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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we begin with an nbc bay area micro climate weather alert. while the heaviest rain is making its way out of the bay area, we're seeing dangerous conditions on roadways. we have team coverage beginning with meteorologist anthony slaughter. it's been active so far. >> while we've seen the heaviest rain move out of the bay area, still looking at isolated cells moving through. north bay, napa seeing showers, petaluma, near san rafael near 101, widespread rain in the area. fremont to sunol grade, yellows and oranges denotes heavier rain. look what's headed toward the south bay. lots of rain through the santa cruz moun tans. we're looking at rainfall rates with this particular cell moving into the south bay from .2 to .3 inches an hour.
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by the time this moves through, we could have a decent half inch when it rolls through the next half hour. highs today back in the mid 50s with afternoon sun and more thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll time all that out plus two more storm systems this upcoming week. let's toss things over to mike. >> i want folks to look at the lens. watch these dots forming. there's actually rain falling on the lens. anthony talked about the rain coming in to san jose about 6:00. perfect timing. a little build for that commute. slick roadways, show you the dispute. looking at dublin as well. slower drives as well developing for west 580 out of the altamont and through dublin through livermore. we're talking about slick roadways, the off-ramps. folks coming off at freeway speeds. spinouts likely. we've seen a number this morning. looking toward the bay bridge, we're looking at our camera there. gusty winds are a factor as
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well. bay bridge, san mateo bridge, the high-rise. chp gave an earlier warning as well. no major slowing, back to you. >> we'll have much more on the weather throughout the newscast. you can send us your weather photos or videos to i you can follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. crews worked through the pouring rain in oakland to free a man trapped in a trench for some 14 hours. they finally huld him to safety just after 2:00 this morning. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the scene in oakland. kris, do we know how the man is doing this morning? >> reporter: said to be in pretty good health. but we know after quite an ordeal, he's probably happy to get some rest. he was trapped for more than 14 hours, ten feet under ground, sometimes waist deep in mud and sand and sewage i would assume
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because there's a sewage line down there. these are the moments when oakland and alameda county fire crews hit jackpot, pulling that 42-year-old man out. he is a 42-year-old man trapped between the lunchtime hour yesterday and just a few hours ago, esparza is a contractor with star rooter and plumbing in front of this home at 21st avenue and 23rd street when the trench collapsed around him. the fire chief says the problem is the worker was trapped in a hole within a hole that kept caving. the foreman says that man is very, very fortunate. >> every time we moved sand, more sand came on top of him and around him. his feet were caught in the clay. we had to keep shoring down to get his feet released. >> want to say thank you police department, paramedicals, you
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guy guys. >> reporter: we talked with the foreman this morning who says esparza was taken to highland hospital after the rescue as a precaution. he got pain medicine while out here on the scene. meanwhile, there is a steel plate over that open sewage line here in front of this house. so workers will have to return to this job knowing what happened to their colleague just yesterday. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> that man is lucky he wasn't seriously hurt. millions of other people across the country are hoping some luck makes them an instant billionaire. >> tonight's historic powerball jackpot, $1.5 billion. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live in fremont where police are coming to get tickets. if they win, they have more money than warren buffett, so why the heck not? >> reporter: that's exactly right i. asked one woman, are you here to play powerball?
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she said heck yes. this store is pretty lucky. you can see the winning numbers from saturday. someone bought a ticket here that matched five numbers, but not the winning one. that's the super lotto. it will cycle through. it's a lucky store. we met a man who drives an hour and a half every day for work. he bought his ticket this morning, three picks and showed it to us. the middle one, he knows, is his winning one. if successful, he could get $1.5 billion. if he picks that annuity option, getting paid etch year for 29 years or the cash payout, $938 million. your odds of matching the five numbers in power baushlgs one in more than 292 million. talking about millions of dollars has many in the bay area dreaming big. do you know what you would do with the money if you won? >> live.
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retire. >> call the boss starting tomorrow morning? >> i wouldn't call him. >> that's it. >> that's it. they know i'm retiring. >> i bought about 20 bucks for myself. i also bought a lot of tickets on behalf of my friends in states that don't play powerball. >> you get a cut of that obviously. >> oh, yeah, i just ask for a couple million. super modest. >> mike said, by the way, he's on his way to tahoe and realized he would buy a mountain and give free lift tickets. you have until 7:00 tonight in california and the drawing at 7:59 tonight, laura. keep that in mind. >> it's nice. a lot of people are giving, in the giving spirit, at least before they get the money. >> reporter: they are. very giving spirit. >> would be glad to see it be somebody here in the bay area.
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america, the world is a possibility for the raider nation. >> raiders owner mark davis is giving us at least one more year. certainly not giving a thumbs up to the team staying put in oakland, at least for now. last night nfl owners voted to allow the st. louis rams to move into a stadium in inglewood. while the rams are in, the chargers are a maybe which leaves the raiders on the outside looking in for now. if the chargers bow out, the raiders have the option to move down south for the 2017 season. in the meantime, the nfl is going to give the raiders an additional hundred million bucks to try to work out a stadium deal in oakland. owner mark davis was non-committal to say the least. >> we'll see where the raider nation ends up here. we'll be working really hard to find us a home. that's what we're looking for, for our fans and everybody else, don't feel bad. we'll get it right. >> we recognize the clock is
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ticking, that the opportunity won't last forever. we will treat it as such. >> mayor schaaf hopes the city is given a full year to figure out what she calls a complex puzzle. they'll get the year. can they get a solution? >> the biggest winners are bay area raiders fans. >> there ain't going to be another place that will show the raiders the love they have at home. oakland is home for the raiders. they left one time and had to come back. that's not a coincidence to me. >> the raiders represent everything about people in the east bay, being an underdog, coming from nothing to something, over coming everything. >> fans also say they hope to finally put this behind them and eventually get a new stadium built in oakland to ensure the team never leaves again and goes through this back and forth. if you'd like to hear more reaction from mark davis, head to our web side,, or download our nbc bay area app. it is 6:08.
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more controversy for the santa clara county sheriff's off fwis this morning. a bay area deputy is facing charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on an employee at a jack-in-the-box. benjamin lee was arrested early sunday morning after someone report addis tush ans. how it started is unclear, but lee was arrested for driving under the influence and pulling a gun on the employee. the union vice president for santa clara county deputies says the behavior is unacceptable. >> we do expect appropriate action will be taken after all the facts have been determined. >> it's unclear if the gun was lee service weapon. the sheriff's office will also hold an internal investigation. back to our micro climate weather alert. the rain totals starting to stack up, especially in the north bay, but everywhere else as well. >> the north bay saw the heavy
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rain early this morning. our rainfall amounts are really high up there. santa rosa got just under an inch. sonoma, close to an inch. san francisco, the presidio under .5 inch. san jose downtown, only .05 inch. los gatos got over .5 inch. we still have more rain headed our way, another bout of heavy rain headed into the south bay right now. that's going to be with us for the next half hour. we have showers popping up across the south bay. near the tri-valley we had heavy rain about 10, 15 minutes ago. across the south bay, we're waiting for the bout of heavy rain. the radar site is right here. you're noticing empty space here. that's because the radar is high on the mountains and overshoots
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some of the rain falling in downtown. it is raining across this part of san jose renal ochblt lots more rain headed through the santa cruz mountains, more headed into downtown san jose. the south bay getting hit hard. the rest of the bay area, the east bay and san francisco, take it easy as you get outgoing this morning. mike, how are the roads look? >> we have the live cameras in addition to radar. we're augmenting all that information and showing oakland right now which actually looks very calm, although the camera shakes from time to time, gusty conditions for the higher elevations and bridges. slick roadways. not evidence as far as the flow of traffic. 880 moving well. we're talking slick roadways as well. the worst of the slowing, a pesky crash west 24 at wilder, slow through orinda, one lane blocked almost an hour from an earlier spinout. the green highlighted over here, con dord and toward san ramon, that's where the rain hit most recently, also through
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pleasanton. you see more green having hit south of palo alto and through san jose. north 85 still slow, earlier crash blocks one lane past saratoga. a netflix trick. the easy hack that let's users hunt through tons of movie genres a lot quicker. volkswagen in yet more trouble in california. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. (ant ad libs)
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==mike live pix== (mike ad libs) in the next hour we're talking widespread non-stop heavy rain. as you get going, south bay commuters, keep in mind you'll run into heavy rain without the next hour or so. >> also going to be on your windshield and the slick roadways. this car exiting at tas hara. >> the slick conditions, rain leaves the puddles and the slick conditions on the roadways. we've had a number of spinouts throughout the east bay. this is a good one for anyone who wants to stay in and watch a movie today. any netflix user that waded through the sheer volume of options, the nice and easy shortcut lets you quickly narrow the field. the blog what's on netflix discovered hundreds of categories that users can identify and search through.
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say you're looking for an irish movie, there's a specific numeric code that brings up all films fitting that category. it lists all the caught gores listing about 2 000. >> scott mcgrew, hackers managed to -- >> sounds like they used old-fashioned social engineering. reports say hackers were able to get into james clapper's personal accounts and mess with them. convincing the phone company to forward phone calls to some other place. they tell reporters they were able to read his personal e-mail. things were associated with work, no secrets breached. a reminder how dangerous it is for leaders to use personal
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e-mail for business. this is the same hacker a high school student, able to get into the director of the cia's google account. google executives in a speech at the detroit auto show says the company is committed to self-driving cars that work without human input. the car just drives itself, period. google didn't even put steering wheels in robot cars. i wouldn't be surprised at all to find out it's going to be ford. this is ford ceo putting a self-driving car plate on one of its cars. ford has a research lab in palo alto that's been getting a lot
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of attention lately volkswagen is in extra, extra trouble. the california air resources board rejected vw's plan to rebuild cars. vw caught cheating air standards, the cars emitting 40 times the pollution allowed. vw engineers designed them that way. vw ceo will meet with epa and california officials today. it would appear, sam and laura, the recall is off. it leads to the question what happens now? if there's no recall f they're not able to renegotiate this, they'll have to pull those cars off the road permanently. they're paper weights. >> then what do people drive? >> probably not going to buy a new vw. i can suspect that. >> yes, with some reimbursement. >> yes, they'll buy them back. lots of cars on the roadway this morning. that ties into our micro climate weather alert. right now our live satellite radar shows rain falling across
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the bay area. another cell making its way through san jose. >> let's check in with paulo reyes in downtown san jose in an area known for flooding. so far, so good this morning? >> reporter: that's true. very lucky this morning, just a light drizzle. drivers should be careful when they head out the door. be prepared for wet roads and puddles. there's no forecast for major flooding from rivers this morning. however streams, small creeks could overflow as well as clogged storm drains, interstate ramps and low lying areas. no problems in san jose so far this morning. there's a pocket of rain heading this way. we have our umbrella ready. hep you have yours as well. >> you see obviously very slick outside. the rain has been moving in in waves this morning. the common theme has been everywhere.
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>> it has been. in fact, the north bay has seen over an inch in some spots. south bay has seen less than .05 in south bay. virtually drive in downtown san jose. we have heavy rain moving into the south bay. the rest of the area looking at spotty stuff. you can see in san francisco, the winds are whipping. los gatos with a wind gust of 64 miles an hour. even the santa cruz mountains looking at gusty winds. oakland hills, up to about 35. half moon bay, 31. in the silicone valley, wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. at month pass also close to that. the storm system is moving through. the tail end beginning to push through the south bay. that's why we're expecting more heavy rain to push through. across parts of the north bay, you can see napa seeing heavy rain near vacaville. this one cell will make its way towards vallejo as well.
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south of half moon bay, this is going to move through the san mateo region and eventually toward hayward. pretty strong as well. got heavy rain with it. by 7:03, you'll see the cell. heavy rain associated with that as well. here is the radar site. don't be deceived. you see this splotchy green? the radar is on the mountains and shoots over most of the valleys. we have rainfall across the south bay. once this rain moves over the mountains into the valley, you'll start to see yellows start to pop up. eventually in downtown san jose, we'll see rain with a vengeance. quite a bit of rain moving through santa cruz and all of it moving through. we have a decent hour of heavy rain moving into the south bay. peninsula at 57. east bay at 56 later on, tri-valley to 57. you will notice sunshine as we get towards lunchtime and more
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thunderstorms in the forecast as we head through the afternoon hours. not only that, but two more storm systems for thursday night into the weekend. we'll talk more about that plus how much more rain we can see as the storm moves through right now. >> roads are moving well, but we have wet conditions. higher speeds and slick roadways could mean spinouts. shaigtion, 11 north of 680. they've been forming over the last 15 minutes. a look at fremont being hit with rain in many parts. here at the underpass approaching fremont boulevard. not a major problem for 880. look at your maps. we're talking about the green highlighting all around the south bay. that green highlighting means our wet roadways will be an issue. slow north 85 continues toward saratoga where there was an earlier crash. unusually slow. the rest of silicon valley moving well. a crash toward the dumbarton
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toll plaza and towards the san mateo bridge toll plaza, causing additional sloerg. you'll watch the commute spots. a crash 24 in orinda left slowing around wilder. over here the north bay moves well. still wet roadways. we continue to track your traffic. weather and top stories coming back after the break. there's a reward out this
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morning to catch whoever vandalized utility boxes in san jose. =vo= here they are in the willow glen area. someone used prion there's a reward out to catch who vandalized utility
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boxers. someone used primer on seven utility boxers. it was the last week of december that it happened. you can still make out some of the artwork. local volunteers painted them with all kinds of different images. now the san jose city council is putting up $5,000 to catch whoever painted over the utility boxes. 6:26. one man on the lamb in ohio was done in because of his own vanity. it all started two weeks ago with a mugshot police issued for donald chip hugh who skipped his photo appearance. he texted police a selfie saying, here is a better photo. that other one is terrible. the story went viral down to florida where people there recognized hugh. police arrested him yesterday. now he has plenty of time to admire his boat toes behind bars. up next, updates to several breaking news stories. first, trapped in a trench no more.
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a man freed just hours ago after spending 14 hours stuck in dirt and mud. how mother nature makes the dramatic rescue more difficult. ten u.s. sailors that were held by iran, the new images just into our newsroom. joining us. i'm sam brock
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. it's wednesday morning. coming up on 6:30. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a man stuck in a trench in the pouring rain for nearly 14
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hours. while you were sleeping, crews were finally able to pluck him to safety. first a micro climate weather alert as we take a look at the golden gate bridge. we have team coverage this morning. let's get right meteorologist anthony slaughter. a soggy start in parts of the bay area. >> very windy. gusts at 35 miles per hour in the inland valleys. at month pass, winds starting the gust to 30 there. the rain is spotty across the north bay, so you may not be seeing it. we are seeing it north of fairfield, another storm cell making its way onto the peninsula south of half moon bay. this will move between woodside and san mateo there. towards hayward in the next half hour. in the south bay we're starting to see rainfall pick up from morgan hill towards downtown. down on santa clara towards alum
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rock and bare es is a, that's where we have a heavier cell moving through. all this rain means snow for the winter weather advisories. the snow will continue with upwards of foot in some locations. let's talk to mike and see how other roads are moving now. >> anthony, considering the weather they're moving surprisingly well. west 92, the san mateo bridge, getting there let's look at your map. there's a crash off 880 causing additional slowing. another crash cleared by the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. meanwhile, the south way where anthony talked about the rain traveling through this area, that means wetter roadways as the volume builds. no additional problems 101 or 87. the first crash at saratoga. the second one approaching union. it could cause folks the shift a little north. we'll track the surface streets as well. the rest of the bay look good
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heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. slow build on 24. spinouts in oakland and are rin da. be careful. >> we'll have much more on our micro climate weather alert throughout our newscast. in the meantime, you can join our coverage. send us your weather photos and videos to you can also follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. a dramatic rescue completed hours ago. crews in oakland managed to finally pull a man out of a ten-foot-deep trench. he was stuck in that trench for nearly 14 hours. "today in the bay's" chrkris sanchez live at the scene. >> reporter: imagine the fact that he was down there as most of us were having lunch, picking the kids up from school, making dinner, going to bed, he was down in that hole, sometimes waist deep in mud.
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the moment when he was rescued finally after 14 hours very dramatic. here they are for you. that man, 42-year-old man was pulled out after he was trapped. he spent a bit of time down there, sometimes again trapped with his feet in mud. he's a contractor with star rooter and plumbing who was working on that sewer line in front of this home, a pretty routine job here on 21st avenue and 23rd street, until the trench collapsed around him. the problem is the worker was trapped in a hole within a hole. as crews tried to dig them out by hand, the foreman of the job says the sand just kept falling in. >> every time we moved sand, more sand came on top of him or around him. his feet were caught in the clay. >> i want to say thank you police department, paramedicals, i want to say thank you everybody.
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you guys, to be safe, waiting for this happen. >> that worker, 42-year-old esparza is at highland hospital this morning. he got pain medication here on the scene, went to the hospital as a precaution. he's not going to be at work today. his co-workers will be. the trench is still open covered by a steel plate. they'll have to figure out what went wrong yesterday and how they can do it better today: kris sanchez, "today in the bay." [ sirens wailing ] >> more breaking news to tell you about this morning, this time out of pakistan where a bomb attack killed 15 people at a polio vaccination center, just as the teams were about to fan out to neighborhoods. 24 more people were also injured. a little-known militant group claiming responsibility for the suicide attack. also breaking out of iran this morning, just a couple
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hours ago. that country released all ten u.s. sailors it had been holding. iran's revolutionary guard general says his soldiers caught the sailors while the u.s. was conducting military maneuvers in iranian waters. the u.s. says one boat broke down and drifted into the waters. i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people. that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. thank you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> a final state of the union address from president obama, headed into the last year of office, aiming the speech
6:36 am
towards the future, hoping to not only define his legacy, but help propel his party to a win this coming november. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. with more on the president's address and, of course, that republican response. >> reporter: good morning. helping the party starts with convincing everyday ordinary americans to be as hopeful and confident as he is. today the president headed to the heartland talking about a number of administration officials, cabinet members going to more than two dozen cities to sell the vision he laid out here last night. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> even with millions still struggle, president obama says america's economy is strong, 14 million new jobs, the auto industry's best year. on terror, he defended his fight against isis. >> if you doubt america's commitment or mine to justice
6:37 am
being done, ask osama bin laden. >> he's asking for congress to lift the embargo against cuba. he touted the iran nuclear deal as a success. he repeatedly slammed donald trump's idea of a ban on muslims, though not by name. >> we need to reject any politi politics, any politics that targets people because of race or religion. >> south carolina governor nikki haley criticized broken promises, but admitted her party contributes towards the dysfunction. >> there's more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that truth. >> democrats calling the speech inspiring, republicans saying it fell short. >> i heard the president's words. i just wish we would convert to action what the president said. >> reporter: today the president
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leaves washington to spret his optimism to a divided nation. that starts later today in omaha. the president is doing a speech at the university of nebraska. then he's headed to bat toj rouge, louisiana, two cities he has not visited since he's been in office. live from washington. i'm tracie potts. >> all right. getting a lot of things done in his last few days. >> back at home, a watch party gathered in san rafael. supporters say they heard his call for fairness and help during this campaign year. >> they appealed to citizens. i thought that was important. when people listen to it, do they know that's me? >> some are working for change by collecting signatures to qualify the voters right to know act. they hope to shine a light of money and politics, the problem the president addressed last night. the president announced a cancer initiative that vice
6:39 am
president joe biden is set to take over. >> let's make america the -- >> the announcement catching the vice president by surprise, he turned to house speaker paul ryan and said, quote, that's news to me. mr. biden's office posted information online saying he's going to work with doctors, patients and the government. as you know, the vice president lost his son beau biden to brain cancer last year. the seat next to first lady michelle obama was left empty. since the last state of the union address, more than 30,000 people in the u.s. killed by a gun. to have an empty seat for each of those victims, you have to empty the chamber 28 times. "today" show will have much more on the state of the union address including a live interview with south carolina governor nikki haley coming up at 7:00 this morning. 6:39. live look at the foster city
6:40 am
side of the san mateo bridge. the brunt of the storm moving out of the bay area. the roadway still very wet this morning. we'll check in with mike in just a moment. right now let's check in with anthony slaughter with a look at the rainfall so far. >> the rain has been very impressive across the north bay. santa rosa just under an inch. vallejo under .25 inch. in the south bay, much less amounts. some starting to pull into san jose. we had one cell move through the downtown area. rose garden got a tip of an inch. los gatos over .5 inch. downtown san jose is dry for the most part. we have spotty showers near santa clara. also that alum rock area. we have another cell expected to move through shortly. all this rain is expected to move through south san jose. we've got another cell that's right on the foothills. that's expected to move into downtown san jose shortly. by 7:02, shaig will see another round of heavy rain.
6:41 am
we have another cell moving through the peninsula. this one moving through woodside right now and expected to move towards the east bay very shortly. south of hayward near fremont, union city. across the north bay, light showers but still falling across parts of 80 near fairfield and near napa as well. the storm system continues to make its way out of the bay area. as it does, we'll see shine towards the middle part of the day and temperatures back to the mid to upper 50s for daytime highs. we don't have the full restoration of the commute volume after the holidays. that will probably start after the mlk holiday next monday. we're looking at the traffic starting to build for north 101 here. wet roads throughout the south bay, a warning, but not a major issue. we've had a lot of spinouts and looking all over the south bay. the issue is the volume of traffic, not so much the conditions on the roadway right now. 101 slowing toward the airport. 87 slow from 85 to downtown.
6:42 am
that may be because some folks are avoiding downtown. a crash at saratoga, the back end of a crash in union. not a good alternate for the area unless you follow 87 to 280. the rest of the bay moves well. we'll show you the tri-valley in hi ward. a shot of the bay bridge, gusty winds across bay area bridges. 6:42. coming up, the long and difficult search for the missing malaysian passenger plane. the unexpected find deep in the indian observation. and unexpected changes to uber and lyft. we'll take a look coming up. new this morning: ==sam/cu== an
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unexpected find - in the continuing search for the malaia new this morning, an unexpected find in the continuing search for the malaysia airlines plane that disappeared almost two years ago. unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the doom flied mh370. one of three ships scouring the indian ocean found the wreckage of an ironclad ship that likely sank around the turn of the 19th century. this is the second time the search boats have stumbled onto a shipwreck. as for the plane that vanished, no sign has been found except for a wing piece that washed up on the island of reunion. "the l.a. times" says uber will make changes to its criminal background check. >> scott mcgrew, it could let in more criminals? >> in a very, very specific case according to the times. sam. the times says uber will consider people whose past convictions have been reduced under california's pop situation
6:46 am
47 to become uber drivers. this will be consistent with other companies like construction companies who have been reconsidering their policies on hiring people with non-violent criminal histories. taking a look at lyft, lyft says it will make it easier for seniors to use lift. here we see a bunch of hipsters using lyft. lyft will create a series of web pages to make it easier for senior citizens to get a ride. as for wall street, the dow industrials up about 100 points. apple has finally crossed into the $100 category, at exactly $100. as we sea world champion of radio signing up on the nasdaq. i was thinking of powerball this morning. first the fact we say $1.5 billion. it's hard to realize that refers
6:47 am
to $500 million. people saying they'd take far less money at once rather than $22 million a decade to get $1.5 billion. the reason appears to be that people worry that powerball won't be solvent in the future, right? when it comes to their own retirement, people counting on pensions and social security. there's a lot of evidence your pension and social security is not solvent. >> if i'm not going to outlive it, why not take it and invest it myself. >> your escape gets the money. >> not the continued payout ts, do they? >> it does. your estate will get the money. >> i still could invest that money pretty wisely. >> she actually is a financial machb. >> i wouldn't go that far. back to our micro climate weather alert.
6:48 am
slick roads and dangerous driving conditions for your morning commute. >> still don't have the hood up just yet, paola. still dry? >> pretty lucky in downtown san jose. we did see on the radar it's all around this area. this under pass, for exam, tends to flood during times of high rain. this morning it's pretty dry. large puddles could be possible in other areas of the south bay. as you head out this morning, no major forecast for river flooding. however, small streams and creeks could be a concern. very low lying areas could flood. we're staying dry in downtown san jose. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. we are obviously continuing the track this wet weather coming through. it's not just the wet weather. it's the wind out in full force.
6:49 am
>> across the altamonte pass, winds gusting from 30 to 35 miles per hour. starting to see gusts up to 40. take a look at the graphic. los gatos had a wind gust of 64 miles per hour this morning. at month pass, 31 within the last hour. san jose, the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge have been looking at winds up to about 25 miles an hour. where you just saw our reporter, downtown san jose virtually dry. we have a cell off towards our west that will move towards saratoga into campbell and san jose as well. more showers across the santa cruz mountains. morgan hill seeing heavy rain as well. a couple cells through san mateo and woodside. these are falli apart as they move toward the east bay. our cold front has started to swing through. that's why we're losing the punch with these rains. fairfield starting to see heavy
6:50 am
rain. west of san francisco towards the pacific, things are starting to dry out. our cold front is moving through. we'll see sunshine as we head towards the day. a few isolated storms possible. highs today will be cool. keep the jackets handy. temperatures back in the mid 50s for daytime highs. as we move toward the next couple days, showers in the forecast not only for thursday night, but the upcoming weekend. in fact, we're talking about another potential of an inch in the inland valleys and maybe higher amounts for the higher elevations. we have a winter weather advisory across the sierra, up to a foot expected. here is our thursday storm system moving through 6:00 in the evening on thursday, pulling out friday morning. friday afternoon, another storm system pulls right back behind that. that will mean rain for the upcoming weekend. here is how much we're expecting. already a good inch across the bay area. maybe, just maybe an inch and a
6:51 am
half or more across the north bay. how looking on the roads, mike? >> surprisingly smooth considering the weather that came through. after an early morning set of spinouts around the bay where the rain was coming down, things have calmed down as more traffic hits. you have to lower your speeds. that's why we're seeing less spinouts. we still have puddling on the shoulder. scattered green blotches mean wet roadways. not a major concern, walnut creek, bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights on. slow in hayward leaving san leandro. the big slowing we had, looks like lanes are clear and now just a distraction. northbound routes through the south bay kicking in in full force for 101, 87 -- i shouldn't say full force. 85 north with the crash at saratoga, one in union at the
6:52 am
backup, more folks taking north 87 to fained a way around it. the reroute causing a ripple effect through the south bay. san jose will be slower in many pots. a look at fremont and a live look shows the easy drive south. on the peninsula side 101 through palo alto, you see the sheen on the roadways. watch the freeway speeds. >> 6:52. n update to breaking news. plucked to safety just hours ago. crews managed to save a man trapped in a trench for nearly 14 hours. more on the dramatic rescue next. when we're in an nbc bay area micro climate weather alert, we've made it very easy for you to get the latest information on your smart phone. lick on the bar that says weather alerts and you'll get the information you need to know right when you need to know it.
6:53 am
ranieri. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. ==sam/2shot== rescue -
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6:55 am
complete. just hours ago - crews pulled a man to safety - who had been an update to breaking news that looked like the scene of a movie. hours ago crews pulled a man to safety stuck in a trench for nearly 14 hours. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in oakland withdraw mat tick video of that rescue. >> reporter: it was a complicated rescue.
6:56 am
after 14 long hours, probably longest for the man who was trapped in that hole ten feet deep, the rescue was successful. here are the moments just as oakland and alameda county fire crews pulled the man from the broken sewer line where his feet were stuck in clay where sand and mud poured in almost as fast as rescuers were digging it out. the fire chief says that the problem is that the worker was trapped in a hole within a hole that kept caving. >> every time we moved sand, more sand came on top of him or around him. his feet were caught in the clay. we had to keep shoring down to get his feet released. >> he did get pn medication on scene and was transported to highland hospital where he is warm and cozy this morning. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today
6:57 am
in the bay." >> good to hear he's okay. 6:56. a roller coaster of emotions for raiders fans. last night nfl owners voted on the teams allowed to relocate in southern california. the rams are in. the chargers, maybe. the raiders staying put in oakland at least for now. the league gave the green light for the rams to build a new stadium in inglewood. the chargers have until january of next year if they'll join the rams. if the chargers bow out, the raiders would have the option to move down south for the 2017 season. in the meantime, the nfl will give the raiders an additional 1 $100 million to build the stadium. jackpot keeps growing and growing and the fever spreading and spreading. today's powerball, tonight the prize a whopping $1.5 billion.
6:58 am
>> would be nice if they gave it away for those of us that bought tickets. stephanie chuang live in fremont. >> reporter: we're in a longer line. i'm waiting, two picks please. so we're trying our look here. this is the 7-eleven stofr in fremont that had five matching numbers on saturday. the guy or woman got $780,000 in a payout. why not us? >> thank you. >> reporter: you can take the $1.5 billion payout with the annuity or you can also get the cash lump sum, of course. we spoke with one guy who says he knows exactly what he's going to do. >> do you know what you would do with the money if you won? >> live, retire. >> call the boss starting tomorrow morning? >> i wouldn't call him. >> that's it. >> that's it.
6:59 am
they know i'm retiring. >> reporter: good luck to all oufs. just so you know how much more people are playing, usually the store sells about $600 in tickets. the clerk told me yesterday, $20,000. >> mike was saying it might be a bigger gamble to have one of those cheese-filled hot dogs. >> 6:59 now. one final check of weather. the rain still -- >> still have rain across the south bay. san jose will see a rogue cell within the next 15, 20 minutes and then done with it for the most part. the north bay still looking for some showers. a lot of the stuff moving towards the east. we'll eventually see sunshine as the sun comes up. >> the roads are slick out there. >> yes. a lot of spinouts this morning. you have to slow down because of the volume of traffic. we'll show you the spots around the bay. north 80 and 580 excessively slow because of earlier crashes. that's the only shift for the
7:00 am
bay. typical trends. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, not bad. >> thanks very much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." good morning. breaking news. those ten navy sailors detained by iran released this morning. the navy now investigating how their patrol boats drifted into iranian waters. we're live at the pentagon. return to hope and change. >> that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our ion is strong. >> president obama uses his last state of the union address to tout his accomplishments, set some lofty goals and take a veiled shot at donald trump. >> we need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion. >> that sentiment echoed in a surprising republican response from south carolina governor


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