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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're under a micro climate weather alert this morning. the rain is coming down in many parts of the bay area. let's look at live radar right now. it's been pretty active. look at all that green, just as our commute is getting under way. >> we have team coverage on the storm. we start with meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking the system's path. >> the storm is moving through and heavy stuff is making its way through parts of the east bay and the peninsula. we'll show you the rainfall amounts we've seen thus far. the presidio, oakland, close to half an inch there. in the east bay, you'll notice lighter amounts. we are still watching heavy rain push through the air ba. san martin, monterey, santa cruz, looking at heavy rain there. less than a quarter inch.
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you can see the storm system is still moving over the bay area. as i mentioned, some of the heavier cells approaching half moon bay, pacifica, talk more about the track of these storms as they move through and when we'll see our next bout of rain. let's talk to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> looking at the effect of the wind. not necessarily always a steady wind. you can see it on our emeryville camera. we'll talk about slick conditions and gusts here. we'll look at the san mateo bridge where the high-rise is a factor. the camera on the hayward side steady. standing water. look at your map, we have spinouts reported, san francisco, 280, off mariposa. another at highway 24 in orinda. standing water can be a factor.
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>> you can stay ahead of the weather conditions in your neighborhood by downloading the nbc bay area app. you can download the app from apple ap store or from google play. breaking overnight, a dramatic 14-hour-long rescue finally coming to an end. this as crews pull out a man stuck in a trench since yesterday afternoon. >> "today in the bay's" chrkris sanchez live where this all unfolded. this was a very complicated mission for rescue crews. >> reporter: right, complicated by the fact that the man fell from one hole into another hole into an old piece of infrastructure. it was raining and the street is on a slant. all that rain pouring right into the hole where the man was trapped, sometimes wasist deep n the mud. we got video of when the man was pulled back into the sidewalk. he probably felt like he hit jackpot. he was trapped for more than a half day after he fell.
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that man was a contractor with star rooter and plumbing working on the sewer line in front of this house in oakland when the trench collapsed around him. the man was ten feet below ground, waist deep in mud and clay. one foot was really stuck for a while. the fire chief says the worker was stuck in a hole within a hole that kept caving in as they tried to dig him out. the foreman on the job says the man is very grateful rescuers were able to get him out. >> every time we moved sand, more sand came on top of him or around him and his feet were caught in the clay. we had to keep shoring down to get his feet release zbld want to say thank you, police department, paramedicals, i want to say thank you. >> reporter: what more can you say other than thank you? the man after 14 hours had pain medication he took and he headed directly to highland hospital where he expected he is.
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the home here and the sewage line is still here, however, there is a steel plate covering it with caution tape all around. all those workers will have to come back to work today not knowing exactly how to proceed next. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> no doubt they'll have structural engineers out there. police are looking for whoever shot two people including a bystander in san francisco's mission district. according to the examiner, someone got out of the car at 14th and and shot a man nearby. it might be gang related. police have yet to release any description. theresomeone used primer onn utility boxes. you can still make out some of the artwork here.
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local volunteers painted them with all different images. now the san jose city council is putting up $5,000 to catch whoever painted over there. >> happening now, millions across the country are waking up with six numbers or more. >> lucky number 13 perhaps? it's powerball wednesday with a record jackpot with $1.5 billion on the line. >> today in the babe's stephanie chuang getting a jump start on the line. she's live at what is said to be a very lucky 7-eleven in fremont. tell us why. >> reporter: this is where there was a winner for the last drawing matching five of the numbers, but the not-so-lucky powerball 13. the sign still reading $999 million, but it's $1.5 billion. they don't start selling until 5:30. i checked. the prize is likely to grow with clouds still trying to pick their lucky numbers. it stands at $1.5 billion or
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$938 million if you take the cash lump sum. you can match five white balls in any order, get $1 million in tax. that's what happened at this store in fremont. any time you match the powerball, you win some sort of prize. people are trying their luck in the bay area even if they're not very confident about their chances. >> when you get down to it, for the odds you have into it, a lot of times you're better off playing something else. but who knows? someone's got to wind. i can't think of a better person to win than myself. >> reporter: me neither. it's not just the players that are excited, but stores with the winning ticket get a cut. this one here gets .5% because of the win from the last drawing. this starts at 5:30 in the morning. you can start buying the tickets. laura and sam, you have until
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7:00 tonight. back to you guys. >> what are you doing right now? >> anthony was off camera was saying what else could you pay. i was saying craps, slots, penny slots. >> penny slots? you are a big gambler, my friend. >> back to our micro climate weather alert. >> that's right. a live look outside san jose, san francisco. the area is getting hit with another -- >> we're seeing rain totals start to pick up. let's turn to meteorologist anthony slaughter with the latest conditions. >> we're trying our luck this morning, no penny slots. we're looking at heavy rain pushing through. you could see the rain coming down across parts of concord. that's where we had a pretty decent cell move through, walnut creek as well. we have more cells racing through the peninsula. i want to put a track on these.
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over the peninsula right now. half moon bay, pacifica. i want to show you where they're headed. there you can see we'll move this right over where it's headed towards -- you can see hayward. it will be there. in redwood, around 5:14rks that's the heaviest of what we have right now. the wind is very gusty this morning as well. especially higher elevations. talking gusts up to 40 miles an hour. half boone bay near 30 and san jose 25 miles per hour. as we move through the day, the wind will start to subside and we'll see a little sunshine as we head toward lunchtime and more thunderstorms this afternoon. temperatures in the mid 50s. >> everybody is paying attention to your report. so am i. looking at the lens, that water hitting the lens. slick roadways in san jose. the volume is light. we'll look at the maps.
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the green is the road weather index indicating wet roadways. all over the green highlighting is wet there. santa cruz mountains getting gusty conditions as well. patches along the bay, minor spinouts reported. a live shot of dublin. and case of why we watch the slick conditions. up next, laying out his final plan. the vision president obama outlined in his final state of the union address. big trouble again. we'll take a look at business and tech. breaking news overseas, ten u.s. sailors that were detained by the iranian government. breaking news in iran:
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=laura/ots= just a couple of hours ago -- the countryreleasen u-s sailors it had been holding. =vo= these are new photos of the sailors just released by breaking news in iran. just a couple hours ago the country released all ten sailors released by iran's state news agenc agency: the navy says one of the boats had broken down and drifted into iran's waters. and the other boat came to its rescue. the pentagon says there's no indication the sailors were harm
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harmed. "today in the bay's" tracie potts from capitol hill with more on the historic state of the union speech and where the president is headed. >> literally headed to nebraska. members of the cabinet are fanning out across the country in more than two dozen states trying to sell ideas that optimism that the president talked about last night. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> reporter: even with millions still struggle, president obama says america's economy is strong. 14 million new jobs, the auto industry's best year. on terror, he defended his fight against isis. >> if you doubt america's commitment or mine to see justice is done, just ask osama bin laden. >> he's asking congress to approve the transpacific trade
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deal, lift the embargo against cuba. he did not mention captured u.s. sailors just released this morning. he repeatedly slammed donald trump's idea of a ban of muslims though not by name. >> we need to reject any policies, any policies that target people because of race or religion. it's wrong. >> reporter: south carolina gaf nor nikki haley criticized broken promises but admitted her party contributes to washington's dysfunction. >> there is more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that truth. >> democrats called the president's speech inspiring. republicans say it fell short. >> i heard the president's words. i wish we would convert to action what the president said. >> reporter: today the president leaves washington to spread his optimism to a divided nation. that starts today in omaha, the
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president speaks at the university of nebraska. heads to baton rouge, louisiana. those are a couple cities he has not visited since he's been in office. back to you. >> thanks so much, tracie. a watch party gathered in san rafael to watch the state of the union. supporters say they heard his call for fairness. >> big appeal to citizens. i think that's important. >> some are already working for change by collecting signatures to qualify the voters right to know act, hoping to shine a light on money in politics. the head of national security has now been hacked. >> apparently by the same teenager who hacked the director of the cia. scott mcgrew talked about public enemy number one. >> the same hacker who got into the personal accounts of the director of the cia say he got
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access to the personal accounts of james clapper, head of national intelligence nks not the work accounts, but the accounts you and i have. stuff like a home phone account, the personal e-mail that comes with your internet connection, that kind of thing. the hacker did his work mostly through social engineering convincing the phone company, for instance, to forward phone calls so they never went to clapper's house. we don't think the director of national intelligence uses yahoo! mail to connect to the office, but then again, we didn't think the secretary of state did either. voeks wag gaen is in extra, extra trouble, vw you'll recall was caught cheating on air standards. diesel cars emit 40 times the pollutants allowed and vw engineers designed them that way. the ceo will meet the e.p.a. and
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california officials leaving the question what happens now? if there's no recall -- if they're not able to renegotiate, vw will pull millions of cars off the road permanently. let's check news before the bell with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> stocks could be set for another positive day after the market rose for a second straight day. the nasdaq breaking a nine-day losing streak, its longest since 2008. oil prices are still in focus. crude briefly falling below $30 a barrel. trading higher this morning. the dow rising 117 points to 16516. the nasdaq up 18 to 4686. both hasbro and disney are adding moret-inspired toys. ray is the lead character
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leading to the #whereisrey. executives say they plan to introduce rey because the rep upon rey uses is a bit of a spoiler. are we past spoilers now? >> i didn't see it yet, so don't tell me. >> is that a lightsaber you're wielding over there? >> possibly. >> whose lightsaber? >> keilar wren. >> i feel so out of the loop right now. we're hearing a lot about the rain obviously because it's a micro climate weather alert in effect right now. we're watching cameras and they're yanking all over the place. >> they're moving. >> you know you step outside this morning and you may not be raining hard where you're at right now.
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don't be deceived. that's the small caveat this morning. you may think it's all over. we have thunderstorms rolling through and very gusty winds. let's take a look outside. our san bruno cam, makes you a little nauseous, have to look away. you can see even in san francisco. winds gusted this morning up to 40 miles an hour at san francisco airport. we've had heavy rain as well. san rafael up to an inch already. santa rosa close to an inch as well. berkeley a little less than .75 inch. san francisco, you've got a quarter inch as well, dublin lesser amounts there, downtown san jose, .400 inch so far. that's -- close to .75 inch across santa cruz mountains. we have cells racing through the inner bay right now. you can see where it's headed towards, right over the inner bay. it's expected to move into
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hayward shortly and over towards dublin and danville. danville, you'll see this rain by 5:47. we have another cell that will continue to make its way to the northeast. you'll get a very -- very heavy burst of rain and it will clear out. this cell headed towards dush lynn and toward union city. by 5:36, union city, livermore, right near 6:01. we have cells moving into the south bay. los gatos seeing showers. this is headed into the silicon valley in the next 15, 20 minutes this afternoon, we'll clear out and more rain is expected, but the winds expected to die down as well. >> getting more traffic flow. with the rain coming in, anthony talked about heading toward 880,
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union city. you see the camera shaking, this rooftop camera 13 floors above the roadway and mounted securely. we'll look at your map through the area. we don't see a lot of problems as far as the roadways go. we've seen spinouts for 24. over in san francisco, reports of minor roadway flooding. right around 101 and 280. slick conditions and even though the traffic is just starting to build up, we're seeing reports early on with more cars in the road. here at north 17 and 85, we have reports of another crash. car went off the roadway, we'll give you a live look at palo alto. looking atwater kicking up behind the larger trucks. back to you guys. >> definitely will be a problem later this morning. up next, a tragedy that could have been prevented. what one pg&e employee is revealing about the deadly san
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bruno pipe explosion and the details she said she knew before it happened. happening today... ==topvo==
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the vexing problem of algae blooms will be the focus of a meeting in san francisco. the condition has been a big challenge during the happening today, the algae blooms have been a big challenge and may be a byproduct of el nino. it's left sea lions suffering brain damage. the crackdown on this year's
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dungeness crab season closed some lakes. bay water leaders are trying to develop a statewide strategy to combat blooms in the future. testimony from a whistle-blower reportedly will be one of the key elements for prosecutors when pg&e defended itself in court on violations tied to the san bruno explosion in 2010. that trial was expected to start in march in federal court and centers around pipeline safety violations tied to the explosions and accusations that pg&e obstructed a federal investigation. according to the chronicle, a consultant told prosecutors she was or considered by the company to destroy documents and that she found evidence in the garbage. pg&e right now faces monetary damages that may reach have a billion dollars. 5:25. continuing coverage and a big win pour the nfl. a judge ruled the league is allowed to have a temporary media center on soccer fields next to levi stadium for the super bowl.
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the santa clara youth soccer league say the city and nfl went back upon a promise to find other fields for the crews to use t. san jose earth quakes has offered its field but not sure if they can handle the estimate 20d 0 games the kids will play. a daring trench rescue comes to a dramatic end finally. rain pelts the crews, the overnight efforts to free the man waist deep in dirt. did you get your powerball ticket yet? the mad dash to find the winning numbers as jackpot continues to pour over this morning.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. ==laura/anim== first-- we're good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're in a micro climate weather alert. winds can be held from san jose. some storms headed our way as we take a live look at that doppler radar right now. look at that. very active. >> we have team coverage to help you get out the door, from flood concerns to how it's impacting the morning commute. first, we start with meteorologist anthony slaughter with a look at areas hit worst right now. anthony, what's the radar showing you. >> you just saw the radar lit up. i was checking some of the wind reports in the past half hour. we've had a wind gust in los gatos at 64-mile-an-hour gusts,
5:30 am
up at about 1,800 feet. snn cruz mountains close to 50 miles per hour. you can see the oakland hills up to 36, even half moon bay looking at gusts. san jose seeing wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. it's not overly gusty, but the higher up you go, you have to hang on to the steering wheel. we have heavy showers moving through the east bay near danville, east ramon. another cell moving into the peninsula. palo alto you'll see it shortly near los altos. in the south bay, another heavy cell moving into los gatos. right now you'll notice the sky cams shaking around. let's talk to mike for a check ton roads. >> looking good, but wet as you're talking about. another morning where we warn folks about the speeds, slow down more than you think you have to. it's not so crowded. west 92, san mateo bridge.
5:31 am
you can catch a glimpse of a good-sized puddled over there. as the roadway crests in the middle, you'll get flooding on either side, middle lanes and far outside lanes. the center lanes of the freeway are the better ones for you to travel. spinouts reported in the morning through oakland, san francisco. the off-ramps are the biggest suspects right now. santa cruz mountains, gusty. in dublin, look how slick the off-ramps can be. >> let's turn to palo reyes. how are things looking in san jose? >> good morning. so far not raining too hard. but things could change in low lying area, this area tends to flood. urban flooding is a concern.
5:32 am
drivers should use caution. roads will be slick. there's no major flooding forecast, small creeks and streams could overflow causing urban flooding. interstate ramps and low lying areas are always of concern. be careful when you head out the door this morning. so far, like i said, things looking good. be ready for anything once you head out the door. back to you. >> fairly dry for now. we'll be check back with you. thank you very much. you can stay ahead of the weather conditions in your neighborhood by downloading the nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to find live doppler radar. 5:32. breaking overnight, 14 hours later and finally a successful rescue. a man stuck down a trench in oakland since yesterday afternoon was pulled out safely just hours ago. >> look at all that rain they had to deal with in the process. "today in the bay's" kris
5:33 am
sanchez is live where the dramatic rescue unfolded. it was a complicated mission. we mentioned the rain. there were infrastructure issues and that's not all. >> reporter: right. as you mentioned, he was ten feet down under ground. sometimes waist deep in mud and clay stuck to his feet. as all that was happening, rescuers were trying to dig him out. more sand and mud was pouring into the hole. these are the moments when oakland and alameda county fire officials hit jackpot pulling that man out more than 14 hours after he got trapped. imagine that. he was trapped between lunchtime yesterday and just a few hours ago. that's how long he was there. the man is a contractor with star rooter and plumbing who was working on the sewer line here in oakland. the fire chief says the man was stuck in a hole within a hole that kept caving in. as they tried to dig the worker out, the foreman of the job says the whole crew was waiting and
5:34 am
hoping everything would be okay. >> every time we moved sand, more sand came on top of him or around him. his feet were caught in the clay. we had to keep shoring down to get his feet released. >> want to say thank you, police department, paramedicals, i want to say something for everybody. >> reporter: there were dozens of firefighters who helped in the rescue both from oakland and alameda county. the plumber did get pain medicine on the scene and then he was trance posported to high hospital which fortunately is right here in the neighborhood. how the work will proceed on this open sewage line, we'll have to wait and see how that works out today as the rains continue. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. 5:34. more criticism on the santa clara county sheriff's office. a bay area deputy is facing charge z after he allegedly pulled a gun on an employee at a jack-in-the-box restaurant.
5:35 am
benjamin lee was arrested after someone reported a disturbance between an employee and drive-through customer. how this all started, that's unclear. lee was arrested for dui and pulling out a gun on that employee. the union vice president for santa clara county deputies says the behavior is unacceptable. >> we do expect appropriate action will taken after all the facts are determined. >> it is unclear if that gun was lee's service weapon. he is right now on administrative leave. santa clara police are investigating. the sheriff's office will hold an internal investigation. a roller coaster of emotions this morning as we take a live look at coliseum. here's the deal. the rams are in, the chargers are a maybe and the raiders are staying put in oakland at least for now. the league gave the green light
5:36 am
for the rams to build a stadium in inglewood. chargers have until january of next year to decide if they will charge the rams. if the chargers bow out, then the raiders have the option to move south for the 2017 season. in the meantime, the nfl will give the raiders an additional $100 million to work out a stadium deal in oakland. owner mark davis was non-committal. >> we'll see where the raider nation ends up here. we'll be working hard to find us a home. that's what we're looking for. so for our fans and everything else, don't feel bad. we'll get it right. >> we recognize the clock is ticking, that this opportunity will not last forever. so we will treat it as much. >> that's oakland mayor libby schaaf who is hoping the city is given a full year to figure out what she calls a complex puzzle. the biggest winners in this stadium saga are really these guys, the bay area raiders fans. >> there ain't going to be
5:37 am
another placehat's going to show the raiders the love they have at home. oakland is home for the raiders. they left one time and had to come back. that's not a coincidence to me. >> the raiders represent everything about people in the east bay, being the underdog, coming from nothing to something, over coming everything. >> fans also say they hope to finally put this all behind them and eventually get a stadium built in oakland to ensure the team never leaves again. to hear more reaction from raiders owner mark davis, head to or download our free app. the black hole still open for business. meantime, laura, back to our top story, a micro climate weather alert. you see all that green blanketing the bay area as a storm brings storm wind and rain across the region. a live look at the golden gate bridge. a little slick, you can see spots under the lights as the commute gets under way. let's turn to meteorologist anthony slaughter for the latest
5:38 am
on the storm's path. >> this just the first of several storms this week. >> yes. some places haven't seen much rain. lafayette, burlingame, berkeley, but the cells that moved through within the last half hour pumped our totals up to over .5 inch in berkeley, even walnut creek had virtually nothing and now you're close to .4. we have heavy rain pushing into the south bay right now as we speak. once we check back with our reporter, it probably will be raining across the south bay. the east bay moving through the 680 corridor, near livermore. fremont starting to see the heavier showers towards palo alto. here is the cell starting to move into saratoga. put a track on this and you can see where it's headed in the next few minutes, near san jose. we'll track this as it continues to move on through.
5:39 am
heads up for south bay computers. heavy rain moving in right now. mike, how saturday looking on those roads? >> we'll check with our camera. so far we're seeing those conditions, the wind shaking the camera for emeryville. that will be the case across the bay bridge. the metering lights were just turned on, so we're able to make out the pattern, moving after they get the green light up the incline. we have a smooth drive ton approaches, although west 24 continues with a slower drive. an earlier spinout, it looks like one lane is blocked as you head toward the caldecott. green highlighting around the bay shows you the wet roadways around the area. palo alto, watching for the rain. more water on the roadways kicking up. happening now, powerball madness on a whole new level. jackpot continues to grow for tonight's drawing. people are coming out now by the millions just to get their hands on that winning ticket. >> let's see how many millions are out there.
5:40 am
"today in the bay's" stephanie chuang in fremont at a very lucky 7-eleven. >> have you seen folks out there getting tickets or is it trickling in. >> it's trickling in because this 7-eleven doesn't start selling tickets until 5:30. i've seen a couple gentlemen telling me they're pretty sure they've got the winning ticket here. this 7 eleven, you have until 7:00 to try your lucky numbers. the drawing is at 7:59 p.m. good luck to all oufs. the prize likely growing. $938 million if you take the cash lump sum. you take the cash payout or the annuity, paid every year for 29 years to get the full $1.5 billion prize outside of taxes. with the latter, you can avoid getting taxed twice. this morning we spoke with one player who didn't hesitate.
5:41 am
he knew exactly what he would do. >> if you win, would you take the cash, lump sum, do the annual? >> i'd take the lump sum so i could have a lot of fun. >> what does fun mean? >> whatever i want to do. >> perfect answer. whatever you do, make sure you're matching the right numbers. in new jersey a bunch of restaurant workers got excited when they matched all six saturday night. turns out they were looking at last wednesday's numbers and apparently one of the workers quit. let's not get ahead of ourselves. i think we'll stick around, even if we win the millions. >> getting up at 2:30 in the morning when you're a millionaire, pretty cool. >> we'd still do it. i know i would come back to work. >> i love what i do. >> you would, too. the move from the san francisco city council that might put the police department under the
5:42 am
microscope at the federal level. big changes at lyft and uber this morning. we'll take a look at business and tech. breaking news in iran: =sam/ots=
5:43 am
5:44 am
just a couple of hours ago -- the country released all ten u-s sailors it had been holding. =vo= these are new photos of the breaking news from iran. a couple hours ago the country released all ten u.s. soldiers it had been holding. iran's revolutionary guard says his soldiers caught the ten u.s. sailors while the united states was conducting military
5:45 am
maneuvers in iranian waters. the u.s. navy says one of the two boats iran captured had broken down and it drifted into iran's waters. the other boat came in to its rescue when both boats were seized. it is quarter to 6:00. san francisco's new sheriff wasting no time turning around a new policy that helped doochl her predecessor. vicky hennessey is already at work reopening communication channels with federal immigration, invoking the city's sanctuary law, ban communication with i.c.e. agents. that was months before the pier 14 shooting that killed kate steinle. hennessey is working on the new policy. a proposed state law is
5:46 am
aimed at -- senate bill 869 requires law enforcement officers who leave handguns in their vehicle to lock them in the trunk or place them in a locked container out of plain site. that legislation introduced by state senator jerry hill. all linked 13e6kly to stolen handguns left in officers' cars. that includes the july killing of kate steinle. if approved, anyone in violation would pay a $1,000 fine. san francisco supervisors calling for a federal investigation of their own police force because of shooting of mario wood. according to them, too many people are dying at the hands of people sworn to protect them. the african-american was
5:47 am
carrying a kitchen knife and apparently tried to walk away from officers who wanted to arrest him for stabbing someone. fw the department of justice gets involved, there could be wide-ranging investigation similar to the ones in, baltimore and ferguson, missouri. mobile food service haves become a staple, so much so leaders are holding a town hall meeting to educate the public. this morning they'll hold a public meeting for those interested in starting a food truck. people will get a chance to ask questions about the mobile food industry. vendors are expected to be at the super bowl. a big debate about carmakers. how much self driving should the self driving cars do? >> much more pressing certainly to silicone valley. two schools of thought on this.
5:48 am
one the tesla school, slowly integrating the features. then google, the car just drives itself. google didn't even put steering wheels in. google executives say they're committed to self driving cars that work without any human input. they also announced they're looking for partners in the traditional car manufacturing world to make the car. google would do the science, the carmaker will handle the car part. lyft is expecting with a new program to help senior citizens get where they need to go out using the lyft app. instead of the senior citizen or caregiver using the app, they'd use the web. it's a simple truth, senior whose are too old to drive would benefit from lyft are the same seniors that wouldn't own a smart phone and would have
5:49 am
trouble using the app the program could be rolled out in new york city first. uber is taking an unexpected step. "the l.a. times" says uber is relaxing the screening process to allow some people convicted of crimes to drive their cars. only a narrow group of people who qualify to have their felonies reduced to misdemeanors under california's prop 47. as you know, there is a push to rethink this idea of whether people who have been convicted of crimes should be allowed to have jobs, for instance, on construction sites. another big issue. >> a company that's been criticized specifically for not doing enough background, let's ease up the rules a little bit. 5:49. we've got the weather straight. another storm coming through the bay area. >> it's here. so are we.
5:50 am
>> as you mentioned, we have rain. some of it heavy at times. we have very strong winds, especially across the higher elevations. let's get straight to the san francisco camera. downtown, not do gusty. every now and then the camera shakes. you'll notice the seven-day forecast popping up. more rain headed our way for the weekend. here is a look at our rainfall amounts so far. santa rosa almost an inch. in san francisco, oakland, sauce late toerks close to .5 inch. south bay, lesser amounts of san jose because we haven't seen much in terms of heavy rain just yet. hang on. there is some coming. you can see where all the rain fell across some of the higher elevations. again, you head towards fremont and sunol, less than .10 inch. you step outside, nice and mild
5:51 am
out there, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we have rogue cells moving through. these two cells very brief showers, but we've got widespread rain across the tri-valley from san ramon down 680 near the 680/580 corridor. sunol grade is wet this morning. even over near fremont where we haven't had much rain, heavy rain falling right now. across the south bay, look at all this rain headed toward shea. all this stuff is going to move into the south bay within the next half hour. keep in mind we're not done just yet. more rain headed our way. this afternoon, we'll see sunshine. temperatures back in the mid 50s. the wind should subside and the rain will eventually pull out by the evening. two more storm systems headed our way. we'll talk more about these storms and how much more rain we could see as this el nino pattern stays in full effect. mike, how is it looking on the roads? >> fresh water on the lens at
5:52 am
the san mateo bridge. that's causing the sparkly effect. we're talking about the outer lanes of the freeway, typically lower, the crest is in the middle. stay to the middle lanes as you drive across the freeways because there's less chance of flooding. looking toward fremont where that rain is coming through. southbound we're seeing a smooth drive. not a lot of activity. fremont is a big city and they'll get hit right there. let's look at your maps. we're looking at the speeds. the green highlighted around the bay shows whether the traffic flow will be affected by slicker roadways. 85, the latest crash is cleared to the shoulder. meanwhile, approaching the bay bridge, the only toll plaza to worry about and the slick roadways. the north bay, a quick look at san rafael. just a build. back to you. up next, the search for a missing malaysia airlines plane takes an unexpected turn.
5:53 am
the surprising find the crews made deep under water. you can set your home screen to weather on the nbc bay area app. all you need to do is click on the icon in the upper left-hand corner. then you want to go ahead and click the button that says set your start screen. then you click weather and then done. that's it. super easy. that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist general ranieri. that's how you stay informed on the nbc bay area app.
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nothing to do with the doomed flight mh 2370. one of three ships scouring the indian ocean found the wreckage of an ironclad ship that likely sank around the turn of the 19th century. this is the second time boats have stumbled on to a shipwreck. as for the plane that vanished, no sign has been found except for a wing piece that washed up on the island of reunion. a followup now to the suicide bombing in istanbul, turkey. police detained three russian nationals today. they say it was a raid on suspected isis hideouts. this just a day after an isis suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a tourist area of istanbul.
5:57 am
ten foreigners died as a result of that explosion. mostly german tourists. a russian diplomat said the suspects were believed to be in touch with isis fighters in conflict zones and provided logistical support to the group. in south korea the country's military fired warning shots at a north korean zone, this is after it crossed over the heavy militarized border. north korea claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb last week. the drone flew a few yards into south korea before turning back after the warning shots. testimony from a whistle-blower one of the key elements when pg&e defended itself in court on violations tied to the san bruno explosion in 2010. that trial is expected to start in march in federal court. it centers around pipeline safety violations tied to the explosions, an akization that
5:58 am
pg&e obstructed a federal investigation. according to the chronicle, an employee said she was ordered by the company to destroy documents and she found evidence in the garbage. pg&e faces monetary damages that could reach half a billion dollars. 5:58. continuing coverage and a big win for the nfl. a judge ruled the league is allowed to have a tell air media center on soccer fields next to levi stadium for the upcoming super bowl. shaig earthquake haves offered practice fields, but the soccer league is not sure it can handle the estimated 200 games the kids will play. the vexing problem of algae blooms will be the focus of a meeting in san francisco. it could be a bye product of el nino. it's left sea lions suffering brain damage, put the clampdown on this year's dungeness crab
5:59 am
season and even closed some lakes. bay water control leaders trying to develop a statewide strategy to combat algae bloom fwhs future. breaking news, hours ago crews managed to save a man trapped in a trench for nearly 14 hours. a look at the dramatic rescue. america, the world is a possibility for the raider nation. >> the raiders are staying, baby, at least for now. the reason the team's fate is now in the hands of the san diego chargers. i'm stephanie chuang live in fremont at this 7-eleven where the tickets have been selling this last half hour, why this may be a lucky spot. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> a lot higher than that $999 million right now. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're lucky in love, in love
6:00 am
with the weather. we begin with an nbc bay area micro climate weather alert. while the heaviest rain is making its way out of the bay area, we're seeing dangerous conditions on roadways. we have team coverage beginning with meteorologist anthony slaughter. it's been active so far. >> while we've seen the heaviest rain move out of the bay area, still looking at isolated cells moving through. north bay, napa seeing showers, petaluma, near san rafael near 101, widespread rain in the area. fremont to sunol grade, yellows and oranges denotes heavier rain. look what's headed toward the south bay. lots of rain through the santa cruz moun tans. we're looking at rainfall rates with this particular cell moving into the south bay from .2 to .3


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