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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and the weekend, it looks wet, we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit. let's talk to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. >> great morning as far as drivers are concerned. here is the maze and the berkeley curve. look at that, cars moving very smoothly. no backup. we'll show you the map. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights west grand to the metering lights because that is the pattern. no problem for the east shore freeway. as anthony mentioned, patches of fog in the north and low clouds. that could be an yissue as you travel through the area. little build from 92 down into union city and not a major concern over there for nimitz. dublin interchange, very easy drive. southbound 101 slows a bit at 680 and that's about it. the peninsula, as usual, very clear right now. back to you. as usual, we're all back at work morning but at least three people waking up a whole lot richer this morning. >> three states including here in california sold winning tickets in last night's $1.6 billion powerball jackpot.
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>> chino hills! che chino hills! >> quite the celebration down there where dozens of people showed up just to be a part of history. that 7-eleven sold one of those winning tickets. the other two winners matching all six numbers were sold in tennessee and florida. >> boy, some lucky people there. so, in case you're curious. let's take a look at the numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the big powerball was 10. we have team coverage from here in the bay area where there was some luck. but we begin with "today in the bay" jennifer bjorkland at that chino hills 7-eleven. they're still chanting out there this morning, jen? >> they're not chanting any more. but my head is just still kind of ringing from all the excitement over night and here's the big headline jackpot and you can see that store clerk right over here is the hero. he was the hero of the evening.
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really, really a lot of excitement here in this store. you can feel it in the air. you still can when you walk in and this morning everybody is so, so happy for this still mystery winner who initially was believed could be the soul winner of this $1.56 billion jackpot. we found out a few more hours went by last night that there were two other winners. one in florida, one in tennessee winning tickets, that is. could be groups of people. who knows, split more than three ways. for now we have three big winners and 12 other winners who probably will get somewhere between $500,000 to $1.2 million for getting five of the ixsix numbers right. that is exciting news. if you didn't win and you're sad, here's something to think about. you know, half of thet sales money goes to the jackpot. another 10% goes to
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administrative costs but then 40% goes towards our schools. it's not a lot, i mean, this game was $121 million from just this draw alone going to our schools. about 1% of california school budget. so, something to think about. you know, a little bit of money for the schools. but, you know, not a huge jackpot for any of us. >> no, everybody wants to dream just a little bit, right, jen? >> yeah, sure. >> all right. jennifer, thanks. >> absolutely. >> now, she mentioned the five out of six. there are no big jackpot winners here in the bay area. some of the tickets in the bay area did match five out of six. >> kris sanchez live in san jose. the bay area always seems to get a little lucky. >> yeah, a little lucky, although i will say that it was not me and that's why i'm very glad that i walked out nicely from work yesterday saying see you tomorrow, not like see you never. five of the six winning numbers, we don't know what that's worth
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yet because the california lottery hasn't said whether the folks who bought those tickets around the bay area are rich or filthy rich. we did meet all kinds of folks, though, with powerball fever around the bay area in the last few days. one expectant mom rubbing her ticket on her belly for good luck and some folks share the plans that they had to spend the winning and other people told us how they would quit their jobs. hopefully did keep it nice at work because as far as we can tell, they will be on the job today. we didn't meet any of these folks at the four bay area retailers that sold those winning tickets matching five of the six numbers. in santa rosa, the larks field and in cloverdale the quik stop sold a ticket. in santa cruz, a chevron station on the 400 block of so cal avenue. and in vaccaville the 7-eleven sold a lucky ticket. we'll put the full addresses up. check them out
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really perhaps the silver lining of all of this powerball fever and the drawing being over is that the next jackpot actually si fits on the sign, again, because it is $40 million for saturday. maybe you are still feeling lucky? i don't know. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> maybe you won a couple bucks getting one of the numbers and you can roll it over. much more powerball coverage throughout the morning. for updates, to our website or download our free ap or from google play. new this morning a horrific end to a traffic stop in the east bay. about 12:30 this morning alameda county sheriff deputies pulled over a reported stolen car on highway 238. before deputies could walk up to that car the driver ran off and hopped a fence and either jumped or fell to his death. he landed 20 fealt below in of all places the san lorenzo pioneer cemetery where he died. the passenger in the stolen car
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was not arrested. it is 6:05. a precious momento smashed and now the cal crew team says it wants it back. police say this 300-pound statue was stolen from the uc berkeley boat house tuesday night. the statue is of legendary crew coach who coached cal's crew team to three olympic gold medals. the statue is estimated to be worth a80,000. the man accused in the vallejo kidnapping case that was so bizarre it was thought to be a hoax will be back in court this morning. you may recall that matthew mueller broke into the home of aaron quinn and denise huskins and kidnapped huskens and then released her in southern california. mueller has pleaded not guilty. this morning's hearing should set a trial date. 6:06. now to decision 2016. the republican candidates are getting ready for their first presidential debate. it will be held in south carolina tonight. the debate hosted by fox
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business network will focus on domestic and international policy issues. the seven candidates chosen for the main debate, donald trump, ben carson, jeb bush, ted cruz, marco rubio and governors chris christie and jokasich. rand paul decided to boycott the undercard debate with carly fiorina. isis now claiming responsibility for an attack in jakarta, indonesia, that killed at least seven people. most of them terrorists. police say the attackers set off explosions at a starbucks right in the middle of a busy shopping district and then got into an hour's long gunfight with police. at least ten were hurt. authorities had been warning for weeks of a plot by islamic militants to stage such an attack. a florida family that blames twitter for the death of their loved one filed a federal lawsuit in san francisco. the suit accuses twitter of allowing terror groups like isis to raise money and spread
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propaganda. the attorney's claim led to the death of a florida man in jordan. he died in an attack isis took credit for. one legal experts has his doubts about the case. >> recklessness akin to giving a loaded gun to a child, which is the exact framing that one federal judge did here in a similar case is going to have to be shown. >> twitter says the suit has no merit and issued this statement. "we have teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations identifying violating conduct partnering with organizations countering extremist content online and working with law enforcement entities when appropriate." the fremont man accused of traveling to the middle east to join a terrorist group is due in court this afternoon. 22-year-old adam faces charges of attempting to provide materials to help a terrorist organization. federal agents arrested him back
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in sfo. he was on his way to turkey in july. chaffy said he wanted to go overseas to refugees. 6:09 and time to check the forecast of anthony slaughter. little bit of drive for the morning, but the storms keep coming. >> watch rain arriving later on in the afternoon. starting to see some rain across extreme northern california. across the bay, we'll see the showers as we head towards the afternoon for north bay and san francisco and i think the rest of us will see that rain once we get towards sunset. temperatures back today close to 60 degrees and same deal for the peninsula and the east bay. tri-valley temperatures back into the low 60s and san francisco and, again, the north bay, that's where we'll see the showers this afternoon. for the rest of us, once the sun does go down we'll see the showers pull into the bay. one storm system that will move in today and another one for saturday and another one behind that and that will move sunday night into monday morning and that could mean for a mess y sunday morning commute. the clouds already starting to spill in across the bay and once we hit 2:00, 3:00 this
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afternoon, showers will start to spread across the north bay and then by 4:00 and 5:00 we'll see the showers move across the rest of the bay and right as the rush hour gets going this evening make sure you're prepared for slick roads and a slick commute. the rain will be with us for the overnight hours. even by 7:00, very spotty showers and even into midnight. we could even have a rumble of thunder or two across the higher elevations. talking about the potential of half an inch or more and 0.25 across the bay area and some places like oakland and san francisco may get more than that and head down to the south bay, much lesser amounts. kind of like what we saw the past go around the last 24 hours. let's talk to mike and see how it is looking on those roads. >> a good volume of traffic for 101. this is north 101 at 680 and things calming right now. the real commute kick in at 6:30. as we look at your map, you don't see a lot of slowing just a little yellow where we see that live camera shot. 87 and 85 holding niup nicely.
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as we move the map up, the rest of your bay and south 880 from hayward down to union city the only stretch of the nimitz and san mateo bridge picks up more volume and dublin interchange and walnut creek interchange and as you catch a little glimpse of that in san rafael, foggy at times and fog north to santa rosa. meanwhile over here the east here shore freeway northbound moves very nicely. the silhouette for university avenue and full for all lanes but moving close to the speed limit and you see the lights over at golden gate field. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, stuck in dirt, mud and sewage for 14 hours. we brought you the dramatic rescue all morning long as breaking news yesterday. and this morning we hear from the man who survived it all. law enforcement asking for your help to solve a murder this weekend on b.a.r.t. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. a critical clue this morning -
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in the deadly shooting on it is almost 6:15. a critical clue this morning in the deadly shooting onboard a b.a.r.t. train. this is a picture of a man police say is the gunman. "today in the bay" bob redell is live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station and police have these new images but still don't know if this was targeted or just a random attack. >> correct. and they are not even sure who the victim is. they're still trying to identify the victim, laura. but, yes, as far as motive, b.a.r.t. police do not know if
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this was a random attack or the suspect targeted his victim. let's take another look at that image. a surveillance camera captured outside the west oakland b.a.r.t. the suspect leaving the station before 8:00 saturday night. he is arm would a handgun carrying a backpack. now, shortly before this picture was taken the man according to police shot and killed another man. a young man on a train headed for sfo and investigators, as i mentioned, have not been able to identify the victim, but they do believe that he is in his teens or early 20s. during a news conference yesterday, b.a.r.t. police chief would not indicate whether there were working surveillance cameras on the train that might have recorded the shooting, but there are witnesses and he would like them to come forward. >> we want independent witnesses who are at the station or on the train to give us what they may have seen, heard or whatever based on their own account, not based on what they hear today in
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the media. >> b.a.r.t. police also say there was a knife that was recovered here at west oakland b.a.r.t. but not confirm if it was related to saturday night's attack. reporting live here outside west oakland b.a.r.t., bob redll. >> thank you, bob. 6:16 right now. trapped in the sewer for nearly 14 hours. and now we're finally hearing from the worker rescued. >> translator: thank you. i don't have enough words. i can't repay them for what they did tahelp me and thank god i am well and they were able to get me out. >> we spoke to rogelio esparza the day he was pulled from the trench. he fell 17 feet tuesday while working in oakland. he couldn't free himself because he was buried in sand and construction material. esparza says there were moments when he thought he might die.
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>> translator: at that moment, you can think about 1,000 things. but at the same time, i wasn't thinking much except for god to help me. >> crews used a vac and hand tools to eventually dig him out. new this morning, a beloved british actor known for his many roles including in the "harry potter" films has died. alan rickman died in london. he had been fighting cancer. he's known in so many different films. "die hard" and "love actually." "truly madly deeply." alan rickman was 69 years old. >> quite the talent. new this morning, the oscar nominations are out. in the last half hour weed eight films vie for best picture. >> brad pitt, gardner. "bridge of spies." steven spielberg, mark platte.
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"brooklyn" amanda posse, producers. "mad max furry road." "the martian" simon kinburg, ridley scott, producers. "the revenant" steve galin, mary parent and keith redmond producers. "room." producer. >> and "spotlight" nicole rockland producers. >> best actress nominees include brie larsen for "room." cate blan chet in "carol." jennifer lawrence in "joy." and roanen for "brooklyn."
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>> bryan cranston in "trumbo." matt damon in "the martian. leonardo dicaprio "the revenant." >> good ones to watch there. time to catch up before the oscars. >> i hadn't heard of. one not on my lift. >> when they say "revenant" it's my kid pronouncing relevant. >> this is leonardo decicaprio' year. >> he has been nominated five times for an oscar but has never won. good old, leo. let's talk about some weather. clouds moving in across the bay area right now and little bit of fog from time to time, especially across the north bay. everywhere else, think you'll be all right getting going this morning. just a little bit chilly. five degrees cooler overall across most of the bay. here is our next storm system moving in across the north bay right now bringing some showers
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across extreme northern california. for us here at home, we will see those showers as we head towards sunset for most of us. clouds moving in and temperatures back into the 30s and 40s. later on this afternoon, san francisco and the north bay. that's where you'll see the showers first. then for the rest of us, the showers will spread south and once the sun does go down. dry day for the south bay, the peninsula and the east bay. temperatures right there near 60 degrees. 62 for the tri-valley and the rain arrives for san francisco and the north bay. as we head towards lunchtime. storm system move in today and the next one saturday and the one behind that as we head towards sunday night and monday. the next storm system bringing clouds to the region and by this afternoon we'll see those showers. here's lunchtime right around 1:00 north and then as we head towards 3:00, 4:00, most of that shower activity spread across san francisco and the peninsula and even across parts of the east bay. for the south bay, it will come right around 4:00, 5:00 tonight and then we're just talking about widespread rain into the overnight hours.
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things start to clear out tonight and tomorrow morning wake up to a few areas of sunshine rainfall amounts half an inch or more for the north bay and as the system moves farther south t will lose some of its punch. but we are still expecting 0.25 or maybe less than that across parts of the bay area. more sierra snow headed our way, as well. winter weather advisory and a newly issued one for this storm system coming in and expecting four to eight inches at lake level and above that another foot of snow from this next storm system that is expected to move on in. some very good news all in all as we continue to move into this very wet pattern. three storm systems ahead the next five days. the one moves in for tonight and another one for saturday and then another big one that could produce an inch of rain for monday and that will mean for a wet monday morning commute. keep that in mind. mike, how is it looking on the roads right now? >> looking forward to a tough monday again next week. anthony over here right now. present day looking great at dublin. west 580 dry roads and pleasant conditions and the lighter traffic flow from the vacation holidays over the end of the last year. looking toward the map and we'll see that the traffic
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hasn't fully filled in recovering. usually about next week about this time we'll see much more traffic flow. 680 through pleasanton and union city for the nimitz and hang down towards fremont and a little build for 92 heading over towards the peninsula side on the san mateo bridge. overall looking at the bay bridge and metering lights are on and slight build for the upper east shore freeway. look a little patch of orange there. show you the live camera at san rafael. you can see the lights traveling southbound and a good volume of traffic. now in san rafael you saw low clouds and fog earlier and now it looks anywhere north of novato chances for visibility. 101 in palo alto. just a littled build for the commute. an amazing season when a loss makes the headlines. warriors lost the third game of the intear season falling to the nuggets in denver. they're back in the action tonight against the lakers at
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oracle arene. kobe bryant will be there. play his last game in the bay area. coming up, blocked by a bolder. the unique way crews cleared this massive rock from a busy california highway.
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well, that took care of that. blocked no more. blocking highway in both directs for hours yesterday. the rock slide happened as crews
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placed about three pounds of dynamite in that big rock to break it up into smaller, manageable pieces and then moved it out of the way. the chp says one car was damaged when that bolder fell but nobody was hurt. from road cleared to an opening delay. the weather washing out plans to reopen a popular san francisco park. the south side of dolores park in the mission district was scheduled to reopen today but the parks and recreation department canceled because of rain. no word on the new date. the south side went through major renovations and was the final section of dolores park to reoep. history in california. a winning powerball ticket sold in southern california, but the bay area got a little piece of the massive pie, as well. i'm stephanie chuan live in san francisco. a man sued twitter filing the lawsuit here this week, but doesn't stand a chance. we have more coming up in this of its kind case.
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well, happy thursday, everyone. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. more rain on the way. let's get to anthony slaughter in for kari. how are we looking? >> starting to see the clouds increase and things are still dry. no issues on the roads. we'll talk to mike in just a bit, but you can see that storm system is starting to bring rain across part of the extreme part northern part of the state. later on this afternoon, we are
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going to see temperatures close to 60 degrees and we are going to see some sunshine today, but, just as quick as that sun comes in, we're talking about more rain expected later on this afternoon for san francisco and the north bay. 56 for the north bay today and 59 for san francisco and now let's take a look at that snow report where it's talking about more snow today in the sierra. little bit of a break for tomorrow but if you're doing any traveling there this weekend heads up chains are required or at least recommended for saturday's storm and a bigger one on the way for sunday into monday. active here and across the sierra. let's check with mike and see how active the roads. >> pretty much at speed. that's great. you won't be late, at least not held up by the traffic flow. san mateo bridge west 92. typical pattern. as we travel through hayward off of 880 southward we do have one crash moved to the shoelder and two vehicles involved and no injuries right there. that's a little distraction, but not unexpected as you travel down into union city. we often see that for the nimitz
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through the area. nice, easy drive for oakland. 580 and 880 and 6:30 the upper east shore more slowing and mild build for the walnut creek interchange. and 680 slows a bit, as well. move your map down. north 81 and all showing that build over the last 15 minutes. a crash, i got my eyes on north 280 right around winchester boulevard, we'll track that. no slowing shows up just yet getting more information there. the volume just kicking in right on schedule, again, 6:31. the slowing for 101 and san jose. back to you. >> thank you, mike. at least three people and maybe three groups waking up super rich this morning. >> three states including here in california sold winning tickets in last night's massive $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. >> chino hills! >> listen to them chant. it was quite the celebration down in chino hills where people showed up just to be a part of history.
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that 7-eleven sold one of the winning tickets and the other two matching all six numbers were sold in tennessee and florida. >> in case you're curious. here are the numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and then the powerball is 10. we do have team coverage including here in the bay area where there was some luck. we begin with kris sanchez. he is in the bay where you learned how much some of the winners in the bay area who matched five out of six will get. >> right. how many people were in our morning crew office pool? about 10, 12 people, right? let's put it this way. if we had won matching five out of those six numbers we would still be at work today. those tickets are worth about $638,000. so, even the folks who have those winning tickets probably at work today this morning. in the days leading up to the drawi drawing, we met folks with powerball fever around the bay area. one mom who was rubbing herry with her ticket for good luck.
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other folks told us how they plan to spend their winnings and other people telling us how graciously or ungraciously they would quit their jobs. hopefully they did play nice at work because they should be back on the job today. they were in santa rosa, the union 76 station on old redwood highway and one sold in cloverdale the quik stop and one in santa cruz, a chevron on the 400 block of so cal avenue and one sold in vaccaville the 7-eleven store on nut tree road. put all the full addresses up on our website so you can track it down in case that's you. the next powerball drawing on saturday. the jackpot there $40 million and scott and laura, do you remember when that seemed like a lot of money? >> $40 million. what's the point? >> i guess it all starts over, again. it rolled over that many times. >> so few people or nobody won.
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kris sanchez, thanks. lots of powerball coverage. you can head to our website, and then we have that app we have been mentioning. get that at the apple store or google play if you have android. happening today, the aclu seeks to overturn a ruling allowing one northern california catholic hospital taavoid performing a birth control procedure. last week a san francisco judge cited with mercy medical center who refused to help an expectant mother argued the procedure is not medically necessarily. requiring the hospital to perform that procedure in part because the next closest hospital is 70 miles away. investigators say bones found in a planter box in san francisco belong to a child. back in november, a woman found the bones while she was gardening. in front of her home in alamo square. the medical examiner confirmed the bones belong to two people, but the age of the first is
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unknown. the second is a child between the ages of 8 and 14. investigators are going to compare the dna of the bones to missing persons cases. it's unclear whether foul play was involved. a man police say attacked a television news crew and took off appear today in a san francisco courtroom. a camera at the time caught images of the masked attacker and a gun he used to pistol whip one of our photographers. it happened over the summer on pier 14 where news crews were covering the shooting death of kate steinle. the su, michael anthony jones, is due in court for a preliminary hearing. a palo alto home is up in flames. a disgruntled former employee is accused of setting it. kahn set his former manager's home on fire. the manager and his family woke up to the fire alarm and saw smoke the garage. their teenage daughter burned her hand trying to escape. they eventually put the flames out with a garden hose. is twitter to blame for
6:36 am
isis? a lawsuit has been filed against the social media network accusing it of helping the terrorist group recruit members. stephanie chuang live in our san francisco newsroom with how all this started. steph? >> the death of a florida man killed by isis. the family filed a lawsuit here in san francisco in u.s. district court claiming twitter is complicit in his death because it didn't do enough to shut down isis users to down their accounts. he was killed while he trained security forces over in jordan last november. isis claimed it was one of its members. one of the trainees who shot and killed fields along with four other victims. the lawsuit accuses twitter of being host to 70,000 isis users and allowing them to spread extremist prop granda and raise funds and attract new recruits. legal experts we spoke with point to the anti-terrorism act of 1992 and said the plaintiff must prove that twitter wasn't
6:37 am
negligent but it was reckless. >> to giving a loaded gun to a child, which is the exact framing that one federal judge did here in a similar case. >> now, this is twitter's response. "we have teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations, identifyingilating conduct, partnering with organizations, countering extremist content online and working with law enforcement entities when appropriate." now government and people request that twitter take down content and accounts quite a bit. according to twiterse's transparency report the first half of last year it complied with 42% of more than 1,000 of those requests from around the world. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. let's check your weather. anthony has been watching that satellite radar. >> things starting to get more active across the northern part of the state. you can see the rain starting to fall across the extreme northern
6:38 am
part of california. but we will eventually see the rain across the bay area later on this afternoon. san francisco and the north bay is where we're expecting it once the sun will be up. but once the sun goes down, east bay, peninsula, south bay is when we'll see the showers once the sunshiet hits. temperatures are going to be mild today, close to 60 degrees. here's our first storm system and the next one moves in for saturday and another one right behind that one is going to move in as we head towards sunday night into monday. let's time out this first storm system for you and you'll notice the clouds starting to spill in across the bay. high, thin clouds and once the sun comes up we'll see some sunshine and north bay, that's when you'll see the showers first. this is around 1:00 and then san francisco the east bay and the peninsula will see the showers we head towards rush hour and really right in the heart of the evening rush hour is when we're expecting the heaviest of rain around 5:00, 6:00. widespread rain for the entire bay area and that will continue until midnight and then things will start to spread out and see
6:39 am
some fun on some sun once we get to tomorrow morning. half an inch and more across parts of the north bay and san francisco, oakland and maybe 0.25 to 0.50 but the farther south you go, 0.25 or less. winter weather advisory in effect for today into tonight. expecting another four to eight inches at lake level and another foot across 7,000 feet and above. we'll talk about that weekend storm system headed our way coming up in about ten minutes. right now let's talk to mike and see how it's looking on those roads. mike? >> we're talking about the fact that we have not seen the full restoration of the commute and at least the volume. that doesn't happen until the mlk holiday. we'll watch that next week. the build 280 approaching 880 and a slower drive and then slowing still from the bottom of the screen. now, probably behind these buildings and trees somewhere, but i couldn't see it from the camera shot. as we look at the map, weal talk about that crash north 280 just past that shot around winchester. still reportedly a crash there and maybe a distraction for folks just as we see the build
6:40 am
there. 85, 87, 101 your usual pattern now kicking in for san jose and kicking into the rest of the silicon valley. a nice, easy drive for the tri-valley. a crash has not caused a major slowing. it's slowing just past that scene. over here that crash at a street just cleared. you just saw it clear from the roadway. southbound the chp says it's not a problem and you see that from the pattern. a slower drive over to the peninsula. the bay bridge has the metering lights with you waiting there. little fog north of novato might be a factor there. so far speeds are just fine. 101 through palo alto. a live camera at university and picking up the camera northbound with the taillights and southbound with the headlights. back you. happening today, the valley transportation authority publicly unveiled its flex on demand service which right now had been a pilot program covering a three-mile radius around the light rail station in san jose. users can ord oer shuttle
6:41 am
service on demand in high density areas via a smartphone app. hope users will use it to connect with their train stops. coming up, do you know this man? a new clue that could help police track down a gunman who killed a passenger on a crowded b.a.r.t. train. images this morning - of the
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we have new surveillance images this morning of a man who shot a passenger to death right in the middle of a crowded b.a.r.t. train. the shooting happened over the weekend. days later, the gunman is still on the run. "today in the bay" bob redell is
6:44 am
live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station this morning. bob, police don't know if this was targeted or random. >> they still don't know the motive yet. good morning to you, scott. let's put that image back up on the screen so you can get another look at it. that is from a surveill camera outside the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. it shows the suspect, this is who police believe shot and killed the man. this is just around 8:00 saturday night. they say that he is armed with a handgun carrying a backpack and it was shortly before this picture was taken that he shot can killed a young man on a train headed for sfo. investigators have not yet been able to identify the victim. they do believe he is in his teens, early 20s, but no i.d. on him. still trying to figure out who he is. during a news conference yesterday, b.a.r.t. police chief would not indicate whether it was working surveillance camera onboard the train that might have recorded the shooting, but he does know that there were
6:45 am
witnesses and he would like them to come forward. >> we want independent witnesses who were at the station or on the train to give us what they may have seen or heard or whatever based on their own account, not based on what they hear today in the media. >> the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting some of the surveillance cameras on the b.a.r.t. trains are broken and others are decoy. it's not clear why police have not reed images from onboard the train where saturday night's attack took place. bob redell "today in the bay." at 6:45 the search is on for the man described as the makeup bandit. this is newly released video of the suspect. just before christmas the man stole cosmetics from a walgreen's in san francisco. the man in the santa hat you see there chased after him, even pulling him back inside and the
6:46 am
suspect pulled out a knife and that's when the group backed off. anyone with information is urged to contact police. a private meeting between two big public figures. pope francis will meet briefly with google chairman eric schmidt at the vatican tomorrow. the pontiff does not have a computer, he has praised the internet as gift from god because of the possibility to offer possibilities for encounter and solidarity. google has not commented on what would be discussed during that meeting. 6:46. an important test today of the reusable rocket which could help drive down the cost of space flight. fire up the rocket engines they used in a previous historic flight back in december. that rocket suckfully delivered a pay load into space and then the booster amazingly enough came down for a soft, safe landing. now the engines will have to be tested to make sure they work the second time around. another one of those rockets is set to launch on sunday with touch down on a barge off the central california coast.
6:47 am
happening now, we take a look at the markets and the dow industrials in a rare position and that is positive. they got hit, once again. we are definitely in correction territory. all of the markets are down better than 10%. go pro is just getting slashed this morn. >> it's down 26,%. well, new this morning, the oscar nomination is out. leading the pack "the revenant" with 12 nods. here are all eight in that category. >> "the big short." "bridge of spies" steven spielberg, mark platte producers. "brooklyn" amanda posse p. "mad max." "the martian."
6:48 am
"the revenant." "room." and "spotlight." nicole rockland and bly begin producers. >> best actress nominees include brie larsen for "room." cate blanchett "carol." >> and best actor nominees bryan cranston in "trumbo." matt damon in "the martian." leonardo decap rio "the relevant relevant." so here's your chance to maybe take in a movie this weekend with all the rain storms on and
6:49 am
off. >> we're actually looking at three more storms in the next five days. >> three more movies. >> who is buying the popcorn. >> get some of that good popcorn with the carmal and tamel and tr all three sections. one of my favorites, especially this time of year. you can see our sun starting to come up. a few high, thin clouds in place and more clouds and even some rain just off the coastline. here is our storm system starting to move in and you will notice clouds increasing through the day but enough get us back to 60 griese in morgan hill and 61 for sunnyvale and 58 for paci t pac pac pacitfica and across parts of the north bay, you'll see the showers first and get right after lunchtime we're talking 12:00, 1:00 and 57 for santa rosa and 57 for napa and 59 for mill valley and oakland some showers this afternoon and once the sun goes down, hayward, the tri-rally we'll see the showers and san ramon up to 61 degrees
6:50 am
later this afternoon. put the futurecast into motion. the evening rush hour wet and we're talking about more sierra snow this evening. doing any traveling there, heads up. tomorrow morning, we'll clear out as we get the day going and then tomorrow afternoon and evening another fast moving storm system will move in on the heels of that one. this storm system for friday into saturday will linger into saturday afternoon. so, saturday is going to be kind of gray and drizzly from time to time. as we move towards sunday, we'll see some sunshine but the north bay, you'll see the rain. in fact, from saturday's rain into sunday's rain may not catch a break from the next storm. sunday night into monday morning our next rain will arrive after that. so three storms in the next five days and here's how much rain we're expecting. about 1.5 to 2.5 through most of the bay and pockets of heavier rain and do not think as widespread as it looks like on the map. .5 to 4 inches of rain for parts of the santa cruz mountains and maybe over towards the tri-valley some locations that get much of that, as well. it does look like the high elevations will pick up 2.5 to 4
6:51 am
and for the rest of us, about 15 to 2.5 inches of rain. clean out the storm drains while we're in the break right now. three storms, as i mentioned, in the next five days. you'll notice temperatures staying mild in san jose and even in the east bay valleys, we'll see temperatures dip a bit into the 50s. as we head towards san francisco, that's where we will actually see the best chance of seeing any showers this afternoon again for the rest of us it moves in tonight mike, how is it looking on the roads. >> roads are great because they are dry and calm and not seeing all the traffic come back after the holidays and typical pattern for our january. but here, also, 101 for your typical slow spot and almost any time of year, that's 101 just north of 680. look at your map and we're talking about not just that stretch right here and slowing that capital expressway. we're seeing it start to rebuild right here. this crash 101 at 87 and it's actually 87 at 101, so, the bay shore freeway moves freely. 87 approaching there where the crash is in the middle of the
6:52 am
roadway and this crash 280 at winchester and out of lanes. 85 a subtle build and same thing for 87 coming into downtown. more traffic westbound 92 and now the slowing starts for the dumbarton bridge heading towards the toll plaza. the volume just increases. for hayward and the rest of nimitz freeway and the drive off of 2 right now. no problem but the bay bridge metering are on. and the upper east shore and also the walnut creek interchange shows that volume start to increase and little fog reported at time for the north and so far the speeds just fine down in novato find slowing typical around highway 37. oakland speeds at the limit and we'll ashow you the live shot past the coliseum. no delay. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. coming up, we finally have a powerball winner and it's not you, unless you bought your ticket in southern california. but several stores in the bay area did sell some partially winning tickets. you know how much those are worth. rough weather hits the bay area, you can stay updated with
6:53 am
personal alerts on your smartphone or ipad. here's how you do it. go to our app and click on the nbc bay area icon. from there you want to go ahead and select the gear button. a dropdown menu and you want to hit settings. after that, you're going to find a list of vents that you want to know about. for instance, you can get alerts if lightning coming through and also getlerts on approaching storms hitting the bay area. this give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. ium chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app.
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6:56 am
>> very excited. and i was very excited for whoever won that lottery ticket. >> it's exciting to know that someone from our little city won. it's so exciting. i'm excited for them and i don't even know who it is. >> i'm even more excited if it's like your cousin or something. celebration in chino hills. take a lookal flooding the store just a few hours ago wanting to be part of history. that's where one of three winning tickets for the record $1.6 billion powerball jackpot was sold. the two other winning tickets were sold in tennessee and florida. >> so, here are the winning numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball was 10. nobody here in the bay area hit the jackpot. nobody got all of those.
6:57 am
several people did match six and kris sanchez, you know exactly how much they're going to get. >> that's right. well, i can tell you that the biggest winners here in the bay area probably not rich enough to pull the covers up over their head this morning. you might want to get up and go to work anyway because it turns out that matching five of six numbers is worth about $638,000. but consider the fact that the median home price here in the bay area is $661,000. now, none of these folks won the record-breaking jackpot of $1.5 billion plus because, as you said, that was sold in southern california. we did witness a lot of interesting rituals. belly rubbing and interesting number picking. lots of folks telling us how they would quit their jobs and what not. the lucky tickets were sold in santa rosa and in cloverdale at a quik stop on cloverdale boulevard. in santa cruz a chevron store that was lucky on the 400 block
6:58 am
of so cal avenue and in vaccaville if you bought a ticket at the 7-eleven store on nut tree road, you'll want to check the numbers, as well. put all the full addresses on our website so you can check them out. the next powerball drawing is saturday. the magnificent jackpot. $40 million. the good news is it does sit fi the sign, once again. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, kris, thanks. the "today" show will continue our coverage of powerball and on updates viz that website or check out our app. a horrific end to a traffic stop in the east bay. about 12:30 this morning california sheriff deputies pulled over a reported stolen car on highway 238. deputies say before they could even walk up to that car the driver ran off and hopped a fence and landing in, of all places, the san lorenzo pioneer
6:59 am
cemetery where he died. a passenger was in that stolen car, but that person was not arrested. all right. almost 7:00. let's check the forecast one last time with anthony. >> we have showers that are expecteder on for the north bay and san francisco and the rest of us the rain spread in towards lunch hour and bringing clouds to the region and rain for san francisco and points north while the sun will be out. for the rest of us, the rain will come once the sun goes down. >> mike, a good day to lose the lottery because clear ride to work. >> very very calm. we'll look at the roadways. dry. anthony is talk about three more waves coming in, though, soon. 101 north the build is there. a lot of folks didn't win the lottery. over here the san mateo bridge shows westbound 92 slowing from the san mateo to san ma tteo an standard clear there. >> it will be interesting to see how many people actually played, you know. that's what's happening today in the bay. back at 7:25 with a live local news update.
7:00 am
>> make sure to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have an absolutely wonderful day. good morning. we have winners. if you bought a powerball ticket in florida, tennessee or california, you could be one of them. the party already getting started at the store that sold one of the tickets near los angeles, but when will the actual winners of the largest jackpot? history come forward? >> terror at starbucks. suicide bombers in jakarta, indonesia blow themselves up at a popular coffee chain. isis reportedly claiming responsibility this morning.


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