, at least for now. the league gave the green light for the rams to build the stadium in inglewood. the chargers have until january of next year to decide if they'll join the rams in inglewood. if the chargers bow out, the raiders have an option to move down south for the 2017 season. in the meantime, the nfl will give the raiders an additional $100 million to try to work out a stadium deal here in oakland. owner mark davis was non-committal. >> we'll see where the raider nation ends up here. we'll be working hard to find us a home. that's what we're looking for. so for our fans and everything else, don't feel bad. we'll get it right. >> we recognize the clock is ticking, that this opportunity will not last forever, so we will treat it as such. >> mayor schaaf hopes the city is given a full year to fig ourout what she calls, quote, a complex puzzle. >> the biggest winners in the saga are bay area raiders fans.
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>> there ain't going to be another place that's going to show raiders the love they have at home. oakland is home for the raiders. they left one time and had to come back. that's not a coincidence to me. >> the raiders represent everything about people in teeft bay, being the underdog, coming from nothing to something, over coming everything. >> fans also say they hope to finally put all this behind them and get a stadium built in oakland to ensure the team never leaves again. to hear more reaction from raiders owner mark davis, head to or download our free app. continuing coverage and a big win for the nfl. a judge ruled the league sal loud to have a temporary media center for the upcoming super bowl on soccer fields right next to levi stadium. santa clara cocker league says the city went back on promises to find other fields for them to use. the earthquakes offered their own field, but they're not sure they can handle all 200 games.
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fighting mother nature in a trench collapse. rescue workers in oakland, among 30 of them needed all the resources and teamwork to unhook a man stuck ten feet under ground in oakland. >> after drying out from heavy round of rain, version 2.0 starts. a live look of san francisco getting rain. anthony will have more on the wet weather timeline as we get ready to step outside your door. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. sam/live and that rescue only made . the bauer ball making history, $1.5 billion and growing. i'm stephanie chuang in fremont. why players want to come to this location. >> an east bay plumber felt like he hit jackpot after firefighters were finally able to pull him out of a ten-foot trench where he was sometimes waste deep in mud and sewage. the dramatic moments of his rescue coming up. >> that rescue only made harder as rain pelts part of the bay area overnight and into the
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morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're under a micro climate weather alert this morning. the rain is coming down in many parts of the bay area. let's look at live radar right now. it's been pretty active. look at all that green, just as our commute is getting under way. >> we have team coverage on the storm. we start with meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking the system's path. >> the storm is moving through and heavy stuff is making its way through parts of the east bay and the peninsula. we'll show you the rainfall amounts we've seen thus far. the presidio, oakland, close to half an inch there. in the east bay, you'll notice lighter amounts. we are still watching heavy rain push through the air ba. san martin, monterey, santa cruz, looking at heavy rain there. less than a q


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