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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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assuming you didn't buy it in southern california yw the powerball grand prize and it's not you assuming you didn't buy it in southern california, anyway. we'll have the numbers. hope these pictures will help him find him. more rain is headed our way. anthony is glued to his radar. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, everyone. happy thursday. i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off. >> he didn't win the lottery, that's not why he has the day off. he just had the day off. and kari is at a conference. >> i'll text her. this morning, as you guys mentioned, we are seeing some clouds and fog across parts of the north bay. our next storm system that will
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arrive later on this afternoon and evening. before you head out this morning, grab the umbrella because once you head home it will be raining across the bay area. we're talking about rush hour, 5:00, 6:00 is more when we're expecting the widespread rain. temperatures mild today and back close to 50 degrees and that fog an issue across the north bay. mike, that's what you're talking about, right? >> we're talking about the golden gate bridge and lights across the bridge visible and nothing on the north side of the bridge visible. that's significant. look at your map, even lower visibility. right here the oronge, san rafael and, in fact, our san rafael camera which is usually not affected we don't see it this morning because it is blocked out by that fog and you can't see the roadway. a note for folks driving through that area. the rest of the bay moves very well and any build out of the tri-valley, coming up. oh, look at that. a wild celebration overnight as the 7-eleven store in chino
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hills. you can hear them shouting chino hills makes history. one of three winning tickets for the record $1.6 billion jacktpo were sold and the other two tickets in florida and tennessee. >> jennifer live in chino hills. we're all working it, jen, aren't we? >> yeah, we're all here. you know what, everyone in chino hills that came out last night and some people are still here they got over it pretty quickly because they were so pumped up that a winner was from their neighborhood. people just showed up at this store. i've never seen anything like that with all of these people just showing up at the store. a 1 in 292 million chance to win that $1.5 billion jackpot. well, it's split three ways now. partly going to tennessee, partpar partly going to florida and one lucky winner here in california.
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again, right after the drawing this winning store was announced and people just started showing up and for a while there it looked like it might be the only one, you know, they hadn't announced any other tickets. people had their fingers crossed that we would have a billionaire from this lottery drawing. wasn't to be, but, still, nothing to sneeze at. there have been people in here all night and partying with cups of coffees and slurpees. it's a good time here at the 7-eleven. this store will be a lucky charm in this neighborhood for years to come. i can see across the street there is a gas station there selling lottery tickets over there, too. >> not like that store. >> oh, you're right. >> really is, jennifer, the most convenient place to have a party. you run out of chips, you're in a 7-eleven. coffee all around. great! >> jennifer, thanks. okay. here are those winning numbers.
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nobody took home the grand prize here in the bay area. several in the bay area did match five out of the six numbers. we'll have more about the several winners here locally coming up in the next half hour. but there are your powerball numbers. new this morning, a horrific end to a traffic stop in the east bay. about 12:30 this morning. alameda county sheriff deputies pulled over a reported stolen car on highway 238. before they could walk up to that car, the driver hopped a fence and either jumped or fell to his death. he landed 30 feet below in the pioneer cemetery where he died. a paernsh ssenger in the stolen was not arrested. new clues are emerging from the deadly b.a.r.t. shooting in the east bay. police released the surveillance photos who killed another man on a b.a.r.t. train in san francisco.
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police say it's not clear if the gunman knew the victim. the victim has not yet been identified. and the search is on for a man described as the makeup bandit. this is newly released surveillance video of the suspect. police say just before christmas that man stole cosmetics from a walgreen's. the man in a santa hat then chased after him, even pulling him back inside. you see it there. but then the suspect pulls a knife and that's when the group backs off. anyone with information is certainly urged to call the police. we're going to check in with anthony right now. he has a look at our forecast. it is dry right now, but the rain is coming later. >> another system move in in the afternoon and the evening. by that i mean we're not expecting as much rain or wind. across the satellite and across the pacific, we do have some fog across parts of the north bay and keep in mind as you get going on the roads this morning. mike will have a look at that in a minute. but you'll notice temperatures are five degrees cooler than they were yesterday at this
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time. temperatures later on this afternoon back in the 50s for san francisco and the north bay and few 60s for the east bay and time out that storm in my next report. let's talk to mike and see how traffic is moving on those roads. a very clear view and off ramps drier than the last few days and no delays out of the altamont pass and in through livermore. we'll move the camera and show you the map of the wide shot of the bay. no real slowing. double check on that but a blip. maybe a slow-moving vehicle. a quick look at the bay bridge shows you can clearly see the span and as anthony said fog through the north bay. just be prepared. back to you. coming up next, terrorist siege in a starbucks in jakarta, indonesia. who is claiming responsibility this morning.
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it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside. the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. you just click on the radaron the weather page. once you do that, you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that will, of course, give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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isis now claiming responsibility for this attack in jakarta, indonesia. at least seven people were killed. most of them actually were the terrorists. a worker watching from a high rise building videoed what you just saw. an explosion in a starbucks right in the middle of a shopping district and then got into an hour's long gunfight with police. five attackers and two civilians are dead. authorities have been warning for weeks about a plot by islamic militants to stage such an attack. now to a tragedy in honduras. three students are dead after their bus swerved off the road falling 80 feet eventually landing in a gully. they were in honduras on a humanitarian voluntary mission. a florida family, which blame s twitter for the death o their loved one filed a federal lawsuit in san francisco. that suit accuses twitter of
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allowing terror groups like isis to spread money and propaganda. that led to the death of a man in jordan. one legal expert, though, has his doubts about that case. >> some form of recklessness to giving a loaded gun to a child, which is the exact framing that one federal judge did here in a similar case is going to have to be shown. >> twitter says the suit has no merit, issued this statement. we have teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations, identifying violating conduct and partnerring with organizations and extremist content online and working with law enforcement entities when appropriate. it is 4:41. the widow of a san bernardino shooting victim is suing the county for $58 million. michael wetzl was among the 14 people killed last month.
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the family attorney says his death was preventable and was caused by neglujps. gen legal experts believe more lawsuits will follow. coming up, you want your kids to eat their vegetables but no way you'd want them to eat these carrots. we'll tell you why.
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4:44. we're now on thursday morning. little bit of a dry spell, which will help out the morning commute, but then the rain is going to come back. >> the evening commute is the one we have to worry about
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today. as you get going this morning. not so bad, but just grab that umbrella because you'll need it this afternoon and evening. temperatures will be mild and you'll see some sunshine as you get going and temperatures back into the 60s later this afternoon. further inland locations you'll notice that seven-day forecast popping up and most of us will stay dry during the night tonight. there's the storm system making its approach towards the bay area right now and temperatures are cool. you can see in san francisco and the north bay, those are our live cams and you can't make out much down below because we have some fog this morning in those locations. else where clear skies for the most part and this afternoon those clouds on the increase for the east bay. 60 degrees there and 59 for the peninsula and, again, the showers arrive tonight for the south bay. 60 there, as well. let's time out this storm system and you'll notice when the showers are expected to move through. the first band frontal precipitation and most of that does not reach the ground and as we head towards 3:00, that's
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when we'll see the better spread of widespread rain for the north bay and then the cold front spreads to the north bay when the sun does go down. 5:00, 6:00 this evening and widespread scattered showers and eventually clear out by tomorrow morning. this is how much rain we're expecting. just as much as we got from the last storm in the south bay. maybe 0.1 or less and north bay maybe 0.5 or more and really that is the range from 0.5 to about 0.1. not a big storm system coming our way and it will continue to help end the drought that we're in. let's talk to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> on the foster city side you'll see the headlights coming in towards foster city and 101 we'll show you the map. green all over the place. the events the sharkz play tonight and so do the warriors. kobe bryant's final game. wish him well on his retirement. looking over towards the evening commute and the morning commute not a problem through most of the areas. show you one crash a fender
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bender west 37 right around highway 121 and the orange indicating some fog. very tough to see in many of our spots like our san rafael camera. the north bay cameras fogged up right now and even fog across the golden gate bridge. we'll send it right back, well, here's richmond. no problem. there's a truck. we're going to get over to you after we show you a clear toll plaza. >> another one coming, mike. former google ceo eric schmidt meeting with pope francis. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy. good morning. >> scott and laura, good morning to you both. wall street will try to claw back from wednesday's selloff in a dismal start of the year. the dropoff came despite early gains and a bounce in oil prices. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are in correction territory are down 10% from recent highs. and investors are worried about
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earnings. jpmorgan reports today oil prices and the global economy. to put it in perspective nearly $3.2 trillion has been a wiped off global markets year to date with $1.8 trillion of that just from the u.s. the dow tumbling 365 points to 16151. the nasdaq off 160 to 4526. chipotle executives say they're confident in the steps they're taking to tighten food safety will prevent outbreaks in the future. the company's stocks rising on wednesday and shares are down more than 30% since the first case of e. coli was reported in october. woo back customers with stepped up ad s and direct outreach tais most loyal fans. pope francis will meet with eric schmidt at the vatican on friday. while the pope doesn't own a computer, he's not naive about the power of technology. he wants the internet as a gift from god because of the
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possibility and, scott and laura, it's funny he doesn't own a computer, but more than 8 million followers on twitter. >> i'm one of them, i think you are, too. >> i am, too. >> landon dowdy, thank you very much. happening today the lcau seeks to overturn a ruling allow one northern california hospital to avoid performing a birth control procedure. which refused to help an expectant mother who wants her tubes tied once she gives birth. cited religious freedom and argued the procedure is not medically necessary. they will argue today for an injunction requiring the hospital to perform that procedure in part because the next closest hospital is 70 miles away. now to decision 2016. the republican candidates are getting ready for their presidential debate. it will be held in south carolina tonight. the debate hosted by fox news network will focus on economic domestic and internaeshzal
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policy issues. the seven candidate chosen for the main debate are donald trump, ben carson, jeb bush and senators ted cruz and marco rubio and governors chris christie and john kasich. now, senator rand paul who did not qualify for the main debate has vowed to boycott the undercard debate with carly fiorina. feast your eyes on what smugglers tried to do in texas. looks like carrots, right? look again. altogether these orange bunles result to a ton of marijuana worth about $500,000. custom agents seized that. >> is that just orange duct tape. >> it must have taken so much time. pretty creative. coming up a bay area ice skating rink on thin ice. the reason it will soon close its doors for good. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
4:51 am nbc bay area, we investigate.
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welcome back to you on this thursday, about to be a rainy thursday. >> that's right. we've been trying to keep that umbrella handy, anthony, and listening to your advice. >> make sure you got it later on or maybe just a hoodie, something you can throw over your heads later on. this is a look at the san francisco bay bridge and you can barely make out the cars down below and also some fog this morning across parts of san francisco and the north bay. temperatures are chilly as well as 38 degrees right now and 40s for the rest of the bay area and later on this afternoon, we'll see a rebound in temperatures with a good mix of sun and clouds and the east bay
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peninsula and showers do return for san francisco and the north bay by this afternoon. the rest of us will see the rain tonight. mike, how is it looking on the roads right now? >> roads are looking great as far as the speed sensors go green and show you the live sensors to show you the bridge truck getting ready and and we don't see the lights on the north side and there's some low clouds touching many of our roadways through the north bay and in san rafael the roads can't see the cameras either. oakland 880 past the coliseum and smooth drive getting from alameda to oakland and until 5:00 a.m. overnight maintenance has been going on all week and on the other side of the bay, palo altalto an easy drive rvelsh plans to reopen dolores park. the park was scheduled to reopen today, but the recreational and parks department canceled that event because of the rain. no word on a new date. that park went through major renovations and the final
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sections of dolores park was to reopen. a new way to get around, the city of oakland a new set of eight solar powered bicycles. they have been set up at new charging stations. the idea is to get workers to use the bikes to run errands instead of using cars and motorcycles. funded through a public, private partnership. includes the jack london improvement district and some of the new clean energy firms that now call east bay home. bay area airports already starting to gear up for the super bowl. maneta, san jose international certainly getting into the spirit. travelers now greeted with signs about the big doors and the windows and even the floor. expecting thousands of extra travelers for the super bowl. >> there is going to be a significant number of rental cars being returned and long lines at airline check in areas , at security standpoints. and thousands more travelers means longer lines. >> if you're flying on super
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bowl sunday or really any time in the two or three days before or after super bowl sunday, get to the airport at least three hours before your flight. this would be at sfo and sjc. apparently oakland will be okay. again, all this anticipation for super bowl l, 23 days away from the game at levi stadium. >> and 19 hours, 3 minutes and 45 seconds if you're counting. 4:56 right now. after more than 50 years a popular ice rink on the peninsula is closing its doors for good. ice skaters have until the end of april to enjoy and in the wake of a high-profile fight involving the now closed rink and bridgeport shopping center in san mateo. this leaves parents with limited options to find ice time for the kids. many in the community are preparing their emotional good-byes. >> i'm like in tears. i cannot even believe it because i love this rink is just my home. >> this place that, you know, i
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know so many of ous love and has become a home away from home. >> those parents spent a lot of time there. the general manager says the rink needs million for infrastructure upgrades to stay in business and the owners are not in for that investment. the $1.6 billion powerball. where the winning tickets were sold. rain, rain here to stay. the latest forecast in and the look ahead to your weekend, after the break.
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lucky winners.. including here in california.. d it is the largest jackpot ever. and there are at least three lucky winners, including here in california. and a bit of luck in the bay area. plus, tracking that killer. a crucial new clue revealed about the deadly b.a.r.t. shooting over the weekend. a live look outside san francisco. all dry for now, but another storm is brewing. when it will hit your neighborhood. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. let's get started with your weather and anthony. >> waking up to some clouds this morning and even some fog across the bay bridge and across the north bay, as wellal. making its way to the pacific and arrive for the north bay and san francisco and for the rest of us we'll see the showers this evening and it is chilly when you step outside in the 30s across the north bay and 40s for
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the rest of us and later on this afternoon see highs near 60 degrees. showers headed our way, not only this evening, but another one for the weekend. we'll talk more about that weekend storm coming up in a little bit. let's talk to mike and see how it is moving on those roads. >> take our chances. the san rafael camera and normally see the s-curve going around and barely see any of the cars to see anyway. that's the good news for san rafael. look at your map and this is the effect of that fog. the low clouds throughout the area. our camera's right about there and that's where we see anywhere north of that, the fog. highway 37 off of the roadway. some debris left in the roadway. just use caution. the rest of the bay, all the bay, no delays here and just a tiny build west 580 coming out of the altamont pass. back to you guys. >> the chants for chino hills! the wild celebration and for good reason. a 7-eleven store near


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