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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the rest of us and later on this afternoon see highs near 60 degrees. showers headed our way, not only this evening, but another one for the weekend. we'll talk more about that weekend storm coming up in a little bit. let's talk to mike and see how it is moving on those roads. >> take our chances. the san rafael camera and normally see the s-curve going around and barely see any of the cars to see anyway. that's the good news for san rafael. look at your map and this is the effect of that fog. the low clouds throughout the area. our camera's right about there and that's where we see anywhere north of that, the fog. highway 37 off of the roadway. some debris left in the roadway. just use caution. the rest of the bay, all the bay, no delays here and just a tiny build west 580 coming out of the altamont pass. back to you guys. >> the chants for chino hills! the wild celebration and for good reason. a 7-eleven store near los angeles sold a record $1.6
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billion. the store made history last night along with two other stores. one in florida and the other in tennessee. we have team coverage of this much hyped powerball drawing. jennifer bjorkland is live and >> they really did.them in. all out in the parking lot and they were in the store and taking selfies with the clerk and high fiving each other and almost as if everyone in this whole city won, you know. everyone was having such a good time. and i've never really seen anything like it. we didn't expect that kind of response after the announcement that the ticket had been sold here at this 7-eleven. really interesting, though, first because california's announcement came first we thought maybe we had the only ticket and maybe there was a billionaire in town. everyone was really thrilled at that prospect and the idea of
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it, the $1.5 billion is split three ways between someone or some ticket holders in tennessee and florida doesn't take the shine off of it because this has been like a huge block party all night long. dozens of people showing up and the store clerk here is feeling pretty good that he's the one that sold the ticket because he works 12-hour shifts almost every day and the store owner has been here all night with his family. he owns three other 7-eleven stores and he gets $1 million out of this deal because he's topped out at the 1% that they get, the cut. but he has to share it with 7-eleven corporate. they get half. and then, you know, he divvies it out to the employees, too, because he says just because maybe one clerk sold the ticket, everybody works real hard. so, he's a good guy. >> he's a good boss. >> no kidding. >> and we still don't know who the winner is. >> i would imagine they're getting their finance team in order, at least right now. >> for sure.
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jennifer bjorkland reporting from chino hills. >> here's a look at the winning numbers. several did match five out of those six numbers. for more powerball coverage and reaction, always head to our website or download our free app from apple app store or google play. a horrific end to a traffic stop in the east bay. about 12:30 this morning sheriff deputies pulled over a reported stolen car on highway 238. before they could walk up to the car the driver ran off and hopped a fence and either jumped or fell tahis death. he landed 20 feet below at the san lorenzo pioneer cemetery where he died at the scene. the passenger was in the stolen car and that person was not arrested. police released new pictureses of a man they think shot and killed a passenger at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station over the weekend. take a look. they're hoping that maybe you can identify him.
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"today in the bay" bob redell live in oakland with more details and these clues. bob? >> good morning to you, scott. b.a.r.t. police still trying to figure out if this weekend's murder was a random attack or if the suspect targeted his victim. let's put that suspect image up, again, so you can take another look at it. this is an image captured by a surveillance video just before 8:00 saturday night. police say he's armed with a handgun carrying a backpack. shortly before this picture was taken, the man, according to police, shot cand killed anothe man on a train headed for sfo. investigators have not been able to identify the victim. they believe he is in his teens or early 20s. during a news conference yesterday, b.a.r.t. police chief would not indicate whether or not there were working surveillance cameras onboard the train that might have recorded the shooting, but he does know there are witnesses and he would like them to come forward.
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>> we want independent witnesses who are at the station or on the train to give us what they may have seen, heard or whatever based on their own account, not based on what they hear today in the media. >> the san francisco chronicle is reporting that some of the surveillance cameras onboard b.a.r.t. trains are broken. others are decoys. it's not clear if that's why police have not released images from onboard a train where saturday night's attack took place. reporting live here outside west oakland b.a.r.t., bob redell. the search is on for the man known as the makeup bandit. this is newly released surveillance video. the man stole cosmetics from a walgreen's in san francisco. the main the santa hat chased after pulling him back inside eventually. that's when the suspect pulled out a knife and that's when he
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backed off. anyone with information is urged to contact police. happening today a highly controversial panel investigates the conduct of some san francisco police officers. district attorney george cascone created that panel after they caught officers exchanging racist text messages. the d.a. sees the panel to bring accountability to the police department and both the police chief and officer's union question what kind of authority the d.a. has in this matter. east bay teachers locked in a bitter contract dispute will vote today on whether to walk off the job. teachers in the san lorensy school district are scheduled to hold a strike authorization vote. the union and district are at odds over a new contract. the current deal expires next year. if a strike is authorized, union leaders would have to decide if and when teachers should strike. many experts still believe the full impact from this year's el nino has yet to be felt in the bay area and better be
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prepared. that's why san leandro services will hold a workshop to help residents and businesses. the workshop is being held at the senior community center on east 14th street at 2:00 p.m. now, two things don't drive through water you don't know how deep it is and never drive your porsche through water, anthony. >> you don't know how deep it is. >> i think we saw that in the last storm that came through. that was a very expensive mistake, by the way. the guy made it through if you don't see the video. you can search on your own time. this is san rafael. look how foggy it is this morning. two main culprits to deal with this morning. we have the fog and we've also got some chilly temperatures. it's 38 degrees in parts of the north bay and later on this afternoon, the culprit will be the rain. showers pushing back to the north bay and san francisco by 3:00, 4:00 and then for the rest of us, we'll see the showers especially in the south bay tonight. once the sun does go down. let's time out this storm system and the other storms headed our way. this is around 4:00 you'll
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notice the showers pushing right to the north bay and by this evening most of the showers will pull through and tomorrow morning wake up to sunshine and tomorrow afternoon and evening the fast-moving storm system will come back. more showers tomorrow evening into saturday evening. saturday this system could linger into the afternoon and more clouds for saturday and sunshine for sunday but look at that. sunday morning, another storm system lines up across the north bay and for us, most of the bay area, we'll see that at least into the overnight hours. starting off the workweek a little bit wet. how much we'll see from the first storm system in the first report and let's toss things over to mike and see how things are moving on the roads. anthony? >> we have issues for the north bay and we'll talk about that in a second. right now point out the dublin y area westbound 580 and towards the dublin interchange, that's just fine. over towards the dublin the north bay also showing here touching as you head up and the
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fog rises to meet those clouds. we'll look at the map and see no slowing past that area and just past the dublin interchange and west 580 coming out of the altamont a tiny build. not the speeds are all green but the orange up here in the north bay, that's where the fog and clouds are blocking some of our cameras from seeing the roadway and that is an issue as the roads rise and use caution there. no slowing for the south bay or peninsula. we'll show you fremont and a nice, easy drive here. southbound with the headlights and mission boulevard. back to you guys. coming up, several explosions rock indonesia's capital. we'll tell you who is claiming responsibility for the deadly terror attack. is twitter to blame for isis. the accusations in a new lawsuit. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. just into our newsroom:
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==laura/cu== a beloved british actor known for his rolen the at 5:12. just in to our newsroom a beloved british actor has died. family members say actor alan rickman died in london. he had been fighting cancer. rickman had roles in numerous films including "die hard" "truly madly deeper" "love
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actually," too. his role as professor in the "harry potter" series. he was 69 years old. isis claiming responsibility for this attack in jakarta, indonesia. a worker watching from a high rise office building took that video. police say the attackers set off explosions in the starbucks right in the middle of a busy shopping district. they got into an hour's long gunfight with police. five attackers and two civilians are dead. at least ten people have been injured. authorities have been warning for weeks about a plot by islamic militants to stage such an attack. now to a tragedy in honduras. three american college students are dead after their bus swerved off the road falling 80 feet. essentially landing in a gully. the students from columbia university were in honduras on a volunteer humanitarian mission.
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30 other people were also injured, 12 seriously. a florida family blames twitter for the death of otheir loved one. they filed a federal lawsuit in san francisco. that suittwitter of allowing terror groups like isis to raise money and spread propaganda led to the death of a florida man in jordan. he died in an attack that isis took credit for. one legal expert has his doubts about the case. >> some form of recklessness giving a loaded gun to a child, which is the exact framing that one federal judge did here in a similar case is going to have to be shown. twitter says the suit has no merit issued this statement, "we have teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations, identifying violating conduct and partnering with organizations and countering extremist content online and working with law enforcement and entities where
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appropriate. 5:14. chipotle employees say they're confident in their new food safety plan. >> landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning to you both. wall street will try to claw back from wednesday's selloff which extends the financial payment a dismal start to the year. despite early gains and a bounce in oil prices. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are in correction territory or down 10% from recent highs. investors worried about earnings. jpmorgan reports today that oil prices and the global economy and to put it in perspective, nearly $3.2 trillion has been wiped off global markets with $1.8 trillion of that from the u.s. the dow falling to 16515. the nasdaq off 160 to 4526. chipotle executives say
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they're confident that it will prevent food outbreaks of poisoning in the future. shares are down more than 30% since the first case of e. coli was reported in october. they'll start marketing efforts to woo back customers with stepped up adsp. the u.s. treasury has launched a pilot program to track foreign buyers of high-end real estate who pay in cash. the move come amid concerns the u.s. real estate market is becoming a top destination for money laundering and increasing high-end properties are being bought by chinese, latin american and other foreign investors. scott and laura, back over to you. >> thanks. after more than 50 years a popular ice rink on the peninsula closing its doors for good. ice skaters have until the end of april to enjoy belmont iceland. the closure comes in the wake of a high-profile fight .
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leaves parents on the peninsula with limited time for their kids and many in the community are preparing for emotional good-byes. >> i am in tears. i cannot believe it because i loved this rink is just my home. >> the place that i know so many of ous love and, you know, has become kind of a home away from home. >> the general manager says the rink needs a $1 million for infrastructure upgrades to stay in business but the owners are not up for that investment. >> tough a childhood thing. >> yeah. >> or your child's thing. i mean, the kids are not going to be -- >> or your childhood goes away. >> all of those things. >> all of those things. >> can we get a happy note. the rain. something. anything. >> we'll get some rain. that's good news. we'll continue to add to this deficit that we're in this drought. the great news in all of it, no major storms that produced major
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flooding and only one last week. as we move towards the next couple of days, we may see another storm that produces an inch of rain as we head towards monday but that is about it. storms coming through quickly and stalling out and dumping too much rain and giving us some time to let the ground soak in the showers. we do have more rain coming our way tonight. in fact, showers already started to be picked up by the radar across parts of extreme northern california, but, for us, we'll see the showers as we head to the afternoon hours for the north bay and san francisco. fog this morning across parts of san francisco and points north. keep that in mind coming in from the north bay. the rest of us will see a good mix of sun and clouds today. 60 degrees for the east bay with evening rain arriving after sunset and same deal for the tri-valley and 59 for the peninsula and the south bay will see a good mix of sun and clouds with temperatures right near 60 degrees. now, we still do have a series of three storms headed our way. the next one starting to come into view and that one is going to arrive sunday night into monday. the next storm for us after the one that comes in today will be
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saturday. very active pattern ahead. as we move in closer, you'll notice the clouds starting to fill in across the bay area. as we move towards the afternoon hours, ts is when we'll start to see our first showers across parts of the north bay around 2:00, 3:00 and then after that for the rest of us, 3:00, 5:00, south bay probably 6:00, 7:00. the evening once the sun goes down showers spread across the bay area. not expecting a whole lot of rain. the places that will see the most north bay 0.5 and 0.25 across the bay area, which is really good. allowing that ground to soak in that rain. we'll talk more about that weekend storm and sierra snow headed that way. >> anthony, i, too, am happy about that time allowing the rain soak into the ground and we haven't had as many mudslides and trees down during rainy times and more to go this season. over here towards 880 past the coliseum, a smooth drive and a
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great season for the warriors, as well. we'll show you the maps and show you the speed sensors for the oakland approach. a note, as well, the closure should reopen right on schedule and haven't heard about any delays. alameda over towards oakland is reestablished. a smooth drive towards the bay bridge. and the north bay, anywhere north of san rafael and including san rafael to get low clouds and fog. that is an issue for visibility. slight build westbound 580 into livermore out of the altamont. sharks are also playing tonight. so both those teams for the bay area in session tonight. show you the live camera in san jose. 101 northbound coming towards us on this camera. we're seeing the slight build and tend to see that right around 5:30. coming up, gearing up for the super bowl blitz. how bay area airports are prepared for the big rush and the advice they're giving to anyone traveling around that time. it's easy to connected to the weather outside by going inside. the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. click on the radaron the weather
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page. once you do that, zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that will, of course, give you what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm jeff ranieri and that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. the f-b-i is working on a
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unique, new program to 5:23. welcome back. nonprofit groups will make the first contact with prostitutes.
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the fbi agents then will step in to help. the women will be directed towards services aimed at getting them out of the sex trade. this will go along with sting operations like the one that was announced last february that led to the arrest of more than 400 people. it is 5:24. bay area airports are already starting to gear up for the super bowl. maneta san jose international certainly getting into the spirit. travelers now greeted with signs of the big game pretty much everywhere. sjc is expecting thousands of extra travelers for the super bowl. >> there's going to be a significant number of rental cars being returned. long lines at airline check-in areas, at security screen points. thousands more travelers mean longer lines. >> so here comes the real issue. if you're flying on super bowl sunday or any time in the two or three days before or after your advice, get to the airport at least three hours before your
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flight. oakland, apparently, they say is going to be okay. all in anticipation to this. super bowl 50. we're now just 23 days away. who's counting now. we are. it's all happening. the big game at levi stadium. the city of oakland has a new set of eight solar powered bicycles. they've been set up at a new charging station on jack london square. the idea is to get those workers out there to use those bikes to run errands instead of using cars or motorcycles. thelet project is funded through a public private partnership including the improvement district and some of the new clean energy firms that call the east bay home. >> that means a lot of sunshine xhnchlthsing up, making history. the california store that sold one of the three winning powerball tickets. we're tracking all the excitement for the world's biggest jackpot ever. and we'll take you out live to san jose. anthony says more rain is on the way. your morning commute should be fine, but might be a bit of a bummer going home. got a tip for nbc area
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investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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anthony anthony is in for kari tracking weather. >> points north that we'll see showers during the day and that will come out after lunchtime. fog building across parts of the north bay and temperatures in the 30s and north bay and san francisco back into the 50s with showers arriving this afternoon. for the rest of us, we'll see the rain tonight once the sun does go down. 60 degree for the east bay and now a series of storms ahead as we move into the weekend. one arrives for saturday and another one, a bigger one for sunday night into monday. we'll detail all of that coming up. in the meantime, let's toss things over to mike and how the commute is shaping up. >> a shot that i find interesting. the metering lights. i always watch this to see when they're turned on. a smooth drive past the metering lights and they should be turned on in about a minute. here in the north bay, another factor that we're watching is the fog. the low clouds in san rafael and the drivers seem to be navigating just fine, though. as we look at your map. that's what we're warning about. the fog and low clouds.
5:30 am
novauta, petaluma and the rest of the bay moves very smoothly. games at oracle arena tonight. oracle arena tonight as well as sap center and keep that in mind. for the life of me, guys, raise your hands. i can't remember where one of those winning lottery tickets were sold. >> oh, that's right. it was chino hills. a wild celebration overnight as 7-eleven in chino hills makes history. one of the winning tickets was sold there and the other two in tennessee and florida. >> team coverage on the much hyped powerball drawing including the little bit of luck here in the bay area. first, "today in the bay" jennifer bjorkland. still celebrating out there? maybe gone from slurpies to coffee? >> they're definitely on to the
5:31 am
coffee and they are wired. they had a lot of coffee. a lot of people have been here all night and look what just showed up. the paper. the very local paper. it says jackpot right there and this is the man of the hour. this is the clerk that everyone was taking selfies with. so much fun and so much excitement here when it was announced that one of the tickets that was involved in this jackpot was purchased right here. a 1 in 292 million chance that someone would buy that ticket. the first one that was announced was bought here. we heard later it is getting split three ways. but right after it was announced everybody thought, wow, we might have a billionaire amongst us. $1.5 billion amongst us and they all came out just to celebrate. which is something we've never really seen before. the store owner showed up. he owns three other 7-elevens around the area and he says he splits his time between them.
5:32 am
but the clerks here, they all know their customers and he knows a lot of the customers, too. they're hoping it's one of their regulars because, boy, it was a party all night long. and it has continued into the morning hours with the regulars coming by for their coffee and talking about how they didn't win. but, you know -- >> but they hope to know the person who has won. >> everyone is a cousin now. >> everyone is getting on that right now. >> exactly. >> just looking for something. >> cousin jen, thanks so much. all right. so, here's the winning numbers. though nobody took home that grand prize. in the bay area several did match five of the six numbers. >> kris sanchez is live in san jose. we did have some winners here, not billion dollar winners. >> no, but really the best news out of all of this powerball drawing is that the jackpot, once again, fits on this sign because it is just a measly $40 million for the next drawing.
5:33 am
but, really, though, there is good news and good reason to be nice to your co-workers and your neighbors today because there are four tickets that were sold here in the bay area. and over the last few days, we met all kinds of folks in lotto lines around the bay area. one expectant mom rubbing her belly for good luck. her baby told her which numbers to pick. hopefully they kept it nice at work because as far as we can tell, they'll be going back on the job today. we didn't meet any of these folks at the four bay area retailers that sold those tickwits the five of six matching numbers. they are in santa rosa, the union in cloverdale someone bought a winning ticket at quik stop and in santa cruz the chevron on the 400 block sold the winning ticket and in vaccaville the 7-eleven store on 2000 nut tree road.
5:34 am
we'll put all those addresses up on our website so you can scrutinize them further. now, we did check with the california lottery just a few minutes ago to see how much these winning tickets are worth. they say it will be a while, so, we don't know yet whether these folks in the bay area are filthy rich or just regular rich. in any case, be nice to everyone you come across today. >> kris sanchez, thanks. for more powerball coverage and reaction, always head to our website or download our free app from the apple app store or google play for android devices. just in our newsroom in the last couple of minutes a beloved british actor known for his role in the "harry potter" films died. alan rickman had been fighting cancer. he was in all kinds of movies "die hard," "robin hood." and well known lately for his role in the "harry potter"
5:35 am
series. he was 69 years old. >> i really liked him. 5:34. several big court cases across the bay area to tell you about. first the man accused in the vallejo kidnapping case one so bizarre it was thought to be a hoax. you may recall matthew mueller broke into the home of erin quin and denise huskins. he kidnapped and released her in southern california. this morning's hearing should set a trial date. and the fremont man accused of traveling to the middle east to join a terrorist group is due in court this afternoon. 22-year-old adam chafee faces a charge of attempting to provide materials to help the terrorist organization. federal agents arrested him at sfo back in july on his way to turkey. he says he wanted to go overseas to help refugees. a new loawsuit accuses twitter of helping isis after a florida man was killed by the alleged member of the terror group. stephanie chuang is live in our
5:36 am
san francisco newsroom with more on those allegations. stephanie? >> yeah, scott, interesting case. experts say it is the first and tough to prove. we'll have to see whether this lawsuit is successful. stems from the death of a man of florida who was killed while he trained police officers in aman, jordan, last november. isis has claim it was one of their members, one of the trainees who shot and killed him along with four other victims. his widow filed a complaint accusing twitter of being aware of isis users and still let them spread extremist propaganda and attract new recruits and isis has 70,000 twitter accounts. experts point to the anti-terrorism act and say the plaintiff must prove twitter was not just negligent, but reckless. >> pre-existing legal finding that twitter was complicit. and so i think it's going to be
5:37 am
a tough case. >> now, we have twitter's response. teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations, identifying violating conduct, partnering with organizations, countering extremist content online and working with law enforcement entities when appropriate. according to twitter's transparency report in the first half of last year the company removed 42% of content and that's of more than 1,000 requests from both governments and people across the globe. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." 5:37. a precious moment snapped and now the cal crew team says it wants it back. police say a 300-pound statue was stolen from the uc berkeley boat house on tuesday night. the statue is of legendary crew coached cal's crew team to three olympic gold medals. the statue was estimated to be worth about $80,000.
5:38 am
of course, very sentimental. happening today, the valley transportation authority publicly unveils its flex on demand service which right now is a pilot program covering a three-mile radius around the light rail station in san jose. users can order a shuttle service on demand. this will be a bus, not a train. and get to their high density areas via their smartphone apps. things like cisco, that kind of thing hope it connect with light rail train stops. happening now, the oscar nominations are being announced right now in hollywood. let's listen in. >> we'll listen in just momentarily. >> welcome. what an exciting morning. thank you for kicking it off. john, let's continue.
5:39 am
for performance by an actor in a supporting role, the nominees are. christian bale in "the big short." tom hardy in "the revenant." mark ruffalo in "spotlight." mark in "bridge of skies." and sylvester stallone "creed." >> for performance by an actress in a supporting role, the nominees are. jennifer jason leigh "the hateful eight." roony mara in "carol." rachel mcadams in "spotlight." and kate winslet in "steve jobs." >> for achievement in visual effects. the nominees are. ex machina, mad max, "the
5:40 am
marti martian," "the revenant" and "star wars the force awakens." >> for achievement in film editing the nominees are, "the big short," "mad max furry road," "the revenant," "spotlight," and "star wars the force aens." >> they will continue to announce the nominees. we, of course, will continue to follow. putidates on but, of course, so many categories out there. the big ones being actor coming up, the best picture, as well. but on the heels of a golden globes, the 88th annual academy award ceremony will broadcast live february 28th. we're kind of in award season right now. >> we are, indeed. in fact, one of our award-winning meteorologists is
5:41 am
tracking the rain. >> thank you, thank you. i'd like to thank all the small people that i stepped on to get here. >> hey, i'm wearing my high heels today. >> i want to hear a funny acceptance speech like that one time. let's talk about some weather. we do have some clouds moving in. in fact, some rain expected in san francisco later on this afternoon and the coastline. pacifica there, as well. sunshine for the south bay and palo alto. across the north bay showers for lunchtime. mike, how are the roads looking? >> anthony, we should have that music play us off when we come to the end of our reports. the metering lights are on but cycling pretty quickly. brief wait keeps the span moving very well. that's the bay bridge. look at map and we don't have a lot of slowing except for at the toll plaza itself. low clouds and fog for the north bay and that might present an issue for time to time. look thath tri-valley. dublin interchange moves very well and slight build out of the altamont and not jet this week seen the full restoration of the
5:42 am
commute and one building for north 101 and san jose camera right in that spot and 680 slight slowing. >> thanks a lot. coming up, thankful to be alive and eager to get back to work. an update from a man rescued from a trench after nearly 14 hours.
5:43 am
5:44 am
that's one sure fire way to get things moving, again. in this case, a bolder blocking a busy road to lake tahoe. yesterday crews used about three pounds of dynamite.
5:45 am
the slide closed both directions for hours yesterday and the bolder actually hit a car when it fell. that could have been frightening if you were driving. luckily, no one in the car was hurt. the weather is washing out plans to reopen dolores park. the south side park in the mission was rescheduled to open today, but the recreation and parks department canceled the event because of the rain. no word on a new date. the park went through major renovations and was the final section of dolores park to reopen. trapped in the sewer for nearly 14 hours and now finally hearing from the worker rescued. >> translator: thank you. i don't have enough words. i can't repay them for what they did to help me and thank god i am well and they were able to get me out. >> we spoke to him the same day he was pulled from the trench. he was still in the hospital recovering. he fell 17 feet tuesday while
5:46 am
working in oakland. he couldn't free himself because he was buried in sand and construction material. esparza said there were moments when he thought he might die. >> translator: at that moment you can think about things. but at the same time, i wasn't thinking much except for god to help me. >> and god did. so did the crews. they used a vacuum and hand tools to eventually dig him out. 5:46. investigators now say bones found in a planter's box in san francisco belong to a child. back in november a woman found those bones while she was guardering in front of her home at alamo square. the medical examiner confirmed that bones belonged to two people. the first age unknown and the other a child between 8 and 14. investigators will now compare the dna of the bones to missing people. it's unclear whether foul play was involved. the first in what is expected to be a of claims has been filed over the terror attack in san bernardino. the widow of one of the 14
5:47 am
shooting victims is asking the county for $58 million. michael was an employee at the inland regional center. the family attorney says his death was preventable and caused by negligence. san bernardino county and 25 people are named in that claim. state regulators slapping uber with a $7.6 million fine. the state public utility commission says the ride sharing company isn't providing all the information it wants to make sure underserve communities are not being ignored. that information includes whether or not uber provides handicap accessible cars. the puc wants information to try to figure out if the drivers ignore certain areas. uberes that information amounts to trade secrets. nevertheless, the examiner says uber will pay that fine to avoid a suspension of its state business license. happening today the aclu seeks to overturn a ruling allowing one northern california catholic hospital to avoid
5:48 am
performing a birth control procedure. a san francisco judge cited with mercy medical center in redding which refused to help an exp expectant mother who wants her tubes tied when she gives birth. they argue the procedure is not medically necessary. the aclu will argue today for an injunction requiring the hospital to perform that procedure, in part, because the next closest hospital is 70 miles away. now, to decision 2016. the republican candidates getting ready for their last presidential debate. it will be held in south carolina and hosted by fox business network and will focus on economic, domestic and international policy issues. the seven candidates chosen for the main debate are donald trump and carson, jeb bush and senators ted cruz and marco rubio and chris christie and kasich. rand paul did not qualify for the main debate the undercard debate with carly fiorina. feast your eyes on what
5:49 am
smugglers tried to do in texas. take a look at these two trucks. looks like they're hauling carrots, right? altogether these correctively wrapped orange bundles amount to more than a ton of marijuana worth about $500,000. that took a lot of time to wrap all that. customs seized the marijuana in a shipment of real carrots coming across the border from mexico. >> so they mixed in the big carrots with the other carrots. >> not that i'm recommending it. >> like an idea you might see on pinter se pint pinterest. >> i follow el chapo. >> they're sparkly. let's check your weather this morning. >> we have some rain coming back into the bay area later on this afternoon. right now all dry and fog across of the north bay and you can see things moving without a problem across the golden gate bridge. mike will be along in just a moment to talk about how the
5:50 am
roeldz are mo roads are moving and clouds are starting to increase and showers as we head into the afternoon hours. storm system on the satellite view. you can see making its way towards the bay and clouds are increasing and that's what we'll be looking at as we head through the day. not so bad out right now. temperatures are cool. back into the 40s. 46 degrees in san francisco and north bay looking at 0s and the north bay and san francisco, that's where you will see showers today. temps cool into the 50s and 60 degrees for the east bay with sunshine there. 62 for the tri-valley and good amount of sun and clouds for the peninsula and south bay as that rain arrives after the sun does go down. let's time out this storm system and the other ones headed our way. here is around 4:00 this afternoon and the futurecast set it into motion and showers across the north bay and san francisco. tonight, the entire system moves on through and tomorrow morning we'll wake up to a few areas of lingering showers and things will start to dry out. tomorrow afternoon our next storm system and that will start to arrive mostly for the north bay during the daytime hours and then tomorrow night into
5:51 am
saturday is when we'll see our next storm system and then on the heels of that one, we have another coming in for sunday night into monday morning. so, as far as rainfall amounts go with the three systems headed our way, decent amounts. 0.25 for the first one that moves through tonight and then for monday that is going to be a big storm system and that could produce the potential of an inch. so, you tally all of that up. and this particular computer model wants to point out quite a bit more across the santa cruz mountains. we had decent rainfall amounts yesterday. i think we could see that play out, once again, as we head into sunday might and monday. overall three storm systems in the next five day. tonight the first storm system arrives and the one after that arrives sunday night into monday. mike, how is it looking on the roads right now? >> looking great. wave after wave of rain anthony is talking about. right now a nice, smooth flow of traffic and we have seen this view improve over the last 20 minutes. we can see the roadway
5:52 am
southbound 101 and little glow for the light of the top of the screen and the map will show you farther north as you get into san rafael the lower edge of the fog and the low clouds that we're concerned for visibility. north bay drivers petaluma, santa rosa watch over. the bay bridge metering lights are on. we'll show you overall nice, easy drive. speed sensors a little dip in san jose. no problems out of the altamont and towards livermore. look at the live cameras we're talking about. westbound no problems and a clearer view across the high rise and the peninsula. and then in the south bay this is the slower drive. just this one section of 101 from about story road past this camera and heading up towards mckie and then things are clear, once again, at the limit. back to you. >> mike's constantly updating our nbc bay area app with traffic. you can download it from the google play. >> we made it easy for you to
5:53 am
get the very latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alerts. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm vicki nguyen. coming up, bay area ice skating rink on thin ice. the reason belmont iceland will soon close its doors for good. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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5:56 am
happening today. a highly controversial panel investigates the conduct of some san francisco police officers. district attorney george cascone created that panel after superiors caught some officers exchanging racist text messages. the d.a. sees the panel as a way of bringing accountability to the police department. both the police chief and the officers union question what kind of authority the d.a. has in the matter. the public hearing begins at 1:30 at the main library on larkin. east bay teachers locked in a bitter contract dispute will vote to walk off the job. teachers are scheduled to hold a strike authorization vote. the union and district are at odds over a new contract. the current deal expires next year. if a strike is authorized, union
5:57 am
leaders would then have to decide if and when teachers should strike. after more than 50 years a popular ice rink on the peninsula closing its doors for good. skaters have ubtill the end of april to enjoy belmont ice land. the closure comes in a now closed rink at bridge point. it leaves parents on the peninsula with limited options for ice time for their kids. many in the community preparing their emotional good-bye. >> i am like in tears. i cannot even believe it because i loved this rink is just my home. >> this place that, you know, i know so many of us love and, you know, it has become kind of a home away from home. isn't going to be there. >> the general manager says the rink needs $1 million for infrastructure upgrades to stay in business and the owners are not up for that investment. it is 5:57. bay area airports already gearing up for the super bowl. maneta san jose international
5:58 am
certainly getting into that spirit. travelers greeted with signs of the big gamy much everywhere. on the doors, the windows and even the floor. sjc is expecting thousands of extra travelers for the super bowl. >> there is going to be a significant number of rental cars being returned. long lines at airline check-in areas, at security screen points. thousands more travelers mean longer lines. >> here comes the real issue. if you're flying on super bowl sunday or any time in the two or three days before or after you're advised to get to the airport at least three hours before your flight. this is at sfo and sjc. they say so far oakland should be okay. all in anticipation forrer bowl 50. we're now just 23 days away from the big game at levi stadium. right now at 6:00, we have waner or maybe we should say winners three people at least will be splitting the historic powerball jackpot. take you live to one of the lucky stores right here in
5:59 am
california. not raining money, but actual rain. more on the way. the timeline for not just one, but a series of storms making their way to the bay area right now. a bizarre story out of the east bay. a suspected car thief run from deputies only to fall to his death in a cemetery. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> as you mentioned, we're talking about a series of storms headed to the bay area in the next five days. the first one making its way to the region right now and bring clouds to most of the bay as we head through the day and temperatures are nice and mild in san francisco. 46 degrees pap little bit chilly in the north bay. 39 there and we do have patchy fog. the north bay and san francisco. that's where you'll see the rain later on this. the rest of us, it will come in after the sun goes down. that means a good mix of sun clouds. and temperatures back near 60 degrees for the east bay, peninsula and south bay. we'll talk about how much rain
6:00 am
we can see from this first storm and the weekend, it looks wet, we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit. let's talk to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> great morning as far as drivers are concerned. here is the maze and the berkeley curve. look at that, cars moving very smoothly. no backup. we'll show you the map. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights west grand to the metering lights because that is the pattern. no problem for the east shore freeway. as anthony mentioned, patches of fog in the north and low clouds. that could be an yissue as you travel through the area. little build from 92 down into union city and not a major concern over there for nimitz. dublin interchange, very easy drive. southbound 101 slows a bit at 680 and that's about it. the peninsula, as usual, very clear right now. back to you. as usual, we're all back at work morning but at least three people waking up a whole lot richer this morning. >> three states including here in california sold winning tickets in last night's


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